GH Transcript Wednesday 3/25/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/25/09


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Nikolas: Oh, let me guess. On your way to Kelly’s?

Lucky: Yeah. It's my family's restaurant.

Nikolas: Right. And the fact that Rebecca works there is completely coincidental, I’m sure.

Lucky: I didn't say that.

Nikolas: I can't believe my own brother is doing this to me, really.

Lucky: Doing what?

Nikolas: Hitting on a woman that looks just like my dead wife.

Lucky: You know what? You are so far out of line, I don't even know where to start with you.

Robin: Emma is at the park with Judy. I know what you're thinking.

Patrick: I doubt that.

Robin: It's not that hard to figure out. You think I’m avoiding our daughter, but I actually have a very good reason for her not being here right now.

Patrick: Really? What's that?

Robin: Lainey's coming over.

Patrick: So what's that supposed to mean?

Robin: It means that I'm doing what you want, unless you've suddenly decided that that's not enough anymore.

Claudia: What are you doing here?

Johnny: We need to talk. Sonny's gone -- at least he should be for the rest of the day.

Claudia: Oh, please don't tell me you still have your spies checking in with you at the garage.

Johnny: It doesn't matter how I get my information.

Claudia: Why are you biting my head off? You came to see me, remember?

Johnny: That should tell you how concerned I am.

Claudia: Fine. What's on your mind?

Johnny: Last night was your first opportunity to get everybody in the business kissing your butt. Claudia Zacchara finally risen to power. You should have been eating it all up.

Claudia: I was -- I am.

Johnny: No, you weren't. I was watching you. There was fear behind every move you made. Don't deny it, Claudia. Tell me why.

Claudia: No, Johnny, you go back to the life that you chose and leave me to deal with the politics.

Johnny: You need to tell me what's going on.

Claudia: No, I really don't, Johnny.

Johnny: Okay, then I'll stay here all day until you do.

[Claudia sighs]

Claudia: Okay, fine. You know what? I just -- remember that you insisted, okay? Ric found one of Jerry's DVDs. That's right, Ric Lansing knows about my involvement in Michael’s shooting. So keeping Sonny from finding out has become my full-time job.

Jason: Bernie, it does not matter what anybody thinks. Sonny's in charge. I'm backing him all the way. That's what you tell the men. If anybody has a problem, set up a meeting. I will deal with them personally. Okay, thank you.

[Knock at door]

Jason: What the hell do you want?

Ric: Didn't anybody talk to your new partner?

Jason: Yeah, Sonny's running the business again, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with every decision that he makes. I think bringing you on is a huge mistake.

Ric: Well, as you said, Sonny's the one who's running things, so it's really not your call to make.

Jason: Okay, then I'll ask again, what do you want, Ric?

Ric: Look, you and I don't like each other, and that's never going to change, but things have fallen out in a way that we are forced to work together. I think the best thing that we can do is put our personal differences aside and band together for the common good. Now, Jason, I am willing to do that. Are you saying that you're not?

Jason: No, I'm not -- I will never band together with you.

Ric: Oh, well, that's going to be very disappointing for Sonny to hear.

Jason: Well, then he can talk to me himself. My position is not going to change.

[Ric clears throat]

Ric: Look, I realize that the personal dynamics here are a little subtle for you to understand, so let me try to explain it. You and Sonny have just recently come together and had a meeting of the minds after a very, very difficult year, so your bond is very new and very tenuous. Sonny is going to be watching you. He's going to look to see if you're going to undermine his decisions. So your attitude towards me, be it negative, could come back to haunt you.

Jason: Why are you standing there so smug, telling me how things are going to be? Because you're Ric. So you must have some kind of leverage. Now, I don't know what, I don't know who against, but I'm going to find the leverage. And when I do, I'm going to get rid of you once and for all.

Claudia: Ric came to my room before the party last night. He had the DVD, and clearly he'd already seen it. The good news is, none of those DVDs have any information whatsoever from Jerry Jacks about your involvement in Michael’s shooting.

