GH Transcript Friday 3/6/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/6/09


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Jason: I mean, he can't just disappear. Somebody had to see him. Just call everybody that we use for fake IDs.

[Knock at door]

Jason: I don't care where he is. I'm going to pick him up myself. Okay, thanks.

Sam: Okay, if you absolutely have to get Spinelli into hiding to avoid --

Jason: Spinelli's gone.

Sam: What do you mean, he's gone -- how?

Jason: He found out the feds double-crossed me, and he took off on his own. And now I've got to find him before he gets into any more trouble.

Winnifred: Is it possible the Jackal is cogitating on our dangerous new life together as wandering adventurers?

Robin: If you'd like me to consult on Michael's case, I'd love to help.

Sonny: I'd love you to. I mean, somebody like you, who cares so much about Michael would be fantastic. If Patrick agrees, it would be a great team to have. You just had the baby. I don't want you to do anything you shouldn't.

Robin: I did. I did, but I'm going back to a full-time schedule, so just let me know what you need from me.

Patrick: Sonny, you wanted to see me.

Sonny: Yeah, Carly is doing this test for Michael to see if he's a viable candidate for some experimental treatment. I just wanted your opinion on it.

Patrick: Have you consulted any other surgeons?

Sonny: No, you're it. And you'll tell me if it has a chance of working. Robin offered to help, but, you know, now that she's back from maternity leave.

Patrick: Yeah, Robin's -- I don't know how she's going to find the time.

Claudia: I did this. I put you here. And if you're father ever found out, you know, I --

Doctor: Good afternoon, Mrs. Jacks.

Carly: Hi, Doctor. I am so sorry I didn't make it in this morning.

Nikolas: Believe me, I understand that Rebecca is not Emily. I was just looking for some sort of a link, a connection, I guess. The only logical explanation was that they were related, but they're not, because Alexis checked. I was blindsided. I was really looking for -- I don't know. I don't know, Luke. I don't know what I was looking for.

Luke: You were looking for a reason. Some kind of connection beyond the physical resemblance because you felt that if you found it, maybe this woman could fill the void that Emily left.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, but is it wrong to have hope to find some comfort in --

Luke: No. Hell, no. But the truth is, even if Emily rose from the dead, if she walked right out on this dock right now, she couldn't fill the void. She couldn't give you what you've lost because life changes. People change. That's the truth. You cannot recover the past, son.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Luke: Believe me.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Winnifred: The freighter, China seas, destination Singapore, departs at 1800 hours. We can stow away and begin our new adventure.

Spinelli: As far as --

Winnifred: Thank you.

Spinelli: As far as the federal ones are concerned, the priestess merely took a leave of absence. If you return post haste, you could escape the burden of the Jackal's legal entanglements and his existence as a hunted fugitive.

Winnifred: A burden? I am more than a willing participant in the Jackal's noble cause.

Spinelli: It will be a lonely road, fraught with peril.

Winnifred: I welcome it. I welcome the chance to use my cyber skills unrestrained, as it were. When we work synchronistically, in perfect harmony, -- dude, it's like level nine of the saga of Stone Cold. There is no going back. We must move forward and create a map for the Jackal's quest.

Spinelli: Singapore is just the beginning. I mean, from that point on, we can just travel wherever the winds of fate blow us.

Winnifred: Okay. Ooh, the isolated shore of New Zealand, perhaps.

Spinelli: A very peaceful and splendid island country, but with few other than sheep that need rescue.

Winnifred: Well, do you not deserve some peace and splendor of your own?

Spinelli: The Jackal must dedicate his life to smiting injustice and raising the oppressed. It's not simply a choice, it's a calling. Penance for the trouble I caused by bringing the wrath of the federal ones down upon my friend and mentor Stone Cold.

Jason: He must have overheard me talking about getting him out of the country.

Sam: "The FBI has ordered Stone Cold to betray Mr. Sir. The Jackal is moved beyond deepest measure that his master is prepared to risk charges of aiding and abetting in order to help his princess flee the country, but Stone Cold's trusted friend cannot allow him to make that sacrifice. Thus the Jackal has departed solo to wander the world helping those in peril and seeking adventure."

