GH Transcript Wednesday 4/15/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/15/09


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Olivia: Step one, read the instructions. Step two, go upstairs and take the test.

Carly: It's probably too early to get an accurate reading, you know?

Olivia: "Accurate results five days before your first missed period." You said you were already late, right?

Carly: Well, not that late, okay?

Olivia: Carly, you have to find out if you're pregnant or not.

Jason: What are you doing?

Ric: Where the hell's the DVD?

Johnny: The DVD was gone when I got here.

Ric: Really? I catch you red-handed, gloved hands, that safe wide open. You're going to tell me your sister didn't send you down here to steal that DVD? Why don't you give it to me, Johnny?

Johnny: Like I said, Ric, I don't have it.

Ric: Fine, we'll just call the police.

Johnny: You do that, and then you can tell them how you've been withholding evidence in the shooting of a child. Like I said, I didn't take the DVD and I don't know who did.

Helena: I am delighted that General Hospital is back in business. The Cassadine money has funded a spectacular renovation, if I do say so myself. Enjoy it while you can, and don't forget to thank my beloved grandson for all of his hard work. Nikolas, my darling, I am eagerly anticipating our reunion. It's been far too long.

Edward: Why is that homicidal maniac back here in Port Charles?

Alexis: Maybe Rebecca can tell us?

Rebecca: That was your grandmother?

Nikolas: Yes.

Edward: Why didn't you tell us that that demented fiend was back in Port Charles?

Nikolas: Because I didn't know. I haven't heard from her in over two years.

Monica: How did she get into this hospital? And more to the point, how did she take over the monitors?

Nikolas: I don't know.

Alexis: I think the more relevant question is, what is she planning next? It seems the reunion with you, Nikolas, is at the top of her agenda.

Edward: Well, she must not see Rebecca.

Monica: Edward's right. Helena tried numerous times to kill Emily, and she almost succeeded.

Rebecca: I've got nothing to do with Emily.

Edward: Trust me, my dear, Helena Cassadine may not see it that way.

Elizabeth: What do you think Helena wants with Nikolas?

Lucky: I don't know, but it can't be good. I need to go find my dad and tell him Helena’s back.

Rebecca: I really think you're exaggerating.

Nikolas: No.

Edward: You explain.

Nikolas: My grandmother is psychotic. She takes pleasure in wreaking havoc like this. And although I'm the one she claims to love, what she really wants is my inheritance.

Monica: You know, she could be in this hospital at this moment.

Edward: Yeah, we have to get you out of here, my dear.

Nikolas: They are right. We have to go with him right now.

Rebecca: Look, I'm not going to argue because I can see you're upset, but I really think you're overreacting. How dangerous can this woman be?

Edward: Don't bother to ask, my dear. Helena Cassadine could be here and see that as a challenge.

Monica: Please, let's just take you home. We'll explain everything when we get to the house.

Edward: Let's go. Come on.

Nikolas: I'll call you later, okay?

Alexis: What makes you think Helena hasn't already seen Rebecca?

Luke: Have you see Lulu?

Tracy: As a matter of fact, I have.

Luke: Is she okay? Lucky was in here earlier telling me I should be tending to her wounds.

Tracy: She'll be fine. John Zacchara was never a very good idea for her.

Luke: I wonder why it is that even though my daughter is old enough to make her own choices and live her own life, Ethan and I are the only two who seem to realize that.

Tracy: How does Ethan fit into it?

Luke: He made the mistake of standing up for me against Lucky.

Tracy: Luke, I think he's playing you.

Luke: Possibly. You know what's strange, though? It's like Ethan is the man that I raised Lucky to be.

Tracy: Hmm, wonder how that happened.

Luke: I don't know. I'm a terrible father. Lucky and I were so close when he was a young kid, so close, but I just couldn't stop him from growing up to be a stranger. And now Ethan, who is a stranger, is like, I don't know, the son that I had and somehow lost.

