GH Transcript Tuesday 4/7/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/7/09


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Ethan: Good day, Mrs. Spencer. You look lovely as usual.

Tracy: Luke around?

Ethan: Nope.

Tracy: Even better.

Ethan: Something on your mind?

Tracy: My profit margin, which has been declining steadily since you showed up.

Ethan: Hey!

Maxie: I went by the hospital to take Robin a change of clothes. She was sleeping. But the hospital told me that she can check out today. And I know Robin. She's going to want to leave as soon as she wakes up, so you need to get yourself together so you can go over there and stop her. What the hell, Jason? Did I spend last night confiding in you about Robin to make myself feel better? I don't think so. Robin needs a friend to convince her that therapy is a good idea.

Jason: I canít.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: I don't know why I had to stay overnight. It was totally unnecessary. I mean, there's so much to do at home. There must be a ton of laundry. Oh, and I think that we should get a diaper service. It would be one less thing to worry about, unless you hate that idea.

Patrick: No, I don't hate that idea. But you have something to do first.

Dr. Brown: Good morning, Robin.

Robin: What are you doing here?

Patrick: You have an appointment.

Robin: I don't appreciate being ambushed.

Carly: I'm so sorry. Hi. I'm Carly Jacks. It's so nice to meet you.

Dr. Hensen: Dr. Hensen.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you for coming to check out Michael. Obviously, we are very concerned that two of the patients who had your procedure died, but we still would like to consider it for Michael.

Jax: Dr. Hensen and I were just discussing how we can help her with Michael's assessment.

Dr. Hensen: Your husband sent Michael's records along before I left. I was able to study them during the flight. I saw your son as soon as I got in.

Carly: The other day, I saw his hand move. I mean, it wasn't like he was reaching for me, it was just a twitch, but it was more than we've seen for a whole year.

Dr. Hensen: Involuntary muscle movement is not uncommon. All the tests indicate that your son is still in a permanent coma. I have to agree with what his other doctors told you. There's almost no chance that Michael will ever wake on his own.

Carly: Then why did his hand move? Why did it move the other day and not six months ago?

Dr. Hensen: Perhaps Michael's body is responding to the physical therapy he's received.

Jax: So that's a good thing, right?

Dr. Hensen: Michael is still relatively healthy, which could improve his chances.

Jax: What about the other patients in your trial?

Dr. Hensen: Eight of ten patients had various levels of recovery, but in medical science, that's too small a sampling to be conclusive. I am hopeful that as my method develops that it will save other patients, like your son. But right now, today, there are no guarantees.

Carly: I'm not looking for a guarantee. I'm looking for a chance.

Ethan: Back off.

Tracy: I'd watch my tone if I were you.

Ethan: Yeah, I'd keep my hands to myself if I were you.

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: That from a pickpocket.

Ethan: Why are you here?

Tracy: Well, I thought I would liberate the cash that you've been skimming from the till. Perhaps I could convince you to return it to the drawer it belongs in.

Ethan: Me and Luke have an understanding. I'm entitled to whatever I can skim.

Tracy: And my understanding is unless this place stays in the black, I show you the door.

Ethan: You'd miss me too much if I were gone.

Tracy: Which begs the question, how long are you planning on staying?

Lulu: You know what; I'm going to make some calls. I'll talk to Ms. Howard, and I'll get back to you after lunch, okay? Thanks.

Matt: Hello. Is Maxie here?

Lulu: Oh, no.

Matt: No? Okay, I'll wait. She would hate to miss me. Not that she would ever admit that, but --

Lulu: That kind of attitude will not win you any points with Maxie.

Matt: Oh, she likes me. And as soon as she admits it, we can move on from this whole chase thing and move onto the whole fun thing.

Maxie: Robin has always fought to stay alive, like how she dealt with her HIV. She could have given up, but she didnít. This postpartum thing has gotten her seriously messed up, and I think she needs some serious help. That's where you come in.

Jason: Robin has a lot of people who care about her, like you. You can tell her to go to a doctor. I'm not that person, okay? I can't do it.

Maxie: "I can't"? What does that even mean, "I can't"?

