GH Transcript Friday 2/6/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/6/09


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Nikolas: Patrick, you're fighting an uphill battle here, and you're trying to do it alone. It's bad enough when you only have patients to take care of, but you're trying to make everybody in this hospital your responsibility. You can't do that.

Patrick: But if I don't, who?

Nikolas: Wait. Hey, you –

Sam: Jason!

Jason: It's Sonny. I've got to stop him.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. He just nearly ran me down.

Jason: Where'd he go?

Sam: I don't know. He said something about Anthony, but I guess finding a man in a wheelchair in a hospital isn't as easy --

Jason: No, no, no. There is no wheelchair. Anthony can walk.

Sam: What?

Jason: And Sonny wants to kill him. If he does, I've got nothing left to trade to save Spinelli.

[Anthony grunts]

Ric: Wait, wait. What the hell are you doing?

Anthony: I'm running for my life.

Ric: Anthony!

Sonny: You can't protect Anthony anymore, Ric. Where's he going?

Johnny: All right, we've got to get her to her feet, get her moving so she can keep warm. Robin, where's your coat?

Maxie: Where is Emma? We have to find the baby. Robin, you have to know where Emma is. She's your daughter.

Ethan: All right. So tell me more about the beautiful girl you met in the mountains who didn't need an introduction to skinny dipping.

Luke: Ah, yeah. Holly, my English rose.

Ethan: Did you say "Holly?"

Luke: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: I met a beautiful English Holly once.

Luke: Do tell.

Ethan: Older than me. Just drop-dead gorgeous. Great body and deep brown eyes.

Luke: Really? Did this brown-eyed holly of yours have a last name?

Ethan: Yes, Sutton, I believe.

Luke: You just took one step too far into the land of coincidence, Ethan Lovett.

Sam: Wait a minute. Make sure you're okay before --

Jason: Sonny found out that Anthony shot Kate.

Sam: Okay, fine. Why wouldn't he want him dead?

Jason: Because Anthony's no good to the FBI if he's dead.

Sam: Let Sonny take care of his own business, Jason.

Jason: Sam, Rayner was specific. He wants a public victory against organized crime. If Anthony dies, there's no one left to give to the feds except for Sonny.

Sam: Well, would you give up Sonny to save Spinelli?

Jason: If I can keep Anthony alive, I don't have to make that choice.

Carly: Why would Sonny decide now's the time to kill Anthony?

Claudia: My father can walk. He hid in the balcony of the church, and he shot Kate.

Carly: How long have you known? And why the hell did you choose now to tell Sonny?

Claudia: I just found out that my father can walk. I told Sonny as soon as I did.

Carly: And now Sonny wants revenge.

Claudia: Yes, of course.

Carly: Wow. This works out great for you, doesn't it? Sonny's going to kill your father. And you can't stand him. Perfect.

Claudia: I just gave up the only opportunity I'm ever going to have to have anything remotely resembling a relationship with my father.

Carly: I'm sure you'll get over it.

Claudia: You're right, I will. I hate him for a reason. But all the same, he's the only father I'm ever going to have.

Ric: Just put the gun away, Sonny.

Sonny: No, don't tell me not to do this.

Ric: I'm a lawyer, okay? I know this is going to go. Your Honor, the accused was seen in the halls of the hospital, in the corridors, holding a weapon, asking for the whereabouts of the deceased.

Sonny: I'm okay with that, Ric.

Ric: I know this seems like the perfect opportunity with the state of emergency that the hospital is in and all to commit a murder. I know, everybody's dying, another body's not going to matter. But if we're lucky enough to get out of this, Sonny, don't you think the cops are going to come in? They're going to perform autopsies. And if they see that Anthony's got a bullet in his head, it's going to lead right back to you.

Sonny: There's always a justification for not killing him. I'm tired of it. Okay? He gets set free and what happens? He hurts somebody that I care about or he tries to kill somebody that I care about. I'm not doing that anymore. I'm going to kill the --

Ric: Okay, Sonny, Sonny. Listen to me. You have the advantage, okay? You can neutralize Anthony. You do not have to sacrifice yourself.

Sonny: I don't plan to.

