GH Transcript Thursday 2/26/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/26/09


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Lucky: The Quartermaine's cook whose name happens to be Cook --

Rebecca: You're making this up.

Lucky: No, I swear to God. She wouldn't even let any of the Quartermaines into their own kitchen, but see, Emily, she had a little weakness for Cook's chocolate mousse. She said it was worth the risk. So, we used to actually sneak in and plunder into the dessert pantry.

Rebecca: So, police officer by day and partner in crime by night.

Lucky: Yeah.

Nikolas: Hello, do you mind if I join you?

Rebecca: I should go. I have to go find a job.

Nikolas: Well, wait a minute. I could probably help you with that.

Sonny: With all due respect, Bernie, I've heard your concerns. Now you're going to hear me. I'm taking back the organization. Jason's going to be my right-hand man whether you or some malcontents on the crew like it or not.

Bernie: Okay, Mr. Corinthos, I deal in practicalities. I'm an accountant. To run an effective organization, you have to be able to count on the men who work for you. How can you expect them to be loyal to you when you weren't loyal to them?

Anthony: You got to appreciate the irony here. I'm holding Sonny's wife in the home of the woman he almost married if only she hadn't met with an accident on her wedding day.

Claudia: You know, you should have taken Kate hostage. Sonny might have been willing to deal for her, but he doesn't give a damn about me.

Anthony: You better pray you're wrong.

Jason: Anthony's long gone. Okay, we got to regroup. We've got to find out who owes him favors. We've got to find out who helped him get away, find out where he's hiding and that could take months. I don't think the FBI’s going to wait that long to arrest Spinelli.

Sam: Okay, listen, I think I may have a simpler way of finding Anthony.

Nikolas: I'd love to help you get set up in town, find a job, anything I can do.

Lucky: You know, Rebecca was just telling me that she was an x-ray technician.

Rebecca: Unfortunately, my new place of employment just got burned to the ground.

Lucky: You got a job at General Hospital?

Rebecca: Yeah, they just hired me. I never actually got a chance to work there.

Nikolas: Well, you'll be able to, because they're going to reopen. I guess that the damage was minimal. So, there is a big push to rebuild. It will be set up by Emily’s adoptive family, the Quartermaines.

Rebecca: Yeah, Lucky was just telling me about them.

Lucky: My brother's also a major contributor.

Nikolas: In the mean time, you can work at my clinic if you like.

Rebecca: You have a clinic?

Nikolas: I do. I set up an endowment in Emily's name. We provide free healthcare for people who don't have insurance. I can get you a position there.

Rebecca: Thanks, but not really comfortable working at a place that's dedicated to a woman that looks exactly like me.

Luke: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen there's rats nibbling on my breakfast will you put a little muscle in it? At this rate, we won't be out of here by the end of Obama's second term.

Ethan: We can always try flooding the place again.

Luke: That won't work. The sheriff will just have us pump out the basement again.

Ethan: What "us"? I did all the pumping.

Luke: Well, you're pumping off a debt, slave. Don't remember, you owe me $600.

Ethan: Come on. It's got to be at least $250 by now.

Luke: How do you figure that? The amount of hours you've been working here at $6.50 an hour.

Ethan: $6?

Luke: Yeah, $6, $6.50. Come on. That's a really good wage in these uncertain times.

Ethan: It's a joke.

Luke: It is not a joke. It's above minimum wage.

Ethan: No, it's not.

Luke: It is.

Ethan: Yeah, 10 years ago maybe.

Luke: You don't know what minimum wage is.

Ethan: Double or nothing on the $250.

Luke: 600 –

Roger: If you want me to release the prisoners, you have to pay the fines as well as damages.

Tracy: What damages?

Luke: Sweet salvation.

Roger: They completely trashed the plumbing in my jail.

Tracy: I have to see an itemized bill.

Luke: Spanky buns.

Ethan: So, you must be the woman he's been telling me all about.

Tracy: I can only imagine.

Ethan: Well, you're far lovelier than he let on.

Tracy: And you are?

Luke: Buttercup, this is Ethan Lovett.