Jason: I went through treatment after my head injury, psychiatric as well as physical. I hated every second of it.

Maxie: You're not Robin.

Jason: That's my point.

Maxie: I'm sure you were no picnic for the doctors, either.

Jason: Well, you know what? The doctors always talked down to me, they thought they had all the answers. They didn't have the answers for me, so I'm the wrong person to go tell Robin what to do when it comes to this situation.

Maxie: After everything Robin has done for you, I think she deserves more than your standard excuse for doing nothing at all.

Robin: Was this your idea?

Patrick: What if it was?

Robin: Why not just go all the way and have me committed?

Patrick: Robin, don't be ridiculous. You had an appointment. Under the circumstances, not really a good day to start playing hooky.

Robin: Under what circumstances? I accidentally fell off the dock last night. I don't see why a psychiatrist is necessary right now.

Patrick: I want you to prove to me that you are serious about getting help.

Robin: Isn't that between me and my doctor?

Patrick: Robin, for your sake, for my sake, and for Emma's sake, show up to treatment.

Robin: Or what?

Carly: Jax and I want to carefully evaluate the risks. Three years, five years, someone else could come up with a safer procedure.

Dr. Hensen: Of course. Anything is possible, but I'm not sure Michael can wait three years. Even one more year may be too long.

Carly: Too long for what? You said yourself that he was healthy and strong.

Dr. Hensen: Relatively. But in a recent case, a patient came out of his coma after 10 years. There had been so much atrophy that he could barely speak and was incapable of significant movement.

Carly: Okay, Michael has physical therapy three times a day, seven days a week.

Dr. Hensen: It's an excellent regimen. Unfortunately, Michael is still going to deteriorate.

Jax: Well, let's back up a few steps here. Let's talk about the two patients in your trail that died.

Dr. Hensen: The two fatalities were not a result of the procedure going wrong. Both patients had preexisting conditions.

Jax: Which Michael does not have.

Dr. Hensen: Which Michael does not have.

Carly: So does that minimize the risk for my son?

Jax: It sounds like it's even more of a risk to wait.

Carly: Yeah, I know. I just want to hear what she has to say.

Dr. Hensen: I can't promise you that this procedure will be successful for Michael. It's a decision that you need to make carefully. I'll leave you to think about it.

Jax: Thank you.

Carly: Did I hear her correctly? Michael's getting worse every day? We have to wake him up as soon as possible.

Jason: Robin does not need another person telling her what to do.

Maxie: You guys loved each once. I remember. I mean, I was a little kid, but you were the one that convinced Robin to go on the HIV protocol and that saved her life.

Jason: Robin made the choice. All I did was help her get there.

Maxie: So help her again. Please, Jason, at least for Emma. I mean, that little girl deserves a mom who's not so trashed by depression, she can't even go near her own baby. And don't tell me that is Robin making a choice because you know she would never choose to be a lousy mother.

Patrick: I'm not going to do this, Robin. I'm not going to let you make me angry in order to change the subject.

Robin: I'm getting treatment. You don't have to force me to do it.

Patrick: That's great. Prove to me -- prove how committed you are to our daughter, then.

Robin: There was an accident, but I'm sure you've already formed all kinds of opinions.

Dr. Brown: Well, I always formulate opinions about my patients. That's my job. The good news is my opinions can evolve. So are we having a session or not?

Robin: Feels more like a witch hunt.

Dr. Brown: I acknowledge your feelings. Why don't you tell me why you were on that pier?

Robin: Despite what Patrick already told you, I was just on the docks to think. You know, I needed some time to think about what you and I had talked about. It was foggy and it was slippery and I fell in. He found me, and Patrick pulled me out of the water.

Dr. Brown: That was a stroke of luck.

Robin: Yeah, I guess I should be more grateful. Anyway, accidents happen and I feel better today. I woke up feeling eager to get home and get back to normal. And I also took the meds that you prescribed, see? So can I go now?

Dr. Brown: You have a serious condition. You need to get serious to deal with it. Normal is not an option until you address your postpartum depression. You have to work for it. It won't go away by itself.

Robin: Actually, that's not always true. I've studied the statistics.

