GH Transcript Friday 1/30/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/30/09


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Sonny: Kate, you okay? Can somebody help me?

Claudia: Well, that was sudden.

Sonny: I was talking to her, and she collapsed. You didn't see that?

Claudia: No, I did. I did, actually. Come on, she's faking it. Faking it. Anything for a little attention.

Jason: If the biotoxin is in the ventilation system, it's just a matter of time before it spreads.

Agent Rayner: We don't want to set off a panic. Our first priority is containment.

Jason: My first priority is saving people's lives.

Spinelli: The air duct from O.R. 2 shares a common feeder with the hospital boardroom.

Jason: Did you get that? The air duct from O.R. shares a common feeder with the hospital boardroom.

Agent Rayner: Find out if anyone is using it.

Jason: There's a charity event. It's full of people.

Agent Rayner: Seal off the room. It's the only way to keep the biotoxin from spreading.

Jason: Seal off the room? What about the people inside?

Luke: I was hoping to get a chance to use this tonight.

Man: Are you a gambling man?

Lulu: Okay, let's look at this logically.

Nikolas: I am. I'm trying to.

Lulu: You know that Emily is dead.

Nikolas: Of course, I know that she's dead. It's the inescapable fact of my life.

Lulu: Then whomever you saw couldn't have been her.

Nikolas: Well, I know it wasn't a trick of the light or someone with a passing resemblance. It was her. I saw her face as clear as I can see yours, so maybe the hallucinations are coming back.

Lulu: The hallucinations were a result of a tumor pressing on your brain. The doctors removed, it and they're monitoring you regularly.

Nikolas: I know that they are. I had a check up weeks ago, and the scan came back clean. But in three weeks -- it could have changed since then. It had to of.

Lulu: You don't know that.

Nikolas: You said you wanted to be logical about this, right? Well, it's the only explanation. Because I didn't imagine it. I saw Emily here.

Robin: Emma, come on, you have to eat. Come on, you were supposed to take your bottle two hours ago. If I pick you up, you're just going to start crying because you -- because you -- because somehow you know that I have no idea what I'm doing, and I have no business being your mother.

Patrick: Jason Morgan went to the conference room to explain the situation to everyone inside.

Agent Rayner: This is about containment now.

Patrick: There are people in that room that he cares about.

Agent Rayner: It may be too late for them. Do you understand?

Patrick: I understand that there is a biotoxin that the government lost, and now it is up to us to clean it up.

Agent Rayner: I need someone to seal off the air ducts in the O.R. and check the condition of the capsules that Bragg was carrying in his gut.

Patrick: Fine, I'll handle it.

Agent Rayner: How's your chief of staff faring? Can I talk to her?

Patrick: Our chief of staff was assisting on Bragg’s surgery, now she's fighting for her life. I told you I would handle it. Now you do your job and make sure nobody else dies.

Spinelli: Agent Rayner, it is the Jackal, Damian Spinelli.

Agent Rayner: I need for you to hack into the hospital computer. Shut down the ventilation systems, close the ducts. Anything to keep this from spreading.

Spinelli: That would require activity that is outlawed.

Sam: Patrick, I've got this.

Patrick: Sam.

Sam: Come on, you've seen what that poison can do. The people in the conference room are going to need a doctor. I can go in the other room and seal off the vents, do what needs to be done.

Patrick: You can't autopsy Bragg.

Sam: Some dead guy is not going to know if I nick a few vital organs.

Patrick: It's a little more complicated than that.

Sam: How many times have you gone in here? Hazmat suit or not, you will be affected. You have got a family and a wife and a kid. They all need you.

Patrick: So does everybody else.

Trevor: Richard, what the hell happened?

Ric: She just collapsed.

Trevor: What did he do to her this time?

Sonny: Get him out of here, Ric.

Trevor: I'm not going anywhere.

Ric: You're not helping anything.

Trevor: Step aside. I love Kate.

Sonny: Is it her heart?

