GH Transcript Wednesday 2/11/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/11/09


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Kate: Tonight has made everything clear.

Olivia: Yeah, clear as mud. I swear to God, that toxin didn't just screw up your lungs. It messed with your head, too.

Kate: Olivia, whether you see it or not, I do. Sonny loves me and he always will.

Olivia: Well, that's great, Connie. If the two of you manage to survive this night, you can go throw yourself at a married man.

Kate: When Sonny finds out the truth about Claudia, he's never going to speak to her again.

Olivia: What truth, Connie? What the hell are you talking about?

Sonny: You just need to take it easy, all right? I don't want you falling out of this chair. You hear me?

Claudia: Yes, sir.

Sonny: I'm serious. What were you thinking pulling a stunt like that, staying back there just to see if I'd come get you?

Claudia: I had to know for sure.

Olivia: I hope you're paying attention, Connie, because he's showing where his priorities lie, all right? He's rescuing his wife.

Sonny: Claudia, do not make things worse than they already are.

Claudia: I'm good now. I promise.

Monica: Ironic, isn't it? I mean, here we're in danger of losing our lives and I have spent my entire career in this building just trying to save lives.

Edward: You and Alan both.

Monica: Well, not to mention Emily.

Edward: This hospital has become somewhat of a family tradition, hasn't it?

Rebecca: I just woke up and there he was. I'd be dead if he hadn't found me.

Edward: Good God.

Monica: Emily?

Rebecca: I'm sorry. You obviously have me confused with someone.

Edward: Monica, Monica.

Sam: I'm going to go get a doctor.

Jason: We've got to try to keep the stairway clear between here and the roof.

Nikolas: That woman that looked like Emily, are you sure she's okay?

Jason: Well, she was unconscious when I found her, but she recovered. She's okay.

Nikolas: Did she give you a name?

Jax: Mac, I'm about 20 feet off the roof. I'm going to try to sit her down.

[Helicopter beeping]

Carly: Jax? Jax!

Nikolas: Did she say anything to you?

Jason: She asked me why I was staring at her. I must have said something about Emily. Sam came and I sent them to the west stairwell so I could come here and fight the fire. All right, that's good. This should hold long enough for people to get up the stairs. Let's go.

Robin: Don't worry, sweetie. We're going to get you to Mercy with your mama. That's where my little girl is. She's very sick and I'm sure she needs me, but I'm here with you.

Epiphany: Is she ready to go?

Robin: Yeah, don't worry, sweetie. Everything's going to be fine.

Epiphany: I can take it from here, Dr. Scorpio.

Robin: I'm fine, I'm fine. I got her. Let's go.

Maxie: Emma looks better, don't you think?

Johnny: I don't know. All babies look the same to me.

Maxie: Do you think she had pneumonia this whole time or do you think she got it because Robin put her in that tree? What was she thinking?

Johnny: Maybe the hypothermia was affecting her judgment.

Maxie: Maybe. Why else would she stick Emma with me and make me bring her to Mercy? I mean, she knows that I don't have one single maternal bone in my body.

Johnny: You're really stepping it up, though.

Maxie: I'm trying.

Johnny: Anyway, the worst is probably over. Whatever happens now is in the hands of the doctors.

Maxie: Yeah, but don't you think on some level Emma knows that we're not her parents?

Johnny: Do babies understand that stuff?

Maxie: I think they do. Emma's probably wishing that Patrick and Robin were here with her right now.

[Knock at door]

Doctor: We're waiting for the lab work, but in the mean time, we need to review your daughter's medical history.

Mac: Somebody from the FBI has to know how this biotoxin reacts to fire. Listen to me. My niece's husband, along with a lot of other innocent people are trapped in that building. I need a straight answer. No, don't refer me to Agent Rayner. He referred me to you. Wait a minute. Don't put me on hold.

Alexis: What idiot is trying to land his helicopter on top of the roof, the hospital roof, in the middle of a blizzard?

Mac: The firefighters can't get past the ninth floor.

Alexis: So, what are you sending a pilot on a suicide mission?

