GH Transcript Thursday 2/12/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/12/09


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Trevor: I can't believe it. We got the same impulse. Come on, Claudia. Come on, run for your life. I've got five bucks that says I'm going to make it and you're not.

[Emma crying]

Maxie: It's okay, Emma. Your mom's going to be here soon. Actually, that's a lie. I have no idea when your mom's going to be here, but you don't understand that anyway, right? Because, you know, you feel terrible and you really want your mother.

[Emma crying]

Maxie: I'm sorry.

Sam: Jason. God, you've got to go. You've got to get in line for the evacuation on the roof.

Jason: I can't -- I can't leave.

Rebecca: Obviously, I look like this Emily. I've never met her before

Nikolas: You don't understand.

Rebecca: They say everyone has a double walking around. I must be hers. That's it.

Nikolas: Look --

Rebecca: It's a coincidence, please.

Nikolas: It's not just --

Rebecca: Leave me alone.

Nikolas: It's not just a resemblance. It's every feature, every detail. It's your -- your face. It's the face of the woman that I love more than my own life.

Luke: You're trying to weasel out again?

Ethan: Now why would I do that? Every winning streak comes to an ugly end eventually.

Luke: Not mine. Not tonight, son. I'm winning big. Proceed at your own peril.

Ethan: You talk a big game, but I can tell you're nervous. You can feel the tide turning my way.

Luke: You want to test that theory?

Ethan: Bring it.

Both: One, two, three.

Luke: Oh. You are really starting to annoy me.

Ethan: Mmm. Oyster cracker?

Luke: Don't call me cracker, you Australian dingo dog.

Maxie: You know, they say babies can sense things, so I know I'm not fooling you. I'm way out of my element here. I never wanted to be a mother. I mean, the maternity clothes alone -- please. I mean, I just don't do sensible shoes. Okay, it's kind of more than that. I'm just scared to have anyone need me that much, and I don't really want to need anyone that much, either. I just don't think I could love someone that much, you know? But then -- oh, I look at you and I see you struggling to breathe, and my heart wants to burst. You have to be okay, Emma, please. Oh, thank God you're here.

[Helicopter chopping]

Patrick: Everyone safe?

Jax: Yeah, they're on their way to Mercy.

Patrick: Okay, let's get the next group on the chopper as soon as possible. Edward, Tracy, Nadine, Matt, you go.

Tracy: I want Lulu with me.

Patrick: Ah, the wind's picking up. We need to go now.

Edward: Lulu can have my place.

Patrick: This isn't up for discussion. You go when I say you go.

Lulu: I'll see you later.

Patrick: Come on. Come on. You're going on the chopper.

Matt: I should help with the evac.

Patrick: Matt -- Nadine, get him on the helicopter.

Matt: Others should be going before me.

Patrick: What happened in the O.R. wasn't your fault, so stop blaming yourself. Anyone else who has a noble impulse, lose it.

Nadine: You heard the man. Let's go, come on.

Patrick: I'll be back to kick your ass in a little while. Go, get on.

Winnifred: The flashpoint of the fire was in O.R. 2. Our hypothesis is that a valve on the anesthesia equipment was left open.

Mac: Okay, the fire started in O.R. 2. What happened next?

Winnifred: Well, there was a large explosion, and the flame was very hot. It engulfed most of the east side of the 10th floor.

Mac: What about the stairs?

Winnifred: Well, the stairs were blocked by the initial explosion between the ninth and the 10th floor, but the stairs up to the roof still remain clear.

Mac: How is Patrick handling the evacuation?

Winnifred: The evacuees are waiting on the west side of the 10th floor. They go up to the helipad through the north stair. Dr. Drake put the three most critical patients on the first flight, and then I was -- I was ordered to evacuate by my superiors, though I fear this to be an unfortunate lapse of judgment on their part.

Mac: Is that so?

Winnifred: As a federal agent, it's my job to be the last person there, not the first person to leave.

Mac: That's not your call to make, Agent Leeds. All right, Agent Rayner needs you at the station. One of the uniforms will drive you back.

Winnifred: Yes, sir. May I make one request, sir?

Mac: What?

