GH Transcript Wednesday 3/4/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/4/09


Provided By Laurie R.
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Nadine: Hi. Sorry I'm late. It's been a crazy day.

Nikolas: No, that's okay. How's things over at Mercy?

Nadine: Busy, which is good since they had to take on more nurses just as my other place of work broke down. So, I haven't seen you in a couple days. How have you been?

Nikolas: Good, good. Just busy with the plans to rebuild General Hospital.

Nadine: Well, how bad is the damage?

Nikolas: Actually, it's not as extensive as we thought. The work should go fairly quickly I think.

Nadine: Just like here at Kelly's. I guess you really miss this place, huh?

Nikolas: I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic.

Nadine: Plus, Emily's double just happens to work here.

Lulu: What are you doing?

Ethan: I work here.

Lulu: Since when?

Ethan: Since yesterday. Although it feels like it's been longer. Ethan Lovett. And you are?

Lulu: You're stealing money out of the cashbox.

Ethan: No, not at all. I was just going through last night's take.

Lulu: Yeah, I'm going to call my brother, the cop.

Ethan: Seriously, you can take a look for yourself. The receipts are a mess.

Lulu: Detective Spencer, please.

Luke: All right, everybody put it down. Lulu, put down the phone. Ethan, put down the money.

Lulu: What is going on here?

Maxie: Of course, Lulu is missing in action yet again. I know she's doing this to me because I went to all those PR events with Johnny. What is that supposed to mean, Clarice? Oh, she's here. I have to go. You'd better have brought me a latte.

Robin: I don't have a latte, but I was thinking I could take you to lunch.

Maxie: Hey, how's Emma?

Jason: What are you doing?

Ethan: I wouldn't dream of taking your hard earned cash. I learned my lesson the first time.

Luke: No, you didn't.

Ethan: Look, the point is, instead of stealing it --

Luke: The point is, close the lid and turn the lock. There, see, was that so hard?

Lulu: Back up. He's stolen from you before?

Luke: He tried the night of that mess at the hospital. The kid has the makings of a first-class grifter. Ethan Lovett, meet my daughter Lulu.

Ethan: That explains a lot.

Lulu: Since when do you hire people who rip you off?

Ethan: That's a long story, love. Maybe you would like a drink while you're hearing it.

Luke: Slick here robbed me of a loaf of bread and I followed the crumbs to a nice little dive in old town, and I got it back with a stop off in the Greenfield jail.

Ethan: Yes, I've made a lot of mistakes, but thanks to your old man it all worked out for the best.

Lulu: How did you get sprung this time?

Luke: Tracy.

Ethan: And brimming with the spirit of forgiveness, he offered me a job here at the casino.

Lulu: So, you handed him an open invitation to steal from you again?

Luke: I like his style. I'd rather have him working for me than against, and Tracy is crazy about the idea. So, how could I argue?

Lulu: You argue with Tracy all the time.

Luke: Listen, she told me about that ordeal at the hospital. I'm so sorry you went through that. I wish I had been around to help.

Lulu: No, that's fine. I knew you would've if you could.

Ethan: He certainly would have. And you're his beloved daughter and Tracy, she's just --

Luke: That's Mrs. Spencer to you, Casanova.

Ethan: Forgive me; Mrs. Spencer is one in a million.

Lulu: One in a million?

Luke: Well, you and I know it's snake oil, but Tracy, I mean, it's taken me years to put one over on her. This Wiley weasel had her suckered in from hello.

Tracy: I resent that.

Patrick: Okay, well, your vital signs look good.

Elizabeth: So, I can go home?

Patrick: I'd like to take a look at your blood panel first.

Elizabeth: Just out of curiosity, why is a neurosurgeon doing my checkup?

Patrick: Yeah, well, blame it on the Mercy chief of staff. With the influx of patients and doctors from General, everybody's on rotation.

Elizabeth: So, when I come back to work, I'll be emptying bed pans and doing the occasional brain surgery?

Patrick: It wouldn't surprise me.

Elizabeth: I look forward to it as soon as I get out of here.

Patrick: Yes, I told them to rush the results as soon as they come.

Elizabeth: And then I can go home?

Patrick: You can't wait to see your kids, huh?

Elizabeth: I miss them so much. Look at all the cards they've made me.

Patrick: Yeah, here you are clawing to get home and Robin seems more eager to claw anywhere but.

