GH Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09


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Patrick: When I got to the O.R. and saw what happened, the people inside, they were my main focus. They were the ones affected. We had no idea that it had already spread to hospital and everybody was at risk.

Inspector Rayner: Don't get ahead of yourself. What did you do to contain the situation in the O.R.?

Patrick: You people contain things. Isn't that the truth? Isn't that what you're trying to do right now, contain a situation? Doctors save lives, and that's what we were trying to do with the O.R. team, save their lives.

Inspector Rayner: At what point did you realize the toxin was airborne and had spread beyond the O.R.?

Patrick: We got back to the O.R. We saw what had happened. We were trying to get out the survivors. We saw that the duct was open. We didn't know that it was the main duct for the whole hospital. At that point, it was too late. It was too late to contain it.

Winnifred: Okay, also in the board room were Edward Quartermaine, Tracy Quartermaine, Richard Lansing, Trevor Lansing, Olivia Falconeri -- no, no, wait. Okay, she's on the list, but I don't think she was in the boardroom. Because some people left the board room before the incident in the O.R. Let me check. I don't know. I don't know if Lesley Lu Spencer was in the boardroom, but I do know that she was in the hospital.

Lulu: Maxie, it's me again. You need to call me as soon as you get this message. If Kate fires me, she fires you, too, and I'm really sorry but I think that I got myself fired. Look, when Carly and Kate were going at it, I tried to diffuse the situation, but I think that I made things worse. I listened to Carly instead of Kate, and I've driven myself home. If you get this message and you go back into the office, you can show Kate how super efficient and loyal you are and you can probably save your job. Do you get this? Maxie, I am not in the office, okay? The phones are going to voicemail. You know how Kate feels about voicemail. So, if you get this message, go back into work ASAP.


Johnny: Is everything all right in here?

Lulu: No, no, no, no, nothing is all right. I did something really stupid at work. It doesn't even matter, because I don't really want a job at work, but I just, I feel bad --

Johnny: Just take it easy --

Lulu: I can't take it easy.

Johnny: All right, fine. When you're done ranting, feel free to open your present.

Lulu: A present? Johnny, why are you getting me gifts when you don't have a job?

Johnny: How do you know that?

Lulu: I don't want to get in -- I didn't even want to fight about this --

Johnny: No, no, no, you've been checking up on me? What, did you call the hospital to see how my interview went, because that's exactly the --

Lulu: You left your cell phone, okay? So, I called Epiphany to ask her to tell you, and she told me you didn't get the job and then two seconds later you walk in and have a big stupid grin on your face and you said that you did. So, you lied to me. Why the hell would you do that?

Sam: I should warn you, there's going to be a blizzard tonight.

Lucky: And we're trapped.

Sam: Well, anything to guard us against hypothermia.

Lucky: Elizabeth.

Jason: I can't just explain that the FBI wants me to track down a stolen truck --

Inspector Rayner: You are the proverbial golden goose, Mr. Morgan, a high-placed mobster who finds it in his best interest to cooperate with the FBI. I would never do anything to jeopardize such a resource.

Jason: Then back off a little bit, okay?

Inspector Rayner: You seem to be forgetting our deal. Your friend, Mr. Spinelli, can still go to jail for treason, and he will unless you deal --

Jason: You don't have to threaten Spinelli every time that we talk. I know the deal.

Inspector Rayner: You don't think I have better things to do than come here and yank your chain? I'm trying to avert a disaster here.

Jason: Why don't you tell me what's on the truck?

Inspector Rayner: That's classified information. Nobody gets that. I will tell you this though, it is some badass deadly stuff.

Jason: How do you know that?

Inspector Rayner: Because of how much it's frightened everybody up the chain of command.

Jason: Well, if it's that serious, the military is probably handling security on a shipment like that, right?

Inspector Rayner: Equinox didn't tell us why the cargo was on the truck. They just want us to get it by any means necessary. You are the local asset. You know the gangs operating in the area. I want you to use your contacts and find out who was behind this.