Mac: It was an unauthorized volunteer who owns his own helicopter, not to mention a private jet or two.

Alexis: No.

Mac: Listen, I couldn't stop him.

Alexis: Are you telling me that Jax is up there doing that?

Dispatcher's voice: Repeat, all teams, clear the south lot. The chopper's coming down.

Mac: That crazy bastard.

Alexis: I'm going.

Mac: Wait, wait.

Alexis: He needs me.


Mac: Alexis, I promise, you're not going to want to see what's left of him.

Carly: Jax! Maybe it wasn't him.

Spinelli: All communications indicate that the white knight was indeed piloting the craft.

Carly: There's no one there.

Spinelli: Let's just go inside, please.

Carly: There's no one there. There's no ambulance. There's no police, nothing.

Spinelli: We'll figure out all the details if we just go inside.

Sonny: No more tricks, all right?

Claudia: I had to know if you would come back for me.

Sonny: You're a human being. I'm not going to leave you inside a burning building. You stepped it up by telling me the truth. Now, I know you took a big risk in telling me that your father shot Kate.

Olivia: It's only right that his priority should be his wife.

Kate: I'm not sure that little chat is exactly loving.

Olivia: I think that would be in the eye of the beholder.

Kate: Yes, Olivia, how right you are. Well, everything is about to turn around.

Olivia: Yeah, except we're stuck in a burning building, breathing in a poisonous toxin that's going to kill us all.

Kate: Sonny? Sonny, can you spare a minute, please?

Olivia: Connie, this is not the time.

Kate: I realize this isn't the best time, but what I have to tell you is quite important and it can't wait any longer.

Patrick: Dr. Quartermaine, are you all right?

Monica: I'm fine, really. I'm fine.

Edward: No, you aren't fine at all.

Monica: Yes.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, what happened?

Edward: She collapsed when we saw a girl that looked exactly like Emily.

Nikolas: She was here?

Monica: Yes.

Edward: You've seen her, too?

Nikolas: Yeah, several times tonight. Where is she?

Edward: She went away over there.

Sam: Yeah, her name is Rebecca Shaw, and she does look a lot like Emily.

Nikolas: Look, I don't know how long the north stairwell is going to stay open. I'm not trying to cause anymore chaos here, but we need to get these people on the roof as soon as possible.

Patrick: You're right. Okay, listen, everyone. This Rebecca Shaw, you're going to see her because we're all going to the roof.

Edward: Then we can't get down the stairs?

Patrick: Fire crews are working on it.

Edward: We've been trapped up here all this time, haven't we?

Sam: But look, taking a helicopter might be a lot easier than going down 10 flights of stairs.

Monica: That woman, she looked exactly like Emily.

Nikolas: I know. I'm going to find her, okay?

Patrick: Okay, you know what? She'll be on the roof, because that's where we have to go. So, let's move.

Nikolas: And I know this is crazy, but that woman Rebecca, right? It's like seeing Emily again.

Matt: I bet I know what you're thinking about.

Nadine: You do?

Matt: Yeah, you and Leyla were really close. I'm sorry about what happened.

Nadine: Thank you. I can't believe she's gone. None of this seems real to me at all.

Matt: Yeah, well, she would still be here if I had waited for those x-rays.

Nadine: You were saving a man's life.

Matt: I made a bad call, and now everyone is paying for it in this hospital, Leyla, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: If they tell you to leave me behind, promise me you will, okay?

Lucky: No, I would never do that.

Elizabeth: Please, please, Lucky, because if I don't make it through this thing --

Lucky: No, you will. We all will.

Elizabeth: Just promise me that you would get out of here and never leave my boys.

Carly: Okay, somebody would have to see something, okay? That crash was huge. There has to be some kind of report.

Spinelli: The fire has taken out wireless routers as it moves closer, but perhaps the priestess Leeds has information?

Winnifred: Yes, information received. A helicopter belonging to Jasper Jacks, Inc. has indeed crashed.

Carly: Where is he?

Winnifred: No survivors have been reported.

Carly: He's not dead. He's not dead. He's not dead.

Jason: Hey, where's Patrick? We need to start getting people to the roof.

