GH Transcript Monday 4/6/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/6/09


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Carly: You didn't come looking for me.

Jason: No.

Carly: I'm glad you found me.

Jason: Yeah, me, too.

Carly: So what are you doing here, where Michael was shot, on the anniversary of the night it happened?

Jason: Sonny started asking questions. Did Ian Devlin act alone? I think there's someone else to blame for what happened to Michael.

Nikolas: Rebecca, what did you just say?

Rebecca: Nikolas.

Nikolas: I can never find out what?

Rebecca: No, you can't.

Patrick: Robin?

Maxie: Epiphany, I just got an urgent message from here. Do you know what it's about?

Epiphany: I don't have a clue about your message or about this filing system in this hospital. You know what? The CIA could not break this code.

Maxie: Okay, my message said that it was important and from a doctor, so could it be from Robin or Patrick.

Matt: Yeah, you know, they're not the only MD's around here.

Maxie: Oh, you'd better have a really good reason for this.

Matt: Well, yeah. It's a serious medical condition. Why are you smiling? I'm just going to tell you my heart is broken due to your neglect.

[Matt chuckles]

Maxie: You dragged me away from work so you could annoy me with this?

Matt: Okay, that is a little harsh, all right?

Maxie: Harsh?

Matt: Yeah.

Maxie: Well, I have an idea. Why don't you take your charming lines to the local bar and hit on one of the waitresses? I bet, if you give her a big tip, she'll go home with you.

Matt: Wow, talk about protesting way too much.

Maxie: I give up. I have to go.

Matt: No, look -- okay, if you were to just call me back, I wouldn't have to resort to all these phony messages.

Maxie: If I called you back, I would have to talk to you.

Matt: Right. Right. I didn't think about that. Or we could e-mail, except for the fact that you gave me those phony e-mail addresses.

Maxie: You're, like, one of those whack-a-moles. I just keep hitting you down and you pop right back up.

Matt: Okay, come on. What does a guy have to do in Port Charles to take a girl out for some dinner and dancing?

Maxie: Pick a girl who will say yes.

Matt: Right. You are only protesting because you like me.

Sonny: I shouldn't have done that.

Claudia: Why not? It was great.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Because I was in a bad place and I took it out on you.

Claudia: You don't hear me complaining. Take it out on me anytime.

[Claudia chuckles]

Sonny: Look, you've been all right. You've been all right. I'm -- seriously. You've been all right. You've dealt with the crap that surrounds my business and my mood swings and -- whatever. I don't even know what I'm talking about.

Claudia: You know what? Life with you, compared to what I put up with my father, it's been like a day at the beach for me. Sonny, I like you. I know you're hurting. I know this is the anniversary of Michael's shooting, and I know you're in a lot of pain. And all I want to do is comfort you, you know, if I can do that. Hey, let me do that. Let me do that for you.

Jason: The last thing Devlin said before he died was "there's more."

Carly: Well, that can mean anything or nothing.

Jason: I know. At first, I thought he was just trying to mess with my head. But now I'm thinking that he was actually trying to name an accomplice.

Carly: Okay, well, even if that's true, how does coming back here help you?

Jason: I just wanted to walk through what happened again, in case I missed something the first time.

Carly: You don't miss things, though, Jason.

Jason: When I got here after Michael was shot --

Jason: There was blood.

Jason: And I talked to the guys who were working the case and I saw where Devlin placed a rifle. And I couldn't remember anything. You know, all I was thinking about was Michael was lying in that bed, you holding my hand, and you were looking at me like somehow I can fix it.

Carly: I'm so sorry I did that to you.

Jason: No, I wanted to fix it. I wanted to do something, Carly. And maybe now, once and for all, I can find out who shot Michael and -- and I'm going to make them pay.

Patrick: Robin? Hey, hey. Can you hear me?  Robin. Wait a minute. Come on. Other side, hey. Can you hear me?

[Robin coughs]

Patrick: Robin, are you okay? Okay, I'm going to call for help. Stay there.

[Robin coughs]

Patrick: Yes, I need an ambulance at the Elm Street pier. My wife fell in the water. I revived her. She's breathing shallow. She's got mild hypothermia. She's hypoxic. Hurry. Hey. Okay.

Robin: Where's Emma?

Claudia: I don't know if I've ever even told you this before, but I like you, Sonny. I'm glad that our marriage is working out in its own unconventional way.

Sonny: Likewise.

Claudia: Do you want to sleep in here with me tonight?

