GH Transcript Wednesday 4/22/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/22/09


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Jason: Keep an eye on all of Jerry's accounts. And keep someone watching all the entrances to the bank.

[Knock at door]

Jason: Bernie, Jerry Jacks has to be somewhere. Find him, okay?

Maxie: I can't stand this anymore. Do you know how miserable I am? Of course you don't. You don't have any basic human emotions at all. But I have lots of emotions and -- and so does Spinelli. I'm sad and lonely and upset and -- and did I mention that I'm miserable? And I know Spinelli is miserable, too. You need to help.

Jason: I'm busy.

Maxie: Oh, well, I have a broken heart, which is way more important than anything you could be busy doing. And I know that Spinelli has a broken heart, too. He needs me now more than ever. Why don't you be a true master to your grasshopper and teach him something he could really use? Make Spinelli forgive me.

Luke: How'd we do last night?

Ethan: Surprisingly well.

Luke: This is your take?

Ethan: Well earned, I assure you.

Luke: Well, remember, the house gets its cut.

Ethan: Seems a bit steep.

Luke: I'll give it back to you if you answer some questions, junior.

Robin: Hey. How was your walk?

Patrick: I got invigorated. Emma got a little sleepy, I think, didn't you?

Robin: Well, sleepy is good. She's due for a nap.

Patrick: Yeah. You know, you're right about this neighborhood. It's perfect for kids. There's a ton of bike trails and cul-de-sacs, and there's so many of those yellow flowers everywhere.

Robin: Daffodils.

Patrick: Daffodils, yeah. You should come with us tomorrow.

Robin: Yeah, I think I will. I'm starting to feel better. I know I'm going to get through this.

Patrick: It seems like the sessions Dr. Brown and the antidepressants are starting to work, then? That's great. I think you need changing, huh? We'll be right back. Come on, let's go. Let's go get a new diaper on you.

Carly: So the sooner I can get this test done, the better, right?

Kelly: Testing for ZBT is just a matter of drawing some blood. It's very straight-forward.

Carly: So there's no risk?

Kelly: Not from the test. But if you have ZBT, it could be dangerous, possibly fatal for you to carry a baby to term.

Carly: I get that. Okay, I will see you soon.

Jax: It is a beautiful day outside, but not as beautiful as you. How's that baby girl this morning? What's wrong?

Carly: I'm happy.

Jax: You're happy?

Carly: Yes, I'm happy. I didn't think that we could have a morning like this where everything is just normal, you know? You go out for a run and I put off going for a run. It's --

Jax: And that brings tears to your eyes?

Carly: Yes. I'm pregnant. I'm hormonal. I'm sentimental.

Jax: Okay, well, I'll try not to go overboard.

Carly: I love when you go overboard. I love that you went to Wyndam's and bought the entire girl's section.

Jax: Well, that was only one store. I think I showed considerable restraint, don't you think?

Carly: I agree. Yep.

Jax: And they're delivering the rest of the stuff today, so I'll try to be here. But if I'm not, no heavy lifting, okay?

Carly: Oh, I didn't lift anything heavy before I got pregnant. I'm not going to start now.

Jax: Oh, and I'm going to ask Olivia to take on more responsibility at the metro court to help us out.

Carly: Oh, you can pamper and protect me as much as you want.

Jax: You know, after what happened last time, I didn't think that it was possible for us to have a baby. Now that it's happened, it's an incredible feeling. You know, I think this balances out the last two years that have been hard for us.

Carly: I hope so.

Jax: And I want to be part of the entire experience. That means going to the doctor's appointments with you. And you have one today, right?

Carly: Yeah, but you don't have to go today.

Jax: Why not?

Carly: Well, it's --

Jax: No, no, I want to go.

Carly: It's just a blood test. And then I have a whole bunch of errands to run afterwards, so today's not one of those appointments. It's simple.

Jax: Oh, okay. Well, as long as you give me a full report.

Carly: Absolutely.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: But I know what Dr. Lee is going to tell me. That everything is fine and we're going to have a very happy, healthy, beautiful baby.

Patrick: Hey, you know Mercedes is with Emma upstairs. I'm sure she could fold those clothes for you.

Robin: I thought any connection to Emma was a good one, but I guess not. Sorry, that was rude.