Johnny: With Ric Lansing in possession of the very thing that'll blow your life right open, Claudia, there is no good news. What does he want in exchange for his silence?

Claudia: I don't know, nothing specific yet, but you know Ric. He's jockeying for position, and I think he's just going to wait and see what happens with Sonny, and then figure out how he can best use it to his advantage. In the meantime, I get the feeling he wants to jump in and out of my bed whenever he wants to.

Johnny: And that's all right with you?

Claudia: Uh-uh. Come on, John. No, it's not all right with me, but it's also not all right for Ric to go off to Sonny about my involvement in Michael’s shooting. The minute Sonny finds out, I'm dead. I'm dead on the spot.

Johnny: Okay, fine, so that's why --

Claudia: No, you know what? Don't -- don't even go there about me leaving Sonny. That is not happening.

Johnny: You're unbelievable.

Claudia: What? I don't expect you to understand, John, but it's my life. I make the decisions. I'm going to figure out how to deal with this situation, and Ric, however I have to.

Robin: I thought you wanted me to get help. That's what I'm doing. Why are you being like this?

Patrick: Being like what, Robin? I mean, I apologize if I'm not being nice to you after you abandoned me and Emma.

Robin: I know that I hurt you, and I'm sorry. I completely screwed up. But now, I mean, at least I've admitted it, that I have a problem and that I'm taking steps to fix it.

Patrick: Or unless you're just pacifying me until the next time you make your great escape.

Robin: Oh, come on, that's not fair.

Patrick: Fair? Robin, really? You want to talk about being fair right now?

Robin: Well, before I didn't even know that I had a problem, okay? And now I've admitted it. I'm going to get help. I mean, I told you Lainey's coming over.

Patrick: Does Lainey know why she's coming over here? Does she know she's coming in a professional capacity? Does she know you've been completely out of control?

Edward: Barkeep, I'm looking for Tracy Quartermaine.

Ethan: I'm sorry, I haven't seen her today. That Tracy, though, she's a real pistol, isn't she? Smart, tough. She certainly gives Luke a run for his money.

Edward: Luke doesn't have any money. He is the problem. She has to spend so much time monitoring that deadbeat that I have had to come out of a very welcoming semi-retirement to run ELQ single-handedly, and I'm not happy about it.

Ethan: Evidently. And Tracy’s never mentioned ELQ. What is that?

Edward: Oh, well, never mind. So will you tell her -- don't even bother. She wouldn't return my call. I want to leave you my number and have you call me the minute she barrels in. Do you have a pen? And here, here's 20 bucks for your trouble.

Ethan: Oh, no, I'll certainly call you, but I won't take your money.

Edward: What, you're helping me for nothing?

Ethan: Sure. Isn't that what America is all about?

Edward: Oh, I have to ask, young man. What is a fine, upstanding young man like you doing pouring booze for Luke Spencer?

Ethan: I've done worse.

Edward: You take my advice and you watch your wallet. Now, where's the pen, okay?

Ethan: Oh, no, I'm sorry. Sorry about that.

Edward: It's all right. No problem.

Lucky: I'm sorry you can't deal with the way Rebecca looks. I don't have a problem with it. I like her for who she is.

Nikolas: But, Lucky, there's plenty of other women to date. Why do you have to pick someone who looks just like Emily?

Lucky: First of all, Rebecca and I are not dating. I took her to hear some live music. And second, her resemblance to Emily? It doesn't play into anything.

Nikolas: Huh, I'm not sure I believe that.

Lucky: What are you accusing me of, exactly? Having some deep, secret thing for Emily that I'm working out with Rebecca?

Nikolas: Not a bad theory. But I'm not quite there yet, because I'm still stuck on how amazing it is that you can't see how insensitive, not to mention creepy -- I mean, this is creepy, Lucky, this attraction to Rebecca. It really is.

Lucky: Nikolas, Rebecca is not your wife. She's not your property or your girlfriend. You can't tell me who I can see.