Sonny: No, no, no, I got to go. I have some place I got to be.

Claudia: Okay.

Sonny: I just want to say that it did help me.

Claudia: I'm glad.

[Door shuts]

Claudia: "Perform home test as early as two days after your first missed period to confirm pregnancy."

Epiphany: Are you going to dig a hole in this floor, or what?

Nikolas: I'm just -- I'm worried about Rebecca.

Epiphany: Oh, she'll be okay. You know, we've come a long way in testing for breast cancer, even in the last few years. And since I got my diagnosis in the 1990s, it's a whole different world.

Nikolas: The doctor explained to me what the biopsy entailed, but if you could walk me through it again, that would be great.

Epiphany: Sure, let's have a seat. Okay, the procedure is going to be performed by a radiologist, assisted by a nurse. And it's called an ultrasound-directed core biopsy. The radiologist uses an ultrasound machine to locate the area of concern in Rebecca's breast. Then he'll prep a long hollow needle to insert in to the area. Using the ultrasound as a road map, he'll extract a sample tissue through the needle. And then he'll do this a few times to get a few samples of tissue for more thorough testing. And after it's over, Rebecca won't need stitches, just a pressure bandage to stem any remaining bleeding.

Nikolas: How long will it take to get the results?

Epiphany: Oh, well, it depends on how busy pathology is. It could take up to a week.

Nikolas: Okay. I'm sorry, one more question -- when a patient is put under a twilight sleep, are they aware of what they might be saying?

Epiphany: Why do you ask?

Nikolas: I don't know. Rebecca, she said something that -- I was just wondering what she meant by it.

Patrick: Emma's in her room? Are you sure? Just go double-check.

[Robin groans]

Patrick: Okay, okay, thank you. Okay, thank you, Mercedes. Hey, Emma’s in her room and she's fine, okay? She's fine.

Robin: Not that Emma.

Patrick: Robin, what are you talking about?

Robin: A little girl, she was here. Emma, where did she go?

Patrick: No, hey, hey, Robin, hey. Hey, stay with me. Hey, stay awake. Okay, stay awake. Come on.


Patrick: Okay, okay, the ambulance is here. The ambulance is here. Stay awake. She's over here, hey! Come on. She's conscious, speech unimpaired. When I found her in the water, she was just floating there. I got her up. I revived her. I don't know how long she was in there, though.

[Robin coughs]

Patrick: Okay, okay.

Paramedic: How did she get in the water?

Patrick: I don't know. It's okay.

Carly: One year after the fact, you suddenly think Ian Devlin wasn't working alone. Are you sure this isn't about Sonny?

Jason: Maybe Sonny is seeing something I didn't. You know, I told you my head wasn't clear when I went after Devlin. I mean, maybe the guy had a partner and I let him get away.

Carly: All right, you know, I'm going to tell you something that you've said to me many times. Revenge doesn't change anything. It won't wake up Michael if you find this mysterious person, even if --

Jason: I have to know for sure. I don't want someone who hurt Michael walking around free when he's trapped in that bed.

Matt: Just so you know, a cup of coffee does not qualify as a real date.

Maxie: Okay, that's about as real as you're going to get.

Matt: Really? You sure you don't want to just get blotto and crazy --

Maxie: No.

Matt: And we'll go have an entire meal together sometime, say that Italian place over on Elm? You know, get a nice bottle of wine --

Maxie: That actually sounds really romantic, but I'm pretty sure you and your mirror would have a better time.

Epiphany: Take her to O.R. 2. I'll page Dr. Kim and bring in the warming aid.

Maxie: Wait, what happened?

Patrick: Robin fell in the water off the pier. She was unconscious when I got her out, but I got her breathing again.

Matt: Is she going to be okay?

Patrick: I don't know.

Maxie: Oh, my God, I can't believe this. Everything Robin's been through, and now she actually falls off the pier?

Matt: Or she tried to commit suicide.

Sonny: Hey, Kristina, it's your dad. Grandpa said that you were doing great in school. I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that I'm very
proud of you and I love you very much. Bye.

Claudia: Congratulations for what?

Sonny: Kristina is doing great in school. I just thought I'd call her, hoping she'd be there, you know?

Claudia: Have you seen her lately?

Sonny: Not for a couple of months.

Claudia: I'm sorry. You know what? I should've done better. I should've done more --

Sonny: It has nothing to do with you.

Claudia: No, it does. Her father got remarried, I'm your new wife, and I should've invited her over, at least let her know that she was welcome here.

