GH Transcript Friday 2/27/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/27/09


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Luke: You didn't put it anywhere, Tracy. This fine young man appropriated it.

Tracy: Would you stop projecting your own larceny on this fine young man? It is most unbecoming.

Ethan: Your faith is so appreciated, Ms. Spencer. And I can't begin to thank you for posting my bail.

Tracy: You're welcome. You're free to leave.

Luke: He's going to be walking out of here with your cash. I'm telling -- pat him down yourself and see.

Tracy: What a good idea. I will pat him down. Why you project your larceny on this young man -- this is something you would do, Luke, not something that this young --

Luke: You were saying?

Tracy: You framed him.

Carly: I don't know. Maybe I'm just overreacting.

Jax: Better safe than sorry. Besides, Morgan didn't seem to mind. He fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Carly: That's because he's still at an easy age. He doesn't understand what it means to be uprooted and taken to a safe place.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: When Michael was a little boy, we always took him to the island, which was fine because he loved going there. But I remember when it changed, when he became aware, every time we went to the island, it was because Sonny was in danger. And it also meant that someone he loved could possibly die. I don't want to watch that happen to Morgan. That loss of innocence is awful.

Jax: It's not going to happen to Morgan, okay? You and I are going to make sure of that. We're going to keep him safe.

Carly: Does that also mean keeping him safe from Sonny?

Sonny: Anthony is asking for a lot of money, but at least he made contact.

Jason: Yeah, and we're going to keep him on the hook because we're going to do this in our own time.

Sonny: Okay, I know you want to stall because you want to figure out where he's hiding, but here's my concern. If we start to play games and he thinks we're not cooperating, he's going to kill Claudia. But I have no illusions about Claudia. I don't trust her, not even a little bit. But I cannot ignore the fact that she did tell me the truth about Anthony.

Anthony: Contingencies, Claudia, a man in my position has to think them all through and prepare accordingly.

Claudia: No preparations are going to save you from Sonny tracking you down like a dog.

Anthony: Ooh, listen to you. That touching faith in your husband, that's going to make it even sweeter when you realize that he's gotten you killed.

Luke: Wife, come on, what's gotten into you? You're going to take this hustler's word over mine?

Tracy: You have stolen so much money from me over the years that it would not be beyond you to steal some more and blame it on an innocent bystander.

Luke: If you believe that this slick devil is innocent, I've got an opera house in Sydney to sell you.

Tracy: Give it up, Luke. You were caught in the act again.

Ethan: Please, don't fight, okay? Luke's right. I did try to take your money.

Luke: Oh, that's brilliant. Now you're disarming me. Why don't you say that you can't help yourself?

Ethan: That's just the thing. I try to stop, but I'm not sure I can.

Luke: Try keeping your hands in your own pockets.

Ethan: It started when I was a kid. You know, I'd see something shiny or green, as the case may be, and I can't resist.

Luke: Oh, man, now he's invoking childhood trauma. This is pure genius.

Tracy: Let him speak.

Ethan: I mean, mostly, I do it for the challenge. You know, the thrill of getting away with it. But, you know, I also just need that money to live.

Tracy: Better to steal than starve.

Luke: Oh, my God, he's selling and you're buying the whole load. Sherriff, a shovel.

Anthony: Hmm. I've got a hell of a surprise planned for Sonny. That's assuming he shows up.

Claudia: Never make assumptions. You're the one who taught me that.

Anthony: Oh, Corinthos will show up to save you. He looks bad if he doesn't.

Claudia: Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself? I mean, look at you -- armed, dangerous, and desperate to get out of the country.

Anthony: Oh, yeah? And you're counting on a miracle. It's kind of sad, actually. Here you are, your first marriage -- well, your only marriage if things go my way -- and it's to a man who can't stand you.

Claudia: I don't have any illusions about my marriage. I think I'm the one who told you that Sonny would not pay a ransom for me.

Anthony: And you were wrong. Sonny has agreed to pay. Of course, we both know he's lying. It's all about setting me up. But still, I bet it sets your little heart racing.

Claudia: No, you know what? You're wrong, old man. The last thing that I expect is for Sonny to come and rescue me.

Anthony: The only reason Sonny wouldn't come after you is if he somehow figured out that you're the one who had his kid shot.