Robin: I should be home with Emma, is that what you're saying? I'm not allowed to take a break?

Maxie: That is not what I meant.

Robin: I'm on maternity leave. That doesn't mean that I need to stay home with my child every waking second with her on my hip as I cook and clean like a good little housewife.

Maxie: Ew, gross, of course not.

Robin: Exactly. So, why did you imply that I should be home with her?

Maxie: It's just when you were pregnant with Emma, you were so excited that I thought when she was born you would spend every single waking minute with her.

Robin: Well, I still am excited and I have been home with Emma every single day since she's been born.

Maxie: Except for today.

Robin: Okay, I don't get it. Patrick goes to work every single day. No one accuses him of being a bad father.

Maxie: No, I'm not saying you're a bad parent. Things have just been a little off lately.

Robin: A little off?

Maxie: This is really stupid, and obviously, just like normal, I am wrong. So, let's just drop it, okay?

Robin: No, you're not wrong. Just give me the benefit of the doubt, okay? I've been under a lot of pressure lately, and I'm just feeling really judged.

Maxie: What kind of pressure?

Robin: It's complicated.

Maxie: What is it, Robin? What's wrong?

Robin: Nothing's wrong. Why do you keep insisting that something is wrong?

Nikolas: I've actually been a regular here for years. Before the fire, I'd stop here every morning for coffee.

Nadine: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

Nikolas: No, it's okay. Yes, I am intrigued by Rebecca’s amazing resemblance to Emily.

Nadine: Well, have you learned any more about her?

Nikolas: Yes, Alexis did some digging on her own. Mind you, I didn't tell her to.

Nadine: What did she find out?

Nikolas: Rebecca's not related to Emily. She grew up with her parents in Washington State.

Nadine: So, you're just going to leave it at that?

Nikolas: I guess. I wanted to know, and now that I do, I'm fine with it.

Rebecca: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Rebecca: You ready to order?

Nikolas: Yes, I'll have that chili. And for you?

Nadine: A Cobb salad, please.

Rebecca: All right, coming right up. I'll try not to dump food on you this time.

Nikolas: I probably have one coming, don't I?

Rebecca: Yeah, I guess all those years with servants kind of left you impaired.

Nadine: I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Winnifred: Your contact has arrived.

Sam: Hey.

Winnifred: Hi.

Sam: It's freezing. Can we go inside, please?

Winnifred: No, this meeting is clandestine. No one may know.

Sam: Know what?

Winnifred: My superior, Agent Rayner, seeks a double victory as it were. Although Stone Cold has already handed us the evil kingpin Anthony Zacchara, Rayner now demands more.

Sam: Okay, well, what does he want?

Winnifred: He wants evidence against Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr., aka Mr. Sir, and the Jackal has always insisted that Stone Cold will never betray Mr. Sir. Thus, I fear the Jackal may be poised to take drastic measures.

Sam: Okay, okay, so, you're afraid that if Jason is pressured to turn Sonny in, that Spinelli might go ahead and so something crazy?

Winnifred: Yeah, the worst may be happening as we speak, which is why the priestess comes to fair Samantha. You are respected and admired by both the Jackal and Stone Cold and you can communicate with both of them. So, please, please, convey the urgency of this matter.

Sam: All right, all right, listen, don't worry. Spinelli has really good friends, and we are definitely going to take care of him, okay? Okay.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, you caught me in a private moment. You're no doubt wondering why the Jackal would wish to alter his appearance.

Jason: Yeah, I want to know what's going on.

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal is vain. My appearance has become a concern as of late.

Jason: Stop that. Is it about Maxie?

Spinelli: Stone Cold is most astute. I'm afraid that I'm going lose fair Maximista to the former mob prince. He is now employed by the glacial one to escort fair Maximista to all these high profile events that she holds dear.

Jason: So, you're worried that Maxie is going to start liking Johnny? Is that what you're saying?

Spinelli: It is something I would have scoffed at once, but in addition to his other manly attributes, the mob prince boasts a perfect 41 regular. It's the ne plus ultra of men's fashion. It means he has ideal measurements to fit into Feddie's new line.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Spinelli: If the Jackal wishes to compete for Maximista's heart, I have to change my appearance. What does Stone Cold think about a manly goatee?

Jason: I think that Maxie likes you for who you are and not how you look.

Spinelli: Easily said by one who no doubt wears a perfect 42 regular.