Ethan: And you could only be Mrs. Lucas Spencer.

Carly: Can you make sure everything was put away neatly? You know how freaky Jax is about everything being perfect.

Jax: Are you implying that I'm vain?

Carly: And make sure they take all the boxes. We want Jax good and trapped so there's no chance he can escape.

Jax: There was no chance I'd ever want to.

Carly: He did? Morgan's okay, isn't he? No, no, I'm sure it's fine. No, thanks. Thanks, Mercedes, for telling me. I'll check it out.

Jax: Well, there's only one thing that can wipe the smile off your face that fast. What did Sonny do this time?

Sonny: How dare you say that to me, especially when you don't know the whole story. Your brother was a valued employee, Bernie, and I was grateful when you took over. You've been nothing but discreet, respectful. You've always had good judgment. Are you saying you don't want to work for me?

Bernie: The men have problems --

Sonny: I'm not talking about the men. I'm talking about you, someone who's closer to the position of power, where the decisions are made.

Bernie: I have concerns. For a business to be successful, there has to be stability. There has to be consistency.

Sonny: Well, you wouldn't be a great accountant if you didn't feel that way, right?

Bernie: Sir, I can't presume to know what it is like on your side of the table. I can't presume to know your burdens. I'm just saying I know what a business looks like when it works well and I know what it looks like when it's not working well.

Sonny: I went through two tragedies, one on top of the other. My son getting shot, my bride getting shot on her wedding day. My reactions were emotional. They may have seemed dangerous, unstable.

Bernie: I'm not implying --

Sonny: I knew exactly what I was doing, Bernie. Before all that happened, the Zaccharas were a growing problem. You know that. They were a cancer encroaching on my territory. Nobody was safe around here, right?

Bernie: Yes.

Sonny: You know what I've done? You want to know? I've dismantled them from the inside out. Now we're in a position to take over what they left behind.

Bernie: You're saying that you planned all this?

Sonny: No, what I'm saying is I turned the situation into my advantage, and that's exactly what a good businessman does, Bernie.

Sam: Make sure you have the right kind of rum, because Daddy is very particular. I don't have to tell you that. Okay, is everybody ready for some cocktails? Where's Daddy? Oh, please, don't tell me you two got into another fight. Please, please, why did he leave?

Jason: I couldn't make him stay.

Sam: Then it's true. The two of you did get into another fight again.

Jason: Yeah, but I won't tell you we got into a fight.

Sam: Just when I thought the two of you were finally getting along again. You know how important this is to me. Well, I guess I can't blame you all the way. It's not entirely your fault. I know how difficult Daddy can be. I just really, really wanted to talk to him. Please, please, please, please, please. I will owe you big time if you can find out where Daddy went when he was leaving.

Roger: If you want your husband back, you're going to have to pay the fines for both of them and damages.

Luke: Well, of course she wants me back. Why else would she be here?

Tracy: I have not seen an itemized bill.

Roger: Down here we don't question a man's integrity.

Tracy: Well, then try not to question a woman's intelligence. I need to see an accounting of every penny in writing or I will just have to call my good friend the governor and you and your nepotistically-endowed deputy will be cleaning toilets.

Ethan: Sweet.

Luke: Nice one. Oh, I've missed you. I've been wondering when you were going to show up.

Tracy: Funny, I had the same thought about you, and if you wanted to get bailed out sooner you should have called.

Ethan: Well, we didn't want to inconvenience you.

Tracy: That's a first.

Ethan: Well, see, Luke and I were determined to get out of this place on our own. We got pretty close a couple of times, but I'm glad we didn't now, because I get to meet you in person and see not only what a fine looking woman you are but also how resilient and intelligent and generous.

Tracy: I haven't bailed you out yet.

Ethan: No, I was talking about letting the sheriff go with his badge intact.

Tracy: How did my good-for-nothing husband get you involved in this mess?

Luke: Good-for-nothing husband? Good for nothing?

Nikolas: I suppose I could see why you might be reluctant to work at a place that's connected to Emily.

Rebecca: Yeah, I'm glad you understand.

Nikolas: I could arrange something at the Metro Court for you.

