GH Transcript Friday 4/17/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/17/09


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[Phone rings]

Carly: Hey, why aren't you over here yet?

Jax: Well, I'm flying as fast as I can.

Carly: Hi.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: I'm sorry. I thought you were Jason.

Jax: Why is Jason coming over? Is there a problem?

Carly: No, I just -- I kind of slipped down the stairs, and I thought it was no big deal, but I woke up this morning, and my ankle's really swollen.

Jax: Oh, well, why did you call Jason? Is Olivia not around or something?

Carly: Yeah, I mean, Olivia's around -- well, I want to talk to Jason about Michael. We're not going to have a fight about this, are we?

Jax: No, of course not. We're not going to fight about this. It's just -- how did you twist it?

Carly: My ankle just gave out like the last time.

Jax: Are you sure you're okay? You just sound a little weird.

Carly: I'm fine. I promise there is nothing to worry about.

Spinelli: Oh, gracious thanks. The Jackal fears he's been prowling all night in vain, despite my heartbreak-enhanced cyber-skills. The elusive culprit in Michael's shooting, Jerry Jacks, is gone, vanished.

Jerry: Just once more around the block to see if the coast is clear. There's someone inside I want to see.

Claudia: You didn't come home last night. I'm just wondering, because you asked me to stick around.

Sonny: Yeah, something came up.

Claudia: Do you want some coffee or maybe one of the pastries I got for you last night?

Sonny: Tell me about your dealings with Jerry Jacks.

Patrick: Hey, I need to review Mr. Henderson's plan of treatment. It seems like he had a rough night last night.

Elizabeth: Seems like he wasn't the only one.

Patrick: Yeah, Emma was a little fussy last night. I'm just afraid that the stress is kind of getting to her.

Elizabeth: So you stayed up with her?

Patrick: Yeah, Robin's not ready for that yet. You know, as much as -- I have to keep reminding myself that she's going to do this on her own speed, not mine. I probably shouldn't even be talking to you about this.

Elizabeth: Come on, what does she expect, you to keep it all to yourself? We are all still friends.

Patrick: Yeah, but as bad as it gets between Robin and I, it wasn't right for me to call her out in front of everybody. It wasn't fair, and it was completely unprofessional.

Matt: Yeah, well, that's true, but it was a rather nice finish to a weird reopening ceremony.

Elizabeth: You don't have to apologize. It wasn't that bad.

Matt: Are you kidding? He straight up called his wife out, said that she picked up some stranger and ran off to Rochester. I mean, and that is what really hurts. I mean, she could at least have shown some taste and ran off to, like, New York City or something.

Patrick: You know, I should have just confronted Robin earlier about it.

Elizabeth: Sometimes a big fight can really clear the air.

Patrick: Yeah, that's true, you know. We did settle in a little bit after that. You know, it seems like we've found some common ground.

Matt: Common ground being you sleeping in the den? Am I right?

Elizabeth: Okay, Dr. Hunter, if you could sign off these insurance papers before Epiphany gets back, that would make our lives a lot easier.

Matt: Yeah, no problem.

Elizabeth: Thank you. Listen, I understand about yesterday. It may not have been the right time or place, but at least you guys got everything out in the open.

Patrick: Robin says she didn't sleep with the guy. I'm choosing to believe her.

Dr. Brown: Dr. Scorpio.

Robin: Sorry for the way I acted in our last session.

Dr. Brown: Any thoughts on why you feel the need to apologize?

Robin: Well, I acted like a bratty 14-year-old.

Dr. Brown: I agree.

Robin: I hate this.

Dr. Brown: I've noticed.

Robin: Well, okay, listen. It's really difficult for me to admit that I have postpartum depression, but I do, and I realize that I'm not going to get better if I keep shutting down and being difficult and blaming everybody else.

Dr. Brown: That's encouraging.

Robin: A lot of things came into focus very suddenly, and I realized that if I don't get it together, I'm going to lose everything.

Claudia: I'll say this as many times as I have to. I didn't have anything to do with Michael getting shot.

Sonny: You're avoiding my question. What are your dealings with Jerry Jacks?

Claudia: This is how it's going to be now? You're going to interrogate me every morning before I've even finished my coffee? My father had some dealings with Jerry, I think. I barely knew him.

