GH Transcript Friday 4/10/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/10/09


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Nikolas: I'm sorry. I shouldn't take advantage of you like that.

Rebecca: No, you didn't do anything I don't want.

Lulu: Let's keep this simple. Forget about the ace that you have about your family and all this stuff that I supposedly can't understand -- just answer me, yes or no. Are you breaking up with me to be with Maxie?

Johnny: It's not because of Maxie. It's because of me.

Lulu: Oh, my God. I -- don't even start with that. I am so sick of you being tortured. I'm sick of you being angry all the time and making it my fault.

Johnny: It is not your fault. It's mine. It has been from the start.

Lulu: Oh, don't tell me that you shouldn't have picked me up when I was hitchhiking and that you never meant to hurt me because you are hurting me now. You are refusing to talk to me now. You won't explain anything. And you say the word "breaking up" and it's your fault? After everything that we have been through and all the times that you said that you loved me, the least you can do is give me an answer. Give me an explanation why.

Maxie: More drama? I'm surprised.

Lulu: Shut up.

Maxie: Excuse me, but I have a right to walk into my own living room. And any guy, even one as loyal as Johnny, is going to reach a point where he can't take one more of your insecure --

Lulu: You need to leave. This has nothing to do with you.

Johnny: Yes, it does. I lied to you before, Lulu. Maxie and I almost slept together the night of the blizzard. And I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

Carly: Look at that. I always wanted a sun porch.

Olivia: Oh, you know what? I met the greatest landscape architect. You've got to meet with him.

Carly: Landscaping? I thought we didn't have to worry about that until we were done.

Olivia: No, no, no. This guy creates a footprint for the house, and he totally preserves the natural environment. He's great.

Carly: Great. I'll talk to Jax about that when he gets home.

Olivia: How long is he going to be overseas?

Carly: As long as it takes to talk to more surgeons. Jax is fanatic about that stuff. He needs to know every detail before he moves forward.

Olivia: Right. He's very devoted to you and Michael. It's sweet.

Carly: Yeah, he's been great. I don't know how I'd get through this without him. I mean, every minute he's -- oh.

Olivia: Are you having another fainting spell?

Carly: Yes. God, I don't know what the hell's wrong with me.

Jason: Bernie came up with evidence that shows Devlin was working with somebody when Michael got shot.

Sonny: I want to know who was in on it. And I want them to pay.

Lucky: You got to be kidding me.

Rebecca: Hey, Lucky. I didn't realize you were going to be here.

Lucky: Yeah, I guess not.

Nikolas: All right, can you cut it out already?

Lucky: Okay.

Rebecca: I asked Nikolas to stick around while I waited for the biopsy results. He's been exactly the distraction I need.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Yeah.

Nikolas: Is that the hospital?

Rebecca: No, this is making me crazy.

Nikolas: You want to go see a movie or something? There's a foreign film festival at the Astral. It might not distract you, but it will certainly put you to sleep.

Lucky: Do you have any idea how this looks?

Nikolas: No, Lucky, how does it look?

Lucky: It looks like your taking advantage of Rebecca's situation.

Nikolas: You're way off base, okay.

Lucky: I'm calling it like I see it. You're not helping Rebecca. You're exploiting her.

Lulu: You want to be with Maxie?

Johnny: We were alone the night of the blizzard. We were stranded in that garage with a case of beer and nothing to do. One thing led to another --

Maxie: We stopped, okay. It was just a kiss that got a little physical and then we remembered that we would be hurting people we cared about.

Lulu: You two-faced bitch.

Johnny: Don't turn this on Maxie. It was me.

Lulu: It was both of you, lying and cheating and making me feel like a paranoid idiot when I knew there was something going on. Why didn't you tell me? Why did you drag it out?

Johnny: Because I wanted us to work, but we don't. I didn't know what to tell you, so I lied.

Lulu: You bastard.