Spinelli: An aerial landing is increasingly a remote possibility.

Winnifred: Our rescue helicopter has just crashed.

Carly: Jax was trying to land a helicopter on the roof and he crashed and no one knows where he is.

Winnifred: The success rate of landing a helicopter is upwards of 99%. Even at night, the percentage dwindles less than a percentage point, and it's negligible if the pilot is experienced.

Spinelli: Jax is a very experienced pilot.

Winnifred: Yeah, okay, heavy storms and wind can drive down the percentage rate by at least 15% and then blizzard conditions another 5% to 7% and that is accounting for pilot experience. And then you actually need to subtract another 45% if the pilot is all compromised in any manner, i.e. he's too focused on the rescue at hand to successfully assess the weather conditions.

Spinelli: Perhaps we should accelerate our search for a stronger wireless signal.

Winnifred: I fear the priestess has once again said the wrong thing.

Jason: It's better if you guys just don't talk. Come here.

Carly: Jason.

Alexis: I got to get out there. He needs help.

Mac: There are plenty of ambulances and EMTs. You'll be in the way.

Alexis: He needs me.

Mac: And I need cooperation. Can you manage that? Alexis, General Hospital is burning to the ground, all right? Patrick is in there, along with your daughter, remember? Not to mention Ric and Sonny.

Alexis: I understand that. He's my best friend.

Mac: And the last time I saw my grand-niece Emma, she was heading into a blizzard with Maxie and the heir to the Zacchara organization. I don't have time to fight with you.

Jax: Take it easy, commissioner. I could hear you halfway across the parking lot.

Alexis: Jax.

Jax: Hey, I'm okay. I'm afraid I'm going to need another chopper.

Mac: What, so you can crash that, too? I don't think so.

Jax: I admit that the wind is a little high. I was forced to make an emergency landing in the parking lot. A couple of cars are a bit worse for wear. I got out just before the chopper exploded.

Mac: You're the luckiest guy I know, Jax. Not to mention a damn good pilot to manage a landing in any of this.

Jax: Look, Mac, if I can get another chopper, I know that I can land it safely on the roof this time.

Mac: To do what? So, you can crash that, too? What about the innocent people you'll have onboard?

Jax: Should I assume that you have a better plan, that the firefighters have miraculously landed on the 10th floor, cleared it and they're evacuating everyone in an orderly manner? I didn't think so.

Alexis: It is not safe enough for you to try that stunt again.

Jax: Listen, I want to rescue as many people as I possibly can in a safe way. Right before I crashed, I saw Carly on the roof and she was reaching out for me to save her and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Sonny: Kate, whatever you have to say, it can wait.

Olivia: Okay, just find out how and where they want us to evacuate, all right? Do they want us to go down the stairs or up to the roof?

Kate: Look, what I have to tell you, Sonny is crucial and you really need to know now.

Sonny: What's crucial is getting you out of here.

Kate: No, Sonny. You don't understand.

Olivia: Connie, all we got to do is sit tight here, all right? I'm sure that every cop and every paramedic in Port Charles is on their way to save us now.

Kate: You know what? I'm not worried, Olivia. Oh, I found my DVD. Would you please go over there and pick it up for me?

Luke: I got a bit of a short fuse myself. So, I know what it's like when the whole world turns red, but you have to keep that in check. You know what I'm saying? Because that's emotion and emotion is bad in a good con.

Ethan: So, nothing fazes you then? Not insurmountable debt, not certain death.

Luke: No, I didn't say that. I mean, you feel the way you feel. You can be as angry as you are, but you never let your opponent see it.

Ethan: Easier said than done.

Luke: Not really. It's just mind over matter.

Ethan: Have you ever been scared?

Luke: Sure, hasn't everyone?

Ethan: No, I mean like really scared. You know, where it could be your very last day on earth and all you can do is stand there and watch it charge over you.

Luke: Does facing a firing squad count?

Ethan: Seriously?

Luke: Yeah, seriously. I've got this lowlife friend named Robert Scorpio, and it seems like wherever he goes chaos follows. It was always up to me to save his sorry ass and deal with the blowback.