Nadine: I don't think so, but she's in respiratory distress. Her breathing is shallow, and her pulse is irregular.

Carly: No one's answering at the desk. I'm going to go see if I can find somebody.

Edward: What's the matter?

Carly: Door's stuck.

Jason: Don't -- stop. Don't try to open the door.

Carly: Jason? What is going on? We need somebody in here. Kate's collapsed.

Jason: Okay, Carly, just stay calm. We've got a problem.

Carly: We have a problem? What kind of a problem?

Jason: We've all been exposed to an airborne toxin. We're trying to stop it from spreading.

Man: If you're really going to shoot me, just get it over with. My arms are getting tired.

Luke: Suit yourself.

Man: You got a tarp?

Luke: What?

Man: To put on the floor. I'm going to make one hell of a mess.

Luke: Oh, a thief and a comedian.

Man: I didn't come here to rob you.

Luke: You always carry a lock pick?

Man: I used an old screwdriver and some copper wire I found outside. Not exactly top-notch security you've got here.

Luke: Put my money down on the bar. Hands back up.

Man: Look, I don't have a gun. Okay, I don't have a weapon of any kind.

Luke: Well, then you're the stupidest thief ever. Unless you're barking mad. Maybe you're both.

Man: Nothing. I just came in to get out of the storm.

Luke: So rather than go to a nice, cozy motel, you though you'd break into my gilded palace of sin and vice?

Man: I thought the place looked cool. This funky, old ship with a casino. I figured if I was going to be holed up in a storm, it might as well be someplace fun, right?

Luke: If I'd known you were coming, I'd have baked a cake.

Man: So why are you closed? I mean, it seems like it would be a big night for you.

Luke: Yeah, the weather is inclement. We could be here for days.

Man: People would be stuck here losing all their money.

Luke: Yeah, but if they were stuck here long enough, they could win it back. And then it could get ugly.

Man: You know, I just thought the place was shut down. It's going to be a long, cold walk back to the bus station. And that lock wasn't much of a challenge, so --

Luke: So you thought you'd make yourself at home here?

Man: It's lucky for you I showed up when I did.

Luke: Oh, and how do you figure that?

Man: Well, from the state of this bar, you're in need of a professional. And I'm the best bartender you're ever going to find.

Luke: I like naked nymphs.

Man: Yeah, you and me both, mate, but I didn't realize this was that kind of establishment.

Luke: It's a drink, bartender. Make me one.

Robin: Emma, I know. I know you don't feel good, but if you would just take your bottle, you would feel a lot better. Come on. Mommy can't hold you. It'll just make everything worse.

[Doorbell rings]

Robin: Uncle Mac.

Mac: Hey.

Robin: Hi. What are you doing out in this? Come in.

Mac: I was in the neighborhood. I thought I'd see the new house. All right, all right -- I came to check on you. I mean, you barely moved into this place and then a blizzard hits. Look, you're not used to being a homeowner, right. You've been living in apartments most of your adult life. You're not used to dealing furnaces and flues and all that stuff. I know you're a capable professional and mother.

Robin: Oh, Uncle Mac.

Mac: And I know you hate me to hover.

Robin: No, really, you don't have to apologize. I'm very happy that you're here.

[Emma cries]

Mac: Is that my little grandniece?

Robin: Yeah, she just woke up.

Mac: What do you think? Can I steal a little baby time?

Robin: I'd like nothing better.

Mac: Great.

Agent Rayner: A lot of people are going to die if we don't stop this.

Spinelli: Yes, I grasp how dire the situation is.

Agent Rayner: But you're refusing to help.

Sam: No, he's refusing to admit to doing anything illegal that you could turn around and use against him.

Agent Rayner: Who's this?

Sam: Sam McCall, the one person you haven't coerced, apparently.

Agent Rayner: I'm not looking to using any of this against the kid.

Sam: I'm sure we have your word on that.

Agent Rayner: I'm trying to avert a disaster.

Sam: You know, we are in the same building with this stuff. We are highly motivated at this point.