Johnny: Yes, you're right. I am a bastard and a coward. I didn't want you to hate me, but I guess I deserve it.

Lulu: Oh, screw what you deserve. Screw you. For months I was trying to figure out what I did wrong. I was supporting you and reassuring you and wondering over and over what kind of secret was torturing you, but there was no secret, was there? You were just hot for Maxie. You couldn't figure out how to break up with me without looking like a selfish pig.

Maxie: Stop it, Lulu. You are not always the victim, okay. Open your eyes. Johnny and I have been trying our hardest to make the best of this situation, and yes, we shared a few kisses, but you practically threw him into my arms.

Lulu: Oh, really? Really, when was that, Maxie, huh, huh? Was that when you insisted on Johnny taking you to the gala when you told Kate that he should be your permanent escort? What happened in all of those limo rides? What about the time you didn't even make it to the damn party? If we're being honest here, why don't you just tell me truth and say that you slept with Johnny the night of the blizzard, and you've been sleeping with him ever since?

Tracy: This is the best you can come up with?

Spinelli: I did exactly what the abrasive one asked of me.

Tracy: I expect a little more than the address where Ethan is staying -- you're the jackass.

Spinelli: The Jackal.

Tracy: Well, if you want to call yourself a P.I., you're going to have to do a little better than this. I want Ethan's history. I want an information trial of his life in Australia. I want to know if anything he has said is true, or better yet, that it's not.

Spinelli: The abrasive one's request is a bit vague or broad based. Perhaps my client could be a little more specific.

Tracy: Okay, I want to know if he's adopted, and if he is, I want to know who is biological parents are, okay?

Spinelli: Oh, have you tried asking the scruffy one himself?

Tracy: Oh, my -- he can't be trusted, and if I have to tell you that, you have no right calling yourself a private investigator.

Spinelli: The Jackal is understandably anxious to enhance his professional reputation, but in point of fact, some of the cyber research you've requested is questionable in its legalities.

Tracy: Oh, oh, you don't want to break the law.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Tracy: I get it. You work for a mobster.

Spinelli: But the federal ones have built quite an impressive case against the Jackal, a great portion of which is fabricated, or some of it is fabricated, but nonetheless, it has caused great anxiety to the Jackal, despite the help from my --

Tracy: Could we stay on task? Do you want the job or do you want to play "let's pretend?"

Spinelli: Yes, I will pursue this further, but the abrasive one must know that some of these records may be sealed, if indeed they exist at all.

Tracy: And you're a cyber genius and you unseal records for breakfast. I want to know everything, everything, everything there is to know about Ethan Lovett.

Ethan: Then why not ask me?

Jason: Devlin kept his money in an offshore account. It's actually a bank that we do business with, so Bernie arranged to be notified if there was any activity on Devlin's accounts.

Sonny: Bernie's had nothing of substance to report all year.

Jason: Yeah, Sonny, a call came in this week. Somebody is trying to move money out of Devlin's account.

Sonny: You got a name?

Jason: That's what we're working on right now.

Claudia: Sorry, I didn't know that you were in a meeting. I can just go upstairs unless it concerns me.

Olivia: At the risk of stating the obvious, Carly, this is not good.

Carly: Thank you. I'm just a little lightheaded. Jax tells me that I never drink enough water so I get dehydrated.

Olivia: That's fine the first time or the second time, but three strikes and you're out. You've got to go see a doctor.

Carly: I'm fine. I'm feeling better already. Thank you.

Olivia: Carly, I remember when I was having fainting spells. There was this one time I was standing on the subway platform, taking the train to Avenue H to Sheepshead Bay, I practically passed out right on the tracks. Of course, I was pregnant at the time, but

Johnny: I've got nothing to lose here, Lulu, no reason to lie. I never slept with Maxie. And more importantly, she never wanted to sleep with me.

Lulu: Don't you dare defend her. Don't pretend that you guys weren't anything but selfish.

Maxie: No one's perfect, Lulu, not John, not me, and certainly not you.

