GH Transcript Tuesday 4/14/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/14/09


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Patrick: I have a patient with cardiac issues. I'd like you to assist with the surgery, if possible.

Monica: I would be happy to. I can't wait to start working in the new ORs. Got to say Alan would really love all this. I guess change is a part of life, isn't it?

Patrick: Whether we like it or not.

Epiphany: General Hospital opened up for business bright and early this morning and you show up for work at Mercy. You didn't read my memos. If it happens again, I guarantee you that I will cut you from the General Hospital intern program. And if you think I don't have the power to do it, just try me. Now go to work.

Monica: Good afternoon, Epiphany.

Epiphany: What's so good about it? It's going to take me years to get this place up to speed.

Patrick: Then again, some things never change.

 [Telephone rings]

Nikolas: Rebecca? I thought that was you.

Rebecca: Hey. How did I miss you? I've been watching for the launch.

Nikolas: No, I came in a little early today and Mike said you went for a walk. I figured you might be here.

Rebecca: I guess you caught me waiting for you.

Nikolas: You know, there was a time not long ago when you'd run away from me when you first saw me.

Rebecca: I don't need to run anymore.

Nikolas: What? You still think I'm imagining Emily?

Carly: I just don't want to go to the reopening ceremony of the hospital.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, are you sure? Nikolas wants to publicly thank you for all the money you raised for the pediatric head injury unit. And I am so proud of you.

Carly: Thank you. I think the ceremony will make me sad. You know, if they talk about Michael and we're so busy here with Jax gone. Oh --

Bobbie: Ooh, honey, you all right?

Claudia: All you have to do is find the backup DVD and get rid of it. I'm pretty sure that he stashed it at his lawyer's office.

Johnny: Walton-Bigelow?

Claudia: Ric was pissed. He showed up here last night, he played that DVD for Sonny, and there was nothing on it. He called his lawyer before he left the house. I overheard, like, a little bit of the conversation.

Johnny: You sure he was talking to his lawyer?

Claudia: Yeah, because I know her name is Claire Lindquist and I've seen them together. I know how he talks to her. He said something about "in the event of my death." You have to hurry, John.

Johnny: Okay, so, you want me to break into a lawyer's office in the middle of the day?

Claudia: Break in, bribe your way in. I don't care how you get in, John. You just -- you need to get that DVD, because once you do, Sonny will believe that Ric is setting him up. This whole thing will go away.

Sonny: Why would you involve your brother? I don't understand. Unless he's been part of this all along.

Johnny: Yeah, Claudia called me over here today, but she won't tell me what's going on.

Claudia: You know what? You're right, Sonny. I should leave my brother out of this.

Johnny: This marriage is a bad idea. It has been from the start. Every time I come over here, Claudia is upset.

Claudia: John, it's not Sonny's fault.

Johnny: But it's my responsibility to look after my sister. I'm sure you understand that.

Sonny: You told him what going on?

Claudia: No, I didn't tell him. I started to, but then I -- I couldn't because I'm so completely and totally embarrassed and ashamed that you would take the word of your psycho, crazy brother over mine.

Sonny: Ric makes a good case. Why wouldn't I?

Claudia: That's another point that I -- that's why I don't want Johnny to know what's going on because he's calm right now, Sonny. But if he had any idea that you suspect I had something to do with hurting your son -- I don't even want to think what Johnny would do.

Carly: I'm sure it's just nothing. I've just been working so much and Morgan had the stomach flu, so I'm probably getting it.

Bobbie: Well, then you shouldn't be working.

Carly: Yeah. Well, I'll go lay down later. I can't go to that reopening ceremony. Can you please cover for me?

Bobbie: I'll gladly cover for you.

Carly: Thanks.

Bobbie: Does Jax know you're sick?

Carly: No, I'll tell him when he gets home. But you better get going before they cut the ribbon.

Bobbie: Okay, I'll go.

Carly: Thank you.

Bobbie: Promise me, take it easy this afternoon.

Carly: I will, I promise. Thanks.