Jason: We need to talk about something right now.

Spinelli: Actually, I would to oblige, but perhaps at a later time?

Jason: What do you mean a later time, this is --

Spinelli: I'm already late for a rendezvous with Maximista, so...

Jason: Spinelli. Oh, we've got to check this out.

Rebecca: Thanks for covering. I won't be long.

Nadine: You never got over Emily. I don't think you ever will.

Nikolas: Rebecca's not Emily.

Nadine: You know that in your head, but in your heart you're going through all the memories and reliving the love you and Emily shared.

Nikolas: I'm really sorry.

Nadine: It's okay. It's not your fault, Nikolas. Your love for Emily was as close to perfect as it gets. I envy you. I just hope I can find that myself someday.

Nikolas: You will. You're a wonderful person --

Nadine: Don't.

Nikolas: No, I mean it. I led you to believe I was ready for a relationship and clearly I'm not.

Nadine: Well, you did your best.

Nikolas: You made it easy for me.

Nadine: Polite as always.

Nikolas: I'm being honest.

Nadine: Nikolas, I'll always be grateful for the time we had together, but there's no future for us.

Nikolas: You're right. No woman will ever take the place of Emily. I wish it were otherwise.

Nadine: But -- me, too. And it's not. So, best of luck to you.

Maxie: Here.

Robin: Thank you. Listen, I love Emma. I count my blessings every day. It's just harder than I expected.

Maxie: I get it. I mean, Emma is adorable, but I'm sure like most babies, she's a lot of work, and if I were in your position, I would be running around like my hair was on fire.

Robin: Sometimes I am. That doesn't make me a bad parent.

Maxie: No, of course not.

Robin: I'm sorry. If I sound defensive, it's because I am, because Patrick is questioning me all the time. He's watching my every move, and I guess it bugs me because maybe there is a truth to his fears.

Maxie: Robin, when you had Emma your life did a complete 180. I mean, you used to work all the time and now you're at home all the time being a mom. Who wouldn't want a break every once in a while?

Robin: Yeah, thanks for the reality check.

Maxie: You will figure out this whole parenting thing. You just need to give yourself some time.

Robin: I have a healthy baby and a have a loving husband. I have no right to complain.

Maxie: You're not complaining. You're just admitting that it's an adjustment.

Robin: Yes, which I can handle. I just have to get my life in balance, and once I find a nanny, I can get back to work part-time and I'll feel much better.

Maxie: Speaking of work, I need to get this layout finished and incorporate Kate’s notes because if I don't, she'll have a fit.

Robin: I understand. You have to work. I'm a career woman myself. Or at least I will be soon.

Luke: Popsicle, we were just talking about you.

Tracy: Yes, I believe you called me a sucker.

Luke: Well, let's face it. You do fall for every silver tongued word that comes out of tall, dark and gruesome.

Tracy: This from the man who led the poor boy astray.

Lulu: The poor boy?

Ethan: I appreciate your faith in me, Mrs. Spencer.

Tracy: Call me Tracy, please.

Ethan: Tracy, your husband is an absolute inspiration, and I'm sure you wouldn't have married him if he weren't.

Tracy: You're far too kind.

Luke: And larcenous. Don't forget larcenous. As my prime investor, I should think you'd like to keep your eye on whose hand is in the cookie jar.

Tracy: He'll be worth every penny.

Lulu: I see you're back to your disagreeable self.

Tracy: Lulu, speaking of recovery, you need to take it easy. It takes a long time to get over smoke inhalation.

Lulu: I'll be careful.

Tracy: I owe your daughter a debt of gratitude. She was my rock during the hospital crisis. You know, that little event you missed while you were in jail again?

Luke: Madame, my abysmal behavior stands rebuked. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have people to do and things to see.

Tracy: Actually, no, you're coming with me. There is havoc hovering on the horizon, and you and I need to strategize.

Luke: My interest is peaked.

Tracy: I had a very disturbing discussion with Daddy, and I will fill you in on the details.

Ethan: How'd you luck into such a great dad?

Lulu: Don't use that phony charm on me. What kind of scam are you working?

Jason: No, get the fake travel documents for me and Spinelli. I want to get him out of the country by midnight.

[Knock at door]

Jason: Thank you, Bernie. Hey.

Sam: Hey. Okay, so, listen, I just had the weirdest meeting with Winnifred of all people. She tried to warn me that Agent Rayner is pressuring you.

