GH Transcript Monday 2/2/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/2/09


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Ethan: You know, this is my fatal flaw. It's tragic, really. Here we were, hitting it off so great, and then I'm compelled to ruin it.

Luke: Oh, you can drop the "I'm just a hapless screw-up" defense. I don't buy it.

Ethan: No, no defense. You got me cold.

Sonny: My wife's down. She needs help.

Ric: Claudia, Claudia, can you hear me?

Sonny: Hang on. We're going to get you out of here, okay?

Carly: Open the door. We need help in here. Open up the door. We need some help.

Patrick: Hey, Carly, it's Patrick.

Carly: Claudia Zacchara has collapsed. We need some help.

Patrick: Okay, we'll be in there as soon as we can.

Carly: Okay.

Claudia: Wait, my father –

Sam: I don't suppose Agent Rayner gave you any idea when we're allowed to start letting people out of here.

Jason: There's just no way to predict. The feds don't want the poison spreading more than it already has. Listen -- it's safe to say that nobody is getting in or out of this hospital any time soon.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: If I had to be stuck in a blizzard, why couldn't I be stranded in my sweet new apartment with the fireplace going and music playing? It's really starting to look nice there, right?

Johnny: Yeah, I got to tell you -- there we go -- when I first walked into that place, I thought, these two divas aren't going to last a week here. But I got to admit, it looks pretty awesome.

Maxie: Thank you. "Crimson" would be a good place to be stranded, too. Middle of the night, Kate-less, no phones -- I could get caught up on my work for once. Or a spa, because I could really use a massage.

Johnny: Yeah, I'm sorry the accommodations aren't to your liking. I figured, compared to being stuck out there, freezing your little buns off in your wrecked car, a comfy couch and a cool beer might be nice.

Maxie: Okay, I concede. This dump is definitely preferable to death.

Johnny: I'm surprised, with your vision, you don't see it.

Maxie: See what?

Johnny: The potential. Man, with a little love, this place could rock.

Ethan: Now, if the situation were reversed and I had that hardware aimed at you --

Luke: That would never happen, sonny.

Ethan: Well, indulge me. All right, if I just caught you elbow-deep in my cash, what tale would you concoct?

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Well, I mean, if you're fast enough on your feet, there's any number of excuses you could use. You could say that you thought I was too drunk to do my own accounting and that you were just trying to lighten my load so that I would have less money to count.

Ethan: And you'd buy that?

Luke: No -- hell, no. But I would give you points for creativity and for being able to weave a tale, which it seems to me you have those qualities in spades.

Ethan: Oh, well, I'm honored, and I'm curious. Where do you see us going from here?

Luke: When did "you" become "us"?

Ethan: Do you cut me loose, you know, let me go on my merry way, or do you turn me over to the authorities?

Luke: What authority? What, you mean the police? Oh, hell, no, I don't deal with the police, man, never. It's a matter of principle with me. I have something else in mind for you.

Anthony: Sonny, is it just me or isn't Claudia in really bad shape? She could hardly breathe.

Sonny: And that concerns you?

Anthony: Of course, it does. She's my daughter. When the chips are down, that's all that matters.

Sonny: Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining. You don't give a damn about Claudia. You just think she told me something, right? And you're wondering if she got it out.

Anthony: Did she?

Sonny: Whatever it is she was about to tell me, I know it's not good news for you.

Anthony: Listen, you little weasel. If Claudia spills the beans to Sonny about how I shot Kate, you're going to pay for both sets of loose lips with your life.

Jason: The hospital is under quarantine. We can't let you in.

Jax: What -- quarantine?

Jason: The poison got loose in the ventilation system.

Jax: How the hell did that happen?

Jason: Jax, it's a long story.

Jax: Is Carly all right?

Jason: Carly was exposed, but right now she's okay.

Jax: Well, I need to see her.

Jason: No, it can't happen. I can't let you in.

Jax: Who the hell put you in charge --

Sam: Look, believe me, if the cops or the feds want to come and help us out, that's fine by us. But in the meantime, everyone's doing what they can to pitch in.

Jax: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Were there a lot of people exposed?

Jason: Mostly people in the O.R. team -- Matt Hunter, Monica, and Elizabeth.

Mac: How soon can we start evacuating the unaffected areas? What do you mean, that's not your -- who's decision is it? Well, as soon as you find out, let me know.

Lucky: Mac, I got your page.