Patrick: I wasn't judging you, Robin, I was just making a comment.

Robin: I understand. I shouldn't be offended.

Patrick: Okay, well, when you get a second, I want to try and go over mr. Flynn's post-op care, maybe after you session with Dr. Brown? What time is it again?

Robin: You don't have to be the therapy police.

Patrick: I'm not. I was, but I'm not.

Robin: Then it was an honest request?

Patrick: It was.

Robin: Good. You know, I read an article in one of these medical journals about the same procedure. It's around here somewhere, I just haven't seen it.

Patrick: Yeah, I was trying to look for one about a month ago. I couldn't find anything in this place anymore.

[Robin scoffs]

Robin: You know, I don't know what happened. I used to be the most organized person that I know.

Patrick: Hey, don't worry about it. You'll get back there.

[Robin groans]

Patrick: One step at a time, okay? Okay, I'll see you at work.

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Bye.

Robin: I just want to find that article, but I won't be late to my session. I promise.

Patrick: Okay, listen, I'm proud of you.

Robin: That's good to hear. Thanks.

Patrick: Good-bye.

Maxie: Spinelli is my essential person! My life means nothing without him!

Jason: Hey, Spinelli isn't here.

Maxie: Now you tell me. Well, as long as I have your undivided attention, I can explain this whole situation. Lulu caused a huge misunderstanding about Johnny Zacchara and led Spinelli to believe that I am not a sincere person and that his feelings for me are not returned, but they definitely are. And Spinelli won't listen to me. He'll only listen to you. So here is what we're going to do.

Jason: Okay, wait, what are you talking about?

Maxie: You need to spontaneously tell Spinelli -- actually, you don't do spontaneously, do you? That's okay, Spinelli won't notice. Just casually drop it into a conversation, or whatever conversation consists of in your world, that you have noticed that Spinelli is kind of unhappy without me around and you would appreciate it if he would forgive me so we can all go back to the way things were.

Jason: No, I'm not going to manipulate Spinelli.

Maxie: Everybody manipulates somebody some time, and some of us are just a little more honest about it. Besides, it's not really  manipulation if it's the truth. You just have to ask yourself, is Spinelli happier with me in his life or without me?

Jason: He's actually doing pretty good.

Maxie: He's faking it.

Jason: Well, he started a P.I. agency with Sam. I know they're at the office right now. Who knows what they're doing,

Maxie: So what you're really saying is Spinelli is dying, not that you would be able to see it. I mean, why else would he be busying himself with all this new stuff.

Jason: I don't want to be involved in this. You guys are going to have to work this out yourselves.

Maxie: Okay, fine, fine, fine. You won't help Spinelli, you can help me. I mean, you're a guy. Tell me, how do you seduce someone?

[Knock at door]

Spinelli: Hey.

Lulu: Hey.

Spinelli: Um, as the original blonde one may or may not know, Jackal P.I. and fair Samantha have officially opened their private investigation services. So with that in mind, I've been going door-to-door among my numerous friends to see if anyone has any unresolved mysteries or --

Lulu: Maxie's not here.

Spinelli: Oh.

Lulu: I'm sorry about what I said about how she's trying to lure you in so that she can use you.

Spinelli: It's harsh, but true.

Lulu: I have -- fighting with Maxie, I took it out on you. I didn't -- I did not mean to hurt your feelings. I know that I did.

Spinelli: Apology accepted.

Lulu: Even still, you can't let yourself get drawn back in.

Spinelli: I know, but the reasons to stay away from Maxie are becoming more and more vague. And imperfect as the situation may be, Lulu, I miss her desperately.

Lulu: Okay, Spinelli, let's go over the reasons.

Spinelli: Okay.

Lulu: Um, she stole Johnny away from me and decided that she doesn't want him anymore. She broke your heart. And if you let her in even a little bit, she's going to have you wrapped around her little finger. She is not going to give you what you really want.

Spinelli: The reminder is greatly appreciated. And believe me, I have learned from my mistakes. Plus, the heartbreak has sharpened my cyber skills; it's heightened all of my senses, and made me stronger.

Lulu: Good.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Lulu: Good. Stay strong. I know you can do this. Just stay strong.

Spinelli: Yeah, stay strong. The Jackal shall stay strong.