Sonny: I've confirmed at least part of Ric's story is true. Jerry has been helping himself to Ian Devlin's offshore money. We traced it to a bank in Hong Kong. Spinelli came up with some security camera footage last night.

Claudia: Well --

Sonny: What?

Claudia: How could it be Jerry on the security camera? He's dead.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. Jerry Jacks is alive, and this  money proves that he was connected to Ian Devlin, the psycho who shot my son. Ric's story is starting to make sense. Maybe you did hire Jerry and Ian to shoot me, and my son got shot instead.

Spinelli: The Jackal has been vigilant, lurking, waiting for even the slightest movement from my prey, but there's been no sign of the demented one, no transfers from the Grand Keys or Hong Kong accounts, no credit card usage, no sightings, virtual or otherwise. I fear he knows he's been discovered.

Jason: Okay, he might be rotating accounts to avoid suspicion. He's going to have to come back to this account eventually, right?

Spinelli: Yes, the Stone Cold's logic is irrefutable as always, but I fear the time table might be problematic. He might not access these accounts again for months. Maybe we should start closer to home. Perhaps he's contacted the white knight?

Jason: Okay, good. You know what? Start looking for money transfers between Jerry and Jax or Jax to Jerry, whatever, whichever --

Spinelli: Jasper Jack's holdings are vast and complex. Maybe a more direct route -- why don't you just talk to him?

Jason: Talk -- he's going to cover for his brother like he always does.

Spinelli: Maybe the Valkyrie could be useful?

Jason: No, no, you just leave Carly out of this.

Carly: So when are you coming home?

Jax: I'll be home as soon as I possibly can.

Carly: Well, that's not soon --

Olivia: Carly, it's me.

Carly: Olivia's here, okay? Come in.

Olivia: Hi, Jax.

Jax: Hey, Olivia. Hey, you know what? Put her on the phone. I want to make sure that you're really okay, and you're not lying to me.

Carly: No, I am fine.

Jax: No, no, come on. Put her on the phone.

Carly: No, it's really boring around here actually -- oh, except for Helena Cassadine showed up at the reopening of the hospital.

Jax: Really, well, Helena Cassadines the last person we need.

Carly: I know. Well, but you know what? That'll give Alexis something to worry about, so she won't remind you over and over again what a terrible mistake you made  by marrying me.

Jax: Oh, no, no, no, no. You are, without a question, the best mistake I've ever made.

Carly: Oh, can't wait to see you.

Jax: I can't wait to see you.

Carly: Bye.

Olivia: So I take it you haven't told him yet.

Carly: There's nothing to tell him, and you don't have to give me that.

Olivia: It's herbal tea, just in case.

Carly: I know. I can smell it. It smells like dirt, and don't tell me that's a sign that I'm pregnant.

Olivia: I wouldn't dream of it. What's the deal with your ankle? What's going on there?

Carly: I don't know. One minute, I was at the top of the stairs, and the next minute, I was waking up on the bottom.

Olivia: And you didn't think to call me?

Carly: I didn't think it was that serious.

Olivia: Okay, you might be pregnant, and you fall down the stairs, and you don't think that's serious? Okay, I'm thinking of a river in Egypt, denial. Did you call Dr. Lee?

Carly: Yes, and I have an appointment for next Wednesday to take that blood disorder test.

Olivia: Okay, if she knew what was really going on, she wouldn't put you off till next week.

Carly: I'm on the cancellation list, okay?

Olivia: Well, all right, and I didn't give you the pregnancy test to use as a paperweight. How about that?

Carly: I'm going to take it soon. I will take it soon.

Olivia: I hope so, Carly. You got to find out if you're pregnant before you do anything else.

Maxie: What did you do?

Lulu: Uh-uh-uh, stay on your side.

Maxie: I think you're completely losing your mind. Someone might need to call Shadybrook.

Lulu: You bought most of the furniture, so it's on your side, and everything on this side is mine.

Maxie: That's my television.

Lulu: Well, Johnny was my boyfriend, so it seems fair.

Maxie: I am surprised you would do something so completely immature.

Lulu: Yeah, it is childish, isn't it? I guess you should move out.

Maxie: I found this place, so if anyone's going to leave, it will be you.

Lulu: My name is on the lease right next to yours, so if I have to wait for you to give up and run, I'll wait.

Jason: I just don't want Carly to know anything about Jerry right now.