Olivia: Carly Jacks, you should be ashamed of yourself for lying to your mother's face like that. That's ten Hail Maryís where I come from.

Carly: I'm not lying. You know, I could have the flu.

Claudia: Yeah, and I could be Mother Theresa, but that's not what's happening here. Did you go to the doctor?

Carly: Yeah, I talked to Dr. Lee.

Olivia: And?

Carly: Short story -- if I'm pregnant and I carry the baby to term, it could kill me.

Luke: What's that?

Ethan: Tasmanian mud. Drink it. You'll feel better.

Luke: That's not likely.

Ethan: That's the cure for the common hangover.

Luke: What's in it?

Ethan: Coffee, hair of a dingo. No, just kidding. There's lots of sugar to tide you over until you're ready to eat and a little fizz, just for fun. It's all-you-can-eat aspirin, too.

Luke: It's vile. So, how'd we do last night?

Ethan: Surprisingly well.

Luke: Really?

Ethan: Mm-hm.

Luke: That's what I like to hear. You know what I appreciate about you? No snide, smartass remarks. No questions about where I was or who I was doing. You just keep the people drinking, encourage them to play the wheel, and you don't moose into my profits. Did you?

Ethan: Just the cream on top. You'll never miss it.

Luke: Well, I expect nothing less.

Lucky: You know what? I need to talk to my dad about family stuff, so why don't you get lost?

Luke: He stays.

Lucky: It's about Lulu.

Luke: Is she in the hospital?

Lucky: No. Lulu and Johnny broke up. She called me to tell me that I got what I wanted.

Luke: You interrupted a perfectly good hangover to tell me that Lulu's love life has gone south?

Lucky: I thought maybe we could go by the hospital reopening. You know, grab an early dinner. Touch base as a family.

Luke: Innkeeper, another shovel full of your Tasmanian mud.

Lucky: Great. Yeah, I'll take that as a "no." What about Lulu?

Luke: Look, cowboy, Lulu is a lot more resilient than you give her credit for being.

Lucky: Lulu needs her family today. You know what? For some insane reason, I thought you just might care. You might want to just try to step up a little as a father.

Ethan: Hey, back off, all right? Some of us would be honored to have Luke as a father.

Rebecca: It's weird for me, that moment right before a kiss. But I promise it has nothing to do with Emily.

Nikolas: It doesn't for me, either.

Rebecca: Good.

Nikolas: I'm not the kind of person that just rushes into things. Not that you'd notice, after the way we started.

Rebecca: I don't see what's so terrible about keeping your guard up. That's kind of why I got you these.

Nikolas: What?

Rebecca: I've never been much for gift wrapping. So, the next time you go to the Haunted Star, if you plan on gambling, which I don't recommend, you can wear them.

Nikolas: Can you see me strolling into a board meeting with these things on?

Rebecca: You might be able to make a better deal.

Nikolas: I don't really make deals. I advise people on projects. Let other people do the dirty work. I just say yes or no.

Rebecca: Must be nice.

Nikolas: It is, but it doesn't always do me well in other areas of my life.

Rebecca: Well, at least you're not an insane stalker who's obsessed with me.

Nikolas: Although obsession does run in my family.

Rebecca: Hundreds and hundreds of years ago though, right?

Nikolas: No, no. Remember I told you both my uncle and my father were obsessed with my mother, so obviously the tendency is there. I just know how to hide it, I guess.

Rebecca: I don't know if I want to hear this.

Nikolas: Consider it a full disclosure. The Cassadines are generally considered insane and demented.

Rebecca: Are you serious?

Nikolas: Oh, yeah. When it comes to my family, I'm dead serious.

Patrick: Here's the chart for the guy from the accident.

Alexis: I thought all the new records were on digital.

Patrick: The printers are broken, so we're going back to the old system until we can fix it.

Alexis: All right, so is this guy going to be ready to testify by next week?

Patrick: Absolutely.

Alexis: Okay, that's it, Dr. Fabulous. Epiphany, all ready for the opening ceremony?

