GH Transcript Tuesday 5/5/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/5/09


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Elizabeth: Bye, Gram. Thanks for dropping the boys off.

Lucky: Thanks, Audrey. All right, boys, come on. It's late.

Cameron: Bye.

Lucky: Let's go inside.

Elizabeth: Come on, come on. Run, run, run. Aren't you so excited that Daddy's home to read you a story tonight?

Lucky: Yeah, there is no place that I would rather be.

Jake: My car.

Elizabeth: I know, we're going to get you your car.

Olivia: You can let go of my phone now.

Sonny: You going to let me in?

[Sonny sighs]

Olivia: Give it.

Sonny: Can you get me a glass of wine?

Olivia: Oh, now my house looks like a restaurant to you? Or some -- I'm corner bar, I'm the waitress or your own personal servant girl? What is this?

Sonny: You are so easy every single time.

Olivia: Tell me what you really want, Sonny.

Claudia: Max? Max! Oh, thank God. You need to call an ambulance.

Ric: What seems to be the problem?

Claudia: I think I'm losing this baby.

Olivia: Let's just start this off with I'm not telling you where Carly is.

Sonny: Whatever.

Olivia: So why'd you come all the way out here in the rain? You got water spots all over your nice suit. My God, look at you. Your shoes are soaking. What did you do, swim over here? You hate having your feet wet. You always have. Why didn't you send one of your goons over to bring me my phone?

Sonny: I needed an excuse to get away from my wife.

Olivia: Oh. And since when does Sonny Corinthos need an excuse to do anything?

Sonny: Her getting pregnant changed everything.

Olivia: Yeah, it's funny how that happens, isnít it? Not that I'm okay with being your excuse to do anything. You can't just show up at my apartment at will.

Sonny: Would you like me to leave?

Olivia: Well, now you've got dirt all over my floor, you might as well stay for a while.

Sonny: Can you get me the wine?

Olivia: Can you give me my phone? Thank you. So the little woman ran you out of your house, huh?

Sonny: It wasn't like that, Olivia.

Olivia: No? Who was it that practically begged you to run, not walk, away from Claudia? Who told you that this whole marriage was an absolutely terrible idea?

Sonny: Was it you? Because I forget.

Olivia: And now, not only did you not take my advice, you got yourself trapped by the absolutely oldest trick in the book.

Sonny: Still, it's my kid, my responsibility.

Olivia: If she had a shred of self-respect, she would raise this kid on her own. It can be done, you know.

Sonny: Yeah, you keep saying that, but, you know, I still haven't met the famous Dante.

Olivia: Well, my baby has got his own life now, you know? As long as he stays in New York, he doesn't interfere in mine, okay?

Sonny: Oh, control freak. I wonder where he gets that.

[Sonny chuckles]

Olivia: You know what? Dante grew up on the same block, in the same neighborhood as his grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins -- that kid was so surrounded by people that loved him. You know, not having his dad around, it was -- it was difficult, but it's not impossible.

Sonny: It's amazing how you brought him up all by yourself.

Olivia: Claudia on the other hand, she is just having this baby for her own selfish reasons, Sonny. Okay, this woman's life is a disaster. You got to keep an eye on her, because I'm telling you, she is way too crazy to be a good mother.

Sonny: There is another side to Claudia that people don't see, the way that she took care of her brother when they were kids, the way she takes care of the alien -- I mean, not an alien, the computer geek.

Olivia: Spinelli?

Sonny: Spinelli, yeah. Look, she's very nice to him. She's been very nice to me -- too nice to me lately. That's why I had to get the hell out of there, because everything was starting to seem too normal. You know, like an evening with the wife --

Olivia: So you know she's playing you.

Sonny: We went into the kitchen -- no, we cooked dinner. And I thought to myself, this is just -- you know what? I got to remind myself of what this is about, so I needed a reality check.

Olivia: Well, you came to the right place. Why are you letting her get away with this?

Sonny: A child is involved.

Olivia: Oh, God. Sonny, don't you see what having this kid gets Claudia?

Claudia: Call 911.

Ric: Come on, nice and easy. Nice deep breaths, okay?

Claudia: Get an ambulance out here.

Ric: Just take deep breaths, all right? Deep breaths and I'm going to take you to the hospital.

Claudia: I'm not going anywhere with you. Call an ambulance.

Ric: Claudia, I can get you there faster.

Claudia: There's no way I'm going to let you get yourself back into Sonny's good graces by pretending to help me. Max!