Carly: If I'm pregnant, I can wait a little while before I find out.

Olivia: Carly, you told me that your Ob/Gyn said that you have a potentially dangerous condition. If you're pregnant, you're at risk for stroke or an embolism, right? You can't full around with this. Carly, this is serious stuff.

Carly: I know, okay? I know, but the chances of me being pregnant are slim.

Olivia: Yeah, slim -- slim, not nonexistent. You've got all the signs and symptoms. You're fainting all over the place.

Carly: Look, I had a pregnancy scare last year and it freaked me out for about a week. It turned out to be nothing. I'm not going through that again.

Olivia: Okay, honey, you know what you're doing, right? You're burying your head in the sand and you're hoping that when you pull it out again, this whole this is going to magically disappear, but it doesn't work that way. You've got to face this and you've got to deal with it. This is your health we're talking about and potentially the health of your child, so --

Carly: I have a thousand things on my plate. I'll get around to it. Thanks.

Claire: What's the problem and who are you?

Johnny: John Zacchara.

Claire: As in brother of Claudia Zacchara --

Ric: Claire, Claire, Claire, where did you put the DVD?

Claire: In the safe as you requested. It was logged in according to Walton-Bigelow's standard procedure.

Johnny: Well, it looks like the two of you have a little problem on your hands. Let me know if I can help.

Ric: How can the DVD be gone?

Claire: I don't even know how the safe got open. Only the senior partners have a combination.

Ric: I need for you to get a log on every single person, every visitor, who came into this office today. My life depends on finding that DVD.

Claire: Ric, what in the world is going on?

Claudia: Nothing, I'm just taking some aspirin for this horrible headache that I have. Sonny's not here, by the way. I can tell him you came by.

Jason: I'm actually here to see you.

Claudia: What? Should I be flattered? You haven't exactly been real friendly to me lately.

Jason: Ric claims you were working with Jerry Jacks and Ian Devlin.

Claudia: It's completely ridiculous. I shouldn't be surprised, though. I mean, come on, we're talking about a pathological liar --

Jason: Hold on. He seemed pretty convinced that you were responsible for Michael getting shot.

Claudia: Are you kidding me with this?

Jason: No, he insisted right here that we play that DVD.

Claudia: Yeah, but there was nothing on the DVD, Jason. The DVD was blank. You know what? I can't believe this. I thought that you would be the one person on the planet who would not believe Ric's lie.

Patrick: Okay, I just got of the phone with I.P. They're trying to figure out how your grandmother gained access to the P.A. system.

Nikolas: We need to double up on security, make sure she hasn't tampered with anything else around here.

Patrick: Yeah, now, I know your family has a history of --

Nikolas: Psychosis? Yeah, I know.

Patrick: Well, I was going to say "aberrant behavior." But do you have any idea why she would target the hospital?

Nikolas: I know that she doesn't need a reason. She's doing this because she can.

Alexis: Excuse me. May I have a minute? I think I know what Helena is up to and it's about Rebecca.

Luke: I suppose if I were a typical family man, whatever the hell that is, I would be very happy with a son who led a more productive life than me, who gave more than he took, who had ethics and morality.

Tracy: Sounds like Lucky.

Luke: Yes, it does, doesn't it?

Tracy: So you love your son, but you have nothing in common.

Luke: I'm afraid that's pretty much it.

Tracy: And then along comes Ethan Lovett right out of the clear blue sky.

Luke: I look at Ethan and I see a little bit of me there, and all I can think about are the possibilities.

Tracy: Luke, you're scaring me when you talk like this.

Luke: Why? You're the one who threw him at me.

Tracy: Not really. Don't you get that this kid could be pulling the biggest scam of your life on you and you're looking the other way?

Luke: Oh, Spanky, don't underestimate me.

Ethan: There's no need for the defense. Mrs. Spencer has already decided that I'm rotten to the core.

Tracy: I would be so happy to change my mind if you could prove me wrong.

