GH Transcript Monday 2/23/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/23/09


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Robin: Let's see. You are the most wonderful, brilliant, bravest man I have ever met.

Patrick: Okay, you're laying it on a little thick, but I do feel that I'm getting a handle on this suburban dad thing.

Robin: Really? Well, I'm not the only one that thinks so. See?

Patrick: Well, we both know I have a healthy ego, but... Yeah, that's a little ridiculous.

Robin: Come on, you were a hero, which, of course, I've known you were a hero for a very long time. And to celebrate my incredible foresight, I'm taking you out to dinner tonight.

Patrick: Tonight?

Robin: Mm-hmm. I got a table at Chez Loire. Hello? Your favorite restaurant?

Patrick: Yes, I know that's my favorite restaurant. That's very sweet of you but --

Robin: But what?

Patrick: Well, I just don't think we should leave Emma tonight.

Nikolas: Welcome to my humble abode.

Rebecca: Are you kidding me? This place is even more depressing inside than out.

Nikolas: By all means, say what you like. Don't worry at all about sparing my feelings.

Rebecca: Hey, look. I'm only here because you insisted. No, that's not exactly right. You practically dragged me. So, no, I don't feel under any obligation to be on my best behavior, and you bet I'll tell you what I think, starting with I can't believe you live in this gloomy mausoleum.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Rebecca: You stole it, right? Found out it was unoccupied, thought it was a good place to take a rest and hide your coffin for a while, because vampirism is the only reason I can think of why anyone would want to live here.

Nikolas: So you're saying you're not impressed?

Kate: Oh, Claudia, you don't seem to be grasping the reality -- your new reality, that is -- that I am the one in charge now, that I am the one holding all the cards. In fact, at any time, I could blow you out of the water.

Claudia: Do it.

Kate: Really?

Claudia: Oh, yeah, really, Kate, because the way I see it, if you were going to make up some great big lie about me being involved in Michael’s shooting, you would have done it by now. The reason you haven't is because you know Sonny is going to make you back it up with proof. You don't have any proof. So I'm calling your bluff. Do your worst.

Sonny: I am operating under the assumption that your first priority is to get Spinelli out from under the feds. Am I talking out of line --

Jason: No, that's the only priority. Agent Rayner made it very clear. If I cannot deliver Anthony Zacchara, the feds are going to take Spinelli. I can't let that happen. So I would appreciate any help that you can offer me.

Sonny: But even if I get you onto -- onto Anthony, it doesn't solve the bigger issue.

Jason: What -- what's that?

Sonny: You can't run an organization if you turn one of your own over to the feds, even if it's Anthony.

[Phone rings]

Lulu: No, Spinelli, Maxie and Johnny are not back from the Campbell’s gala.

Spinelli: This news is most distressing. I mean, surely, the fabulous frock has been photographed sufficiently by now. Not to worry. I won't panic. Everything will be fine. Surely, fair Maximista and the newly heroic mob prince will be departing the tedious gala directly.

Lulu: I hate to break it to you, Spinelli, but tedious galas like this give Maxie reason to live.

Spinelli: The Jackal can't help but notice that the original blonde one is being uncharacteristically snappish with me. I apologize if my frequent request for updates is annoying.

Lulu: No -- no, Spinelli, it's not you. I'm -- it's this stupid situation. I'm sitting in the back of a limo while my boyfriend is out at a party with my -- what is Maxie? I don't know, my best friend? My worst enemy?

Spinelli: Relax. The fault for this untenable circumstance and our unrelentless anxiety lies solely with me. Had I just manned up and declared that you would wear the designated garment and attend the gala with the mob prince on your arm, all this would have been avoided. But of course, I had to resort to my usual way of the wimp and leave it all to the flip of a coin.

Lulu: It was up to me to take a stand. I should've just said, "My boyfriend is not going to big media events with you, Maxie, period."

Spinelli: Yeah, I kind of expected that's what you would do. Why didn't you?

Lulu: Well, first of all, Campbell’s is promoting women's heart health awareness, and lest we forget that Maxie had a heart transplant, which is why she is still around today, and, you know, she's all about what the A.H.A. and Campbell’s is doing. And besides, now that Maxie and Johnny are like best friends, I couldn't exactly stop them from doing this together.

Nikolas: I've lived here so long, I forget how off-putting Wyndemere can be sometimes.

Rebecca: Yeah, see? Wyndemere -- the house has a name. Who does that?