Maxie: Robin, here's what you need to do. You need to try and remember what happened so we can trace your steps and maybe we can find Emma for you.

Robin: The car broke down. It was snowing really hard.

Johnny: We already know that part. What happened after you went and looked for help? I think she's in shock.

Robin: I got lost, and I couldn't find the way back to the car.

Maxie: Shh.

[Baby crying]

Maxie: Do you hear that?

Johnny: I do hear that.

Maxie: I do, too. Johnny! Oh, God! Okay. Oh, my God! Emma. She's okay! She's okay! Oh, my God! Emma, you're okay. It's okay. She's fine, Robin. Don't you remember? You must have put her in there to keep her safe from the storm.

Carly: Oh, good. I thought you were sleeping. Has Sonny been here? How long ago did he leave?

Kate: Why would I tell you anything about Sonny?

Carly: Listen to me. It turns out that Anthony Zacchara is the one who shot you. And Sonny wants to make him pay.

Kate: So what -- Sonny has his revenge. He'll leave that witch he's married to and come back to me.

Sonny: Even if you didn't know Anthony could walk, which I doubt, you've been his lawyer for a long time. You know how he thinks. You know where he would go.

Ric: No, I don't want any blood on my hands.

Sonny: You don't want any blood on your hands, right? Kate almost died. You were right there when she got shot.

Robin: What is revenge going to get you, Sonny?

Sonny: Revenge is its own reward. Don't preach to me now. I know what you stand to lose. You've been with Anthony for a long time. You got a little power. You're starting to like it. You like it so much that you're willing to set your own brother up and get him killed.

Ric: You've got me all figured out, right?

Sonny: Well, you give me good reason.

Robin: Okay, you know what? I'm going to explain why you're so wrong. For example, Jason. You thought his loyalty to you was undying. Well, not so much, huh?

Sonny: Listen to me. Anthony's not leaving this hospital alive. You help me find him, you'll be all right yourself.

Ric: So why should I trust you?

Sonny: You're right. Okay. You shouldn't, because I save myself, I help myself. Try to do the same, brother.

Trevor: Why the hell are you running around here? Somebody could see you.

Anthony: Claudia gave me up to Sonny before I could kill her.

Trevor: How bad is it?

Anthony: She told him it was me who shot Kate. Now Corinthos is going to hunt me down and shoot me like a dog.

Trevor: Oh, my God. Where is your bodyguard?

Anthony: I don't know where the hell he is. But when I find him, he's dead.

Trevor: All right. Anthony, listen to me. You've got to hide. We can't let Sonny kill you.

Anthony: Exactly. You always see the big picture. Ric was such a disappointment to me.

Trevor: Forget about Ric. How do you know? How do you know that Sonny's after you?

Anthony: Because he's chasing me with a big, freaking gun, Trevor. How smart do I have to be? The man is obsessed with revenge. He knocked Jason Morgan out, and now he's coming after me.

Trevor: Didn't he kill Jason?

Anthony: Go figure.

Trevor: Well, that element of your plan failed miserably.

Anthony: I don't need a running commentary, Trevor. I need to get the hell out of this hospital before Sonny kills me.

Trevor: All right, Tony, listen to me. You hide. Now I am going to go find Sonny. I'm going to distract him and lead him off your trail. Then I'll come back and I'll get you out of here.

Anthony: Oh, yes. That's great. Listen, if you happen to kill Sonny, I'm not going to mind.

Anthony: You bastard! This is all your fault!

Jax: I need an update.

Agent Rayner: Mr. Jacks, I'm already under enough pressure from my superiors, the Equinox board, the D.O.D. I don't need it from you, too.

Jax: Okay. Here is the difference. None of those people are here. None of those people have friends or wives inside the building. I do.

Agent Rayner: You're a civilian. You're not even authorized inside this trailer.

Jax: I understand that, but I have influential friends with access to media. I can turn this into the biggest, ugliest scandal your bureau has ever seen. Are you following me? Now I know you understand how this works. You can either work with me or against me. Now which will it be?

Winnifred: Wait, stop. Find a more secure container. Spinelli, you should not be here. In fact, it is my duty to arrest you unless you deny that you're trying to steal this poison.