Ric: He's not here.

Claudia: Call 911, please.

Ric: Did you call 911, Claudia, when you tried to kill me with those sleeping pills, huh? If I was lying, hurt or bleeding on the floor, would you even lift a finger to help me? For all I know, you were calling to order a hit on me when the pain started. Although, ordering successful hits isn't what you do best.

Claudia: You know Sonny is going to be here any second.

Ric: Well, then you better hope this just goes away, or else Sonny is just not going to have any reason to keep you alive.

Claudia: Give me the phone.

Ric: You know what I call this? Good old fashioned karma.

Claudia: You're really not going to help me?

Ric: If I were to help you, it's only because it's a real good chance that that baby is mine.

Ethan: Grocery list. Loaf of bread, two cans baked beans, roll of toilet paper, peanut butter, and tooth paste.

Luke: Well, ain't this deja vu all over again?

Ethan: Well, you don't even have a shot gun.

Luke: Do I need one?

Ethan: No, because there's nothing in the cash box. This is nothing like the first time.

Luke: Well, see, that's because the first time, you surprised me. This time, you didn't. Raiding the coffers so you'd be flush to split after the DNA test comes in. That was very predictable.

Ethan: I should already be gone.

Luke: I know. I know you're just sticking around to do me a favor. I appreciate it.

Ethan: Why don't we just drop this? I don't want to be your son. You hate being a father. Why don't we just destroy the DNA test results and move on with our lives?

Luke: Why the hell would I want to do that?

Elizabeth: Cameron will get up at least once tonight to get a glass of water to make sure that he's not missing out on anything. Jake will stay asleep.

Lucky: I just can't believe how fast he's growing.

Elizabeth: I know. Isn't it so cute how he gets all serious when you read to him, like he's analyzing every word?

Lucky: Yeah, he probably gets that from Jason.

Elizabeth: Does that bother you?

Lucky: No. You know what? I love Jake just the way he is. It's just weird how this whole night started out.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, I drank so much.

[Lucky laughs]

Lucky:  I never expected to end up here but it just feels perfect.

Elizabeth: You being here with the boys is exactly how I'd love to spend my evening.

Lucky: You know, somehow we always end up together.

Elizabeth: Which isn't quite the same as staying together.

Lucky: And we're great just like this, here at home.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but the problem is what happens in between.

Lucky: So what do we need to change? How can we get it right this time?

Rebecca: No, no, don't. I'm sorry.

Nikolas: What? What?

Rebecca: I've wanted to be with you for a long time, but I have to know. If we do this tonight, who am I going to be for you, myself or Emily?          

Nikolas: I want to be with you. I know you want to be with me.

Rebecca: I do. I do very much, but I can't.

Nikolas: Why did you come over here?

Rebecca: Because I wanted to explain that nothing happened between me and Lucky. You didn't see what you thought you saw.

Nikolas: What happened? Did I frighten you?

Rebecca: No, no, I definitely want to do that again. I mean, everything I said before is true. You're fascinating, you're infuriating, and I can't seem to stay away from you. But I don't want to be some fuzzy memory from a drunken night, so tomorrow when you sober up, if you're still interested, give me a call. You know where to find me.

Ethan: Why do you even care if I'm your kid or not?

Luke: We've been through that, junior.

Ethan: You hate being a father.

Luke: No, I hate the traditional concept of fatherhood, the idea that a father is supposed to dole out discipline, teach responsibility, and be an unerring role model.

Ethan: That pretty much covers all of it.

Luke: I love my kids, but I want them to be who they are. I don't want them to be who I want them to be or anybody else wants them to be. Lucky and I have a few problems right now, but we had good years. And Lulu, I'd be proud of her even if she wasn't mine.

Ethan: But why do you care so much if I'm yours?

Luke: Honestly?

Ethan: You could try that, yeah.

Luke: I don't know. I really don't. Maybe it has something to do with how much alike we are. I think I want to know why. Is it coincidence, genetics, or are you just a better con than I thought? But however it turns out, like I told you, if you still want to run after the DNA test results come in, I'll buy you a ticket anywhere you want to go.

Ethan: I might take you up on that.

Luke: You know, if I am your old man, nothing changes. I have no expectations.

Ethan: Good.

Luke: You know what's good? You staying out of the syndicate. When I was your age, I was so wrapped up in organized crime, it took me years to break free. You've been very wise to play your own game and nobody else's.