Jason: And he's an expert in the cyber world, but what he doesn't know about the real world can really, really hurt him.

Sam: Okay, all right. Let's just look at the upside of this. He couldn't have gone too far now, could he?

Jason: I just didn't realize how much I started to depend on him. I use him for everything. I use him to hack into anything and everything, and he's my tech guy. Who do I have to track him down?

Sam: We're going to find him, Jason.

Jason: Without his resources, I don't even know where to start, Sam.

Sam: I know. Listen, I get it. He is a sweet man and a real good friend. And I get that you are upset, but you've got to think about this right now. There is no way, that without money or a fake passport, he could get anywhere, which means he probably went to somebody that could provide that to him.

Jason: Okay, so he's not going to go to anybody in my organization because, obviously, he's trying to hide from me. But you know what? This kid could end up trusting the wrong people.

Carly: I spoke to Michael's father about the new test, and whatever details you could give us would make us feel more comfortable.

Doctor: I have some new research data from the trials that could help you with your decision.

Carly: That would be great. I would love to take a look.

Claudia: Okay, Michael, I've really got to go. I promise you that I'm going to keep coming back and seeing you. Listen, I can't let your parents find out, okay, because I don't know how I would explain it to them. Your father would kill me if he knew what I did.

Robin: Why don't you let me decide how to allocate my time? I would love to consult on Michael's case.

Patrick: Since Robin has just come back to work, we haven't had time to set her schedule yet.

Robin: I will work out my schedule, and I will figure out a time to help Michael.

Sonny: Okay, I just needed information on the neurotransmitter testing so I can make an educated decision.

Robin: Of course.

Patrick: I'll call the doctors in New York, get the information, give you feedback as soon as possible.

Sonny: All right. Thanks to both of you. I'm out of here.

Robin: Thanks, Sonny.

Patrick: Hey, you don't drop something like that on me and walk away.

Robin: I am going to talk to the chief of staff right now.

Patrick: When did you plan on telling me that you were coming back to work full-time?

Robin: Listen to me. Don't ever talk to me like that in front of Sonny, making him think that I don't have time for his son.

Patrick: Robin, what about our daughter?

Robin: What about our daughter? Huh, what's your point?

Sam: You're a hero to Spinelli. You must know that.

Jason: You know that grasshopper-master -- I thought it was harmless, but the fact is, this kid was innocent, and I let him in my business.

Sam: All right, yeah. But you know what, Jason? He knew what he was doing. Come on, we all take chances. We've just got to adapt and learn the rules and get better at whatever it is we're trying to do, and sometimes along the way, we make mistakes.

Jason: Yeah, I let him. I let Spinelli take too many chances, and now he's on the run. He's out there alone, and if he's on the run, I can't protect him from the FBI, so I have to find him.

Sam: You know what? I think I know a good place to start.

Spinelli: The first gift that Stone Cold bestowed upon his student was a window into the error of the Jackal way, that the realization that cyber dominance in the aide of one as unworthy as Darth alcazar is a turn to the dark side. Stone Cold opened his home and his hearth to me, albeit in the regrettably pink room, but he allowed his grasshopper to begin to learn the Stone Cold way. And through that, I found a friend and mentor unlike any other. And then I proceeded to sew the seeds of disaster.

Winnifred: Far be it for me to judge, but Stone Cold does not seem like a guy with a whole lot of friends. No doubt he treasures your company.

Spinelli: Which makes it all the more grievous that I broke the first rule of the hackers creed. Arrogance was my downfall. So certain was I that no one could bring down the ace of cyber-space.

Winnifred: I will forever regret my role in your misfortune.

Spinelli: You were just doing your job and following your own chosen path.

Winnifred: Not one of my fellow agents comes close to matching your awesome skills. And by exploiting your friendship and your kindness, I opened the portal by which those less noble could breech the Jackal's firewalls and bring you to this unfortunate decision.