Lulu: Oh, right, this is all my fault, isn't it? Because I was too willing to trust the guy that said he loved me and the girl that was my friend that you guys wouldn't hook up behind my back. You guys did this, and you do not have a right to turn it on to me.

Maxie: I'm just saying that it's complicated. You had a nervous breakdown. I mean, at what point was Johnny suppose to tell you that his feelings changed? The poor guy was probably nervous you would end up  in a straightjacket.

Johnny: Maxie, stop!

Maxie: No, I'm sorry, okay. I can't take it anymore. I've been saying this for months. You treat Lulu like she's made of glass. You spend half of your life reassuring her and the other half pretending to be somebody that you're not. You know what I remember most the night we were in the garage, aside from the kissing? That you were you were trying to convince me and yourself that your life's dream was to fix cars. Please, Johnny, that's not what you want for yourself. That's what you want for him.

Lulu: I never asked you to quit the mob. You said that's what you wanted to do, but that was a lie, too?

Johnny: Yeah, it was, Lulu. I lied, and most of all, to myself, because I don't want to give a damn. I don't want to care about what happens to the people who deserve better than I do. I don't want to worry about protecting innocent people from the fallout of the sick, twisted life that I live. So you know what? There's only one real simple solution, stay where I belong. Don't bother with good intentions. Don't try to be different or better because I can't. And most importantly, I don't want to be!

Lulu: Well, I wish you'd figured that out before you said you loved me.

Johnny: So do I.

Lulu: Oh, God.

Maxie: Lulu, obviously, he's really screwed up right now, and I think that in his own way he was trying to do --

Lulu: I don't care what he was trying to do. He was my boyfriend. You kissed him, and that solidifies what you've always been, a lying slut.

Spinelli: The Jackal and his client were discussing a private matter.

Ethan: Oh, you're working for Tracy?

Spinelli: Yes -- no. No, I believe that falls between client-P.I. privilege.

Tracy: In other words, it's none of your business.

Ethan: Even though it's about me. It is about me.

Spinelli: It is of no such thing. The Jackal was hired by the abrasive one on a tax matter. A tax matter related to the Haunted Star. It's tedious work really, but I find such challenges invigorating.

Tracy: You don't owe him an explanation.

Ethan: Well, I want to help. The first thing is you should work on your tells. They're a dead giveaway.

Spinelli: The Jackal tells nothing. My lips are sealed.

Ethan: No, your tells. The way I know you're lying.

Spinelli: Sir, you dishonor me with such accusations.

Ethan: Your voice goes up about three octaves when you lie.

Spinelli: It does no such thing.

Ethan: The way you play with your fingers there -- it's a dead giveaway. If we were playing poker, I'd clean your clock.

Spinelli: The Jackal doesn't play with his -- I am a man of honor.

Tracy: He is yanking your chain.

Ethan: No, I'm just trying to help. All right, if you must lie, the best way is to stick as close to the truth as possible. You'd be amazed at the trouble you can avoid. You don't have to lie to me. I have nothing to hide.

Spinelli: That's what I was trying to explain to the abrasive one. Why don't you just ask him what his --

Tracy: Jackass, why are you still standing here? You have work to do. Get back to me with any information you find.

Spinelli: It is a great honor to prove my P.I. prowess to a Quartermaine.

Ethan: You break my heart, Mrs. Spencer.

Tracy: Don't give me the puppy dog eyes. I'm immune.

Ethan: I thought you liked me.

Tracy: I subscribe to the belief that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You have an agenda. I'm going to find out what it is.

Carly: I fainted a couple of times during both of my pregnancies, but lying about your baby's father could that to you. And being chained to a wall doesn't help things either.

Olivia: Okay, I'm pretty sure I don't want an explanation for that one.

Carly: Well, the point is I was stressed and anxious during both of my pregnancies, but it doesn't matter. I am not pregnant. I know I'm not pregnant.