Epiphany: This hospital's supposed to be in the business of taking care of patients, not meeting and greeting. Monica Quartermaine should put her face up on the monitors in this hospital, say "welcome back," and leave it at that.

Alexis: You're not going to celebrate at all?

Epiphany: Do I need to remind you what happened the last time someone had a party in this hospital?

Alexis: Okay. I got your point. I'm still coming back for the ribbon cutting.

Epiphany: I don't have the records. I don't have anyone's records. This digital conversion is turning into a disaster.

Doctor: I thought we just didn't have enough printers.

Epiphany: Like I said, a disaster. So if you want your records, you're going to have to go up to the printers on seven, and get them yourself.

Elizabeth: Hey there.

Patrick: Hey.

Elizabeth: Have you seen the new day care? They've got this climbing wall and a playground with a little basketball court. I just dropped the boys off and I know I'm going to have to bribe them to come home.

Patrick: That's great. Maybe I can get Emma there a couple of days a week.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well they do have infant care. But if you have the option of keeping her at home away from all these --

Robin: Don't look so surprised. I'm still on staff and get to practice medicine. Unless, of course, you'd like me to stay home with Emma and be a good little mom.

Olivia: Here you go.

Carly: Thank you. Look, after my last miscarriage, the doctor told me that I would need fertility treatments to get pregnant again, so there's no way I could be carrying a baby right now.

Olivia: You need to have a real appointment with a doctor, not just a conversation.

Carly: Okay, Dr. Lee also was very careful to not make any diagnosis.

Olivia: What did she say, exactly?

Carly: Given my symptoms and knowing my history, that I may have this condition that makes my blood clot too quickly and it will cause my blood pressure to spike.

Olivia: Okay, and this could be triggered by pregnancy?

Carly: Yes. As I understand it, if I'm pregnant, Dr. Lee said that I have to seriously consider having an abortion because, if I carry the baby to term, I could die.

Olivia: Oh, Carly. That's awful.

Carly: No, you know what?  I don't really want to talk about it anymore because I can't be pregnant. I've just been lightheaded, that's it.

Olivia: Yeah, you've passed out three times, and that's just the ones that I know about.

Carly: Yeah, and I've been under a lot of stress lately. You know that.

Olivia: Carly, you need to figure out if you're pregnant or not. This is serious.

Carly: I don't know if I want to know. Come on, Olivia. Jax and I finally got back together. There is a small chance that Michael could wake up. Morgan is doing so great. My life is right where I want it to be. I don't want to ruin that by having to make an impossible decision.

Claudia: I honestly don't know how you could think that I could live in this house with you Sonny, and eat with you and sleep with you and have something to do with hurting your son.

Sonny: I don't know. You're a complicated woman. We're starting to get to know each other. Ric makes a good case. Where's my phone?

Claudia: You know what? You said yourself, Ric is the enemy.  Come on, Sonny, that's what you said. You only let him into this organization so you could keep your eye on him.

Sonny: That's true.

Claudia: So, you don't believe him in other areas of your life. Why -- why do you believe him now?

Sonny: I usually don't.

Claudia: You don't think I'm innocent either. You know what? My father -- my father always expected the worst from me. I thought you were different.

Sonny: Listen to me, okay? If you're innocent, I will be the first to apologize.

Tracy: So, tell me everything you found out about Ethan.

Lulu: I'm doing better. Thank you for asking.

Tracy: Well, judging from this mess, you're still broken up with Johnny. Good.

Lulu: I just can't believe he would lie to me.

Tracy: Lulu, he is not worth your tears. You just want to love him because he's dark and dangerous, and you're a Spencer and you think that's what you're supposed to do. But I can't see spending the rest of your life with somebody who isn't right for you. As for tossing his things? Bravo. There's no better way to ease the pain than by getting even.

Lulu: Thank you.

Tracy: And, also, by focusing on something else like what is Ethan really up to and what does he want from your father?

Ethan: You know, what a burden it must be to get stuck with Luke Spencer as a father. What a terrible disappointment to be saddled with a savvy, original thinker who lives life on his own terms.

Lucky: You know what? You stay the hell out of this.