Ethan: And how might I do that?

Tracy: Let's start with, where are you from and why are you here?

Luke: He's already answered those questions.

Tracy: His answers are vague. The only slip he's made is his connection to Holly Sutton.

Ethan: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Tracy: Holly Sutton is a known con artist. And if she sent you here, it can't be for anything good.

Ethan: You know, I find this fascinating, Mrs. Spencer. The only reason you've turned against me is because I once knew Luke's English rose.

Carly: Yeah, I just didn't feel like going to the reopening ceremony, answering a whole bunch of questions about Michael. Well, the pediatric head injury unit is open, so that's the most important thing, right?

[Olivia clears throat]

Carly: Yeah, Jax, I'm still here. No, I'm good, I'm good. And you know, we're really busy. Everything's great here. There is something I have to tell you. I miss you and I love you so much and I can't wait for you to come home. Okay. See you soon.

Olivia: Okay, I'm not saying that a lie of omission is always a bad thing. Sometimes it's better than the truth, but, Carly, come on. Jax has to know about this.

Carly: He will when he comes home. I'm not going to give him that kind of information on a cell phone when he's halfway around the world, especially when I'm probably not even pregnant.

Claire: You asked me to write up a document stating that in the event of your death, the DVD would go to your brother Sonny.

Ric: It was an insurance policy in more ways than one.

Claire: What do you mean?

Ric: It's complicated, Claire.

Claire: We're protected by attorney/client privilege here. And, Ric, as your friend, I would never breathe a word.

Ric: All right, the DVD proves that Sonny's wife Claudia is responsible for his son Michael’s shooting.

Claire: Wow, that's explosive information.

Ric: Yeah, look, Michael’s in a coma and he's not expected to recover. Sonny would give anything to know the truth.

Claire: It never occurred to you to go to the police?

Ric: I was using the DVD as leverage, okay? Now I need it to save my life. Sonny's half convinced that I'm the one who put his son Michael in a coma.

Claudia: I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you. I'm just mad at myself.

Jason: For what?

Claudia: You know, for getting involved with Ric in the first place because it was stupid and incredibly naive.

Jason: No one would ever call you naive, Claudia.

Claudia: I thought I could use it to my advantage. He was smart and obviously he knew all the players and I wasn't exactly in anybody's good favor. My father hated me. Sonny didn't trust me. My brother didn't want anything to do with the organization. So I went through Ric. I befriended him. I slept with him.

Jason: Ric worked for your father. You knew this guy was a liar and a manipulator.

Claudia: I know, but I thought that I could use that to my advantage, work him. Turns out, he worked me instead.

Jason: Yeah, you keep saying that.

Claudia: Look, you know better than anybody that Ric's entire life is about his obsession with Sonny. You know that. The minute that Sonny and I got together, it really hit the fan. Ric started pressuring me about keeping that affair going. It was like once I married Sonny, it made him want me even more. And then he also was trying to get me to give him all of Sonny's secrets. Business secrets, personal secrets, whatever I could get my hands.

Jason: What was he going to do with it?

Claudia: What do you think he was going to do with it? He was going to give it to the cops and put Sonny away for the rest of is life, preferably with you in cell next to him, at which point Ric was going to take over the organization.

Jason: Did you give him the information?

Claudia: No, I didn't give him the -- of course I didn't give him the information. Ric vowed revenge. That's what this is. He's putting his crime on me. I'm not the reason that Michael got shot and I'm not responsible for it, Ric is.

Jason: Michael was shot by accident. The intended victim was Sonny.

Claudia: Which is why it makes perfect sense that Ric ordered the hit.

Jason: No, no, at the time, you had a lot more reason to want Sonny dead than Ric. Sonny kidnapped Johnny. He beat him up. He tried to push your family out of Port Charles.

Claudia: Right. That's exactly why Ric thinks he can pin it on me, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Jason: It's your word against Ric's.

