GH Transcript Tuesday 2/24/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/24/09


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Maxie: What a great night. Gorgeous dress, worthy cause -- parties don't get any better.

Spinelli: I'm sure Maximista was the belle of the ball.

Maxie: No, I was just a girl in a fabulous dress. But that's what it was for. I was just wearing this so it could be seen, bring awareness to women's heart health. You know, for the record, Johnny's awesome escort services aside, I would have much preferred that you be there.

Spinelli: You mean it?

Maxie: Yeah. You're oodles more fun than Johnny. You always make me smile. And I know I don't tell you this enough, Spinelli, but you're my best friend and I don't know what I would do without you.

Spinelli: I return Maximista's sentiment 100 times over. Hey, where did you go?

Maxie: I guess it's all this talk about heart awareness, but it just makes me think of B.J.

Spinelli: Oh. The late, deeply-lamented cousin, Barbara Jean, whose transplanted heart gave Maximista the precious gift of prolonged life.

Maxie: It's true, Spinelli. I would have died if I didn't get a heart transplant. B.J.'s school van getting hit by a drunk driver and me needing my transplant in the same day -- even after all this time has gone by, it still blows my mind. I mean, bobby and Tony lost their daughter like that. They kissed B.J. and sent her off to school. She never came back. But they didn't hesitate. I mean, they gave me her heart. It was all downhill after that. I mean, sometimes I think that if B.J. had been the one to survive and maybe not me, that everyone might have been a little better off.

Spinelli: Not me. I'm not sure you're aware of the profound effect that you've had on me. My -- my heart is full of you. My feeling's long since past the point of friendship, and perhaps it's time to just bite the bullet, as it were, and say the words. I love you, Maxie, with all that I -- Maximista?

[Spinelli sighs]

Spinelli: Perhaps it's just as well.

Spinelli: I will cover your loveliness so you don't catch a chill.

Maxie: Hmm, pink roses and chocolate. They must be your favorite, too, whoever -- wait a minute. Is that me? Am I dead? No, no, that can't be right. I just attended the Campbell’s gala in a custom-made gown. The paparazzi told me I looked beautiful, and let's face it, I did. I even said I was attending because I care passionately about women's heart health awareness, which I do when I take the time to think about it. But I lead a very busy life, and who really wants to dwell on the fact on the fact that they're only alive because they are the recipient of a heart transplant? But what if it didn't happen? What if I didn't get it? What if I really am dead?

Maxie: Does that mean B.J. is still alive?

Matt: Are you sure you're not an angel?

B.J.: Not the last time I checked.

Matt: Because I swear I'm going to go straight to heaven now that you're going to marry me.

B.J.: You know, people might doubt the level of your sincerity when they hear you talk to me like that. I can look into your eyes and see that you mean every word of it. I know you love me.

Maxie: Oh, great. Not only am I dead, but everyone is better off without me.

Lulu: Oh, great, here come the lovebirds.

Spinelli: It appears the bitter one is jealous, perhaps because she has no significant other to gaze upon her with rapt devotion.

Lulu: Are you kidding? I'd rather choke on saccharin than be in a relationship like that.

Maxie: Oh, please. Like you and Johnny aren't 10,000 times more goopy than that.

Spinelli: The chances of any man pursuing you for anything other than carnal relations are slim to none.

Lulu: At least some of us get to have carnal relations.

B.J.: I love my ring. It's classic and beautiful and staying on this finger for the rest of my life.

Lulu: Can you take their order? I've had enough of the lovebirds already.

Mike: Yeah, no problem.

Maxie's voice: I can't believe Lulu is still a waitress.

Mike: Hey, B.J., Matt.

Matt: Hey.

B.J.: Good morning, Mike.

Mike: You ready to order?

B.J.: Yeah, I'll have scrambled eggs. Matt wants waffles, and we'll both take a glass of V-fusion.

Mike: All right, coming right up.

B.J.: Thank you.

Matt: Thanks. So were you able to lock in the wedding day?

B.J.: Yes, we are on for June 21 at St. Timothy's.