Jason: There's a problem, because if I keep pushing this, it's going to be obvious that I'm working with you.

Inspector Rayner: We can't control this for much longer. We want to avoid a panic. I need to get that truck. Now, if you won't do this for all of the innocent lives at stake, I suggest you do it for Spinelli to keep him out of prison.

Jason: Get down here, Spinelli. How many times have I told you not to listen in on my conversations? How many?

Spinelli: To save me, you have sold your soul to the federal ones.

Patrick: I feel bad leaving you here to deal with everything, and I thought maybe it would be nice if Maxie could come and hang out and --

Robin: Well, Maxie can stay or she can go, but either way I'm perfectly capable of spending two hours alone with my own child.

Patrick: I know you are. I'm sorry if I made you feel otherwise.

Robin: What, what, what? Just say it.

Maxie: And risk having my head bitten off as well? No, thank you.

Robin: But that's exactly what I was talking about. He is making me absolutely crazy. You know, I'm dealing with a little baby, a brand new house, and yes, yes, I am a little stressed. But Patrick read somewhere about postpartum depression and just decided that I have it, and now he's watching my every single move when I am fine. I am perfectly fine.

Lulu: I thought that we were supposed to be honest with one another. Isn't that the point of us being together?

Johnny: Lulu, you want honest? I can't find a job. This economy sucks. I got a high school diploma and a last name that is synonymous with crime, corruption, and murder. Now, I can start filling out job applications with the name John smith on them, but that just delays the inevitable. It gives me a secret, something I have to jump through hoops of fire to hide, when in the end it's just going to come out anyway. Secrets always do. No matter how hard you try to bury them, they're waiting for you like a landmine, ready to blow your life apart.

Lulu: I'm sorry, but your problem is not your name. It's that you're arrogant. Why would anyone want to hire you when you think you're better than the people that you're working for?

Johnny: Better?

Lulu: Yes.

Johnny: I think I'm better? Lulu, my father is clinically insane. He shot my mother in front of my face. He's tortured my sister so that she's practically almost as insane as he is, and then he sold her off to his worst enemy without a second thought. That's my family, Lulu. That's where I come from. It's not better. It's a train wreck that has no end, and I was delusional to think I could get away from it in the first place.

Lulu: Stop blaming your family for your mistakes. Look, I get the Zaccharas are bad, okay? The Spencers suck, too. I mean, my dad may not be crazy, but he isn't what you would call devoted. He was never around when I was a kid, and I hardly see him today, but guess what? I went out and got a job.

Johnny: Yeah, so true. You know, it must be difficult that such a go-getter like you has a deadbeat for a boyfriend.

Lulu: Oh, wow, that's not what I meant and you know it.

Johnny: Yeah, well, you know what? Forget the present. It was a stupid, empty, pathetic gesture. At least it's returnable. I need attention. You remember the conversation we had about mutual respect?

Sonny: Yeah, it's good. We're settled.

Claudia: No, it's not good and we're not settled. We're far from it.

Sonny: What's your problem right now?

Claudia: Your ex.

Sonny: My ex, Kate?

Claudia: Yeah.

Sonny: What about her?

Claudia: Well, if you want to get a little on the side, Sonny, that's fine. I really don't need my face rubbed in it, though.

Sonny: There's nothing going on with me and Kate.

Claudia: Oh, you didn't see her today?

Sonny: You cannot seriously be jealous.

Claudia: Come on. Look, we both know what this marriage is and what it's not.

Sonny: Yes.

Claudia: Because we circled around each other for months, mistrustful. And you're on the outs with my father right now, because you refuse to bring Johnny back into the family. I sided with you. So, I don't really know what's going on, where we're at, and you're off hanging out with Kate?

Sonny: I already said there's nothing going on with me and Kate. What do you want me to say?

Kate: Olivia, hey, I need your help.

Olivia: I'm kind of working here, Connie.

