GH Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09


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Patrick: Some life you're living, Emma. Besotted dad feeding you a bottle. Take what you want, leave the rest. Drift off, not a care in the world. As it should be, really.

Robin: Did Emma go down okay?

Patrick: Out like a light.

Robin: Good.

Patrick: Are you going somewhere?

Robin: Uh, yeah. I have so many errands. I've just been putting them off forever.

Patrick: Well, if you're behind that much, why can't you just leave them a little longer?

Rebecca: Nikolas, I've got your clothes.

Nikolas: Okay. Come on in.

Rebecca: You know, it's amazing. I called your --

Nikolas: Just, uh, go ahead and lay it on the bed there. That'll be fine, thanks.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: What's going on?

Sam: Oh, Iím just supposed to help set up the party.

Jason: Uh, what do you mean? What kind of -- what party?

Sam: Spinelli's throwing it. He and Maxie called, told me to meet them here. They're apparently out getting some snacks and stuff. Who knows what they're going to come back with. Come on, Spinelli wants to celebrate his freedom and obviously pay tribute to you.

Jason: Yeah, well, that's not necessary.

Sam: Oh, come on, Jason, let Spinelli have his moment. He's so grateful for everything that you did. You know what? I actually think you went up a few notches in his book, which I didn't think was -- what is wrong?

Jason: What's wrong is Spinelli's got nothing to celebrate. The feds aren't letting us off the hook.

Claudia: What?

Sonny: Remember when I found you in my room and I said that if I want you there, I'd ask?

Claudia: I remember.

Patrick: Well, I thought that we could make some popcorn, watch one of the movies we've both seen like 50 times, and spend the evening with Emma.

Robin: That sounds like heaven, but life goes on beyond these walls. These are about a week late. We haven't done major grocery shopping in about two weeks, and dry cleaning is piling up. And this Christmas present that I ordered for Uncle Mac finally showed up, so I'm going to go drop it off to him.

Patrick: All very, very worthy causes, but I had a very long day with the hospital rebuilding committee, and I was hoping I could spend some quality time with my girls.

Robin: In a perfect world, that would work. But until we get that nanny that we've been talking about --

Patrick: Yes.

Robin: We have to switch off, okay? So now it's my turn to go out into the world.

Patrick: Okay, I get it.

Robin: Do you?

Patrick: Yes, I do. You probably feel a little cooped up, a little cabin fever, and you want to be among people who walk upright and finish sentences and everything. Em and I will be fine.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Now you're making me feel guilty.

Patrick: No, absolutely not my intention.

Robin: I'll be back soon.

Patrick: We'll be here.

Rebecca: Must be nice -- having a butler.

Nikolas: Oh. You probably find that pretentious, don't you?

Rebecca: I try not to judge. It's just not my experience.

Rebecca: Yeah, I should let you change.

Nikolas: Well, don't -- don't go far. I'd still like to talk to you, if that's okay.

Rebecca: Yeah, I'll be downstairs.

Jason: So Anthony dumped Claudia on a roof, strapped her to a bomb, and tried to take off. So when I got the drop on him, I left him for Rayner.

Sam: All right, what about Claudia?

Jason: What about Claudia? Uh, Sonny dismantled the bomb. But all that matters is that I gave Anthony to the feds.

Sam: You already held up your end of the deal. Your part is done, Jason.

Jason: No, no, it's not done. Not according to Rayner, it's not done. Now he wants Sonny.

Sam: Oh, of course. Of course, Rayner still has all this incriminating evidence against Spinelli --

Jason: And he has no problem using it as leverage against me because he knows I'm not going to let Spinelli take the fall.

Sam: Okay, all right. The way I see it, you probably have one of two choices. You either give up Sonny, or let Spinelli go to prison.

Jason: No, that is not going to happen, Sam.

Sam: Which one, Jason?

Jason: Either one. Either one. Sonny and I just started working together, so I'm not going to betray him, and I'm not going to sacrifice Spinelli.

Sam: Okay, well, what are you going to do?

[Claudia groans]

Sonny: You want to -- what are you -- you want to stop?

Claudia: No, not at all. I just, um, I don't need for you to love me. I don't even need you to like me very much, but I do need to know that you want to be right here in this minute, in this moment with me and no one else.

Rebecca: Are you dressed?

