GH Transcript Tuesday 3/17/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/17/09


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Jason: Bringing Spinelli back to Port Charles is a big risk, I'm telling you right now.

Sam: Yeah, but there really wasn't a choice. I mean, letting him run around some random place just wasn't going to work, Jason.
Even if you had a safe --

[Knock at door]

Rayner: FBI.

Jason: I got nothing to say without my attorney.

Rayner: I don't care. You can sit quietly while we do what we came for. I have a warrant to search the premises for Damien Spinelli.

Spinelli: The Jackal finds Maximista and the original blonde one's abode a most comfortable hideout.

Maxie: Except it puts you in close proximity with Lulu.

Spinelli: Is Maximista suggesting that the original blonde one cannot be trusted?

Maxie: No, it's not Lulu that I'm worried about. Spinelli, you have to swear to me that you're not going to tell Lulu anything that I told you.

Spinelli: You no doubt are referring to the close encounter of the unthinkable kind with fair Lulu's faithless boyfriend?

Maxie: Yes. And that's all it was, a close encounter. Because even though Johnny and I almost had sex, we decided that it wasn't a good idea. And I would not have even mentioned it, but I thought you were going to leave the country.

Spinelli: Maximista was concerned that she would give into a lamentable impulse to know John Zacchara in the biblical sense if I were not there to prevent her.

Maxie: But now you are not leaving, and Johnny and I are definitely not going to hook up with each other, so the less you think about it, the better. In fact, you should not think about it at all. Because if you slip up and say something to Lulu, it's only going to hurt her. I have to go.

Lulu: Was that Winnifred on the phone?

Spinelli: Uh, Maximista.

Lulu: Oh, did she tell you about her latest adventure with Johnny?

Spinelli: I'm afraid you're going to have to be more specific.

Lulu: Kate has asked them to go on another date together.

Spinelli: What?

Lulu: Yeah.

Spinelli: No, what if Maximista can't help herself?

Alexis: I can see you are perfectly over this Rebecca fixation. If you'd like to go somewhere else to conduct business --

Nikolas: No, no, it's -- look, it's not as much of a shock anymore, okay? I'm getting quite used to seeing a woman walking around with Emily’s face.

Alexis: Okay, because that's kind of funny because I thought I saw your eyeballs pop out of your head the minute you walked in here, but --

Nikolas: I'm adjusting fine.

Alexis: So you want to tell me again that you're not obsessed with Rebecca?

Nikolas: It just -- it takes a little getting used to. I'm better than I was. Give me a break.

Rebecca: Hey. Sorry you had to wait.

Alexis: No -- no, apology. We have plenty to talk about.

Rebecca: Nice to see you, Nikolas. I was starting to think that you were avoiding this place because of me.

Nikolas: No, no, no, no. I was actually just telling my aunt here how much I've enjoyed coming here since you reopened. Can't get enough of Mike's four-alarm chili, you know. Actually, I'll have that and some more coffee, please.

Alexis: I'll have the chicken Caesar salad.

Rebecca: Okay, coming right up.

Alexis: Okay, here's what I think. I think you should take a vacation. I think maybe a business trip. How about a little therapy -- not that I'm one to talk. In any case, this is not working out well for you.

Nikolas: What do you -- what do you expect from me? She walked over here, I spoke to her. I was polite. I have absolutely no problem with her.

Rebecca: Hey, Lucky.

Lucky: How are you?

Rebecca: Hey, are you as worn out after last night as I am?

Lucky: Yeah.

[Rebecca and Lucky laugh]

Kate: Maxie, since you know how I feel about the calls rolling to voice mail, I trust that you have some compelling reason why you're not answering the phone. So whenever you are finished doing whatever it is that is so much more important than your job, I need you to confirm my 3:00 with Jax in the office.

Carly: Ooh, sorry, Kate, but Jax is not going to be able to make it. He's got plans.

Kate: Okay, well, I'll believe it when I hear it from him.

Carly: Suit yourself, but my husband definitely has plans. We're going to renew our vows this afternoon.

Kate: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Kate: That's unexpected.

Carly: Not really. We're together and we're committed to staying that way.

Kate: Okay. I just, uh -- you should know I'm not really interested in stealing your man, Carly. In fact, I've actually had quite the life-altering experience at Sonny's. I was having this fight with Claudia and I was swearing vengeance -- and I could get it, too. I could. I could trash Claudia and I could hurt Sonny, but it just hit me. What the hell am I doing?