Matt: That's great. That's awesome. Okay, more importantly, the honeymoon. Where -- where shall we go?

B.J.: Well, I don't know. Do you think the busy neurosurgeon can take an entire week away from the hospital? For me? For a wedding?

Maxie: Okay, Lulu, I'll give you this much -- they are a little gag-worthy.

B.J.: Just answer my question.

Matt: I am sure my highly competitive brother will not mind taking my cases for a week or two.

B.J.: Are you still going to ask Patrick to be your best man?

Matt: I am going to ask him today, yeah.

B.J.: Lulu will be excited to hear I ordered my bridesmaid dresses and they are gorgeous.

Lulu: You can order as many as you want. I'm not going to be in your wedding.

B.J.: Why not?

Lulu: Because I think marriage is a waste of time. Once two people tie the knot, novelty wears off, familiarity breeds contempt, and before you know it, the two of you are divorced.

Matt: Yeah, that's optimistic.

Lulu: Yeah, well, I don't believe in love.

B.J.: Well, I guess we're really lucky that we do.

Maxie: Um, Lulu, since when do you not believe in love?

Carly: You know, that tattoo down the back of your neck is very sexy. How far does it go down?

Man: How about we go upstairs and get a room and you can see for yourself.

Maxie's voice: Yuck. What happened to Carly? You had another fight with Jax and decided to go dumpster-diving?

Carly: I thought we were just playing for a dance.

Man: Yeah, well, we can do that upstairs, too.

Patrick: Drinking at Jake’s in the middle of the afternoon. Why am I not surprised?

Carly: I'm not allowed to have fun?

Patrick: With that?

Maxie: Um, Patrick? Why do you care what Carly does with her time?

Patrick: So did you plan on coming home tonight or no?

Carly: You're always at the hospital. What do you care?

Patrick: So you spend all hours of the day at Jake’s, taunting around, acting like a tramp?

Carly: Oh, don't get holier-than-thou with me.

Patrick: You know, Carly, I should have seen it coming. You cheated on your first husband with me, and now you're just repeating the pattern.

Maxie's voice: Repeating what pattern?

Carly: At least Tony still wanted me after he put the ring on my finger.

Patrick: Oh, yeah, Tony's a gem. Cheating on Bobbie with you, leaving her high and dry.

Carly: What do you care? What the hell do you care? You got what you wanted.

Patrick: While you took every penny you could from him.

Carly: Yeah, and those pennies funded your career. You know, that thing that you're so obsessed with when you're not tasting every new nurse that walks into the hospital?

Patrick: My God, why the hell did I marry you?

Maxie: No, Patrick, this is wrong. Because I died, you married Carly?

Carly: You --

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Are selfish, self-absorbed, and you are a sorry excuse for a husband.

Patrick: But I am your husband whether you like it or not, and it's embarrassing having the town slut as a wife.

Maxie: Robin is supposed to be your wife, Patrick. What happened to Robin?

Robin: Hey, Maxie. I really miss you. We all miss you so much.

Maxie: Robin, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you need me way more than I realized. That outfit is a nightmare.

Robin: Nothing was ever really right after you died. You were so outgoing and talkative, so strong in your opinions. I wish I was more like that. My life seems to be on permanent hold. Being HIV-positive isn't really an excuse. I don't know, maybe Uncle Mac is my excuse. I still live with him. Crazy, right? I wish that you were alive. I think that you could help me figure out what life should be.

Maxie: Wait a minute. Why are you wearing a uniform, Mac?

B.J.: Hi. I'm so glad I ran into you. How are you doing?

Mac: Always better when I see you, B.J.

B.J.: I'm sure you're thinking a lot about Maxie today.

Mac: Yeah. You know, Robin went by to visit the grave. I'll go by later today. I just got off the night shift. I'm pretty wiped out.

Maxie's voice: Night shift? You're supposed to be the commissioner.

Mac: So what about you? How's that fiancée of yours?

B.J.: Good. We picked a date, June 21. You and Robin have to promise to be there.