Winnifred: The Jackal, Damian Spinelli. He is most selfless and brave, and he will most likely wait until the very last moment to effect his egress from the flaming structure.

Mac: You want me to get Spinelli out as soon as possible.

Winnifred: I would be most grateful.

Mac: We all have people that we're scared for, Agent Leeds. I'll do the best I can.

Winnifred: Thank you.

Trevor: It's fascinating. You're just like an animal.

Claudia: We're all animals.

Trevor: Oh, no, no, no. I aspire to a higher purpose. And with my superior intellect, I'm going to achieve it.

Claudia: By manufacturing poisons that kill people?

Trevor: Oh, yeah. Kill or be killed. You've lived your whole life on that motto. This biotoxin, it's just a new toy created by the Equinox Corporation. Can't you -- can't you appreciate its simple elegance? But I guess you can't appreciate too much in your condition.

Claudia: Your condition's not so different from mine.

Trevor: Oh, no, no, no. It is. I faked my symptoms in order to get out of the boardroom. You've got the real deal. You know, in all of that chaos, it was simple. I just put on a hazmat suit, walked into the O.R., and stole this vial of poison. So you see, our situations, they're really very different. I've got an exit strategy, and you're going to die. By fire or by this poison, you are going to die, Claudia. Can't you feel all of your animal instincts crying out? Come on, stop struggling, Claudia! Come on, give it up! Find a place where you can curl up and die.

Claudia: Sonny's going to go after you. He owes me, and he's a man who always pays his debts.

Trevor: For you?

Claudia: It's not like he's going to mind. He hates you.

Trevor: [Laughing] But he -- he detests you even more. You know why? Because he was forced to marry you in order to take over the Zacchara organization. At best, he's going to be a relieved widower. But you can always look on the upside, Claudia. You know that little dark secret that you share with John? It's going to die with you.

Sam: Can I look at your arm, please?

Jason: No, I said I'm fine.

Sam: You're not fine, Jason. I'm the one that shot you, remember?

Jason: Yeah, how could I -- how could I forget?

Sam: You have no business running around a hospital that's on fire.

Jason: I got to find Anthony.

Sam: What do you mean, you lost him? He's not in the room where you stashed him?

Jason: No, he's gone. Someone turned him loose, and I've got to find him. I've got to get him out of this building alive.

Sam: It may be too late.

Jason: No, it's not too late. He's all I've got left to bargain with. If I don't turn him over to the feds, Spinelli's going to go to prison.

Sam: Yeah, fine, but you're not going to do Spinelli any good if you wind up dead looking for a man that's already dead.

Jason: I've got to keep looking for him, okay?

Sam: Well, hey, I'm coming with you.

Jason: No, you're not. Right now, the most important thing is to get everybody out of this hospital. I've got family here. I've got people I care about. They need help. Can you just do that for me, please?

Sam: Right, okay, okay. All right.

Nikolas: I'm sorry if me staring at you is making you uncomfortable.

Rebecca: Yeah, it's a little bizarre.

Nikolas: You have no idea how bizarre it is.

Rebecca: Look, I think it's all getting to you. You know, being trapped inside of a burning building with poisons floating through the ventilation systems.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, you're right. We are kind of in the middle of chaos right now, aren't we? Rebecca, that's your name?

Rebecca: Rebecca Shaw, yeah.

Nikolas: Rebecca Shaw. That suits you well.

Rebecca: All right, glad you approve.

Nikolas: Wait, wait, look, I'm sorry. I know all of this sounds crazy, but Emily was my wife, and she died a little over a year ago.

Rebecca: Yeah. Look, the guy who saved me, Jason, mentioned that he had a sister who died and that she looked like me. I'm sorry for your loss.

Nikolas: Right, thank you. And those other people, Edward and Monica -- Monica was Emily's adoptive mother, and Edward was her grandfather. And they all knew her just as well as I did, and had the same reaction, like Emily was standing right in front of us.

Rebecca: Yeah, look, you all miss her. You're all grieving. It's got nothing to do with me.

Nikolas: Well, it does if you're related to her.

Ethan: [Laughing]

Luke: Oh.

Ethan: Told you lady luck was about to smile on me.