Sonny: Alexis doesn't want Kristina anywhere near me because she thinks my life is too dangerous.

Claudia: I'm sorry, where does she get off making those kinds of judgments?

Sonny: Where does she get off? Kristina is her daughter.

Claudia: Well, Kristina is your daughter, too, and you love your children, and you have every right to see your children.

Sonny: She's trying to protect her daughter. I get it and I'm not going to push that.

Claudia: Sonny, you would never do anything to hurt Kristina.

Sonny: That's what I said about Michael and look what happened. I try to do everything I can to protect my children, to keep them safe. But if somebody wants to get to them, they're going to get to them.

Claudia: No one was gunning for Michael.

Sonny: They were trying to hit me. And they -- and Michael was an innocent victim. Now he's lying in bed in a coma.

Claudia: I think you're being too hard on yourself.

Sonny: I love my children to death. But I should have never had them.

Carly: Well, I guess I better go talk to Sonny.

Jason: You know what; don't fight with him about this.

Carly: I won't. I need to go tell him that there's a 2-in-10 chance that Michael can die from this procedure. I'm going to hear what he thinks and then I'll make my decision.

Jason: Yeah, whatever you guys decide, I'm sure it's going to be right.

Carly: I hope so. With everything we've done wrong, we've got to get this one right, huh? Can you do me a favor?

Jason: Sure.

Carly: Talk to Sonny about opening this place back up. It shouldn't be empty, frozen in time. It's like a monument to something terrible.

Jason: Let me take you out of here. Come on.

Jason: Don't move.

Patrick: Hey, guys. I'll stay with her until Dr. Kim comes back. Thanks.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Hey.

Patrick: Your hands are still cold. How are you feeling?

Robin: Shaky. Exhausted. Thanks for pulling me out of the water.

Patrick: Thank God I saw you.

Robin: I feel so stupid and so embarrassed.

Patrick: For what?

Robin: I've been going to that pier my entire life. I should know better than to stand so close to the edge.

Patrick: Robin, why were you there?

Robin: I just needed time to think.

Patrick: About your appointment with Dr. Brown? You know, you were supposed to meet me after. You didn't answer my calls.

Robin: I needed a little bit of time, okay?

Patrick: I love you and I'm so glad that you're safe, but, Robin, but I can't help but wonder.

Robin: What?

Patrick: Did you really fall into the water on accident or did you jump in on purpose?

Nikolas: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey, Nikolas.

Nikolas: It's okay. You're in the exam room. The radiologist said everything went fine. They got the tissue samples they needed for the biopsy.

Rebecca: Good. I'm glad it's over. You know, I feel like such a chicken.

Nikolas: Why?

Rebecca: Most women go through this awake, right?  And I was so nervous, I asked them to put me under.

Nikolas: That's okay. You did what you were comfortable with.

Rebecca: Have you been here the entire time?

Nikolas: Yeah, I wanted to be here when you woke up.

Rebecca: That wasn't necessary.

Nikolas: No, nobody should have to go through anything like this alone.

Rebecca: You're so kind. I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you.

Nikolas: You already have by putting up with me.

Rebecca: Such a hardship.

Nikolas: There's one thing that I am curious about, though. While you were sedated, you said something right before you drifted off.

Rebecca: I did? What was it?

Nikolas: Yeah, I -- nothing. It was probably nothing.

Rebecca: You wouldn't have brought it up if it was nothing.

Nikolas: No, I couldn't -- I couldn't quite understand what you said. I think it might have been "thank you."

Rebecca: Yeah. Yeah, I know that that was probably it. You know, I am so grateful.

Maxie: Robin has postpartum depression. There's a lot of stuff going on in her life right now, and it's very overwhelming, not to mention all the sleep she's been losing, and everyone expects her to be all sunshine and roses because she's a new mom, and she feels horrible that she's not.

Matt: That is what I'm saying. That depression that she is feeling -- what she is going --

Maxie: No, Robin would never try to kill herself. She cares too much about the people who love her, and she wouldn't do that after Georgie’s death. She has respect for life as a --

Matt: Okay, the postpartum depression that women feel -- yes, almost never do they want to commit suicide, but --

Maxie: You don't know her.

Matt: She could be the exception, Maxie. Look, I've done the research.

Maxie: I don't care what you say.  My cousin is not some case study in a medical report.

Matt: Of course she's not. That's not what I'm saying.

Maxie: I'm not going to stand here and listen to your sweeping judgments about who Robin is and how she feels. You don't have a clue.