Carly: Sounds like you're being true to form to me.

Kate: I just -- I just don't want to be that woman, Carly. I don't actually thrive on turmoil and drama like you and Claudia, so --

Carly: Okay, out of everything you just said, the only thing I find remotely interesting is that you had a fight with Claudia. So what dirt do you have on Claudia?

Johnny: Why would Lulu be upset and who were you talking to about it?

Maxie: It was Spinelli. And you know how he gets paranoid. He's cooped up in our apartment hiding from the FBI. His imagination is running wild. He just gets jealous.

Johnny: There's nothing to be jealous of.

Maxie: That's what I was saying. He's upset we're going on another date.

Johnny: You know I don't want to do this.

Maxie: Johnny, we have front row seats to the Maha Chang fashion show. You're going to love it.

Johnny: I doubt it.

Maxie: Well, it's too bad, because the press will be all over it and we need to be seen. Come on, we're going to have Sienna on one side and Scarlett on the other.

Johnny: Wait, life is too short to waste it for a few hours in some fashion show.

Maxie: Just admit that you don't want to go because you're having an extremely hard time keeping your hands off me.

Lulu: What do you mean, "If Maxie can't help herself"? Spinelli, what are you not telling me?

Spinelli: Some things are better left in Pandora’s Box.

Lulu: Try me.

Spinelli: Well, Maximista, in her deep desire to protect the Jackal, may enlist the help of the mob prince, which would then potentially, you know, tempt him to return to his criminal roots.

Lulu: If he does that, what does that have to do with them going on a date?

Spinelli: Well, prolonged confinement in the back of a limo might give rise to unforeseen calamity.

Lulu: Okay, okay. We just have to remember this is for promotional purposes only, right? Johnny is doing this for the money. Maxie is doing it because her ego is the size of Chicago. You know, Maxie loves the clothes. She loves the exposure. Johnny would rather have a root canal. And they're going to be so glad when it's over, right?

Spinelli: All of us can only hope that we survive the machinations of the glacial one.

[Knock at door]

Lulu: Do you know who that is?

Spinelli: It's the priestess.

Winnifred: Agent Winnifred Leeds reporting, newly promoted and highly cleared. Oh, but the Jackal seems in a fine fettle. I bring you gifts, just to provide some small comfort in your fugitive state.

Lulu: Oh, goody. We were about to run out of chips.

Spinelli: Like ambrosia to the Jackal. You are gracious and generous.

Winnifred: Thank you. We need to discuss a strategy to attain freedom for the Jackal. Perhaps some privacy could be arranged?

Lulu: Perhaps not.

Rayner: I'm surprised you've made it so easy, Mr. Morgan. Could it be that your only priority is to save Sonny Corinthos, even if it means Damien Spinelli goes to jail?

Agent: No sign of the fugitive.

Jason: I guess we're done here.

Rayner: Where is Spinelli?

Sam: I don't know. He took off.

Rayner: Ms. McCall, I understand you've applied for a P.I. license.

Sam: Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?

Rayner: Did you know that the FBI can delay the processing of licenses? They can review your paperwork for months, years.

Sam: Is that a threat?

Rayner: Part of my job in the interest of national security is to see to it that the wrong people don't get credentials, licenses.

Sam: Yeah, well, you know, I actually have somewhere to be, so if you're done with me --

Rayner: You're free to go.

Sam: Thanks.

Rayner: For now. If you remember anything, let me know.

Jason: It's not her fault Spinelli's gone.

Rayner: That's a good point. Griffin? Tom Rayner. Put out that APB on Damien Spinelli immediately and make certain he's listed as armed and dangerous.

Jason: Spinelli doesn't even have a gun. The kid's not dangerous to anybody and you're going to have your men shoot him on sight?

Rayner: You know how to keep that from happening. Let us take him safely into custody.

Jason: We both know it's not Spinelli you want. He's all you've got to get me to flip on Sonny.

Rayner: If you cooperate, I'll rescind the order and Spinelli will be out of danger. So who are you going to save, Mr. Morgan?

Winnifred: This is classified. The sparrow flies at midnight.

Spinelli: Oh, the Canary -- Canary Islands serve as the destination?

Winnifred: The hawk is in the nest.

Spinelli: Oh, and the sparrow lies down with the hawk.

