GH Transcript Monday 2/16/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/16/09


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Nikolas: You can't ignore the fact that you were trapped in a burning building. You've got smoke inhalation at the very least. You need to be checked out by a doctor.

Nadine: I wouldn't argue. This man is used to getting his way.

Johnny: Maxie? Maxie, if you're in here, let me know it. Maxie!

Claudia: If you had died after I risked everything, I would have killed you myself.

Sonny: That's very charming, the way you put things, you know what I mean?

Kate: Oh, my. What a touching reunion.

Sam: Don't drop me. Oh! I can't --

Jason: I got you.

Sam: Help me.

Jason: I got you, I got you.

Sam: Get the poison!

Ethan: One last round of "rock, paper, scissors" for the rest of the crackers. What do you say?

Luke: What do I say? What do I say? What the hell do you think I say? I'm going stir crazy in here. I can't take it anymore. Hey, deputy dog! Show your face! Hey, look, I've had enough of your hospitality. You remember that cop son I told you about? I demand that you call him and tell him you're holding me and Mr. Lovett in this cement cracker box. Detective Lucky Spencer, PCPD. Call him!

Robin: This is much better, right? All warm and cozy. It's hard to believe that only a few hours ago we were... Stuck in a blizzard. But that's one of the many things you are going to learn about life, my little girl... Is that things can turn around in a second... For better or for worse. But let's -- let's concentrate on the better for right now. I think the lesson in this for both of us, really, is... That when all hope seems to be lost, you just have to keep going and fight your way through it. Yeah, that's what happened tonight. Tonight, we had our first really scary night together. And you got sick, and our car broke down. We got lost, and your daddy was trapped in a fire. But now everything's okay. Here we are, warm and cozy together. Everything turned out all right.

Matt: Is it just me or is there some weird tension going on here?

Nadine: It's not just you.

Rebecca: I apologize. Just a little -- ah -- unsettling. Apparently I resemble Mr. -- Um --

Nikolas: Nikolas Cassadine.

Rebecca: Right. I seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Cassadine's late wife.

Nadine: I can vouch for that. And, uh, yeah, it is unsettling. Um, I'm a nurse. I'd like to check your vitals, if you don't mind.

Rebecca: No, I'm fine. I'm not so sure about him.

Nadine: Were you hurt?

Rebecca: He got knocked unconscious trying to save my life.

[Johnny coughs]

Johnny: Maxie! Maxie, if you can hear me, give me a yell back. Maxie!

Olivia: Connie, you can run, but you cannot -- wow. You guys really need to stop meeting like this.

Claudia: Tell me about it.

Sonny: I'm glad you're safe.

[Kate clears throat]

Kate: Oh. Oh, you're glad? I guess I thought you'd show more personal interest. Something along the lines of, I don't know, defying all the odds to sweep me off in a helicopter. It's romantic, I know, but just goes to show old habits die kicking and screaming.

Sonny: Carly and I -- we got stuck in a corridor. We couldn't go back up, just down.

Olivia: All's well that ends well, right? That's what matters.

Kate: If only it were that simple.

Olivia: You might want to lighten up just a scootch.

Kate: There are things that you and Sonny don't know.

Sonny: What is that supposed to mean?

Kate: Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any.

[Door opens]

Agent Rayner: I'm so sorry to interrupt.

Claudia: Not a problem.

Agent Rayner: The ambulance is here to transport you and Miss Howard to Mercy.

Olivia: I want to ride with my cousin to the hospital.

Agent Rayner: That's not a problem. You, Mr. Corinthos, are going to have to answer a few questions.

Carly: I was so scared when I heard you took the helicopter up, and then when I saw it crash --

Jax: Yeah, yeah, it was a little windy.

Carly: How did you get out?

Jax: Lucky, I guess.

Carly: What were you thinking, Jax? You could have died.

Jax: I was trying to save you, Carly. And you weren't even there.

Carly: That's because when I saw the helicopter crash, I couldn't wait around for someone to tell me what happened. I had to come find you.