Olivia: How can you be so sure?

Carly: Because Jax and -- last year I suffered a really bad miscarriage, and the doctors told me I would have a very hard time getting pregnant again. And I would need fertility treatments so, you see, there is no way I could possibly be pregnant.

Sonny: No, no, no, just don't worry about that. We're just discussing business.

Claudia: Okay, is there anything I can help with?

Sonny: No, not this time.

Claudia: So I'm just going to go upstairs. Are we still going to have dinner later, you and me?

Sonny: Yeah, make reservations. Whatever you've got to do, and that's fine.

Carly: Okay. Good to see you, Jason.

Jason: So Spinelli is running a trace on the money right now, and so far, all he's figured out is that it's been transferred into a numbered account, which makes it very hard to link to anybody specific right now.

Sonny: But you have an idea who it is.

Jason: I think Ric had something to do with it.

Rebecca: You obviously think you're protecting me. I'm not sure from what, but I know your intentions are good.

Lucky: I'm real clear I have no say in this, but I have my own instincts.

Nikolas: Maybe you should keep those instincts to yourself.

Rebecca: You have no idea what Nikolas has done for me in the last few days. If it wasn't for him, I would be staring at my cell waiting for the biopsy.

Lucky: I would have been happy to wait with you.

Nikolas: Can we please not make this about you right now?

Lucky: Well, then stop making it about Emily.

Rebecca: No, he's not, not at all.

Lucky: Okay, so tell me you've been at Rebecca's side and Emily's battle with breast cancer hasn't even crossed your mind.

Johnny: I'm sick of being summoned by you, Claudia. I've got enough of my own to deal with.

Claudia: Well, it's not a conversation I could have with you in house with Sonny sitting right there.

Johnny: Why be so cautious now? You slept with Sonny's brother in his house.

Claudia: What the hell is the matter with you?

Johnny: I told you, I've got a lot on my mind.

Claudia: Well, unless it's life or death, John, it's going to have to take a backseat. When are you planning to tell Sonny that you want back in the organization?

Johnny: I'm not sure that I do.

Claudia: Well, you don't have a choice, okay. There's gun to my head. Your job is to help me.

Johnny: You shouldn't be getting pregnant, Claudia. You shouldn't be perpetuating this sick life that we live.

Claudia: My life is on the line, Johnny.

Johnny: And whose fault is that?

Claudia: Oh, you know what? You're my brother. You're my family.

Johnny: You are headed for a train wreck, Claudia, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Lulu: You are selfish, and you're needy, and you are not satisfied until everybody in the room is in love with Maxie.

Maxie: That is not true.

Lulu: Really, because it wouldn't be the first time that you tried to prove to me that any guy I cared about would leave me for you.

Maxie: Lulu, I never wanted you to find out that Johnny and I kissed.

Lulu: Oh, please, you couldn't wait for Johnny to tell me.

Maxie: Did you want to know the truth or didn't you?

Lulu: Oh, I'm sure there's more truth that I haven't heard yet.

Maxie: I could have slept with Johnny the night of the blizzard, but I didn't.

Lulu: And that's supposed to make you best friend of the year?

Maxie: Clearly, Johnny is too much for you to handle. And it's not going to work. He's known that for a while.

Lulu: Did he share that little secret with you?

Maxie: I could figure it out on my own. Seriously, you had a mental breakdown after Logan died. And since then, Johnny's just been caring for you. That's not a relationship, Lulu. It's a babysitting service.

Lulu: No, no, I don't need to hear this from you.

Maxie: Well, you're going to listen to me anyway. Johnny stayed with you out of loyalty. And if he said he didn't mean to hurt you, he meant that.

Olivia: Okay, here's what I'm hearing here. You really want to have a kid with Jax, and you're terrified to believe that it could be possible.

Carly: Okay, if I let myself get excited at the thought of being pregnant, and I find out that I'm not, that's going to really be hard to deal with. And I will be very disappointed on top of everything that's going on Michael.