Ethan: There's no need to raid my piggy bank. I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Luke: Good. Here's how the game will work. I like your answers, I'll give you a bill. I don't like your answers, I'll take a bill. Who are your parents?

Ethan: I was adopted.

Luke: I want names.

Ethan: Didn't I tell you their names?

Luke: We can do this easy, or we can do it hard.

Ethan: Carol and Frank Lovett.

Luke: What happened to them?

Ethan: I told you.

Luke: You're not getting this game at all, are you?

Ethan: They were killed in a car wreck in Sydney when I was 15.

Luke: Who are your biological parents?

Ethan: That one's going to cost you.

Luke: I don't think so.

Ethan: Then we're finished here.

Luke: Oh, nice. Hey, that's a nice move. I like that.

Ethan: Thanks.

Luke: Let's rewind. Who are your biological parents?

Ethan: John and Jane Doe. The records are sealed, if they even exist.

Luke: Convenient.

Ethan: True.

Luke: Maybe. You know, Ethan Lovett, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that you did not just wander into my life.

Ethan: So we're back to that, are we? Well, hello, paranoia. It seems Tracy is finally getting to you.

Tracy: Ha.

Luke: Mrs. Spencer.

Ethan: Oh, well, look at that. It seems beauty and paranoia make good bedfellows.

Tracy: Give me one good reason why we should believe a word you say.

Ethan: Do you have one good reason why you shouldn't?

Tracy: As a matter of fact, I do. You are working for Helena Cassadine. You have to be. This is just her cup of tea.

Ethan: That's ridiculous.

Tracy: You fall out of the sky on to Luke. Next thing we know, here comes Helena to check on her little project.

Ethan: That medusa has made her intentions perfectly clear.

Luke: Yeah, actually, sweetheart, Helena is in town just because of Nikolas.

Ethan: Yeah, and besides, any good con knows you never make contact with your partner.

Luke: Oh, now, wait a minute. The best ones know that it can work to their advantage. For example, when I walked in here and she had the knife to your throat. That was a very nice touch.

Ethan: Yeah, that was all too real.

Luke: See, the dingo pup here tried to reach into her wallet, pull out her cash, so she almost slashed his jugular -- supposedly.

Tracy: Very nice touch.

Ethan: Yeah, well, if Luke hadn't shown up when he had, you'd be scrubbing my blood off the floor. But since I'm still breathing, you both need me to be up to something, you know, first, Holly, and now, the dragon lady.

Tracy: You are definitely up to something.

Luke: You're too good not to be.

Ethan: Is it that hard to believe that I wandered into town, took shelter, and decided to stay? I mean, that's what you must have done years ago.

Luke: I was born in this miserable town. The question is why did you pitch your tent in Port Charles?

Ethan: It's simple, really. Because you're here.

Kelly: Hi.

Carly: Hey.

Kelly: I am so sorry to keep you waiting. I've got a high-risk mom going into labor, so it's a little touch and go.

Carly: Okay.

Kelly: You can wait if you want, or we can reschedule.

Carly: No, I want to do this now, and I need the results as soon as possible.

Kelly: What's the hurry?

Carly: I'm pregnant. At least, that's what a home pregnancy test says.

Kelly: Okay. We'll do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy and we'll check for the ZBT. Then you can consider your options.

Carly: There's only one option to consider. I'm going to do whatever it takes to have this baby.

Jason: I can't help you seduce Spinelli.

Maxie: Of course you can. You're perfect. You're an emotionally shutoff hit man, which makes you really observant. And you're kind of a babe magnet yourself. Besides, Spinelli's been living here for ages, so you must have observed something about him on some sort of level. I mean, what does he like?

Jason: You already slept with him. You don't need me to tell you how to make it happen again.

Maxie: Yeah, but this is post-sleeping together, post-huge fight. So this whole situation is different. It's not just about getting Spinelli into bed. I need a whole new approach. I know you think I'm not good for him.

Jason: No, I think you're careless with him.

Maxie: See? That's what I'm talking about. That was a very observant thing to say. Look, I promise if I can work things out with Spinelli and get him back into my life, I won't be so careless with him anymore. I mean, he is my essential person. He means everything to me. If he didn't, I wouldn't be asking you for anything, ever.

Jason: Okay, I get that you care about him, but you need to be talking to him, not to me.