Mac: Oh, wouldn't miss it for the world. It will be nice to have something to celebrate this year. So I assume you got time off from medical school?

B.J.: Just barely. I get one week in between my step one classes in the beginning of my third year.

Mac: Still enjoying it?

B.J.: Oh, I love it. I've decided to be a cardiologist so I can find a cure for the disease that killed Maxie.

Lulu: Fifty cents? This is your lousy tip?

Spinelli: Perhaps the bitter one's gratuity would have been greater if she'd actually given me what I ordered.

Maxie: Bitter one? That's good Spinelli.

Lulu: Wow, that is so petty and cheap.

Spinelli: May the Goth God of Zune bring wrath upon you and your perpetual cloud of darkness.

Lulu: Ooh, I'm in trouble now.

Spinelli: Okay, and with that, the Jackal shall move into the light.

Matt: Why do you have to be so negative?

Lulu: Why do you have to stick up for that weirdo?

Matt: You are so down on everyone, including B.J., and I have no idea why you have to treat her like crap.

Lulu: Do you think you're the first person who's told me that? I hear it all the time -- "B.J. is so great, she's so smart, she's so pretty, why can't you be like B.J.?" Well, you know what? I'm not. B.J. is B.J. And that's great, but I'm living my own life.

Matt: Right, right, and how's that working out for you?

Maxie's voice: Lighten up, Lulu.

Mike: You know, you can clear out customers faster than anyone I've ever known.

Lulu: They ate, didn't they?

Mike: Yeah. You know, maybe you should check out those anger management classes that your brother, Lucky, found for you.

Lulu: If you have a problem with my waitressing, Mike, take it up with my Aunt Bobbie.

Maxie: Here we go. True love arrives.

Johnny: Give me a cup of coffee. I've got a proposition for you.

Patrick: Is it too much to ask my wife to have a shred of dignity?

Carly: My wife, my house, my career -- God, it's all about you.

Patrick: Well, I have a reputation to uphold, Carly. It would be nice if you respected it.

Carly: Like you respect me.

Patrick: Well, that's pretty difficult when all you want to do is sleep with bikers in flea-ridden rooms above Jake’s.

Coleman: Our rooms are clean, man.

Carly: Maybe I'd spend more time at home if you would have agreed to have kids.

Patrick: Having kids with you? That's like giving kittens to a boa constrictor.

Carly: Oh, this coming from the world's greatest example. I can hear the kids now -- "Mommy, why does Daddy spend so much time looking in the mirror instead of playing with us?"

Patrick: Carly, you are toxic.

Carly: Speak for yourself.

Patrick: You know, I'm very surprised Bobbie and B.J. even talk to you after what you did to their family.

Carly: Oh, really? You didn't seem to think I was a home wrecker when I was married to Tony and you were sleeping with me.

Maxie: Oh, my God. You married Uncle Tony?

Patrick: Yeah, well, I was an idiot. And I was an idiot to marry you. I'm never coming here again. If you don't come home tonight, it's fine by me.

Carly: Screw you!

Bobbie: You are so busted.

Monica: Are you going to report me to Dr. Drake?

Bobbie: Oh, please. Would I do that to a treasured friend?

Monica: I tell you, the apple certainly fell far from that tree. I mean, Noah Drake was a skirt chaser, yes, but he's a hell of a nice guy. Patrick, on the other hand --

Bobbie: Patrick is a ruthless jerk. No reason to mince words just because he's my son-in-law. You want to tell me why you're rifling through his stuff?

Monica: Well, there's a rumor going around that he's going to fire some of the medical staff, and I want to see who's on the list.

Bobbie: Oh. And if you are?

Monica: Then I'm going to fight him.

Robin: Hi. Is there a meeting that I didn't know about?

Monica: No. No, actually, Patrick doesn't know that we are here. He's off this morning, so I've kind of taken it upon myself to go through a few things.

Robin: Why?

Bobbie: Rumor has it that Patrick is going to fire some of the medical staff.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Robin: What do you mean? He fired dozens of people just about a year ago.

