GH Transcript Thursday 2/5/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/5/09


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Jason: What the hell is wrong with you?

Sam: With me? No, you told me to fire -- delivery

Man: You both are nuts.

Jason: I can't believe that you shot me.

Sam: You told me to.

Patrick: Listen, listen, just try not to panic. Okay, force yourself to calm down. Breathe slowly. Breathe slowly, okay? That's good. I need some help over here. That's it, just calm down.

Carly: What's going on? What can I do?

Patrick: Get on the phone. Dial extension 43, tell the trauma room to get a gurney down here. We have another casualty from the toxin. Okay, okay. Just try and calm down.

Sonny: How do you feel?

Claudia: Like I'm suffocating.

Sonny: You said something before you passed out. You remember?

Claudia: That my father shot Kate.

Sonny: You need to be very sure that's true, because you know what happens next.

Sam: You said, "Take the shot."

Jason: I didn't mean "take the shot."

Sam: You mean everything that you say.

Jason: It was supposed to be a diversion.

Sam: No, are you kidding me? Since when do you start lying?

Jason: Yeah, I was going to distract the guy long enough to take his gun.

Sam: Exactly, I was going to shoot him in the shoulder.

Jason: See, that is nearly an impossible shot.

Sam: Why would you say that? I've seen you do it plenty of times.

Jason: Well, I got lucky.

Sam: I could make that shot.

Jason: Obviously, you can't.

Sam: You stepped into the line of fire. It's really not my fault that I shot you.

Claudia: Daddy's not paralyzed. He can walk.

Sonny: How long?

Claudia: Months. He was in the choir loft on your wedding day. He shot Kate, and then he framed the Russians. He knew that Jason wouldn't retaliate.

Sonny: Jason's cautious.

Claudia: And he knew that you would do anything to avenge Kate. He knew that you'd have to turn to him, because he's the only one with enough firepower to get the job done, and now that you're with the Zaccharas, he's doing everything in his power to start a war between you and Jason.

Sonny: Anthony thinks he can manipulate me into killing Jason. As soon as I do, he kills me. He's the last one standing. Not a bad plan. How long have you known? Why are you only warning me now?

Patrick: Okay, take her to I.C.U. Make sure she's as comfortable as possible. Go.

Carly: Comfortable and what? Wait for the worst?

Patrick: We're still in the beginning stages of this thing.

Carly: Okay, up until now, I've been able to convince myself that everyone I care about is probably safe. Kate was right underneath the vent. So was Claudia. Trevor -- I don't know. Maybe he has weak lungs. I was with Tracy all night long, so either she passed out because the poison came through the vent, or this poison is circulating throughout the entire hospital.

Patrick: Carly, I can't give you a definite answer. We still know very little about the properties or how it travels.

Carly: Why is that? Why isn't the government giving you every scrap of information they have on this?

Patrick: Okay, I agree with you. All I know is it's a weapons-grade poison, developed by equinox. Very early stages -- they still don't know how to handle it.

Carly: Or they're covering their asses.

Patrick: Either way, it's a waste of time to speculate. My best guest is that she's having a delayed reaction to the biotoxin when it came through the air vents.

Carly: So that could happen to me or anyone else who was in that room.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Private party?

Elizabeth and Lucky: Hey.

Lucky: Come in.

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Nikolas: You just keep doing what you're doing, okay? Keep fighting. These doctors will find a way to help you.

Lucky: That's what I keep telling her.

Elizabeth: Wish you could talk some sense into your little brother, because he shouldn't even be here.

Lucky: There's no point in going over this. I need you to save your energy.

Nikolas: So, I heard you broke into the hospital after it was locked down.

Lucky: I broke in to be with Elizabeth, and don't bother lecturing me, because if Emily were alive in the same position, you would have done exactly the same thing.

Nikolas: Yeah, you're right.              

Robin: Emma, this is no good. I got to get us back to the car. Oh, God. I have no idea where we are.

Johnny: So much for global warming, huh?

Maxie: They're totally different, you know -- weather and climate. Just because we're having one really cold winter in upstate New York doesn't mean that the rest of the planet isn't getting warmer over the last, like, hundred years. Not that I'm some tree-hugger. That was my sister, Georgie. She had all these newsletters coming in the mail, and my Uncle Mac could not bring himself to cancel them, so they're all over his house. Save the whales, save the planet, save whatever. I never really thought about that kind of stuff before.