Mac: Lucky, listen. An accident victim was admitted to General Hospital transporting spheres of some experimental deadly toxin internally. Before Dr. Drake figured that out, his brother opened the patient for surgery. One of the spheres got pierced. The O.R. team collapsed. The toxin went airborne. It's circulating through the ducts. There's casualties. There could be more.

Lucky: Elizabeth was on duty tonight.

Mac: That's why I called you personally. Elizabeth was part of the O.R. team. She's in critical condition.

Epiphany: No, leave it. Leave it, leave it, leave it. You're in the ICU.

Elizabeth: Why -- what happened?

Epiphany: A toxin got loose in the O.R. The whole team is down.

Luke: You sure you want to make that move? You stand to lose a lot.

Ethan: I knew you were a gambling man the minute I laid eyes on you.

Luke: I run a casino, pal. What would I be, a priest?

Ethan: No, it's more than that. You're a player.

Luke: Oh, I like to grab opportunity when she knocks. Games of chance are a proven historical way to separate a fool from his gold.

Ethan: Well, it seems you're doing quite well for yourself in that regard.

Luke: I do all right.

Ethan: Are you rich?

Luke: I got a rich wife.

Ethan: Nice.

Luke: It has its perks. Money for me is like the tide. It comes, it goes. And it looks to me, Ethan Lovett, like you are going out with the tide.

Ric: What do you know about this poison that's in the air?

Nadine: No more than you.

Ric: Well, you're a nurse. You're educated. You never read about anything like this before?

Nadine: The thing about toxins is they're unpredictable. I mean, some of them strike you down immediately. Others, a little more hit-and-miss.

Ric: Oh, great, random chaos.

Edward: What else is new? Random chaos is the name of the game in this town thanks to people like you.

Tracy: So what happens next?

Nadine: Most likely decontamination process. We've all been exposed, so the poison is probably in our hair and clothes.

Tracy: Have you heard anything yet?

Carly: No.

Tracy: Dr. Drake, we need an update.

Patrick: We have to evacuate and decontaminate everyone one by one. We'll be in as soon as possible.

Tracy: Okay, so we need a sequence. My father should go next.

Edward: Well, Tracy, I didn't think you cared.

Anthony: Wait a minute. Why should Edward go next?

Tracy: Because he's an old man.

Anthony: Well, so am I. I'm an old man in a wheelchair whose daughter just happened to be felled. Claudia needs her father. I should go next.

Sonny: You know what? I can make the argument that who Claudia needs is her husband. Carly's a mother. She should go first.

Maxie: Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for the roof over my head and the beer, and the company. But other than a convenient shelter in a storm, what do you think this dump is good for?

Johnny: It's perfect for a custom garage. Port Charles could use something like that. You know, a lot of high profile people driving high profile cars. They'd appreciate being able to take their vehicles to a real mechanic who knows the ins and out of their car and how to fine-tune it.

Maxie: And this sings to you why?

Johnny: I love cars -- getting in the engine, finding out what it needs, fine-tuning it to make it go a little faster.

Maxie: I never knew that about you.

Johnny: Well, when I was in high school, that's when my father was really nuts. I was virtually a prisoner in his home. I had to find something to do to pass the time. So it ended up being pianos and cars.

Maxie: Then why in the world are you running around looking for work that has nothing to do with your passion?

Johnny: Mechanic jobs aren't very easy to come by, and I don't have my license.

Maxie: So get one.

Lucky: You said toxin in the air.

Mac: Right.

Lucky: What kind of toxin?

Mac: Specifically, I don't know.

Lucky: How are we supposed to fight something we don't know anything about?

Mac: We're not. We're supposed to be on call in case the feds decide they need us. Lucky, they're playing this close to the vest. What does that tell you?

Lucky: That the situation is as bad as it gets. Have the feds told you anything?

Mac: Only that the poison is classified. Look, I get the sense that it's in developmental stages and wasn't supposed to get out. Now that it has, they're scrambling to contain it.

Lucky: Well, I'm telling you right now I'm not going to sit on my hands and let Elizabeth die while the feds need a cover-up.

Jax: When can we start evacuating the hospital?

Mac: What do you mean, we?

Jax: Mac, I'll use all of my resources to get this expedited.

Mac: Well, you know what? If you can -- if you can get the feds to operate on your timetable, you're a better man than I am. Lucky, Lucky.