Jason: Why would she care?

Sam: Because she's worried about Spinelli.

Jason: So am I.

Sam: Did you tell him he was leaving the country?

Jason: I tried to, but he took off before I had the chance.

Sam: Jason, everyone Spinelli cares about is here in Port Charles.

Jason: That's why I'm giving him one more day. He can spend time with Maxie and he can just say goodbye.

Sam: Look, what if there's another option?

Patrick: I know I've asked you before if you thought Robin was suffering from postpartum depression.

Elizabeth: And I told you I wasn't professionally qualified to answer that.

Patrick: I know, Elizabeth, but you've been to the house. You've seen Robin and Emma. What's your opinion as a friend?

Elizabeth: She seemed hesitant, a little defensive. She's overwhelmed, like every new parent should be, even new dads.

Patrick: Yeah, I get that overwhelmed feeling and sleep deprivation, but I mean, with Robin it just seems like it's more.

Elizabeth: Well, has something happened recently?

Patrick: No, you know, Robin and Emma were stuck in the blizzard together and when Emma got treated at Mercy, when they came home, I thought Robin was feeling better. You know, she seemed happier to care for Emma and hold her, but it seems the anxiety has come back.

Elizabeth: Well, she's the one staying at home right now. She deals with the day to day pressures. It could be as simple as that.

Patrick: Yeah, but you were fine when it was just Cameron and you, weren't you?

Elizabeth: You didn't know me then.

Patrick: I know, but everybody's always said what a great mother you were, even then.

Elizabeth: Believe me, there were days I was super frustrated and I would second guess myself and I felt completely inadequate. Does all that sound familiar?

Patrick: But you got through it?

Elizabeth: Well, I had my grandmother. When you're at work, Robin has no one.

Patrick: Yeah, no, you're right. I mean, we're looking to getting a nanny, so...

Elizabeth: Good. Well, hopefully that will help, but she still needs to just find her own way.

Lucky: Look who's coming to see mommy.

Cameron: I missed you, Mommy.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here? I'm so glad to see you. What a good surprise.

Lucky: They missed you so much.

Elizabeth: Hi, baby. Thanks for bringing them.

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: Such a good boy, huh?

Monica: Edward, you don't have to baby me. I can walk all by myself.

Edward: One cannot be too cautious, Monica. The hospital board has informed me that the building will be ready for occupancy sooner than expected. So, it's very important for our family that you get well so that we can have things run our way.

Monica: Oh, so this is why the concern.

Edward: I was very concerned about you during the fire, but that disaster is over and we deserve some good news. And thankfully, I have some.

Monica: Oh, what's that?

Edward: You'll know soon enough.

Tracy: It's a terrible idea, Daddy, and Luke and I won't have it.

Luke: Don't drag me into this. This is your battle.

Edward: Did I ask for your opinion, Tracy?

Monica: Well, it's nice to know nothing has changed around here.

Tracy: Why invite a potential freeloader into the house?

Edward: We have had a freeloader in this house, your ne'er-do-well husband, for years.

Luke: I love you, man.

Edward: Please.

Luke: Edward, you know you'd miss me if I were gone. Who else would you have to complain about morning, noon, and night?

Monica: Okay, well, if it isn't Luke who is the freeloader, who is?

[Knock at door]

Edward: Perfect timing.

Monica: Oh, my God.

Tracy: What did I tell you? That is a recipe for --

Tracy and Luke: Disaster.

Edward: Rebecca, you know Monica, of course, and this is my daughter Tracy and her husband Luke This is Rebecca Shaw, our new guest.

Maxie: You don't want to know what Kate thought about those jackets. Fine, tell her what you think if you're feeling suicidal today, but in the mean time, why don't you get that day-to-evening layout set and ready to go?

Maxie: Hey, Spinelli, I didn't even hear you come in. I am crazy busy today. If your guess is why, your first clue is notice that I'm the only one here.

Spinelli: Yes, the original blonde one is conspicuously absent.

Maxie: Yeah, Lulu flaked on me yet again. She owes me 1,000 times over, and I swear to you, one day I'm going to make her pay. But I promise I will be out of here by 7:00. So, why don't you swing by and pick me up then? I was thinking maybe we could go see that new sci-fi movie you want to see, the one about space/time continuing next week.

Spinelli: Continuum.