Sonny: Claudia wouldn't be in this position if she didn't side with me against her father.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Hold on. Talk to me, Bernie. But the money was supposed to be ready to go. Why you questioning me? Just do it. Okay, Jason, here is the thing. Claudia could be useful to us down the line. Are you going to agree with Bernie, that it's a waste of time to give $20 million to ransom Claudia?

Jason: Yeah, it's a waste of time, Sonny. But you know what? At this point, I don't give a damn because I will do whatever it takes -- I will spend whatever it takes to get Anthony alive.

Sonny: What else you got on your mind?

Jason: I just didn't know that you started caring about Claudia.

Carly: You know, it's like everything you said earlier, that if Sonny really loved his kids, he should just stay away from them. That's exactly what I thought. When Michael was shot, I went into overdrive. I got Jason to force Sonny into giving me sole custody. But I don't know. Did that do anything? Did it fix anything? I felt a little safer knowing that --

Jax: No, it's not a feeling, Carly. That's a fact.

Carly: Isn't it hypocritical, though? I mean, I make Sonny my children's father, and then I just take the boys away from him because what? He's the same man always was living the same life I always knew about?

Jax: No, it's not. You're not being hypocritical. You just learned the dangers of Sonny's world and you adjusted your plans for your kids accordingly.

Carly: So you think that I should tell Sonny that he can't see Michael and Morgan anymore.

Jax: No, that's -- no. We've had that conversation before. I wouldn't ask you to do that. I just wish that Sonny would voluntarily renounce his children, that he would put Michael and Morgan and Kristina first instead of his big ego.

Carly: That's not going to happen.

Jax: I know that's not going to happen. Sonny's always about Sonny, and it'll stay that way. And I mean, all you have to do is look at what's happening tonight to prove that.

Carly: Okay, you know, we don't really know what's going on, though, with this.

Jax: Well, we know that Sonny married Claudia Zacchara so he could get control of the Zacchara crime family. We know that he turned his back on his so-called best friend, Jason, in order to do it. I mean, in my world, in the corporate world, that would mean that Sonny is in the middle of a hostile take-over, and one of the existing board members is putting up a fight. And in my world, that would mean targeting capital and holdings. In Sonny's world, unfortunately, that means targeting his family.

Carly: What do I do?

Jax: I'm sorry. It feels like I'm bullying you. Am I?

Carly: No, no, no, not at all. I mean, everything you're saying, I thought myself. This is Sonny, you know? I mean, you weren't there when he saw Morgan at Christmas. And when we sat next to Michael together on Michael's birthday, I -- I forgave him. I did, and I really let go of a lot of anger and I have a lot of peace right now. I don't want to lose that.

Spinelli: Maximista and the mob prince should have returned from their club-hopping date by now.

Lulu: It was one club, Spinelli, and they can't just go in there and leave after five minutes, especially a big opening like this.

Spinelli: What do they even have to do? Just look -- show up, look young, hot, and of the moment?

Lulu: They have to mention "Crimson" as many times as humanly possible and pretend that they're having fun.

Spinelli: Ah, yes, pretend.

Lulu: I am not even going to go there. This is for promotional purposes only.

Spinelli: Rendering the activities of the evening harmless.

Lulu: Maxie and Johnny are just friends.

Spinelli: Oh, yeah, why wouldn't they be? I mean, it was very friendly of the mob prince to come to Maxie's rescue at every conceivable moment. In fact, you must think the fates are making it certain that your heroic boyfriend is always in the vicinity when Maximista finds herself in jeopardy.

Lulu: They're just friends.

Spinelli: Who would think that they would be so adept at faking romantic interest --

Lulu: Nothing is going on between Maxie and Johnny and you know it.

Spinelli: Yes, the Jackal concurs.

Lulu: Thank you.

Spinelli: However, I do question your willingness to play with fire, to tempt the god Eros. And I don't share your patience, nor your confidence that the two will return unaffected from their adventures in the big apple.

[Spinelli scoffs]

Spinelli: An apple, much like the one Eve herself could not resist in the Garden of Eden.

Kate: Lulu, any word from Maxie?

Spinelli: Yes, two words -- cease and desist. They would be very good words. In fact, if the glacial one continues to foster unnecessary and inappropriate contact between fair Maximista and the mob prince, I will be forced to crash all of your systems, both personal and professional.

Kate: Lulu, are you part of this problem or part of the solution?

Ethan: I take full and complete responsibility for my behavior.