Nikolas: Yeah, come on in.

Nikolas: Oh, thank you. I'm sorry for taking over your room here. I appreciate it.

Rebecca: No problem.

Nikolas: Are you comfortable in here?

Rebecca: Yeah. Why?

Nikolas: I don't know. It's pretty small. I can imagine the noise coming up from the diner during the busy hours, making it difficult for you to sleep. Especially if you're not working the breakfast shift. And really, there's no place to put your things in here anywhere.

Rebecca: You know, actually, I travel light. And, uh, I don't think of this place as small. It's cozy. The main attraction for me right now is it's cheap and that's a priority. So thank you, but I'm okay.

Nikolas: Okay. I just thought with a little help that you could do better. Remember I told you I own part of the Metro Court? I could comp you a room until you get back on your feet. Right. I'm doing it again. I'm being presumptuous and you value your independence. I just thought that I could make things a little easier for you, that's all.

Rebecca: Yeah, because you look at me and you see someone that you used to take care of. See, the problem with that is I'm Rebecca and I don't want or need your help.

Nikolas: Okay. I understand. I do. It's just for me, it's mostly about instinct. I like helping people. Sometimes in a controlling, overbearing way, yes, but sometimes in a well-intentioned way.

Rebecca: Well, at least you are somewhat self-aware.

Nikolas: So, listen, you've been great. Thank you. And again, I'm really sorry about the tomato soup fiasco. I'll go ahead and get out of your way.

Rebecca: Hey, wait. Thought you wanted to talk.

Nikolas: Well, I do. I just didn't think that was an option anymore.

Rebecca: How about you stop deciding what I think? You haven't had dinner yet and Mike already left, so I could throw something together.

Nikolas: Okay, I'd like that very much.

Sonny: You okay?

Claudia: Mm-hmm. I'm good. I'm great, actually. I guess we haven't lost our rhythm.

Sonny: Yeah, I guess not.

Claudia: So I'll make you a deal.

Sonny: You're going to take advantage of me now that I'm weak?

Claudia: Yeah. It's an easy one. Let's just agree that we'll pretend this was our first time, that that night last year never happened.

Sonny: Yeah, I could do that.

Claudia: Yeah, that's because you can do just about anything. That's what I'm starting to think. You saved my life tonight. My father wasn't kidding. I hope he rots from the inside out.

Sonny: Anthony can't hurt you anymore -- at least I don't think so. What did he mean -- something that's on my mind a lot -- when he said that there's something I don't know?

Claudia: Who knows? I mean, what does my father ever mean?

Sonny: Yeah, but he seemed very serious when he said it.

Claudia: You know what? Anthony Zacchara should have gone to Hollywood. That's how good of an actor he is. You can't listen to anything he says, seriously.

Johnny's voice: Claudia, are you home?

Claudia: Is that John? What's he doing here?

[Sonny groans]

Sonny: This is just --

Claudia: Well, I hope -- I hope nothing's wrong.

Claudia: John? What's going on?

Johnny: Hey, I've got to talk to you.

Claudia: Okay, unless it's an emergency, to be honest with you, now is not really the most convenient time.

Johnny: Okay, I just watched the feds cart our father off to prison.

Claudia: Sorry I missed it.

Johnny: The point is, Claudia, he's gone for a very long time, if not for the rest of our lives.

Claudia: When am I supposed to care?

Johnny: It's over. This whole scam of a marriage that you're in because of a business deal dad made? Come on, pack a bag. We'll send for your stuff tomorrow.

Claudia: Hey, I'm -- no, I'm not leaving, John. This is where I live.

Johnny: Why not? What's keeping you here?

Sonny: What do you need, Johnny?

Johnny: I need you to leave us alone.

Claudia: Hey, John, come on. This is Sonny's house. A little respect, please.

Sonny: Don't worry about it. I'm not offended, trust me.

Claudia: Well, I am. Johnny, whatever you have to say, I'm sure you can come back and say it at a more convenient time.

Sonny: You know what? Go ahead and talk to your brother.

Claudia: Why?

Sonny: Because I've got to be somewhere.

Claudia: You do?

Sonny: Yeah. It won't take too long.

Johnny: Okay, I don't care what I walked in on or how much you protest, but as soon as Sonny's car clears that driveway, I'm getting you out of here.