Maxie: Yeah, as long as you know I'll be turning to you every three seconds asking you what's going on, but I figure if you like sci-fi movies, the least I can do is go with you and the least you can do is take me dinner because I want to try that new place that's on the corner of Bristol and Van Ness. What's wrong with you?

Sam: Winnifred could find out exactly what Agent Rayner's got on Spinelli.

Jason: And then what?

Sam: And then she can help us find a way to get rid of it.

Jason: See, but we're talking about the FBI. We're talking about safeguards, procedural backups, paper trails, and Winnifred is a low-level agent. She might not even have access to the evidence against Spinelli.

Sam: She's got to have better access than we do.

Jason: True, but she is going to be tampering with federal evidence. If something goes wrong, she is going to be facing criminal charges.

Sam: But she would be careful. She knows the risks.

Jason: Everybody knows how much she loves Spinelli. You don't think Rayner's going to be watching her every move?

Sam: Jason, maybe we could just, like, at least present the idea.

Jason: You know what? Winnifred would probably agree to do it because she's just like Spinelli. She's smart. She's innocent. She does not live in the real world, and I'm not going to take advantage of her. Look what's happened to Spinelli.

Sam: Hold on. Aren't you the one who always says that people have the right to make their own choices?

Elizabeth: Is this your new toy? Who got you this toy? Did Grandma get it for you?

Lucky: Grandma did, huh? Did Grandma get you that?

Elizabeth: You are a lucky boy.

Lucky: Yeah, huh? And then we got these guys.

Elizabeth: Oh, my goodness, I think he's stuck. Hi.

Patrick: The results of your blood panel are in. Everything looks normal. You're good to go.

Elizabeth: Wonderful. Did you hear that, guys?

Lucky: Hey, I just want to say thank you for everything you did in the hospital crisis.

Patrick: I was doing my job.

Elizabeth: Well, don't be so modest. You kept everyone calm and organized the entire crisis.

Patrick: Your family went through a traumatic time, and you came out better for it. It's good to see.

Lucky: Is he okay?

Elizabeth: I hope so. Come on, guys, let's pack up these toys.

Lucky: Yeah, it's cause for a celebration.

Cameron: That means ice cream and cake.

Elizabeth: With a little pizza for dessert.

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I'm so glad to be going home. I missed you guys so much. Put that in there for me.

Lucky: We're going to pack up your bag. Let's go home and get some ice cream and cake.

Ethan: So that's how I ended up on walkabout, which ultimately landed me here in Port Charles.

Lulu: And at the Haunted Star and my dad.

Ethan: Yeah, and we got off to a rocky start. Your stepmomma had to twist his arm to get me a job here. But I think he appreciates the company.

Lulu: Well, that's the plan, isn't it?

Ethan: Do I look like I have a plan?

Lulu: Well, my dad once told me the easiest mark for a con artist is another con artist.

Ethan: That's rather cynical, don't you think?

Lulu: He knows that you're working Tracy, but he can't see that you're working him, too.

Ethan: Of course he can. He caught me with my hand in the till.

Lulu: No, he thinks that you're a thief, and he's not looking past that. But I am.

Ethan: Well, you need not look much further. There's not much there.

Lulu: Well, it's obvious that my father's not father-of-the-year material. He was in and out of my life and my brother's, and he got a lot of flack for it over the years.

Ethan: I'm sorry to hear that.

Lulu: And then you show up acting like he's your hero, and all you want to do is learn from him and emulate him. Of course he's going to lap that up.

Ethan: If you really think I can pull one over on your father, you don't know him very well.

Lulu: And you do?

Ethan: You're jealous.

Lulu: I'm just trying to protect my family.

Ethan: Well, don't worry. Luke and I may be two of a kind, but I have no intention of trying to take your place in his life.

Lulu: Okay, this isn't over, not by a long shot.

Sam: Maybe there's a better way than sending Spinelli into permanent hiding. If Winnifred wants to help, why not let her help?

Jason: I already told you. I'm not asking Winnifred for help.

Sam: Why not? She could save Spinelli.

Jason: Because I'm the reason Spinelli's in the situation. If anybody has to fix it, it's going to be me. If anyone's going down for it, it's going to be me.

Spinelli: Nothing is wrong. I am in good spirits.

Maxie: You said "I" and not "the Jackal".

Spinelli: It's just a mere glitch, nothing of concern.