Agent Rayner: Was Spinelli able to shut down the ventilation system?

Sam: Yeah, it's done.

Agent Rayner: I need a complete copy of the hospital schematics.

Sam: All right. It's on its way.

Agent Rayner: And I need you to do everything possible to keep this biotoxin from spreading.

Sam: Then you need to tell us exactly what we are dealing with.

Agent Rayner: It's airborne. But it's a poison, not a virus. The people who will get sick from it are not contagious in the traditional sense. It's like being exposed to radiation. Everything that comes into contact with it -- skin, clothing, hair, may carry the toxin. And breathing it, even a small dose, can be fatal.

Claudia: Airborne toxin?

Edward: What does that mean?

Nadine: I don't know.

Anthony: If the air is poisoned, let us the hell out.

Jason: You cannot come out. I can't let you through the door.

Carly: They're not letting us out, so freaking out isn’t going to help.

Tracy: Who put him charge?

Carly: Jason, Kate's in bad shape. We have to get her out of here.

Jason: Okay, listen to me. The toxin was released in the O.R. The vents in this room shares the same air ducts.

Trevor: Does that mean we've been exposed to some kind of disease?

Jason: It was something the guy was carrying, some kind of poison.

Tracy: Poison?

Jason: I can't explain right now. We're going to waste too much time. Somebody needs to seal that air vent off now.

Sonny: What about Kate? She's collapsed, Jason.

Jason: They're going to rig an airlock in the corridor. We're going to try and get you guys out safely as fast as possible. But we need some time. We can't just open the door and let the toxin spread.

Edward: You can't keep us trapped in here.

Ric: You open that door, you risk everybody in the hospital.

Luke: Not the most satisfying naked nymph that's ever crossed my lips, but she'll do. Make me an androgynous Apollo.

Man: You want the west coast style?

Luke: Hell no. I don't want no damn sushi floating in my drink. Wouldn't mind a worm to two.

Man: All right. One androgynous Apollo Mexicali style coming up.

Luke: So what's your story, bartender? You got a name?

Man: Doesn't everybody?

Luke: What's yours?

Man: Ethan Lovett.

Luke: Ethan Lovett. From the accent, I'd say central Australia.

Ethan: Yeah, Alice Springs. If you haven't heard the town, you might know Ayers Rock.

Luke: Uluru.

Ethan: Yeah, that's the aboriginal name for it.

Luke: It's a sacred aboriginal site.

Ethan: You're the first American I've eve met that knew its real name.

Luke: I'm full of surprises.

Ethan: You spend a lot of time in Australia?

Luke: Some. But I'm pretty familiar with your countrymen. I generally find you to be a colorful, but untrustworthy lot.

Ethan: But we know our way around alcohol.

Luke: That you do. Cheers, mate.

Ethan: Cheers.

Luke: So, Ethan Lovett, what brings you up from down under?

Ethan: I've gone walkabout. You know, traveling where my feet take me.

Luke: I know what walkabout means. Some say I elevated it to an art form. Make me a slouching satyr. Heavy on the most important ingredient. Of course, you know what that is.

Ethan: Of course. So who are you, besides a connoisseur of rare drinks?

Luke: Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. But you knew that. Didn't you?

Mac: It's like riding a bike. It all comes back to you. Emma took the whole bottle and went right to sleep.

Robin: You really are the greatest uncle in the world.

Mac: Consider it a gift from Georgie to your daughter. I mean, she was the baby I learned on. And it was hit and miss for some time while I learned my way around a diaper.

Robin: Thank God for you, Uncle Mac. You are always so calm and steady. You really could get me through anything.

Mac: Hey, what's wrong?

Robin: It's nothing really. It's just there was a benefit at the hospital tonight, and they're setting an endowment in Michael Corinthos' name for kids with brain injuries. And, you know, I don't like those kind of events, but it means a lot to me. The more money that we raise, the more hope we have for advancing research. But my sitter cancelled, and -- well, you say that I'm doing you a favor, but it would really be a big favor to me if you could stay with Emma so I could go.