Spinelli: It was I, the ace who gave the federal ones leverage over the master, forcing him to choose between the Jackal and Mr. Corinthos Sir. He should not have to give up his mentor to protect his protégé. The Jackal's redemption can only come via his noble quest, an opportunity to repay the debt for all Stone Cold has sacrificed and for all the trouble that I brought him. Perhaps some day, in some remote corner of the world, when we perchance meet again, Stone Cold could take pride in his knowledge that it was his guidance that caused his grasshopper to become a man of action.

Ethan: You're still here. That tells me something.

Lulu: You can't just dismiss me because you feel like it.

Ethan: Why would I dismiss you? I savor every guilt-ridden moment we have together.

Lulu: You are a liar and a thief, and you are not good at either of them. How stupid is it to say that Robin was here when I know she wasn't?

Ethan: How can you be so alluring and yet so wrong?

Lulu: Your big mistake was saying that Robin didn't have any kids.

Ethan: That's what she told me.

Lulu: All right. Obviously, you saw Robin somewhere, and that's how you picked her pocket and got her wallet. But Robin was not at a casino in the middle of the day. She has more important things to do, like taking care of her baby.

Ethan: You're certainly upset about this.

Lulu: Why don't you just admit that you lied?

Ethan: When you admit that you're grasping for any excuse to talk to me.

Lulu: I don't want to talk to you. I loathe you.

Luke: Daughter, daughter, daughter, please chill out.

Lulu: Would you just fire him?

Luke: If young Ethan gets under your skin so badly, here's an idea -- why don't you avoid him?

Lulu: He stole Robin's wallet. I found it on the bar.

Luke: Petty theft, a minor infraction.

Lulu: It'll be major when he cleans you out. Why are you putting up with this con artist?

Robin: I took care of Michael when he was a baby, okay. He's like family to me.

Patrick: Yeah. But, Robin, you have your own family now and a daughter who needs you.

Robin: I thought we already talked about this. We're hiring a nanny.

Patrick: Part-time.

Robin: Listen, I have a career just like you have a career, okay. And I don't see you offering to pack it in and stay home with Emma 24-7.

Patrick: I get all that, okay. But we don't have a nanny, and you haven't been home all day.

Robin: Oh, so now I'm not allowed to have a babysitter?

Patrick: No, but I think you're avoiding her.

Robin: Oh, my God. Okay, how long do you think you would last if you had to stay home with Emma every single day, all day long with this little, tiny person?

Patrick: You don't even try to find a balance with her. You get no joy from her.

Robin: Why don't you help me a little bit?

Patrick: Okay. Sit down. Please. When you first got pregnant, you wanted to do this all on your own, right?

Robin: So it turns out I'm not superwoman. At least I can admit that.

Patrick: But if it would have worked out the way you wanted it, how do you think it would be going right about now?

Robin: You know what? I don't know. At least I wouldn't have to listen to you telling me what a horrible parent I am all the time.

Patrick: Robin, that's a load of crap.

Robin: It's the truth. You treat me like I've lost my mind. It's insulting.

Patrick: I've been doing some research about how you're feeling when things are going --

Robin: How I'm feeling? I can give you a list of the things that I'm feeling.

Patrick: Well, I think you should try and talk to someone who can help.

Robin: This is exactly what I'm talking about. A psychiatrist?

Patrick: Robin, she's a psychiatrist that specializes in postpartum depression. I really think you should talk to her.

Robin: I think you should talk to her. Maybe she can help you get over yourself.

Luke: Princess, Mr. Lovett is a con man. He's a few canvases short of a con artist.

Lulu: He is playing on your ego. If it wasn't so ginormous, you would know that.

Luke: Ego? Ginormous?

Luke: All this learning at the feet of the great Luke Spencer. He's not worthy of you. He's a petty thief.

Ethan: Possibly. But I didn't take that wallet. You know, I have standards.

Lulu: Really? What standards?

Ethan: I only steal from the matador, not his customers. That would be bad for business.

Lulu: Dad?

Luke: Daughter, if you would like to return that wallet to Robin, by all means do, but I seriously doubt the artful dodger picked her pocket and then left it out, like evidence for the world to find. I hope I've taught you better than that.