Nikolas: The original builders. They were a railroad family. When my uncle purchased this place, he decided to keep the name.

Rebecca: We're getting off track. What I'd really like to know is why am I here?

Nikolas: Rebecca, this is Alfred, my butler. Alfred, this is the woman I mentioned to you earlier, Rebecca Shaw.

Alfred: My pleasure, Miss Shaw.

Rebecca: Please, call me Rebecca.

Alfred: As you wish. Would you like me to pour, sir?

Nikolas: No, no, no, that won't be necessary, Al. I'll take it from here. Thank you.

Alfred: Very well.

Nikolas: No interruptions, please, unless it's Switzerland.

Alfred: Understood, sir.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Rebecca: That was completely surreal. I thought butlers only existed in black and white movies.

Nikolas: Welcome to my world.

Rebecca: Why am I in it?

Nikolas: Look, I know you think I'm completely out of my mind for dragging you here, and rightfully so. I just feel like if I -- if I can explain to you who Emily was, you might be able to understand where I'm coming from.

Robin: Come on, it's not like we're going to leave Emma alone. I mean, I obviously called Judy. I figured she would be available since her primary place of employment burned down last night. Unless there's some reason that you don't want Judy to watch Emma that I'm not aware of.

Patrick: No, no, no, Judy’s great with Emma.

Robin: Yeah, she is. So what's the problem? We haven't been out alone together in a very long time. And I'm craving French onion soup. So what do you say?

Patrick: Okay, well, why don't we -- why don't we see if they deliver?

Robin: Are you serious? You're refusing to go out with me.

Patrick: Robin, I'm not refusing to go out with you. I would love to have a nice romantic dinner with my new wife, but just not tonight. We will soon. I promise.

Robin: Whatever.

Patrick: Hey, hey, obviously, I'm not translating here. Robin -- hey, any other night, I would love to go out and have dinner with you, but everything we've been through with the house and everything that happened last night at the hospital, what you went through and Emma not feeling well, I would just -- I would rather nest. You know, I would rather stay home with my new wife and my new baby, at least just tonight.

[Emma fusses]

Robin: Well, there's your chance. Emma needs some attention.

Kate: No one knows the status of my relationship with Sonny better than I do, and, frankly, other people's opinions of it don't really matter to me. Because, you see, Sonny and I -- we share a real history, both past and present, and I'm willing to bet that he's going to take my word over yours. And even if he can't believe me completely, I've already made it clear. The suspicion will be planted, and trust me, it's going to take root. Because, you see, Sonny -- he'll go out and he'll investigate you. He's going to start asking people questions, start pressuring them for answers. And since you are guilty as sin, and since nobody really ever covers their tracks completely, sooner or later, the truth is going to come out.

Claudia: I really hope those delusions keep you warm at night.

[Kate laughs]

Kate: No, honey, you're the one delusional if you think you're going to skate on destroying an innocent boy's life.

Claudia: Okay, I've already said this, but I'll say it to you again, just to be clear.

Kate: Okay.

Claudia: If there was something you could prove, if you had something to tell Sonny, he'd already know.

Kate: How do you know that I don't have another reason for having not told Sonny yet? How do you know that I don't want him to feel like the biggest dupe that ever lived? Maybe I want his pain to be at a critical mass when he discovers that he chose to stay with and possibly even sleep with the woman who robbed him of his son.

Claudia: Okay, you can hate Sonny all you want. Really, seriously, ride around on a broomstick if you want to. And you can put a hex on us. But, Kate, you should really do it from a distance, because it will be a lot safer for your health that way.

Kate: Claudia, did you just threaten my life?

Claudia: Well, turnabout is fair play, and you've been threatening me, but not necessarily, no. I don't -- I don't really have to threaten you. You're pretty accident-prone. You've already been shot twice. What are the chances you'll make it through a third time?

Kate: Okay.

Claudia: Hmm.

Kate: There's just one upside to losing everything -- you don't have a hell of a lot left to lose. You don't scare me, Claudia. You just make me mad. So I suggest you engage that little brain of yours and start figuring out a way to keep a smile on my face.

Ric: Well, that's some head of steam that Kate just sailed out of here on.

Claudia: That woman is an idiot.

Ric: Yeah, maybe. But if I didn't know any better, I'd say that that idiot was holding something major over your head.

Jason: Okay, Sonny, the deal I made with the feds -- it was a one-time deal. Once I give them Anthony, I'm out. I don't want to deal with those bastards.