Dr. Brown: There are all kinds of statistics. Do you want to wait and find out which category you fall into?

Robin: Look, I know that I have postpartum. I know that I've acted out in inappropriate ways. And I'm also aware that it has affected Patrick, so maybe he should also get some help.

Dr. Brown: Couples counseling is a great idea. I'd be glad to make Patrick a part of our sessions. Or we can continue alone. It's your choice.

Tracy: Guys like you never stick around long. You're a drifter.

Ethan: I prefer to think of myself as a pilgrim traveling the road of life in search of answers.

Tracy: And lightening the pockets of everyone you meet along the way. You've done your damage here. Isn't it time to find another flock to fleece?

Ethan: These sheep still need shearing. I've settled in.

Tracy: On Luke's dime.

Ethan: No, I like Luke. I liked you, too.

Tracy: You do realize that people have gotten hip to you. It's going to make Port Charles a lot less attractive when there's slim pickings.

Ethan: Ouch. Are you trying to get rid of me?

Tracy: Can I? What would it take to get you ease on down the road? Or should I say, how much?

Ethan: I'm not for sale at the moment. You know, I'm more interested in seeing how things work out here.

Tracy: What's so attractive to you?

Ethan: You see, Luke is a rare bird. We're kindred spirits.

Tracy: I wouldn't brag about that.

Ethan: I have a lot to learn from him. He's done very well for himself. His own casino, a beautiful rich wife -- who wouldn't want to follow in those footsteps?

Lucky: Mr. Lovett, I need to see your visa.

Ethan: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Lucky: Yeah, we can do it here. Or if you prefer, you can pass me your paperwork through a holding cell.

Ethan: Wow. How did a man like Luke end up with a son like you? Is that it? No.

Lucky: I'm not interested in what you think of me. What I want to see is your working visa, if you have one.

Ethan: I just knew you were going to hide behind that badge to harass me.

Lucky: I haven't even started. You know, I'm not surprised you worship my father. You seem like the kind of guy who's never met a rule he wouldn't break, thinks the law is for some other sucker.

Ethan: Well, you have no appreciation for Luke's style.

Lucky: Yeah, you know why? I was once like you. I thought it would be great to be Luke Spencer. But then I grew up.

Ethan: And lost your sense of humor.

Tracy: So can we deport him?

Lucky: Sorry, all of his papers are in order.

Ethan: Oh, I guess you're going to have to find something else to badger me about.

Lucky: Plan on it.

Ethan: I guess there's a silver lining here. With a son like that, Luke should appreciate me much more.

Tracy: Take the afternoon off.

Ethan: That's kind of you, but no thanks.

Tracy: No, no, no, it's not kind. I'm going to count every dollar and dime in this till and see if I need to call Lucky back and have you arrested.

Ethan: You'll find a discrepancy of $117.50, which I paid the dishwasher repairman, $37 for bar supplies -- oh, and I never paid for the candy bar I had for lunch.

Tracy: Get receipts.

Ethan: Yes, your highness.

Tracy: It's me. Get down to the casino, now.

Matt: So take her off the warfarin and administer the injectables until surgery. Yeah, and make sure I have two vials of the coagulant gel in the O.R. tomorrow. Yes, I will see you in the morning.

Lulu: Well, it's nice to know you are not as clueless about medicine as you are about Maxie.

Matt: Maxie likes to pretend she's a lot more complicated than she really is.

Lulu: I cannot argue there.

Maxie: I picked up the rest of the samples that Kate wanted. You're tracking hospital germs through my workspace. I'm sure you have a really good reason why he's sitting here.

Lulu: He wanted to see you.

Matt: Yeah, it's true.

Maxie: Okay, well, now you've seen me and you can go. My obligations to this magazine are so important, you can't be here.

Kate: Well, that's good, because I need you and Johnny to make a P.R. appearance in Soho.

Maxie: Oh, what perfect timing because I could use a change of scenery.

Lulu: I can't reach Johnny.

Kate: Text him.

Lulu: His phone must be off.

Kate: Doesn't he know he needs to be reachable 24/7?

Maxie: I'll try to reach him.

Lulu: Oh, are you implying that you would be able to reach Johnny when I can't?