Johnny: It's hard not to once you realize the consequences of your actions.

Maxie: I just want to be able to buy a pair of fabulous shoes without thinking some underpaid worker made them or an animal is going to be extinct because of it. Is that so horrible?

Johnny: Where do you want me to take you once we get back into town?

Maxie: How about the apartment? We both live there.

Johnny: Maxie, that's not a good idea. Lulu and I had a bad fight, and us being alone there is probably --

Maxie: Right, bad idea. Why do I feel guilty? It was just a kiss. Okay, maybe two, but it's not like we had sex, even though we thought about it for, like, five seconds, but we didn't do it, and I feel like we should feel good about ourselves because of that.

Johnny: I don't feel good about using you to self-destruct.

Maxie: I feel awful that I almost hurt Spinelli and Lulu. Although I have to be honest, my life was a lot simpler when Lulu and I hated each other. Now that we're sort of, almost friends, I have to feel guilty about making out with her boyfriend.

Johnny: It was my fault, Maxie, not yours.

Maxie: Please, we both know it was a 50-50 near-hookup.

Johnny: But we didn't go through with it.

Maxie: Right. We were both in a bad place, but we didn't have sex, and we never will.

Epiphany: A blizzard outside, the hospital locked down by the FBI, a deadly poison loose in the air supply, and here I am, bandaging up everyone's favorite hit man, and he won't even tell me how he got shot.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Thank you, Epiphany.

Sam: Hello.

Epiphany: You want to make yourself useful?

Sam: Okay.

Epiphany: Keep Mr. Morgan and his fellow mobsters from taking any more shots at each other.

Sam: Okay. You didn't tell her that I shot you?

Jason: Well, there's no point. It's not that serious.

Sam: Okay, it's just that I was responsible -- well, partly responsible. Oh, fine. I just -- I feel bad.

Jason: Well, you were trying to stop the guy, and I did tell you to --

Sam: Take the shot.

Jason: Take the shot.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Not that I'm going to make that mistake again.

Spinelli: Our fate is in the hands of forces most sinister.

Jason: Okay, hold on. Just calm down.

Spinelli: The Equinox Corporation must be thwarted, or more will die.

Patrick: We have another casualty, a woman from the boardroom.

Agent Rayner: The room that shared a common air duct with the O.R. where Bragg was cut open.

Patrick: Yes, she was evacuated along with all the others, scrubbed down about an hour ago, but she just collapsed.

Agent Rayner: Has that room been completely sealed off?

Patrick: Yes.

Agent Rayner: The air ducts as well?

Patrick: Okay, you're missing my point. I don't know if she inhaled the toxin while she was in the boardroom and this is a delayed reaction, or if it's gotten into the main hospital air supply. If that's the case, this building is poisoning people, and we need to get everyone out.

Agent Rayner: We need to send in a team to retrieve the remaining biotoxin from that O.R.

Patrick: Rayner, the biotoxin isn't going anywhere.

Agent Rayner: You have already lost one of the spheres, Doctor, which could result in a major complication.

Patrick: Complication?

Agent Rayner: Do you have any clues? Do you have any idea who might have taken it?

Patrick: I haven't had time to play detective. I'm busy treating patients.

Agent Rayner: All right, then. We're sending in a team to get the three remaining spheres from the O.R.

Patrick: Okay, what part of "people are dying here" do you not understand?

Nikolas: Lucky, when will the new construction be done on Kelly’s?

Lucky: You know, the contractor, he was able to salvage more from the fire than he originally thought, so we're ready to reopen soon.

Nikolas: Oh, good. Well, I propose that we have another one of our famous after-hour gatherings.

Lucky: Okay, let me get this straight. As soon as we're ready to reopen, you want me to shut it down so we can have a private party?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: The problem with that is?

Lucky: No problem.

Nikolas: Come on, we haven't had a closed Kelly’s dinner since Emily died, and I think I'm ready now. Come on, it'll be fun, just like old times. Just the three of us, eating Eli's ribs and Elizabeth’s brownies.

Elizabeth: Only three of us?

Lucky: You wouldn't be asking Nadine to join us?

Nikolas: No, no, I want to keep that memory just for us. It wouldn't be fair to Nadine to put her in that position where she feels like she has to live up to something, and I just -- I want to enjoy those memories just the way they were.

Lucky: Count me in.

Elizabeth: Me, too. There's nothing I'd rather do.