Luke: Hold it, let's -- let's do that one again. Start over.

Ethan: No, thanks.

Luke: You have to give me a chance to win back my crackers.

Ethan: Says who?

Luke: It's the gentlemanly thing to do.

Ethan: Oh, I'm a gentleman now, am I?

Luke: Oh, no, you're not.

Ethan: Sorry, mate. What's done is done.

Luke: Well, you still owe me 600 bucks.

Ethan: Five, but you know, that's a good point. I'll tell you what. If I give you half my crackers, you eliminate my debt.

Luke: Because I am a gentleman, I'll eliminate 200, which means you own me four.

Ethan: Make it three.

Luke: 350.

Ethan: Done.

Luke: Oh, the hell with this. I am not paying 350 bucks for a bunch of crackers. Guard!

Ethan: Oh, what are you doing?

Luke: I'm getting out of here.

Ethan: Oh, are you going to say "pretty please"? Come on, we assaulted a sheriff.

Luke: You assaulted a sheriff.

Ethan: Well, that makes you my accomplice.

Luke: Whatever. The party's over. You just stand back and watch the master at work. Guard!

[Emma crying]

Robin: It's okay, sweetheart. Mommy's here. Everything's fine. It's okay.

Nikolas: No, no, the resemblance is too strong to be just a coincidence. Emily's biological father died when she was little. She didn't know much about him.

Rebecca: Look, this is crazy.

Nikolas: Well, there has to be some explanation. Were you adopted by any --

Rebecca: No, that is absolutely none of your business.

Nikolas: Then I'll take that as a yes.

Rebecca: You take it as me telling you that you have no right to ask about any of my personal information. It's obvious that you lost your wife and that it's messing with your head.

Nikolas: No, this isn't grief talking, and I'm not exaggerating. Here, I'll prove to you. Look at this picture.

Rebecca: No, I don't want to see any pictures. I just want you to leave me alone.

Spinelli: [Grunting]

Sam: Oh, no, this doesn't sound good.

Spinelli: The Wi-Fi conditions are worsening. I'm unable to communicate with the law-abiding ones and provide much needed information for the evacuations that are proceeding slowly and at great risk.

Sam: Okay, listen, Spinelli, if they're evacuating on the roof, you need to go up there and get on the first chopper.

Spinelli: The Jackal's expertise may help those that precede me. And my wish is that fair Samantha be among them. Why have you remained?

Sam: I -- I want to help. I mean, I want to help Jason, especially since I am the one who shot him.

Spinelli: That was an unfortunate accident that I'm sure Stone Cold has long forgiven. He would want you to be among the first removed to safety.

Sam: Yes, I know. But, listen. He is actually the one who asked me to help with the evacuations while he --

Spinelli: While he what?

Sam: You know, manages to do other stuff.

[Computer beeps]

Spinelli: I lost the link again. But I have an idea.

Ric: Elizabeth get evacuated?

Lucky: Yeah, I put her on the helicopter myself. Jax, he came back to get another load of passengers, so I have to think maybe she got out okay.

Ric: Is she recovering from the poison?

Lucky: She seemed to be a little stronger. Or maybe it's just that I want her to be.

Lulu: The helicopter just took off with the second group. Edward and Tracy were on it.

Lucky: Why weren't you?

Olivia: My cousin is stuck in a wheelchair in a hallway somewhere. She's got to be one of the first people out of here.

Lulu: Well, Patrick's in charge. He's the one who's making decisions.

Patrick: That's right, I am, and you four are going next.

Lucky: There's other people who need help.

Patrick: And they're being readied to be transported.

Olivia: You know, Connie's still sick from the poison. She's got to go before me.

Patrick: Hey, listen to me. You guys are here and mobile. When that helicopter lands, we have a small window of opportunity.

Olivia: Patrick, I can't leave without her.

Patrick: And I can't keep having this conversation, all right? Jax is risking his life every time he lands that helicopter. We're losing communication. I don't have time to argue or deal with your guilt or whatever it is you're going through. I have a plan to evacuate everyone safely, so when I say go, go. Shut up and go to the roof.

Ric: Doctor, I can't believe I'm asking you this, but did my father get evacuated?