Ethan: I suppose.

Tracy: How did I know I'd find you here? Still conning my husband?

Olivia: Claudia is only having this baby so she can have a permanent hold on you.

Sonny: Listen to you. You sound like somebody's grandmother.

Olivia: Oh.

Sonny: No, like a girl is going to get pregnant to trap me.

Olivia: Well, if I was someone's grandma, would you listen to me?

Sonny: I'm already trapped. In a lot of ways, Bensonhurst was easier because the rules were clear. There were good boys like your brother and Cerullos, and then there was, you know, bums like me.

Olivia: I don't like to think of those days as much as you do.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Those were the rules.

Olivia: Yeah, you know what? Claudia Zacchara doesn't play by any rules, all right? You have got to get this woman out of your life, all right? Take care of the kid of course, always, but pay her off. Buy her a castle in Italy and drop bags of money out of the sky. I don't care. There is no upside to sharing any part of your life with this woman, especially with Michaelís -- you just -- you got enough on your mind right now, Sonny.

Sonny: I need to keep Claudia close for now.

Olivia: And why is that? Because she's dangerous. That woman has got to be playing you in ways you don't even know, you can't even imagine.

Sonny: She's the mother of my child. That changes everything.

Claudia: I'm calling 911.

Ric: Hey, hey. All right, all right, come on. Relax. Just sit. Sit still. Here, go ahead. Go ahead. Better think this through first. I mean, come on, Claudia, do you really want sirens screaming up the road? What do you think Sonny is going to say when he finds out you can't carry this child to term? I mean, you're not Carly, after all. You're a business obligation at the very best. At the worst, we know.

Claudia: John? John? Call me when you get this, please. It's an emergency.

Ric: Brothers -- you just can't count on them, can you? Why are you making this so difficult? Just let me take you to the hospital. You know I'll go anyway, either now or when you pass out. Look, I'm going to make sure you get there. Nobody is going to be dumping your body in the harbor, at least not yet. It's to my advantage to keep you alive, at least until I know that this is my kid.

Claudia: Fine. Hurry.

Ric: Easy.    

Sonny: Marrying Claudia was about business, as you know, right? But when we decided to stay together after Anthony went to prison, she was living in my house, and, you know, there was no reason not to sleep with her.

Olivia: Oh, my God. No reason not to sleep with her? Something only a man would say. How about you could wake up with your throat slit. Is that a reason?

Sonny: That was part of the attraction. Look, I'm not saying it was healthy. I'm just saying that it was like a game we were playing. And then, you know, game's over. So, you know, she did something that -- you know, she did something.

Olivia: What?

Sonny: I'm not going to tell what she did. But if she's guilty, if Claudia did this one thing, I'm going to have to respond. That's why she needs to stay in town. The baby just complicates everything.

Claudia: You have to help me, please.

Kelly: The E.R. sent up your chart.

Claudia: I can't lose this baby.

Kelly: The pain started about a half hour ago?

Ric: Yeah, about a half hour.

Claudia: Yeah, get him out of here, please.

Kelly: Are you in pain now?

Claudia: Of course I'm in pain right now, or why would I be here? You need to get out.

Ric: Claudia --

Claudia: Get him out.

Epiphany: You brought Mrs. Corinthos to the hospital, is that correct?

Ric: Yes, I just happened to stop by.

Claudia: Get him out of here.

Kelly: If you don't calm down, I can't help you. Take some deep breaths. As soon as we know what's going on, we'll decide how to deal with the pain. And we can take it from here, thank you.

Ric: Well, I'm family. I'd like to stay here and make sure that she's all right.

Claudia: He has absolutely no right to be here. Get him out.

Kelly: Exam room 3. You'll take it from here?

Epiphany: I will notify the baby's father.

Tracy: I understand needing a father.

Luke: Oh, here we go.

Ethan: I had a perfectly good father, God rest his soul.

Tracy: I always wished that I had a better relationship with my father, and I deeply regret not having a good relationship with my sons.

Ethan: You have kids?

Tracy: I have two sons, a record producer and a film maker. They rarely ever come, and visit and I deeply miss that connection.

Luke: I don't miss any connections. I just want to know the truth.

Tracy: Don't get me wrong. I deeply appreciate the quality of the con. You and holly are exploiting an emotional need that the victim claims not to have. Brilliant.

Ethan: All right, look, I fold.

Luke: What do you mean you fold?