Kate: Okay, children, stop the bickering. It wastes time and solves nothing.

Lulu: I think Maxie should take the doctor.

Matt: Hunter. Problem solved.

Elizabeth: The patient in 1003 is complaining about pain again.

Patrick: Well, did somebody teach him how to use the morphine button?

Elizabeth: He says it's not enough.

Patrick: Of course he's saying that. He's got a drug dependency, and I'm not about to feed it.

Elizabeth: So you want me to do nothing?

Patrick: So much for compassion, right? At least it's not a job requirement.

Elizabeth: Can you take the rest of the afternoon off?

Patrick: I have other patients. Yes, I'm avoiding another confrontation with Robin.

Elizabeth: Things are still tense, huh?

Patrick: Oh, you could say that. Last night she almost died. Today she won't even talk to her therapist. She slammed the door in her face.

Elizabeth: That doesn't sound like her.

Patrick: Right now, I don't know if that behavior is Robin or the condition. Worst of all, she's turning me into the enemy. I mean, if she's not talking to me and she's not talking to her therapist, Elizabeth, who is she talking to?

Jason: Pass the message along. We'll take care of it on this -- on this end. I got to go.

Robin: Be careful. It's easier to fall in than you think.

Jason: You know, I was just trying to decide if I should come to see you.

Robin: So you did hear what happened. Yeah, it was an accident. Patrick actually jumped in and pulled me out of the water. It was foggy and dark and I slipped.

Jason: I believe you.

Robin: You don't know how good it is to hear somebody say that and mean it.

Jason: I can still see that you're -- you're in trouble, and I'd like to help you if I can.

Robin: Thank you. I actually know what I have to do. I just can't bring myself to do it.

Carly: Michael, I don't know what to do. It turns out little by little, you've been getting worse. If you are going to wake up, you're going to have to do it soon. If you have this procedure and it fails --

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Michael, if I'm wrong, I could end up killing you. I'm so scared. I just don't know what to do. I wish you could tell me what you wanted. I mean, is it better to take the chance and have the surgery and risk your life, or do I pray for a miracle before your body gives up completely? I wish you could let me know. Is it okay to go ahead and have the operation or not? That was kind of your cue to move your hand or something. It's okay. I'll figure out what to do. You just hold on and you fight, and I will find a way to get you back.

Olivia: Okay, the plumbing problem on the fifth floor has been taken care of. Carly's architect stopped by with the plans for your new house. Your mother is on extended holiday, searching for a plant that I cannot pronounce in a country I've never heard of. You've got three calls from the Tokyo bank. They will be closed now. And two hang-ups on your private line.

Jax: Probably from a specialist, an overseas specialist.

Olivia: Oh, so I take it it didn't go so well with Dr. Hensen?

Jax: No, it went okay. You know, she's very professional, very straightforward. She made it very clear that if we don't do something soon that Michael could atrophy to where if he does wake up, his quality of life could be severely compromised.

Olivia: Jax, what do you think?

Jax: What do I think? Well, see, I can't think. That's the point. All I can do is regret what my bastard brother did to Michael.

Maxie: This is my punishment for taking a couple of hours to do a good deed? This never would have happened if I had been at the phones. I bet you didn't even try to call Johnny.

Lulu: Remind me not to cover for you again.

Maxie: If this is how you cover, no one needs it.

Kate: Enough, you two. The gallery opening is not going to wait while you two bicker.

Matt: As it happens, I happen to have the afternoon off, so I'd love to help you out Ms. Howard.

Kate: That's fantastic. You know what? I'm going to take you up on that, because I do not have time to hire a professional.

Maxie: But Johnny and I are "Crimson's" signature couple, and you can't replace that.

Kate: Oh, actually, Maxie, everyone is replaceable -- everyone.

Lulu: Yes, you and Johnny are so 24-hours ago.

Kate: You know, I sort of like the idea of throwing in somebody new, making people wonder --

Maxie: Ooh, him! I could go with Ethan. He's edgy and mysterious and he has an accent. So that, you know, shakes things up.

Kate: Yes, it would be a choice.

Lulu: I vote for the doctor.

Maxie: You don't get to vote.