Spinelli: Why is the now so important? I mean, surely, the Valkyrie would want to know who's responsible for putting her son in a coma.

Jason: Can we just focus on what we can prove? What we can prove is Devlin and Jerry are working together. Neither one had motive to go after Sonny, and Ric's story about Claudia being involved could be a lie to save himself.

Spinelli: Maybe the Valkyrie knows more than she realizes. A few simple but well-directed professional questions --

Jason: Don't even think about approaching Carly, Jackal, P.I.

Spinelli: Understood.

Jason: Carly's happy right now. Just let it be.

Spinelli: Yeah, but had it not been for the white knight, the demented one would have been imprisoned at the Metro Court crisis.

Jason: I understand that. Can you just keep track of the money, okay? Because once we find Jerry, Sonny and I are going to take care of him, but right now, Carly doesn't need to know any of this.

Olivia: Carly, you may need to make some tough decisions if you have this blood disorder and you're pregnant. There's nothing to be gained by putting it off anymore. Okay, I can wait around if you want to take it now.

Carly: No, I have to do this a certain way. I'm a little superstitious.

Olivia: Superstitious. Okay, I grew up jumping over every crack in the sidewalk to make sure my mom didn't break her back in a dozen places, and I have never once, even to this day, made pasta without throwing salt over my shoulder. So please, pray-tell, what is this superstition that will be keeping you from taking a pregnancy test?

Carly: I'll take it today. Can we just leave it at that?

Olivia: Okay, okay, I just want you to know you're not in this alone, okay? You and Jax, you're my closest friends in Port Charles. I would just -- God forbid something was to happen, I would hate to have to look him in the eye and tell him I knew there was a problem and I did absolutely nothing about it.

Claudia: Ric's a good liar, and like every good liar, he knows you put just enough truth in there to make someone jump to the wrong conclusion.

Sonny: Like you're doing now?

Claudia: If that's what you think, I don't know.

Sonny: Oh.

Claudia: Hey, I don't know what else to say to you except I wish you believed me, Sonny. Look, my father, you know, and his business, Ric, and Jerry -- they cross paths. And for all I know, they set this whole thing up to pin it on me because their hit went bad.

Sonny: You had every reason to put a hit on me back then.

Claudia: Yeah, I did, and I was furious with you. You're right, and I was scared, but Ric -- Ric was thinking ahead. He knew a successful hit on you would guarantee him a spot in the Zacchara organization forever. For all I know, he was planning on coming after Johnny next.

Sonny: You can't prove that, can you?

Claudia: But you can't prove anything either. For all of Ric's talk about some DVD that proves that I'm guilty, you've never actually seen it, and I don't know what else to say to you except I hope to God -- I really hope you're not willing to kill your own wife based on something that Ric Lansing said, knowing how much he hates you and without any real proof that I've done anything wrong.

Sonny: Michael deserves justice, and you're right. As a father, it's my responsibility to find out what the truth is. That's why Jerry is going to tell me everything he knows before I kill him, and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that your name doesn't come up and this is a bunch of lies that Ric put together to save his own neck.

Claudia: That's all this is, I swear.

Sonny: But you need to understand, I will find out what the truth is, probably sooner than later, and if you were involved in any way, you know what I have to do.

Maxie: Why can't you just admit that that you and Johnny didn't work out? Why do you have to blame me?

Lulu: I blame you because you broke us up, but I don't even need to fight about it. I just want you to move out.

Maxie: I wish you could just be honest with yourself.

Lulu: The truth is you've wanted Johnny for a long time, and now he's all yours.

Maxie: I don't want Johnny.

Lulu: So you broke us up for no reason?

Maxie: You guys have been going through a rough patch since your breakdown. You were going to break up anyway.

Lulu: Is that what he told you?

Maxie: Look, Lulu, I didn't steal Johnny, okay? It was just a couple kisses that didn't mean anything.

Lulu: Oh, so you tore us apart, and you don't even really want him.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Spinelli, oh, my God. I'm so glad you checked your messages. I'm so glad to see you.

Spinelli: What do you need, Maxie?

Maxie: What did you call me?

Robin: There was a lot of difficult issues in my life, so postpartum shouldn't be any different, right?

Dr. Brown: Spoken like a true overachiever.

Robin: I guess so.