Matt: Okay, do you want to help your cousin? Then it's time that you start looking at the cold, hard facts.

Maxie: You're wrong.

Matt: And what if you're wrong and Robin does succeed next time she tries to kill herself?

Robin: The water is freezing this time of year. Why would you think I would jump in?

Patrick: I'm just trying to find some sort of explanation. You've been overwhelmed and depressed, and --

Robin: Yeah, so I left my life, and I, you know, took a drive to Rochester, but that doesn't mean I want to kill myself.

Patrick: Well, you have admitted to suffering from postpartum depression.

Robin: And I've started therapy, and I'm on my road to recovery.

Patrick: Okay, well, speaking of therapy, how did your session go?

Robin: All right. I mean, it's kind of strange to be with a complete stranger and immediately dive into, you know, details about my personal life, but I'm sure it'll get easier as time goes on.

Patrick: Can I ask you why you didn't come and meet me or why you didn't return any of my calls?

Robin: I needed time to assimilate the information.

Patrick: Okay, well, your session was over hours ago, so where did you go?

Robin: What is this, the third degree?

Patrick: Robin, obviously, I've been very worried about you, and I love you. You and Emma are my life. You mean everything to me, so I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you. Okay, I'm just -- I'm trying to figure out what's happening.

Robin: Okay. I went to the pier to think. Carly was there, and we talked for a bit, and you know how she's not my favorite person.

Patrick: And so you just stayed on the pier?

Robin: No, I went to see Sonny.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: I've known Sonny for a very long time. He knows me really well, and sometimes he feels like a safe haven to me.

Patrick: Did it help?

Robin: Yeah. He always does. Anyway, so I went back to the pier, and I was so tired. I should have just gone home, but I was standing there. The fog rolled in, and I was looking out at the harbor, and -- I don't know. I guess I just got lost in thought, because the next thing I know, I slipped and fell in, and --

Patrick: Yeah, I went looking for you. I almost walked right by you, but then I saw something that was yours.

Robin: What?

Patrick: A ripped-up prescription.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Yeah, Dr. Brown thinks that I should take antidepressants.

Patrick: So why did you rip it up?

Robin: Because I've done research on other non-drug therapies. You know, hormone therapy, diet and exercise --

Patrick: And what did Dr. Brown think of all that?

Robin: Well, Dr. Brown doesn't think I have any time to waste. She thinks I should start taking the pills right away.

Patrick: Robin, I know you've been under enormous stress. Are you sure you didn't give into a bad impulse out on the pier?

Robin: Patrick, I didn't try to kill myself, okay? I need you to believe that.

Sonny: There's another reason our marriage makes sense, because you don't want children, so it's not like I'm depriving you.

Claudia: Okay, but I'm really surprised to hear you so vehement about not wanting any more kids.

Sonny: My kids were in danger for one reason, one reason only -- because I'm their father. I am not going to put that burden on another child.

Claudia: Sonny, your children love you, and you love your children. I mean, that's what matters most, right?

Sonny: Why are you fighting me on this?

Claudia: I'm not fighting you.

Sonny: Yeah, you are. I just -- I don't like to see you beat yourself up.

Sonny: No, well, I'm not beating myself up.

Carly: I need to talk to you alone.

Claudia: I'll be in the kitchen.

Carly: I meant what I said earlier. I don't want you visiting Michael at the Aftercare Institute.

Sonny: What? What are you talking about?

Carly: I went to visit Michael earlier today, and Claudia was sitting at his bedside.

Sonny: What were you doing there?

Carly: Trying to score points with you. What do you think?

Claudia: You know what? That's not true.

Sonny: Excuse me. Why didn't you tell me that you went?

[Claudia sighs]

Claudia: Look, I have been to see Michael a bunch of times, actually. I -- you can check the logs. I sign in as a Quartermaine. I just want to pay my respects to my husband's son. He was a victim of a violent world that he lived in, and I know what that's like.

Carly: Don't compare yourself to Michael.

Claudia: I'm not. I am not. I just -- he was a kid. He had his whole life ahead of him, and what happened to him was a tragedy, and I'm really
sorry for all of you. That's -- that's all.

Carly: Please don't tell me you bought that.

Sonny: If you don't want Claudia at the institute, I understand that, but look, it's not like -- what, you think Claudia would ever hurt Michael?

Jason: Why are you here?

Ric: Well, Michael is my nephew. What if I told you I was here to honor him on the anniversary of his tragic accident?