Winnifred: Did the Jackal just ask me to have sexual relations with Agent Rayner?

Spinelli: Did I?

Lulu: Why are you guys talking in a code that you can't even pretend to understand?

Winnifred: Because our situation calls for covert tactics.

Lulu: You mean the situation where you've just gotten promoted and your higher clearance level is going to allow you to get the evidence the FBI has against Spinelli?

Winnifred: You told her?

Spinelli: I trust the original blonde one with my life.

Winnifred: Yeah, but the more people who know, the bigger threat to you.

Lulu: Hey, I'm totally on board with this. You are putting yourself on the line for my friend, and I'm so grateful for that, okay? I'll go so that you don't have to talk in this bogus code anymore. I wouldn't want you to mess up your mission because you mixed up a partridge or a pear tree.

[Winnifred laughs]

Spinelli: I can never express my actual -- my full gratitude for the risks that you're taking on my behalf. I don't think I could ever truly repay you.

Alexis: I've talked to Jax ad nauseum about this transaction. And you know what I would really love? If we could all just get over the hostility and just find a way to do this in a nice, amicable way. What do you think?

Nikolas: Yeah, sure. I see. I see it.

Alexis: No, you don't.

Rebecca: That was a great club. I mean, I loved the second band on the bill. They were so eclectic.

Lucky: Oh, yeah. You know what? I love just hearing different styles of music.

Rebecca: Yeah, that's so cool.

Lucky: Yeah. You know, my dad, he actually owned a club when I was a kid, downtown.

Rebecca: He let you hang out there?

Lucky: Oh, he encouraged it. He said it would broaden my horizons. And sometimes I'd actually find myself hiding under the bar when cops showed up.

Rebecca: Did the cops show up a lot?

Lucky: Well, Sonny Corinthos, he lived in the upstairs apartment. And my dad, he had his own troubles, so there was always plenty of action.

Rebecca: Oh, wow. Sounds sort of fun.

Lucky: Yeah. You know, B.B. King actually played there once.

Rebecca: It's very cool that you and your brother grew up there.

Lucky: That was before I knew I had a brother. Yeah, Nikolas, he came by a couple of times, but it didn't go over so well.

Alexis: I will find some way for you to preserve Spoon Island.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm sure you will.

Alexis: You're not even listening to anything I'm saying, are you?

Nikolas: Yes, I am. You want to try diplomacy with Jax because you don't want to lose him as a friend. And if he won't listen to reason, you'll file an injunction, even if it's just to bide time. See, I told you.

[Rebecca laughs]

Lucky: No, seriously.

Alexis: Now you're scaring me.

Kate: Well, you know Claudia, right? All the dysfunction and the anger, it's toxic. Like -- like you and me, Carly. Like how you still blame me for taking Michael to the warehouse the night he was shot. I understand. I understand you need someone to blame, but you picked the wrong target.

Carly: You did take Michael to the warehouse without my permission.

Kate: Yes, Carly, I took Michael to his father. But to blame me for the shooting makes as much sense as me blaming you for not taking Michael to counseling when he shot me, for not taking him to the authorities so that he knows his actions have consequences, or for raising Michael in an environment that enables bad behavior. You know, it doesn't -- it doesn't matter. The point is I'm done with it all. So congratulations to you and Jax if your marriage is really back on track.

Carly: It is.

Kate: Have a good life, Carly.

Carly: We will.

Kate: You know, Carly, Jax -- he's a good man. And I really do hope for his sake that you can drag yourself out of the past. But knowing your compulsive attachment to Sonny, I doubt it.

Johnny: Hey, Lulu, it's me. We got a flat tire. So hopefully by the time you get this message, we'll be on our way to Manhattan. You know that this is my idea of hell. So when I'm done, I'm going to call you and hopefully you'll say something to cheer me up and we'll do something fun tonight, okay?

Maxie: Don't you know anything about lying?

Johnny: Too much.

Maxie: You shouldn't try so hard. The more you try to convince Lulu how much you hate this, the more she's going to know you're covering something. Or you could just take out an ad, a really big one, like on a blimp.

Johnny: Okay, Maxie, then you tell me what's really going on here.

Maxie: You don't hate this. I think you actually like hanging out with me. Yeah, sure, the fashion shows are not really your scene, but you like going out with me. And why wouldn't you? I spent way too much time on my hair and makeup and general overall hotness for you to find me anything less than appealing.