Ethan: He sounds like he's quite a pain in the ass.

Luke: Yeah, but it all evened out, because when it counted, he came through. He's Australian. Actually, he was married for awhile to Holly Sutton.

Ethan: Get out. This world just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Luke: Yeah, from my vantage point, the reason it's so small is you keep running into the same 200 people.

Ethan: That's deep. That's real deep.

Luke: I know. You need a shovel and hip boots.

Ethan: So, did this Robert -- was he ever in Port Charles?

Luke: Yeah, he was, on and off.

Ethan: So, is it possible that he was the one that taught Holly that trick?

Luke: No way, man. Robert doesn't have that kind of brain power. Any trick holly picked up in Port Charles has Spencer written all over it. I guarantee you.

Man: Hands in the air, both of you.

Lulu: I spent my whole life worried about my dad and half my life worried about my mom. If tonight ends badly...

Tracy: Don't think about it.

Lulu: If Nikolas, Lucky, and I don't make it out of here, my parents are going to be the last survivors of my family. What are the odds of that?

Tracy: It's not going to happen. Think happy thoughts.

Lulu: Yeah, like what?

Tracy: Like your dad coming to rescue us. It could happen.

Sam: I mean, all I could think about was getting Rebecca to safety.

Edward: No, you did the right thing, dear.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, but the resemblance is so -- did she have a family connection? Did Emily have a sister or anything like that?

Monica: No, she didn't.

Edward: I'll take care of this one, okay? Emily was an only child and her mother, Paige Bowen, was completely devoted to her.

Sam: Well, what about her father?

Edward: He died when she was young.

Monica: She barely, barely remembered him.

Edward: After Paige died, there was no place for Emily to go. No close relatives. It was just a tragedy for her.

Monica: When Paige died, I was with her. If Emily had had a sister, she would have told me.

Nikolas: But the resemblance, it's so strong. It has to be more than coincidence, Monica.

Maxie: Do you think that I broke the law? Of course I broke the law. Obviously I can't let a doctor think that I am Emma's mother and you're her father who just doesn't say much. It's just that the questions didn't seem that complicated and I hope I got the answers right, because the truth is I know way more about Emma's wardrobe than I do her medical history.

Johnny: Come on, you're the best liar I've ever seen.

Maxie: Well, I guess that's a good thing since Emma's father is trapped in a burning building and her mother decided it would be a good idea to take her daughter out into a blizzard. And then, to make matters worse, she dropped her off with me. I mean, I'm starting to understand where Robin's coming from, because it's taking everything I have not to run out the door right now.

Johnny: You won't.

Maxie: My mom used to take care of me when I was little, in the hospital when I was really sick. This gives me a tiny shred of an idea what she went through, which is another excellent reason why I won't ever have children.

[Knock at door]

Doctor: We have two treatment options for your daughter. I can't guarantee that either will work, but I'll explain them both, review the statistics, and then you'll make the call.

Epiphany: Did you reach Patrick?

Robin: No, there's no dial tone. So, the fire must have reached the phone lines now.

Epiphany: Don't worry. Drake Junior is doing a fine job.

Robin: Yeah, I'm sure you're right.

Epiphany: Look, we're almost finished around here. So, thank you.

Robin: I should be thanking you. It should be the other way around.

Epiphany: You're still on maternity leave and one step from being a patient yourself. Your little girl must be wondering where her mother is. Go. I've got it from here.

Robin: No, I'm sure Emma's fine. Maxie would have called me if there was a problem. Why don't we go make sure that the patients got on all the ambulances?

Patrick: Okay, what about finding out if Emma was admitted?

Spinelli: We'll keep trying, but the signal is unstable.

Patrick: The storm is not getting any better. Maybe Mac sent Robin with one of the cops, but I'd like to know for sure, Spinelli.

Spinelli: No, no, the Jackal is crashing.

Winnifred: Employ emergency measures.

Spinelli: So employed. Nothing.

Winnifred: Nothing.

Jason: Are you saying we're completely cut off right now?