Jason: Or maybe you came here to make sure your tracks were covered.

Ric: Ah, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Huh, Jason? Yeah, Sonny's long-hated brother is responsible for Michael's shooting. You kill me, Sonny pats you on the head, pledges his undying gratitude. It's all tied up in a nice, neat little bow. The only problem with that is I didn't do it.

Jason: I'm supposed to take your word for that?

Ric: Yeah, fine, go ahead. Here's a thought. Why don't you kill me and frame me? Hey, Sonny's not going to ask any questions, right? Only you're going to know the truth. Well, come on, Jason. Are you saying you can't kill an unarmed, innocent --

Jason: Don't call yourself innocent.

Robin: I know I've made mistakes, but I'm not crazy or suicidal.

Maxie: You're looking better, sitting up and stuff, you know, besides the whole hospital gown thing. How are you feeling?

Robin: Better, thanks.

Maxie: When I saw you coming through the doors on that gurney, I thought something really horrible had happened. Guess it almost did.

Patrick: I'm going to let you guys talk.

Robin: Hey -- I'm okay. Don't worry.

Patrick: Okay.

Maxie: Well, are you warm? Do you have a fever? Are you dry yet?

Robin: Yes, all of the above. They're keeping me here tonight, but they should let me go in the morning.

Maxie: Well, that husband of yours is so cute, hovering over you like a mother hen.

Robin: Yeah, because he thinks I tried to kill myself. Maxie, I didn't. I mean, I was out of it. I was even seeing things, but I would never try to end my life.

Maxie: I believe you, Robin. I'm sure that Patrick does, too. It's -- he just loves you a lot.

Robin: Well, if he loves me, then he should trust me.

Maxie: You are a rational, reasonable person, and no matter how hard this postpartum gets, I know you're going to remember that you have a child to raise and a family who really, really loves you and would be devastated if you ended your life.

Robin: Why does it sound like you're trying to convince me?

Maxie: You're going to be fine. Just stick with the therapy. I'm sure that everything will be okay.

Robin: You know, it was painful to see the doubt in Patrick's eyes, but you, too? So nobody believes me?

Patrick: Robin swears that her fall into the water was an accident, and I want to believe that she's telling the truth.

Matt: You want to believe?

Patrick: Well, Matt, it makes sense. I mean, between all the exhaustion and the fog rolling in, she could have easily slipped.

Matt: Just like she accidentally found herself driving toward Rochester when she was supposed to be meeting you for dinner.

Patrick: That was completely different.

Matt: Oh, was it?

Patrick: Yes, she was acting on an impulse. Taking your life is not the same thing.

Matt: Okay, Robin is not acting like herself, so we can agree that that is due to some sort of medical condition.

Patrick: Women with postpartum depression almost never commit suicide.

Matt: The operative word being "almost."

Patrick: Okay, Matt, enough.

Matt: I don't want to be the jerk here, but, Patrick, more than that, I don't want to be the guy standing next to you at Robin's funeral. All right, look, so whether she fell into that water or she jumped, it is agreed that it's due to severe postpartum depression that -- it has a hand in all of this, right?

Patrick: Yes -- I want her to feel safe with me.

Matt: No, you want her to be safe, and that means staying in therapy, following the protocol, for your sake, for your wife's, and for Emma’s, because until Robin's strong enough to fight this on her own, you have to fight this for her.

Ric: Well, what are you waiting for, Jason? Oh, come on, don't tell me it's going to hurt your conscience to kill me for something that I didn't do?

Jason: I'm going to find out what happened when Michael got shot.

Ric: Good. It was a terrible tragedy. I think justice needs to be served.

Jason: If you had anything to do with it or you know who did and I find out, I'm not going to shoot you. I will kill you with my bare hands.

Carly: I don't think Claudia would hurt Michael, but it creeps me out to walk in there and see her sitting by his bedside, so you know, I get that you're married to her. I'm really sorry about that, but I don't want her near my kids.

Sonny: I think she just feels bad because all the times that I talk about Michael and everything, but, hey, if you don't want her there, you don't want her there. I'm not going to disrespect your feelings, right?

Carly: Thank you. Right now we have a bigger decision to make.

Sonny: What?

Carly: Seems that the procedure that we're thinking about for Michael has a high failure rate. Two out of the 10 patients have died, so if we try and bring Michael back, we could kill him.

Sonny: You think it's worth it?

Carly: I don't know. I don't know. That's why I'm asking you. God, Sonny, I can't make this decision by myself.