Kate: I know, but it's about Sonny and it's important.

Olivia: Okay, listen, don't cancel any reservations. I think I have sufficiently terrified them into getting this problem fixed, all right? What do you want? I did what you wanted. I gave Sonny the watch.

Kate: Listen, okay, thank you. What do you know about Jaxís brother, Jerry?

Olivia: I thought you said this was about Sonny.

Kate: It is. I'm worried about him. Jerry Jacks is an extremely dangerous person.

Olivia: Well, from what I understand, he's also a very dead person.

Kate: Well, that is what everybody thinks, right? That he died in a boat explosion in November, but when I went over to Sonny's house --

Olivia: Wait, wait, wait, you were over at Sonny's house? Why couldn't you give him the watch?

Kate: That's not important right now.

Olivia: That's not an answer.

Kate: When I went over there, I saw Claudia watching a DVD of Jerry. He was looking into the camera. It looked like it was some sort of message.

Olivia: What do you want me to do about it?

Kate: I want you to warn Sonny.

Sonny: Son of a bitch.

Claudia: I can explain.

Sonny: Did you do something to the audio, because I can't -- it's not -- I can't hear much. It's like, terrible, the sound.

Carly's voice: Okay, one, two, three.

Sonny: Whoever transferred this from tape to DVD did a lousy job, and they're going to get it right or I'm going to bust their damn kneecaps. Do you have a problem right now, because you keep -- you want to leave?

Claudia: Well, I just --

Sonny: No, I mean, you said you wanted to have a big conversation.

Claudia: I didn't realize that you were trying to watch a DVD about Michael and Morgan, Sonny. I'm sorry, I just -- I'm sorry. I'm going to go.

Sonny: No, I mean, I don't know.

[Conversations of Carly, Sonny and children play from the DVD]

Sam: Lucky, I don't --

Lucky: What you said before about Jason and Elizabeth, I was upset because you went after Karpov's lawyer. You got caught up in the whole mess. You wound up in the thick of things with Jason again, and I was --

Sam: There is nothing going on between me and Jason.

Lucky: And there's nothing going on with me and Elizabeth, either, but you...

Sam: Except for the fact that you called me her name right when we were about get naked in the hot tub, Lucky. You know what? I know it was just a slip, so, whatever.

Lucky: You have every right to be upset.

Sam: I think it says a lot about what Elizabeth still means to you. You've been really good to me, Lucky.

Lucky: I feel the same way.

Sam: You know, I was at an all-time low when this all began, and I never thought that I would have this again, someone who actually cared about me and made me feel whole again. And you've just been an amazingly positive person, and I am really grateful to have had you in my life.

Lucky: You're making it sound like you're saying goodbye.

Sam: Well, is that what you want?

Spinelli: It is because of the Jackal's hubris and ignorance in the ways of women that stone cold is now beholden to the feds. So, at least let me help you with the task that they have coercively thrust upon you.

Jason: You can help me.

Spinelli: Excellent.

Jason: Yeah, excellent. Stay out of it. Let me handle things.

Spinelli: No, they are forcing you to uncover the identities of those responsible for hijacking a truck belonging to the sinister corporation Equinox, makers of military hardware and other instruments of mayhem? By Stone Cold's own admission, it would be a death sentence if those in the criminal underworld even had the slightest hint that you were in cahoots with the feds.

Jason: That's my problem, Spinelli. It's not your problem.

Spinelli: No, but see, I have the skills to track and trace such demented ones.

Jason: And how are you going to do that? How many laws are you going to break to do that?

Spinelli: Before I was arrogant and sloppy --

Jason: I can handle it. That's enough.

Spinelli: I will proceed with the utmost stealth.

Jason: I got you into this. I'm going to get you out of this. That's it.

Spinelli: 'Tis I, the Jackal. We must meet on a matter of utmost urgency.

Sam: These last few months I can could feel us getting further and further apart. I would rather if we just ended things now as friends so we don't get into this big mess of things and wind up staying in a relationship for all the wrong reasons.