Trevor: Tonight's events have placed this deep, dark defense department secret in my hands. What do you think? Can I trade this to the right kind of people to make a clean getaway? And not to worry, I'm going to take care of John.

Claudia: John hates you.

Trevor: No, Claudia, he resents me. Because you use that in order to control him.

Claudia: I love my brother.

Trevor: Oh, you love him. Don't you think it's a little bit unnatural?

Claudia: You just think that because you don't know what it's like. You don't know what it's like to love your own flesh and blood.

Trevor: Claudia, the truth is, John will mourn you, but he's going to get over you. And deep down in your heart, you know that's true. I love it! You bitch! You could have killed us both. On second thought, my best means of escape is on the roof.

Claudia: [Moaning and panting]

Luke: You know, you're a really nice guy. My son -- you remind me a bit of my son. He's also in law enforcement, so I know how hard you had to work for that badge.

Guard: I did okay at the academy.

Luke: You know, I'll bet you did. Respect, nothing but respect. So I'd kind of like to do something for you so that the fallout from this unfortunate incident doesn't come down on your head. See, sorry to tell you, but the D.A. of Port Charles, Alexis Davis, she's a very close friend of mine, and she's not going to be happy at all with what you people did to me here.

Guard: You know D.A. Davis?

Luke: I know every significant political figure in the state, pal. See, I run a casino in Port Charles. Maybe you heard of it, the Haunted Star. Yeah, we're famous over there. You know, I'd really like you to come in sometime. I'd be happy to stake you to chips, put you at a high-stakes table, really take care of you. If you let me out of here.

Guard: Could you comp my brother, too?

Luke: I would be happy to. It would be my pleasure.

Guard: Great. His name is Sheriff Roger Dalton.

Luke: Oh.

Ethan: Ah, nice try, though.

Luke: Everybody in this podunk town is related. The gene pool is as deep as your toenails.

Ethan: One of the perils of family, I suppose.

Nina: Dex.

Luke: Hey, hey, hey, look who's here.

Ethan: Yeah, you know. Well, don't worry yourself. Why don't you just sit back and watch the master at work, eh?

Luke: Go to it.

Ric: Dad! Dad? Dad!

Trevor: Richard. What the hell are you doing down here?

Ric: Come on. They're evacuating people from the roof. And as much as I wish I could just leave you here to burn, I came to get you out. Come on.

Trevor: I'm never going to understand you. You spend your whole life trying to find ways to undermine me, and now in the eleventh hour, you reach an epiphany and you want to save my life and redeem yourself?

Ric: Look, you're my father, for better or for worse.

Trevor: I don't care. Now listen to me. Go save your life. That's what I'm going to do.

Ric: I have no doubt about that.

Trevor: Richard. Look, this might be the last time that we see each other. And you know something? I don't care.

Ric: Ah, you know, you're complementary to the end. Will you just come on?

Trevor: If you do survive, this is the best advice I've got for you. Please accept that your brother was more wanted and loved than you, ever, because it's a competition you can never win, Richie. It was rigged from the start that way.

[Helicopter chopping]

Lucky: You realize there's another way to do this.

Patrick: There's a lot of ways to do it, but I'm not interested in discussing it with you.

Lucky: I want you to go down with the helicopter. I'll oversee the rest of the evacuation.

Patrick: Really? You know the hospital layout? You're going to help patients in distress?

Lucky: You have a wife and a child.

Patrick: Yeah, Lucky, and I'll have a lot better chance of getting back to them if you'd stop questioning me at every turn.

Olivia: Okay, we agreed to do this your way, and we will. You've got to promise me you're going to get my cousin out of there.

Patrick: I'm going to get everyone out, whatever it takes.

Doctor: Dr. Scorpio, I apologize for the delay, but we've been swamped with the patients they turned away from General.

Robin: Yeah, I understand. How is my daughter?

Doctor: She's been diagnosed with pneumonia, and she has labored breathing with sternal retractions. We've been giving her breathing treatments and have had her on oxygen. And we've also given her cephotaxine, 600 milligram I.V. piggyback, but it hasn't had any effect. Now we could up the dose to 10 grams, but --

Robin: Yeah, I know, but then she could be at risk for permanent heart and kidney damage.