Spinelli: Yes, affirmative, at least for the moment. I would guess that the fire has reached the main electrical system.

Winnifred: Yeah, now all the wireless routers are down and any rogue wireless signals are lost in the storm.

Spinelli: A rapid escape would be strongly advised.

Jason: Hey, hey, we're going to get out of this, okay? Don't do anything crazy.

Carly: I have to find Jax.

Jason: Jax can take care of himself. You need to stay close to me, please.

Sonny: What do we do to get out of here?

Patrick: The emergency helicopter just crashed.

Carly: That was Jax. He was flying the helicopter.

Sonny: Did he survive?

Carly: I don't know, but I have to find him and I heard that Lucky made it up here from the lower floors not too long ago.

Sonny: Forget about that.

Jason: The roof is our best option right now. I'm telling you right now.

Spinelli: I fear that a rooftop evacuation is not feasible, as the crash proved.

Patrick: If we can't get a chopper up there, I'm not putting patients up there. It's too cold.

Sonny: The fire's closing in. We've got a maniac running around with biotoxin, enough to kill us. What other choice do we have?

Patrick: Okay, Spinelli, Agent Leeds, keep trying to find communication. I'll set up triage. Jason, check the stairwells, let me know about other hotspots. If we can get a chopper up there, help me get people to the roof.

Sonny: Whatever you need. Let's just do it.

Jax: I can fly a police department helicopter, fire department, privately owned, it doesn't matter, but we don't have time to argue about it.

Mac: What if you crash again?

Jax: I won't.

Alexis: You may not be so lucky a second time, Jax. The winds are still terrible.

Jax: Okay, this is the bigger chopper and the weight of the passengers will provide stability. I know what I have to do differently on this flight, Mac. Look, I know the police department keeps at least two helicopters fueled and ready to go at all times. All you have to do is say the word.

Alexis: You aren't seriously considering this.

Mac: The risk of doing nothing may be higher than the risk of trying again.

Jax: I agree.                       

Alexis: Find another pilot.

Mac: I can't order anyone up in these conditions.

Jax: I have just as much experience as his pilots, maybe even more.

Mac: All right, take a police chopper. Be careful and get Patrick out of there.

Jax: Consider it done.

Alexis: Not so fast.

Jax: Look, Alexis, almost everyone you love is in that building. You told me that yourself. I can save them.

Alexis: I'm pulling rank. Until the storm clears, Jax is not allowed anywhere near a police or a fire department helicopter.

Carly: Come here.

Lulu: Hi. What happened?

Carly: Jax crashed a rescue helicopter because the winds were too strong.

Lulu: Oh, my God. Is he okay?

Carly: I need to find him. So, I'm going to go downstairs. Do you want to come with me?

Lulu: Well, if my family is here, I can't leave them.

Carly: It's okay, it's okay. All right, I'm good.

Lulu: Wait, be careful.

Carly: I will.

Lulu: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Elizabeth: Lucky, if you have the chance to get out, you will have to take it.

Carly: Lucky.

Lucky: What the hell is going on? Where's Patrick?

Carly: I heard you came up through the south stairwell.

Lucky: Yeah, barely.

Carly: So, I can get down?

Lucky: You're not actually thinking about it?

Carly: If you can make it in, I can make it out.

Luke: Something you want to tell me?

Ethan: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Luke: I don't know the guy, but the Sheila behind him looks a little familiar.

Ethan: I've never seen her before in my life.

Man: Are these the guys?

Nina: Yes, Roger, they stole my money.

Ethan: Nina, that's absurd. What do you think you're doing? This is –

Roger: Give back what you took.

Luke: We didn't take anything.

Nina: Here, here, I'll show you. See? Here it is, my hard-earned money. These jokers took it all.

Ethan: You lying, little –

Roger: Hey, watch your mouth. I got a real trigger-happy finger here, and nothing makes it jerk faster than some wannabe-con dissing my woman.

Ethan: Now would be a good time for a demonstration of mind over matter.

Luke: Give me a minute.

Maxie: How much time do we have?

Doctor: As I explained, we could increase the antibiotics, which might lower the fever faster and help with her respiratory function. But that option would increase the risk of damaging your baby's heart and kidneys.