Monica: Yes, well, supposedly, the axe is going to fall again, so I want to find a list and just see who's on it.

Maxie: Okay, Patrick's kind of a jerk -- make that a serious jerk, but he would never fire any of you.

Robin: I'll talk to Patrick. I'll tell him this staff is like family --

Monica: Well, don't waste your breath, really. The only thing that Patrick cares about in this life is the bottom line.

Bobbie: I think I know what's bothering Patrick.

Monica: What? Other than his gigantic ego?

Bobbie: No, his marriage -- Carly. That girl is out of control, even for her.

Monica: Oh. Well, with all due respect, Bobbie, I really don't think anybody can rein in your daughter.

Bobbie: I can always try.

Monica: Good luck. Thanks. Hey, I was looking for you this morning.

Robin: Oh, yeah, I came in late. I had something I had to do.

Monica: More problems with your uncle?

Robin: No, I was at the cemetery.

Monica: Oh, my God, that's right. Oh, it's the anniversary of Maxie's death. Look, I know I tell you this every single year, but I really am so, so sorry I couldn't save her life.

Maxie: Not half as sorry as I am.

B.J.: Nurse Johnson, it's B.J. Jones. My class got cancelled today, so if you need help at the hospital, I would love to. Call me on my cell phone. Bye. Oh!

Spinelli: The Jackal's fifth appendage, dashed to the ground. Next time, the do-gooding one should watch her clumsy step.

Maxie: Spinelli, that's not very nice.

B.J.: I am so sorry. I was on the phone.

Spinelli: The Jackal is unharmed, but the same might not be said for my trusty laptop.

B.J.: If there are any damages, I will be happy to replace it.

Spinelli: The programs and applications are irreplaceable. If damage has been done, this is nothing short of catastrophic.

B.J.: I said I was sorry. What else would you like me to do, buy you an ice cream? Bake you a cake?

Spinelli: The do-gooding one would never bake the Jackal a cake.

B.J.: Yes, I would. What kind do you like, angel food? Chocolate.

Robin: I have the files you wanted me to consult on.

Patrick: On time as usual. Of course, there's nothing else in your life to interfere.

Maxie's voice: Patrick, don't do this. You love Robin.

Robin: I'm recommending a drug therapy that's been effective in similar cases.

Patrick: It's a good thing you're so diligent, Dr. Scorpio. You wouldn't exactly get points for you intuition and brilliance, would you?

Robin: Well, I can show you the research.

Patrick: There's no need. Surgery's the only option.

Robin: Okay. If that's your opinion, I guess I'll just have to live with it. Hopefully, the patient will, too.

Patrick: Excuse me, are you undermining my decision?

Maxie: Hell, yes ,she's undermining it, you egotistical jerk.

Robin: No, Doctor.

Maxie: Robin, what is wrong with you? Fight back.

Patrick: You're excused.

Robin: I have a question.

Patrick: What?

Robin: There's been rumors about more staff cuts.

Patrick: So what are you doing? Are you asking if your name is on the list?

Coleman: Oh, here come the fuzz.

Mac: How about a scotch, Coleman?

Maxie: Mac? What are you doing at Jake’s in the middle of the day?

Mac: And don't mind the uniform, I'm off duty.

Coleman: Last time you started A.A., you asked me specifically not to serve you.

Maxie: Dad, you can't be an alcoholic.

Mac: Today's the anniversary of Maxie's death, a sweetheart of a girl. Would have been my stepdaughter. If I want a drink, I'm damn well going to have one.

Lulu: There you go.

Johnny: You know, you'd get a better tip if you'd learn to show some cleavage.

Lulu: You can't be serious.

Johnny: You're a babe, even looking like that. There's the number to call. Check it out.

Lulu: Check what out?

Johnny: A way to make some extra cash. That is, if you like to dance.

Lulu: You mean stripping? I would rather crawl on broken glass.

Maxie: Important rule, Johnny. Never ask the girl you're going to fall in love with to work as a stripper.

Johnny: Attitude. Customers like that.