Claudia: Okay, so go on then. Go on and find proof. That's what you're looking for right? You're looking for proof that you can pin this on me. So you go ahead and when you figure out that Ric is guilty, then you'll know that I'm innocent.

Jason: You're trying really hard to convince me right now.

Claudia: I am. You're damn right I am, because Michael’s lying in a coma because of something that had absolutely nothing to do with him and everything to do with the stupid adults in his life, and Ric's responsible.

Jason: Okay, how do I know you're not telling me exactly what I want to hear?

Ric: Michael was shot about a year ago in the Corinthos/Morgan coffee warehouse. The shooter was aiming for Sonny, but then the bullet ricocheted and hit Michael instead.

Claire: Did they ever catch the shooter?

Ric: Yes, it was a doctor named Ian Devlin. He died in an altercation -- and I use that term loosely -- with Sonny's enforcer Jason. It was suspected that he wasn't acting alone, but it was never proved.

Claire: Until you found him.

Ric: Right, exactly. About a month ago, I found a DVD that Jerry Jacks sent to Sonny's wife Claudia. In it, it reveals a conspiracy about the shooting, that it was all between Ian Devlin, Jerry Jacks, and Claudia.

Claire: Well, why didn't you tell your brother right away?

Ric: It's not important, okay, Claire? Look, I've never been a choir boy, you know that about me, but there was a substantial reward in it for me at the end.

Claire: Hey, Ric, look. I understand. I'm here to help you, not to judge, okay?

Ric: Yeah, well, it's nice, but I think I might be beyond help at this point.

Claire: Okay, let's take this step by step, okay? Now, how did you become a suspect in the shooting?

Ric: Well, Sonny's rabid enforcer Jason hates my guts, you know? He fully expects that I'm the guilty party in this.

Claire: Why didn't you just exonerate yourself by showing Sonny this DVD?

Ric: I tried, but it was blank and now the copy has been stolen out of the safe. Claire, somebody wants me blamed for what happened to Michael.

Carly: So how's it going with the zoning board?

Diane: Well, they're being sticky. I've shown them the architectural renderings and assured them that you and Jax are planning on building a house that will fit into the neighborhood both physically and aesthetically.

Carly: What's the problem?

Diane: The problem is the neighborhood association holds a tremendous amount of sway and is populated by anal retentive boneheads.

Carly: They don't like our plans.

Diane: Hence they are pressuring the zoning board to hold up your construction permits.

Carly: They can't do that.

Diane: They are.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hold on one second. Hello? Hey, Marty, what's up? Yes, the convention is that week. They already have the whole ninth floor rented. No, the tile has to be done by then. You should be calling Olivia with these questions. Okay, thanks. Sorry about that. Where were we?

Diane: The hold up of your construction permit.

Carly: Yeah, make them approve our plans. I don't understand.

Diane: All right, well, Carly, I can certainly do that, but you do realize that I'm a criminal litigator. And sending an attorney of my ilk to deal with building permits is a little like taking a private jet to buy a quart of milk.

Carly: Or sending the sharks to fight the minnows.

Diane: Well, yes, that, too.

Carly: Jax and I really need to get into this house, okay?

Diane: Carly, can I ask what's the reason for the sudden urgency? Carly? Carly, are you all right?

Carly: I'm fine. I just need to sit down for a minute.

Diane: Please tell me that you are not seriously ill.

Patrick: Hey, how are you doing?

Robin: I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Patrick: Well, just with Helena taking over the monitors and making those threats, I just thought maybe you might be a --

Robin: What, shocked and frightened?

Patrick: Robin, you've mentioned some of the terrible things she's done in the past, and I know you haven't seen her in years and now she's back, so --

Robin: So you're afraid, what, the postpartum is going make me so fragile?

Patrick: That's not what I said.

Robin: I'm getting pretty good at reading between the lines.

Patrick: I'm just trying to help here.