Lulu: Oh, fine. Fine, Dad. Have fun getting ripped off.

Luke: Oh, Lulu.

Ethan: I think she likes me.

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: We need to set up a meeting with lieutenants. Let them know you're stepping down, and I'm taking over because otherwise --

Jason: The meeting is going to have to wait. Spinelli is in a lot of trouble.

Sonny: I thought the trouble disappeared when you handed Anthony over to the feds.

Jason: Rayner wants me to give you up.

Sonny: Forget Rayner. What are you going to do?

Jason: I decided to get Spinelli out of the country, set him up somewhere in hiding, and the kid took off and he beat me to it.

Sonny: Problem solved.

Jason: No, it's not solved, Sonny. He does not know how to survive on his own. If I don't find him, he's going to get into something he cannot get out of.

Sonny: Spinelli did not just put himself in danger. He has information that could destroy both of us.

Jason: I trust him.

Sonny: Okay. Then maybe it's time you cut the kid loose.

Man: Give me the information, and I won't cut your pretty face.

Spinelli: You didn't say the magic word.

[Indiana Jones themed music plays]

Ralph: Can I get you anything else?

Spinelli: This is a meal fit for Zeus and your establishment, a welcome safe harbor for two wayfaring adventurers seeking sustenance before striking out into unknown dangers.

Winnifred: The food is most excellent and your shop inviting.

Ralph: Enjoy it while you can. After 37 years in the same location, the bank is closing me down. You'd think they give a loyal customer a break. They cut off my credit. I can't buy my supplies, which means I can't serve my customers, which means I'm out of business.

Spinelli: This is it. A wrong that must be righted.

Winnifred: And we're not even in Singapore yet.

Spinelli: Kindly, hard-working, small business owner, the Jackal is at your service.

Winnifred: The Jackal is the assassin of the internet. He is the master of the cyber realm where he is able to open all doors and scale firewalls in a single bound. Behold.

Carly: Okay, while we've decided to move forward, how long until we get the test results back?

Doctor: If he's not a candidate for the extended treatment, we'll know immediately.

Carly: Okay. I'm still a little concerned about the infection risk.

Doctor: Is something wrong, Mrs. Jacks?

Carly: Um, I usually like the chair in the corner. That's -- was somebody here?

Jax: Yes, I was.

[Knock at door]

Robin: Hi.

Maxie: Hi. You sounded upset on the phone.

Robin: I've had the day from hell. I sent the sitter home after I had a huge fight with Patrick.

Maxie: Again?

Robin: Yeah, apparently his day isn't complete until he tells me how screwed up I am.

Maxie: Is this about you working?

Robin: So much more. He embarrassed me in the lobby of Mercy Hospital and in front of Sonny.

Maxie: Sonny?

Robin: Sonny and Carly want to do this new procedure for Michael, and Sonny asked me to consult because, well, he still considers me a doctor. And Patrick was threatened because, I guess, he just sees me as miss stay-at-home-mom that just folds laundry and cleans spit-up all day long. And if that wasn't bad enough, he told me that I needed to see a psychiatrist.

Maxie: I really hate it when you guys fight.

Robin: So you think he's right? You think I'm crazy?

Maxie: Are you talking to me about crazy?

Robin: I don't know. I just feel like Patrick and I are so far apart on this.

Maxie: I think Patrick was probably scared. I mean, when Emma was sick, he couldn't leave general hospital to get to you, and in my experience, guys go crazy when they're helpless.

Robin: Then why doesn't he try and help me? He won't try and be understanding. If he's so paranoid, why doesn't he stay home all day? Why doesn't anyone ask a man that question?

Maxie: You guys were both heroes that day, Robin. I mean, Patrick saved everyone inside that hospital, and you were off saving Emma on your own. Even I remember how scared I was for you.

Robin: You saw me with Emma. I was there for her when she really needed me.

Maxie: I thought you were wonderful. How you held and comforted Emma, that's what pulled her through and helped her get better.