Dr. Brown: You apologized for your behavior at our last session, and now you're ready to get well in one fell swoop.

Robin: Yeah, that's how I do things.

Dr. Brown: It's a pretty fast turnaround. Any thoughts on where that might be coming from?

Robin: My husband and I got in a huge fight at work yesterday. He accused me of sleeping with that guy, Brad, the one in Rochester.

Dr. Brown: So you told him about that?

Robin: He knew about it.

Dr. Brown: Hmm.

Robin: He was there. He saw me kissing him and, of course, came up with all sorts of conclusions, and thought that I cheated on him, which I didn't. And it hurt me that he was spying on me.

Dr. Brown: Patrick ran after you in Rochester after you failed to meet him when you said you would, and then you drove away from him and your infant daughter. You stayed away for more than 24 hours, never called him, and pretended to be someone else, yet when Patrick found you, you felt like he was spying?

Robin: Well, he was spying on me. You know, if he would have said something right then, I would have told him the truth. It would have all been out and would have saved us a lot of pain, but he didn't, and so we've been fighting for weeks. He's been telling everybody at work how sick I am, and -- I don't know. It just all blew up yesterday.

Dr. Brown: What was it like when he yelled at you at work?

Robin: Not fun, but it cleared the air. I told Patrick the truth, that I did not sleep with Brad, and he believed me. And you know, I mean, that just proves that underneath all of this, Patrick and I still love each other. And we just lost track of that for a while, and we just need to remember that, and I need to get better and get my life on track, and then I will have my life with the man that I love and my career that matters.

Dr. Brown: Hmm, that sounds very promising.

Robin: Yeah, I think so.

Dr. Brown: Do you realize you didn't mention your daughter in this perfect life?

Robin: Well, obviously, Emma’s a part of everything that I do.

Dr. Brown: Oh, should I assume that you are picking her up when you get home from work, rocking her to sleep, feeding her? Dr. Scorpio, when was the last time you even looked at your baby?

Matt: I got your page. What's up?

Patrick: You changed one of my patient's blood pressure medications. I want to know why.

Matt: The patient's blood pressure was normal after surgery. I wanted to help you out. I didn't want to risk that patient getting hypertensive because of --

Patrick: The patient has extreme chronic hypertension. When the anesthesia wears off, his post-op pain is going to kick in, and I didn't want his blood pressure going off the charts when we're trying to deal with his pain. Who told you you could change another doctor's meds?

Matt: I'm trying to help you out.

Patrick: Well, I don't need any help, especially from a doctor who doesn't know what he's doing. Stay away from my patients.

Matt: Yeah, no problem. You know what? It's not -- you're not mad about this guy. You're a little embarrassed about your breakdown here at work, and you're so mad at Robin that you can't even function.

Patrick: Watch it, Matt, or you'll be changing bedpans.

Matt: You shouldn't even be practicing medicine right now, let alone cutting people's heads open.

Patrick: You changed one of my patients' meds, and I'm the one that's incompetent.

Elizabeth: Hey, hey, boys, that's enough. That's enough.

Patrick: Stay away from my patients.

Matt: I'm just trying to be a good brother.

Patrick: No, you're not. You're trying to show me up as a doctor 'cause you know I'm a better doctor, and you're never going to be a doctor like I am.

Elizabeth: Patrick, I'm asking you as a friend, go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Take a break.

Jason: Spinelli and I have been working all night. There's no activity on any of Jerry's accounts. We have no idea where he is.

Sonny: Then you're going to have to go to that bank in Hong Kong and camp out there till he shows.

Jason: We got people there right now. I got them there.

Sonny: I know you got people, but I want him found. Jerry is going to tell me if Claudia brought him into this.

Jason: And what if she did? I mean, what if Ric's story checks out? What if we can prove that Claudia hired Jerry and Devlin? What if she was responsible for what happened to Michael, Sonny? What are you going to do?

Claudia: I saw Jerry Jacks last night. He was in town.

Johnny: I don't believe this.

Claudia: We sort of worked something out.

Johnny: The man's a psychopath. You can't work out a deal with him.

Claudia: Okay, I know, but he says that he destroyed all of the DVD's except for one and that he's going to hold onto it, so Ric doesn't have any proof.

Johnny: But Jerry does. He can come after you any time he wants.