Johnny: Yeah, you spend way too much time with Spinelli.

Maxie: Hey, don't criticize Spinelli. He's my essential person.

Johnny: What exactly does that mean?

Maxie: It means that, unlike you and Lulu, Spinelli and I don't lie to each other.

Johnny: Oh, congratulations.

Maxie: And he knows I look at your butt. Hello? I'm human, you're cute. There's nothing wrong with it. Although, I'm sure Lulu wouldn't see it that way.

Johnny: All right, can we not tell Lulu that you're checking out my ass, please?

Maxie: See, what you don't get is hiding the truth is what gets you in trouble every time. Trust me, I know. If you could just admit that you think I'm pretty and sometimes you stare at my ass, too, then you wouldn't have all those secret feelings about how you wished we had hooked up in the garage.

Johnny: We are not having this conversation.

Maxie: Hey, we both agreed it was smart not to have sex -- doesn't mean we didn't want to.

Winnifred: Fate has presented your priestess with the means to save the Jackal. With my newly earned and higher level of security clearance, I can gain access to the inner sanctum and destroy the evidence, and thus dismantle the case that the FBI, whom I greatly admire but in these circumstances most vehemently disagree with, is building against you.

Spinelli: Infiltrating the domain of the federal ones -- that is a task fraught with peril.

Winnifred: Yeah, but worth the risk.

Spinelli: I don't quite understand. Why is the priestess taking so many risks just for me, her humble friend?

Winnifred: Don't you know, Mr. Jackal? Well, while we dwell on opposite sides of the blue line of the law, the yin and yang, as it were, we are bound by forces so much greater and I harbor --

[Cell phone beeps]

Winnifred: Oh.

Spinelli: Bad news?

Winnifred: It's a text message of dire proportion. Agent Rayner has put out an APB for one Damien Spinelli, but has most perniciously listed him as armed and dangerous.

Spinelli: Armed and dangerous? The Jackal's day of triumph has finally arrived.

Winnifred: No, this is terrible beyond imagining.

Spinelli: Could I possibly impose on you to download that APB so we can print out multiple copies? Stone Cold must see in black and white and varying shades of gray that the federal ones, the highest law enforcement authority in the land, have deemed me a man of action. Armed and dangerous.

Winnifred: Do you not see that this missive is potentially fatal? That my associates have been authorized to shoot you on sight? The Jackal must promise me that you will remain hidden here and allow the priestess to effect his rescue. I beseech you.

Spinelli: I appreciate my friend's sage advice, and I -- yes, I assure you I will at least attempt to contain my euphoria and pride over being listed as a formidable man of danger.

Alexis: I was glad when you called. I was just sitting at Kelly's watching Nikolas pretend not to be obsessed with Rebecca.

Sam: Oh, yeah, it's weird. It's very unsettling seeing someone who looks so much like Emily.

Alexis: What's more unsettling is watching Nikolas pretend that he's not obsessed with her.

Sam: Yeah, okay, I'm sorry to drag you away from that by the way, and I don't want to impose right now --

Alexis: Hey, hey, I'm your mother. It makes me happy to be able to help you.

Sam: Okay, Agent Rayner -- he has threatened to submarine my application for a P.I. license.

Alexis: Oh. What does the FBI want, anyway? Is this about Jason?

Sam: No, uh-uh, not this time. No, it's about Spinelli. They issued an APB for his arrest saying he's armed and dangerous. But that's the furthest thing from the truth, because --

Alexis: All right, I'll check into it.

Sam: He wouldn't hurt a fly. Listen, I don't want you to take the FBI on for me.

Alexis: I don't think they're treating you fairly.

Sam: I just -- I don't want you to make trouble for yourself because of me.

Alexis: I'm your mother. Nobody messes with my daughter.

Jason: Spinelli. Spinelli, calm down.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, check your email for a copy of an APB declaring that the Jackal is armed and dangerous. I'm printing out a hard copy to frame and send to Mr. Sir.

Jason: Okay, this is -- this is nothing to be proud of. You're a target.

Spinelli: An armed and dangerous one.

Jason: You don't even have a gun.

Spinelli: The feds don't know that.

Jason: Exactly. You could be killed. Do you understand that?

Spinelli: Yes, Stone Cold.

Jason: Okay, look, I just want you to stay at Maxie's, and you call me if you see anything suspicious.