Elizabeth: Hey, guys, looks like you have an audience.

Elizabeth: I just walked in and found Rebecca here getting an earful.

Rebecca: Oh, come on. That's little melodramatic, don't you think? I mean, I was on my way to work, I turned the corner and there you were, fighting.

Elizabeth: So you just stood there and took in the show?

Rebecca: Yeah, the fight had just started, and I was surprised, you know? I thought that we'd come to some sort of a consensus on this whole situation.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. You really don't get how this might be a problem for Nikolas?

Nikolas: She's not responsible for how horrendously I've handled my emotional life.

Lucky: But I am?

Nikolas: From you, I expect a little consideration, yes.

Elizabeth: Sounds reasonable to me.

Rebecca: Okay, look. I wish I could go back and do it over, okay? Land in Rochester, get a job there -- any city where I could just be myself reminiscent of no one, but I ended up here, coming between two brothers in a bizarre situation of events.

Nikolas: You don't need to do anything. The rest of us are the ones that need to make the adjustment.

Rebecca: I'm just sorry it's even necessary.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I guess it's unanimous, then.

Lucky: For the record, I never intended on hurting you. I like Rebecca, okay? We had fun together. I intend on seeing her again.

Nikolas: Okay, then.

[Lucky sighs]

Luke: Edward. Why, we don't see enough of you around here. Come, Mr. Lovett. Let's pour Edward a drink. What will you have, Scotch or bourbon?

Edward: What, it's the middle of the afternoon.

Luke: Not in Perth. Give me the wallet.

Ethan: I don't know what --

Luke: Give me the wallet.

Edward: What's going on over there? Why are you trying to ply me with free booze, huh?

Luke: I'm just being hospitable. Although, I understand how you would have difficulty recognizing that instinct.

Edward: Well, just let me finish my note here, and I'll be on my way.

Luke: Give me the damn wallet.

Ethan: I'm not going to give --

Luke: I saw you take it.

Ethan: You the wallet. He's standing right over there.

Edward: Where is Tracy? I really need to see her.

Luke: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't help you there, my friend. I haven't seen her today.

[Edward sighs]

Edward: What are you two doing over there?

Luke: I'm just filling the kid in. He's a little green. He's new in town and doesn't really understand the hierarchy of the Port Chuckles social set. You see, he was about to pour you a glass of rotgut. No, no, nothing but top shelf for my dear father-in-law.

Edward: Oh, God, just don't even say that. Here, you phone me when you see Tracy.

Luke: Yeah, we'll do that. Edward, it's great to see you.

Edward: Yes, fine.

Luke: Come back any time. You know, we never close. We'll always open up for you.

Edward: I want to see Tracy, that's all.

Luke: Well, I'll tell her you were here.

Ethan: You almost blew it. What were you doing?

Luke: No, dodge, you blew it!

Patrick: Robin, is there -- is there anything that you want to tell me?

Robin: Like what?

Patrick: I don't know. I mean, have you had some sort of -- felt some dissatisfaction that's directed at me?

Robin: No, I don't know what you're talking about.

Patrick: Is everything -- everything that you've felt, everything you've been through, do you feel like it's all been out of your control?

Robin: As opposed to what, something deliberate?

Patrick: Yes, deliberate.

Robin: I don't know. I think it's the depression.

Patrick: You know what? Forget it. Just -- you need to get better.

Robin: But eventually you'll be able to forgive me for walking out on you and Emma, right?

[Knock at door]

Robin: It's Lainey. Hey.

Lainey: Hi. Oh, I was so glad to get your call. It's been forever since we've had brunch together. There's this new bistro over on Walnut I've been dying -- what's wrong?

Robin: Don't worry about anything. You need to get to work. I know what I have to do.

Lainey: What did I just walk into?

Robin: I'm really sorry, I should have -- I should have been honest with you. I didn't want to have lunch. I mean, we can eat, but I just wanted to talk to you.

Lainey: Okay.