Luke: Why don't you just promise that you'll never steal anything again?

Ethan: I can't make that promise. I'm sorry, but I have to support myself. You know, sometimes making ends meet means doing stuff I'm not proud of.

Tracy: You wouldn't be the first.

Ethan: I should never have taken advantage of your kindness and good nature.

Tracy: Well, it's not as if I can't spare the money.

Luke: Popsicle, did that poison affect you more than you realized?

Tracy: It's like looking in the mirror, isn't it, Luke? Except a few decades later and a lot more hair.

Luke: Ouch. I knew Ethan Lovett about two hours and he relieved me of five large.

Ethan: Well, I gave that back.

Luke: You still owe me 600 bucks.

Tracy: Ooh, I have a plan. How about Mr. Lovett gives me the $600 and I apply it to your debt? And that way, it'll only take you a thousand years to pay me off.

Luke: Sweetheart, we're married. Everything I have is already yours. And if Mr. Lovett steals the money from you or me, we're both still out the cash.

Tracy: Good point. In that case, I forgive your debt. You're free and clear.

Ethan: Thank you.

Jax: Look, I don't think we're going to solve anything tonight. So -- I mean, we did the best we could, short-term, by bringing Morgan here to the hotel. At least we know he's as safe as he can be. So I think that we should just, you know, wait till this crisis is over, and then see if anything changes. And if something has, then --

Carly: Figure it out from there.

Jax: I was going to say reassess the situation -- my corporate terms.

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: I'll keep you grounded.

Jax: Yeah, I'm counting on that.

Carly: I love you so much.

Jax: I love you, too.

Carly: Okay, I'm going to go upstairs and watch Morgan sleep for a while.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Could you page Olivia for me, please?

Olivia: No page necessary, sir. Here I am.

Jax: May I say you have impeccable timing?

Olivia: I consider it part of my job. You, on the other hand, have been completely unreachable for the entire day and your call sheet is about three pages long.

Jax: So what are the emergencies?

Olivia: Two from the Berlin real estate deal, one about the guy who was selling the jet --

Jax: I'll pass on the jet. What's up with the Berlin deal?

Olivia: Nothing, as far as I can tell. I think they just want to impress you with their efficiency.

Jax: Really? Well, I'm impressed with your efficiency.

Olivia: Thank you. Oh, also, I forwarded the Hotchkiss e-mails to your pa --

Jax: You know what? That can wait. I need you to do something else for Morgan for me.

Olivia: Is everything okay with the suite?

Jax: Yeah -- no, he's fine. He's fast asleep. It's just -- tomorrow morning, he wants to go swimming before school --

Olivia: Right.

Jax: So I was hoping you could open the pool early and not let any other guests in just so, you know, he could run around in there and do the things that kids do, you know, that they're not supposed to do when it's open to the public.

Olivia: I got it. I got it. Anything else?

Jax: Well, it depends. You have history with Sonny.

Olivia: Yikes. How'd he get involved in this?

Jax: Oh, didn't I mention it? No, the reason Morgan is staying here at the hotel tonight is because Sonny is having another little mob crisis.

Olivia: And you are so angry right now that you can't even see straight, right?

Sonny: If the positions were reversed and you were forced to marry Claudia -- she is a human being.

Jason: Yeah, I know.

Sonny: Would you allow Anthony to kill her?

Jason: I get that she's your so-called wife. There just seems to be something else going on.

Sonny: No, there's nothing -- look, I used to hate Claudia and now I don't. Right? You know, I don't trust her. I don't even like her very much. The thought of her doesn't make smile, want to go and be with her, but I have to say -- I have to admit I do understand her a little more and why she is the way she is.

[Telephone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Claudia: It's me.

Sonny: You okay?

Claudia: Oh, yeah, I'm doing great, actually, just hanging out with my daddy here, making up some, you know, lost time.

Anthony: Get on with it.

Claudia: Daddy wants you to bring the cash to warehouse nine, the one on Bristol Street. You know, if you don't, I totally understand.

Anthony: That's enough. You know, my daughter has a real problem with direct orders.

Sonny: I heard the instructions.

Anthony: Oh, come on, you two. You're so mundane. Where's the romance? Claudia is here with me. She's afraid she might die. I mean, surely, you have some loving words for my daughter.

Lulu: Just don't mind Spinelli. He's upset.

Kate: I don't really appreciate being threatened in my own office.