Jax: All I could think about all night long was how much I love you. And my life only makes sense when I'm sharing it with you.

Carly: Say it again.

Jax: My life only makes sense when I'm sharing it with you.

[Alexis clears throat]

Alexis: Sorry about the timing, guys. Hi. Have either of you seen or heard anything about Sam?

Jason: You okay?

Sam: Thank you.

Jason: Here's your gun. We've got to find Spinelli and hope we get the last helicopter out of here. Let's go.

Luke: You're making a terrible mistake here, deputy. You know that I'm entitled to a phone call. Now, get me a phone and let me call my son. We'll get this whole unfortunate attempt at rehabilitation resolved. He's a cop, I told you. At the very least, he can get us put in the custody of the PCPD. Look what that will do for you. It will get me out of your hair. You can go back to dating your sister full time.

Man: If your son wants you, he can get to finding you.

Luke: Why are you talk -- you can't do that! I demand a phone call. Come back here.

[Luke groans]

Ethan: Look, I don't know you that well, but if I had to guess, I'd say that bit about the cop son is true.

Luke: Sad, but true. Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr., fruit of my loins. Somehow, he grew up to be a cop. He protects and serves. And all too often, he issues moral judgment from his high white horse. I don't know how it happened. That remarkable kid that I raised -- how the hell did he turn into a handcuff-carrying, "step out of the car, please" officer of the state? One of the great mysteries of my life.

Mac: I got all the messages you left every five minutes. What's so urgent?

Edward: Mac, there was a young woman on the 10th floor at General Hospital named Rebecca Shaw. And she could be Emilyís twin sister.

Monica: Yeah, her hair is a little lighter and it's shorter, but other than that, Mac, there are no physical differences.

Edward: We need to be reassured that she was evacuated safely, and you find her and then bring her here to us.

Mac: Wait, let me see if I got this straight. You're looking for a woman who looks like Emily, and her name is Rebecca Shaw. And that's all you've got? No address? No reason why she was in the hospital? Or even if that's her real name? And you want me to magically pull her out of a hat and drag her to you?

Edward: Mac, listen to me. If you looked up, and you saw a young woman who looked exactly like Georgie, and she suddenly was gone, you'd move heaven and earth to find her, wouldn't you?

Mac: I'll see what I can do.

Monica: Thank you so much, Mac.

Mac: If there's anything else, I have family to visit.

Monica: Okay.

Edward: Thank you, Mac. We are going to find that little girl.

Monica: I really think the odds are against us, Edward.

Edward: Oh, Monica, damn the odds. That little girl with dear Emilyís face was put into our path for some reason, and we are going to find out what it is.

Carly: Last time I saw Sam, it was a few hours ago and she was fine. She was helping out, and she hadn't been affected by the poison or anything.

Alexis: She's still unaccounted for.

Jax: Well, according to Patrick, quite a few people are unaccounted for. Anthony Zacchara, Trevor Lansing, and Jason and Spinelli are still missing.

Alexis: Well, Trevor Lansing has been heard form. His broken body is in the middle of the street. Apparently he took a header off the roof.

Carly: What the hell is that about?

Alexis: We haven't heard from Anthony Zacchara, and Jason and Spinelli and Sam are unaccounted for. Do you think they're together?

Carly: Yeah, I think there's a good chance they're together. And Jason's never going to leave Sam and Spinelli in there. Sam's going to be okay. She will.

Lulu: Oh, my God. Thank God you're okay.

Carly: Yeah. Are you okay?

Lulu: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine, except I don't know where Johnny is.

Johnny: Maxie! Maxie. Maxie. Come on. Come on.

[Jason and Sam cough]

Sam: Ouch. Jason, you're bleeding.

Jason: I'm okay.

Sam: No, you're not okay. You're going to have to get this re-bandaged.

Jason: We've got to get rid of the poison.

[Sam coughs]

Sam: Fortunately, that shouldn't be a problem, considering the whole tenth floor is engulfed in flames.

Jason: Okay, just go. Just go.