Lulu: I'm not very good at waiting. It just makes want to smash something.

Spinelli: The Jackal is equally restless.

Lulu: No, you're not. You're just sitting there.

Spinelli: Well, as the assassin of cyberspace, the Jackal spends much of his time waiting for information. So I've adapted a Zen-like approach. Also, we are dealing with the feds, who are traditionally pernicious and unforthcoming, traits only exacerbated in this particular case. I fear and suspect that they know as little about the effects of this mysterious toxin as we do. The original blond one seems upset about an unrelated manner.

Lulu: No, it's just -- it's completely self-involved. I'm just worried. When Johnny left, he was really angry. When he's angry, he's reckless. He's not calling me back, and with the weather like this, I don't -- I mean, what if he got into a car accident or something?

Spinelli: Excellent. No, I'm sorry. Just -- something constructive for me to do. I'll monitor the accident reports and see if anything about the dark prince --

Sam: Hey -- okay -- sorry. Any word from the feds?

Spinelli: No. Where's Stone Cold? Never mind, I --

Sam: Yeah.

Spinelli: I think I know.

Elizabeth: What about the team? Are they okay?

Epiphany: I don't want you to worry about that right now. You just need to focus all your energy on breathing.

Elizabeth: I'm so sleepy.

Epiphany: That's okay. That's right. Just -- just rest.

Epiphany: She's critical.

Jason: She's -- what's happening -- what's happening to her?

Epiphany: The biotoxin that she inhaled is squeezing off her lungs.

Jason: She's suffocating?

Anthony: So long, suckers.

Carly: He's charming.

Sonny: What do you expect? He's a con.

Edward: Oh, look who's talking.

Tracy: Daddy, Sonny's not a con. He's a thug. There's a difference.

Edward: No, no, no, no. Corinthos, Zacchara, and that one over there drinking -- they're all alike. They're blights on the universe.

Ric: Oh, and we speak so fondly of you.

Carly: Seriously, you guys are going to bicker the whole time we're in here?

Tracy: Oh, no. We could talk about you.

Carly: And why would you want to do that?

Tracy: Because you are such a fascinating case study. For instance, you destroy everything you touch.

Sonny: Easy, Tracy.

Carly: No, let her talk.

[Tracy chuckles]

Tracy: As if anybody could stop me. You throw a fundraiser to whitewash Michael’s condition and all your guests get poisoned. There must be a metaphor in there somewhere.

Carly: You selfish bitch. How dare you accuse me of trying to whitewash Michael’s condition? As if that's even possible. He's lying in a coma in a hospital bed for the rest of his life, Tracy.

Edward: My dear, no doubt you have made some very serious mistakes in your life, but we all know that the blame for Michael lies squarely on Sonny.

Matt: Patrick. Patrick.

Patrick: Hey, hey, just relax. All right? Do you remember what happened? You were about to operate on Earl Bragg, the car accident victim.

Matt: There was something inside of him.

Patrick: Yeah. X-rays came back to the E.R. He was carrying five spheres of a deadly poison internally. One of them opened up during the procedure and took down -- took down the entire O.R. team.

Matt: My team. This is on me.

Luke: What part of Australia did you say you're from?

Ethan: No, you already asked me that. Good try, though, getting me to slip up, contradict my story.

Luke: Maybe I'm just forgetful.

Ethan: Yeah, maybe so.

Luke: Maybe if you told me a little more about yourself, maybe I wouldn't have to ask so many damn questions.

Ethan: You know, I thought I was good, but you -- you're in a league all your own.

Luke: And you're still tap dancing.

Ethan: What do you want to know?

Luke: Tell me about your travels.

Ethan: I've still got a lot of the world to see yet.

Luke: Well, you're young. You've got time.

Ethan: Seems like I can always find a better way to waste my hard-earned cash.

Luke: Let me guess -- booze and women.

Ethan: Tops my list, mate.

Luke: Are you a chip off the old block?

Ethan: You know, you'd have to ask my mom. I never met the bloke.

Luke: Well, you know what? You're lucky. They tell me that fathers become nothing but another grueling disappointment you've got to lug around.

Ethan: Well, there's a cheerful point of  view–

[Both laugh]

Maxie: If you want to spend hours of your day in a dump like this, who am I to judge? That's what's wrong with the world today. People don't know how to believe in their dreams anymore, or even have them. I say, whatever brings you bliss, go for it.