Nikolas: It's okay. All right, all right, I don't want to tire her out. I'll come back and visit you later.

Elizabeth: Okay, yeah.

Nikolas: Okay.

Claudia: After Kate was shot, I went to see Karpov face-to-face, and I told him that Kate had been gunned down at your wedding, and I could see -- it was obvious it was the first that he had heard of it, unlike my father. I've suspected my father knew more than he was saying, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I realized he can walk.

Sonny: You know what has to be done now.

Claudia: Yes. No matter how much I hate him, he's still my father, but this is about survival. Daddy was going to get you to kill Jason, then he'd kill you, and eventually it would be me. And even John's not safe.

Sonny: This was all supposed to be for your brother?

Claudia: Yeah, but not if Johnny doesn't come back into the family. You know, doesn't come back into the life that my father planned for him.

Sonny: Do you think Anthony would actually get rid of him, his own son, kill his own son?

Claudia: I have no doubt. I have no doubt. That's why I'm telling you this. Why else do you think I would be telling you when you know what it means?

Sonny: I get it, I get it. I know what it's costing you.

Claudia: My father has to be stopped. You have to end it, for all of us.

Edward: Don't think I'm going to let those donors off the hook because of this nonsense. No, by God, they're going to pony up for that endowment fund for my great-grandson.

Carly: How are you?

Edward: Oh, considering the fact that I was scrubbed down like a side of beef by a gang of ruffians disguised as orderlies, I guess I'm all right.

Carly: Did you get checked out by a doctor? You gave us quite a scare in the boardroom.

Edward: Oh, well, that's my heart. You know the saying, "too mean to die." Say, speaking of that, the nurse just updated Monica’s chart and put in a new I.V., and she seems to be stable.

Carly: That's wonderful.

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Unfortunately, someone else has gotten sick from the poison.

Edward: It's Jason, isn't it?

Carly: No. I mean, as far as I know, Jason's fine. It's Tracy.

Edward: Tracy? Oh, no, no, she just wants some special treatment, you know? The attention of some young doctor.

Carly: She wasn't faking. I saw her. Fortunately, Patrick was right there. He had a trauma team on her immediately, and they took her down to I.C.U.

Edward: Hmm, to keep her comfortable. You know, they still don't know what they're dealing with, do they?

Carly: I know that Patrick's in constant contact with the FBI. He's getting as much information as he can.

Edward: If they knew what they were dealing with and they could fix it, they would, but they don't, and we're all just waiting around, just -- just waiting.

Carly: I know.

Anthony: Meek, what were you supposed to inherit? What, the earth? Not in this lifetime. Turns out you're not as tough as you thought, huh? You're about to be weeded out by the process of natural selection. Only the strong survive, and since you couldn't be bothered having any progeny, that's it for you. You will soon be off the evolutionary chart.

Sonny: What chart you talking about, Anthony?

Sonny: I think we need to talk this over, father-in-law to son-in-law, son-in-law to father-in-law.

Anthony: Well, I think I should stay with my daughter.

Sonny: No, she'll be okay with it. We don't need to trouble her with our business. Go, take it outside.

Patrick: Our first priority are the people that are fighting for their lives.

Agent Rayner: Well, Doctor, I share your frustration.

Patrick: Well, why don't you share something useful, like the chemical properties that make up this stuff, so we can formulate a treatment plan?

Agent Rayner: You think I'm withholding information?

Patrick: No, I think you're more worried about your superiors and your Equinox shareholders.

Agent Rayner: You don't have a clue.

Patrick: Okay, Rayner, why don't you give me a clue? Why don't you help me here?

Agent Rayner: I can't. I'm in the dark, as you are. I was making a lot of noise around here, rattling a lot of cages, and suddenly a directive from above. Suddenly, this matter is now above my clearance. I can't get people to return my calls, give me answers. Just orders.

Patrick: Fine, where do we stand?

Agent Rayner: As soon as I get information on treatment, I will pass it along to you. Until then, no one will go in or out of that hospital until a team has rescued the remaining spheres of biotoxin from the O.R.

Patrick: I'll have someone meet you at the entrance.

Agent Rayner: Look, Doctor, I realize this is difficult. You have to manage a hospital full of terrified people, make decisions based on very little information. I wish there was more I could give you.

Agent Rayner: I need you to lead a team going into the hospital.

Sam: What are they going to do?