Lulu: They'll never get to see it. Don't insult me again.

Johnny: Whoa, Lulu, let me show some appreciation.

Lulu: Don't mess with me. I know people.

Johnny: Who? Oh, Luke Spencer? A deadbeat who hasn't shown his face around here in years? You think he's going to come to your rescue?

Lulu: Is that a threat?

Johnny: I own this town. I can be a good friend or a bad one -- your choice. I'll tell you what. I'll be back here tomorrow. Why don't you come up with a few creative ways to be nice to me?

Maxie's voice: That could have gone better.

Spinelli: Why would a fair maiden like you choose to bake a cake for a virtually unknown entity like myself?

B.J.: I thought it might make you smile, and it did.

Spinelli: So the actual intent to bake was not genuine.

B.J.: No, it was. Baking is my favorite hobby. It's kind of my way to unwind.

Spinelli: It's kind of an intriguing choice for a contemporary female.

B.J.: Why, I've been doing it since I was a little girl and --

Spinelli: Pray, continue.

B.J.: No, like you said, we barely know each other and it's kind of personal, so I don't want to bore you.

Spinelli: On the contrary, you have my sympathy and my ear. But if you would prefer to remain private --

B.J.: Today is the anniversary of my cousin's death, and one of the last memories I have of her was when I baked her a chocolate cake and took it to the hospital.

Johnny: I hope this cyber geek isn't bothering you.

B.J.: Do you have to go around insulting people?

Johnny: I'm just looking to protect a lady, that's all.

Maxie: Hello, you're not supposed to be hitting on B.J. You're supposed to be falling in love with Lulu.

B.J.: Do I look like I need protection?

Johnny: Spinelli's one of my employees. He's a master at what he does, but sometimes he can rub people the wrong way. I just don't want him bothering you.

B.J.: The only one who's bothering me is you.

Spinelli: Uh, perhaps you are unaware of the identity of your partner in repartee.

B.J.: I know. John Zacchara.

Johnny: And you are?

B.J.: You and your goons destroy local businesses, flood the streets with drugs, murder innocent people, terrorize the city. You're a criminal, plain and simple.

Johnny: Oh, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

B.J.: I'm not as forgiving as a court of law. And if you're really helping this guy out, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Johnny: I like that one. She's going to be a challenge.

Maxie: No, no, no. Lulu is the challenge that you want.

Spinelli: A ring of engagement adorns her left hand.

Johnny: So?

Spinelli: So it's none of the Jackal's business.

Johnny: Speaking of business, I have another project for you, Spinelli. That is, unless you're too ashamed.

Spinelli: As long as the ruthless one provides ample funding, the Jackal has no shame.

Bobbie: Hi, sweetie. I'm so glad you called.

B.J.: I've been thinking about Maxie a lot today.

Bobbie: Oh, so have I.

B.J.: Well, I wanted to come up with some sort of way to honor her memory. And after I talked Mike into putting the V8 V-fusion drinks on the menu, I thought, why don't we have a whole menu dedicated to healthy food?

Bobbie: Well, I think that's a wonderful idea. Did you run that by Mike?

B.J.: Yes, he is all for it, but you get the final word.

Bobbie: What do you got? Campbell's Healthy Choice soup, Swanson’s chicken breast, and low sodium V8.

B.J.: I really think that women would order healthier foods if they saw it on the menu. I mean, why not pick something that tastes good and is good for you?

Bobbie: B.J., I think that's a wonderful idea. Maxie would be so proud.

Maxie: Actually, Maxie would prefer to be remembered at the Campbell’s red dress fashion show. Maybe you could bid on one of the designs, B.J. Not that designing a menu in my honor isn't great, it's just not me.

Patrick: Do you want to be dropped from the staff, Dr. Scorpio?

Robin: No, of course I don't.

Patrick: You know, maybe it would be a good thing for you. Try something new, move to a new city -- help you get out of your rut.

Robin: Okay, well, if you're going to fire me, can you just let me know now?

Maxie's voice: Don't do it, Patrick.