Robin: I felt really connected to Emma then. I just wish -- I just wish Patrick was there. He could have seen that. And maybe he'd give me a break.

Maxie: I don't think this is all Patrick's fault.

Robin: You think it's my fault?

Maxie: You know Patrick loves you. Maybe he has unrealistic ideas about what a perfect family should be.

Robin: Yeah, I think I did, too. When I was first pregnant, I used to imagine what it was like to be a mom. I would sit in my nursery rocking my baby to sleep. It was so real, I could almost smell the baby powder. Whenever I would freak out about the baby's future, whether it was an illness or something I couldn't control, the failure was never mine.

Maxie: When you were first pregnant, I remember how much you glowed. I mean, we spent all those years thinking that you were never going to be able to have children. And there you were, pregnant with a child of your own, getting what you always wanted.

Robin: I don't think any woman can imagine what it's like to be a mom until they actually are.

Maxie: Yeah, I know. People always say when you hold your baby for the first time, it's so much more amazing than you ever imagined. And I think even the most sensitive guy wouldn't understand that. So we know Patrick is new to the whole sensitivity thing.

Robin: Yeah, in all fairness, I was really mean to him today. I mean, I told him that I wanted to go on six month's maternity leave. I thought that was what I wanted. And now, if I end up going to a shrink, they're just going to tell me to go to work. You'll be a better person. You'll be a happier person. And then in turn you'll be a better mother.

Maxie: That makes perfect sense to me. Can't you just explain it exactly like that to Patrick?

Robin: Maybe. I just think he needs to get used to the idea, just like he needed to get used to the idea of being a father in the first place.

Maxie: See? You two are too smart not to figure this out yourselves.

Robin: Yeah, well, I shouldn't have lost it at the hospital. I just need to get a nanny, get back on schedule, and then we can all relax.

Maxie: Well, there, it's all worked out. Now we can talk about me, because I really need your help.

Robin: Okay, what's up?

Maxie: Well, you are the second most brilliant person that I know, next to Spinelli. I really need you to fill me in on this whole time-space conundrum thing, because he's going to take me to see a movie later.

Robin: It's space-time continuum.

Maxie: See? Having a baby hasn't fried all of your brain cells. So I need you to fill me in on all things intelligent before my date with Spinelli tonight.

Jason: It's my fault Spinelli's in trouble with the FBI.

Sonny: Jason, we both know I don't understand half of what Spinelli says. He's like an alien or something. I -- look, I'm not going to judge him. But he gets on my nerves, and he does have an I.Q. off the charts. So he knew exactly what he was doing.

Jason: He thought it would make my life easier if he left.

Sonny: But if you took Spinelli out of the country, you would be an accessory to unlawful flight. The feds would bust you the minute you got back. And I'm not sure you could get over that.

Jason: I just don't want him out there alone.

Sonny: Okay, we know that you're sorry to see him go, and you've come to rely on him. But you got to think of Spinelli. He's getting out of the mob.

Jason: Is it that simple?

Sonny: Do you think he could go back to hacking? I agree. But listen, Spinelli is naive, but he's not a child. And he's not innocent. And you always said to me, you're the type of guy who lets people live their life -- let them do what they want to do. If Spinelli wants to do this, you shouldn't try to stop him.

Jax: Do you remember when Michael first realized that I was serious about marrying you?

Carly: Yes, he locked me and Sonny in the basement.

Jax: Yeah, and I thought to myself, how the hell am I going to win this kid over.

Carly: And you did, once he realized me and Sonny weren't getting back together.

Jax: Yeah, he welcomed me, and that sent a message to Morgan that he could accept me, too.

Carly: Michael learned to love you the same way I did. You two had gotten to a really good place.

Jax: He deserves better, and so do you. It's time for me to do what I should've done long ago.

Luke: We're closed. But I could open a table for you if you'd like to gamble.

Rebecca: No, um, I'm here because of Nikolas. I accidentally heard you two talking on the docks. You seem to know him pretty well.

Luke: Yeah, Nikolas has been a fact in my life for many years.