Spinelli: Affirmative. Is Stone Cold certain he doesn't want an extra copy of the APB to hang in the hallway outside the regrettably pink room?

Jason: Hanging up.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Perfect timing, huh?

Jason: How you doing?

Carly: I figured you'd be worried about me after Michael's test results.

Jason: Yeah, I'm sorry I wasn't there.

Carly: I know. I'm okay. I'm not okay, but I will be. I promised myself that I was going to move on, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Carly: I really did hope that this test was the first step in getting Michael back. You know, I thought that it wasn't going to cause him any pain, so it was worth a try. I really believed it was going to work. Sonny was there. He was supportive. Jax was great. He never left my side. But when they wheeled Michael out to give him the test, I just -- I wished you were there, too.

Jason: I'm sorry about that.

Carly: It's okay. I'm being selfish, I know.

Jason: No.

Carly: Yeah, Spinelli's in trouble and I know it's got to be bad, or you would be there with me and Michael.

Jason: I'm going to figure something out.

Carly: I wish I could help you.

Jason: You just need to stay focused on Michael and what's going on.

Carly: Yeah, I can't do anything for Michael. When Patrick walked in, I saw the look on his face. I knew immediately that Michael was not a candidate for the procedure. So I don't know how, but I have to figure out a way to deal with the fact that my son is not coming home.

Winnifred: Agent Rayner?

[Cell phone rings]

Spinelli: Man of action here.

Winnifred: The nightingale has landed.

Spinelli: 10-4. Did you destroy the evidence?

Winnifred: No, I need your help in scaling the angry raptor's firewalls.

Spinelli: Okay, if you just provide me with the remote link, we can work in tandem.

Spinelli: Success.

Winnifred: Your cyber-dexterity, the sheer stamina makes the nightingale feel like a swan.

Spinelli: Am I in yet?

Winnifred: 10-4.

Spinelli: This isn't working. The angry raptor's hard drive is difficult to penetrate.

Winnifred: You can't give up now. This may be our only chance.

Lulu: Okay, if this fax doesn't go through, I am throwing this fax machine out the window.

Kate: Lulu, hang up.

Lulu: I got to go. I got your message about the meeting with Jax at 3:00 P.M., but when --

Kate: No, Jax cancelled. Did you know that he and Carly are renewing their vows today? Anyway, please tell me -- please tell me that Maxie and Johnny made it to Manhattan for Maha Chang.

Lulu: They did. They did. You should have heard Johnny, though. It sounded like he would rather have bamboo splinters shoved into his eyes. It would be funny if he wasn't so miserable. So how -- I mean, this shouldn't take long tonight, right?

Kate: Lulu, look, it is not my intention to cause trouble between you and your boyfriend, okay? I certainly have had enough of other people's personal lives for the time being. The truth is, is that Maxie and Johnny are good for "Crimson." They're a young, beautiful, edgy couple. That is exactly the image that we need to promote.

Lulu: But they're not a couple. Okay, I just -- all I want to know is how long they have to keep doing this for.

Kate: Well, Lulu, for as long as I need them to. Stop it. Stop pouting. If Johnny really loves you, then all this dating --

Lulu: What do you mean if Johnny really -- yes, Johnny and I love each other.

Kate: Okay, okay, Lulu, fabulous. I hope it works out for you, but, honey, listen. Take it from me. If this whole love affair for the ages turns out to be a whole bunch of spun sugar and wishful thinking, it's really better you find out now and save yourself the heartache.

Sam: Hey, your timing was actually perfect because I was with my mom when you called.

Nikolas: Yeah, I saw her earlier, too. We had a meeting.

Sam: Yeah, she told me.

Nikolas: I'm sure she also told you I saw Rebecca. That's actually why I wanted to see you. I just want to know what's going on with you and Lucky right now.

Sam: He's your brother. Why don't you just ask him?

Nikolas: It's just a little awkward. And I don't mean to get personal, but is there any chance that the two of you might --

Sam: Get back together. Look, Lucky is a great guy and I'm sorry we couldn't make it work, but, no, it's over.

Nikolas: I'm sorry to hear that, too.

Sam: I get the feeling that your sympathy has nothing to do with thinking what a great couple Lucky and I made.

Nikolas: Once it didn't work out between the two of you, I thought that he might get back together with Elizabeth, but they want to avoid making the same mistakes they made in the past, which is turning to each other just because it's familiar.