Ethan: I'm sick of being accused of something I didn't do, okay? I've told you why I'm here over and over again. And I don't want you to be my father. I don't want to be your son.

Lucky: I just can't get used to the idea that Eli delivers.

Elizabeth: I know. It used to be such a hole in the wall.

Lucky: Yeah, you had to give him cash before Eli would even start putting your order together.

Elizabeth: I totally forgot about that.

Lucky: Well, you know, his son is running the place now.

Elizabeth: What are you thinking about?

Lucky: Well, see, my dad and I used to go there all the time, back when my dad was running the club.

Elizabeth: Gram hated it when I hung out there.

Lucky: When did you hang out there?

Elizabeth: Back when I was a wild, smoking, lying child.

Lucky: I thought I introduced you to Eliís.

Elizabeth: You're right. You did. You did. I completely forgot about that.

Lucky: You're lying.

Elizabeth: No, I swear. Yes, you introduced me. I completely forgot.

Lucky: So the first night that you acted like you'd never seen the place, you'd already been there?

Elizabeth: Maybe one or two times. Ribs are a really great cure for a hangover.

Lucky: Why do you think I ordered them for you?

Elizabeth: My hero.

Lucky: Yeah, I try.

Rebecca: Hey, so the guy in the little boat won't take me to the mainland. He says that the storm is too dangerous and there's something wrong with the engine, so I was wondering if maybe I could stay in one of your guestrooms.     

Nikolas: I don't care about the storm or the engine, all right? You just fix it. I can't have people stranded here on the island. They have to be able to get on and off.

Rebecca: I didn't mean to get him in trouble. I just want to apologize for the way everything turned out.

Nikolas: Where did you get that robe and gown?

Rebecca: Um, maid. She laid it out for me. Yeah, just like in the movies. And then Alfred brought out brandy and tea. It was amazing. It's Emilyís, isn't it?

Elizabeth: I think I am officially sober.

Lucky: And beautiful.

Elizabeth: Okay, so what are we going to do? I mean, what are we going to do with us? And I just want you to know going back to Jason isn't an option for me.

Lucky: You know what? If I hadn't had an addiction, Jason would have never come into the picture. There's no point in looking in the past.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but we need to see where we went wrong so we don't make the same mistakes.

Lucky: Elizabeth, I lied. I cheated. I drove you away, and that is not going to happen again.

Elizabeth: And I lied, too, about so much, but I promise you I'm not lying now. I'm going to take this slow, and I'm hoping that we can figure out a way to work this out. Do you think we can do that?

Tracy: If you don't want Luke to be your father, why didn't you leave? Why did you take the DNA test, and why are you sticking around for the results?

Ethan: Look, I plan to leave tomorrow after we've figured out what's what, but Luke isn't cooperating.

Luke: By that, he means that I cleaned out the cash box before he could pocket the proceeds.

Tracy: You need a little cash to leave town?

Ethan: Look, I promised Luke I'd stay, okay?

Tracy: If you don't want him to be your father, why?

Ethan: Because he's been damn decent to me, okay? And before he got off on this whole father kick, I actually liked him.

Luke: Thank you.

Tracy: Why can't you see he's playing you for a fool?

Luke: I don't feel like a fool.

Tracy: Okay, Luke, if you want to give him your money, be my guest. Just you make sure he does not get his hands on mine.

Luke: Isn't my popsicle beautiful when she's cranky?

Ethan: She's right, though. I mean, I show up out of nowhere. I steal from you, your family, anyone else who looks like a good mark. You know, I have no formal education I drink too much. I'm a liar. All I can think about is the next town, the next mark, the next anything. You know, why would you want me to be your son?

Sonny: Claudia's child shouldn't have to pay for her mistake like Michael paid for mine.

Olivia: But is it fair to bring a kid into the world under these circumstances, because, I mean, what possible kind of life could this kid expect to have?

Sonny: The best kind of life I can give it, no matter what happens with Claudia.

Olivia: I just -- I don't understand how any woman could be that careless with the life of her own kid. What if something happens to her, something happens to you? It's not like that's unlikely. Who's going to raise this kid? It's not going to be me.

Sonny: I slept with Claudia. I didn't want to. I shouldn't have. She's pregnant. I wish she wasn't. I can't control the future. The only thing I can do is take responsibility for what I did, and Claudia's going to have to do the same.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Epiphany: Mr. Corinthos?

Epiphany Johnson.

Sonny: Is this about Michael?