Ethan: Luke took you all around the world, didn't he? You know, and he's proud of you for traveling cross-country, alone at the age of 11.

Lucky: You told him about that?

Luke: We were in lockup. We talked about a lot of things.

Ethan: You know, maybe you'd be happier with one of those middle-management types. You know, the kind who stumble in here, slipping off their weeding rings, looking for an escape. You know, they've never had an original thought their entire lives. Maybe, maybe you'd prefer a mean drunk. The kind who stumbles home every bloody night to beat the hell out of his wife and kids.

Lucky: You sold him the myth. I'll give you that. The mighty Luke Spencer. The guy who can do every damn thing in the world except deal with his own family. What are you standing around for? Pour the guy a drink. It's all he really cares about anyway.

Luke: I appreciate you having my back like that, dodger. But, you see, I'm like an old piano. I don't much like being played. Especially that song about dear old dad. That cuts a little close to the bone.

Ethan: Well, I actually meant every word.     

Lulu: I checked the address that you gave me He is living at a motel on the highway, which doesn't make any sense because my dad would let him live at the Haunted Star.

Tracy: That's true.

Lulu: It's a lot easier to steal money from my dad if you're living on the boat.

Tracy: Well, if money is what Ethan is after.

Lulu: What else would he be after?

Tracy: I don't know, Lulu. That's what we're trying to figure out.

Lulu: Well, when I went to go see him, he was acting really weird. He was really angry. He, like, dragged me into the room.

Tracy: Did he hurt you?

Lulu: No, it's just -- I don't think he wanted to be seen.

Tracy: Actually, when I got too close to him, he growled at me, too.

Lulu: Look, I just -- he's a con artist. I think he has made a lot of people mad, so now he's hiding out in Port Charles.

Tracy: So, if he's hiding, why did he take such a visible job at the Haunted Star and why did he track your dad down in the first place?

Lulu: What makes you think that he tracked my dad down?

Tracy: I just think that your dad is an easy mark in this situation.

Lulu: Well, if you think that, then you obviously don't know my dad at all.

Tracy: What's that supposed to mean?

Lulu: Tracy, it means that this is all about the game to them, okay? So he snuck on to the Haunted Star to get away from his last mark and he hit it off with my dad and now this is all about the challenge. But once he beats my dad at his own game, he's going to leave.

Tracy: Why do you say that?

Lulu: Because that's exactly what my dad would do.

Ethan: I don't expect you to believe what I'm about to say, but I really appreciate how you've taken me in and given me a job with some responsibility. I've learned a lot from that.

Luke: Take the rest of the day off, dodger.

Ethan: Really?

Luke: Yeah, bounce out of here, joey, before I change my mind.

Ethan: Well, thank you.

Luke: And, um, listen -- cut Lucky a little slack, will you? He knows a side of me you don't.

Ethan: Still, it's a waste of time to be angry about the past when you can just enjoy every day.

Luke: Are you saying there's nothing in the past that makes you angry?

Ethan: I never said that.

Sonny: Are you okay?

Carly: Hey. Yeah.

Sonny: Looks like you need to collapse or something.

Carly: No, I just think I might have caught the flu.

Sonny: Why don't you come sit down over here?

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: You call a doctor?

Carly: Yeah, I talked to Dr. Lee. Everything is fine, nothing to worry about. So, I also talked to Dr. Hensen, and we picked the date to bring Michael back to General Hospital, if that's what you want to talk about, if that's why you're here.

Sonny: Actually, I need your opinion on something.

Carly: Wow. I must be sick. I think I'm hallucinating. Did you just -- sorry. Just joking. What's up? What do you want?

Sonny: Ric and Claudia are telling me two completely different stories about something that happened.

Carly: Well, they're probably both lying.

Sonny: It's not possible, because they're contradicting stories. So one has to be true. If you had to believe one of them, who would it be, Ric or Claudia?

[Claudia screams]

Claudia: Let go of my hand.

Ric: You know what happens now, don't you?