Robin: For a long time, Patrick has suspected that I have postpartum depression, and I was in denial for a long time. I need help.

Ric: The only leverage that I have, Jason -- the only leverage I need is the confidence and the backing of my brother. Now, I understand that you don't like that, but, hey, there it is anyway. And if Sonny is going to pull off this rather difficult merger between two disparate organizations, he's going to need the both of us. It would be counterproductive, if not dangerous, for you to subvert me.

Jason: Well, I can't tell Sonny who to hire, Ric, but I do have his ear, and I will make sure that he never makes the mistake of trusting you again.

Ric: Okay, you're a little slow, so let me spell it out for you. The order of the universe has now changed. You are no longer in charge of anything. You are nothing but a thug with a gun, what you were born to be. The difference -- Sonny's got a glimpse of your ambition. He's seen that you've taken power and you thrive in it. So, Jason, while you're in Sonny's ear, I guarantee you I'm going to be in the other one.

Sam: Okay, so it's official. The feds dropped all the charges against you. Is that why you called me here? To celebrate a little bit?

Spinelli: Actually, I don't make it a practice to rest on my laurels. I keep an eye on the future.

Sam: Ooh, seeing anything good?

Spinelli: Most definitely. And I will share that in but a moment, but first I'd like to express my multitudinous gratitude for your efforts in getting the Jackal from under the boot of the federal ones.

Sam: No, listen, I was happy to help. You do know that I consider you a friend. So whenever you need me, I will be there.

Spinelli: Well, it would be easier if I didn't have to look any further than across the room.

Sam: Across? I don't follow. What's going on?

Spinelli: I was mightily impressed by your investigative skills and your formidable prowess in the field.

Sam: Well, thank you, but you need to take your own credit. Because without your computer savvy, I would have never been able to break into the evidence room.

Spinelli: Right, which illustrates our compatibility, our effortless, even instinctive -- that synchronicity that we share, our ability to even intuit each other's moves.

Sam: I don't know if I would take it that far, but I understand --

Spinelli: It would be a travesty to let that magical communion of talents just wither and die due to lack of direction. So I have a proposition for a new venture. Jackal and McCall, private investigators.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Uh, it's a little premature because I don't even have my license yet, okay? And for the record, it would be McCall and Jackal.

Spinelli: Okay, fine, no quibbling. But keeping my eye on the larger picture, in that vein, I don't see any delay in procuring your license to operate now that Agent Rayner's dark plan has been thwarted.

Sam: Yeah, um, I'm honored that you would think about me, I really am, but you just don't understand that I kind of work best when I'm, like, I don't know, I guess I really need --

Winnifred: I am so sorry to be the blight on what should be a celebratory moment.

Sam: Oh, that doesn't sound good.

Winnifred: It's nothing less than disaster.

Matt: I'd ask how things are going, but I'm pretty sure I can figure it out.

Patrick: I owe you an apology.

Matt: Oh, okay, well, that explains it.

Patrick: I'm serious, Matt, I do. Listen, I went off on you for telling the truth about what happened, what was going on in my household. Robin's in the throes of postpartum depression, and there's no doubt in my mind about that now. Maybe there never was, but I just didn't want it to be true, you know? Maybe you were right about that also.

Matt: Well, for what it's worth, I'm not enjoying it.

Patrick: Robin is talking to Lainey right now. And I really don't know if that's the right thing to do, but it's the only step that she was able to take right now. I just hope that it's a step in the right direction.

Robin: I realize I'm putting you in an awkward position. I know psychiatrists don't normally treat their friends, I just -- I don't know if I could honestly admit what I've done to a stranger.

Lainey: Maybe we should start at the beginning.

Robin: Okay. It started the day Emma was born. She would cry, I would pick her up, and I just always made things worse. But Patrick didn't have a problem, I mean, he was great with her. The second he walked in the room, she would start gurgling and kicking her little legs.

Lainey: That must have been difficult for you.