Rebecca: When I met you at the Quartermaines, you told me that you know them better than anybody, right?

Luke: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: Well, I went to the Quartermaine house, the place where Emily grew up, because I thought that maybe I could put an end to all of this. Let them see up close that I'm not the person that they wish I could be.

Luke: How do you feel it turned out for you?

Rebecca: Wasn't as easy as I expected. Add to that, every time I turn around, there's Nikolas staring at me with that look in his eyes. You know, like I'm the answer to some prayer. I know I've been a royal bitch to him. That's just because I didn't want to give him false hope. Now I'm thinking that maybe I could be halfway decent and help him.

Luke: Well, seems to be my day for playing the wise old man on the mountain. Hate that, but I may have an idea on how you can help Nikolas and yourself, too.

Luke: When I see someone standing on the train tracks about to get run down by a freight train, my instinct is to tell them to move. And then they either do, or they get slammed. Nikolas has been standing on the train tracks for over a year, frozen in grief.

Rebecca: I figured that out in the first two or three times he called me Emily.

Luke: So I would suggest, if you really want to help him and yourself, maybe you should stay away from Nikolas.

Jax: I wasn't even in the same city when Michael was shot. And then I thought, you know, maybe I should give you space and wait for you to tell me what you need. I was totally wrong.

Carly: No one's written a book on how we're supposed to behave when your worst nightmare comes true.

Jax: I should have been by your side. I should have never left. But I wasn't thinking straight. I was so furious with Sonny and Jason for what happened, I lost sight of where my heart wanted to be, and I abandoned you.

Carly: When something this huge happens, you know, it just consumes everything and everyone. All the problems that you have seem to be bigger and uglier. There's nothing you can do about it.

Jax: Still, I should've stayed close. But I thought that no matter what I said or did, nothing would've changed. So now I need to do what I didn't do then. And I'm not going to tell you what to do. I'm just going to listen. I'm going to be your shoulder to lean on. I'm going to be that guy who loves you come hell or high water. Now I know you're struggling with whether this procedure for Michael is right. If you want my opinion, all you have to do is ask. And I'll support you no matter what happens. From now on, unless you say otherwise, I am going to be right here.

Spinelli: I got it.

Winnifred: Okay, this is what got you into hot water with the FBI, posing as someone you're not.

Spinelli: Okay, I appreciate your recap of the situation, but yes, I might be an outlaw shunned by society, but I can still use my skills as a force of good in a cause much bigger than myself.

Winnifred: Bigger than both of us.

Spinelli: Shopkeep.

Ralph: Can I get you an orange soda, Mr. Rorschach -- wasn't it?

Spinelli: Rorschach. Hudson Rorschach at your service. And this is my lovely companion Diana --

Winnifred: Diana Princeton.

Spinelli: Otherwise known as the priestess. And I am feared throughout cyberspace as the Jackal.

Ralph: I see.

Spinelli: Your bank acted capriciously and reduced you to a nameless, faceless speck on a balance sheet.

Winnifred: A travesty, punishing one who symbolizes the grit and determination of those upon whose shoulders rest the entire mercantile system.

Spinelli: It's all here in black and white, all the way down to the $627 monthly payment that you made without fail.

Winnifred: Pernicious villains.

Ralph: Shouldn't that be private information?

Winnifred: Oh, the cyber realm is available to the Jackal.

Spinelli: Yes, and since no one will rise up against this financial goliath, the Jackal will be your slingshot, oh, David.

Ralph: The name is Ralph.

Sonny: I'm not going to deny it. I have my own reasons for wanting you to let Spinelli go. I can't have you distracted right now. The organization is going through a transition. And it's important that you're around.

Jason: I get it. But the men know what's expected of them.

Sonny: Well, yeah, but a united front from both of us as business partners and friends would be great for all of us. Look, you do what you're going to do. I'm not going to tell you what to do.

Jason: You know what? I got to look for Spinelli because he's been nothing but loyal since he started working for me.