Maxie: So, it's really a question of how much risk we're willing to take.

Doctor: That's correct. You're her parents. You have an idea of how Emma responds to medication.

Maxie: No, we aren't.

Doctor: Excuse me?

Maxie: We aren't Emma's parents. Her mother is my cousin, Dr. Robin Scorpio, and she's evacuating people from General Hospital right now. And her father is Dr. Patrick Drake, who happens to be stranded in the hospital. I don't think Robin would have sent her daughter here with us if she had known how sick she was.

Doctor: Okay, all right. I understand it's a difficult situation, okay? But family play time is over. I need a parent here to make some choices, fast.

Maxie: We need to get Robin.

Johnny: I'm on my way there.

Maxie: Emma, it's going to be okay. Your mom's on her way.

Patrick: Okay, so we're clear. I'll manage patients. Jason, you got the fire. Sonny --

Sonny: I'll make sure no one's left behind.

Patrick: Okay, Carly can you check -- hey, where's Carly?

Sonny: She was right there.

Jason: Carly? Did anyone see which way she went?

Spinelli: I was so deeply focused on reconnecting with the FBI one can only surmise that --

Jason: She went after Jax. I'm going to get her.

Sonny: No. You need to take care of that other matter before we start evacuating.

Patrick: Listen, whatever you guys need to do, figure it out, because I need all the help I can get.

Jason: Okay, listen, what I have to do is not going to take long.

Spinelli: Wait, if Mr. Sir is going after the Valkyrie, what could Stone Cold possibly --

Jason: You stay here and do what Patrick tells you to do.

Spinelli: No, I'm just saying, if it has anything to do with the FBI or some mysterious evil --

Jason: Anthony Zacchara is tied up in a room. I have to make sure he gets out of this building alive.

Spinelli: On general principal the Jackal would argue that no person should perish in a fire, but maybe this evildoer is an exception. Why would you risk your life to save his?

Jason: Just stay here. Do not follow me.

Spinelli: Mark my words, Stone Cold is walking into the fire to save the crazed king of evildoers to insure the Jackal's freedom.

Winnifred: Well, do you doubt that Stone Cold will be able to complete the assigned task?

Spinelli: No, in general, no. But the fire is moving rapidly and is completely unpredictable.

Winnifred: Okay, well then the priestess will offer a prayer to the gods and goddesses for Stone Cold's safe return, for anything that the master does to save his grasshopper is good and well with me.

Alexis: You just proved that you can't land a helicopter in gale force winds and heavy snow. And if you can't do it, nobody can.

Jax: Listen, there's fire in the stairwells. People are suffocating. They're going to die if we don't do something, Alexis.

Alexis: Which is why I don't want to risk losing you, too.

Jax: You have the chance to save all of those people. Now we're relying on you to make the right call here, and sometimes the right call doesn't always make sense.

Alexis: You're going to do this no matter what I say, aren't you?

Jax: If you don't authorize a police department a helicopter, I will find one on my own, but it's going to take more time.

Alexis: Give him as many choppers as he needs.

Mac: You got it.

Jax: You could wish me luck.

Alexis: You don't stop, do you?

Jax: You know, from one friend to another, you could just say that this expedition will be one big, grand adventure.

Alexis: If you crash, I will kill you.

Jax: No threats, okay? Just wish me luck.

Alexis: You don't need luck. You're the luckiest man I know. It's going to be a piece of cake.

Jax: Yeah, it'll be a piece of cake.

Claudia: Why can't you just admit it? You're so desperate for Sonny's attention that you will do anything, anything to spend a couple of minutes with him, even when the building is on fire.

Olivia: That is not the most helpful thing that you could be saying right now.

Kate: Olivia, why is it such a difficult task? Why does everything have to be an argument with you? Please just go get it for me.

Claudia: Does she always treat you like a servant?

Kate: Thank you, Olivia.

Olivia: I'm doing this for your own good.

Kate: Olivia? Olivia, wait.