Lulu: Well, Ethan can't go out with Maxie.

Kate: Why not, Lulu?

Lulu: Because Ethan is here to take me out on our first date.

Elizabeth: 1003 is resting more comfortably, and the nursing staff thanks you because we don't have to listen to him complain all day.

Patrick: Yeah, that's good. I lowered his dose of morphine, so he won't leave here an addict.

Elizabeth: And that's why they pay you the big bucks, Doctor.

Patrick: Well, it turns out he's not such a bad kid. He probably didn't get enough attention as a baby. Let me ask you a question. You're a mother, obviously. If you had a condition that prevented you from taking care of your kids, I mean, wouldn't you do everything possible to fix it?

Elizabeth: Motherhood isn't a straight road. There are a lot of twists and turns you have to navigate based on who you are and who your child is. God knows I've made plenty of wrong turns with my boys. But having children doesn't suddenly qualify you for sainthood. I mean, I've lied. I've put my boys in danger, and I didn't have Robin's excuse.

Patrick: Yeah, but you turned your life around. I'm looking at the real possibility that Robin wonít.

Robin: I was standing right here where I've stood a million times before.

Jason: I know, but you've never had postpartum depression before.

Robin: I've had a hard time thinking clearly, and I'm always exhausted. I think I hallucinated.

Jason: What did you see?

Robin: A little girl. She was standing right there. She was about 10. She had big, sad eyes. She said her father was a doctor. She said that she didn't have a mom because her mom didn't want her. She said her name was Emma.

Jason: You think you imagined her?

Robin: She's everything that I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of my little girl growing up thinking that I don't want her.

Jason: Yeah, but Emma's still a baby. There's time to fix this.

Robin: But I do want my little girl, Jason. I've always wanted her. I just -- maybe I'm not supposed to be a mom.

Jason: Robin, you can do anything that you want to do. You are one of the strongest people that I know.

Robin: What if I'm not anymore? What if I do everything that everybody wants me to do -- I take a pill, I go to therapy and nothing changes? What if this entire nightmare has nothing to do with postpartum depression and I'm just not fit to be a mother?

Elizabeth: There are two things that you need to keep in mind. One is that you love Robin, right? And two, whatever is happening right now is not only happening to you, but it's happening to her as well. When you pretend that all your fear and your anger and your heartache aren't important anymore, that is when things get worse.

Patrick: I don't want to upset Robin anymore than she already is.

Elizabeth: So it's okay to just let this fester inside of you?

Patrick: I can deal with it.

Elizabeth: Okay, then how are you dealing with this whole Rochester thing?

Patrick: You mean the guy?

Elizabeth: Yes, I mean the guy, the guy you saw her with standing outside her hotel room. How is this playing out in your head late at night when you can't sleep?

Patrick: I can't help but wonder if she keeps in touch with him, if she's talking to him when she's not talking to me. Or is there somebody else that I'm not even aware of?

Elizabeth: I'm really glad that you can talk to me about this, and I appreciate your honesty, but I'm not the one you should be telling this to.

Patrick: I know.

Elizabeth: You should just tell Robin that you were in Rochester and that you saw her with this guy.

Patrick: I know, but really, but really, there is only two possible outcomes. She's going to feel punished and wrong, or she's going to flat out deny that she even slept with the guy in the first place. And neither one of them is going to help her get over her depression.

Elizabeth: And what about you?

Patrick: If Robin is well and Emma gets her mother back, Robin and I can work on getting past this.

Elizabeth: Okay, and until then you can just unload on me and I promise not to be too pushy.

Patrick: I know. Listen, I appreciate your perspective as a friend and a mother. I really do.

Elizabeth: I just want you and Robin to work past this and be happy again, because I care about you, both of you guys. And I hope you can remain honest with what it is that you want.

Patrick: I want my wife and I want my family back.

Robin: It's all out of my control, which is not a good place to be for a control freak like me.

Jason: Okay, well, what's one thing you can do to make you feel in control again?

Robin: Well, I don't want to take antidepressants. I mean, I even tore up my prescription. I ended up taking them because Patrick was on my case. And Sonny has already given me the speech about the miracle of modern medicine. I just, you know, hate the idea of being dependent on a pill.