Sonny: Don't take this personal, but I -- I -- usually I don't talk to FBI agents without my attorney.

Agent Rayner: Well, that's fine, that's fine. All you have to do is listen.

Sonny: Okay.

Agent Rayner: We've got search and seizure warrants ready to serve on Anthony Zacchara's residence, as well as several offices which we have reason to believe he utilizes as fronts.

Sonny: Good for you. What does that have to do with me?

Agent Rayner: Well, Mr. Zacchara is your father-in-law, and you've run your own rather notorious organization.

Sonny: So?

Agent Rayner: Well, it follows that Mr. Zacchara would want to get you into the family business. Which means that there is a better than good chance that we'll uncover enough evidence to charge you with various RICO violations as well. You could be going away for a very long time.

Sonny: But I -- I haven't done anything wrong. Why you looking at me like that?

Agent Rayner: You seem just a little bit over-confident, which leads me to believe that you may have entered into some sort of agreement with Jason Morgan.

Ethan: This is -- this is a rather astonishing development. I mean, you're one of the most devout anarchists I've ever met. Must be weird to eat the holiday pudding face to face with the law.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Weird is an understatement. It's more than weird, it's -- oh, well. What the hell? Who am I to judge? He's a grown man; he can make his own choices. He's probably a very good cop.

Ethan: You're disappointed.

Luke: And I guess you're going to tell me that I have no right to be disappointed, that I'm just an irresponsible old drunk who hates cops and doesn't care about his kids.

Ethan: No. All right -- I get it, all right? I mean, a bloke like you would want his son to grow up to be a notorious outlaw.

Luke: Right.

Ethan: Yeah.

Luke: Right. Exactly. You do get it. I don't know what happened. Lucky and I had a spectacular start. But I don't know.

Jason: Okay, let's go find Spinelli.

Sam: Wait, Jason.

Jason: He could be lost, Sam.

Sam: I know. I want to find Spinelli, too, but you're like five minutes away from passing out, and you're a little too big for me to carry or drag anywhere. So, please, you've got to let me bandage your arm again. Come on.

Maxie: I can't believe you found me.

Johnny: Can you walk?

Maxie: Yeah. Where are we?

Johnny: Stairwell. Let's get the hell out of this building.

Maxie: No, no, no, we can't leave without Spinelli.

[Johnny coughs]

Rebecca: Why don't you go check on your friends?

Nikolas: My friends?

Rebecca: Yeah. Nadine, the doctor we rode in the ambulance with.

Nikolas: I'm sure that they're fine. You're my concern at this moment.

Rebecca: Just to review, you're the one who got knocked unconscious.

Nikolas: Yeah, so did you at one point this evening.

Rebecca: Wow, we have so much in common.

Nikolas: Look, I don't know what your situation is in terms of medical insurance, but I'd be happy to cover any costs that you may incur while you're here.

Rebecca: I'm sure that's very nice of you. I'm used to paying my own way. Besides, you're probably going to need more attention than I do.

Nikolas: Well, that reminds me, I never got a chance to properly thank you for saving my life. Thank you.

Rebecca: Thought we called it even.

Nikolas: Doctor, this is Rebecca Shaw. She needs a full battery of tests, no expense spared.

Rebecca: Excuse me? Since I've known you all of two hours, I think I can handle my own exam. Can I have a little bit of privacy here?

Nikolas: Yeah, sure.

Doctor: All of two hours? I thought that guy was your husband.

Sonny: Let me give you a tip on your interrogation technique. When you tell someone that you plan to prosecute them for somebody else's crime, they are not going to be as willing to cooperate.

Agent Rayner: Well, I appreciate you looking out for me. So why don't I just take another approach -- total honesty. Zacchara's been doing very bad things for a very long time, and we finally amassed enough evidence to take him out of play. We're not going to let that go to waste. Now, at the end of the day, we would truly love to have Zacchara. However, if he proves elusive, we will settle for another high-profile get that sends the same message to organized crime, and that would be you. And no special arrangement that you have with Jason Morgan will be enough to save you.