Lulu: What are you doing here?

Spinelli: Working in service of the federal ones on a matter most dire, of which you will soon hear about no doubt.

Sam: There's been an accident.

Spinelli: Involving a most toxic substance.

Nikolas: We haven't heard anything about that.

Sam: Yeah, I suppose not. The feds, they just want to keep it under control so nobody starts to panic.

Lulu: Look, if you're trying to scare us, you're doing a good job.

Nikolas: What else do you know about it?

Sam: All right. Here it goes. I was in an accident with a guy who was driving like a maniac, and they brought him in. He was complaining of abdominal pain so, of course, they thought it was internal injuries, so they brought him into surgery. Lo and behold, they found these poison spheres inside of him. Apparently, he swallowed them.

Lulu: You mean, like when people swallow drugs.

Spinelli: Right, but in this case, the rabid beast of burden was carrying a biotoxin that was stolen from a hijacked truck belonging to the Equinox Corporation.

Nikolas: They're a weapons manufacturer.

Sam: Which is why the feds are involved because it is a weapons-grade poison. Two people in the O.R. have already died.

Spinelli: The rest of the team, including fair Elizabeth and the mother of Stone Cold, are all in critical condition.

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: But it's been contained, right?

Sam: Well, no. Apparently, it's gotten into the ventilation system.

Spinelli: Yeah, the O.R. in question shares an air duct with the hospital boardroom, which was where, in a cruel twist of irony, people were gathered to help those in dire need.

Lulu: That's where Carly and Kate and the Quartermaines --

Nikolas: Right -- and Nadine.

Edward: If they keep us trapped in here until they figure it out, we could all die.

Ric: Yes, if we leave now, a lot more could die. Just be logical.

Claudia: Look, it's coming through the air vent, right. That's what he said, so let's look around. See if you can find tape or a plastic something and let's seal it off. We'll just seal it off. Come on, help me out. We've got some tape.

Ric: We got a plastic bag.

Claudia: Ric, hold the chair. Thank you.

Anthony: Who would have thought my daughter would have such heroic impulses? I'm moved. Truly, I am.

Jason: Carly?

Carly: Yeah, I'm here. The vent's sealed off, Jason.

Jason: Okay, good. Listen, they're going to send in a paramedic with hazmat suit, okay. They need to get Kate, but she's the only one we can take right now. Do you understand?

Carly: Yes.

Jason: Okay, have her ready by the door.

Trevor: I got it.

Sonny: Ric, here, help me. You got her?

Ric: Okay. We got her. We're bringing her out. Open the door.

Sonny: Open the door.

Man: Okay, give her to me. Close the door behind me.

[Anthony laughing]

Anthony: Well, look around. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that these would be the faces you saw right before you die?

Ethan: Sorry to disappoint, but I've never heard of you. Are you some kind of local celebrity?

Luke: No, I'm just a guy who runs a casino.

Ethan: Noble profession.

Luke: Mmm. How many more of these exotic concoctions have you got in you?

Ethan: Any name you make up, I'll make up a drink to match. Oh, and the most important ingredient? Care. You never make a slouching satyr without care.

Luke: Don't forget a double shot of crap. Let's see what you can do with a --

[Luke belches]

Luke: Scotch, neat.

Ethan: So, you do pretty decent business here?

Luke: I'm the only game in town.

Ethan: Yeah, when you actually bother to open.

Luke: Hey, look. Work shouldn't be work. I open when I feel like it. And when I open, there's a line of fat wallets waiting to come in here to get emptied.

Ethan: And what are the table stakes for those fat wallets?

Luke: Too high for your blood, son. If you are thinking of setting up shop here as a card shark, forget it. The only person that's fleecing this flock of sheep is me. [Luke yawns] Sorry. Mmm.

Robin: As one of the doctors who worked on Michael’s case, you know, I need to be there to talk to the donors, do the photo ops, as much as I hate that stuff.