Jason: I don't think they're meant to be anything but for short-term. I mean, it could help you.

Robin: Would you take antidepressants?

Jason: Well, I don't have a baby to take care of or a life that's falling apart.

[Robin laughs]

Jason: What?

Robin: You know, if Patrick had said that to me, I would bite his head off, but it's true. And for some reason I can hear it coming from you.

Jason: You know why? Because you don't like asking for help and I don't like telling people what to do.

Robin: That's why we get along so well.

Jason: So why don't you tell me what scares you the most?

Robin: What if this treatment doesn't work? What if --

Jason: What if what you're feeling isn't because of postpartum depression?

Robin: What if I just don't want to be a mother? What if this has nothing to do with postpartum depression? What happens to Emma if I don't want to be a mom? What she going to do? I mean, what if she needs me, my help, and my love?

Jason: Okay, do you hear yourself right now? You're worried about Emma. You want her to be cared for and loved and that's what mothers do.

Olivia: Jax, does your mother know that Jerry's still alive?

Jax: You can bet that he didn't tell her. He usually leaves that kind of stuff for me, because he knows I'll sugarcoat it to protect Lady Janeís feelings. Maybe this time I should tell her what he's really like.

Olivia: You would never break your mother's heart like that. You'd never tell her about Jerry's part in Michael's shooting.

Jax: Well, if I did, she'd have to know my part in it, too.

Olivia: But there's no moral equivalency between what you did and what Jerry did, so --

Jax: I should have made Jerry pay for the crimes after the hostage crisis. I mean, I didn't just look the other way. I actively helped my brother. I gave him a second chance, and he used it to take away the life of my stepson. I know that Michael isn't dead, but you can't exactly call it living, can you?

Olivia: Jax, I have seen how clear minded and compassionate you can be, especially when it comes to your family. So, I have no doubt that you can make the right decision when it comes to Michael.

Jax: Well, it's not my decision to make. It's Carlyís. I'm sure she'll go with the procedure.

Olivia: Is that so wrong? It's her chance at getting her child back.

Jax: If Michael dies because of it, Carly will never forgive herself.

Maxie: You do not have a date with Ethan.

Lulu: Oh, I certainly do.

Maxie: Well, you're going to have to let it go, because Kate wants him with me.

Lulu: I'm sorry, Kate. I've been about team "Crimson" for awhile now and everybody knows that I didn't like Johnny and Maxie going out on their fake dates, but I went along with it. For God's sake, I had to copy photos and order limos and pretend that it didn't hurt every single time Johnny went from club to club. Did I complain?

Maxie: Endlessly.

Lulu: I sucked it up for the good of the magazine even though it created problems for Johnny and I.

Kate: Lulu, does Johnny know you have a date with Ethan?

Ethan: Well, with all the times that Maxie has been going out with Johnny, I think it's only fair that Lulu gets to step out with Ethan.

Lulu: I could not agree more. I mean, I wouldn't be causing any problems. Nobody expects Ethan. I think Dr. Hunter is a great substitute.

Maxie: Wait, wait, I can work with Ethan. At least I can pretend like I could stand to be around him.

Lulu: It's a job, Maxie. Suck it up.

Kate: Yeah, Lulu's right. I never said you had to enjoy it.

Maxie: What about chemistry?

Lulu: It's not fair to ask me to make all the sacrifices in this office.

Kate: No, no, we wouldn't want to inconvenience your personal life for something as insignificant as "Crimson's" public profile. All right, look. This is a low profile event and Dr. Hunter is certainly good looking enough, but I want to be very clear. I'm getting really sick and tired of all the hearts and flowers and everybody putting such significance on this personal arrangement, all right? So, Maxie, you take Dr. Hunter and your wardrobe is waiting for you.

Matt: Thank you, Ms. Howard. It should be fun. And just for the record, I'm not a hearts and flowers kind of guy.

Kate: Well, that's a relief.

Maxie: When we get to that gallery, you better not say one word.

Kate: Okay, well, Lulu, enjoy your date. I'm hoping this turn of events will free Johnny up for a whole lot more dates.