Doctor: Yeah.

Maxie: Thank you so much for getting Robin.

Johnny: Yeah, I'm glad I could do something.

Maxie: Did you hear anything about Patrick?

Johnny: As far as I know, he's still in the hospital with a bunch of other people. They're stuck up on the 10th floor. We've lost all telephone communications, so they're using Spinelli's computer.

Maxie: Spinelli's there?

Johnny: Yeah, he's the only way they can communicate with the outside.

Maxie: Wait, let me get this clear. Spinelli, my Spinelli, my very best friend in the whole world is trapped on the 10th floor of a burning hospital?

Johnny: I'm sure they're going to evacuate him, Maxie.

Maxie: Yeah, and he will probably be last because, A, they need his computer to communicate and B, Spinelli wants to be a hero. He's way too good and trusting and easy to manipulate. He needs someone there to protect him.

Johnny: He'll be fine.

Maxie: No. He needs someone who's selfish, who will be selfish for him. He needs me. But I can't leave Robin.

Sam: What happened? Because if you think you lost connection, there's no way for you to maintain communication with the outside.

Spinelli: Yeah, the Wi-Fi might be failing, but the hard wiring might still be intact. If I can find a utility class, I might be able to patch in and resume communication with the law-abiding ones.

Nikolas: Have either of you seen Rebecca, that woman that looks like Emily?

Sam: No, not since earlier. Why?

Spinelli: I'm sorry, I've been so focused on trying to maintain communication with the outside, that I -- but I haven't seen anything untoward.

Nikolas: Damn it.

Sam: What happened?

Nikolas: I started babbling to her about Emily. She must have thought I was a mad man. She ran off, and now, if anything happens to her, it's my fault.

Claudia: Help me.

Jason: How did you wind up down here?

Claudia: I got tired waiting for someone to save me. I decided to save myself. Not a good idea, it turns out. You're not going to help me, are you?

Ethan: Well, I must have done something to make you so terribly angry.

Nina: You lied to me, Ethan. You told me you were broke, and then you showed up with pockets full of cash.

Ethan: I had a bit of luck. I came back to share it with you only to find you lip-locked with another man. Then you go sic the sheriff on me.

Nina: Look, I'm sorry, okay? I thought you were going to blow me off.

Ethan: Sorry we had a misunderstanding. No worries. All couples do.

Nina: We're a couple?

Ethan: Well, of course, darling. And I'd love to prove it to you right now, if I could. Unfortunately, you're out there and I'm in here. As is my friend, who had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Nina: You know, maybe I could distract Charlie somehow. You know, get the keys.

Ethan: Oh, no, I couldn't ask you to do that.

Nina: You didn't. I'm offering.

Ethan: What if you get caught, love?

Nina: Oh, don't worry. Leave it up to me.

Kate: Hello? Hello, is there anybody coming?

Trevor: Hey, Katie. It looks like I'm your knight in shining armor. A bit tarnished. Come on, let me help you out of here.

Kate: No. No, Trevor.

Trevor: Katie. You would never have refused my help when you were a kid fresh out of college and every door was being slammed in your face.

Kate: Well, you were no knight in shining armor then, Trevor. I was just too young and naive to know any better.

Trevor: You knew exactly what you were getting into.

Kate: You said that you believed in me.

Trevor: I did. Kate, I did. I still do.

Kate: But there's a price, right?

Trevor: Kate, there's always a price for everything. Now, listen to me. Without my help, you would have been just one more piece of talent in the crowd.

Kate: You're wrong, Trevor. I would have made it all on my own. Just like I'm going to make it now, without you.

Trevor: Katie, you did whatever you had to do to survive.

Kate: I'll take my chances, Trevor.

Trevor: And do what, huh? Follow your dreams? You're going to wait for Sonny, huh? Well, he has got other priorities. I'm your only game in town. And you're smart enough to know that.

Claudia: You -- you -- you came out of a burning hallway, and you're going to leave me here?

Jason: You sure talk a lot for someone who's half-dead.

Claudia: Well, what's the plan, then? You tell me.