Claudia: Yeah. I'm not going to lie. My time might be running out. It's all closing in on me, John, just like you said it would. Sonny is probably going to find out the truth, but I need you to promise me one thing. No matter what happens, you don't go after Sonny.

Johnny: If Corinthos hurts you, I'm going to blow his head off.

Claudia: And then Jason's going to turn around, and he's going to kill you.

Johnny: You're right, so Claudia, if you want to save my life and ultimately yours, you're going to get out of this marriage now.

Maxie: Spinelli, what's going on? Could you please just call me Maximista one time so that I know everything's okay?

Spinelli: You changed the room.

Lulu: Maxie needs to move out.

Spinelli: Beach chair looks comfortable.

Maxie: Obviously, Lulu is trying to blame me for all of the problems that are going on with her and Johnny, and she's tried to drag our living situation in it, which I think is completely ridiculous. What does that mean? The beach chair looks comfortable.

Spinelli: Do you have an emergency or not?

Maxie: Why are you talking like a normal person?

Spinelli: Fine, if you don't, I have other things to do.

Maxie: No, Spinelli. My computer -- all the files are being dragged into this little box at the top of the screen, and if you don't fix it, my career will be over.

Spinelli: Your computer is fine, but you knew that, didn't you?

Lulu: Maxie's just trying to manipulate you back into her life so that she can string you along while she hooks up with Johnny.

Maxie: That is not true.

Spinelli: Look, if you, in the future, have computer problems, contact your magazine's tech support department. I'm no longer available.

Maxie: Are you happy now? You upset Spinelli because you're mad at me.

Lulu: I'm just telling the truth.

Maxie: You want the truth? I think that you are a harsh, judgmental person who will do anything and hurt anyone just to prove that you're right. You pushed Johnny away because you were so insecure. You couldn't stand him taking on a few P.R. events even though you knew he needed the money, and it helped support the magazine that you work for. I'm sorry, Lulu, that we all can't be so perfect. But at least I have one consolation out of the situation. You are perfectly alone.

Coleman: Dude. Good to see you, man. Aren't you starting a little early today?

Patrick: I had to get out of the hospital.

Coleman: You have come to the right place, man.

Patrick: No, no, please, just a coffee. I'm going back.

Coleman: No problem.

Patrick: That's what my life has become, Coleman. I'm always going back.

Coleman: That a good thing or a bad thing?

Patrick: How did I end up with a wife and a kid?

Coleman: I'll sweeten that up for you anytime you want, man.

Patrick: Thanks, I'll let you know.

Coleman: So the rugrat's okay?

Patrick: Emma seems to be fine, unless we're screwing her up already.

Coleman: Did Robin split again?

Patrick: Not that I know of. It's just with Robin, you know, one day seems like we're going to work everything out, and Emma’s going to have some loving parents with a happy home. And the next, the whole notion seems like denial or wishful thinking.

Coleman: Is she still seeing the shrink?

Patrick: Yeah. She's taking her pain meds. Like today, she was all gun-ho, you know? It all seems to be working great. So excited about getting healthy, said she was going to do everything she can.

Coleman: That's good, right?

Patrick: Yeah, it's great if that's what happens.

Robin: Well, I'm not taking care of Emma yet, but that will change. Now that Patrick and I are getting things straightened out, I'm sure Emma will calm down.

Dr. Brown: So you expect Emma to change?

Robin: Well, obviously you don't think I'm well until I'm a perfect mother.

Dr. Brown: You have postpartum depression. I would be remiss as a doctor if I didn't discuss how you deal with your baby.

Robin: Well, I have to say it's hard to take care of her when I'm so heavily medicated.

Dr. Brown: Taken as directed, the antidepressants shouldn't affect your motor skills or judgment. I made sure that there are no contra-indications with your HIV meds.

Robin: I feel shut down all the time, like I'm under water.

Dr. Brown: Are you comfortable practicing medicine?

Robin: Yes, very.

Dr. Brown: So the medications aren't affecting your ability to make life and death decisions or decide on a diagnosis. It's just affecting the way you deal with your baby.

Robin: That's right.

Dr. Brown: Well, maybe we should change the prescription then. Sometimes it takes a while to settle in on an effective one.

Robin: The point is, I shouldn't need pharmaceuticals to live my life. I'm feeling much better now.