Sam: Yeah, look, that sounds smart. It does. But I kind of get the feeling you're leaving something out.

Nikolas: Yeah. If Lucky doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, why is he all over Rebecca?

Spinelli: Ironically, it is human error that most benefits the hacker, seducing the unsuspecting hackee into volunteering information.

Winnifred: Yeah, the way the priestess coerced the Jackal to confide in her when first they met.

Spinelli: 'Tis best not to use our real names, nightingale.

Winnifred: Of course. But it was my complicity in allowing my superiors to turn the man of action into a pawn that causes me copious amounts of regret.

Spinelli: The angry raptor's portals are difficult to penetrate.

Winnifred: Said regret is the reason why this bird is determined to destroy this evidence and break the metaphorical bonds that she has shackled the Jackal -- the man of action with. I say metaphorical bondage because I am not into that sort of thing, nor would I want to be.

Spinelli: I'm in.

Winnifred: Unless, of course, you absolutely --

Rayner's voice: We have strict procedures for this type of situation, and we follow them for a reason.

Winnifred: The angry raptor approaches. The Jack -- the nightingale must fly.

Spinelli: Hide before you're discovered, but mute your pda and leave it connected.

Alexis: The ends justifying the means is just power-speak for abuse of power and having no moral center.

Rayner: I didn't know you cared, D.A. Davis.

Alexis: Corruption, and I repeat, abuse of power.

Rayner: It would be nice if you had proof of that accusation.

Alexis: You're threatening to use your office to keep Sam McCall from getting a private investigators license?

Rayner: Sam McCall, your daughter. Maybe we should have that discussion about conflict of interest now.

Alexis: This plan to set up Damien Spinelli, saying he's armed and dangerous is just plain stupid.

Rayner: My agents are prepared to shoot him on sight.

Alexis: Talk about corruption.

Rayner: Make no mistake. I will bring in Damien Spinelli, even if it means bringing him in in a body bag.

Maxie: Where is our driver? Maybe while he's in that store, he can get us another bottle of champagne.

Johnny: Oh, you have had enough.

Maxie: Hey, looks who's talking, Mr. I-think-we-should-drink-it- right-from-the-bottle.

Johnny: I had to find some way to get through that nightmare.

Maxie: Oh, come on. You had a fantastic time.

Johnny: No, no, and no.

Maxie: Admit it, Johnny, it was not as bad as you thought it would be.

Johnny: Okay, it was fascinating, but the kind of way it's fascinating when you go to the zoo and you're looking at the animals in the cages.

Maxie: The most beautiful animals in the world. Those models? Come on.

Johnny: Yeah, not my type.

Maxie: What is your type, some sort of celebrity? Come on, we have to come up with something about today that you really liked, something you appreciated. And you have to be honest. Tell the truth. Gwyneth.

Johnny: Great legs.

Maxie: Scarlet.

Johnny: Great lips.

Maxie: Sienna.

Johnny: Great cleavage.

Maxie: Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Johnny: Hey, I'm a guy. What do you expect?

Maxie: That's my point.

Johnny: I told Lulu I'd call her when we were done.

Maxie: Yeah, you did. Hey, but first, what did you like about me today?

Johnny: You don't want to do this.

Maxie: Yes, I do. Okay, I'll start. Of course I noticed your ass, and you're really hot. Now it's your turn.

Johnny: You're beautiful, Maxie, okay? But that is not why I want to kiss you --

Maxie: Really? Why?

Johnny: Because you're you.

Maxie: Oh, damn it.

Johnny: I'm going to call Lulu.

Maxie: Yeah, do that.

[Maxie clears throat]

Maxie: Tell her I said, 'hi."

Sam: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey, how are you doing?

Sam: Good, thank you.

Rebecca: What can I get you?

Sam: Coffee, black, please, yes. Well, how is it going?

Rebecca: You know, I can't wait for General Hospital to be up and running so that I can start my real job. Although, Mike has been great and I went out last night, so I don't really have a lot to complain about.

Sam: Yeah, speaking about going out on your date late night. I know it's really none of my business --

Rebecca: Yeah, but you're going to give me your opinion anyway.

Sam: I am, yeah. It's just, look, Nikolas is my cousin and Lucky's my ex-boyfriend. I care about them both.

Rebecca: Look, it was just a date.