Mac: Look, there's nothing more I'd rather do than spend an evening with my grand-niece, but, Robin, I don't like the idea of you going out in this storm.

Robin: Why? I'll be fine.

Mac: Come on, the roads are a mess.

Robin: Yes, and the plows will be working overtime, all night long. And I have snow tires. I have the safest minivan in the world, thanks to Patrick. And I mean, everyone else is going to be there. All the donors will be there, so it's not really an excuse for me not to be.

Mac: Those people are not my niece.

Robin: Uncle Mac, I love you for worrying about me, but listen, this is important to me. Okay? It's personal. I mean, I helped raise Michael. And I want to do something to honor him. You know, no matter how small.

Mac: Okay, okay, you go.

Robin: Thank you.

Mac: All right, Emma and I will be fine.

Robin: Okay, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Mac: You're welcome. Love you. Be careful.

[Cell phone rings]

Mac: Wait a minute. Yeah? It's the station. What's going on?

Patrick: Agent Rayner. Yeah, the x-rays were accurate. There are five spheres in Bragg’s stomach. One of them was cut open during surgery. The other four are intact, but the membrane encasing them has been compromised by Bragg’s stomach acid.

Agent Rayner: Where are the spheres now?

Patrick: The hazmat team left an airlock container. I left them in there in the O.R. It's the safest place for them. I didn't want to transfer them.

Agent Rayner: The F.B.I. needs to take charge of them.

Patrick: Go right ahead. But you figure out how to neutralize this biotoxin. One of those spheres took down an entire O.R. in a matter of seconds, and I'm telling you the rest are very compromised.

Tracy: Daddy, you don't look good.

Edward: Hundreds of thousands of dollars on the world's finest education, and what do I get? "You don't look good."

Tracy: I think it's starting to affect him.

Edward: No. What? My heart has a tendency to sulk when it's called upon to do too much. But don't jump to conclusions.

Tracy: You can't just seal us up in here and wait for us to die.

Trevor: You're absolutely right. Now you listen to me. You either get somebody in charge to tell us what's happening and get us out of here, or you're going to have one hell of a lawsuit on your hands.

Ric: Dad, why are you threatening the only people who can save us?

Carly: Calm down and get a grip. They're doing everything they can to get us out of here.

Anthony: Careful, Trevor. Your yellow streak is showing.

Sonny: Can't get this damn phone to work. It prob -- I don't know what's going on with her --

Claudia: Hey, at least we know Kate's getting the best care.

Sonny: I can't believe that you thought she was faking it.

Claudia: Why? Because it's beneath her? All right, you know what? Go ahead and say it. I was a raging bitch. Go ahead. Say it.

Sonny: No, no -- hey, you know what? I'm not going to get into this with you right now. You did a good thing by putting that plastic on the vent. You took control. That's very impressive.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Jason?

Jason: Yeah, I'm here. Kate's in I.C.U. They're doing all they can for her.

Carly: Okay, what about the rest of us?

Jason: They still have to get the toxin contained. They really don't know what they're doing right now. They don't know what they're dealing with. So once they do, we're going to get you guys out of there as fast as we can. Carly, you know if there was a way -- if there was anything else I could do for you, I would.

Carly: I know.

Anthony: Hey, if this is some kind of biological weapon, it's probably a paralytic. And I know all about being paralyzed, so I can tell you just how you're going to feel when this stuff hits you, Trevor.

Trevor: Just shut up.

Anthony: The feeling when you realize you're helpless, completely vulnerable. It starts with the extremities, and then it slowly works its way in until it hits your lungs. And you're fighting for every breath.

Trevor: Why don't you just shut the hell up?

Anthony: You know, if you go first, we could use you for a piñata, and there's nothing you could do.

Trevor: I don't believe it. You're just sitting here just waiting to die.

[Trevor coughs]

Ric: Trevor!

Carly: We need some help in here. Someone else went down.

Nikolas: Wait, Jason, Jason -- are you coming from the boardroom?