Spinelli: I am indeed trying to pilfer said poison. And as a fair thinking member of the human race, priestess Winnifred should offer to aid and abet.

Johnny: It's okay, Robin, we're back at the car.

Robin: It won't start.

Maxie: Maybe we could just get them home.

Robin: Emma has a fever.

Johnny: All right, just give me a few minutes under the hood. I'll see if I can get us running, okay?

Maxie: Johnny is really good with cars, and he'll have it up and running in no time. We'll have Emma to the hospital before you know it.

Robin: Emma has a fever.

Maxie: I know, Robin. You already told me. Do you want to hold her?

Robin: No, she's okay.

Maxie: Why did you leave the car?

Robin: 'Cause of the phone. There was no signal and --

Maxie: I know. Us, too. Did you think that you could walk to a hospital?

Robin: I was trying to find a house, somebody to help, and I -- and got lost. It was easy to get lost.

Maxie: I know it is, okay. I'm sure you're scared.

[Johnny taps on window]

Johnny: See if it starts.

Maxie: Okay, here. Will you hold her?

Robin: No, no, she's okay. She's fine.

Maxie: I have to help Johnny.

Robin: No.

Maxie: Johnny, can you come here? Open the door. Now?

[Engine stalls]

[Engine starts]

Maxie: It's going to be okay, all right? Everything's going to be okay.

Luke: So the pieces clang into place. You heard about me from Holly Sutton. And you sought me out.

Ethan: Not true. And I think I'm a little offended.

Luke: Offended?

Ethan: I thought you gave me more credit than that. I mean, if I was harboring some big, dark secret, why would I lay Holly's name on the table like that?

Luke: Oh, I don't know. Maybe for the same reason you left that coaster with the address of this joint for me to find.

Ethan: Touché. All I seek is the benefit of your vast wisdom and experience. You know, I stand to learn a lot from you.

Luke: Oh, brother. To hear you tell it, you've never heard of me before, so what do you know about my "vast wisdom and experience?"

Ethan: I believe my own eyes. The minute I set foot in your casino, I could sense it. And a friendly observation. You don't need to be so uptight. Especially when it comes to money. You know, considering you married it. I mean, so what do you care about $500 or $5,000 for that matter.

Luke: I care about being ripped off.

Ethan: So get over it. Forgive the debt.

Luke: Oh, yeah. And why would I do that?

Ethan: All right. Well, then let me win it fair and square.

Luke: I'm not going to let you do anything until you tell me something true about yourself.

Spinelli: Equinox cannot be allowed to reclaim this poison.

Winnifred: It's not your call, Mr. Jackal, nor is it mine. This is a matter well above my pay grade.

Spinelli: Equinox cannot be trusted. They've abused the nation's trust.

Winnifred: It's not their fault the poison was stolen. In truth, Equinox Industries has done everything required since the theft. They referred it to the FBI, and now we're obligated to return the biotoxin to the lab that developed it.

Spinelli: This is not a matter of obligation or the letter of the law. This is a question of right or wrong. Any corporation that would manufacture such a deadly toxin cannot be trusted.

Winnifred: Well, people more powerful than we are in a position to make those determinations.

Spinelli: Equinox has developed weapons far worse than the eighth level of Calaphus dungeon. This is a moral outrage. This is not a weapon of war. It's a weapon of terror, designed to be unleashed on thousands of civilians. The fact alone that it was stolen and has created chaos in this hospital is illustration of equinox's incompetence.

Winnifred: I have my orders.

Spinelli: Well, then I banish your orders. I banish them from your mind and demand that you use your conscience. This cannot be allowed to be returned to the evildoers. If you joined the federal ones to do good and fight evil, then this is the place to start. Right here. Right now. It's time to stand up and be counted.

Jason: Have you seen Anthony or Sonny?

Ric: Why the hell would I tell you?

Jason: Okay, you start talking right now or I'll drag your ass back to that boardroom, Ric.

Ric: Oh, it's finally happened. This crisis, whatever it is, Jason, it's a great equalizer. Why would I be afraid of you when people are literally dying from breathing the air?

Jason: You want me to shove you in that O.R. and make them figure out if it's a murder or not?