Rebecca: Do you own that, too?

Nikolas: 25%.

Lucky: Yeah, the 25% he can see from his living room.

Rebecca: Yeah, in the castle, right.

Lucky: Well, some kids dream of being firemen. My brother always planned on ruling a kingdom or an island of his own.

Nikolas: The hotel is an investment for me.

Lucky: Yeah, I was just joking.

Nikolas: Right. Well, I'm sure that my partners, Mr. and Mrs. Jacks, would be happy to find a position for you on the staff.

Rebecca: Because I look like Emily?

Nikolas: No, because they're nice people.

Rebecca: Who don't know me and I don't know them. I think I'd rather find my own job.

Nikolas: Of course, okay.

Rebecca: Thanks.

Nikolas: You're welcome. If you need my help in any way, please let me know.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Rebecca: Oh, God. I feel awful. He was just trying to help.

Lucky: Yeah, and he's going to keep trying to help, at least until you get a job. Hey, how do you feel about waitressing?

Jason: It was a smart move pretending to be Claudia. I don't really think of stuff like that, so --

Sam: It's okay. You're great with a gun. A little finesse might get you just a little bit further, though.

Jason: How did you know she'd go for it?

Sam: I don't know, Jason, human nature, people want to do the right thing. They want to help people, I guess.

Sam: Hi, were you able to find out where Daddy went?

Woman: One of the valets is a friend of mine. He heard your father talking when he was getting into his car.

Sam: Oh, good. What did he say?

Woman: He said that Mr. Zacchara is headed for Port Charles, New York.

Anthony: You've always been treacherous, Claudia, but I never thought of you as a coward.

Claudia: Well, you never thought of me much at all. I mean, come on, face it. Let's be honest. I've often wondered if I was ever really even your daughter.

Anthony: My flesh and blood, yes, you are. But you're really your mother's daughter. You're so like Dominica, strong, ambitious --

Claudia: Qualities you loved in her, I'm sure.

Anthony: Until I opened my eyes.

Claudia: Until Trevor --

Anthony: I'm very mad and disappointed at you, Claudia, that you would want me to take Kate Howard hostage to save your own neck.

Claudia: You shot her on her wedding day. I really didn't think taking her hostage would be that big of a deal.

Anthony: Who knows when she's going to be back, if at all? I mean, a big deal fashion publisher, she could be in Paris or Milan, and I don't have the time to waste. I need my money and I need to get the hell out of the country before Jason Morgan turns me into the feds and they lock me up until the end of time.

Claudia: I feel your pain, Daddy. I really do, but you have seriously miscalculated here.

Sonny: Things got pretty messy when I took over the Zaccharas. I was forced to intercept and destroy Corinthos shipments. Four men from this organization died because of my, you know, because I killed Karpov and they wanted to retaliate. Unfortunately, it's the business we're in, Bernie. Now Jason and I have reached an agreement. I'm going to take over, and I know I'm going to get some resistance from some men. I understand that, but you're either onboard or you're not, and that includes you.

[Phone ringing]

Sonny: How'd it go?

Jason: Anthony left Florida before I could grab him. He's on his way back to Port Charles.

Sonny: I managed to intercept this wire transfer that he was expecting. So, he's going to run out of money.

Jason: Which means he's going to be desperate.

Sonny: Okay, if he decides to push though, Jason, you know, I'm going to have to push back. You know how it is at this point.

Jason: Okay, Sonny, I need Anthony alive.

Sonny: Spinelli is --

Jason: It's the only option I have right now. Please, I'm on my way back. Don't do anything until I get there.

Sonny: Can't make any guarantees.

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: Wow, this is starting to look like an art gallery in here.

Elizabeth: I know. Lucky's been bringing me cards from the boys every day.

Nikolas: How are you?

Elizabeth: Good.

Nikolas: Any possibility that you'll be able to come home soon?

Elizabeth: The tests show the toxins are completely out of my system. So, hopefully as soon as tomorrow.

Nikolas: Good, good. Well, I would like to get you a get well soon gift, a week’s worth of maid service while you recuperate. What do you think about that?