Robin: Good. Well, then why don't you start treating me like the strong, capable person you've always known instead of a basket case?

Patrick: You're right, my mistake.

Kelly: Hey, Robin, nothing like a visit from a board member's criminally insane grandmother to liven things up, right?

Robin: Well, at least it distracted Patrick.

Kelly: This doesn't sound good.

Robin: I know. Kelly, I have a question about recovering from postpartum depression.

Kelly: Ask away.

Robin: Well, Dr. Brown prescribed me some antidepressants, but I don't like taking them. And you're my ob/Gyn, so I was hoping maybe you could prescribe me some alternate medication.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Patrick: Hey.

Elizabeth: I saw you talking to Robin. Is everything okay?

Patrick: Not even close. Everything is always my fault, no matter what I do, no matter what I say. It's like she's looking for excuses to jump down my throat.

Elizabeth: You know that's just the postpartum depression talking.

Patrick: Elizabeth, she's defensive about everything and I know why. She feels guilty about cheating on me with that guy in Rochester.

Luke: I'm disappointed in you, wife. If you are jealous because of my creative liaisons with English, that's fine, but don't take it out on the joey.

Tracy: Don't even dream of letting him off the hook.

Ethan: Off what hook?

Tracy: How well do you know Holly Sutton?

Ethan: We shared a brief acquaintance while I was at a resort in Australia. She was working a mark and I was working the bar.

Tracy: And when the name "Luke Spencer" came up, what then?

Ethan: Holly reminisced about some old stories, which I'll euphemistically refer to as "colorful," since we're in mixed company.

Tracy: And she did tell you that he lived in Port Charles.

Luke: Where are you going with this, wife?

Tracy: Aren't you curious as to what Holly shared with him about you?

Ethan: She shared an old poker trick that Luke taught her. That's about it.

Tracy: And you didn't cook up a con together?

Luke: You are fishing without bait.

Tracy: Am I? Or are Holly and Ethan fishing and you're taking the bait?

Lucky: Dad! Helena's back.

Nikolas: I need to hurry and get back to Wyndemere.

Alexis: Do you think Helena’s waiting there?

Nikolas: She says she'll be contacting me. That'd be the natural place to do it.

Alexis: Well, if you need company, I'm available.

Nikolas: No, that's all right. She's tried to kill you before. I don't want to put you in danger.

Alexis: I'm worried about you putting yourself in danger.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, if I just vanish without a trace or manifest a completely different personality, do me a favor and look into it?

Alexis: That's not the trouble that I'm talking about. Helena has already made her move and it's Rebecca.

Nikolas: You don't know that.

Alexis: Nikolas, how else do you explain a woman who looks exactly like Emily who just happens to end up in your proximity?

Nikolas: You're saying Helena planted Rebecca here in Port Charles?

Alexis: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. I don't know how she did it, what she did -- plastic surgery, voodoo. Somehow she put that girl right in your path, told her to act wary anytime anyone mentioned Emily’s name, and for her to resist you if you tried to get close to her.

Nikolas: You think this is a manipulation, or what?

Alexis: Nikolas, anything this weird and unbelievable has Helena’s name written all over it.

Nikolas: What about the cancer scare Rebecca had?

Alexis: What about it? It's perfect, perfect. Ties you emotionally in with the same thing you shared with Emily.

Nikolas: It's far-fetched, even for Helena.

Alexis: Nothing is too far-fetched for Helena. Nikolas, listen to me. This whole Rebecca thing has not made any sense from the beginning. It's beyond coincidence. And she seems to have an explanation for all of it, none of which gel. You enter Helena -- it all makes sense.

Nikolas: I don't believe it.

Alexis: Helena's counting on that, Nikolas. She's counting on you to be so vulnerable that you believe Rebecca's story, but the truth is going to come out. Rebecca is working for Helena. And trust me, you will know that the minute she stops acting standoffish and starts to get close to you.

Luke: Helena returns. How did she mark her territory this time?