Epiphany: No, sir. Your wife was just admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal cramps. She's with the doctor now.

Sonny: What about the baby?

Kelly: I put a rush on labs. We'll find out what's going on. Don't worry.

Claudia: Am I going to lose this baby?

Kelly: As I've told you, we'll know more when we see the lab work.

Claudia: I'm sorry it's so inconvenient for you. I've just never been pregnant before, so I don't know what to expect.

Kelly: The bleeding has stopped and the cramps are calming down. Those are all good signs.

Claudia: I don't want my husband to know about any of this.

Kelly: I'm sure Epiphany already called him.

Claudia: Well, I didn't tell her to call anybody. Why would she do that?

Kelly: He's listed in your permanent records as the person to notify.

Claudia: I don't want anybody being notified of anything until I've been notified.

Kelly: I am not going to rewrite hospital policy for you, Mrs. Corinthos. My job is to take care of you and the baby. Anything else, you'll have to sort out with your husband.

Claudia: I don't want him seeing any of the test results, especially if I'm going to lose this baby.

Kelly: You are a long way from having a miscarriage.

Claudia: You just said we wouldn't know anything until the results from the lab came back, so which one is it?

Kelly: Look, high drama isn't good for you or the baby. If you don't like the care I'm providing, I'd be happy to refer you to someone else. We have several excellent ob-gyns on staff.

Claudia: You're not going to dump me that easy.

Kelly: Then calm down and let me do my job.

Claudia: I don't have a right to keep my medical records private? I don't want my husband knowing about it.

Kelly: I will be back with your test results.

Claudia: Go away.

Ric: You know, not that I was able to hear every single detail, but from where I stood in that hallway, you're thinking ahead for once, aren't you? Just in case you have a miscarriage. You're trying to find a way to fake this pregnancy, aren't you?

Nikolas: All of Emilyís things were supposed to be out of the house.

Rebecca: Yeah, the tags were still on this, so maybe she ordered it and it arrived after she was -- you know, after she was gone, and somebody just put it up. Anyway, I'm really sorry. I'm going to go get back into my clothes.

Nikolas: No, no, no, look, it's all right, really. It's okay.

Rebecca: Nikolas, I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I shouldn't have come down here until the morning.

Nikolas: You should probably go to bed.

Rebecca: Sure. Good night.

Nikolas: Good night.

Elizabeth: Do you ever wonder where we'd be right now if you hadn't vanished from that fire?

Lucky: Sometimes. And we'd probably still be together. Jason -- he never would have come into the picture.

Elizabeth: Or Sarah.

Lucky: Or Zander or Ric.

Elizabeth: Or Sam or Maxie.

Lucky: Oh, that's mean.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: But we always end up together.

Lucky: Yeah, we do.

Elizabeth: Maybe that's what a real family is all about.

Lucky: Maybe.

Elizabeth: But you know we're not the only ones involved anymore. I don't want to drag the kids through this if we're not going to work.

Lucky: Neither do I.

Elizabeth: So then maybe we can just let it ride out. And it's not like we have to make any lifelong promises right now, right?

Lucky: That is right.

Elizabeth: We just have to promise to be honest and just be careful what we promise the kids.  

Lucky: And appreciate what we have.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Luke: You know, if it turns out that you have inherited my warped genetic scramble, it does come with a whole cornucopia of colorful family history.

Ethan: I'm afraid to ask.

Luke: Well, for example, my Aunt Ruby. That would be your great-aunt. She's gone now, but you would have liked her.

Ethan: Yeah, how's that?

Luke: Well, she was a hell of a broad. She was tough. She was honest. She didn't suffer fools gladly. She had a wicked tongue. I mean, if you crossed her, you didn't walk away unscarred.

Ethan: Does she live here?

Luke: Eventually. She ran Kellyís for a while. But when I was a kid, she had a house in Florida -- working girls. Beautiful, professional women who knew how to give a man a taste of heaven for a modest fee.

Ethan: So you grew up in a whorehouse.

Luke: Yes, junior, I did, I'm very proud to say. It was an idyllic upbringing for a young man of my proclivities. When other teenagers were trying to make the team and hoping to get a date for the prom, I was hustling johns and warming the beds of Ruby's girls. You know, she made a mean bowl of chili, among other things. I mean, it took no prisoners. And she was just an amazing woman. You know, when I sent Lucky across the country alone, I sent him to Ruby because I knew if he could get to her, she'd take care of him just the way she took care of me. And that is what I call family.