Robin: Yeah, it was. But it was a relief, too. Because if he took care of her, then that meant I didn't have to. And I didn't have to pretend to feel what I did not have the capacity to feel.

Lainey: What was that? What did you think you were supposed to feel?

Robin: I don't know, I guess magically connected to my child in some way? That I should instinctually know how to keep my child happy and calm, but I didn't feel that. I mean, I didn't feel that bond that you hear and read about.

Lainey: Hmm. How did you feel?

Robin: I don't know. Overwhelmed, miserable, incompetent, like I had just made a big, terrible --

Lainey: Mistake?

Robin: I'm sorry, I -- I just can't. Can you just let yourself out?

Spinelli: Obviously, the priestess is in grave distress. Can we help?

Winnifred: You can't. My employment with the government has been terminated.

Sam: That's the disaster? Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to sound like that. It's terrible, and --

Spinelli: No, this is an outrage. On what grounds did the humorless one base this unfair decision?

Winnifred: Well, according to Agent Rayner I'm a security risk.

Spinelli: Because of your unwavering assistance on the Jackal's behalf.

Winnifred: No, do not turn this around on yourself. I was very well aware of the potential consequences of my actions.

Sam: Yeah, look, to be fair to Agent Rayner, Winnifred, you did break into his office and steal highly classified information off his computer.

Spinelli: Yeah, but he has no proof of that. The Jackal left no footprints by which to trace the priestess' participation. He is simply being vindictive. You know, we must enlist the services of your fearless mother, the avenging D.A. Davis, to take up our cause and regain Winnifred's status.

Sam: Please, listen to me. I don't want to sound negative or anything, but I don't want to involve my mom over some FBI personnel issues, okay?

Winnifred: Alas, it would be in vain. I am touched and grateful for your impassioned response to my plight, but Agent Rayner made it very clear. If I fight this, an investigation into the disappearance of the evidence against Mr. Jackal will be officially opened and charges will be filed. So as difficult as it is to accept, the choice has been made. I have joined the ranks of the currently unemployed. But while it's not a great place to be in this faltering economy, I have marketable skills and lady luck will smile in my direction, and I will find gainful employment, and hope springs eternal and all that.

Spinelli: Well, yes, of course. It's done.

Winnifred: Excuse me?

Spinelli: You agree, right?

Sam: What are you talking about?

Spinelli: The priestess shall not suffer for her noble actions on the Jackal's behalf. Therefore, I offer her immediate employment at the offices of private investigators Jackal and -- sorry, McCall and Jackal.

Luke: This is how it's going to be, Ethan Lovett. You are going to hand over that wallet, contents intact. I am going to take it to Edward’s modest little bungalow and stuff it behind one of his velvet pillows for him to find, and then you and I are going to put this unfortunate incident behind us.

Ethan: What happened to your sense of adventure?

Luke: The Quartermaine family is off limits to all cons but me. I've made that clear before. Don’t make me say it again.

[Tracy clears throat]

Tracy: Give it.

Luke: What? What do you want?

Tracy: My father's wallet. Give it to me before I tear this place apart brick by brick and it becomes a pile of rubble.

Luke: She means it. I'd comply if I were you.

Ethan: What tipped you off?

Tracy: Let's see. When my father said he realized it was missing, I asked him to retrace his steps. Imagine my surprise when he told me he'd been here.

Ethan: I didn't know he was your father until after. I swear.

 Tracy: I believe you.

Luke: What about Edward? What does he believe?

Tracy: Edward thinks that the reprobate picked his pocket.

Luke: The reprobate wasn't even here, Tracy. I walked in when tall, dark, and gruesome was picking his pocket. I tried to stop him.

Tracy: Well, let's see. There were two people in the room -- you and tall, dark, and gruesome, who refused Daddy's money for a favor. You are so good. I could use someone with your skill set.

Ethan: Oh, I'd love to hear what you have in mind.

Luke: So would I.

Patrick: Lainey, hey, how did it go?