Sonny: No matter what the feds -- what assurances the feds gave you to get you to play, they have leverage over Spinelli, which means they have leverage over you. It's not good for you down the line.

Jason: I never wanted to run things in the first place.

Sonny: Well, you were pretty adamant about not wanting to give it back to me.

Jason: How could I? You were obsessed with revenge. You wanted to start a war. I can't let you start a war. And then you align yourself with the Zaccharas.

Sonny: I had nowhere else to go. I didn't have a choice.

Jason: Just stop, okay? I understand that's how you saw it. I'm just telling you why I reacted the way I did.

Sonny: Okay, let's say I locate Anthony. What next?

Jason: You tell me. Are you saying that you want the business back?

Sonny: I'm not going to lie to you -- I've always considered the organization my own. I built it, nurtured it, carried its costs. Yeah, I want it back, but I'm not going to fight you for it, you know, anymore.

Jason: I'm done fighting.

Sonny: That's a 180.

Jason: Not really. I said I never wanted to go against you in the first place.

Sonny: I get it. You didn't trust my judgment. You see it different now?

Jason: Yeah, I think you were looking for answers and you found them. And you're thinking clearly. If you weren't, you would've killed Anthony last night in the hospital.

Sonny: I didn't because you asked me to.

Jason: I know that. You want to know what happens next. Once I find Anthony, once I get Spinelli away from the feds --

Sonny: Yeah, I'd like to know.

Jason: I want my old job back.

Sonny: It's been a long time since you held that position. You going to be all right taking orders from me?

Jason: Yeah, I'm going to be all right.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hold on.

Sonny: Como estas, amigo? Uh-huh, esta bien. Esta bien. Le voy a decir a mi compadre. I located Anthony. You want to find him personally?

Jason: Yeah, it's got to be me.

Sonny: Pack your bags.

Spinelli: You know, the Jackal has some pretty serious ammunition in his arsenal. I could let it loose and assure that the fashion gala comes to an abrupt and premature end.

Lulu: Spinelli, you are not sabotaging the party.

Spinelli: Why not?

Lulu: Because Maxie and Johnny would figure it out eventually, or Maxie would bat her eyelashes at you and you would tell her the truth. And we would look selfish and immature. Then they would have something else to bond over and that does not sound like a good idea. Does it?

Spinelli: When you put it that way --

Lulu: Besides, we decided that this Campbell's gala is for a good cause, and, whether we like it or not, Maxie and Johnny are doing good work for "Go Red" and for "Crimson" --

[PDA beeps]

Lulu: Here we go.

Spinelli: What?

Lulu: I just got into the page 10 website, and they have the first press photos of Maxie and Johnny. I'll send you a link.

[Phone chimes]

Spinelli: Do you still want the Jackal to refrain from raining on this unacceptable parade?

Nikolas: Emily was a teenager when I first met her, barely -- barely a teenager. She was best friends with Elizabeth, who you met, who was in a relationship with my brother, lucky. The four of us -- we kind of got off to a rocky start, but, eventually, we bonded and ended up hanging out together, complete with traditions and customs and all that stuff, mostly centered around food for some reason.

Rebecca: Aren't they all?

Nikolas: I guess so. Emily -- she had a crush on me. But she was just way too young, and I felt she was more of a kid sister to me than anything else. Anyway, she went off to college and we lost touch. And then, one day, she just -- she just came back, and, all of a sudden, she wasn't a kid anymore. She grew into this beautiful woman that I'd never met before. Unfortunately, she was already in love with someone else, some guy named Zander. Anyway, one day, she came to me, and said that she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer, the same disease that killed her mother. And she didn't want -- she didn't want this guy, Zander, to go through the hell of watching her die. So she asked me to help her push him away. You see? It was a generous, loving gesture on my part, I thought. But it had one major flaw. I didn't have to pretend, because I was in love with her all along.

Robin: Sorry, Chez Loire does not deliver, but we have other options -- Campbell's Healthy Request.

Patrick: Perfect. What kind?

Robin: Your favorite, which also happens to be mine.

Patrick: See, this is what I'm talking about.

Robin: As long as you're happy.

Patrick: I promise we'll go to Chez Loire soon, okay?

Robin: Or we won't. There's just so many factors that play into whether or not we get to go. You know, does Emma feel well or not? Can Judy watch her or not? Because she's really the only one that's qualified to take care of her... Unless, you know, we hire a nanny.