Lucky: She took over the hospital monitors during the hospital reopening, and she -- and she warned it would be Nikolas’s last act of charity.

Luke: Well, she enters with a threat. You've got to admire her style.

Tracy: How can you make jokes about this?

Luke: What am I supposed to do, run around in a blind panic?

Tracy: No, Luke, you're supposed to find out what she wants and how to get rid of her.

Ethan: Who's Helena?

Luke: You'll find out soon enough.

Lucky: Listen, I was told that the Quartermaines, they took Rebecca back to your house. After all the times Helena threatened Emily, they'd try to protect her.

Tracy: Why am I not surprised? They're probably giving her the keys to the kingdom even as we speak.

Luke: Hide your piggy bank, popsicle.

Ethan: Why would Rebecca be in danger from Helena?

Luke: It's Helena, and you'll find out soon enough. As soon as the old lady shows up here, she's going to regale you with the whole story.

Ethan: Oh, she's coming here?

Luke: She always does. She's crazy about me.

[Ethan laughs]

Luke: Emphasis on crazy. We have this sick, psychosexual relationship that feeds on titillation, torture, scorpions, and piano wire.

Lucky: Helena kidnapped me. She made everybody believe that I was dead.

Luke: Yeah, she's a very creative lunatic. You have to admire her imagination.

Lucky: Why do I even bother?

Ethan: That guy never gives you a break.

Luke: We're going through a rough patch, Lucky and I.

Ethan: Why do you put up with this?

Luke: I don't know, maybe because he doesn't share our high opinion of me.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: All right, let's break out the top hooch. Helena Cassadine is a woman of refined taste.

Kelly: Robin, you're seeing Dr. Brown for postpartum depression. If she prescribes antidepressants, it's her professional opinion that you need them.

Robin: Well, it's my professional opinion that I don't.

Kelly: You're not in a position to diagnose yourself.

Robin: Kelly, I know there are other options. There's natural remedies, diet --

Kelly: You're right, there are, but you have a treatment plan and you need to give it time to work.

[Pager beeps]

Kelly: I've got to go.

Matt: Hey, do you have time for a consult?

Robin: Well, that depends. Do you actually need my input, or is this a charity request, just some way to keep your crazy sister-in-law busy?

Matt: Ouch. Where did that come from?

Robin: I can see it written all over your face. You think I'm losing my mind.

Matt: No, Robin, but maybe you think you are.

Diane: Should I call someone?

Carly: No, no, I'm going to be okay. It's happened a few times this week.

Diane: The dizziness?

Carly: Yeah, the room starts spinning and I feel like I'm going to faint, but then I sit down for a little while and it just passes, so I'll be okay.

Diane: Well, I'm going to sit here with you and make sure you're on the mend. Of course, my time is billable, but I'm certain that Jason would be happy to pay to have me here with you.

Carly: That's okay. I'm going to go upstairs and just rest in my office for a little while.

Diane: Max, what a nice surprise.

Max: Uh, but you told me to --

Diane: No, no.

Max: Mrs. C. -- Uh, J., you look pale. Are you okay?

Carly: No, I just don't feel very well. I'll be okay. See you guys.

Max: What happened to Mrs. J.?

Diane: We were just standing, talking business. Next thing I know, she turns pale as a ghost, almost faints right on the floor.

Max: Hmm. That happened a couple of times when she was pregnant with Morgan.

Diane: My sentiments exactly.

Claudia: I've seen the way that Ric talks to you. Come on, I know how he treats you and talks down to you.

Jason: I don't care how Ric treats me. I don't care. I want to know what the truth is. That's what I want to know.

Claudia: You know the truth. There never was a DVD from Jerry Jacks. This was -- this was a plan that Ric had to plant a seed of doubt in Sonny's mind against me. That was your original instinct, and you were right. You were right, Jason.

Jason: I owe it to Michael to find out who was responsible for his shooting.