Maxie: Not until I've done all my homework. I mean, what does he like about me? Has he mentioned anything specific? Maybe I should push up the whole sexy thing?

Jason: What -- what are you doing?

Maxie: Ooh, I could surprise Spinelli and wait for him in his bedroom, but that could come off obvious and seem sort of desperate. I need something a little more subtle. How's my perfume? Is it too much? There's always the sewer.

Jason: The what?

Maxie: The sewer. That's where Spinelli and I came together for the first time. Sort of.

Jason: In the sewer?

Maxie: Yeah. It's when I saw what Georgie saw in him for the first time. Is there a mineshaft around here?

Jason: All Spinelli wants is for you to be honest.

Maxie: That's not true. Being honest with Spinelli is how we wound up here in the first place. I mean, if I had just let Spinelli go on believing that I was as hot for him as I was for Johnny Zacchara, then Spinelli and I would be fine. So maybe that's what I need to do. Maybe I need to let Spinelli think that I am.

Jason: Are you?

Maxie: You're not really listening. That part doesn't really matter. I mean, Spinelli is my essential person. So I just need to convince him that I feel the same way about him that he feels about me.

Jason: Well, that's not fair to either one of you.

Maxie: I love Spinelli and I need him in my life, so I'll just fake the physical part.

Jason: That's completely dishonest, Maxie.

Maxie: It wouldn't be the first time that it happened in a relationship. Look, I really care about Spinelli and I want things to work out. And if you're not going to help, which you obviously won't, then you have to at least promise me that you're not going to tell Spinelli what's going on inside my head.

Jason: I'm not sure I could.

Spinelli: The business cards have been distributed dutifully. Maximista. Hello, Maxie.

Maxie: No, Spinelli, please don't call me that. I'm Maximista. And I'm miserable without the Jackal, like I was just telling Jason. Right, Jason?

Jason: I got to be somewhere.

Spinelli: Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong.

Maxie: What is it that you need to stay strong about?    

Spinelli: "Stay strong" is simply a mantra, one of many self-affirmations that I use to keep myself focused, that's all.

Maxie: If you stay strong, you'll stay away from me? That's the idea?

Spinelli: Most definitely.

Maxie: You know, I haven't seen Johnny in days. Haven't even thought about him. I think about you all the time, though, Spinelli. You're the man that I want for real.

Spinelli: I've seen how you look at Johnny Zacchara. It's not the way you look at me.

Maxie: Even if Johnny and I were to get together, which would never happen, we would burn out in a few weeks.

Spinelli: Yeah, but you would burn. And that's more than will ever happen between us. I'm disappointed that our friendship will never be anything more, but the heartbreak is my fault and my fault alone. I allowed myself to hope for something that will clearly never happen.

Maxie: It could happen. I mean, we could be more than we are now.

Spinelli: I'll help you with your computer needs. Call the in-house people first, but if they can't fix the problem, I will. I know how important your job is to you.

Maxie: If you think that tech support is all you ever meant to me, then that means you never really knew me.

Spinelli: Perhaps not.

Ethan: All right, don't get me wrong, okay? I loved my adoptive father. He was a good man and he was good to me, but we were never cut from the same cloth. I didn't want to work for a decent wage in construction as he did, and then stumble home too tired to enjoy my hard-earned cash. You know, I -- I wanted out. And when my parents died, I was old enough to fend for myself, and I did all right. You know, through the seedy towns, the shady clubs, the streets and the less than reputable work. I was always searching for something. Not my real father, no. I was searching for someone who could teach me what I most desired to learn.

Tracy: How to swill booze, cheat at cards, and lie to women.

Ethan: I mastered those skills long ago. No, but there's a bigger picture here, okay? Don't you see? To risk everything and live to tell the tale, you know? It's the quest for adventure, you know? The ability to win a million dollars and then just walk away.

Tracy: Huh, I've heard that song before.

Ethan: What I want to learn more than anything is how to live my life full-up, all right, from a true master, from a bullfighter, from you.

Lulu: Hey, Dad?

Luke: Hi, baby.

Lulu: Hi. I need a chair.

Luke: Well, take a chair.

Lulu: Thanks.

Luke: You okay, cupcake?

Lulu: I'm great. You should see my apartment.