Ric: Go ahead.

Sam: Just tell him what he wants to know, Ric. Come on.

Ric: All right. What the hell. Sonny is hunting Anthony. And Anthony is running for his life. Yeah, that's right. He's running. Where they're going to end up, I have no idea. I can only hope just the three of you kill each other.

Sam: What are we going to do?

Jason: I'm going to find Anthony before Sonny kills him.

Trevor: You're not going to find him in there.

Sonny: Okay. Well, you're going to have to do. Because whatever Anthony does, you're part of it.

Trevor: You are wrong again. If I was the one who knew that Anthony had shot Kate, he would have never gotten away with it.

Sonny: Or you're lying, Trevor, to save your own life.

Trevor: Look, I despise you, too. Every time our paths have crossed, you have managed to destroy a part of my life. Even as a little boy. [Trevor laughs] The irony is this one time, we're in sync. Anthony's melting down. He's crazy. He's an old man. Better for all of us if he were dead.

Sonny: I don't need your blessing.

Trevor: And I'm not giving it to you. I told Anthony that I would find you and distract you. I lied. He's hiding in the chapel.

Sonny: So now you expect my gratitude? A favor to be named later?

Trevor: Nah. My gift to Kate. Make sure that you aim right between the eyes. Don't disappoint me this time.

Kate: Life is too short. This whole experience has put that in perspective. I love Sonny, and I want to spend my life with him. When this is all over, he's going to leave Claudia. He's going to come back to me.

Carly: If you say so.

Kate: Every move that Sonny has made has been out of love for me. And nothing you can do, nothing anyone does can stop the inevitable.

Carly: Sonny loves power more than he's ever loved you, and as long as Claudia can give him that power, he's going to stay with her.

Kate: I know exactly why Sonny married Claudia. I also know he isn't safe.

Maxie: What are we closer to, G.H. or Mercy?

Johnny: G.H., but it's going to be a slow ride.

Maxie: I don't think Emma's fever is that bad. It's okay.

[Emma crying]

Johnny: When I was a baby, I had a really bad fever once. Claudia said they put me in an ice bath to get my fever down. Maybe that's what Robin was doing.

Maxie: Is that what you did, Robin? You took Emma out to the snow to help get her fever down?

Robin: It doesn't matter. She's still sick.

Maxie: It's okay. We're going to get her to the hospital. Do you think Robin has hypothermia?

Johnny: I don't know. I guess they'll tell us when get there -- to the hospital.

Maxie: Robin, I think maybe Emma wants you.

Robin: No, she's -- I'm no good for her.

Maxie: Something's wrong with her, I think.

[Emma crying]

Maxie: It's amazing that we actually found Robin in that snow, and even more amazing we found Emma in the tree. I can't even imagine what would've happened if he hadn't come along.

Johnny: No, but we did, and everybody's okay.

Maxie: What was Robin thinking? How could someone as smart as her get herself into that situation?

Johnny: She made a couple of mistakes, Maxie. It happens. She probably made a wrong turn, thinking she was going down a familiar street, expecting to find houses and people, but it was the woods. When the car broke down, she figured she and the baby could possibly freeze to death, so I don't know. Seeking shelter had to have felt like the right choice for her.

Maxie: Every choice she made ended up being the wrong one, except for putting Emma in that tree. Thank God Robin had the presence of mind to find her baby shelter when she thought she wasn't going to make it.

Johnny: Okay, so at the end of the day, she made the right choice.

Maxie: Sort of. Yeah, it was good she put Emma in the tree, but what kind of mother doesn't remember where she put her baby?

Johnny: Robin got disoriented, Maxie. With the blizzard and possibly having hypothermia, it could happen to anybody.

Maxie: Not Robin. You don't know her like I do. Okay? My cousin is a planner. She's almost obsessed. She has a plan "a" and a plan "b" and then two more plans just in case those fall through.

Johnny: Well, everything will be fine once we get to the hospital, okay?

Maxie: You hear that, Emma? Johnny said everything is going to be okay. We're going to take care of you.

Patrick: Hey, Sam, have you -- I need Spinelli.