Patrick: They're sending me the team to secure the biotoxin.

Jason: That's it?

Patrick: That's all Rayner said he can do. We're just a complication being handled by somebody higher up the ladder.

Spinelli: This is exactly what I was trying to warn Stone Cold and fair Samantha about. The Equinox Corporation, creators of this deadly biotoxin, are pulling the strings, and they care nothing about the human cost. That's why we must keep them from retrieving the poison.

Johnny: Hey, it's a minivan.

Maxie: Just parked on the side of the -- are we even on a road?

Johnny: Yeah, it's a shortcut through the county woodlands reservoir. There's not a house for miles. It's a lousy place to be stranded.

Maxie: Maybe somebody just abandoned it. I mean, who drives a minivan, anyway?

Johnny: People with kids.

Maxie: Johnny? This is Robin's car.

Johnny: You sure?

Maxie: Definitely.

Johnny: I guess another question is, what happened? And where's Robin?

Robin: Mommy's lost, but I'm going to get you through this, Emma. I'm always going to protect you. Don't worry, baby. Don't worry.

Anthony: What's so important we had to come in here to discuss it?

Sonny: Your death.

Anthony: Whoa.

Sonny: I'm going to kill you regardless, but it's a lot easier for me if I don't have witnesses.

Anthony: Oh, this is crazy. You can't shoot a paralyzed old man.

Sonny: Stop lying to me now, Anthony! You can walk. Climb stairs, line up a shot at the church.

Anthony: What are you -- what are you talking about?

Sonny: You're the one who shot Kate when I was standing right beside her at the altar.

Anthony: That's crazy.

Sonny: You wanted me to watch her die.

Anthony: This is Claudia talking. She put this in your head. And you believed her?

Sonny: You have a choice.

Anthony: She lied to you. She tricked you into this.

Sonny: You can stand up and die like a man, or you can sit in that chair and die like the coward you are, faking it, whining it.

Anthony: This is --

Sonny: Come on.

Anthony: What Claudia wants. For you to kill me, so she can keep her hands clean.

Sonny: You have a choice. Pick one.

Anthony: They call me crazy. I mean, I got nothing on my daughter. Sonny, she fed you the story you would most believe. But it doesn't make any sense, because I can't walk. And even if I could, what do I have to gain by shooting some fashion broad? I mean, think, Sonny. You're supposed to be so smart. And I warned you that Claudia could lie and manipulate with the best of them, and now you're playing right into her hands.

Maxie: The base of the carrier is in here, but the rest of the carrier isn't.

Johnny: Okay, that means she may not have had the baby in the first place.

Maxie: Or -- or Robin took Emma with her. Maybe a car picked them up.

Johnny: No, there's no way. There aren't even any other tracks here, no indication that this car was here since the van was abandoned.

Maxie: Maybe they walked.

Johnny: Okay, that's possible. There. Footprints almost covered up by the snow already.

Maxie: Well, those could be Robin's. They're leading away from here.

Johnny: All right. Get back in the car, I'm going to go search.

Maxie: No, I'm going with you.

Johnny: You are no way dressed for tracking through the snow.

Maxie: I'm going to deal with it, Johnny. Robin is my cousin. We're wasting time.

Johnny: Oh, God.

Spinelli: You must not let the federal ones into the hospital. They'll just take the remaining poison.

Patrick: I just said the same thing to Rayner.

Spinelli: Yeah, who has by his own admission been kept out of the information loop. He is now an unwitting pawn of the Equinox Corporation. Once they recover the biotoxin, they'll do their best to cover up what --

Patrick: Spinelli, too many people have been affected by this. Too many people know what's going on.

Spinelli: Do not underestimate their determination or their indifference. We are simply factors in their cost analysis.

Patrick: Okay, listen. I do not doubt that there are some cold-blooded bastards whose main concern is the bottom line. But my main concern is the lethal poison may have already spread beyond the rooms that we've sealed off. The membranes that hold the biotoxin are severely damaged by Bragg’s stomach acid. If another one opens up, more people are going to die. We need to get them out of the hospital.

Spinelli: Please, no, I beg you to reconsider. Every innocent within these walls --

Jason: Hey, Patrick gave you his answer.

Spinelli: I have barely scratched the surface of the Equinox Corporation’s cyber-security. But even a cursory reconnaissance suggests that maybe they should be renamed the evil corporation of sinister secrets and unethical weapons. They deal in all manner of suspect activity.