Lulu: Wow, what is this for?

Ethan: That's why I came here. I thought I'd return the money I borrowed. It seems honesty does have its reward.

Lulu: What reward?

Ethan: I get to go on a date with you.

Lulu: Oh, not if you're the last man on earth.

Edward: This is pathetic. My daughter, a captain of industry, reduced to playing solitaire in a broken down barge.

Tracy: At least I'm winning.

Edward: So tell me. Where is it?

Tracy: Where's what?

Edward: Luke's body. You told me it was an emergency and I should get right over, and I naturally assumed that he'd gone too far and you killed him.

Tracy: Sorry to disappoint you. Luke is still breathing.

Edward: Oh, well, there's always the next time.

Tracy: No, actually, I need your advice. How about something that you are uniquely qualified for?

Edward: Hot finances, mergers, acquisitions, what?

Tracy: Illegitimate children. When exactly did you know that Jimmy Lee Holt was your son?

Edward: Why would you bring up that unpleasantness?

Tracy: Did he just confront you, or did he lurk in the fringes and pretend to be a stranger and then drop the bomb one day?

Edward: Oh, good Lord. Don't tell me I have another child that I don't know about.

Tracy: Not you, you boob. I think Luke does.

Edward: Luke? Well, better him than me.

Tracy: That's not helping, Daddy.

Edward: You know, I wouldn't be surprised if Luke has a dozen fatherless children scattered around the globe.

Tracy: Daddy, this is a little closer to home. Ethan Lovett.

Edward: Oh, well, now that you mention it, there are certain similarities.

Tracy: They're woven of the same cloth. They walk alike. They think alike. They act alike. And the other day, Ethan mentioned Holly Sutton.

Edward: Holly? Beautiful Holly? Smart, cunning -- did I say beautiful?

Tracy: Ethan insists it was a passing acquaintance, but I doubt it.

Edward: You know, I think this is probably just jealousy on your part. You've never liked it that Luke had anything to do with Holly.

Tracy: Ethan is carrying a photograph in his wallet, and it's all old and dog-eared like he's been carrying it for a long time. Who is it of? Luke and Robert Scorpio.

Edward: Why don't you ask the young man about it? There are any number of possibilities.

Tracy: Maybe, but you and I are going to do some digging, Daddy. I want to know if this boy is my stepson.

Ethan: Anyone knows a good con only works if you follow through. And since this date was your idea --

Lulu: I have a boyfriend.

Ethan: Is this the same boyfriend you couldn't find today, the one who wouldn't return your texts or answer your calls?

Lulu: I just wanted to get Maxie back for all the time that she was spending with Johnny by sending her out with somebody that she hates.

Ethan: So you're something of a schemer. That's fantastic. I like that in a date.

Lulu: I'm not your date.

Ethan: I feel so used.

Lulu: Well, you'll get over it.

Ethan: You know, I think I will, right after I go into your boss's office and tell her how you sabotaged a co-worker and put your own personal agenda ahead of the magazineís. So much for team "Crimson," eh?

Lulu: You wouldnít.

Ethan: I won't have to if you go out with me.

Jason: For what it's worth, I think you should keep taking the pills and keep going to therapy and just give them both some time to work.

Robin: Who are you and what have you done with Jason? The Jason I know doesn't give advice.

Jason: Well, it looks like you need it.

Robin: Oh, boy, do I.

Jason: Do you remember how much you used to help me with Michael? I mean, you were so kind and nurturing, and I just remember that you would rock him to sleep, and of course, I was so clueless at the time. And when he would cry, you would hold him and comfort him, and you knew exactly what he needed. Somewhere I know you've got that for Emma, too.

Robin: I'll try.

Jason: Promise?

Robin: I promise. Thank you so much.

Carly: Jax?

[Phone rings]

Carly: Jax? Jasper Jacks' office. Hello?

Jerry: Is that you, Carly?

Carly: Jerry? Where the hell are you?

Jerry: I hope you know how much I regret what happened and my part in it.

Carly: Oh, really? What do you have to be sorry for this time? I mean, I can't wait to hear it, Jerry. I just really can't wait to hear your apology.

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