Olivia: I hear that. I understand. But here's the problem. If you're not pregnant and you're fainting all the time, there could be a serious problem. What if you fainted at the wrong place at the wrong? You could really hurt yourself. You've got to get it checked out.

Carly: Yeah, you're right about that.

Olivia: Now, on the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to be proven wrong? What if you and Jax are really pregnant?

Carly: Oh.

Jason: Okay.

Sonny: Hey, Claudia, are you up there? No? Okay. You can't tell me that Ric was involved in Michael's shooting without backing it up.

Jason: Okay, I can only tell you what I know so far, all right. The last words Devlin said before he died were, "there's more."

Sonny: That doesn't mean anything. It could be anyone.

Jason: You asked me to look into this. I'm just giving you the details, but now I'm putting two and two together. Devlin was new in town. He had no ax to grind with you or me. He had to be a hired gun.

Sonny: Devlin could just -- he probably told himself that it was justified that a guy like me, in my business, gets what he deserves, but you're not giving me anything concrete that tells me that Ric paid Devlin to take me out. It's speculation.

Jason: I went to the warehouse on the anniversary of Michael's shooting, and Ric was there.

Sonny: I know. He told me.

Jason: Yeah, I was there because I thought I missed something. Carly was there.

Sonny: Carly has her own reasons.

Jason: Exactly. Why was Ric there? He's not close to Michael. He wasn't there to honor or remember him. Come on.

Sonny: You hate Ric for what he did to Carly. I think it's clouding your judgment.

Jason: Okay, Devlin never had a strong motive to want you dead. Ric does.

Sonny: You're trying to take what you know and fit it into what you want. You're trying to convince yourself that Ric is guilty, but what if he isn't? What if by spending all this time accusing Ric, you're helping a guilty person get away with destroying my son's life, Jason?

Nikolas: Regardless of what he says, you're every bit your own person. You're dealing with a potentially serious problem here, and I admire you for that.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Lucky: Emily almost died of breast cancer. It's what made him realize that he loved her.

Nikolas: Lucky, I didn't cause this crisis. And if you believe in fate at all, believe that our paths have crossed for a reason. And I think that that reason is for me to help her. I'm not interested in analyzing why. I'm just glad that she didn't have to go through this alone.

Lucky: And she didn't anyway.

Rebecca: Lucky, you don't have to worry about me, okay?

Lucky: As much as I loved Emily, I was never in love with her. Nikolas was. I just hope this doesn't blow up in your face.

Lulu: I am not a fragile little flower.

Maxie: Then how come Spinelli and I had to break you out of Shadybrook?

Lulu: You bitch.

Maxie: My point is that I don't think Johnny ever got over your breakdown, Lulu. I think somehow he feels like he caused it.

Lulu: Oh, really, because I'm sure you loved feeding into that idea that I was weak. But nothing was too wild or dangerous that I couldn't handle, especially him being in the mob.

Maxie: If you're so tough, how come you can't handle a stupid kiss?

Lulu: Oh, my God. Give me a break. I remember how you were when you found Spinelli with Winnifred. They weren't even kissing. And how great was that? Huh? You brought him back here, and you slept with him like you owned him.

Maxie: This doesn't have anything to do with Spinelli.

Lulu: Now who can't handle the truth? I think it's time Spinelli finds out who you really are.

Claudia: What the hell is wrong with you? Come on, Johnny.

Johnny: Lulu and I broke up.

Claudia: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You said that it was inevitable, Johnny. You said that. I mean --

Johnny: Yeah, sure, right. Who cares if Lulu got crushed? Who cares that I spent weeks lying to her because I was too caught up in stuff I couldn't tell her about?

Claudia: John, if she had found out a long time ago, she would have been out of there. And then she would have run and told Sonny and Jason, and we'd both be dead.

Johnny: Oh, if you're going to sit here and tell me that this happened for the best, I'm going to walk.