Johnny: Thanks for the encouragement, but you can say it. You think I'm delusional.

Maxie: I already told you what I thought. Just because I don't relate to the specifics of your dream doesn't mean I don't have one. Dreams, I've got that right down to my stilettos. What?

Johnny: Nothing. You just surprise me sometimes.

Maxie: How?

Johnny: I don't know. Here you are going on and on about dreams. I guess I never pegged you for the dreamy type.

Maxie: Of course I am. I'm just practical about it. My sister, Georgie -- she was the big believer in dreams, plans, goals, setting yourself on a path to something. She was younger than me, but she knew she wanted to go to school in Italy, when I couldn't see past the next party I was going to. I was kind of beat around, not physically, but heart-wise, and I figured if I never stopped moving, I could no longer be a target for hurt.

Johnny: I can relate.

Maxie: Yeah, I imagine you can.

Lulu: Maybe we should go to Elizabeth’s ICU and check on --

Sam: Look, I know you're worried, but that's really not a good idea.

Lulu: Obviously, Jason thought it was.

Sam: No, look. The hospital doesn't need a bunch of healthy family members running around looking for loved ones when we don't know if this thing is contained or not.

Lulu: Haven't they closed off all the air ducts?

Sam: But --

Spinelli: If the Jackal may interject, there's no way to ascertain how far the poison may have spread before the ducts were sealed off, and optimistically --

Sam: What he's trying to say is nobody's moving.

Lulu: Okay, sorry. I just don't want to sit here and do nothing.

Sam: Well, who does? What are you doing here?

Lucky: I could ask you two the same question.

Sam: No, don't deflect. The hospital's closed down. Nobody in, nobody out, and you're here?

Lucky: I broke in.

Lulu: Why would you do that?

Lucky: I need to make sure Elizabeth is okay.

Jason: Oh, excuse me. Have other people in the boardroom been evacuated?

Nurse: They're taking them out one at a time. Ms. Zacchara bumped the line because she collapsed.

Claudia: Jason, I have to tell you -- oh --

Jason: Okay, hold on, hold on, take it easy. What are you trying to say?

Claudia: Have to warn Sonny. My father --

Jason: What, what? What, Claudia? What about Sonny? Claudia, what -- what's Anthony planning to do?

Patrick: Matt, surgery is a demanding profession. Last time I checked, being a psychic wasn't one of the requirements. This isn't your fault. There's no way you could have known that Bragg was going to come in with five spheres of a deadly poison ingested in his stomach.

Matt: It was my team, my responsibility.

Patrick: All right, well, you want to use that logic, then it was my surgery in the first place. I asked you to do it, so there you go. It's on me now.

Matt: It doesn't work that way.

Patrick: No, I can actually --

Matt: Doesn't work.

Patrick: I can go a step further. The x-rays came back, and I saw what was inside Bragg’s stomach. I ran into the O.R. to try and stop it, but I wasn't there in time. And you being the younger brother and me being chronically sleep deprived, if the role was reversed, you probably would have ran faster and got there in time, so there you go.

Matt: Appeal to my ego. That's a good strategy.

Patrick: Yeah, I try to do what works.

Maxie: Even when I was a little girl, I loved fashion. I would wait until I got my allowance and then rush down to the drugstore to by copies of "Bella" and "Couture." I would even buy the bridal magazines and just dream about what it would be like when that was my world.

Johnny: I envy that, being positive where you belong. I've always been ambivalent.

Maxie: I wasn't consistent. I lost focus many times, but I never lost my desire. And then when Kate Howard, fashion icon, decides to set up shop in Port Charles, it was like kismet, which means fate, in case you didn't know.

[Johnny scoffs]

Maxie: And then of course I get a job with her, and the rest is history in the making.

Johnny: I knew it. Something told me that your ambitions didn't stop at being Kate Howard’s assistant.

Maxie: That's first assistant, and no. Kate's just a stepping stone.

Johnny: To what? Your own magazine?

Maxie: There's a time I would have said no, but working at "Crimson" has opened up so many possibilities for me. Like I can write, especially about things that I'm interested in. I got to write an article on the death of espadrilles.

Johnny: Sorry, wrong pipe.

Maxie: It's okay. I won't be offended if you scoff, but if you're allowed to be all enthralled with this dump, I should be allowed to care about outmoded shoe styles.