[Door opens]

Alexis: What is the status of the evacuation?

Sonny: If you're here to get answers you can use, forget about it, because Agent Rayner is onto his next high-profile case. Now, I'm wasting time here. I've got a wife who's at Mercy. I've got to get to her. If you're going to arrest me, do it. If not, I'm getting the hell out of here.

Claudia: What now?

Olivia: Consider me on record. I think this whole conversation, confrontation, whatever you want to call it, is a terrible idea. She insisted.

Kate: Um, Olivia?

Olivia: Yeah?

Kate: Thanks for bringing me over here, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't treat me like a child with a behavioral disorder.

Olivia: I'm treating you like a person who's just been poisoned and that was before you got trapped in a fire. All right, you got 10 minutes.

Claudia: Take her now, really, because you're not going to hurt my feelings.

Olivia: 10 Minutes. Be succinct.

Kate: I know what you did.

Claudia: You sound like a bad movie.

Kate: No, you're Sonny's worst nightmare. You had his son shot. Now, please, don't waste any time with denials. You heard Olivia. We've only got 10 minutes for me to figure out what I'm going to do about it.

Ethan: Did little Lucas always have his --

Luke: Lucky. We always call him Lucky because he got his mother's hair.

Ethan: Did he always have his eye on running the straight and narrow?

Luke: Oh, hell no. I have no idea when that happened to him. When he was a kid, he was the best second I ever had, truly. And when I say a kid, I'm talking -- he used to run a con with me when he was five years old.

Ethan: Now you're exaggerating.

Luke: No, I'm not. I swear to you. He was born with a gift, that boy. When he was 11, he made his way all the way from Vancouver to New York, clear across the continent, all along fleecing the pigeons all the way.

Ethan: How could a prodigy like that end up in law enforcement?

Luke: I have no bloody idea.

Ethan: Maybe -- maybe Lucky just wanted to shake off the legacy, you know? I mean, it can't be easy to follow in the footsteps of a man like you.

Luke: Flattery -- that will get you nowhere. You still owe me $600.

Ethan: It's not flattery, man. I call it like it is. I mean, you live large and cast a mighty shadow. You know, I -- there's this quote that always stuck with me. "No one lives their lives full up, except for bullfighters." And I think you're a bullfighter. I only hope that someday I have enough guts to say the same.

Luke: That's impressive. You read Hemingway.

Ethan: Who?

Luke: The author you just quoted.

Ethan: Oh, no, I got it off a matchbook.

[Both laugh]

Claudia: You have to be, hands down, the most paranoid woman I have ever met in my life. Were you born like that, Connie, or did Kate teach you that?

[Kate chuckles]

Kate: Maybe you honestly don't know how devastated Sonny is with Michaelís shooting. I mean, after all, your marriage is a business arrangement, right? I don't imagine you two sit by the fire discussing your innermost feelings and thoughts. And if I had to make a bet, I'd say Michael is not an easy topic for you.

Claudia: You know what you are? You're a piece of work sitting there. I mean, Michaelís -- Michaelís shooting was horrible. That's unspeakable. And it's really disgusting that you would sit there and try to exploit it.

Kate: You know what's disgusting, Claudia? Arranging the shooting of an innocent child.

Claudia: I did not do that.

Kate: Yes, you did. Sonny has been suspicious for a very long time that Ian Devlin did not work alone. And he's about to find out that he was right. You're the missing link, Claudia. Devlin was acting on your orders. Let's see. You chose the time, mm-hmm. You chose the place. You chose the method. So Michaelís shooting is on you.

Claudia: No.

Kate: I want Sonny to have the closure that he desperately needs. My only issue, Claudia, will be his reaction, and that will be to kill you. You see, I'm not like you. I don't want to be an instrument of death, even yours. Unfortunately, I just don't see a way around it.

Alexis: I realize that you are not directly responsible for the events tonight. That said, there are still people trapped in a burning building. A fire started as a direct result of the FBI losing track of a controlled substance. I would think that would command your attention, rather than him with something he did in the past that could clearly be taken care of in the future.