Dr. Brown: That means the antidepressants are working. You seem to feel better. You're making good progress with your husband. I see no reason to change this course of treatment.

Robin: I would like to continue therapy but stop taking the antidepressants.

Dr. Brown: You need to stay on the meds for now. Give them a chance to work. And when we decide, as a team, that you're ready to stop taking them, you'll need to gradually withdraw. If you quit the antidepressants all at once, you'll crash.

Claudia: This marriage was my risk to take. As my brother, you have done absolutely everything that you can. I wanted to play this my own way, and I have. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't. I knew the risk. I knew the odds going in, John. If it goes bad, don't go after Sonny. Keep yourself safe if you want to honor me.

Johnny: Do you honestly believe that if Sonny kills you, I'm just going to go on with my life as usual? Claudia, you're all I got now. You're the only person I can trust and depend on. So there's no way in hell that Sonny or anybody else is going to get away with hurting you.

Claudia: It's not going to come to that, John. I don't think it is.

Johnny: Well, that's why I'm having this conversation, and you know it. Sooner or later, Jason and Sonny are going to find out the truth, if they haven't already. I can't believe Jerry Jacks was arrogant enough to come back to this city. He's the one I should be going after.

Claudia: No, but if you go after Jerry, you're just going to speed things up, John. You'll make it easier for Sonny to find him. You can't.

Johnny: Where did you see him?

Claudia: I saw him on the docks, but that doesn't mean anything. He could be out of the country by now.

Johnny: No, I doubt it. He wants to see this game go through -- that sick bastard.

Claudia: Yeah, but he also wants to keep Carly and Jax safe. That's really his only vulnerability. It's in Jerry's best interest if the whole thing just goes away.

Johnny: He doesn't think like a normal human being. He wants this to play out, and he wants to hurt as many people as possible.

Claudia: Well, then we let it play out. All I need is enough time to get pregnant.

Johnny: Oh, my -- do you even hear how crazy that is, Claudia? You want to bet your life on a baby you don't even know you're going to have.

Claudia: Well, we'll find out soon enough.

Sonny: If Claudia had anything to do with putting Michael in that bed, she will be taken care of like anyone else.

Jason: Even though you're married to her?

Sonny: She's been an asset. No question about it. And the marriage has gone better than expected, but she understands how this business works. If I had put her brother into a coma, you don't think she'd come after me? If Jerry backs up Ric's story, it's done. You got to find that piece of garbage soon.

Jason: It could take a while.

Sonny: Look, I don't have a while. Go to Hong Kong. Go to Australia. Go wherever you need to find the son of a bitch.

Jason: Sonny, Jerry's too smart to get caught. He's playing games with us right now. Look, we got good people over there, okay? It makes more sense for me to stay here. Jerry might show up to try to get Jax to cover for him again.

Sonny: I don't want him anywhere near Carly.

Jason: Well, neither do I. And hopefully she doesn't have to know about this at all.

Sonny: That would be better. Speaking of Carly, last time I saw her, she didn't look good. Do you know anything that's going on there?

Jason: She'll tell you when she's ready. I mean, if there's anything to tell.   

Robin: What's the status on my patient in 212?

Elizabeth: Her vitals are stable, and she's responding to stimuli. So we're going to keep her under observation until she wakes up.

Robin: Great, thank you. Hey, I'm really sorry about the scene that Patrick and I caused yesterday. We've dragged our problems into this hospital since the very beginning. But I'm starting to feel better. And I'm looking forward to spending time -- as friends. I can't even remember the last time we had lunch together.

Elizabeth: I know. Maybe we can go to the park and have a play date with the kids.

Robin: Sure, that sounds fun. Oh, I actually need to touch base with Patrick. Is he around?

Matt: He left.

Robin: Any idea where he went?

Elizabeth: No.

Robin: Did he say when he'd be back?

Elizabeth: He didn't say.

Patrick: I love Robin. And I'm going to support her.

Coleman: But you never signed on for your wife sleeping around.

Patrick: She's not sleeping around.

Coleman: Patrick, the girl ran off to Rochester, pretended to be somebody else, picked up some dude, ends up in a hotel, and then lies about it.

Patrick: Coleman, Robin's got postpartum depression. She's doing a lot of weird things, so just back off, all right?

Coleman: All right, man. Okay.