Luke: Oh, I'll have to stop by.

Lulu: I won't hold my breath.

Luke: Um, dodger, help the little lady out with her chair, will you? Make sure she gets home safely.

Ethan: Gladly.

Tracy: So do you believe him?

Luke: What if I said yes?

Alexis: Hey, Robin.

Robin: Hey.

Alexis: Nice to see you.

Robin: Nice to see you.

Alexis: Are you in the mood for some company?

Robin: Sure.

Alexis: It is a beautiful spring day, and I wanted to just take a second and soak it in. So I could be doing other things, of course, like filing briefs and motions and picking up cupcakes for Molly's party -- which I forgot about anyway. But just forget about all of that. Put that off and eat brownies.

Robin: Yeah, it's a good day for putting things off, that's for sure.

Alexis: What were you supposed to be doing?

Robin: Oh, it doesn't matter. It's too late now.

Alexis: Actually, right now I'm supposed to be at Sonny's house talking about moving Kristina up into this different class.

Robin: Well, that's good.

Alexis: Yeah, she's a pretty smart girl. And I know he's proud of her, but I dread going there because I'm always worried something's going to pop out at me or explode or something.

Robin: Yes, I know how you feel.

Alexis: So I'm just going to sit here and avoid it all. And eat brownies.

[Robin laughs]

Alexis: You like chocolate?

Robin: Sure. That's exactly what I was doing anyway, but now I have a brownie.

Alexis: Well, good. Then we're going to sit here together and eat brownies and have some fun. So tell me everything. How's your little girl?

Jax: It was my understanding you were going to avoid coming to the house to protect Carly and Morganís safety.

Jason: It's really important, Jax. Is Carly around?

Jax: She's not. She's at a doctor's appointment. She's pregnant. We're both convinced it's a girl, so --

Jason: Yeah, Carly always wanted to have a baby girl.

Jax: Well, despite how you and I feel about each other, we both love Carly. So I'm asking you -- I'm telling you, don't upset her.

Jason: Yeah, I shouldn't tell Carly that your brother is partly responsible for Michael getting shot.

Jason: You don't seem real surprised to hear Jerry got Michael shot.

Jax: Nothing Jerry does surprises me, Jason.

Jason: Has he contacted you?

Jax: Carly can't ever know about this. You do understand that, right?

Jason: I'm not going to do anything to hurt Carly, so answer the question. Has Jerry contacted you?

Jax: Yes, he sent me a DVD explaining his part in Michael's shooting, okay? According to him, Devlin was going to shoot Sonny, and Michael was never the target.

Jason: Okay, why did he contact you?

Jax: He had an attack of conscience. He wanted to protect my relationship with Carly, okay? I mean, since I'm partly responsible for what happened to Michael because I helped Jerry after the hostage crisis.

Jason: What, and you're still protecting the guy?

Jax: How did you find out about this, anyway?

Jason: Spinelli followed the cash. We've got Jerry on tape taking money from Ian Devlin's accounts, and Sonny and I put the pieces together.

Jax: Oh, so Sonny knows about this, too?

Jason: Yeah, we need to find Jerry.

Jax: I assume he wants him dead.

Jason: You got the DVD Jerry gave you?

Jax: No, I destroyed it.

Jason: When was the last time you saw your brother? Do you know where Jerry is?

Robin: This whole motherhood thing isn't quite what I expected.

Alexis: You know, every mom feels like that at times. I know that feeling.

Robin: You do?

Alexis: Yeah.

Robin: But you got used to it, right?

Alexis: Sure I did.

Robin: Okay, because, I mean, you seem like the epitome of the career woman to me. And here you are a single mom raising Kristina and Molly, and you're the D.A., no less.

Alexis: Well, it's a tradeoff, you know? Sometimes there's certain things you have to give up. Like sleep. I miss sleep.

Robin: Do you ever wish things were different?

Alexis: Do you mean, do I regret having my children?

Robin: I know this sounds really terrible, but do you -- do you miss only having to answer to yourself or being completely in control of your own life?

Alexis: Sometimes. There are days that I want to scream. There are days that I actually do scream. But then in another moment, I'll walk into the kitchen and I'll see Molly just having the best time cooking with Viola, or I -- I love to watch Kristina reading because she has this amazing focus, and it's beautiful to watch both of them. I don't love every hands-on moment of being a mother, no one does. But, I mean, I love my children. So, yeah, I guess I do love being a mother, yeah.