Elizabeth: I know I should politely decline, but thank you, Nikolas. That's going to be -- thank you.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

Elizabeth: That's great. And thank you for telling me before you just did it with a wave of your hand.

Nikolas: Well, thank you for accepting. My efforts to help haven't been very well received as of late.

Elizabeth: Are you referring to any particular efforts?

Nikolas: I don't know. It's a little hard to tell. I mean, there's so many of them, my kingdom's so vast.

Elizabeth: Your kingdom?

Nikolas: Well, you know, some kids want to grow up to be firemen. I wanted to have my own kingdom, at least according to my brother anyway.

Elizabeth: Lucky said that?

Nikolas: Yeah, he made a joke. He was trying to keep me from making an ass of myself in front of Rebecca, but...

Elizabeth: So Rebecca's refusing your help?

Nikolas: Yeah, about the only thing I've convinced her of so far is that I'm a complete nut case.

Lucky: Mike, he runs the restaurant for my family. It just so happens we opened after a fire. So, you could wait tables and make ends meet while the hospital is being rebuilt.

Mike: Look, the tips are decent here and Kelly’s is an institution in Port Charles.

Lucky: As an employee, we can offer a discounted rate on a room upstairs. I mean, it's not the most palatial accommodations, but the bathroom's down the hall. They're new and they're clean. You know, it's not the Metro.

Rebecca: No, it sounds good, almost too good. If he's twisting your arm to hire me, I can't do this.

Mike: No, no, no. Listen, I really could use the help here and I'd love to have you onboard, but I've got to be honest with you, a lot of my customers here knew Emily. So, it's going to be a little uncomfortable. Speaking of which --

Edward: Thank God, I found you.

Lucky: Rebecca, her name is Rebecca.

Edward: I know her name is Rebecca. It's good to see you again, my dear.

Lucky: Well, you may be seeing her a lot more because we just offered her a job here.

Edward: Well, that's out of the question. No, that is completely unacceptable.

Carly: When will Jason be back? Fine. No, I do not want to deal with Sonny about this. When Jason gets a chance. And Bernie? You know I really appreciate you calling Mercedes, but the next time you have to put guards on Morgan, I want you to call me directly. Thank you.

Jax: Look, we can take Morgan to see Lady Jane. I can have the jet prepped right now. She would love to see the three of us.

Carly: I can't.

Jax: Why?

Carly: I can't freak Morgan out and rip him out of school, and you know what? If there's really a problem, Jason would have called me. I'm sorry. I know this isn't just my decision. I mean, if you want to leave --

Jax: Well, what I want seems to be impossible, Carly. What all I want is a life with you and Morgan that's about us and not about Sonny and his constant violence.

Anthony: You know, I would really love to tell Sonny that you're the one responsible for his kid being a vegetable. It seems only fair since you ratted me out, told Sonny that I shot Kate.

Claudia: So, tell him. Maybe he'll even believe you.

Anthony: But then he'd never pay a dime to save you. Right now, the money is more important to me than getting revenge. Besides, there is always the risk that Sonny would blame John, too, and turn on him. Or maybe that was the idea all along. Yeah, by dragging Johnny into your mess, by making him partially responsible for Michael’s shooting, you guaranteed that you'd never have to pay. Protecting John means protecting you.

Claudia: How about protecting me, I don't know, because I'm your daughter? Why couldn't you just, for once, give a damn about me as a human being?

Anthony: Stop crying. You want to know why? Because I know better. I know what a cunning little witch you are, and you proved it when you gave me up to Sonny. I'm running for my life because of you. You got me into this and you're damn well going to get me out.

Bernie: Thanks. Okay, we've got men watching Carly, Alexis, your children. Kate is in Manhattan. So, everybody is accounted for.

Sonny: You're forgetting my wife now, okay? Where's Claudia? Anybody see her?

Bernie: Claudia is Anthony Zacchara's daughter. Why would he take her hostage?

Sonny: Okay, I need to be sure. Call the guards. Tell them to go to my house.

[Phone ringing]

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Claudia?

Claudia: We have a situation.