Agent Rayner: Don't leave town. And if I were you, I'd locate Anthony Zacchara.

Alexis: One more thing, if you don't mind. We are all impressed with your single-minded dedication to this mission, but I, for one, would like to hear what, if anything, is being done to get the rest of the people, one of whom happens to be my daughter, out of the hospital.

Lulu: Okay, why would Johnny go back into the fire?

Carly: He said he was looking for Maxie, that she went in to find Spinelli. So he went after her.

Mac: Hey.

Robin: Hey.

Mac: Good news. Patrick's been evacuated.

Robin: Where is he?

Mac: PCPD for questioning.

Robin: What kind of questioning?

Mac: Robin, look, he was the only eyewitness to the poisoning in O.R. 2, okay? The FBI has to debrief him. Now, as soon as they're done, I'll have a car drive him here immediately. If anyone screams favoritism, they can choke on it.

Robin: All right, good.

Mac: How's my little grandniece?

Robin: She's doing so much better. Her fever is down. Her lungs are clearing. Emma's just going to be fine. Aren't you?

Mac: What about you? Sounds like you've been through hell tonight.

Robin: I don't know what I was thinking, getting out of the car in the middle of a blizzard and dragging Emma through it.

Mac: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say you were thinking that forward motion was probably better than freezing to death in a broken down old car.

Robin: All I can say is thank God Maxie and Johnny showed up when they did. Tonight could have turned out very differently.

Mac: Yeah, well, you made the right choice under the circumstances, like you always do, so don't be too hard on yourself, okay? You and your beautiful little daughter are safe. It came out right.

Robin: I was telling Emma the exact same thing.

Nikolas: Hi.

Monica: Hi.

Nikolas: Rebecca is fine. I just left her in an exam room.

Monica: My God, she's here at Mercy?

Nikolas: Yeah, she's right downstairs.

Edward: Did she say anything?

Monica: Did she say where she was from?

Edward: Or where she's living now?

Nikolas: No, no, she didn't.

Edward: Well, did you ask her if she were adopted?

Nikolas: I did, but she didn't answer me. She certainly had no idea that there was this other woman, Emily, who looked exactly like her. She does now. She's a little overwhelmed by everyone's reaction to her.

Edward: That's understandable.

Monica: I just can't stand the thought that we're going to run the risk of her just disappearing and we're never going to see her again.

Nikolas: Once things calm down a little bit, hopefully, we can get some answers.

Sam: We have to move fast, because there's no telling how much longer we have power.

Jason: Sam, we can keep going. I'm okay.

Sam: That's what you always say, Jason. You said you're just okay, but you know what that's taught me?

Jason: What?

Sam: Well -- here, you've got to take off your jacket -- to ignore you --

[Jason groans]

Sam: Oh -- judge for myself. Okay, you're going to have to --

Jason: Oh, God.

Sam: Just sit tight and let me take care of this, okay?

Jason: Okay.

Ethan: How long do you think we're going to be stuck here?

Luke: That depends on how accomplished you are with digging through a cement wall with a spoon.

Ethan: What do you mean?

Luke: What do you say you and me bust out of this flea-bitten dog kennel?

Jax: I can take the chopper up again.

Alexis: That is a horrible idea because the winds are worse than they were. The fire department has said the building is unsafe. You're going to land your helicopter up there, Jax? The roof is going to collapse.

Jax: I'm willing to take that risk.

Alexis: Well, I'm not. Listen, we can assume that Spinelli, Jason, and Sam are together. They're smart enough to get on the stairwell. They're not going to be waiting on the roof.

Jax: Okay, okay, you're right. I'm just -- I just want to help you.

Alexis: You already have.

Lulu: Oh, my God, Maxie drives me crazy. I mean, I understand the impulse to want to help Spinelli, but realistically, what does she think she's going to do?

Carly: I guess she thinks she's going to go in there and grab him by his hair and drag him out kicking and screaming.