Claudia: You said so yourself, Ric was desperate to pin the crime on somebody. I'm the obvious choice. And Ric is smart enough to do a good job of framing me.

Jason: Oh, I can believe it's Ric. I can. But if I'm wrong and it was you who got Michael shot -- I'm going to find out. And I'm going to make you pay, Claudia.

Luke: Natasha. What an unexpected pleasure.

Alexis: Who were you expecting?

Luke: Helena. I understand the dragon has swooped in on the villagers.

Alexis: I figured she'd be stopping by here. She's always had this perverse attraction to you.

Luke: And I to her. May I offer you fortification?

Alexis: Is the sun still up?

Luke: It's down somewhere.

Alexis: A lot. I need a sounding board.

Luke: Sound away.

Alexis: I'm concerned about Rebecca. Her existence here seems beyond a coincidence, right?

Luke: Well, I'm with you there.

Alexis: Now that Helena’s back, I'm putting the pieces together, and it appears that Rebecca is a plant.

Luke: Maybe she's even a clone, who knows -- of Emily, you know? Whatever it is, the old lady's been away for a long time. If she's back, it means something big.

Rebecca: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey.

Nikolas: Why aren't you at the Quartermaines'?

Rebecca: No, I'm glad I caught you. Edward and Monica, they couldn't have been nicer, you know. They gave me lunch, they showed me Lila’s rose garden, they offered to put me up in the guest room.

Nikolas: Sounds stifling, a bit.

Rebecca: To put it mildly, yeah.

Nikolas: How did you escape that?

Rebecca: Well, they told me stories about your grandmother that were awful and unbelievable.

Nikolas: But they're true.

Rebecca: Edward and Monica said that she put you through hell. And, you know, I got really worried. So, you know, I don't want you facing her alone, and I just came by to offer you my support.

Nikolas: Well, my grandmother is my problem, not yours.

Rebecca: Nikolas, you stood by me during my cancer scare. It's my turn to stand by you.

Max: You think we might be jumping to conclusions here?

Diane: Well, it's possible. I mean, dizziness can be caused by any number of things, from low blood sugar to exhaustion.

Max: No, no, no, not with Mrs. C. She's always healthy as a horse. I think it's got to be the pregnancy thing.

Diane: Oh, poor Jax.

Max: Well, the boss isn't going to be too happy about this, either.

Diane: You know, we could be wrong about the paternity. There's every chance it could be Jax’s child.

Max: Well, there's no way we're ever going to know.

Diane: You mean until the paternity test.

Max: Hmm.

Diane: Unless -- okay, if the child is Sonny's, then Carly is going to be desperate for Jason's advice.

Max: She's going to call Jason and ask him to come over right away.

Diane: That's right. And if he doesn't show up --

Max: Maybe Jax is an expectant father after all.

Jason: Max, Diane. Have you guys seen Carly?

Diane: Why? I mean, hi.

[Diane chuckles]

Diane: Hello. Did she call you, or are you just here of your own accord?

Jason: Yeah, she called me.

Max: Uh, well, Mrs. J. is in her office, she is --

Diane: She's resting.

Max: She's tired, nothing more.

Diane: Nothing more. There's just been some bouts of dizziness, just very, very small, and they're probably just caused by low blood sugar, or maybe some wine. Well, no, not wine, because wine is alcoholic, and --

Max: We should probably be going.

Diane: Yes, uh -- please give Carly our best when you see her.

Claudia: Did you get Ric's copy of the DVD?

Johnny: No.

Claudia: What do you mean, no, John? Ric is going to give that DVD to Sonny and I'm a dead woman.

Johnny: Claudia, calm down.

Claudia: No, how am I supposed to calm -- you want me to calm down? If Sonny gets hold of that DVD, he's going to kill me.

Johnny: No, Ric doesn't have the DVD. He got to his lawyer's office after I did. The DVD was already gone.

Claudia: Who took it?