Sonny: Where are you?

Claudia: I'm with Daddy. He wants $1 million in cash, non-sequential bills, and then another $20 million wired to the Grand Keys. I know you won't pay it, and that's okay, but just promise me that you'll do something to protect John.

Anthony: Give me the phone. Claudia is not going to be as lucky as Kate when she was standing at the altar all in white and I pulled the trigger, because at this range, Sonny, even a kid wouldn't miss unless he was in a coma.

Elizabeth: Emily was the love of your life and you've done a really good job at moving on. And then this woman, who looks exactly like her, drops from the sky. I mean, of course, you'd want to be around her.

Nikolas: Yeah, try explaining that to Rebecca.

Elizabeth: I've talked to her twice and, believe me, it was all I could to pour my heart out to her the way I used to with Em.

Nikolas: Yeah. I mean, Elizabeth, I told her my entire history with Emily, right from the first moment we met. I mean, everything from when she had cancer to Zander to the car crash I had to the black and white ball, I did everything. I got nothing from her.

Elizabeth: And just for a moment, it was as if she was back.

Nikolas: Yeah. No wonder I scare the hell out of her. This is crazy. It's crazy.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, it's not. It's not crazy. But it's not fair either. You know, it's not fair to you or her or even Emily. Emily had a place in our lives because of the amazing person she was. She was special and unique and beautiful.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And even more so on the inside. That can't be duplicated.

Edward: I cannot envision your living or working here. The Quartermaine home and all of its resources are at your disposal.

Rebecca: Why would you do that?

Edward: Because I can. Now, look, would you please just indulge an old man who has more money than he will ever know what to do with?

Rebecca: You don't even know me.

Edward: I do know, my dear, that you very closely resemble our beloved Emily.

Lucky: And she's certainly heard it enough.

Rebecca: Yeah, and I've seen a photograph, but just because I --

Edward: You know something? She was the best of us.

Rebecca: Look, I'm not Emily. For you to take me in based on my looks, it's not smart.

Edward: You didn't come to me. It was an offer that I made to you freely, absolutely unsolicited.

Rebecca: For all you know, I could be an axe murderer.

Edward: I'm willing to take my chances.

Rebecca: You're very sweet.

Lucky: I don't think I've ever heard anyone call him that.

Edward: You may change your opinion of me once we get to know each other better.

Rebecca: I'm really not comfortable --

Lucky: But if you started working here --

Mike: And if you would grace us more often with your patronage, Mr. Quartermaine --

Lucky: Yeah, it would give Rebecca enough time to find out for herself how bad you really are --

Edward: That's his father, Luke, talking.

Lucky: Without having to live with you.

Mike: Hey, you could start now.

Rebecca: All right, I'll take the job.

Tracy: While the staff was trying to contain the biotoxin --

Ethan: That this bloke had swallowed and was carrying around in his stomach?

Luke: That's an old drug mule trick.

Tracy: The O.R. was filling up with gas, which then ignited, exploded, caused a huge fire and they had to do evacuations from the roof in a blizzard with helicopters. And Jax was the only one crazy enough to attempt it and why is this having absolutely no effect on you?

Luke: Because I'd like to get out of here and I figure if my kids or anybody I cared about was affected by this, you would have already told me.

Tracy: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you that your daughter-in-law is a patient at Mercy Hospital. She is on the mend and I, in fact, was released after 24 hours with your daughter by my side constantly.

Luke: What are you talking about?

Tracy: That O.R. shares an air duct with the board room. I was there for a fundraiser.

Luke: You came in contact with this poison?

Tracy: Don't start.

Luke: No, what do they know about this stuff?

Tracy: Oh, spare me the phony concern.

Ethan: Luke couldn't stop talking about you, honestly. I don't think that he realizes how much.

Tracy: No kidding.

Ethan: Yeah, you know, some men just have a lot of trouble expressing how much they truly care.

Tracy: No, Luke knows how much he cares about my money. But I could have died from the fire, from the poison, from the helicopter and you never would've known the difference.

Luke: Look, I was wrongfully incarcerated here, sweetheart. You can't be angry because I didn't save you.