Jason: I don't know. I'm going to have to get him out of the country, set him up somewhere with a new identity.

Sam: Oh, Jason, first of all, this is Spinelli we're talking about. How long do you think he would actually last with a new identity?

Jason: It doesn't matter. I'm going to have to sit him down and make him understand that his freedom depends on this.

Sam: Oh, no. What about his life here? Have you ever thought about that? What about Maxie? She would go absolutely nuts if he vanished out of her life, and he would be miserable. And then you've got Rayner, who would have every international organization in the world looking for him.

Jason: I don't like this idea either, but I don't know what else to do at this point.

Spinelli: Hail, hail, the gang's all here and we're ready for a celebration! We may now raise the proverbial roof -- woot woot -- in honor of friendship and unwavering loyalty. Your faithful grasshopper will never be able to fully express his gratitude for the awesome act of selflessness that freed him from the clutches of the federal ones. So I hope this party in your honor will suffice, inadequate as it may be.

Patrick: You must have noticed your mom has been so much better since you were sick. The way she left tonight had nothing to do with you, Emma, or the after-effect of you. She just needed to be among adults and take care of things that need to be taken care of because she's so busy loving you. Because she does love you, you know? With all her heart, she does.

[Knock at door]

Patrick: We got a visitor. Who's that? Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: I was out driving alone and I saw your light was on and I thought maybe I could catch a glimpse of Robin rocking Emma.

Patrick: Yeah, not much chance of that, not tonight. Actually, Emma is sleeping in her crib. You can take a look.

Sonny: Can I come in?

Patrick: Yeah, absolutely.

Sonny: What is she doing in there?

[Sonny laughs]

[Phone rings]

Patrick: Excuse me for a second.

Sonny: Yeah.

Patrick: This is Dr. Drake. Yes, Jennifer Adams is my patient. I was afraid of that. She's going to need emergency surgery. No, no, I canít. I understand that you're short-handed, but my wife is out and there's no one to watch my baby. Well, what about Dr. Lang? Who else is on call?

Johnny: Dad told me he's not going to implicate you in Michaelís shooting.

Claudia: Well, I gathered as much. The question is, why? I mean, I don't understand. Am I supposed to guess? Is it just too delicious for him having that ammunition, or is it his way of protecting you?

Johnny: No, he thinks Sonny's going to kill you and I'm going to end up dead going after him. Of course, Dad could change his mind at any given moment without warning.

Claudia: Yeah, well, so let him. Sonny won't believe him.

Johnny: What makes you think so?

Claudia: Just don't underestimate me, Johnny.

Johnny: Care to elaborate on that?

Claudia: We're getting along very well.

[Johnny scoffs]

Johnny: Yeah, because you're sleeping together.

Claudia: Well, there's that. But it's not just that. I mean, we're definitely starting to -- not trust each other, but we're getting closer. And I know that I can make sure we get even closer still.

Johnny: Okay, one question, Claudia. Why bother?

Spinelli: Woo-hoo! The Jackal feared his sweet freedom would become a distant memory, that he would spend year after endless year feasting on gruel three times a day in the midst of scary criminals who have no appreciation for the Jackal's particular charm, that I would never again smell the intoxicating fragrance of sweet Maximista's hair. But then, much like the cyber character he is created for, Stone Cold came to the rescue and life has never tasted so poignant.

Maxie: Doesn't Spinelli use the best words? "Poignant" -- I love that.

Spinelli: Oh, actually, I have a proposal to offer fair Samantha.

Maxie: A proposal?

Sam: Me?

Spinelli: Of a professional nature.

Maxie: Oh, continue.

Sam: Okay, go ahead.

Spinelli: It is your wish to be a private investigator, yes?

Sam: Yes.

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal shares a similar professional objective. Maybe we should join forces and open an agency together.

Jason: You know, that's a nice idea, Spinelli, but I don't really think you should rush into anything right --

Spinelli: No need to fear. My career would never get in the way of my duties for Stone Cold.

Maxie: Could we not talk about work right now? This is supposed to be a party, and I would really like to make a toast to Jason. So, everybody, get a drink.

Jason: No, I don't really want to be toasted, I just --

Maxie: That's too bad. Even though you are frustrating and unemotional, right now all I see you as is a guy who saved my best friend's life, and I will be eternally grateful. To Jason.