Patrick: You're good at what you do. You run around the hospital like a little drone doing your job, staying out of trouble. Your job is secure. Are you satisfied?

Robin: I appreciate that, Doctor, but I'm actually here about the rest of the staff.

Patrick: And what about the rest of the staff?

Robin: We're all very dedicated workers. Ever since the layoffs last year, everyone has worked even harder. We're already down to a skeleton staff. And if you cut anybody else, then the patients will start to suffer.

Maxie: Seriously, Robin, does he look like he cares about patient suffering?

Robin: I just think maybe the budget can be reworked so that people don't have to lose their jobs.

Patrick: And that's why I am a surgeon and you're not. I have the guts to do what needs to be done.

Robin: You're actually proud of yourself for putting people out of work, aren't you?

Patrick: It's my job as chief of staff.

Monica: Excuse me for interrupting, but the bartender from Jake’s called. It's Mac.

Mac: Top me off, Coleman.

Coleman: Sorry, Mac. That's my last bottle of scotch, buddy.

Maxie: Pull it together, Mac. Robin is on her way. You don't want her to see you like this.

Carly: You know, you mentioned a little girl. I think she'd want you to have a different way to remember her by.

Mac: Maxie was such a pretty little thing. She had a smile that would light up the room.

B.J.: Mac, you were doing so good at A.A. this time.

Mac: It's only club soda.

B.J.: Do you have a second?

Carly: Shouldn't you be taking a test or, I don't know, planning a wedding?

B.J.: Mom's really worried about you, Carly.

Carly: What else is new?

B.J.: Well, I guess she has a right to be. You're hanging out at a bar drinking, playing pool.

Carly: This should make you happy. This proves that you were right about how I busted up your happy little family.

B.J.: It happened and I don't waste time looking back.

Carly: Could have fooled me.

B.J.: You're the one who's wasting time. You're angry and bitter, and you throw away every opportunity that comes your way.

Carly: Spare me the lecture.

B.J.: Maxie didn't get a chance to live her life, okay? She didn't get to grow up and go to school, get married, have children, whatever it is that she wanted to do. Look at you. You're young, beautiful, healthy, capable, and you're in this dive drinking yourself into an oblivion while life just passes you by. I'm not mad at you, Carly.

Coleman: That's John Zacchara.

Carly: Mm, I know who that is.

Coleman: All right, well just sit your tail back in the bar stool there. You get bored, I'll entertain you, okay?

Carly: Thanks for the offer, but I want to live dangerously.

Maxie: Oh, please. You cannot be serious.

Carly: Looking for these?

Johnny: Where did those come from?

Carly: Long story. Lag for the break?

Johnny: Sure.

Maxie: Don't do this, Carly. You'll break Lulu's heart. And even if you don't, it's going to end badly.

Robin: Uncle Mac?

Mac: Sorry if I ruined your day.

Robin: Oh, no, you didn't ruin my day.

Mac: I disappointed you again, didn't I?

Robin: Let's just get you home, okay?

Maxie: Is this normal, Robin? How many times has Mac gotten drunk like this?

Robin: How much does he owe?

Coleman: Oh, honey, tab's on me. I mean, if you want to throw me, you know, a 10-spot or something, that's cool.

Robin: Here you go.

Coleman: Thank you, dear. Thank you.

Robin: Come on, let's go.

Mac: I was going to visit Maxie's grave today, but I just didn't get over there.

Maxie: Please, stop doing this to yourself. You're not a drunk, you're my hero.

Lulu: Oh, great, you again.

Spinelli: Rest assured, bitter one, the Jackal's merely here to purchase a chocolate cupcake to go.

Maxie: Spinelli, you don't like chocolate cupcakes. You always want lemon.

Lulu: You want a treat for the road?

Spinelli: If you must know, I had a curious impulse. B.J. told me a story about her cousin who died?

Lulu: Maxie Jones.

Spinelli: Yeah, were you acquainted with her?

Lulu: Well, I met her a couple of times. I don't really remember her.