Patrick: I thought you wanted to take a six-month maternity leave.

Robin: I've been rethinking that. I just -- I really miss going to work.

Patrick: Yeah, but we don't have a work right now. Remember, the hospital burned down last night.

Robin: You spent all day at Mercy, which I'm guessing you'll continue to do until General is rebuilt.

Patrick: True, yeah.

Robin: So if you can do that, why can't I? And if I have the choice between daycare and nanny --

Patrick: Robin, I just thought you were looking forward to spending time with Emma.

Robin: Why do you -- why do you have to go there? Everything is not about me having postpartum depression.

Patrick: I don't recall mentioning postpartum anywhere there.

Robin: Well, you don't have to say it. It's the look on your face. It's how you look at me and it's how you judge me.

Patrick: All I did was express surprise that you decided to change your mind about staying home with Emma.

Robin: I see. So you're the type of man who thinks that in order to be a good mom, I have to stay home with my child 24/7.

Patrick: Robin, I really hope that's a rhetorical question.

Robin: Is that why we can't go out tonight, because I'm not allowed to have a life outside of my daughter?

Patrick: You're overreacting. And why are you being so defensive?

Robin: Why are you being so judgmental?

Patrick: Damn it, Robin, what the hell is -- you know what, no. We're not -- after everything we've been through, we're not having this fight.

Nikolas: You want to run screaming for the door yet?

Rebecca: Heh. No, finish.

Nikolas: Okay. The chemo was just absolutely terrible for Emily. It was almost worse than -- worse than the cancer. It almost killed her. I remember I couldn't be in the hospital room with her, so I went into the room next door. I just sat up against the wall. She told me that she could feel me holding on to her. She said that I brought her back. I'm sure none of this helps your opinion of me as a complete weirdo, does it?

Rebecca: No, it's beautiful. Sounds like you and Emily had a very powerful connection.

Nikolas: Yeah, yes. Thank you for acknowledging that. Eventually, she recovered, and after some relationship complications, I asked her to marry me. She said yes. But then, of course, I got into a terrible accident and lost my memory for a while. That's when our lives became intertwined with a couple that would put us through hell and nearly tear us apart.

Spinelli: How can you be so calm? Surely, these images are as disturbing to you as they are to me.

Lulu: It's not like he's feeling Maxie up or anything. His hands are on her waist.

Spinelli: Notice how closely he's touching her. I fear the not-so-heroic mob prince is taking liberties with the trusting Maximista.

Lulu: What? Are you kidding? Maxie's practically crawling all over Johnny.

Maxie: That was so amazing.

Johnny: I can't believe we actually pulled that off.

Maxie: You were awesome.

Johnny: It was all you flashing that smile of yours.

Spinelli: Oh! I require further clarification, please.

Maxie: You were brilliant --

Spinelli: Blonde one.

Maxie: Everybody totally loved the dress. Miranda even remembered it from the layout. She said I wore it better than Natalie.

Johnny: Wow.

Maxie: And that you looked cuter than Colin. You did. I guess that makes this a complete and utter triumph.

Johnny: Nice.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hey, thanks for coming.

Sam: Well, you said it was important. So I came right away. What's up?

Jason: How you doing?

Sam: Um, well, my arm is a little sore -- I guess that's what I get for dangling off the side of a burning building -- but pretty good. You?

Jason: Yeah, good.

Sam: Good. And the gunshot wound?

Jason: Yeah, it's -- it's all right.

Sam: Okay, that's good. Spinelli?

Jason: Spinelli -- he's actually upstairs resting right now. That's why I called, because I'm going to need your help. I can't pull this off alone.

Ric: I'm surprised to see you still here.

Claudia: It's my home. Where else would I be?

Ric: The curb comes to mind.

Claudia: Sorry to disappoint you. What's your excuse?

Ric: I'm just here to see my brother.

Claudia: Well, I don't recommend it. I mean, I wouldn't waste my time if I were you. He never trusted you, and sitting at Anthony Zacchara's right hand didn't exactly help your case. I mean, my father is out, so you're out with him.

Ric: Meanwhile, here you are, huh? What do you think, Sonny's going to all of a sudden feel some sort of obligation to you, Claudia, because you told him that Anthony shot Kate? How's that all supposed to work? Is Sonny going to magically all of a sudden trust you, and is he going to show some sort of loyalty and support for you? Don't count on it. I told you before. You are getting none of the above. The only reason Sonny hasn't booted you out so far and divorced you is he just hasn't gotten around to it yet.