Spinelli: Hear, hear.

Rebecca: Okay, so you grew up on an island in Greece with a family that sounds pretty bizarre, but you were kidding about the prince part, right?

Nikolas: No, no, I'm absolutely not kidding.

Rebecca: What, a real life prince with a title and everything?

Nikolas: I'm afraid so.

Rebecca: What is it?

Nikolas: No, no, you really don't want to know.

Rebecca: Come on, tell me.

Nikolas: No.

Rebecca: Why? Tell me.

Nikolas: No, you will laugh at me hysterically.

Rebecca: I'm not going to laugh at you.

Nikolas: Yes you will. All right. Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine. See? I told you.

Rebecca: Oh, God -- no, I'm sorry. It's just, a real life prince. I thought you guys were just in fairytales -- and Emily used to say that very thing.

Nikolas: Yes, she did. But she's gone and I need to accept that, right? Stop clinging to a memory? I don't know, maybe I should take a page out of your book, try a little independence of my own.

Sonny: You like me, don't you? That's why -- you don't?

[Sonny chuckles]

Sonny: Do you know something? Can I let you in on a little secret, huh? Come here. I'll let you in on a little secret. I needed to get out of the house tonight. You know why? Because things got kind of heavy. I got a little close to my wife, maybe too close. Anyway, nothing you want to hear. You know what? I wanted to -- I wanted to come here. You know why I wanted to come here? Because I wanted to see the essence of life, what's simple. And I thought of you because you're just a little baby, no damage done, the purity of life. You make me remember what's important in life. Do you know what I mean? That two people can come together, love each other, a miracle of what's light somehow. I used to have that, you know. A wife, two terrific sons who -- we all lived under the same house. And something happened to my son and his life was destroyed.

Robin: Hey, what's this?

Sonny: Patrick got called for surgery and I volunteered to baby-sit Emma.

Robin: Oh, well, don't take this the wrong way, but Patrick gives new meaning to the word "paranoid dad."

Sonny: Why else would he leave a precious child with a known gangster with a target for violence?

Robin: Well, that's not how I see you.

Sonny: Well, it doesn't make it any less true. You know, everything's settled or I wouldn't have come here otherwise.

Robin: Right. You explained all this to Patrick?

Sonny: Yeah, but he's caught between two things -- either trust me to baby-sit Emma or let one of his patients die.

Robin: Right, well, he made the right call. Didn't he, little girl?

Sonny: Do you want to take her?

Robin: No, no, it's okay. She's fine where she is.

Sonny: Are you sure?

Robin: Yeah.

Sonny: So --

Robin: You didn't say why you came here to begin with.

Sonny: Well, I got a lot of things on my mind, and I ended up at your front door. It's not going to be a habit, trust me.

Robin: Don't worry. You're always welcome here.

Sonny: Thanks. Are you all right?

Robin: Yeah, sometimes I just -- I don't know how I --

Sonny: What?

Robin: Well, I saw my Uncle Mac earlier, and he said that the feds caught Anthony Zacchara and took him to prison.

Sonny: Okay.

Robin: So please tell me that now you can finally end your marriage to that awful woman.

Claudia: All of a sudden our father is like a paragon of hope and inspiration for you, Johnny? When did that happen? Come on.

Johnny: Claudia, our old man may be crazy, but he is good at reading people. And if he's right and you think you got some sort of genuine future with Sonny Corinthos --

Claudia: Oh, come on. Don't be ridiculous.

Johnny: Then why would you stay in this house? You are trapped in a marriage that was part of a business deal that our father made. He sold you off to Sonny like you're a cow, and Sonny bought you because neither of them thought better of you than that.

Claudia: That's true. That's how it was in the beginning, but things have changed, John.

Johnny: What, because you're sleeping together?

Claudia: I told you. Sex is the least of it.

Johnny: Claudia, are you willing to bet your life with this marriage? Because that's what it's going to come down to.

Claudia: Look, I think I need to catch you up on some of the things that happened tonight so that you have a better understanding. Daddy grabbed me and then he demanded $20 million so he could leave town. He strapped me to a bomb, bound me, gagged me, left me to die on a rooftop. And Sonny not only paid the ransom, he dismantled the bomb. I told him to leave, John. I said, you know, "you need to get out of here, you're going to be blown into a million pieces yourself," and he wouldn't not leave. He did not leave. So if it weren't for Sonny, you would be looking for pieces of your dead sister all over Port Charles right now.