Patrick: Robin's in a lot of pain. She wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world. Now she can't stand to be in the same room as Emma. I'm not going to judge that, especially now, especially when she's doing everything she needs to be doing. She's taking her meds. She's seeing a therapist.

Coleman: Well, that 's cool, but do you think she did the guy?

Patrick: She said she didn't. I'm choosing to believe her. You know, if anybody was going to run around in this marriage, I figured it would be me.

Coleman: You could have lots of chances, man.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I like being married with a kid. You know, nothing's better than when Robin and I are in a good place. I come home, and Emma’s face lights up. Even last night, you know, she didn't want to go to sleep. So we sat on the couch, watched a couple of races that I had recorded, and it was just -- you know, it was perfect.

Coleman: So you're doing the whole midnight feeding thing?

Patrick: She's a little over that, but yeah, when the nanny is not around, it's me.

Coleman: Childcare intimidates the hell out of me, man.

Patrick: You know, just yesterday, we had a pretty big fight. But we reconnected. Until she gets better, I don't know which Robin is going to show up.

Jax: I need to know how Carly is really doing.

Olivia: Well, her ankle's swollen. Outside of that, I guess she's pretty much all right.

Jax: Why did she call Jason?

Olivia: I would say you’ll have to take that up with her.

Jax: Something's going on. I know something's going on, Olivia.

Olivia: Well, she could certainly use some good news about Michael, Jax. Did you find anything out?

Jax: Nothing very encouraging. I know you're avoiding the subject, Olivia.

Olivia: You showed all the doctors his test results?

Jax: Yes, they made Dr. Hensen sound very optimistic.

Olivia: Oh, God, I'm so sorry.

Jax: And Jerry seems to have disappeared. That's why I really need your take on Carly. Look, Jerry's missing, and I don't know if I should even tell Carly that he was involved in Michael's shooting.

Olivia: Well, I would say that you need to come home and spend some time with her and then make that decision yourself.

Jax: Are you sure she's okay?

Olivia: Jax, let's face it. I would say the swollen ankle is the least of her problems right now. She's got a child in a coma. She's got a lot of other things going on. I'm not sure finding out that her brother-in-law's responsible for her kid getting shot is really going to help. You know, the truth can be really complicated. Sometimes you got to decide what's more important, getting what you need or protecting the people you love.

Jax: Believe me, I don't want to tell Carly what Jerry's done. If she finds out from someone else, it will be even worse.

Olivia: I think you need to get home as soon as possible and stay by Carly's side, okay. Now more than ever.

Jason: Carly, are you okay?

Carly: Yeah, I fell asleep.

Jason: Okay, you need to go to the doctor.

Carly: No, come sit down. I can't go to the doctor until I know if I'm pregnant. That's why I called you over here. I need you to help me read the test.

Jason: Why?

Carly: Because if I'm pregnant and I have this blood disorder, I have to seriously consider terminating the pregnancy. And I don't think I can do that without you.

Patrick: Robin hates taking medication. She hates going to a therapist. But she's doing it, so I mean, I have to give her credit for that.

Coleman: Sounds to me like you are.

Patrick: Yeah, it's just, you know, it's a little more difficult than we expected, I think. I just want my wife back.

Coleman: So do you want this to work, or are you looking for a way out?

Patrick: We're married. We made a promise. If Robin was herself, she would never walk away from me. I'm not ready to give up on her.

Coleman: Well, give it some time.

Patrick: If Robin is willing to fight for me and Emma, so am I.

Robin: One more note on the post-op in 212. Be sure to watch any changes in her heart rate. She has a heart murmur that's not too serious, but we need to watch it. And let me know when she wakes up.

Elizabeth: I will.

Robin: Thanks. I know I've been really difficult lately, and I'm sorry. I miss being friends.

Elizabeth: We're still friends. And I know you're going to get through this.

Robin: Yes, I know I will, too.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Jerry: Michael, Michael, Michael, you were such a promising young man. Bright, mischievous. But you've suddenly become a lot of trouble.

Jason: Just take it easy.

Carly: I'm really scared, you know? I can't look at it. I don't want to look at it. Jason, you're going to have to read it for me.

Jason: Carly, I don't want to touch it.

Carly: Come on, please? Just look at it, tell me what it says, and I'll take it from there.

Carly: Am I pregnant?

Sonny: What are you doing?

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