Jason: Yeah, it's sealed off.

Nikolas: Nadine Crowell, she was supposed to be at the fundraiser. Did you see here in there?

Jason: Yes, she's in there.

Nikolas: Did you talk to her? Is she all right?

Jason: Well, the only person affected by the toxin so far is Kate, and she's in I.C.U.

Nikolas: So they got her out of here? They can get Nadine out, too.

Jason: Wait, we want to get everybody out, but we got to contain this thing first or the whole hospital is at risk.

Nikolas: I don't see why it's a problem to get her out right now.

Jason: Sonny and Carly are in there.

Nikolas: I understand that, but it's just one person.

Jason: You don't think I want to get them out of there?

Nikolas: But it's not up to you.

Jason: We can't do anything.

Nikolas: I'll just go in there. Get off of me.

Jason: What is your problem?

Nikolas: Okay, okay, okay. Look, I left Nadine in there to go chasing after some fantasy, I guess.

Spinelli: I've been monitoring communications with the I.C.U., and I wish I had better news to report. The condition of your stricken sibling remains unchanged.

Sam: All right, though, but listen, the air ducts were sealed off. So is the boardroom. And they've set up a portable air-vent outside, and they were able to get Kate through it. She was the only one affected.

Lulu: Well, so far, but I don't know why they haven't shut the whole hospital down.

Patrick: Because if they can contain it, then they won't have to explain what happened.

Lulu: The odds are that some of this toxin got out into the hospital before the hazmat squad could shut everything off.

Spinelli: Yeah, and fair Lulu makes a compelling point, which means any person that walks into the hospital is another potential victim.

Sam: Yeah, but anyone who walks outside of the hospital could potentially contaminate anyone they come in contact with.

Patrick: But the feds want to avoid unnecessary panic.

Lulu: Well, they certainly want to avoid telling anyone that they lost track of a weapons-grade poison.

Luke: I don't believe in coincidences, and I don't believe that you've been in Port Charles all for 24 hours and not heard the name Luke Spencer, modest man that I am. I don't believe that you came into my town and broke into my casino by accident.

Ethan: No, this is just the place where I ran out of money. Besides, like you said, you're the only game in town.

Luke: Haven't you got anybody who could wire you some cash? Haven't you got any family to depend on?

Ethan: Even if I did, I wouldn’t. I lean on me.

Luke: That's the right answer, because if you depend on people, you will be disappointed. If you get caught up in people's agendas, you're just setting yourself up to get left out in the cold. [Luke yawns] Lord. And the thing is, if you're on your own, you have got to know how to see opportunity when it happens. You got to know how to be there so that when opportunity knocks, you can answer. You know what I mean? Oh, God.

Ethan: My sentiments exactly.

Mac: Agent Rayner, you'll have the department's full cooperation. If could you just be a little more specific? Yes, sir, understood. Look, I'm sorry. This Agent Rayner from the F.B.I. has set up shop in the squad room, said he was dealing with some kind of crisis.

Robin: It's probably more important than the benefit.

Mac: I know how much tonight means to you. And if I thought he was blowing smoke, I'd stay.

Robin: I know. It sounds serious.

Mac: He wouldn't give me any details -- said it's classified. But there could be a potential for civilian casualties.

Robin: Okay. I know you need to do your job. I understand. Just be careful, all right?

Mac: Are you going to be okay?

Robin: I am going to be fine. Yes, of course.

Mac: Are you sure?

Robin: Yes.

Mac: Okay.

Nikolas: Look, I'm sorry, okay? Nadine has done a lot for me, and now it appears that I've left her in a life-threatening situation, so --

Jason: Wait a minute. You said something about a fantasy. Are you talking about Emily?

Nikolas: I really don't want to get into it right now, Jason.

Jason: Neither do I, but if you're having problems --

Nikolas: No, I'm not hallucinating, okay? I saw a woman who looked a lot like Emily, so I came looking for her. It was a stupid thing to do. Here I am.