Luke: Took a lot of skill for you to spot that ace up my sleeve. I can also see that you do all right with a con. Of course, I wasn't taken in, but most of my high-rollers -- they would be. But you need a lot of lessons in finesse.

Ethan: Oh, are you volunteering to tutor me?

Luke: I'm thinking maybe it would be better to have you working for the house than against it. Maybe we do need a shill here. I don't know why, but the locals -- they don't seem to trust me.

Ethan: Aw. Now, do I hear a job offer in there?

Luke: What if I said yes?

Ethan: Then I'd have to say no.

Tracy: Not only was a lethal poison allowed to escape through the air vents, but the hospital response team is woefully inadequate.

Sonny: Will you shut up? All you do is complain. The hospital is doing the best they can.

Tracy: Did you just tell me to shut up?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tracy: What's going to happen if I don't? You're gonna break my kneecaps?

Carly: Guys, play nicely.

Tracy: If I find out that mob insanity is the cause of this disaster --

Tracy: Okay, I'm going. Any objections?

Sonny, Ric, and Carly: No.

Sonny and Ric: Not at all.

Carly: Please.

Tracy: What now? Just my luck.

Epiphany: It's no picnic for me either. Robe off. Get in.

Lulu: Lucky, I know that you and Elizabeth care about each other, but it was wrong for you to risk your life to be in here. If anything happens to Elizabeth, God forbid, you automatically become the most important person in Cam and Jake’s life. You are the only father that they know.

Lucky: I don't see how I put my life at any great risk.

Sam: Well, it's really too early to tell any of that, Lucky. Everything is still in limbo. Nobody knows how far this toxin has spread. People have been collapsing in areas that were presumed unaffected.

Lucky: Elizabeth is fighting for her life, and I need to be here. That's what we've done, what we do. When things get tough, we help each other get through. Where is she? Where's Elizabeth?

Jason: She's at ICU 2

Ethan: Well, thank you for an eventful evening and the job offer.

Luke: Well, I thought I'd put it out there. The job is yours if you want it. If you don't, that's cool. But don't come around here and hustle my customers. You know what I'm saying? This place is off limits to you unless I get a cut of your action.

Ethan: Fair enough.

Luke: All right.

Ethan: Maybe, maybe we'll play again some time.

Luke: Maybe we will. Next time you'll put up your own stakes. And Ethan Lovett, next time you break into my casino -- [Makes gunshot sound]

Luke: Good night.

Ethan: Good night.

Nurse: I'm going to try to find you a room, Mr. Zacchara.

Anthony: Ah, that's very thoughtful of you, young lady. Maybe you could also help me with something else. My daughter Claudia collapsed. Do you have any idea where she might have been taken?

Nurse: ICU.


Anthony: Oh, I see you got your hands full. You go, do what you need to do. I'm happy to wait.

Ric: One of us should go stand by the door. Carly, you should go.

Carly: If the toxin hasn't got me by now, it's not going to. You go ahead. I'll wait with Sonny.

Ric: Ha. Why am I not surprised? Don't you ever learn?

Carly: Why don't you keep your opinions to yourself?

Carly: Never let it be said that I don't know how to throw a good party.

Sonny: You did not know this was going to happen, okay? It does not change the fact that you were doing something good.

Carly: Well, I haven't given up on that. As soon as we get through this disaster, I'm going to, you know, pull it together again. The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to throw another benefit.

Sonny: You know what you remind me of tonight?

Carly: What?

Sonny: You're always steady in a crisis. Like the Metro Court. We were held hostage. You never wavered. When things get tough, you get tougher.

Carly: Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Carly Jacks.

Jax: Say that again so I can savor it.

Carly: Jax, where are you?

Jax: I'm outside the hospital.

Carly: But Olivia said that you were going to Hong Kong to help Lady Jane.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, I turned the jet around midway. I started thinking about all the times you needed me and I wasn't there. I couldn't let that happen again.

Carly: That means so much to me.

Jax: I understand the hospital's been sealed off. It's going to be hard for me to get to you.

Carly: No, you just being here is enough. I love you so much, Jax.

Sam: I'm going to say this in advance, because I know it's going to sound crazy. I wish that Earl Bragg had some co-conspirators, because maybe we could go and see who was tracking him down and --

Jason: Wait a minute. We don't know -- hold on. We don't know that he doesn't.

Sam: What do you mean?

Jason: I'm going to check the O.R.

Sam: Why? What are you looking for?