Claudia: Don't -- you know what? Don't make it my fault that you and your girlfriend broke up. You said it was inevitable, and that girl could never handle your life. Never, John. You jumped through hoops trying to make her happy, and you deserve better than that.

Johnny: Oh, you don't care about my feelings for Lulu, Claudia. All you give a damn about -- all you need is for me to get you through this Ric situation.

Claudia: That's mean. All I need is some little bit of information to stall him.

Johnny: You have convinced yourself that once you get pregnant with Sonny's kid, that that's going to be your solution.

Claudia: Yes.

Johnny: Yeah, really? But what you fail to realize, Claudia, is that once Sonny finds out that you hired Ian Devlin to knock him off -- once he finds out that you are the reason that his kid is in a coma, he'll kill you anyway.

Claudia: You're wrong. You don't know my husband. The minute he finds out I'm pregnant with his child, I'm bulletproof.

Jason: Yeah, I hate Ric. It's nothing new. I wouldn't miss him if he were dead. But none of that matters more than finding justice for Michael.

Sonny: I'm not saying you want to frame him. What I'm saying is you're losing perspective. You only want to see what you want to see right now.

Jason: You've had people killed for less.

Sonny: All I'm hearing is circumstantial evidence. Okay? We don't know Ric's involved until we tie him to Devlin's bank account. Even then it's not an admission of guilt.

Jason: That's fine. I can't even figure this whole thing out with you and Ric.

Sonny: What does that mean?

Jason: You know what? Maybe you can't handle finding out your brother was involved in Michael's shooting because you know he should've been dead years ago.

Carly: Thanks.

Carly: Hi there. This is Carly Jacks. I was just wondering, is there any way that Dr. Lee could see me today? Really? Okay. No, I can get there. Yeah. Thank you. I'll see you soon.

Ric: Carly, just had lunch upstairs. I highly recommend the sea bass.

Carly: I hate it when you're cheerful and friendly. It means you're up to no good.

Ric: Oh, come on, Carly. You got to be willing to give people credit for personal growth.

Carly: I gave you credit for nothing. It's safer that way.

Ric: Well, you might want to change your mind. I'm going to become very useful to Sonny soon.

[Cell phone rings]

Ric: Look at that. Sonny?

Sonny: Ric, I want to see you now.

Ric: Good. I need to see you, too.

Maxie: Are you okay?

Johnny: Never better.

Maxie: No, you're not.

Johnny: I stopped lying to a good person who trusted me, and I set it up so I never have to lie to her again. And it may be the last good thing that I do. So I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Maxie: You broke up with Lulu for her own good, and you still love her.

Johnny: This love that you're talking about, Maxie -- what I'm supposed to feel for Lulu, I can't give that to anyone. It would be like asking me to fly. Okay, I can stand on the ledge, and I can jump off. But it's going to be a hell of a ride for the first ten seconds, but it's going to end up in a bloody mess -- just like the situation with Lulu.

Maxie: So you don't care that Lulu is at the apartment bawling her eyes out?

Johnny: Better that she cry now than end up in another straightjacket, right?

Maxie: What if I told you she was -- what if I said that after you left the apartment, I had to call an ambulance, and Lulu's on her way to Shadybrook right now?

Johnny: I'd say that you're lying. I'm no good for Lulu, Maxie. In fact, you're the one who's encouraged me to be honest with her this whole time.

Maxie: There are degrees of honesty, okay? And if you suddenly decided to be so truthful with Lulu, why didn't you tell her that the night we didn't show up for the club opening, we were helping Claudia get Ric's stomach pumped?

Johnny: Hey, you said you were going to be quiet about that night, and I need you to mean it.

Maxie: What is going on with you? What are you so desperate to hide? I don't think you breaking up with Lulu had anything to do with kissing me. I think it had something to do with your secret.