Tracy: No, but I think it's reasonable for me to think you should communicate --

Ethan: This is as much my fault, okay? Luke and had a small misunderstanding about some funds. This is why we are --

Tracy: Will you shut up?

Roger: An itemized list of all the fines and damages.

Tracy: Fine, I would be delighted to pay the fines and damages for him, not for him.

Carly: Jax, what do you want me to do? Sonny and I just got to a place where we're starting to forgive each other for what happened to Michael.

Jax: I'm sorry. Could you please explain why you need to be forgiven? I thought Michael was shot in Sonny's warehouse, standing next to Sonny, by a bullet that was intended for Sonny.

Carly: Okay, whatever Sonny has done, I knew what he was about when I married him. I chose to make Sonny Michael’s father. I chose to bring Morgan into a world, knowing he would never have a normal life. This is on me. I did this to myself and I did this to my kids. And as badly as I wish it were different, it's not. Look, if you don't want to stand around and watch, I won't hold you to any of the promises you made.

Jax: Oh, yeah.

Jason: Any word?

Sonny: We have a lot to go over. Can you talk to him about his concerns about me taking over?

Jason: What's the problem?

Bernie: Now?

Jason: Yeah, now.

Bernie: Okay, I don't want to overstep, but I think it's my job to warn you.

Jason: Warn me about what, Bernie?

Bernie: I know that you must trust Mr. Corinthos implicitly, but the men don't. Add to that the fact that he just asked for $1 million in non-sequential small bills and another $20 million to be delivered to the Grand Keys.

Jason: Did Anthony take a hostage?

Sonny: Claudia.

Jason: Okay, Bernie, from now on, you take orders from Sonny like I do.

Sonny: Get the money.

Bernie: The discontent is going to have to be dealt with.

Jason: You think Claudia is in on this?

Ethan: I'm sure she's just busting your chops, mate. She's going to bail us both out.

Luke: You don't know Tracy. She is fully capable of leaving me here to rot.

Ethan: Yeah, but money doesn't seem to be the problem for her.

Luke: Hey, look, slick. Don't think I'm not on to you. And don't underestimate her. She's no push-over. I saw the way you were working her the minute she walked in.

Ethan: No, I wasn't working her.

Luke: Of course, you were working her. You convinced her that you were an innocent that I led astray.

Ethan: Well, excuse me. I'll clear that right up.

Luke: No, please, don't. You know, the less explaining you do at this point, the better.

Ethan: No worries, mate. I'll tell you what. The second I'm out of here, I'll head straight to your casino and come back with the cash to bail you out.

Luke: Don't do me any favors. Stay away from my casino. You still owe me $600.

Ethan: $250 And I figured, since I'm about to save your ass, you might as well forgive the debt.

Nikolas: Everything you're saying right now is absolutely true. But I can't help wanting to more about Rebecca anyway. I have to believe for myself that showing her a photo of Emily makes her just a little bit curious about a woman that she shared a face with. I don't understand why she's being so resistant.

Edward: Because you scared her off, you nincompoop.

Nikolas: Good morning to you, too, Edward.

Edward: Yeah, what's good about it? Thanks to your running around like a lunatic, you have poor Rebecca so skittish that she wouldn't accept my help and she refuses to move in with us.

Nikolas: You asked her to move in with you?

Edward: The girl is going to take very careful handling.

Elizabeth: Mr. Quartermaine, you don't know anything about this woman.

Edward: My dear girl, you don't get to my time in life believing in random coincidence. And you don't have as many illegitimate offspring as I have without realizing that there is a possibility that even the most devoted husband might occasionally stray. And I will bet you dollars to navy beans that Emily's biological papa, Hank Bowen, had an extracurricular night or two. And if he didn't, then Paige did. And if neither of them did, then there must be a brother or sister with a child that they've lost track of. And any way you slice it, that girl is in some way related to Emily. And come hell or high water, we are going to get her into the Quartermaine fold.

Rebecca: Thanks for setting me up with the job.

Lucky: You know, you can pay me back by being a little patient with my brother.