Lulu: Well, I wouldn't think anything of it. He's just concerned about the fact that Maxie and Johnny are out. And I can promise you he would never intentionally crash the computers. Would you?

Spinelli: It's not in the Jackal's nature to resort to threats, but the glacial one doesn't seem to understand any other language.

Kate: Not really hearing a solution, Lulu.

Lulu: Spinelli, just stop it, okay? If you have a problem with Maxie, just take it up with her, please.

Spinelli: Maximista has a mind of her own. Sometimes her ambition gets in the way of reason.

Lulu: I don't care. Just promise that you're not going to touch the computers unless you're asked.

Spinelli: How can you stand by and do nothing while the glacial one shoves the mob prince and Maximista into each other's arms?

Kate: Okay, Spinelli, Spinelli. I am not interested in your romantic problems. I am interested in publicity and circulation. Maxie and Johnny both agreed to do this. Johnny is getting well compensated for it. Frankly, I do not see how this is any of your concern. Lulu, I don't want to waste ten more seconds on this. Handle it.

Maxie: Hey, guys. What is everyone still doing here?

Lulu: I had work.

Spinelli: I had anxiety.

Maxie: We had fun.

Kate: Okay, so tell me, lots of press?

Maxie: All the glossies were there, the wire services, and all the major websites.

Kate: Fantastic. So, there's this little film screening in Manhattan at a festival. It's been to Sundance, Cannes -- I think I'm going to get you two some tickets.

Spinelli: The deceitful duo must decline. You are not involved in a romantic sense. You are not involved in any sense. This charade of coupledom must not continue.

Johnny: No, I agree with Spinelli. I'm not interested unless you're willing to make it worth my while.

Luke: What the hell is going on, Tracy? You never forgive anybody anything.

Tracy: I feel sorry for Mr. Lovett.

Luke: That's a metaphysical impossibility. I can't believe you're falling for this scam. You're too smart. And I'm too smart to believe that you believe it.

Tracy: It is perfectly obvious that you led this young man astray, which is why I bailed him out. And I am leaving you here to consider your transgressions a while longer.

Luke: You can't leave me in here.

Ethan: Luke's right. He doesn't deserve to be locked up.

Tracy: You're right. He deserves a lot more.

Ethan: Is there anything I can do to convince you to go easy on your husband?

Luke: Listen to the boy, Tracy. He speaks the truth.

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: Oh, really? So all of a sudden, he's not a lying con artist anymore?

Luke: Well, even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

Ethan: Oh, that's good.

Tracy: Don't listen to Luke. Down that road lies only regret and incarceration.

Ethan: But he loves you.

Tracy: How do you know that?

Luke: Because, Tracy, whenever I'm incarcerated, I always regale my bunkmates with beautiful romantic tales of you, my luscious lamb chop. I do love you. You know I do. And I don't need you to plead my case.

Ethan: Just trying to help.

Luke: Ignore him. We don't need him.

Tracy: You do, because without him, I would leave you here to rot.

Ethan: I knew you had a gracious heart, Mrs. Spencer.

Luke: Don't expect gratitude. And find your own gravy train.

Johnny: I'll take Maxie anywhere you want, but you got to keep paying me 1,000 bucks a pop.

Kate: No, no, that was a one-time fee. Your regular rate would be substantially less.

Johnny: How much would it cost for you to hire an escort or a professional male model?

Maxie: Probably ten times that.

Kate: Ahem. Yes, but then I'd have a professional, a known entity. And you are neither.

Johnny: Every time I take Maxie to one of these events, it takes my time away from finding a real job.

Kate: Yes, but every time I pay you, doesn't that make you a gigolo?

Johnny: If I keep doing this for free, doesn't that make me stupid?

Kate: Do you have any idea how many men would love to take a beautiful girl to the city, to the hottest events, all expenses paid?

Johnny: Then maybe you should find one of those guys.

Spinelli: Great idea.

Lulu: I can -- I'm sure there's so many actors and models who would love the publicity. I'll look for some right now.

Spinelli: I'll happily assist.

Kate: Yes, but unfortunately, the pictures of Maxie and Johnny are already plastered all over the web. The association has been made with them and "Crimson." All right, fine, $1,000.

Johnny: Then I'm all yours.

Kate: No, actually, you're all Maxie's.