Sam: It doesn't matter how bad Equinox is. They're being protected by the FBI.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, the cold, calculating communications that I have seen --

Jason: Okay, did you just hear what Sam said? The FBI is protecting these people. If you get in more trouble with the feds, I can't help you out this time, Spinelli. I got nothing left to trade.

Edward: You know, maybe this -- this is my curse, my fate. Mm-hmm, to linger. To just be left here while everybody else -- God, I always thought that Tracy was invulnerable.

Carly: Hey, no one's dying here.

Edward: They already have.

Carly: Two people.

Edward: Oh.

Carly: Two people out of everyone who's been exposed to this poison. That's including the team in the O.R. and including you and me. I mean, it's awful that anyone's lives have been lost, but I'm just saying that we have reason to hope here. And I think Tracy would very upset that you've written her off so easily.

Edward: Hmm. She'd spit at me like a pit bull.

[Carly laughs]

Edward: Then she'd laugh in my face for sentimentalizing her. God, she knows -- ooh, she knows how to push my buttons.

Carly: That's because you guys are so much alike.

Edward: You know, in spite of all the bickering and the blackmail, there's a part of me inside that has always been very proud of Tracy's strength and her intelligence. I'd never tell her that, of course. She would be insufferable. But, uh -- but now, I'm scared for her.

Carly: I guess they're still your kids, no matter old you are, huh? You know, I can't imagine a time that I won't feel that way about Michael and Morgan. I know that logic tells us that love can't keep our kids safe and well. But sometimes love is all you have.

Spinelli: I must obtain more evidence of the evildoers at Equinox to convince Stone Cold --

Sam: Oh, no, no, no, Spinelli, listen to me, please. You need to stop. Jason is worried about you. He put himself on the line for you. He went undercover as an informant for the FBI and gathered information on Anthony Zacchara. It is a struggle for him. It goes against everything that he believes in, but he did it for you.

Spinelli: Yeah, and I -- I am most grateful, but lives are in jeopardy. Including Stone Cold's mother.

Sam: Okay, yes, I know, I understand that, but if you get into more trouble, everything that he's done for you, the sacrifices he's made, it will be for nothing.

Winnifred: Agent Winnifred Leeds, FBI team leader. We're here to secure the remaining biotoxin.

Winnifred: Thank you.

Patrick: We'll take the elevator to O.R. I don't want people to see you and start to panic.

Winnifred: Okay.

Patrick: This way.

Nikolas: Here you go. I can sit with her if you want to take a break.

Lucky: No, I don't want to leave her. I keep staring at her. Trying to memorize her face so I can keep her with me, you know?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yes, I do know. I'm still the same way with Emily. I feel like I have to hang on to every image of her because I'm afraid I'm going to wake up one day and not remember what she looks like. And I thought eventually that would fade away, but tonight -- tonight I swear I saw her.

Edward: I should be better at this. God knows, I've had enough practice. Praying for a miracle and preparing for the worst. Preparing for another loss. Lila, A.J., Justus, Alan, Emily, Michael, and now Monica with this poison. I thought I had myself mentally prepared enough to handle anything that should come. But not this. Not you. You're too tough. You're too determined. That this should take you before me is -- I'm an old fool. Too seldom did I tell you that I love you. But I do love you, Tracy, and I'm very proud of you. You are the last child that's left to me, and I can't stand to lose you.

Tracy: You're going to make me sick.

Edward: Oh. Oh, that's my girl.

Winnifred: The remaining toxin could kill everyone in the hospital. One of the spheres has already been stolen, so our job is to make sure the rest of the spheres don't fall into the wrong hands. Let's go.

Carly: One of the nurses said you wanted to see me. Why?

Claudia: You're Sonny's alibi of choice. Go find Sonny and come up with something that the two of you could have plausibly have been doing together.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Claudia: Sonny is about to murder my father. He doesn't deserve to go to jail for it.

Anthony: She's using this whole quarantine thing. She saw an opportunity. And then suddenly, she develops a conscience. She needs to make a deathbed confession to you, and what was it, Sonny, what was it? The one thing she knew you couldn't forgive. The one thing she knew you'd have to kill me for. I mean, nobody ever said my daughter was stupid.

Sonny: Your daughter might die, Anthony.

Anthony: 20 to 1 she's faking it. Or at the very least, she's counting on her ability to recover, and then she's planning for the future.