Lainey: Before I say anything, I just have to say Robin didn't tell me she wanted to speak to me in a professional capacity. And if she had, I definitely would have referred her to somebody else.

Patrick: I understand that. Without violating any confidences, what can you tell me?

Lainey: Robin definitely needs help and she knows that. But asking for it, accepting it, that might be a harder road to navigate.

Patrick: So she didn't talk to you about it at all?

Lainey: Well, she started to, then she shut down. She ran out. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, Patrick. I think Robin's in real trouble.

Jason: Robin?

Rayner: Remind me to fire my assistant.

Ric: After you hear what I have to say, you might want to promote her.

Rayner: Look, I'm a little busy.

Ric: No, no, no. I'll get right to the point, then. I can give you information that could be useful in the prosecution of a major crime figure.

Rebecca: Nikolas.

Nikolas: Don't worry. I'm just here for a meeting about the General Hospital reconstruction.

Rebecca: Come on; is that how you think it has to be? Every time you see me, you have to explain where you're going and where you've been so that I don't assume you're following me?

Nikolas: No, I just don't want any misunderstandings.

Rebecca: Okay, we're on the same page. Glad I ran into you.

Nikolas: Really, you are?

Rebecca: Mm-hmm. I wanted to apologize for just standing there while you and Lucky fought about me. I was surprised.

Nikolas: Lucky and I are brothers. We've fought before. I'm sure we'll fight again.

Rebecca: I guess I just didn't realize that it was going to be so difficult for you to see me with Lucky.

Nikolas: No, don't even give it a second thought. Lucky's right. Who you choose to date is really none of my business.

Rebecca: If it makes you feel any better, I like Lucky, but that's as far as it goes. It's certainly not anything to fight over.

Luke: No, I'm sorry. We can't help you.

Tracy: I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Ethan.

Ethan: So you want me to lift Daddy's palm-top so you can scope his stock information and gain access to his investment accounts?

Tracy: Exactly. I need to manage his assets. He's getting forgetful.

Luke: My assistant can't help you, dear.

Tracy: Your assistant can speak for himself, dear.

Luke: Not in this instance, darling.

Tracy: Luke, you don't give a damn whether I run a con on my father or not and it is clearly too late to save this boy from a life of crime, so what is your beef?

Luke: Well, for one thing, I could shoot a canon through the hole in your plan. Your father is going to think you did this from the beginning.

Tracy: That's where Ethan comes in. He's going to manage things. Daddy won't know what's going on.

Luke: Well, what about his heart?

Tracy: His heart?

Luke: Yes, something like this could give the old boy a coronary. No, no, no, I don't want to have anything to do with something that could kill that poor old sod.

Tracy: Well, then, fine. You haven't been asked to participate.

Luke: Well, anything that Ethan does reflects on me. So I suggest that you just take the wallet and go, woman. Find some other patsy to do your dirty work.

Tracy: I confess. I do not know what's going on, but please do not think me so naive as to believe that you have suddenly sprouted a conscience.

Luke: How can you even consider working with her?

Ethan: Easy money.

Luke: Yes, if she actually cut you in, but she won't. No, listen to me. If it's Edward Quartermaine’s destiny to be scammed by anyone, it's going to be me. So you and I are going to work together and we'll cut Tracy out, yeah?

Ric: I may have spoken a little hastily. You know, sometimes old wounds take over and get me ahead of where I want to be. You need to understand that I have something to risk here. Sonny is my brother, after all.

Rayner: And you want to know how I'm going to make turning over Sonny worth your emotional turmoil.

Ric: Yeah, I'd like to hear that.

Rayner: Blanket immunity, witness protection.

Ric: Witness protection? Come on, Agent Rayner. You've got to be kidding me. That presupposes that I'm going to testify, and I'm telling you straight up that's never going to happen. No, immunity is a forgone conclusion. I'm looking for a little more specific.

Rayner: You want to take over organized crime in this town, and you want us to look the other way?

Ric: You see, that's what I like about you, Agent Rayner. I don't have to paint you a picture.