Jason: All right, tell Bernie everything's in order. Okay, listen. There's a tracking device Spinelli came up with. Anthony, he'll never find it.

Sonny: Get rid of it. Anthony is too smart. A hint of double-cross, he'll kill Claudia.

Jason: Okay, you know that I cannot risk him getting away.

Sonny: Do the hell you want with Anthony. I just want Claudia safe.

Anthony: This is the fun part, Claudia, the waiting and the wondering. It's exciting, isn't it?

Claudia: No, it is -- I mean, it's this alone time with you that just fills me with joy.

Anthony: Well, let's put it to good use then. Let's play 20 questions. Will Sonny show up with the money and save our little girl here? Or will he decide that she's just not worth the effort? You know, Claudia, I can't imagine why anybody would spend $20 million to save you, least of all a husband in name only.

Claudia: Well, then I guess you should have kidnapped somebody else.

Anthony: But this was so much fun. You know, I actually tried to help you with Sonny. I tried to get him to tell me how he really feels about you. Unfortunately, I don't think he has any feelings to confess.

Claudia: What did I do to you? I mean, really. What is it I did to you that makes you need to humiliate me when you're already planning to kill me? That's not enough?

Anthony: What did you do? Where do I start? You've been a misery to me your whole life, starting with the fact that you were born female. Right from the start, you've been a treacherous snake, just like your mother. And the icing on the cake is when you ratted me out to Sonny. So don't you dare complain about how I treat you. You deserve this and more. In fact, if Sonny really does show up to save you, I just might tell him that you're the one who had his kid shot after all.

Maxie: This is crazy. It's only been an hour, and they already have pictures of me and Johnny at that club opening on the internet.

Lulu: You look great.

Maxie: I think we look fabulous. Johnny, look at how great your jacket photographed.

Johnny: Yeah, it was too tight and too hot.

Maxie: Try wearing five-inch heels and a strapless dress in sub-zero weather, okay? We suffer for fashion.

Spinelli: The Jackal longs for the days of yore when the mob prince was truly a mob prince and the worst we had to face was armed mayhem or a couple of stray bullets.

Johnny: Come here. No one else is going to pay me 1,000 bucks for a couple hours of work.

Lulu: I know.

Johnny: And think of it this way -- now I can afford to take you out.

Lulu: Oh, I love it when you talk practical.

Johnny: Look, I'm doing this for us. And I'll do it a hundred more times if it means that I can give you what you deserve, okay?

Spinelli: Maximista seems to be relishing her activities.

Maxie: Oh, come on, you can't honestly think that I like dressing up and going to all these glamorous events with a hot guy like Johnny. I don't think that that came out right.

Spinelli: Look, the Jackal insists, if only for the sake of the original blonde one's peace of mind, please encourage the mob prince to find cash elsewhere.

Lulu: I have to agree with Spinelli. This idea is nothing but trouble.

Luke: And she's no patsy, I'm telling you. If she's not on to you now, she will be soon.

Tracy: It's your lucky day, Luke. I've paid. You are free to torment me as much as you want.

Luke: Oh, baby. All right, and -- what's that? Mine.

Ethan: What?

Luke: Mine.

Ethan: Those are my dice.

Luke: Oh, yeah? I'll roll you for them. Snake eyes.

Ethan: That's a lucky throw.

Tracy: No, there's no luck about it. They're Luke's dice. They're loaded, just like he is.

Ethan: Man, you really need to work on your trust issues, mate.

Luke: Come on, baby, let's get out of here.

Tracy: What about Ethan?

Luke: Oh, you bailed him out. That's more than he deserves.

Ethan: Don't worry about me, Tracy. I'll be fine. I'm used to being on my own.

Luke: Oh, no, not the puppy dog eyes.

Claudia: Sit down.

Anthony: I sat in that wheelchair for almost two years. If I never sit down again, it'll be too soon.

Claudia: Oh, you know what? I don't care. I really don't care what you do now.

Anthony: A little respect would be nice.

Claudia: Respect for what?

Anthony: All right, so I wasn't the perfect father. But what I did, I did for John. And I expect you to appreciate that in some form, since Johnny's the only man you've ever really cared about.

Claudia: This is how I know that you're not going to say anything to Sonny, daddy. Because you already admitted that you're not willing to risk Sonny turning against Johnny -- or do you not remember that? Maybe your mind is slipping again. Maybe you never really got it back.