Sam: No, I don't know where he is. I haven't seen him since whenever. This whole evening has turned into one endless nightmare.

Patrick: I just -- I need to find out if he can help me get through to Mercy and find out if Robin and Emma were admitted there.

Sam: Well, I'm sure he would happily hack into one of his computers for you. Call him on the P.A. or something. Whatever you guys use in here. I hope he hasn't gone off and done something really crazy. Not that he can get us into any more trouble than we're already in.

Patrick: You don't think he found a way to leave, do you?

Sam: I don't know. I mean, he knows that we need him. He's our main source of communications. Besides, he hasn't been gone that long. Patrick, listen, he went into like one of those rants, you know, like he does. And he was obsessing on Equinox. And I think he's afraid that if they're allowed to reclaim the poison, then it's going to become one of those national security secrets, and the world just might not ever know the truth.

Patrick: I get all that, but you don't think he would actually try to do anything dangerous, do you?

Sam: He might. I don't know. The question is what.

Spinelli: This poison is evil. It must be destroyed.

Winnifred: You can't fight the entire Equinox Corporation and the federal government all by yourself.

Spinelli: The Jackal is not fighting solo. He has the priestess Winnifred and the powers of Stone Cold and fair Samantha on the side of right.

Winnifred: Then have faith. Equinox Corporation will be held responsible. There are ways to fight them through the system. Legal ways. If you do what you're planning, it amounts to stealing a classified weapon and turning yourself into an enemy of the state.

Spinelli: But perhaps it will save lives.

Winnifred: That's so brave of you, Spinelli. But it's too dangerous.

Spinelli: I respect the priestess, but this may be my only opportunity to stop this evil and prevent it from spreading further.

Winnifred: Okay, I'm about to ask you to do something that I know that I haven't earned. This is important, Spinelli. I need you to trust me.

Claudia: They tell me I'm doing better. Is that disappointment I see in your eyes?

Ric: Well, I guess I was warned, right? After all, you told me you were going to betray me. That's the one thing that I could count on.

Claudia: I didn't betray you, Ric.

Ric: Claudia, I confided in you to protect you. I told you things that could get me killed. And you turn right around, and you told Sonny all of it.

Claudia: I never told Sonny how I found out.

Ric: You gave Sonny the excuse to go and try to kill Anthony.

Claudia: So what? Don't tell me you're going to shed a single tear. You hate him as much as I do.

Ric: If Anthony dies, then Sonny gets everything. We're out of the organization with nothing to show for it.

Claudia: What I told Sonny proves my loyalty. I can make sure that you are taken care of.

Ric: What is this? Now all of a sudden you're going to sit here and throw me scraps and expect me to feel grateful for it after you --

Claudia: Get out. Get out.

Ric: No, I'm not done with you.

Trevor: Temper, temper, Richie. Temper.

Sonny: Anthony, where are you going? Do you want to die looking me in the eye? Or do you prefer I shoot you in the back, so you can run away like the coward that you are? Either way you're going to die, so --

Anthony: You wouldn't shoot me in a church.

Sonny: That's funny coming from a man who shot my bride at her wedding.

Anthony: No, no, no, no. No, no. Your bride is my daughter. We're family, Corinthos.

Sonny: Shut up. You know, the place where I was going to get married was a lot bigger than this. A lot of space for a coward like you to hide. You expecting someone? Don't, because there's no one left to rescue you. If Claudia survives, she picked me over you, and actually, Trevor told me where to find you.

Anthony: Claudia is a self-centered, ungrateful liar.

Sonny: What I want to know is what did Kate ever do to you? Why would you kill an innocent woman?

Anthony: There's no such thing as an innocent woman. They're all guilty of something. Even if it's just marrying the wrong man.

Sonny: You set this in motion, Anthony, to manipulate me. It's the biggest mistake you've ever made. And I'm telling you right now, it's going to cost you. Don't beg me. Don't beg me!

Jason: Put the gun down, Sonny. Put it down!

Luke: You've been pouring the beer, encouraging me to spill my guts. Let's turn the card over. Now you talk, and I'll listen.

Ethan: Fair enough.

Luke: And don't lie to me. I can smell a lie like a pocket full of dead fish.