Johnny: Okay, then I'm grateful. And maybe Sonny has feelings for you on some level, but don't you get it? That's just going to make it worse when Sonny finds out that you were the one who is responsible for putting his little boy in a coma. Are you staying here, Claudia, because you think this is the best you can do?

Claudia: I'm staying because I like it here, because I like being Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. I like having my opinions sought and valued, and Sonny wants me here.

Johnny: You're willing to bet everything on the hope that Sonny's going to have feelings for you and that those feelings are going to protect you when he finds out what you're hiding from him. That kind of delusion is going to get you killed.

Sam: This is killing you. I can see that.

Jason: Look at him. He thinks his problems are behind him. He thinks I saved him.

Sam: You did, Jason. If you hadn't given up Anthony, he would be in federal custody.

Jason: Yeah, but I'm back where I started.

Spinelli: Attention, please. Though it is common knowledge that Stone Cold treats his body like a temple, the Jackal remembers when dear dearly missed Emily used to gift him with slices of a particular chocolate cake. And so in that memory and for this auspicious occasion, the Jackal braved the original monikered cook at the Quartermaine residence and proudly presents --

Maxie: Ta-da!

Jason: I don't really know what to say.

Maxie: As if anyone could tell a difference.

Spinelli: Shh.

Jason: This is great, Spinelli. I really do appreciate the gesture, but I'm going to have to cut this short, okay? You and I need to talk alone right now.

Maxie: Jason, are you serious? I just helped Spinelli put this whole party together for you. You're going to kick me out?

Sam: You know what? If it means anything, I think he's kicking both of us out, so --

Spinelli: And I understand the exuberance of victory must not overshadow my duties.

Sam: Yep, let's go.

Maxie: Fine, fine. But the next celebration I participate in for you will be your memorial service.

[Jason exhales]

Jason: Okay, there's something you really need to know about. The situation with the feds is out of control.

Spinelli: Well, I stand ready to assist in any way.

Jason: Even though you were scared, you hung tough with a prison sentence hanging over your head, and you may have to do that again.

Spinelli: Oh, I understand what this is. This is the mano-a-mano I've been waiting for. Stone Cold has finally accepted me -- well, not necessarily as an equal, but a worthy potential ascendant to the hierarchy. I sit before you humble and eager to take my place.

Rebecca: So how does a prince from Greece end up in Port Charles? Were you looking for your mother?

Nikolas: No, not really. My little sister lulu, who was a baby at the time, needed a bone marrow transplant, and I was the only match. My uncle, who was completely in love with my mother, wanted to move here. I wanted to stay in Greece.

Rebecca: You must have felt like a fish out of water.

Nikolas: Yeah, that's putting it mildly.

Rebecca: I can't even imagine.

Nikolas: And high school? Forget about that. That was a trip. I only lasted a semester there.

Rebecca: Well, you've assimilated.

Nikolas: It was a process, I'll say that.

Rebecca: Well done. I should probably go and clean up, or I'm going to be here all night. And, no, don't need you to help me.

[Nikolas laughs]

Nikolas: Okay, good idea. Thank you.

Alexis: It looks like you are making some progress with Rebecca.

Nikolas: Well, let's just say things got a little soupy, made things easier.

Alexis: I hope what I just found out doesn't ruin your good mood.

Sonny: All right, I'm not divorcing Claudia.

Robin: All right, I hear you, but I really -- I don't understand. Because if Anthony Zacchara is in prison, then why do you have to stay with Claudia?

Sonny: There are advantages to having Claudia as my wife.

Robin: What kind of advantages?

Sonny: Okay, um, she revealed something that was very important to me, all right? She's smart. She's good to have in my corner. And I know that she's damaged, but I get that part of her. And like I said, she's been

Robin: Is she blackmailing you?

Sonny: No, it's my choice to stay married.

Robin: Okay, then what about Kate? What happened to how much you loved her?

Sonny: My life happened. She doesn't deserve the chaos. And I'm not blaming her, because ultimately, I couldn't give her what she needed. And it was my fault to let it go as long as it did. Indulging in fantasies that can never be, is dangerous in this business.