Sonny: It all fits.

Anthony: I can't walk.

Sonny: Yeah? Let's test the theory, then.

Anthony: Karpov shot Kate because you backed out of that deal you had with him. The same reason he -- he stuck a knife in your ribs and dumped you in the harbor to die. What, you didn't think I knew that? That's exactly why I gave you everything. Because I knew you were highly motivated. Sonny, I gave you everything. I turned everything over to you. I handed you the keys to the kingdom. I gave you all that power. And now -- now you're going to throw it away on Claudia's word? I mean, you have to see what's happening here. She's manipulating you into getting rid of me. Then you go to prison for murder, and she walks away the big winner. And -- and -- she's going to share it all with your brother, who she's been not-so-secretly cuckolding you with.

Sonny: You can die in that chair, it's up to you.

Jason: Sonny, you can't kill him.

Maxie: Robin!

Johnny: Robin!

Maxie: Robin!

Johnny: Robin!

Maxie: Robin!

Johnny: Maxie, this is crazy. We stopped seeing her footprints back by the van.

Maxie: That's because the snow is covering them.

Johnny: We can't even see our tracks, or what direction we're going. Let's get back to the car where we can still see our path.

Maxie: No. That's going to take too long.

Johnny: Maxie, we could be out here searching for Robin for hours. We don't even know if she's out here, and you're not going to last that long.

Maxie: How long do you think Robin is going to last, carrying that baby?

Johnny: We don't even know that Robin's out here or that she had the baby.

Maxie: Johnny --

Johnny: What?

Maxie: Put your light over there.

Johnny: Oh, God. It's Emma's baby carrier.

Jason: Back off.

Sonny: No, listen to me. He's lying. He can walk. He shot Kate.

Jason: What?

Anthony: Tell him the source of this big revelation. It was Claudia. It was her deathbed confession.

Jason: That's what Claudia said?

Sonny: This is the way it was supposed to work. Anthony shoots Kate, because he knows I'm going to avenge her. I got no power, I got no organization. He puts me in charge of his, and he escalates the hostility between you and me.

Anthony: I'm an old man in a wheelchair.

Sonny: Shut up! He pushes me until I take you out, then he kills me. That means he's in charge. That's what shooting Kate was all about, a means to an end. He wanted to manipulate you and me, and it almost worked. He has been an ongoing threat, Jason. You know that. He has to die. I'm going to kill him, right now.

Jason: I can't let you. I can't let you kill him.

Sonny: You've got no say.

Jason: You know why I need Anthony alive.

Sonny: No.

Anthony: Yes, yes, he needs me alive! Why? You got some deal with the feds?

Jason: Shut up.

Sonny: No.

Winnifred: Wait. We take the biotoxin after the O.R. is clean. My orders are to remove all evidence of what happened here. Spinelli.

Patrick: Your team is in the O.R. getting the biotoxin. I gave you my full cooperation, now I want something in return. My child is sick; my wife is driving through the storm to get her to the hospital. She doesn't know we're on lockdown; I can't get through to her.

Agent Rayner: You have the cops looking for them.

Patrick: I want your people on it. I want to know that they're okay.

Agent Rayner: We're in the middle of a crisis.

Patrick: Yeah, I'm fully aware of that, Rayner.

Agent Rayner: Look, I can't divert resources.

Patrick: Listen to me. You do it, or everyone's going to know what the hell happened here tonight.

Nikolas: Well, that didn't sound good.

Patrick: Emma's sick. Robin's driving through the storm. I can't get a hold of her to tell her not to come here. FBI, they're just trying to cover their own asses.

Nikolas: I'm sorry to hear that, and because of this Equinox thing, Elizabeth may be dying. I can't let that happen. Let me pull some favors and help you.

Patrick: Deal. You pull some favors, I'll do what I can for you. And I'm sorry. I know what you're going through with Emily. No one should ever have to suffer that kind of loss.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Maxie: Robin!

Johnny: Robin!

Maxie: Robin!

Johnny: Robin!

Maxie and Johnny: Robin!

Maxie: Robin? Johnny!

Johnny: What?

Maxie: Oh, my God! Robin! Robin. Robin -- oh, my God, she's shivering. Robin, are you okay? Robin, where's your baby? Where's Emma?

[Robin moans]

Maxie: Oh, my God. Robin, where is Emma? Oh, my God.

Robin: I don't know.

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