Sonny: Well, now you know what it's like. I mean, you were young once -- didn't really know how the world worked. You needed some place to go, some place where you felt you belonged. And you decided to work for me. I took you in. I told you many times to get the hell out, but you made your choice. And I developed a friendship -- you're like a great business partner. But the thing is, the burden of feeling responsible for you was very tough for me -- for your well-being, for your safety. And that's the same thing you're going to have to go through with Spinelli.

Jason: What should I do?

Sonny: Well, I can't answer that. You're going to have to make that decision yourself. But I will say this. If you go after Spinelli, you may be saving him from a life he's not prepared for. But then again, you are tying him to the mob forever.

[Knock at door]

Maxie: Spinelli, hello, open up.

[Knock at door]

Maxie: Jason? Anyone? Hey, you guys, if you're doing anything illegal, I'm warning you. Now would be the time to stop.

Maxie: I know I was supposed to return this key the last time I stayed here, but I figured, you never know when I'll have to break in. I'm supposed to have dinner with Spinelli, so I'll just sit here and wait -- talking to an empty apartment. I guess I'll just go through your mail until you come out and stop me.

Maxie: "But Stone Cold's trusty friend cannot allow him to make the sacrifice. Thus, the Jackal has departed solo. He has become a fugitive, fated to wander the world, helping those in peril and seeking adventure."

Sam: All right, we caught a break. Spinelli is headed to L.A. I know you're probably wondering how I found out so fast. But I happen to know a guy who knows another guy who was asked to pick up a plane ticket. Sometimes you just get a gift handed right into your lap. And I know what you're thinking. L.A. is this big, sprawling city. But it's a start, right? So I was thinking that maybe we could catch a red-eye tonight, and we can be there by --

Jason: Sam, I'm not going.

Sam: Excuse me?

Jason: You were right. Sonny was right. I'm always adamant about how people get to make their own choices, and so does Spinelli. It's his life. He gets to live it the way he wants. I'm not going to be the one to stop him.

Ralph: Thank you. Thank you. The bank's reinstated my credit. I don't know how you did it, son, or what you did, but it's a miracle.

Spinelli: The financial institution had a change of heart -- not that they have such an organ.

Ralph: I don't know how to thank you Mr. Rorschach.

Spinelli: Yes, but you can just call me Hudson -- or better yet, just the Jackal. And I simply did what needed to be done -- aiding the oppressed.

Ralph: Dessert's on me, huh? Homemade pie.

Winnifred: Your prowess is only matched by your humility. You have stirred my conscience.

Spinelli: I hope he serves it ala mode.

Winnifred: In places I've never been stirred before.

Claudia: You look like hell.

Sonny: Thanks.

Claudia: You had a bad day?

Sonny: No, I just had a meeting with Jason, and it brought up some history. Old news -- speaking of which, Carly wants to take Michael in to get some experimental treatment.

Claudia: Really?

Sonny: Yep.

Claudia: What do you think about that?

Sonny: Well, I think Carly has high hopes for whatever is going to get Michael to wake up. And I'm not going to fight her, because she's going to do what she's going to do. But I keep wondering if there's a part of Michael who knows what's going on, and it could disturb him a little bit.

Claudia: Michael's fine.

Sonny: Why would you say that?

[Knock at door]

Robin: Hi.

Lulu: Hi, is this a bad time?

Robin: No, come in.

Lulu: I thought maybe you were feeding Emma or something.

Robin: No, she's asleep. What can I do for you?

Lulu: Looking for this?

Robin: I didn't even know I lost it.

Lulu: Yeah, the guy who took it from you was a total pro, not to mention a jerk. He says he didn't take it.

Robin: Well, everything's in here.

Lulu: Oh, well, I must have got it from him before he had a chance to clean you out.

Robin: I've been so scattered lately. I must have left it somewhere. Where did you find this?

Lulu: The Haunted Star. So that's how I knew he was lying. I mean, I'm not a sucker for that accent. He can't charm me into believing everything. Like you were drinking at a casino in the middle of the day.

Robin: Thank you so much for bringing this back to me.

Lulu: Yeah, well, the worst part is he's telling people that you said you don't have any kids.

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