Sonny: Wrong again, Ric. Not that it's any of your business, but why would you show up here uninvited, again, trying to bully my wonderful, loyal wife?

Ric: Are you defending Claudia? Well, I got to say, I didn't see that coming.

Sonny: Well, Claudia's my wife. I won't have her disrespected in her own home.

Ric: Oh, no, I just didn't think that the marriage was going to last is all. So the only reason that you married Claudia in the first place was to cement your alliance with Anthony, and now that alliance is no longer necessary.

Sonny: Why are you so interested in the state of my marriage? Do you want to pick up the pieces?

Claudia: Okay, that's not happening. That's --

Ric: Oh, really? Don't ever say never. After all, when Sonny decides to dump you, you're going to need a place to land.

Sonny: What do you want, Ric? How do we move this faster? Let me -- let me do it for you. You're here to mend fences, or you're here to convince me that you were never loyal to Anthony, but don't worry, 'cause you will be loyal to me.

Ric: No, I'm loyal to what benefits me, and at the moment, that just happens to be you. Look, I just wanted to have a conversation with you straight up. You know, no muddying the waters with talk of nobility or loyalty or code or honor or any of that stuff. That's all Jason's deal, and after all, look at how that bit you in the ass.

Maxie: Well, tonight couldn't have gone any better if we had planned it ourselves.

Lulu: Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with that. The night could have actually gone a whole lot better if the dress was worn to the "Go Red" fashion show by the original celebrity intended to wear it, and before you break your arm patting yourself on the back, you might want to remember that we set this whole thing into motion without Kate's knowledge or approval to try and mitigate a huge screw-up that she still doesn't even know about.

Maxie: Wow, thanks for reminding me, miss negativity.

Lulu: I am just stating the facts.

Maxie: Well, why don't you point them out to Johnny here, 'cause I'm out of here.

Lulu: Okay, where are you going?

Maxie: To hang out with someone who appreciates the concept of riding a wave of good feeling while it lasts. Thanks for the assist.

Johnny: Quite the pleasure.

Lulu: So, I was a total bitch, right? You can say it.

Johnny: You were maybe a little harsh, but something tells me that it wasn't directed at Maxie. It was more for me.

Patrick: Last night in the middle of all that chaos, I never lost thought of you and Emma. You're all I could think about, how much I loved you. I would make a deal with the devil himself to make sure that you were safe and that I could come home and hold you both again. And Robin, we're here. We're safe, we're warm in our new house, and I don't want to take a big, ugly red marker and draw across what should be a joyful night by fighting with you.

Robin: I don't want to fight, either. I mean if there's anything we learned from last night, it's how precarious life can be, and how we should treasure every moment that we have together.

Patrick: I'm sorry if I made you feel judged. It wasn't my intention.

Robin: I know.

Patrick: And I want to support you in any way you need it.

Robin: But that's not exactly fair, because... Well, I don't live a life in which the decisions that I make affect only myself. You get to weigh in, too.

Patrick: Well -- hey, I want you to be happy. I want you to be fulfilled, and if that means getting a nanny to help out around here, then -- then I think we should get a nanny.

Nikolas: The black and white ball was supposed to be a celebration of our engagement. Instead, it ended up being the night Emily was murdered by some madman. Let me -- here.

Nikolas: That's her. That's Emily.

Rebecca: Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me understand the magnitude of your loss, and now that I've seen Emily's picture, I can see why you wanted to tell me about her. The resemblance is striking, not superficial. I get that, but I'm not her, I didn't know her, and I can't help you through your grief.

Nikolas: No, no, that's not what I wanted.

Rebecca: I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Nikolas: Wait, that's not -- please.

Johnny: Lulu, if you're pissed about Maxie wearing the dress to the Campbell's gala, I guess I can ride that out, but something tells me that's not it. You're not like that. You're not that kind of girl that gets bent out of shape about all that fashion girly stuff, which leaves me. All right, so tell me. Tell me what I can fix that's wrong.

Lulu: You are so great. I don't deserve you.

Johnny: That's for me to decide.

Lulu: I'm sulking. I hate to admit it, but I am sulking about something very stupid.

Johnny: What?

Lulu: How easy Maxie and you are together, and how you became her hero last night. I know that sounds so selfish. I'm so happy that you were able to save Robin and Emma, and it's stupid for me to be insecure.