Robin: So, I pulled all the charts from the printers on seven and I left a message for I.P. to move some here. I'm sure the plans called for printers on every level. So, it shouldn't be too difficult to get this straightened out.

Epiphany: Thank you so much, Dr. Scorpio. It is so good to have you back.

Robin: It's good to be back. It seems like everyone's glad to see me except my own husband.

Patrick: Robin, you're dealing with a significant medical issue. I don't think you're ready to come back to work yet.

Robin: That's Patrick's way of saying he thinks I should spend every waking moment with Emma.

Epiphany: Okay, leave me out of this.

Robin: Maybe I should just start wearing a scarlet letter. "P" for post-partum depression or "C" for crazy.

Kelly: That doesn't sound too good.

Robin: I took your advice and tried to spend some family time with Patrick and Emma. There is no point. Patrick only sees me one way these days, Robin the mental case.

Patrick: Elizabeth, Cam and I had so much fun playing cars in the park yesterday, I figured I'd bring this over to him.

Elizabeth: Wow, well, he is going to love this. Are you sure you're ready to give this up?

Patrick: Yes. Tell him from one driver to another.

Elizabeth: Well, I'd better get it to my locker before you change your mind.

Kelly: You and Patrick have been friends with Elizabeth for how long, more than two years at least? So, if you're jealous because he ended up at the park with her and her kids --

Robin: Okay, I'm wrong. These days I'm always wrong.

Matt: What's up, brother?

Patrick: Hey.

Matt: How are you doing? Want to do a coin toss, see who gets to operate in the O.R. first?

Patrick: No, go ahead.

Matt: Where is your spirit of challenge?

Patrick: I'm getting enough challenge at home and not much of anything else.

Nikolas: That's about it for the tour.

Rebecca: Well, it's amazing. I'm trying to picture myself actually working in such a high-tech hospital.

Nikolas: The design team had some vision, didn't they?

Rebecca: Well, because they had great leadership.

Alexis: Nikolas really knows ho to pull together a project like this. He's obviously been inspired.

Rebecca: Well, I'm going to clock in and see you at the ceremony.

Nikolas: Okay. What? Think I'm getting too close, do you?

Alexis: No comment, but I will say that you are responsible for a truly astonishing renovation, and I'm really, really proud of you.

Nikolas: Well, thank you.

Alexis: You better be careful. You're going to give the Cassadines a good name. Love you.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Claudia: Get your damn hands off me or we're both going in the harbor.

Ric: Well, I've got to admit. I'm impressed. So, how did you manage to erase the DVD that I showed to Sonny?

Claudia: I didn't.

Ric: Yeah, well, it doesn't matter. I still got a backup. It's going to prove that you were responsible for Michaelís shooting. When I show it to Sonny, I'll be vindicated. Jason will look like the idiot that he is, and you'll be dead.

Claudia: Sonny won't respect you, Ric. He's never going to consider you his brother.

Ric: I'm over it, and I'm over you, too. As a matter of fact, I'm going to enjoy exposing you to Sonny for the psychotic bitch that you are.

Claudia: Don't threaten me, Ric. It's not smart, and you really, really shouldn't insult me either. I'm not nearly as helpless as you think.

Carly: Why are you asking me about Ric and Claudia? What's this really about?

Sonny: Just answer the question.

Carly: I wouldn't trust either one of them.

Sonny: I know, okay, but if you had no choice?

Carly: What is going on here?

Sonny: Okay, I trust your instincts. I need to know what you think about this, but I can't tell you what's going on.

Carly: Okay, fair enough. Claudia is horrible. I don't care how well she fits into your life or what a great mob wife you tell me she is. I know, in a perfect world, you wouldn't look at her twice.

Sonny: So, you believe Ric?

Carly: No, not for a second. He's evil, and I am living proof that he will do whatever it takes to take anything away from you and to hurt you.

Sonny: Which one would you believe?

Carly: You're not listening to me.

Sonny: I am listening.

Carly: Claudia, I think, is a horrible person, but she's not out to destroy you and Ric will do whatever it takes to destroy you.

Sonny: So, you believe Claudia?