Jason: The plan is -- just wait, I'm going to carry you to the evacuation point.

Claudia: I didn't think I was that heavy, I'm sorry. What is -- God, that looks like a bullet hole. Did somebody shoot you?

Jason: Yeah.

Claudia: Oh, my God -- what, my father or Sonny?

Jason: It's none of your business.

Claudia: Oh, you're weird. You really are hard to figure out. I just -- I don't -- you just act like you don't want anything from anyone.

Jason: You're wrong about that, Claudia.

Spinelli: If the Jackal may offer some humble advice, please abandon your search. Just proceed to the north stairwell, go up to the roof, and await evacuation.

Nikolas: Not until I find Rebecca.

Sam: Look, I think maybe he has the right idea. I mean, you said yourself, you kind of freaked her out.

Nikolas: I know. But I can't lose her. I know how that must sound. She's a complete stranger, and yet I'm trying to find her, but she looks so much like Emily, I feel like I'm responsible for her.

Sam: All right, well, I'll help you look.

Spinelli: No, no, order must be imposed. The two of you can't waste precious time on a fruitless search. Not to mention jeopardizing your own lives.

Nikolas: He's right.

Sam: Listen, I do know that anywhere east of the nurses' station is on fire, so I go one way, you go the other, and we meet back here.

Spinelli: Okay. If you don't find the eerily similar one, just assume she's been taken to safety?

Nikolas: Right, thanks. Let's go.

Maxie: Spinelli is probably so focused on helping other people that he doesn't realize the danger that he's in.

Johnny: The people in charge will get him out, Maxie.

Maxie: Yeah, and he'll probably be last, and then it could be too late. Um, how's Emma?

Doctor: Dr. Scorpio needs a little time to weigh her options. I'll be back soon.

Maxie: Hi.

Robin: Hey.

Maxie: Is she okay?

Robin: Emma's real sick, but she's a strong girl, aren't you, Emma? She's going to be fine.

Maxie: Is there anything that you want me to do?

Robin: Can you go get Patrick for me? And make sure he got out of General Hospital safely and tell him to come right away?

Maxie: Yeah, if that's what you want. I'll be back, Emma, I'm going to get your dad.

Robin: Thank you, Maxie.

Maxie: We're going back to the hospital.

Robin: Shh.

[Humming "Rock-a-Bye Baby"]

Patrick: This is the next group to go.

Olivia: Hey, boss.

Jax: It's good to see everyone's okay. I was hoping I could take Carly.

Patrick: I'll do whatever I can to get her on the next trip, but we've got to go now. It's getting worse.

Ric: Patrick. You got room for me?

Patrick: You're in luck.

Jax: The wind's dying down, now's a good time to take off.

Patrick: Okay, let's go. What about your father?

Ric: What about him?

Patrick: Jax, I will personally track down Carly if you'll do me a favor. Make sure Robin and Emma are okay.

Jax: Consider it done.

Patrick: Thank you.

Luke: This shouldn't be taking so long. What are the chances your little Sheila changed her mind?

Ethan: Slim to none. I mean, you saw the poor girl. She's completely infatuated with me.

Luke: She was infatuated, Casanova. Women can switch on a dime. Haven't you noticed?

Ethan: Hmm. Don't underestimate the impact of my unique brand of charm. You came through.

Nina: Of course.

Charlie: Nina.

Nina: Oh, Charlie, I can explain.

Charlie: Come on, let's go.

Nina: No, it's not what it looks like, sugar.

Charlie: Come on, let's go. You know better than this. Let's go.

Nina: No.

Ethan: Oh, bloody hell. I thought we were out.

Luke: It was a good effort. 8.5 from the Slovenian judge.

Ethan: [Laughing] Well, what now?

Luke: I don't know. You want to reopen renegotiation on these crackers?

Robin: Now the story of how mommy and daddy met. It's a good story -- which will have to be revised when you get older. So I'm just going to tell you now because, well, you're sleeping. And you're too young to understand it. Well, let's just say that daddy was busy with a nurse on an operating table when I met him. I instantly loathed him and was very attracted to him at the same time, which I know may sound very crazy, but you'll understand what I mean when you get older. He was what we call a womanizer. But then, as I got to know him, your daddy is the most wonderful and kind and patient man that I have ever met. And the biggest miracle of all is that he fell in love with you. His little girl. Your daddy loves you so much. And so do I, Emma. I love you so much. It's going to be okay.