Johnny: I have no idea. 

Jerry: You really should get a better lock for that door.

Ric: Jerry. What are you doing here?

Jerry: Take a guess. Think hard.

Ric: Look, if it's about the DVD's that you've been sending to Claudia –

Jerry: Correct, on the very first try. You see, I gather you've been using my DVD's to make mischief. Unfortunately for you, I don't approve of such creative license. I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop you.

Claudia: That doesn't make any sense. Who could have taken the DVD?

Johnny: It doesn't matter, Claudia. The DVD is gone. You're safe.

Claudia: Well, what if Sonny has it?

Johnny: You don't think he'd have confronted you by now?

Claudia: I don't like this at all, Johnny. Someone took that DVD for a reason, and it has Jerry Jacks blabbing all over it about how I'm responsible for getting Michael shot. And now it's floating around out there, and we don't know why. We don't know where.

Johnny: What we do know is that Ric is going to go tap dancing to Sonny about this DVD and how it actually exists. Sonny is going to assume that Ric is lying, so you're going to be off the hook. You don't have to get pregnant to stop Sonny from killing you.

Claudia: You don't understand, Johnny. I want to get pregnant.

Carly: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Jason: No, no. You said it was an emergency. Is this about Michael?

Carly: No, but it could affect him. It could affect him.

Jason: Okay, just -- Carly, just tell me what's going on.

Carly: Oh, God, Jason, if this turns out to be true, I'm going to need your support. I'm going to really need your support, okay?

Jason: Okay, okay, just tell me what's wrong.

Carly: I could be pregnant.

Patrick: I want to support Robin -- I'm trying.

Elizabeth: Then be patient. You know, postpartum doesn't go away overnight.

Patrick: I understand that. But honestly, I'm starting to wonder if postpartum depression is the problem, or are we just plain falling apart?

Robin: Our marriage may be in trouble, but that is between us. I could really use your support right now.

Patrick: I have done everything I could to support you.

[Robin scoffs]

Robin: Everything except respect my privacy.

Patrick: You're not the only one dealing with this. I'm just not afraid to ask for help.

Robin: Of course you're not, because you're not the one with the problem. I'm the bad mother. You're just the long-suffering father.

Patrick: Robin, don't do that. Don't put words in my mouth.

Robin: Every time I turn around, you're talking to somebody else about it. First it was Matt, then Epiphany, Elizabeth, Carly --

Patrick: Because I'm worried about you.

Robin: And soaking up the sympathy at my expense.

Patrick: Robin, what do you want me to do?

Matt: Okay, Patrick, I think --

Patrick: You won't even pick up our child. You take off with no explanation for a day and a half.

Robin: Well, maybe Emma wasn't the reason I needed to get away.

Patrick: Right, so I'm the reason why you drove away? Living with me is so miserable that you don't even think about packing a bag, you just drive off.

Robin: You're supposed to help me.

Patrick: I don't know what to do, Robin!

Robin: So instead, you just betray my trust?

Patrick: Well, at least I'm being honest.

Robin: Really, you are? So who else have you told about my postpartum depression, the dry cleaner, the guy at the coffee shop?

Patrick: Robin, where do you get off accusing me? You're the one that drove to Rochester and slept with some stranger.

Rebecca: Well, your grandmother is not here, so what are we going to do? Sit, wait?

Nikolas: No, I'm going to take you upstairs and put you in one of the guest rooms. You'll be safe there.

Rebecca: Nikolas, I'm staying with you. I came here to help. I'm not going to cower in some musty old room.

Nikolas: Look, Helena may already know that you're here, but if she doesn't --

Rebecca: You're way overreacting. Your grandmother is obviously not here.

Nikolas: She knows every tunnel, every secret passage in this house. She comes and goes as she pleases.

Helena: How right you are. Oh, Nikolas -- Nikolas, my darling. I have missed you so much.

Helena: Well, and who is this intriguing creature?

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