Carly: Over Ric? Yes, any day. But I would be more than happy to give you my entire opinion of the story if you would just tell me everything.

Sonny: Nice try.

Carly: Thanks.

Sonny: Are you sure you're feeling all right? Because -- can I be honest with you? You haven't looked this pale since you were pregnant with Morgan.

[Knock at door]

Lulu: Take this and don't come back.

Ethan: You don't mean that.

Lulu: I thought you were Johnny.

Ethan: Well, I'm not.

Lulu: What do you want?

Ethan: May I come in?

Lulu: No, not if you're going to be weird like you were last night.

Ethan: Right. I wanted to apologize for that, actually.

Lulu: Okay, apology accepted. You can leave now.

Ethan: Yeah, I guess I probably should. Johnny would be pretty upset if he knew I was here.

Lulu: What do you want?

Ethan: Your brother came by the Haunted Star today. He's worried about you. So am I. You were pretty upset.

Lulu: Did my dad send you?

Ethan: No and I didn't tell anyone about your meltdown last night.

Lulu: I didn't melt down.

Ethan: I won't use it against you.

Lulu: I'm cleaning house, okay? I am getting rid of everything and everyone that I don't need. I am not going to waste time with people who don't appreciate me, who want to use me or people who annoy me.

Ethan: I hope that doesn't include me.

Lulu: Unfortunately, it does. I am focusing on me right now. I have no regrets. I am not looking back. As my dad would say, "move forward or get out of the way."

Ethan: Yes, my sentiments exactly.

Lulu: Of course it is, because you're exactly like my dad.

Tracy: And what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to meet me at the hospital for the reopening.

Edward: Well, I was hoping to find Luke, but I think he must be in hiding.  Maybe he's left the country.

Tracy: Leave Luke alone.

Edward: He didn't come home last night, did he? You know why? Did you tell him the truth about Ethan?

Tracy: I don't know the truth about Ethan.

Edward: But you have more than enough evidence to know that Luke --

Tracy: I saw a photograph, Daddy. That's all. Thank you for the advice. I will tell Luke in my own time and in private.

Edward: But I want you to tell him now so that I can see his reaction.

Tracy: Oh, I get it. You need a project, so you've decided to make Luke miserable.

Edward: Listen, that reprobate has been drinking my liquor and putting his feet up on my furniture and freeloading off the Quartermaines for years now, and it's about time he feels miserable.

Tracy: Okay, Daddy. So, let's say I tell Luke my suspicions and he vanishes again. Do you remember how miserable that was?

Edward: I had to take the responsibility for my stray children, and so should Luke.

Tracy: There is not proof that Ethan is his child, and until there is, nobody is telling anybody anything. Got it?

Luke: Oh, I don't like the looks of this.

Edward: Well, Luke, Tracy has something to tell you.

Tracy: Goodbye, Daddy.

Edward: Pour yourself a drink, Spencer. You're going to need it.

Luke: Well, do you have something unpleasant to tell your sweet old man, baby, or should we just break out the martinis and float the afternoon?

Ric: You're sure the DVD is still in the safe? Good, okay, I'm on my way. I know that I said it was in the event of my death, but some things have changed. Somebody's going to die, but it isn't going to be me.

Claudia: I thought about going before you got back, but then I thought better of it.

Sonny: Where are you going?

Claudia: I'm going to go to the Cosmopolitan, because I don't want to cause problems for Carly by checking into the Metro Court. So, I will have the concierge call you with my phone number, and I'll be there until I find a place of my own. So, there's no need to hunt me down and kill me.

Sonny: You don't have to leave, Claudia.

Claudia: Well, I do actually because I deserve to live in a place where it feels safe.

Sonny: Everybody does.

Claudia: Well, I don't feel safe here anymore, and I don't want to walk around on pins and needles waiting for you to figure out whether or not you trust me enough to let me live. You're watching every move that I make here.

Sonny: You've been accused of getting my son shot --

Claudia: You're taking Ric's word over mine --

Sonny: How do you want me to react?

Claudia: And you know what? It's not good for me. It is not good for me to live here knowing that you could just kill me anytime you feel like it. So, I'm leaving.