Sonny: I think I know what we need to do.

Nikolas: Yeah, seems fairly easy to open and close. You shouldn't have any problems with it.

Rebecca: Oh, great. Yeah, I'll keep that in mind for the summer.

Nikolas: Am I overstaying my welcome?

Rebecca: No, not at all, but you are going a little overboard with the fussing, I have to say.

Nikolas: Oh, well, I'd better stop before it gets worse, then. So you're all set, right?

Rebecca: Um, yeah, I'm going to be fine, and if I have any trouble sleeping, I'll just crack open a copy of "The Aeneid" that you gave me.

Nikolas: Oh, right, did it work last night?

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, like a charm.

Nikolas: Good. I'll tell you what. I'll stop by tomorrow for lunch and see how you're doing?

Rebecca: I'm not going to be working for a day or so. Doctor's orders.

Nikolas: Right, okay. Well, how about I take you for a drive? You can see the sights, don't have to move an inch.

Rebecca: I'd like that.

Nikolas: Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

Rebecca: Good night.

Nikolas: Good night.

Maxie: Robin's been in an accident.

Jason: What? What are you talking -- what happened?

Maxie: Patrick found her floating in the water off the Elm Street pier.

Jason: Is she okay?

Maxie: Yeah, physically, she is fine. He had her taken to the hospital so she could be treated for hypothermia, but Patrick thinks Robin might have tried to kill herself.

Jason: No, no, not Robin.

Maxie: See, that's what I first thought, but I don't know. Now everyone's making me doubt her.

Jason: Well, what does Robin say?

Maxie: She swears that she slipped and fell accidentally.

Jason: Okay, then she did.

Maxie: Look, Robin is not a great liar, okay, and lately she's been doing some very un-Robin-like things, so I just don't know what to think.

Jason: I mean, is there anything I can do?

Maxie: Well, she's in a really bad place right now. She thinks everybody's been judging her and talking about her behind her back, which, I mean, technically, we are, but it's only because we love --

Jason: Maxie, Maxie.

Maxie: Look, she really needs one person who will listen to her without judgment or worrying about saying the wrong thing. She needs someone who's expressionless and emotionless, which would be you.

Epiphany: Your wife's vitals are improving. Excellent timing on the rescue, Drake Jr.

Patrick: Just glad I found her.

Epiphany: Amen to that.

Patrick: So, I -- I talked to Dr. Brown.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: What exactly did you tell her?

Patrick: Well, I told her that I found you in the water, and I also told her that you ripped up your prescription. So she -- she called in a new one. She said you should start taking it right away.

Robin: You think I don't know this? She spent the last 15 minutes of our session trying to twist my arm.

Patrick: No one's twisting your arm, Robin. She was giving her professional opinion.

Robin: Well, I'm a doctor, too.

Patrick: No.

Robin: Remember that?

Patrick: Right now, you are a patient.

Robin: What happened on that pier was an accident. It had nothing to do with postpartum depression, all right? Except maybe for the fact that I'm exhausted, you know, and there was fog, and that doesn't really help much when you're trying to get your footing on a slippery pier.

Patrick: Robin, I love you so much, but I am terrified. I just -- I want you to be safe. I want you to be -- I want you to be healthy, for me, for yourself, for Emma, for our family.

Robin: I want that, too.

Patrick: Dr. Brown said this is the first step.

[Patrick pours water]

Patrick: Robin, will you please -- will you please take this?

Sonny: There is nothing I want more, but I just think we should, you know -- it's kind of risky, that we shouldn't take that chance with this procedure. What?

Carly: What he's doing now -- he's not living. He's just lying there. He's just existing. The doctors say he's never going to wake up, Sonny. Never. I know the procedure is risky, but what if we gave him a chance to live again, a chance to be with us and walk and talk.

Sonny: There's nothing I want more, but maybe eventually they'll come up with a safer procedure. I don't know.

Carly: So you think we should wait?

Sonny: No, what I'm saying is maybe in a couple years they will make progress.

Carly: You're right. You're right. I mean, they come up with new stuff all the time. I guess we should just wait till it's safer.

Sonny: I hate that our son lost a year of his life. I hate that he's going to lose more years, and I know I can't bring him back, but I know I've been distracted, but I am going to find out who did this.

Carly: Ian Devlin is dead, Sonny.

Sonny: I'm going to continue to work harder, figuring out if he did this alone, because if there's somebody else responsible, I will get justice for our son.

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