Spinelli: Sentiments expressed by B.J. suggest that she was quite a lovely child -- happy, smiling, beloved by all.

Lulu: Are you going to keep rambling or tell me about the cupcake?

Spinelli: Fairest B.J. baked a chocolate cake for her cousin and brought it to the hospital moments before young Maxie expired.

Lulu: I don't believe this. You're getting sentimental over a sappy story that B.J. told you. Since when has the ace of cyberspace ever looked past his wallet or his laptop?

Spinelli: I merely had the notion of putting the cupcake on the young Maxie's gravesite as a way to purchase karma points.

Maxie: Spinelli, it's really you. Underneath all that snark, you're still the same wonderful Jackal.

Spinelli: Would you like to accompany me?

Lulu: To a cemetery?

Spinelli: Well, I know your remembrances may be few, but perhaps you'd like to share them?

Maxie: Do it, Lulu, go with him. This could change everything for you.

Lulu: It's just morbid and stupid. Maxie's been dead for years.

B.J.: Hey, Maxie.

Maxie's voice: Hey, B.J.

B.J.: I've been thinking about you all day.

Maxie: If I haven't mentioned it, I really love your hair.

B.J.: I thought you would like to know that I'm going to be a cardiologist so I can save people who died from the same heart disease that killed you. I also wanted to tell you about all the changes that are happening in my life. Matt asked me to marry him, and I'm so excited. I feel like I'm floating on air. It's just so unfair that one of us had to die and the other one got to live.

Maxie: That's how I feel, too. We both deserve to have a life.

Spinelli: A chocolate cupcake -- a small remembrance of the cake that fairest B.J. once baked for her cousin.

B.J.: That's so sweet, Spinelli. What made you think of doing that?

Spinelli: 'Tis the manner in which you spoke of her. Young Maxie was a light that shone far too briefly, but her loss still echoes. It's a reminder to all of us that every life reverberates throughout so many.

B.J.: That's beautiful.

Spinelli: Mariah Maximilliana Jones, Maxie. I wish I could I have known her.

Singer: Don't want you to beg don't want you to cry don't want you feeling like you won't survive don't want to cause you pain but I don't know an easy way to walk away and I'm walking away somehow one day we lost our way and no one nowhere thought we'd end this way you're not the only one in pain wish there was an easy way to walk away because I'm walking away

Maxie: What time is it?

Spinelli: 8:00 A.M. Maximista was so fatigued by her adventurous night at the Campbell’s gala, that she fell asleep and did not awaken all night.

Maxie: You let me sleep here?

Spinelli: Of course. It was my pleasure, but I didn't take any liberties. I slept on Stone Cold's couch.

Maxie: Spinelli, you let me kick you out of your bed? You should have woken me up and sent me home.

Spinelli: Unthinkable. You were so contented in your slumber. There was no way I could have disturbed you.

Maxie: You're so wonderful. I feel so grateful -- no --

Spinelli: No?

Maxie: Blessed to have you in my life.

Spinelli: Well, I reciprocate Maximista's feelings, but I'm curious what prompted them at this particular moment.

Maxie: Some days you just wake up and know how lucky you are to be alive.

Maxie: You know, I used to think that I should have died instead of you. It seems like a pretty reasonable trade. I mean, who wouldn't rather have you than me? But I guess I forgot about all of the people who really love me, you know, people's lives who I affected without even meaning to. It was so wrong -- Patrick without Robin, Johnny without Lulu, Spinelli without me. I mean, Spinelli needs me and I need him more than I ever realized.

Maxie: I know you would have been a cardiologist. I can't be a doctor, but I can do my part. I mean, I wore this dress to a really important event and I got "Crimson" to run a huge feature in their February issue for women's heart awareness. I'm going to do that every year. I'm going to sell so much ad space to Campbell’s that every time a women opens up that magazine, she can't help but think about her heart. I know it sounds shallow. Maybe it is, but maybe someone will read the magazine and get their heart checked out and I could help save a life.

Maxie: I can't live my life for you, B.J., but I promise you I will honor the life and the heart that you gave me.

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