[Knock at door]

Doctor: How's the patient?

Robin: Um, she's better, I think.

Doctor: Well, if she hasn't improved, you're going to have to make a decision now.

Mac: I'll get you a count as soon as possible. Hey, how's Robin and the baby?

Maxie: Hey, the doctor's still checking on Emma, and they're deciding what to do, but Robin wanted me to come back here and see if there was any word on Patrick.

Mac: He's still handling the evacuation on the 10th floor, but we lost communications a while ago.

Maxie: Oh, my God, Spinelli was handling all that.

Mac: He managed to keep us in communication until now.

Maxie: Well, did something happen to Spinelli? Is it that bio-whatever?

Mac: We think the network infrastructure was destroyed by the fire. There's no reason to assume the worst, Maxie.

Maxie: Good, I need to know if he's okay. Where is that helicopter going to land?

Mac: Even if Spinelli was poisoned, there's nothing you can do, okay? You'll just be in the way.

Spinelli: I rule. Okay, the northwest corner utility closet is a hub for hard wire access, so it's just a matter of patching in and reopening my communications with the noble rescuers. Okay. Oh. This presents a conundrum. If the fire is closest to the utility closet, I don't want to endanger our sole means of communication. Okay. Wait here, trusty compatriot, while I do reconnaissance to make sure it's safe.

Trevor: Oh, Kate. You made a big mistake by sentimentalizing your love for Sonny. You put your life at risk time and again. But you're a big girl now. Your eyes are wide open. You see that your childhood love was just a fantasy. So please, forget your mistakes and move on. I love you, Katie. I always have. And I always will. Please come with me.

Kate: You love me, Trevor? After everything you've done to me? I don't want any part of you. I'm ashamed that I was with you. I should have been better than that.

Trevor: Should have? Katie, it's not about living up to some lofty ideal. It's about doing what you have to do to survive. And that's why I got this ace in the hole. So please.

Kate: Is that the poison?

Trevor: Please come with me. Let's trade this in for a free ride out of the Zacchara ruins.

Kate: I cannot believe you stole that.

Sam: Oh, Trevor, come on, are you out of your mind? That casing is fragile, and if it breaks, it will kill you and God knows how many other people.

Trevor: So? Pretty please. Don't take another step towards me.

Rebecca: Leave me alone.

Nikolas: Okay, look -- look, I'm sorry for upsetting you, but you have to come back with me. It's the only way to avoid this fire, get back on the roof so we can get evacuated by helicopter. You have to come with me.

Rebecca: All right, I'll come. But I don't need an escort. In fact, I'll feel a whole lot more comfortable if you just –

Maxie: I'm coming to save you, Spinelli, and if I ruin my shoes in the process, you're getting me a new pair.

Patrick: Spinelli. Spinelli.

Doctor: Well, the news is good. Her vitals have improved markedly. She seems to have made a turn.

Robin: Thank God.

Doctor: It's amazing they don't teach it in medical school.

Robin: What's that?

Doctor: The power of a mother's love.

Kate: I see you found a Zacchara.

Jason: You'll have to wait here until they evacuate you.

Kate: You might want to go after Sam. Trevor was here. He was waving around one of those poison capsules.

Claudia: That's true. I tried to get it away from him, that's when he threw me down the stairs.

Jason: If that's true, why didn't you say anything to me?

Claudia: Well, I didn't want you to leave me there.

Kate: Look, I'm afraid that Trevor’s mind may have snapped, okay? Being close to Zaccharas can do that to you.

Trevor: Stay back.

Sam: You came up the wrong stairs. The helipad's on the north side of the building. Not that it matters, because they're never going to let you on that helicopter with that poison.

Trevor: I know. Then I'm just going to throw it over the other side. I wonder how many people will die? Don't you want to hazard a guess?

Rebecca: I'm trapped. Look, the fire's getting close, don't let me burn.

Nikolas: I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

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