Sonny: Okay, no you're not.

Nikolas: Excuse me, everyone, if I could have your attention over here, please.

Monica: Come on over.

Nikolas: Thank you. I promise I'll keep this short so you all can go enjoy a tour. As you know, General Hospital is integral to the health and wellness of this community. It also boasts a long tradition of saving people's lives, making the sick better again, as well as creating jobs for this community. I for one happen to be proud to be a part of this reopening. I'd like to extend a special thanks to Carly Jacks, who unfortunately, could not be with us this afternoon. The pediatric head trauma unit was actually her idea. I'd also like to thank all the members of the board, specifically Edward Quartermaine and Jasper Jacks. Thank you. And that's it. I believe that our chief of staff, Monica Quartermaine, would like to say a few words. Monica?


Monica: Thank you all. Thank you all for being here for this newly renovated and much improved facility. I think without further ado --

Epiphany: Please, get these out of my way.

Monica: My pleasure. And with deep gratitude to Nikolas Cassadine and everyone who has made this day a reality. So, I now declare General Hospital newly reopened.


[Buzzers sounding]

Carly: I am starving, because I didn't eat lunch.

Olivia: Mm-hmm. You know, my Aunt Teresa, she used to have this big party every few months. She'd invite all the teenage girls from the family over. She'd make all this food, pasta puttanesca, artichoke hearts, fiji cannoli. It was crazy. And she could tell by what we chose or what we didn't choose if we were pregnant or not.

Carly: That's cheating.

Olivia: She didn't give us raw carrots.

Carly: Yeah, whatever.

Olivia: She didn't. I swear.

Carly: Okay, so, did this test work?

Olivia: Well, she nailed me for one and after my family stopped screaming and crying and praying and telling me that I ruined my life, I actually felt a lot better. I felt a lot less alone. My point is however bad you think this is going to be, Carly, you've got to know what you're dealing with here and Jax needs to know, too.

Carly: I'm going to tell him as soon as he comes home. I'm not going to talk to him about that over the phone.

Olivia: You can't put this off any longer. It's not fair to you. It's not fair to the people that love you. Pregnancy test. I'm your friend, Carly, and as your friend, I'm telling you, you need to take this.

Sonny: Once I figure out what's going on, we can get back to, you know, the way things were. Understand what I'm saying?

Claudia: No, I really don't. I'm sorry. You think that I'm supposed to just forget? I'm supposed to forget that you're accusing me of putting your son in a coma, taking your insane brother's word over mine and threatening --

Sonny: We don't understand what's, you know -- maybe because you don't have children.

Claudia: Come on.

Sonny: No, no, I'm serious. Think of your brother who you love so much, right? He's in a coma. You see him there. You touch him, but he doesn't respond and he's going to grow up not knowing who you are. The life that he started is gone because of you.

Claudia: That would be hell.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, it is, but I am going to find out what happened that night. You know, I always suspected that Ian Devlin did not work alone, and now I'm starting to believe I'm right.

Claudia: Well, then it has to be Ric because it's not me.

Sonny: We'll find out in time, but look at me. I appreciate what you did. You put yourself on the line for me, and I don't want you to go.

Claudia: Does that mean that you think that I'm innocent?

Sonny: If you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about. Hey, look, if you're guilty, I'll know where to find you.

Ric: Okay, why don't you give me the DVD and then we'll call the police?

Johnny: The DVD is gone, Ric.

Tracy: What was that?

Edward: Listen, what kind of shoddy construction did you push through on the building committee? I told you this project was moving --

Patrick: Listen, everybody, try and stay calm. We don't know if this is a real emergency or just a glitch in the system.

Tracy: Okay, all right.

[Audio feedback]

Helena: Congratulations. I'm delighted to see General Hospital is back in business, and didn't my grandson do a fabulous job on the renovations? I suggest you enjoy it, because it will be his last act of charity. Nikolas, my darling, everything I have done, as always, is for you. Until you meet my demands, no good deed of yours shall go unpunished.

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