Patrick: Okay, stand by. We're heading to the roof in about 15 minutes. Nikolas, can you stay here and help them out? Sam, come with me. Grab as many blankets as you can.

Sam: Yes, no problem.

Edward: Make sure that that Rebecca, whatever her name is, gets out safely.

Monica: Yes, please.

Nikolas: I'm supposed to stay here with you, okay?

Monica: No, you go find her.

Edward: Look, I cannot bear to think that some girl who looks so much like our Emily should be left behind. Now, you go on and do whatever it takes.

Nikolas: Edward, are you going to be able to get her up to the roof? How are you going to be able to manage that?

Edward: I'll have help.

Nikolas: I'm worried about your heart.

Edward: No, it's just for show. It's nothing serious.

Nikolas: Look, I'm supposed to stay here and --

Edward: Don't argue with me, son. Now go.

Nikolas: Okay.

[Alarm sounding]

Sonny: Carly? Carly? What the hell do you think you're doing?

Luke: Listen, just don't do anything drastic.

Ethan: Yeah, this is all just a big misunderstanding. Oh, my God, hey, are you okay?

Luke: My heart. My heart.

Ethan: Breathe. What are you guys standing there like some blokes? Call somebody. Call 911. Get help. You're okay. It's okay.

Roger: Hey, what did you say?

Ethan: I just told him we're getting help; everything is going to be fine.

Roger: Back away from him. Don't make me tell you again. Hey, you okay down there?

Nina: Oh, my God, Roger. Roger, are you okay?

Luke: Took you long enough to find your rhythm I must say.

Coleman: All right, what did you clowns do to Sheriff Dault?

Luke: Did you say [Ethan and Luke] sheriff?

Maxie: If I could break your fever for you, Emma, I would. But you just have to get through it and chalk this whole experience up as a really bad hair day. Because this world isn't such a bad place. I mean, it's way more than blizzards and cold weather and being away from your mom. You know, your mom really wanted you. She still does. There might be a problem with Robin, but she's going to fix it. Because that's exactly how Robin is, she always has a solution. So, you and Robin and Patrick, you're going to be the very best family ever. You just need to get better, especially for me, because I'm a selfish person. I can't stand to lose another person that I love. Georgie, if you can hear me, will you please watch out for Emma tonight?

Spinelli: Try the third strand again and reverse the bracketed command. We might be able to surf a signal from the command center or a random news truck.

Winnifred: Would that we could.

Spinelli: Huzzah.

Winnifred: And hurray.

Spinelli: We are once again able to communicate with the law abiding ones.

Winnifred: Okay, tell them our situation is dire.

Spinelli: Stand by for immediate airlift.

Winnifred: Thank gods and goddesses. No, no, they must be possessed by the Zorn of Zurenar if they truly expect the priestess to comply.

Spinelli: Agent Leeds, board the first helicopter. This is an order.

Winnifred: I care not. The priestess shall not save her own life whilst leaving the Jackal in peril.

Sonny: What the hell were you thinking?

Olivia: Consider it an errand of mercy.

Sonny: What is that supposed to mean?

Olivia: I did it for Connie.

Sonny: You did it for Co -- you got close to the fire for her?

Olivia: You think I'm going to walk through fire for that little brat, the way she treats everybody?

Sonny: No.

Olivia: She's lucky though. She's lucky she's got me to look out for her to keep her from breaking her own heart .

Sonny: Okay, you know what? You're not making any sense. You probably got too much fire in your lungs. Listen to me. You're going to find Claudia and Kate, and you tell them to evacuate off the roof. Patrick or somebody else will find them. Get me?

Olivia: Okay, what about you?

Sonny: I'm going to find Carly.

Olivia: Okay.

Patrick: All right, listen up, everyone. We got a chopper on the way. We need to start evacuating everyone, so please start lining up.

Tracy: I want to be on the first flight.

Lulu: She is delusional. We are going together.

Patrick: You've got a VIP seat on the first flight, okay?

Lucky: Thank you. Elizabeth, did you hear that? You're going to go home. I'm going to get you home to your boys.

Elizabeth: Don't leave me.

Nikolas: Thank God you're all right. I've been looking everywhere for you.