Robin: You're lucky. So are they.

Alexis: You know, Robin, sometimes you just have to find a balance between, say, the court cases and the cupcakes. You know, you have to be able to understand that it's a juggling act and sometimes you're just going to need to drop everything. And then when you're ready, you just pick it back up and start over again. And I envy you. You've got this sweet little baby to pick up. I can't even pick up my girls anymore, they're so big. Break my back.

[Robin chuckles]

Alexis: And you've got a great guy. Oh, my God, he loves you and he loves your daughter. It's not so easy being a single mom.

Robin: I know, I know. I know I should be grateful, and I am, but --

Alexis: From one perfectionist to another, Robin, let go. You've got to just relax a little bit. Give yourself a break. I mean, some days you're going to go to work and you're going to have strained carrots in your hair, and so what? Big deal. And there's some days you're going to just need to do this -- come out here, have a brownie. Breathe, and know that you're going to be okay.

Robin: Okay. Thanks for the advice.

Alexis: And treasure these days, because they're going to go by just like that. Just be the best mom you can be. And remember, nobody's perfect --

Robin: Thank you.

Alexis: Not even me. See you.

Lulu: All right, let's move it as close to the line as possible, though, because I think that will really irritate her. And maybe have the back of the chair facing her. That way I'll have my back to her.

Ethan: Uh, yeah, do you think you'll get a bit of a crick in your neck watching TV?

Lulu: Okay, that's true. All right, yeah, let's -- all right, let's turn the chair. Turn it.

Ethan: All right.

Lulu: Okay, so that's good, right? Because then I can see everything and I'm invading her privacy.

Ethan: Wouldn't it be easier just to move out? You know, you're more than welcome on the haunted star.

Lulu: Absolutely not. I am not moving anywhere. But I think I should move the chair a little bit. Oh!

Ethan: Oh, are you okay?

Lulu: Oh, my gosh, my foot.

Ethan: What did you do to your foot?

[Lulu and Ethan laugh]

Maxie: Wow. That didn't take long. I mean, you were just going on and on about how Johnny broke your heart, and now you're with him?

Ethan: Well, I'm glad this is out in the open. You know, you can now tell us all about those secret feelings you have for me.

Lulu: Oh, right, the secret feelings. Well, I -- Ethan is wonderful, and I absolutely cannot live without him -- when it comes to moving furniture. Mm-hmm, see? Unlike you, I can actually be friends with Ethan.

Maxie: Oh, well, that's great. I mean, if you and Ethan are just friends, then I could go out with him?

Ethan: Absolutely.

Luke: What?

Tracy: Fascinating.

Luke: I know, the kid counts money the same way I do.

Tracy: Luke, he has been watching you.

Luke: Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Tracy: Are you that desperate to be flattered that you can't see what's going on? Every word of that speech was rehearsed.

Luke: I know. He did a really good job with it. That means he's given it a lot of thought.

Tracy: He knows exactly what you want to hear.

Luke: Well, that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Tracy: Oh, my God, Luke! There is no way he just happened to find you.

Luke: I know, Tracy. I know that. But I also know that he's not here to con me, to rob me, or to kill me in my sleep. He wants something completely different.

Tracy: Yes, he wants you to teach him the ways of the world right?

Luke: You were suspicious and fascinated with this kid from day one, but you never said this before. I mean, Helena walked in here and in ten minutes, threw it right in my face. Now, you tell me, do you think he's my kid?

Tracy: Do you think he's your kid?

Luke: Tracy, I don't know if Ethan is my son or not, but anything is possible in this miserable world.

Tracy: Given his age, he would have been conceived when you were married to the other Mrs. Spencer.

Luke: Yes, fidelity has never been a passion of mine.

Tracy: You know, Luke, you ought to check out Ethan's wallet. He's carrying a very old picture of you and Robert Scorpio in it.

Luke: Why didn't you tell me?

Tracy: I wanted to see how things played out. When I asked him about it, he got very touchy.

Luke: Well, that must mean that the photograph is important to him.

Tracy: Duh.

Luke: What's your theory?

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: Luke, Holly Sutton is his mother, and either you or Robert is his father.