Sam: Hey, hi. Hi. Rebecca, right?

Rebecca: Someone who actually knows me and I can't remember your name.

Lucky: Sam. This is Sam.

Sam: Yes, I'm Sam and it's nice to see that you made it out of the fire okay.

Lucky: Rebecca, she's an x-ray tech and she's going to be working here for a while while they rebuild the hospital, assuming the Quartermaines don't kidnap her.

Rebecca: If I suddenly disappear, I'm trusting you to come looking for me, okay?

Sam: That is nice of you to help her out.

Lucky: I feel bad for her. She looks so much like Emily, everyone is flipping out.

Sam: But not you.

Lucky: You know what? Once you get past the face, she's nothing like Emily. I like her. But where have you been? You just like disappeared after the fire.

Sam: Yeah, not really. I've been doing some P.I. work, but not real P.I. work because, obviously, I don't have my license yet. Lucky, I got to tell you, I am more sure, now than ever, that this is what I need to be doing. You know why? Because I'm good at it.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. I'm sure there's so much more you're not telling me, but it's not my place to ask. So I'm just going to say that I'm happy for you because you look happy.

Sam: Well, I feel the same about you.

Lucky: See you later.

Sam: Bye.

Rebecca: Please don't think I'm nosy, but I'm going to be nosy.

Sam: Okay.

Rebecca: Are you and Lucky involved?

Sam: Oh, no, not anymore.

Luke: Wife, let's just talk about this.

Tracy: That was quite a bill you ran up, Luke.

Ethan: It's just as much my fault.

Tracy: Stop trying to take the blame.

Roger: She wants the young one.

Luke: The young one?

Ethan: Thank you so much. This is -- I am in your debt, Tracy. May I call you Tracy?

Tracy: If you must.

Ethan: This is a debt I can never repay.

Tracy: Oh, you don't have to.

Luke: You might want to rethink that, Tracy.

Tracy: What are you doing?

Luke: Check your purse.

Tracy: What?

Luke: Check your purse.

Tracy: My cash is gone.

Luke: No kidding. Now check the pockets of this fine young man that I led astray.

Jax: Hey, I'm sorry, okay? I'm committed to you. I am, for better or worse. It's just that the worse always seems to come from one place, one person, and that's Sonny.

Carly: I'm not defending him.

Jax: Of course, you're defending him. You always defend him. He's the father of your children, okay? But I have to tell you something. A real father, a loving father, would walk away from Michael, Morgan, and Kristina and never look back instead of putting their lives in constant danger. You know, Alexis is scared for Kristina’s life every minute of the day? And as for Morgan, I would lie down in front of a train for him. I couldn't love him more if he were my own. So, when something like this happens, it's all I can do not to pick up a gun and shoot Sonny myself. Actually, it might even be worth killing him just to make sure that, you know, you're safe.

Carly: No, you can't kill Sonny.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Because they'd take you away from me and I couldn't stand that.

Jason: Do you think Claudia is involved in this?

Sonny: I have seen the way Anthony treats her, the way he beats her down. Her whole life has been surviving that mad man. Look, this is not about whether I trust her or not. She is capable of taking a stand. She told me the truth about Anthony, right, shooting Kate? That takes a lot. It was her --

Jason: Do you think that Anthony would kill her?

Sonny: Yes, I do.

Claudia: I will have one huge consolation. You are finally going to pay for a lifetime of treating me like dirt. And it's ironic, Daddy. I mean, you've been sitting there in that wheelchair, pretending to be stuck in it. Now you're ready to be free, but you're going to jail for the rest of your life.

Anthony: If it makes you feel better to think so.

Claudia: What would make me feel better is if Sonny would just kill you and then Johnny wouldn't have to deal with you.

Anthony: You're sitting there trying to be so noble, but you're hoping like a little kid on Christmas Eve that Sonny will pay the money. And there's nothing wrong with hoping. It makes Sonny look bad if he refuses to pay the ransom and lets you die.

Claudia: You would think of it that way.

Anthony: What other way is there to look at it. Oh, my God, you're seriously hoping that Sonny will pay up because he cares about you?

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