Johnny: If I have a secret, Maxie, you don't know about it. You don't speak about it, especially to Lulu. I'm just a selfish bastard who used her and dumped her when I found something I wanted more.

Maxie: No. That is the part that I have a problem with. If you want to break up with Lulu because you're noble and you need to shield her from your darkness or whatever, that's fine. But don't leave her and let her think it's because you're attracted to me.

[Knock at door]

Lulu: Go away.

Tracy: You really ought to lock your door. You never know who's going to walk in uninvited.

Lulu: I don't care.

Tracy: Lulu, I need your help. You were right about Ethan, and I think he has an agenda.

Lulu: This is not a good time.

Tracy: Did you break up with Johnny?

Lulu: Yes.

Tracy: Again?

Lulu: I was so stupid. The whole time that we were in General Hospital, Maxie and Johnny almost slept together, and they have been lying about it since.

Tracy: So you kicked his cheating backside out. Good for you. Never grovel for any man -- which I've told you before. And if he cheats on you, do not take him back. He'll only do it again.

Lulu: You are such a hypocrite. You always take my dad back.

Tracy: Johnny is no Luke. He's not worth the grief.

Lulu: Well, that's a matter of opinion.

Tracy: Oh, please, snap out of it. Get up off the couch and prove you're a Spencer.

Lulu: You're only doing this because you need something from me.

Tracy: I am giving you a purpose. You need to help me figure out what this Ethan character is up to. Because mark my words, he is not working in your father's best interests which means you and I have to.

Claudia: Dr. Lee, thank you for seeing me on such short notice.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm having a hard time locating your file. It may have already been sent over to GH. Things will be so much easier after tomorrow.

Claudia: What happens tomorrow?

Kelly: Oh, we get to move back to our offices. It's the official reopening of the hospital and not a minute too soon. I didn't expect to see you back so quickly. Is everything all right?

Claudia: Yeah, I just -- I was wanting some general information.

Kelly: Relating to your desire to get pregnant?

Claudia: Yeah, look, I'm in good health. I'm not using birth control anymore. We have an active sex life -- me and my husband. So how long do you think it might take for somebody in that situation to get pregnant?

Kelly: Is there a reason you're so anxious because stress never helps.

Claudia: I just prefer to do it sooner rather than later.

Kelly: Well, it could take a week. It could take a year. Have you ever been pregnant before?

Claudia: What difference does it make?

Kelly: It's an indicator of your reproductive health.

Claudia: But I don't want indicators. I want results. Getting pregnant might be the most important thing that I ever do.

Ric: Well, I'll admit I'm curious as to why you want to see me.

Sonny: You said you had some concerns about Jason seeing you in the coffee warehouse.

Ric: Let me guess. Jason somehow managed to make it sound as if my being there on the anniversary of Michael's shooting makes me guilty.

Sonny: For whatever reason, he thinks you were covering your tracks, Ric. I don't know why that is.

Ric: Why would I wait a year?

Jason: Why, Ric? For money, that's why.

Sonny: I don't know.

Ric: I got plenty of that.

Jason: Well, you could always use more. You knew about Devlin's money offshore, and you wanted to get your slimy hands on it.

Ric: Devlin had money offshore? Wow, sounds like he was up to his neck in something.

Jason: And you knew that any sudden activity in his account would raise a red flag. So you went back to make sure there was no evidence left at the scene.

Ric: Oh, this is great. Finally, the great Jason Morgan gets one really, really big one completely wrong.

Nikolas: Anything in?

Rebecca: No. They said it was probably going to take a few days to get the biopsy results back. But I don't know. I've never been a very patient person.

Nikolas: Probably didn't help getting caught in the middle of an argument between me and my brother.

Rebecca: You did promise me that you were going to be a distraction. I just wish he would give you credit. I'm very grateful for your help. And I owe you an apology for the way I blew you off when I first met you.

Nikolas: I don't blame you. I was a little much -- borderline stalker, actually. Wasn't I?

Rebecca: Yeah, you kind of were. And I was a bitch about it.