Anthony: Tell me the truth, Claudia. Are you afraid of dying?

Claudia: Well, life with you has been like one, long, slow death. I mean, whatever I am, whatever misery I put on you, it's your own damn fault. You hated my mother.

Anthony: She was a spiteful bitch.

Claudia: Okay, well, that wasn't my fault, was it? But I paid for it anyway.

Anthony: When you told Sonny that I was the one who shot Kate, that's exactly what your mother would have done.

Claudia: Well, I've rationalized a dozen different ways why I went to Sonny, Daddy. But you know what it all boils down to? I hate you. I hate you -- not just for who you are, but for what it's done to me. And you didn't deserve to get away with your stupid, twisted plan. You were going to get Sonny to kill Jason, and then you were going to kill Sonny.

Anthony: Yeah, it would've worked if you hadn't have blown it for me.

Claudia: And now you're going to get what you deserve, which is a bullet to the back of the head. Sonny's going to come out on top as he should, because he's so much better than you.

Anthony: Oh, don't kid yourself, kid. Sonny's just like me.

Claudia: No, he's not like you. He actually cares about his children. He's nothing like you.

Anthony: You know, if you're so impressed with Sonny, you can put him to the test. Your first-ever chance at redemption and nobility.

Claudia: What the hell does that mean?

Anthony: Well, they say it's redemptive to die for your spouse. You're about to find out if that's true.

Jason: The wire transfer is ready. The unmarked money is set. You know where they are. We're not taking any chances. Zacchara is pissed off. This could be a set-up just to take you out.

Sonny: Look, the bottom line is, Anthony's a problem that needs to be solved quickly and cleanly. He took Claudia because he thought I was going to get emotional, right? That's not going to happen. All I got to do is go in there, do my job, take my chances.

Jason: It's one thing to save Claudia. It's another to die for her. Are you willing to do that?

Luke: I'm deeply disappointed in you, wife. You've turned into a pillar of mush.

Tracy: It's all going to be fine. I don't want you to worry about a thing.

Ethan: Well, you've been amazing, and I will find some way to thank you.

Tracy: Actually, I think we're going to find something for you to do at the Haunted Star.

Ethan: Did I mention I'm a bartender?

Tracy: That's perfect.

Luke: He's a good one, too. They're going to love him at the Metro Court bar.

Tracy: Luke, I've sunk a lot of money into the Haunted Star. And that added to the money you've stolen from me gives me the right to say who works there. Ethan's an asset. The female patrons will be attracted to him like bees to honey.

Ethan: Is there a salary for this great honor?

Tracy: Of course there is, 750 a week.

Luke: 200 and you split tips with the house.

Ethan: 650 and my tips are my own.

Luke: 650? You don't need 650 with all the money you're going to skim out of my till.

Ethan: No skimming. You have my word of honor.

Luke: Oh, well. We all know what that's worth.

Tracy: You have no choice, Luke. Ethan is hired. And if he's half as aggravating to you as you are to me, he's a bargain.

Maxie: Johnny has a right to make a living.

Lulu: It's not like it's the only job in town.

Spinelli: Well, maybe if the mob prince would be better served by seeking employment elsewhere, like Pennsylvania. The Jackal would be happy to check for opportunities in the city of brotherly love.

Maxie: Spinelli, stop it. I know both of you guys hate the idea of Kate making us do this together, but it could be worse. At least Johnny and I are friends. I mean, we could hate each other.

Spinelli: A circumstance which the Jackal would heartily endorse.

Johnny: Come here.

Maxie: Do you have any idea how important this is to me, Spinelli? I am the one clawing my way up the fashion ladder.

Spinelli: The Jackal regrets his selfishness. If Maximista can use this to benefit her career, then do so with my blessing.

Maxie: I want you to know, if it was my choice, I would go anywhere with you.

Johnny: You have to know that I would rather be anywhere in the world with you than with Maxie at some random club with a bunch of random people I got nothing in common with.

Lulu: Okay, but you need to know that if you are doing this just for the money, you don't have to.

Johnny: I know, but just think about it. If I do this enough times, I could raise enough money to start a business of my own. And once I get that up and running, I don't have to take Maxie anywhere.

Spinelli: If all this is about is raising capital for your own enterprise, problem solved.

Olivia: Okay, you are all set for tomorrow. The pool is closed for a private party.

Jax: Thank you.