Jason: Okay, look, if you want to help Nadine, you've got to keep it together. We got a bad situation here that's going to get a lot worse.

Anthony: This really makes things interesting. Anyone want to lay bets on who drops next?

Tracy: No, but I'll give you $1 million dollars to go suck that air vent.

Anthony: You make it ten and we're on. I'll lay two-to-one on your old man flopping next.

Claudia: Daddy, shut up.

Anthony: What? I'm just trying to keep things light.

Edward: Mr. Zacchara, I'll take that bet.

Claudia: Come on, sit down.

Ric: So what were you thinking, confronting your father about that shooting?

Claudia: I didn't tell him you told me.

Ric: You didn't have to. I trusted you.

Claudia: Hey. Ric, does it really matter? We'll all be dead in an hour anyway, right?

Ric: Oh, I'm sorry. Forgive me. I'd rather not survive this only to be killed by your father or my brother.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hmm?

Carly: It's a good sign, probably, that only two people have been affected by this. I mean, Kate was running all over the hospital trying to find you, so she probably came in contact with this toxin somewhere else. Trevor got here late. He probably walked pass the O.R. to get here.

Sonny: All right, we're going to be fine.

Carly: Look, I know. We're going to be fine, right? We're going to be okay. We have to. We're going to be okay. We're going to be fine.

Sonny: Come here.

Carly: Sorry. I'm scared.

Epiphany : I've got an E.R. full of stupid people who ignored the storm warnings, and more are still pouring in. So please, tell me that you've got something that a brain surgeon and a computer genius couldn't handle without my help.

Sam: I think we should close the E.R.

Epiphany: What?

Patrick: Yeah, I think you're right. Anybody that comes in or out of those doors is at risk.

Epiphany: Will somebody tell me what on earth is going on here?

Woman: Dr. Drake, it's for you. It's an Agent Rayner.

Patrick: Get Epiphany up to speed. Rayner, yeah, it's Drake.

Agent Rayner: Where do we stand?

Patrick: Uh, two dead, Bragg and the anesthesiologist, Andy Archer. They were both in the O.R. The rest of the O.R. team is in I.C.U., condition unchanged.

Agent Rayner: The woman who collapsed and was taken out of the boardroom?

Patrick: Kate Howard, yeah, she's in I.C.U. There was also another person in the boardroom that collapsed. Two other people that were in a patient room connected to the same air duct also collapsed.

Agent Rayner: They got that duct sealed right?

Patrick: Yeah, but not in time.

Agent Rayner: What makes you so sure?

Patrick: Because another orderly just passed out in the middle of the nurses' station. Now you said that you were going to be trying to contain this. Now we're at risk of spreading it to the general public.

Agent Rayner: You're right. I have no choice. I want the entire hospital placed under quarantine. Nobody goes in or out.

Luke: Hands up, money down.

Luke: Ethan Lovett, we're right back where we started.

Patrick: Close the doors to the E.R. The entire hospital has been put under quarantine. Just do it.

Patrick: Okay. This is Dr. Patrick Drake. Due to an extreme emergency, General Hospital has now been placed under quarantine. I assure you this is being done for your own safety. The entire hospital staff, working together with government agencies, are doing everything in their power to –

Claudia: I think that it's time for me to have a heart to heart with my husband.

Ric: I think that would be a bad idea.

Claudia: Maybe I want to die with a clean conscience.

Patrick's voice: To address your questions and concerns and give you further direction on what you need to do to ensure --

Sonny: What?

Claudia: In case I die, I have to tell you something about the shooting.

Sonny: You know who shot Kate, don't you?

Patrick's voice: Stay calm. Work with us and with each other. Understand that we are all in this together.

Jason: Whoa, you can't leave.

Man: What's wrong? Why won't he tell us?

Jason: You have to stay right here, okay?

Epiphany: Sir, it's going to be okay. This is a hospital. One of the safest places for you to be.

Patrick's voice: But until this emergency is resolved, no one will be permitted to enter or leave the hospital.

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