Nikolas: Yeah, you kind of were.

[Cell phone rings]

Rebecca: Rebecca Shaw. Yes, I've been waiting for the biopsy results. No, I'd rather not wait to come in. I'd like the results now, please.

Johnny: I am attracted to you, Maxie. I wasn't lying about that.

Maxie: Fine. Yes, I'm attracted to you, too, sort of.

Johnny: Sort of?

Maxie: Well, enough to enjoy kissing you and flirt with the idea of going further. It's fun to get right up close to the edge of something dangerous as long as you pull back. And we always, always pull back, Johnny. It was just supposed to be a few kisses -- a few lies. It wasn't supposed to turn into some huge confession that would make Lulu mad enough to go running to Spinelli.

Johnny: Oh, so that's who you're worried about. Spinelli.

Maxie: She made threats. She said she was going to tell Spinelli about who I really am. And despite your too-little-too-late-attempt to take the blame, Lulu thinks your breakup is my fault. You know she called me a lying slut?

Johnny: Sorry.

Maxie: Don't be sorry. Please, just fix it.

Johnny: You're talking to the wrong guy, Maxie. Every time I try to fix something, it gets worse.

Maxie: But she's going to let Spinelli think that I was hitting on you, even though I was. But it was only because I thought we would never do anything more than kiss.

Johnny: I got an idea.

Maxie: Please, anything. I'm open for a suggestion.

Johnny: Stop fighting it. If something's going to happen, it'll happen.

Maxie: Except for that one.

Johnny: It's always fun to get right up to the edge of something dangerous, right? Even more fun to cross that line.

Maxie: You're just freaking out because of what happened with Lulu, and you're trying to burn your life.

Johnny: Pretty much.

Maxie: I like my life. I don't want to burn it.

Johnny: Sure you do. It's why you found me here.

Maxie: I wasn't looking for you.

Johnny: Yes, you were. You wanted to know if I broke up with Lulu to save her or to be with you. The answer is both and neither. I want to be free, Maxie. I want to stop apologizing for who I am, what I feel, and what I want. And yes, Maxie, I want you.

Maxie: You are acting crazy right now. It's kind of scary.

Johnny: Then leave. Because if you don't, I'm going to kiss you.

Johnny: That's what I thought.

Ethan: Look, call me back already. All right, I'm concerned. I knew something was going on.

[Knock at door]

Ethan: Someone's here. This better not be you. We agreed not to meet in person.

Lulu: How about a rematch of our poker game?

Ethan: How the hell did you find me?

Ric: You know, I got to admit, Jason, you're raging paranoia, your endless hatred of me, and your misplaced vendetta -- you're just forcing me to show my hand. I was going to hold on to the truth for a little while, but it's just not nearly as much fun as proving how wrong you really are.

Sonny: Cut to the chase, Ric. What do you know?

Ric: I know who's responsible for Michael's shooting. But you're not going to like it. Or maybe you will. I don't know.

Jason: Sonny, this is a load of crap. Let me take the son of a bitch out.

Sonny: Hold on. We got to let him talk here. And you better start talking or I'm going to let Jason beat you down. If you know anything about who is responsible for my son's shooting, you're going to tell me right now.

Ric: That would be Claudia, your wife.

Claudia: I'm doing absolutely everything I can to get pregnant. I'm monitoring my temperature to find out when I'm most fertile. I'm not drinking alcohol. I'm even doing the positive thinking and visualizing myself pregnant, which is not normal for me.

Kelly: That's great. Just keep it up.

Claudia: Is there anything else I should be doing? Should I be taking fertility drugs or some sort of a --I don't know, hormones?

Carly: Hi, there, can you tell Dr. Lee that Carly Jacks is here for her appointment?

Woman: Dr. Lee is right over there.

Kelly: Truthfully, Mrs. Corinthos, from everything you've said, you're at the optimum time in your cycle to conceive.

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