Lulu: So now -- and now Johnny has gone after her, which is brave and wonderful, but, my God, that's what the firefighters are for. I know I sound hateful and selfish.

Carly: I don't blame you. Vent all you want. I'm fine with it.

Lulu: No, venting is not going to do anything. I need to go do something.

Carly: No, Lulu Ė

Johnny: Okay, look, I get it that you care for Spinelli, that you're scared for him, but there is no way up to the 10th floor. All the stairwells are either blocked or collapsed, and the fire is still spreading.

Maxie: Spinelli is not only my very best friend in the entire world, he is my essential person. I'm not going to let him burn to death.

Johnny: Spinelli is not as helpless as you think he is. Besides, do you really think Jason is going to up and leave him?

Maxie: How should I know? Maybe. Look, I don't have blind faith in Jason like Spinelli does. I don't think he's made of kryptonite or faster than a speeding bullet or whatever. Gosh, you know, that's wrong.

[Johnny coughs]

Maxie: Spinelli would be able to set me straight. He's a superhero fiend, knows all about who's -- who's invulnerable, who needs a special outfit to help their powers. What if he dies?

Johnny: He won't. Look, as much as you need to get to Spinelli, he needs to get to you that much more. There's no way in hell he's going to die tonight. But we got a pretty good shot, Maxie, if we don't get out of this hospital now. I can drag you, but our odds improve if you just cooperate.

Sam: Have I ever told you that I really hate the sight of blood?

Jason: Only about 200 or 300 times.

Sam: Well, I guess some things never change, huh? I think this is going to do until you're able to see a doctor.

Jason: It's going to have to, because we don't have much time. We got to find Spinelli and get out of here.

Sam: All right. The question is where do we start?

Jason: Where do we start? Ow. Spinelli left his laptop, which means there had to be some kind of emergency or he thought he was going to be right back.

Sam: Wait a minute --

Jason: What?

Sam: He said something about a Wi-Fi signal kept dropping out, and that he was looking for a hard cable line --

Jason: So he was looking for a utility closet.

Sam: I have no idea, but Jason, why would he leave his laptop behind?

Jason: Well, he wouldn't want his computer near the fire. He would want to make sure that the closet was accessible first, then he'd go back for his computer. Okay, that's where we're going to start. Let's go.

Nikolas: So I must have pushed Rebecca too hard. She ran away from me, took a wrong turn down a corridor that was on fire, and this wall collapsed on top of her, pinned her down.

Edward: I thought you said she was okay.

Nikolas: She is, she's fine. I managed to -- I managed to get her out just before I got knocked unconscious. She could've left me there to burn to death, but dragged me down another corridor. And I woke up. I looked at her, and I -- I thought it was Emily.

Monica: Can you imagine what it's got to be like for this Rebecca? I mean, there's total strangers that are just treating her like she a -- an alien. If I were her, I'd be unnerved, too.

Edward: But you see, if we could just explain --

Nikolas: Well, we can. We can. She should be done with her exam. I'm going to go downstairs and bring her up, okay?

Monica: Would you? That would be wonderful.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Edward: Thank you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You're welcome. I'll be right back.

Monica: Okay.

Edward: He's not fooling me. That young man is going to use any excuse, or none at all, to stay near that woman.

Kate: Feeling a little bushwhacked, blindsided? Whatever -- don't worry about it, because I've thought about this a lot. And I've come up with a solution.

Claudia: Oh, good. I'd love to hear it, really -- without admitting I've done anything, of course.

Kate: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, that's not going to work. You see, the whole point is for you to own what you've done without ending up at the bottom of a river. So my plan is that you confess here, in this environment, having just barely survived a poisoning incident. See, that will allow Sonny to have some time to think about it. He won't be able to act on his first impulse. He won't be able to shoot you in a hospital. And you know, Sonny is smart. And once he's had some time to evaluate what he should do next, he'll realize that killing you really doesn't solve anything. And, in fact, his best course of action is to divorce you and put all his efforts to getting you charged and convicted.