Ethan: Okay, let's see. I'm adopted. Does that count?

Luke: Yeah, that counts.

Ethan: All right, the adoption was closed, so I never knew my biological parents. Don't much care to either. You know, they gave me up. I give them up. Turn the card, fair play, all that. Anyway, my adoptive parents were killed when I was 15 in a car wreck. And foster care was in my immediate future, so I wasn't much interested in that. I took off. I've been on my own ever since. Just making my way however I can, you know?

Luke: How have you been taking care of yourself?

Ethan: You know, cards, pool, the occasional odd job. I have a particular talent for bartending.

Luke: Yes, you do.

Ethan: That's actually how I met Holly. I was working at a beach resort hotel, this awesome property, and she was based there, fleecing some sheep. She certainly had style.

Luke: She does.

Ethan: And she was a big tipper.

Luke: Well, how did I come up?

Ethan: You didn't. No, swear to God.

Luke: Well, then how did you end up in Port Chuck?

Ethan: I asked Holly where she'd perfected a specific move. And I don't remember what it was now, but she said from a man in a most obscure place, Port Charles, New York.

Luke: So, you lied. You told me that Port Charles just happened to be the place you ran out of money.

Jax: Where's the hazmat team? They should've secured the poison and been back by now.

Agent Rayner: They're professionals. They have to be exact or this poison could be exposed to everyone in the hospital.

Jax: With all due respect, Agent Rayner, I could've removed the poison quicker myself.

Agent Rayner: And died doing it.

Jax: You know, let me rephrase that. You have an hour to clean up whatever you need to clean up, and then I'm going in there to get my wife.

Nikolas: Hey, Carly, where are you coming from?

Carly: Kate Howard’s room. Have you seen Sonny?

Nikolas: No, no, I'm trying to track down someone myself. Have you seen a woman wearing a black leather Jacket, black -- like beret?

Carly: No.

Nikolas: No. Looks a lot like Emily. I know it's crazy. I know.

Carly: Are you feeling okay?

Nikolas: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. It just doesn't help being trapped in this hospital.

Carly: I know. Is it me or is it just getting worse and worse and worse?

Nikolas: Well, I think we should be grateful that we dodged a bigger bullet. Both of us seem to have avoided exposure.

Carly: So far. I know. I just feel like if I'm going to be here any longer, my head's going to explode.

Nikolas: I know.

Carly: I'll let you know if I see Emily’s ghost walking around, okay?

Nikolas: She's not a ghost.

Carly: Sorry.

Nikolas: Look, I know it's completely ridiculous. I know. All right, I'm just going to go see if I can help out in the hospital, okay?

Carly: Good luck with that.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Spinelli: What must be done has nothing to do with trust. It's bigger than you and me combined.

Winnifred: Please, Spinelli. The FBI are not evildoers. We are trying to do what's right. If we work tandem on this, we can save lives.

Spinelli: It is the Jackal's most ardent desire that you're right about this.

Patrick: The FBI is taking the poison out of the O.R. and taking it out of the hospital altogether. If he was going to do something crazy, he probably would've done it by now, right?

[Cell phone rings]

Patrick: Robin? Robin, hey, can you hear me? Are you okay?

Robin: Patrick?

Patrick: Robin, listen to me. You cannot come here.

Robin: Dammit. And the phone's charged now. I don't understand.

Johnny: Maybe the storm's -- I don't know, took out a cell tower?

Robin: I just want him to know that we're okay.

Sam: Did she mention Emma?

Patrick: No, I only heard her voice for a second. I couldn't understand what she was trying to say.

Sam: Okay, well, at least you know she's okay.

Patrick: Yeah, but what about Emma? ‘

Trevor: How are you feeling, dear?

Ric: It was a private conversation, Trevor.

Trevor: Oh, I can see that. Do you want me to leave? I thought not.

Ric: Look, this is none of your business.

Trevor: Oh, yeah, Richie. It is my business. It's very much my business. From the moment that you started to undermine me with Anthony until you made your big power play by sleeping with his daughter. But you see Claudia was fast, and she's bright. She picked the smarter brother to marry.

Claudia: Let it go.