Sam: No, I'm not -- please, I'm not saying that. You feel free to date, go out with whoever you want. It's just -- this isn't really a normal situation. And believe me, I get that you are you and that's it. But it's just, you know, Emily was the love love of Nikolas' life. And when he sees you with other guys, I know it's got to hurt. And you just seem like a really nice person, so I just wanted to make you aware of that.

Rebecca: I'm just a girl living on tips, trying to get by. And I'm not going to turn into a nun because some guy that I barely know has issues. It's Nikolas' problem, not mine.

Sam: No, I know. I'm not saying that this is your fault at all. Please, don't misunderstand. I'm just -- I don't know, maybe you could be a little sensitive toward it?

Rebecca: Lucky's the only one who's not putting his history with Emily on me. No one has a right to make me or Lucky feel guilty about going out.

Lucky: Hey, Nikolas, I'm glad I ran into you. You left Kelly's before I had to a chance to ask you about --

Nikolas: Why do you think I left?

Lucky: I just assumed you had someplace to be.

Nikolas: Did you really think that I wouldn't have a problem with you and Rebecca?

Lucky: You're not serious --

Nikolas: Or that I would ignore my own brother flirting with her right in front of me? What the hell is a matter with you?

[Bell ringing]

Carly: I'm not deceiving myself, Jason. You know, I don't think I can wave a magic wand and detach myself from this situation with Michael. I just -- I mean, I should be able to be happy, right?

Jason: Yeah, Michael would want you to.

Carly: Do you think that I'm kidding myself? Do you think I'm hiding behind some fantasy of a new life?

Jason: Where did that come from?

Carly: Well, that's what Sonny did. When he got together with Kate and he was trying to start over, he was only doing that because that was his way of dealing with what happened to Michael.

Jason: I think so, too, but I don't think you're doing that.

Carly: Okay, I just want to be happy. I want to be Jax's wife. I want to start over and I want to renew my vows with him. And I want to have a future with Jax and Morgan.

Maxie: Nothing happened.

Johnny: Again.

Maxie: We just need to sober up.

Johnny: Yes, but if I have another cup of this coffee, I might never sleep again.

Maxie: Oh, God, Johnny, you have lip gloss on your collar.

Johnny: Are you serious?

Maxie: Yeah, la luz number 19. I would recognize it anywhere.

Lulu: Why does Johnny have lipstick on his collar?

Spinelli: Too feminine. Too trendy. Too bono. Too "Top Gun" or Elton John.

Spinelli: Federal agent, you've got a problem. Federal agent, meet man of action.

Alexis: All right, Agent Rayner, let's just say that you do have enough evidence against Spinelli, hypothetically speaking. You may have enough to use it as leverage against Jason Morgan because you know very well that that guy would do anything to keep Spinelli out of jail.

Rayner: That's a lot of supposition.

Alexis: But here's the fact. I don't think you're interested in Spinelli. I don't even think you're interested in Morgan. I think you want the big gun. I think you want Sonny Corinthos.

Rayner: And I suspect you want to protect him. After all, he's the father of one of your daughters, right?

Alexis: Irrelevant. And just shows that you really haven't done your homework, Agent Rayner, because if you had dug deeper, you would find out that I of all people don't have a problem with Sonny being convicted for his crimes. In fact, if you could catch him in one, I'd be there to stand behind you. But if you use intimidation tactics, if you list Spinelli as armed and dangerous -- which we both know is patently untrue. If you threaten my daughter's livelihood, I'll fight you. I'll get that.

Lucky: I thought we talked about this. Rebecca is not Emily. You need to face that or get over it.

Nikolas: I tried. I still can't stand seeing you with her.

Lucky: For how long? Like a week, a month -- ever?

Nikolas: How could you possibly think that I would be okay with any of this?

Lucky: You could try.

Nikolas: No, look, I've seen you use bad judgment before, but you're not stupid, okay? Watching you flirt with Rebecca is like watching you hit on Emily.

Lucky: I loved Emily and I miss her a lot, but I'm pretty clear that Emily and Rebecca are not the same person.

Nikolas: But they're identical. You see what I'm saying?

Lucky: She's just somebody that I enjoy hanging out with. You know what? If you gave her a chance, you'd like her, too.

Nikolas: Hold on. If Elizabeth had been brutally murdered and then all of a sudden some woman who looks exactly like her walked in and I made a move on her, you'd hate that, wouldn't you? But even if you didn't, I hate this, so back off.

Lucky: Or what?

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