Maxie: You're still upset I went on those PR dates with Johnny, aren't you?

Spinelli: No, I --

Maxie: You're afraid that I had a good time with him, but Spinelli, I wished you were there. I mean, I wanted you to be there so you can laugh at all the things that I thought were funny, and keep me from getting bored. And take a rest with me while my feet hurt from wearing those really nice shoes. Even when I'm not with you, I think about you all the time.

Spinelli: You do?

Maxie: Yeah, don't you know that I would rather be with you than anyone else in this whole entire world? You're stuck with me, Spinelli. Forever and ever.

Spinelli: Maximista.

Maxie: Mm-hmm?

Spinelli: You shall always be in my heart.

Maxie: Thanks, Spinelli.

[Phone rings]

Maxie: Hello? Frederico -- oh, hold on. Um, yes, we got the samples. They are gorgeous, and Kate wants Johnny to wear one to the next pr event. Hold on. I'm really swamped. I'll see you at sevenish. She also wants to do an evening-wear spread, so I'm thinking about that fabulous, off-the-shoulder dress that you have in lemongrass yellow. I know you would rather use a black dress. You always want to use black dresses. You are so predictable. Kate wants color. Well, you could talk to her about it when she gets back.

Robin: Hello.

Ethan: Can I help you?

Robin: I just came here on impulse. Are you open?

Ethan: Well, for a beautiful lady like yourself, always. Can I get you a drink?

Robin: Sure.

Ethan: All right, what strikes your fancy?

Robin: I don't know. Surprise me.

Ethan: You look like a strawberry stripper to me.

Robin: Excuse me?

Ethan: It's a compliment -- strawberry liqueur and schnapps.

Robin: Sounds good. I'm feeling adventurous today. So, are you new here?

Ethan: Yep. First week. Ethan.

Robin: Robin.

Ethan: It's a pleasure.

Robin: Where in Australia are you from?

Ethan: Good ear.

Robin: Well, my dad and my uncle are both Australian.

Ethan: You don't say. Small world.

Robin: Yeah. Wow.

Ethan: See what you think.

Robin: It's really good. You're good at what you do.

Ethan: And what do you do, that leaves you free to go clubbing at midday?

Matt: I'm just tired of feeling useless. If they're not going to release me, I'll do it myself.

Nadine: You've made a full recovery. And with all the extra patients from general, we could use the bed, so --

Matt: Sounds like you're kicking me out.

Nadine: As long as you promise to come right back. We need you for rounds.

Matt: Well, you got yourself a deal. I'll sign myself out. And how are you, Nadine? You went through this fire, too. You better take it easy, all right? Consider that doctor's orders, all right?

Nadine: Thanks.

Matt: What for?

Nadine: For bothering to care.

Matt: Are you crying?

Nadine: No, no, I just -- I think I have something in my eye.

Matt: Right. Here, they're not tissues.

Nadine: I'm sure I'll be fine in a minute.

Matt: Is there anything I can do to help?

Nadine: No, you already did.

Lulu: I know I'm late. It wasn't intentional. That's why I brought you a caramel latte as a peace offering.

Maxie: I already have one, but I'll take it anyway.

Lulu: I know you had to cover both phones, but on my way here, I stopped at the Haunted Star to see my dad. And it turns out he's getting conned by this slick new bartender. I don't know. He's charming in his oily, transparent sort of way, and his accent is completely fake. Everything about him screams red flags. My dad doesn't even see it. And he's got Tracy wrapped around his finger, too.

Maxie: I'm sorry to hear it.

Lulu: So, you're not mad that I'm late?

Maxie: No, I handled everything. I talked to Carol at Maha Chang. I handled the photo shoot with Feddie and set up Kate’s conference call.

Lulu: So, is this the new Zen Maxie?

Maxie: Spinelli came by here earlier. And I thought he would be really happy that he was finally free, and the FBI was leaving him alone.

Lulu: But he's not?

Maxie: Spinelli was acting very un-Spinelli-like. It just got me thinking that maybe he told me everything was okay so I wouldn't worry. What if he's still in trouble?

Spinelli's voice: Stone Cold, the words you are about to read are of a sad and tragic nature.

Edward: Let me get you some water, dear.

Tracy: Exercise caution. Investigate thoroughly before you go extending any invitations.

Monica: Knock it off, Tracy.