Rayner: Well, I'll tell you what. Let's get Corinthos and Morgan locked up and then we'll talk.

Ric: Oh, I see. You doubt me, huh?

Rayner: Call me crazy, but I don't envision Sonny and Jason opening up the floodgates of information to you.

Ric: I don't need them to.

Robin: I'm sorry. You probably think that I'm crazy. You wouldn't be far from the truth.

Jason: I doubt that.

Robin: No, it's true. It's official. I have postpartum depression. Remember how I used to make all those lofty moral judgments about Carly? How could anyone leave their child? Well, I found out. At least Carly bailed and didn't try to fake it. Now I've just ruined my entire life. God, Jason. There's something that I didn't tell Patrick. One day I was called into Mercy and I was with Emma at Kelly’s, and I just took off and went to the hospital. I forgot my daughter. She was sitting there for hours. I mean, what if something had happened to her? What if someone had taken her? But I didn't care about that. My ego was more important than my own child. I have no right to have a child.

Claudia: What time? Okay, tell my husband that I will be waiting upstairs for him. What, you just let yourself in now?

Ric: Get used to it.

Claudia: Okay. Something I can do for you?

Ric: Yeah, you know, funny you should ask. I want you to start gathering information and evidence that I can use against Sonny and Jason.

Claudia: Are you insane?

Ric: No, I'm dead serious.

Claudia: If I do that, I'm dead.

Ric: No, you're dead anyway. Oh, don't worry. I didn't bring Jerry's DVD with me. I figured it would be overkill since you already know that I have it. But make no mistake, Claudia, if you don't do what I ask, and I mean everything that I ask, I'm going to give that DVD to Sonny and I'm just going to let the chips fall where they may.

Robin: Patrick wanted to take me out for a romantic dinner to give us some time together. He was trying really hard. So I went home, I got dressed. I was really excited about spending a night out with my husband. And then I came to the intersection of I-94 and I turned right instead of left and just kept going. I mean, I didn't plan it.  I stopped in the first bar that I saw in Rochester. I started talking to this bartender. And then all of a sudden, I could not believe what was coming out of my mouth. I told her that my name was Nancy Green, that I was a pharmaceutical sales rep from San Francisco. I wasn't married. I didn't have any kids. I mean, I created this entirely new identity for myself on the spot. I mean, who does that?

Jason: A woman with postpartum depression.

Robin: I guess.

Jason: Look, I know that you're scared, but Carly, she got better.

Robin: That was Carly. I mean, what if I should -- maybe I should just admit I'm a terrible mother, and I should get out of Emma’s life before I cause emotional damage that I can't undo.

Jason: Is that what you want? Do you really want to give up on your daughter?

Robin: No. No, I want to get better. I have to get better. I owe that to Emma and Patrick.

Patrick: Hey, I'm sorry I had to call you over so quickly. Judy had to leave and obviously Robin's not here, so --

Elizabeth: Did you guys have a fight?

Patrick: Well, we talked sort of. She opened up a little bit about why she ran away, you know, the pressure she felt. Of course she failed to mention that she was sleeping with another guy while she was gone. She agreed that she was going to get some help. So in Robin's world, that meant calling her pal Lainey over for a little chat. In Lainey's defense, Robin didn't tell her why she asked her over. Apparently, they chatted for about 10 minutes and then Robin took off again. You know, it must be nice to run away whenever you feel overwhelmed. It would be nice to do that right about now. And frankly, I can't think of a good reason why I shouldn't.

Nikolas: I, uh, I admit it. I'm a bit affronted that you prefer Lucky over me.

Rebecca: Well, look. Honestly, I think I just know Lucky better. He doesn't have the same emotional connection to Emily that you do, so it's easier for him to just accept me as me -- like you seem to be doing right now.

Nikolas: It's progress.

Rebecca: Yeah, progress.

[Cell phone rings]

Nikolas: Excuse me.

Nurse: Ms. Shaw, we're ready for your mammogram.

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