Ethan: Lucky is pretty upset with you right now.

Luke: You know, he's pretty messed up, really. This uptight, upright citizen thing doesn't suit him. He was not raised to be a cop raising other people's children. And one day, I'm afraid he's going to wake up and realize that he's caught in a dead-end life.

Ethan: So I'm more the son you had in mind, I take it?

Luke: It took me two heart attacks, but I finally realized I'm not going to live forever, and I'd like to leave something behind apart from two angry, disappointed kids. If it turns out you are my son, I hope you stick around, because you may not believe this, but I have what you need.

Ethan: And if I'm not your son, should I still stick around?

Tracy: So how's it going?

Epiphany: Do you have an appointment?

Tracy: Oh, no, no.  I just stopped by to check on the renovations my family paid for.

Epiphany: Well, if you'd like a tour, I can make sure that a volunteer takes you around.

Tracy: No, my father and I are both on the board of directors. We've already taken the grand tour.

Epiphany: I'm busy, Ms. Quartermaine. Please let me know if there's anything I could do for you, and I'll do my best to assist.

Tracy: Good. I'm sure you know that my husband's DNA tests are due back tomorrow. And because Mr. Lovett has been scamming my husband, I think I should see an advanced copy of the results.

Epiphany: Those results won't be released to anyone but Mr. Spencer or Mr. Lovett.

Tracy: My family has given millions of dollars to this hospital over the years. I do not think it's unreasonable of me to expect the staff to cut corners every now and again.

Epiphany: My staff does not cut corners, neither do I.

Tracy: I am Luke Spencerís wife. And as such, I have the right to see his test results and his medical records.

Epiphany: The procedure was not a medical one. The DNA was not yours, Ms. Quartermaine. Therefore, you will not see any results of that test unless Luke or that kid shows them to you themselves.

Sonny: How are you feeling?

Claudia: What are you doing here? I asked them not to call you.

Sonny: I'm the baby's father. They have to call me.

Claudia: Well, I didn't want to bother you. I'm sure it's nothing serious. It's --

Sonny: Well, you're carrying my child, you know? If there's a problem, I need to know.

Claudia: I appreciate that, but you have enough on your mind. Especially, lately.

Kelly: The lab turned these tests around in record time.

Sonny: Is she going to be okay? Are we going to lose the baby?    

Claudia: Please tell me the baby's going to be okay.

Kelly: The baby's fine.

Claudia: Well, that's wonderful.

Sonny: Is Claudia going to be all right?

Kelly: She's seriously dehydrated and her blood sugar is a little low. Try not to skip meals.

Claudia: Well, yeah, we were just about to have dinner, but then my husband ran off with this trollop in the rain.

Kelly: Well, cramps and minor bleeding aren't uncommon at this stage of a pregnancy. It's always a good idea to come in, though. It could have been far more serious. But all you need to do is drink more water, eat several small meals throughout the day, and take it easy.

Claudia: I will. I promise.

Sonny: Thank you, Doctor.

Claudia: See, I told you. Nothing serious.

Sonny: Listen to me. I didn't plan, of course, any of this to happen and I don't know what's going to happen with us, but as far as the baby's concerned, you're not alone in this.

Claudia: Thanks. Thank you.

Luke: I hope you stick around whether the DNA matches or not.

Ethan: Well, I suppose that's reassuring.

Luke: I like you, dodge. I'd like to teach you what I know, as much as you would like to learn, because you have talent -- rare talent.

Ethan: You know, everything I've told you about being on the road, searching for a teacher, and, you know, wanting to live on the edge -- that's the God's honest truth, mate.

Luke: I don't believe in God. I believe it's all a random crapshoot.

Ethan: Well, either way, I do hope these DNA test results prove that we aren't related, because I would like to stay.

Elizabeth: In a way, we've turned out to be our own worst enemies.

Lucky: Yeah, in some ways, I guess.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: We've learned how to forgive each other.

Elizabeth: Yeah, we've gotten really good at that.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. So what are we really saying here? Are we a couple again? Are we agreeing not to see other people?

Elizabeth: Is that what you want?

Lucky: It's all I've ever wanted for a long time.

Cameron: Yay, Mom and Dad are back together again!

Elizabeth: Oh, busted. What are you doing out of bed?

Lucky: What are you doing? You were supposed to be sleeping.

Nikolas: Emily?

Rebecca: Hey. Hey, were you having a nightmare?

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