Johnny: Stop blaming yourself for how you feel, okay? I just saw a different side to Maxie that I didn't know was there before, and I like her. Not that way -- as a friend. It could never be more than that, because there's one woman that I love, no matter what's going on with us, and that's you.

Spinelli: The Jackal must be in the midst of a wonderful dream. Are you really here?

Maxie: Of course I'm here, Spinelli. Where else would I be?  

Sonny: You're still here?

Ric: Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that my offer was heard, made, you know, so that when you decide to say no -- which I know, of course, you will -- I can be secure in the knowledge that I did all I could.

Sonny: You want a drink?

Ric: No, thanks. I'd rather keep a clear head.

Sonny: Whatever. Say what you got to say, 'cause I got to take a nap.

Ric: I have been privy to the inner workings of the Zacchara organization for several months now -- not just the stuff that the feds have scoped out, but, you know, the things that you want to take control of once Anthony was out of circulation.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Ric: I'd like to facilitate the takeover -- you know, make sure you got all your ducks lined up when you force Jason out and take back your organization.

Sonny: In exchange for what?

Ric: I'd like to be your partner. You know, your second. The only difference is I'd like to share all of the power and the profits.

Sonny: You know what's funny?

Ric: Hmm?

Sonny: You were right the first time. I'm turning you down, but -- no, no, no, no, no, not because of what you think. You know, it has nothing to do with what's happened in the past. It's just that Claudia can tell me all I need to know about Anthony, and Jason is my partner.

Ric: Really?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, we patched things up, and we already have an understanding.

Ric: Okay, well, good luck with that, Sonny. You know, I really mean that, because if you really believe that you can trust Claudia or Jason, you're going to need it.

Anthony: Now, let's just say I have accommodating friends. They put me up in the last place anyone will look. No, I'm actually going to miss this place, but once the wire transfer comes through, I am off to Brazil, where the nuts come from.

[Anthony chuckles]

Sam: Wow, this is beautiful.

Man: Lots of amenities, Jacuzzi for two, complimentary bath products. We offer in-room couples massages, or you can have it Oceanside if you'd like. Our turndown service includes rose petals strategically scattered.

Sam: What are you doing?

Jason: I'm looking for Anthony to see if I can spot him.

Sam: Well, you see anything?

Jason: No, nothing.

Sam: Okay.

Man: It looks like you two lovebirds want to be alone, so I'll be on my way.

Sam: Oh, honey, tip him generously.

[Door closes]

Sam: Oh. Well, welcome to paradise.

Maxie: What a great night. Gorgeous dress, worthy cause -- parties don't get any better.

Spinelli: I'm sure Maximista was the belle of the ball.

Maxie: No, I was just a girl in a fabulous dress, but that's what it was for. I was just wearing this so it could be seen, bring awareness to women's heart health. You know, for the record, Johnny's awesome escort services aside, I would have much preferred that you be there.

Spinelli: You mean it?

Maxie: Yeah, you're oodles more fun than Johnny. You always make me smile. And I know I don't tell you this enough, Spinelli, but you're my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without you.

Spinelli: I return Maximista's sentiment a hundred times over. Hey. Where did you go?

Maxie: I guess it's all this talk about heart awareness, but it just makes me think of B.J.

Spinelli: The late, deeply lamented cousin Barbara Jean, whose transplanted heart gave Maximista the precious gift of prolonged life.

Maxie: It's true, Spinelli. I would have died if I didn't get a heart transplant. B.J.'S school van getting hit by a drunk driver and me needing my transplant in the same day, that -- even after all this time has gone by, it still blows my mind. I mean, Bobbie and Tony lost their daughter like that. They kissed B.J. and sent her off to school. She never came back. But they didn't hesitate. I mean... They gave me her heart. And then it was all downhill after that. I mean, sometimes I think that if B.J. had been the one to survive and maybe not me, that everyone might have been a little better off.

Spinelli: Not me. I'm not sure you're aware of the profound effect that you've had on me. My heart is full of you. My feelings long since past the point of friendship. And perhaps it's time to just bite the bullet as it were and say the words. I love you, Maxie... With all that I -- Maximista?

[Spinelli sighs]

Spinelli: Perhaps it's just as well.

Spinelli: I will cover your loveliness so you don't catch a chill.

Maxie: Oh, pink roses and chocolate. They must be your favorite, too, whoever -- wait a minute. Is that...Me? Am I dead?

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