Rebecca: I shouldn't have run away when that woman passed out. I couldn't take it.

Nikolas: No, it's all right, just stay close to me. I promise I'll get you out of here.

Rebecca: Why are you doing this? You don't even know me.

Claudia: You didn't really expect Sonny to stick around did you?

Kate: He'll be back.

Claudia: I meant in your life.

Kate: So did I.

Claudia: You really need to cut your losses and move on. Find someone in your own world, Kate, because you're really not Sonny's type.

Kate: There is no way in hell that I'm going to let you get away with what you've done, Claudia. No matter what it takes, I'm going to make sure that Sonny knows all about the monster he chose to marry.

Olivia: They're moving people to the roof. We got to go.

Kate: Where's the DVD?

Olivia: I threw it in the fire, and I watched it burn.

Sonny: Carly, what the hell are you doing? You can't get out that way.

Carly: I have to find Jax.

Sonny: You can't get out of there that way.

Carly: Well, then I will find a way.

Sonny: There is no way. Move, move.

Doctor: She's not responding to the antibiotics. And her fever is not stabilized.

Maxie: Let's give her more antibiotics.

Doctor: That's no longer an option. She's not strong enough.

Maxie: I should've gone with the more aggressive treatment, right? I was playing it safe. I made the wrong choice?

Doctor: Do you have any idea when her parents are going to get here?

Robin: Hey, Uncle Mac.

Mac: Thank God.

Robin: Okay, so everyone is cleared out except the 10th floor. When was the last time you talked to Patrick?

Mac: We lost communication a few minutes ago.

Alexis: Jax landed the helicopter on the roof, so the passengers are getting loaded.

Robin: Okay, but he's still running things right?

Johnny: You have to come with me.

Robin: I will as soon as Patrick is evacuated.

Johnny: Okay, listen to me, your daughter's got pneumonia. She's in critical condition, and the doctor needs a parent who can make a decision. Let's go. Did you hear anything I just said? Your daughter needs you now.

Nikolas: I know that all of this must be terribly confusing to you.

Rebecca: There was a man who saved my life. He said that I looked like his sister.

Nikolas: Yes, you certainly do. And that woman in the wheelchair, that was Monica Quartermaine, his mother.

Rebecca: Yeah, is she going to be all right?

Nikolas: I don't know, but she asked me to come find you. I would have anyway because I had to.

Rebecca: Why?

Nikolas: Because of Emily.

Rebecca: So, who the hell is Emily?

Sam: Do we know who the pilot is?

Winnifred: Not as yet.

Spinelli: But he seems undeterred by the crash.

Winnifred: Oh, wait, wait, look. They're losing control.

Patrick: Everybody, stand back. Stand back.

Spinelli: Come on, whoever you are.

Lucky: Steady, easy does it.

Edward: Put my tax dollars to work.

Patrick: Okay, great, we got a landing.

Spinelli: Oh, my goodness, it's the white knight.

Jax: Where's Carly?

Patrick: We're not sure.

Jax: What do you mean, you're not sure? Is she all right?

Patrick: She's looking for you. I think she used the stairwells to get down.

Jax: Okay, well, let's get these people where they need to go. Can you walk?

Monica: A little.

Patrick: Dr. Quartermaine, you're next. Be careful.

Winnifred: No, others deserve the seat far more than I. My health isn't even compromised in the slightest.

Spinelli: Just like I ignored my instincts and followed orders regarding the biotoxin, so you have to follow your superiors.

Winnifred: No, I fear for your safety.

Spinelli: I am resourceful.

Winnifred: You’re fearless and true, and promise me that you'll survive.

Lucky: This is it. You'll be safe now.

Elizabeth: Come with me.

Lucky: You just keep thinking about Cameron and Jake. We've been through worse than this. We'll be fine.

Carly: I'm not going to go sit and wait for a rescue that's never going to happen.

Sonny: It's already happening. You've got to get out of here.

Carly: Just leave me alone.

Sonny: No, I'm not going to let you kill yourself.

[Ceiling collapsing]

Sonny: Move.

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