Olivia: Yeah, and about before, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made such a personal remark. I'm trying to grow a little tact. It doesn't come naturally to me.

Jax: No, no, it's fine. You were right. I am furious. I just thought I was covering a little better.

Olivia: No, you are, you are. Back in the neighborhood, we would have called you a cool customer.

Jax: Really?

Olivia: Yeah.

Jax: Well, what did you call Sonny back in the neighborhood?

Olivia: Trouble.

Jax: Oh, well, that would be right. I mean, he's certainly trouble for his children. Just -- it baffles me that he doesn't care, that he doesn't give them up for their safety.

Olivia: Yeah, that's just not how Sonny thinks.

Jax: No, of course not.

Olivia: Look, Jax, Sonny's dad walked out on him when he was a little kid. You know, so in his mind, that's like the worst thing that could ever happen to a kid. It's like the worst thing a dad could do -- is walk out on his kids. You know, and besides that, he's insanely possessive. He's going to hold on to what belongs to him at any cost. That's territory. That's money. That's his specialty. His kids -- because those kids are like a part of him. You can hate it. You can rail at this guy. But it's not going to change. That's just how Sonny is.

Jax: So I'm supposed to accept that my loving stepson could end up just like his brother?

Olivia: No, Jax, you don't accept anything. Kids are a gift from God. You do whatever you have to do to keep them safe. I don't know what that means in your current situation, but you're a smart man. I know you'll figure it out.

Carly: Hey, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Olivia: No.

Jax: No, Olivia just arranged for the pool to be open early so Morgan can swim before school and make a lot of noise.

Carly: Oh, thank you.

Olivia: Yes, it was his idea. I just made the phone call. Oh, and the staff and I would like to send up some champagne and truffles to the suite -- just by way of saying we're very happy you're back together.

Jax: Well, thank you. Thank you.

Carly: Wow, that's great.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: That means they're rooting for us.

Jax: I guess that means that they think we're a perfect match.

Carly: Good. I think I'd be going out of my mind right now if I didn't have you to lean on.

Jax: No, you wouldn't. But it's nice to be leaned on all the same.

Jason: I'm going to find another way to enter the warehouse.

Sonny: You're not going in there.

Jason: You're telling me you don't want back up?

Sonny: It would just give Anthony another excuse to kill Claudia.

Jason: Yeah, or you. You can't expect him to hold up his end of the bargain.

Sonny: You think I don't know that he's a madman? I know he's going to double-cross me somehow.

Jason: Okay, then maybe we should change the rules. You make him come to us.

Sonny: That puts her life at stake. We got to do it Anthony's way.

Jason: Hold -- Sonny, I'm asking you. If you have to shoot Anthony, you hurt him, but you leave him alive.

Sonny: Every time somebody tells me not to kill him when I'm about to kill him. I'm going to do it now.

Jason: You know what happens if he dies.

Sonny: Okay, let me put it to you this way. If it's between Anthony the madman or Claudia, Claudia lives.

Jason: Spinelli, this is not the time.

Spinelli: If Stone Cold could see his way clear to finance a potentially-profitable small business, it could occupy the mob prince's time and solve a host of problems.

Jason: Can we discuss this later, please?

Spinelli: Stone Cold, time waits for no man. Come on, I can't emphasize the level of importance. We're talking Defcon two.

Jason: Spinelli, I'm hanging up. Okay? I don't have time --

Spinelli: Stone Cold, please, just hear me out --

Maxie: Hey, what are you doing?

Man's voice: Are you Damien Spinelli?

Lulu's voice: This is a private office.

Johnny's voice: You need a warrant for this.

Spinelli's voice: Stone Cold, this is most dire. Stone Cold

Anthony: Sonny, I have to say your arrival surprises me.

Sonny: Where's Claudia?

Anthony: I told her you wouldn't come. I said, he'll never come for you. But here you are. Better late than never.

Sonny: Where the hell is Claudia, Anthony?

Anthony: First things first, Sonny. Are those your gym bags or do you have a gift for me?

Sonny: I got the cash you wanted, and the wire transfer went through.

Anthony: Yeah, and as soon as I start to leave, you'll grab me, or Morgan does.

Sonny: Just give me Claudia, and you can go.

Anthony: Do you like irony, Sonny? Because I got a truckload of it for you. See, you can grab me, or you can save Claudia. But you can't do both.

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