Trevor: It's just an observation. Richie, how many times I got to tell you not to back the wrong horse? But you wanted immediate gratification instead of a long-term strategy. So you made an ally of Anthony. That was a big mistake. Anthony is sick. He's crazy. Increasingly ineffectual.

Ric: Yeah, and yet you propped him up for years, right?

Trevor: Richie, it was a bygone era. I could see right from the start who was going to win this contest of wills. So good for Sonny. To the victor go the spoils.

Ric: You know for a fact that Anthony is dead.

Trevor: Well, I can tell you he is not going to leave this hospital alive.

Ric: Well, good, maybe then we all win.

Trevor: No, no, no. Not you. Claudia might come out on top of this. You see, she's smart. Sonny owes her. You've always been a survivor.

Claudia: Well, I -- I had to be, growing up around you, didn't I?

Trevor: Yeah, and as long as Claudia is secure, brother Johnny is secure. And that's the one thing that Claudia has always been consistent about -- baby brother Johnny.

Ric: What about you? Sonny hates you, with good reason.

Trevor: Thank you for your consideration about me, but I don't need your help. I can take care of myself. I have absolutely no regrets leaving this town. You see, I got underworld connections all over this planet. I got a legal practice in New York City and people who are connected all over. But, please, let me give you one last piece of fatherly advice. It's time to disassociate yourself with all things Zacchara. They're falling down around your ears.

Ric: Don't worry about it. I can take care of myself. That's the one thing I learned from you, Dad -- how to be increasingly selfish.

Claudia: Why did you do that? Why did you get between me and Ric?

Trevor: Clau, it's a small indulgence. After all these years of antipathy towards me, I wanted you to survive long enough so that you could see how beautifully, how perfectly and elegantly I have played this game.

Sonny: Once this piece of dirt dies, it will all --

Jason: Sonny, you know why I need Anthony alive.

Sonny: He shot Kate! I told you that. He wanted us to be -- why are pointing your gun at me? That was his plan.

Jason: His plan didn't work. He's finished. You don't need to kill him.

Anthony: If you're serious about saving my life, Morgan, I think you better shoot Sonny before he kills me.

Trevor: You know, Clau, things are going to work out real well for John and me. When this is over, he and I are going to be the only ones left standing.

Claudia: Did you plan it like this, Trevor? Or did you just get lucky?

Trevor: I consider myself lucky every moment I'm alive. Now we all want Anthony dead. Fortunately, Sonny is going to relieve us of that problem.

Anthony: Sonny's a mad dog. If you want me to stay alive, you got to kill him.

Jason: Sonny, whatever's happened between you and me, Spinelli is innocent. He doesn't deserve to go to jail.

Spinelli: Is the priestess sure that that box and cylinder is sufficient to secure the poison?

Winnifred: It's state of the art. That's metal with titanium lining. These guys know what they're doing.

Trevor: With any luck, you're going to die from that poison.

Claudia: You're stuck in this hospital, too.

Trevor: Yeah, but you see, I got a free pass. As long as this seal is unbroken, it's harmless. Otherwise, it's lethal.

Sonny: Anthony tried to take everything from me.

Anthony: Shoot him.

[Anthony sobbing]

Jax: Guys, guys, you can't go in.

Robin: But Emma's sick.

Jax: It's locked down. No one's getting in or out.

Spinelli: Wait, wait, stop.

Jason: Sonny. Please. Please don't do it. I'm asking you.

[Anthony grunts]

Sonny: I want to kill the son of a bitch. I'm not doing it. Just for you.

Jason: Thank you.

Trevor: This baby's going to save my life. I'll trade it for my freedom and maybe even immunity from prosecution.

Claudia: You really think you're going to get away with that?

Trevor: I got options. What do you think about Costa Rica? I always wanted to see Costa Rica.

Carly: You're the one who stole the poison?

Jax: The poison got into the air supply, and they sealed off the hospital while the FBI deals with it.

Robin: What about my husband? Where is Patrick?

Patrick: Dammit, this is crazy. I still can't reach her.

Sam: Just take it easy.

Patrick: No, I need to find out if she's okay. I'm going to find Spinelli.

Spinelli: Stop, that equipment is --

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