Tracy: I don't care if she looks like Emily. I don't care if she looks like Alice for that matter. I want her out.

Monica: No one cares what you want, because this is my house.

Rebecca: I only came by for a visit.

Edward: Rebecca is a victim of that hospital fire.

Tracy: Daddy, you are such an easy mark.

Rebecca: I don't want to cause any trouble.

Edward: And she is without a job until the building reopens.

Tracy: My heart bleeds.

Edward: Well, be that as it may, she is staying here with us.

Rebecca: Actually, Mr. Quartermaine never agreed to --

Monica: I think that's a wonderful idea.

Tracy: Wonderful idea? What is wrong with you? You don't know a thing about her.

Luke: You don't know anything about Ethan.

Tracy: You're on my team.

Monica: You don't have a team, Tracy.

Luke: If you need any tips on how to fleece this flock, I'm a walking encyclopedia.

Monica: This is my house. I say Rebecca is welcome. Now, if anybody disagrees with me, they can pack their bags.

Rebecca: Excuse me, I think there's been a misunderstanding. I'm staying at Kelly's. I just dropped by for a visit.

Edward: Oh, my dear, those rooms above Kelly's are no bigger than postage stamps.

Monica: Yes, and we have a lovely, lovely guest room upstairs.

Tracy: She doesn't want it.

Rebecca: I appreciate it. I'm staying at Kelly's.

Tracy: See?

Edward: But we just -- we wanted to get to know you better, my dear. Where are you from? Arizona perhaps?

Monica: Listen, we have plenty of time for that later. Can I get you some coffee or soda?

Tracy: You'll supply the saccharine.

Monica: Watch it, Tracy. One more crack and you and Luke are kicked to the curb.

Edward: What did I do?

Tracy: A girl who just happens to look exactly like Emily shows up in town where Emily used to live. Also the town where her grieving family still resides. Doesn't that make you suspicious?

Edward: Why can't you give this girl a chance?

Tracy: Because it's more than coincidence.

Nikolas: Okay, stop. Can any of you show some civility here?

Tracy: Who asked you?

Edward: Were we coming on a little strong, my dear?

Tracy: Oh, please, Daddy, are Sherman tanks considered strong?

Monica: Edward was trying to be gracious, something you should try sometime.

Tracy: So, we can make our lovely guest feel at home?

Monica: It wouldn't hurt.

Nikolas: All of you, we're being completely unfair here.

Jason: Okay, Spinelli? Spinelli.

Spinelli's voice: Stone Cold, the words you are about to read are of a sad and tragic nature. Deepest apologies for this primitive mode of communication. Allow the Jackal to once again remind his friend and mentor that a computer of one's own is vital. The Quantum 5300 laptop comes highly recommended, with more than enough ram. But alas, the Jackal digresses. The truth is finally glaring in the harsh light of day, the FBI has ordered Stone Cold to betray Mr. Sir. And if he disobeys, yours truly shall be imprisoned. The Jackal is moved beyond measure that his master is prepared to risk charges of aiding and abetting in order to help his apprentice flee the country. But Stone Cold's trusty friend cannot allow him to make that sacrifice. Thus, the Jackal has departed solo. He has become a fugitive, fated to wander the world helping those in peril and seeking adventure.

Spinelli: Aha. The current issue of "Modern Algorithms." If your in-flight companion might, I'd like to recommend the most excellent article on Petruvian analogies, and if, upon reading, you care to discuss then -- priestess?

Robin: I'm a doctor, actually, at Port Charles General Hospital.

Ethan: Is that the place that just had the big fire?

Robin: Yes, they're rebuilding it though.

Ethan: So, what? In the meantime, you're out of a job?

Robin: Well, I'm waiting to go on rotation at Mercy, which is why I have time to go clubbing during the day.

Ethan: Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Robin. Stop by anytime. I'll have a strawberry stripper waiting for you.

Robin: Well, I may take you up on that.

Ethan: You're married?

Robin: Yes, he's also a doctor at General Hospital.

Ethan: And you didn't bring him along?

Robin: No, sometimes I need a little alone time.

Ethan: And you chose the Haunted Star instead of, say, shopping or a manicure?

Robin: Are you sexist?

Ethan: I've been called much worse.

Robin: Okay, well, let's just say that I might do that after I have my drink.

Ethan: So, I'm guessing you don't have kids or --

Robin: Right on the first guess.

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