Jason: I want to make sure everything's exactly the same way Patrick left it.

Lulu: Did you see that?

Spinelli: I'm sorry?

Lulu: Sam and Jason jumping out of their skin?

Spinelli: Neither Stone Cold nor fair Samantha are known for their patience.

Lulu: I know. I get that they're danger junkies, but the reason they wanted to do something so badly is because Lucky is with Elizabeth right now.

Spinelli: You know, the feminine mind never ceases to awe and humble. I think the original blonde one's astute observation is absolutely right. Oh, reassuring news. I've been monitoring the accident reports, and so far nothing has included the mob prince's vehicle.

Lulu: What?

Spinelli: Fair Maximista's car has been found crashed and abandoned on the side of highway 10.

Johnny: So if the ultimate goal isn't eventually owning your own magazine, what is it?

Maxie: Don't laugh.

Johnny: Never.

Maxie: Well, I'd like to find an up-and-coming designer that I could partner with -- someone who's not completely set in their ways and still open to suggestions. We could open a design house, and I could help with the creative ideas and do the marketing. Be like being a part of something from the ground up that reflects my tastes and visions. Well, you're not laughing.

Johnny: Why would I? Sounds perfect for you.

Maxie: You really think I could do something like that?

Johnny: I got no doubt.

Maxie: You would have if you met me a couple years ago, B.S. -- Before Spinelli. He believes in me so much that it's hard for me not to believe in myself.

Johnny: That's the way Lulu believes in me.

Maxie: It's a good thing, right? To have someone around who has so much faith in you.

Johnny: Should be.

Maxie: It is... Mostly. Except part of me knows that I'm just going to end up blowing it some day, which is torture, really. I just wish I could light the match and get it over with.

Johnny: I know exactly what you mean.

Elizabeth: Lucky?

Lucky: Shh. I'm here now.

Matt: So, are you my doctor?

Patrick: Well, even better. I'm your brother and your doctor, so you're pretty much guaranteed the best care possible.

Matt: Tell me the truth. The poison -- is it -- is it fatal?

Patrick: It is, and it isn't.

Matt: So I may or may not make it.

Leyla: Patrick.

Patrick: Hey, hey... You're okay. You're in ICU. You've been exposed to a poison.

Leyla: The O.R.

Patrick: Yeah.

Leyla: I remember. How are the others?

Patrick: They're being taken care of. Don't worry about them right now, okay? We're going to find a way to deal with this.

Leyla: I'm not worried... Not in the least.

Patrick: Well, that's good. Hey.

Leyla: I'm actually glad you're here. There's something I need to tell you.

Patrick: Okay.

Leyla: I'm genuinely happy for the happiness you've found... Now that I've found some of my own.

[Leyla coughs]

Leyla: Everything works out in the end.

Patrick: Come on, Leyla. Just hang in there, okay?

[Leyla gasps]

Patrick: This is Dr. Drake. I need a crash cart in ICU 1, stat.

Matt: She's arresting.

Patrick: Stay there.

Patrick: Come on, Leyla.

Elizabeth: How are Cameron and Jake?

Lucky: They're fine. They're at your grandmother's, and they have no idea that their mother's been in an accident.

Elizabeth: It was poison.

Lucky: I know.

Elizabeth: You shouldn't be here.

Lucky: Do you think I'd let you fight this alone? I'm going to stay right here by your side, and I am going to remind you of everything that you have to live for. When you run out of strength, I'll give you mine

Anthony: I've never known how I feel about you, Claudia. You're my daughter. You're flesh of my flesh. But your mother's in there, too. Her treachery, her ruthless ambition -- all the things that trip you up. I suppose you can't help it. I mean, you're a product of parents you didn't ask for. In a way... You were innocent. No, I will not let my soft spot for you get in the way. That idiot Ric -- he told you that I was Kate's shooter, and instead of doing the right thing, instead of coming to me and warning me about the traitor in my midst, you were all poised to tell Sonny all about it. I can't trust you, Claudia, and that's the bottom line, and you know what that means. I have to shut you up for good.

Sam: I never got a look inside. It must have been chaos in there. I just can't help but think that if I hadn't been on the road, if Bragg hadn't run into me, none of this would have ever happened.

Jason: Wait a minute. Patrick said there were four spheres left, right?

Sam: Yeah, why?

Jason: One's missing.

Sam: Oh, my God, Jason. This just got a whole lot worse, didn't it?

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