Lulu: If you want Ethan, he's all yours.

Ethan: You can dump your best furniture mover just like that?

Lulu: Hmm, have fun with Maxie, everybody else has.

Maxie: Uh, Lulu? She's just jealous.

Lulu: Oh, that's definitely it. Keep breaking Spinelli's heart.

Ethan: Okay, okay, ladies, ladies, why don't you two sort this out, and whoever wins, give me a call, okay?

Maxie: Bye.

Ethan: Bye.

Lulu: Oh, that's it? You don't want to chase after him and show him the skank that you really are?

[Maxie sighs]

Maxie: I don't want Ethan. And I don't want Johnny. I really miss Spinelli.

Lulu: Oh, right, you just want him to fawn all over you and follow you until you can be bothered to notice. Well, that's all over now because you're not "fair Maximista." You've lost Spinelli, and I'm glad.

Dr. Brown: I've got a patient I'd like you to take a look at.

Patrick: Okay, do you have the chart?

Dr. Brown: Oh, yeah. She's experiencing headaches and mood swings, and I think there may be a physical cause.

Patrick: Yeah, this looks interesting.

Dr. Brown: Oh, and could you tell Robin I'm sorry about this morning?

Patrick: Why, what happened?

Dr. Brown: Oh, my phone system had a meltdown. And if she tried to call and cancel her appointment, she couldn't have gotten through. Everything is fine now, and she can reschedule.

Patrick: So, wait, Robin didn't make her session?

Dr. Brown: No, she did not.

Robin: Thanks, Mercedes. You and Emma have a good time at the park. I'll see you tonight. Tell Emma that mommy loves her. Okay, bye.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Okay.

Jax: It doesn't matter if I've seen Jerry, okay? He's probably moved on by now.

Jason: It'll be a lot easier to protect Carly if Jerry is out of the picture. How much does Carly know?

Jax: She knows he's alive. A few days after he sent the DVD, he called my office at the Metro Court and she happened to pick up the phone. I grabbed the phone from her right away, and I told him to stay away.

Jason: Okay, has he contacted you since then?

Jax: Look, he's probably halfway across the world by now, okay? He has no reason to come back to Port Charles. He'd be stupid if he tried. So just do us all a favor and leave it alone. Don't pursue this, Jason.

Jason: Michael is your stepson. He lived in this house. Don't you think he deserves justice, Jax? Don't you think that's what Carly wants for him?

Robin: Hi! So what do you think?

Patrick: You've been busy.

Robin: Yes.

Patrick: How's Emma?

Robin: She's at the park with Mercedes. I thought today was a really good day to dig in and reorganize. I forgot how much I loved order. It's incredibly reassuring.

Patrick: Yeah, looks great.

Robin: Okay, here's the system. Doctor's quarters are over here. This shelf is dedicated completely to medical journals. They were all over the house, so I found them all, put them in here, organized them by date. Oh, and I tabbed the article we were looking for earlier. There you go. And ta-da! We can actually see to read it.

Patrick: Wow, so what brought this on?

Robin: My session with Dr. Brown. I feel incredibly energized and inspired.

Jax: We have the 12 sets of sheets and the pink baby chair. What we're missing is the baby crib and the large pink giraffe. No, no, it's just the one baby as far as we know. Well, I bought the entire section of the store. You can never be too prepared for these things, right? The baby should be home from the hospital in about nine months or so, why?

[Phone rings]

Jax: I'm sorry, that's my other line. That could be the driver. I'm going to have to call you back. Hello?

Kelly's voice: Hey, Jax, it's Dr. Lee.

Jax: Hey, Dr. Lee. Did everything go okay with the exam?

Kelly: I know you and Carly wanted the test results as soon as possible.

Jax: What test results? Is there something wrong with the baby?

Jason: Is Maxie here?

Spinelli: She left.

Jason: You okay?

Spinelli: Yeah, the heartbreak has helped me to focus on the task at hand, with distressing results. As you may know, the Jackal created a complex cross-referencing system to track the demented one. It involves many alarms and warning signals --

Jason: Did you find Jerry?

Spinelli: Yes, that's correct.

Jason: Where is he?

Spinelli: Right here in Port Charles.

Jerry: Alexis, darling, fancy meeting you here.

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