Claudia: You're some piece of work, you know that? Come on, sitting there all superior. You're going to dictate what Sonny's going to do and what my punishment should be? You know what you're going to sound like? Because there's this little -- there's this little hole in your magic plan, and that's that you don't have any proof, Kate, whatsoever that I did anything wrong. So you're going to sound bitter and rejected --

[Kate clears throat]

Kate: Claudia, this is your last chance to save yourself. I suggest you not blow it.

Sonny: Are you going to tell me what's going on now?

Kate: Eventually. But for now, it's just between me and Claudia. For now.

Sonny: Olivia, do you know what's going on between these two? Because they don't -- she doesn't want to tell me, and I don't know.

Olivia: I assumed you knew. It's obviously about you. You ready?

Kate: We'll talk again soon.

Sonny: Sorry.

Claudia: Don't look at me. I didn't seek Kate out.

Sonny: What is this about?

Robin: There were a lot of heroes tonight, Emma -- doctors and firefighters, people helping other people...

Robin: Like Maxie and Johnny helped us. Not only did they find us, but they brought Emma to the hospital for me so I could help with the evacuation. I don't know -- maybe that was the wrong decision. I probably should've been the one to bring my baby to the hospital, but I don't know. At the time, it just seemed selfish with a hospital full of people that needed to be evacuated. Patrick was trapped inside.

Mac: Welcome to the wonders of parenthood. You're always struggling between your life and your baby, you know, your duty as a cop or a doctor and the needs of your daughter.

Robin: Yeah. I guess it's no secret I've been... Struggling with the idea of being someone's mother. But tonight really put everything in perspective. When my little girl needed me the most, I did what I thought was right. I tried to comfort her, and now she's okay.

Lulu: My friends are still in there. It is your duty to get them out.

Firefighter: I can't. The fire is spreading to the lower floors. I've got to pull my men.

Lulu: You can't just leave people in there to die.

[Johnny and Maxie coughing]

Maxie: Am I hallucinating or is this fresh air?

Johnny: You bet your sweet ass it is. Thank God.

Nikolas: Excuse me. Where's the woman, Rebecca Shaw? Did you admit her?

Doctor: Ms. Shaw suffered only minor smoke inhalation, some insignificant bruising. I released her, and she left.

Jason: Are you sure this is the right way?

Sam: I'm not sure of anything right now, Jason. Spinelli showed me the way on the computer, but I didn't memorize it. It was hours ago, and I -- how do we know he's even here anymore? He could've went off on the helicopter --

Jason: No, Spinelli is still here somewhere. He's here.


Sam: Utility closet.

Jason: Spinelli!


Jason: Spinelli!

Claudia: I was being flip before, but I mean it. You saved my life tonight. I appreciate it.

Sonny: Don't mention it. You didn't give me much choice.

Claudia: Well, you mean because I stayed behind on purpose?

Sonny: Oh, so you're telling me that was some kind of test?

Claudia: Yeah, I think it kind of was.

Sonny: Oh.

Claudia: I just wanted to see if you were going to come through for me the way that I tried to come through for you and --

Sonny: Whatever the reason, listen. I know it took a lot for you to put yourself on the line, right? You told me the truth about your father. Yeah? And that means a lot.

Claudia: This is good. I mean, we're starting to get along a little bit better, and maybe that means we're starting to understand each other's motives.

Sonny: Yeah, we've made progress.

Claudia: Yeah, because that first night that we were together, I mean, you -- you were so nasty to me. You made me feel used --

Sonny: Why you want to bring this up now?

Claudia: Well, I just... I was thinking about how you kidnapped my brother, and you had him beaten. You know, he's my little brother.

Sonny: Right?

Claudia: I love my brother. I hated you for that.

Sonny: Why you rehashing the past?

Claudia: Well, I want to make sure that you understand the context. At the time, I was truly afraid for my life and for my brother's life. You have to believe that, Sonny, because I've never said a more honest thing in my whole life.

Sonny: Okay, I believe you. Now what? Huh, that's safe.

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