Robin: So your solution was to shut down.

Sonny: Just the opposite. I'm opening up myself to what I deserve.

Robin: And Kate, she doesn't have anything to say about it?

Sonny: She had a lot to say about it. I'm just abiding by her wishes.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Okay, all right. Okay, so no more Sonny and Kate, but that doesn't mean that you have to stay with Claudia.

[Sonny exhales]

Sonny: You know what? The problem that's happening right now is that you're not hearing me because you don't like what I'm saying.

Robin: No, I'm hearing. I just don't understand it.

Sonny: Well, it's hard to explain. Claudia gets me. She understands the business. I don't have to justify my actions, and I don't have to, you know, worry about shattering her expectations.

Robin: So it's just about convenience because you don't want to have to explain things?

Sonny: It's about having a marriage that might actually last given the parameters of my life.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Sonny, I really love you and I want you to be happy. And I can almost guarantee you that you're not going to be happy with Claudia.

Jason: We have a situation --

Spinelli: Okay, I'll do anything in my power to mitigate it, but first, if you'll indulge me, I have something I'd like to say.

Jason: Okay.

Spinelli: I am so grateful to you, well, for more things than I could -- it would take hours to go through them all. But suffice it to say I'm grateful for my life -- not just the life that was saved from the prospect of years of federal imprisonment, but the life that I've grown into here at casa de Stone Cold. The Jackal is finally of some use. I have friends and the woman of my dreams, the fatally lovely Maximista. She actually enjoys spending time with me. It's a life I could never have envisioned for myself when I left my dear granny's home and ventured forth into the world.

Jason: I guess, you're welcome. But you know what? I really need to say this, so --

Spinelli: I'm sorry. The Jackal fell prey to his tendency to ramble, but I am focused. What do you require of me?

Alexis: I'm as intrigued with this Rebecca as anyone else. I mean, her resemblance to Emily is unbelievable, which is why I skipped the martini and went right to do some research.

[Nikolas scoffs]

Nikolas: So you accuse me of going overboard, and you're running a background check?

Alexis: Uh-uh-uh. You do as I say, not as I do, mister. And don't pretend that you weren't going to turn around and do the exact same thing.

Nikolas: Well, what did you find out?

Alexis: I'm not sure that you're going to see this as a positive.

Nikolas: Just tell me.

Alexis: I looked through her birth records. They're all in order. Her parents are William and Nancy Shaw from Opal City, Washington, and there is no evidence whatsoever that she was adopted. I know you're looking for some cosmic connection here. And aside from the physical coincidence, she's not tied or related to Emily in any way.

[Knock at door]

Sam: All right, how did it go with Spinelli?

Jason: It didn't go. He was just so happy and grateful for everything, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. How am I supposed to tell him my new assignment is to bring Sonny down and he's the leverage?

Sam: You're going to have to tell him eventually.

Jason: I understand. I'm just going to let him enjoy tonight.

Sam: Okay, and after that?

Jason: Well, like I told you, I'm going to protect him. The only way I can do that is to get him out of the country.

Sam: Jason, you know if you do that, Agent Rayner is going to arrest you for aiding and abetting.

Jason: I don't care. I owe Spinelli a second chance at life.

Sonny: What did Johnny want, back into the organization?

Claudia: Not a chance. My brother's always been looking for a way out. He wants a real life. Imagine that.

[Sonny scoffs]

Sonny: Well, it's kind of hard to do. This business has a way of sticking to you.

Claudia: Tell me about it.

Sonny: So what did he want?

Claudia: My brother?

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: He wants me to leave you. He thinks that you'll end up hating me, hurting me.

Sonny: Yeah?

Claudia: Yes, and he thinks I'm a fool to believe that we could have any kind of a good life together.

Sonny: Well, there's a lot of that going around. I just got back from Robin's, right? You all right?

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: And she basically has no faith in us.

Claudia: Surprise, surprise. So what do we do? I mean, do we listen to the naysayers and get out while we still can?

Sonny: I'm not asking you to go, but you know, it's up to you.

Claudia: No, I'm going to stay and try.

Sonny: You're going to stay and try?

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: Then we stay and try.

[Claudia laughs]

Claudia: Thanks.

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