Lucky: You know, we took this for granted. We didn't put in the time and the effort.

Sam: Relationships shouldn't be work.

Lucky: Not if two people stay exactly the same, not if they keep doing the same thing, you know, if there's no complications. Life isn't that way. Life is messy. People grow. People change. People have problems and doubts when they have ex-lovers who keep popping back up into their lives.

Sam: I don't want to fight about this. So, can you please go?

Lucky: Fighting can be a good thing. Getting stuff out there, working through it. And even if it gets passionate or heated, you realize only when it's over that you've survived. You're better for it. This doesn't have to be the end, Sam. This could be an opportunity for us to grow stronger, to get closer. Just please take the time to think about it. You owe it to yourself and to us.

Winnifred: Oh, Spinelli, I am so glad you called and asked to meet. It gives me the chance to tell you that I am so sorry.

Spinelli: The Jackal does not need apologies. He needs help.

Kate: I gave into an impulse, all right? I went over to talk to Sonny, and when I went into his bedroom --

Olivia: His bedroom?

Kate: Look, I told you, all right? I gave in to an impulse, all right? I wasn't thinking it through.

Olivia: Clearly, talking was not at the top of your agenda.

Kate: Just listen to me. When I went over there, Claudia was in his room.

Olivia: Well, she --

Kate: She was hunting around. She was rooting for something.

Olivia: She is the man's wife, Connie. I know you can't accept that, but --

Kate: You know what? She wasn't making the bed, Olivia. She was under it, all right? She was searching for something.

Olivia: Yeah, maybe it was an earring, a pair of Sonny's underpants that got lost in the heat of passion or something.

Kate: Okay, I don't need to hear that all right? That's what she wanted me to think, too, but I know in my heart that Sonny's not sleeping with that witch.

Olivia: Honey, don't do this to yourself.

Kate: When I went back, Olivia, Claudia was watching a DVD of Jerry, a known enemy of Sonny.

Olivia: Look, if you are this concerned about this, why don't you go tell Sonny yourself?

Kate: Because I canít. I can't, Olivia. If I go over there, it's going to turn into another confrontation about how he still loves me, about why he married her, and I canít. I can't keep getting pulled into that.

Olivia: That is exactly what you want, which why you had me go give Sonny the watch, because you knew was going to return it to you himself. Am I right? Am I right?

Kate: Well, he did try to return it.

Olivia: Yeah, exactly, so why didn't you tell him then about Claudia and Jerry? I'll tell you why. Because it takes away your excuse to do what you're doing right now, which is playing games. Okay, you're reeling Sonny in by showing him concern and then you're pushing him away, then you're reeling him back in, then you're pushing him or whatever. Look, what we used to call it in the old neighborhood was jerking a guy around or dangling him on a string or whatever. Clearly, you are a master.

Kate: Olivia, this is not a game. We are not teenagers.

Olivia: Then go and tell Sonny yourself, okay? This is your life, Connie. If you want to use the excuse that Claudia may or may not be in communication with Jerry Jacks who may or may not be dead, you got for it, okay? Knock yourself out. Leave me out of it.

[Phone rings]

Olivia: Talk to me.

Sonny's voice: Okay, let's see what we got. Do we have a letter for Santa?

Michael's voice: Right here.

Morgan's voice: Right there.

Sonny's voice: Cookies?

Michael's voice: Okay, I laid out the cookies and some chips and the carrots are from Morgan.

Claudia: I just realized why you wanted to watch that DVD. You were going to give it to Carly tonight at the hospital benefit that you set up for the endowment in Michael's name, right?

Sonny: Yeah, these tapes ended up in my stuff. I was going to give Carly a copy, but I don't really have to do that, you know, right away.

Claudia: It's going to be a tough night for you.

Sonny: I am not looking forward to standing around, you know, in a room with hospital executives trying to get, you know, wealthy donors to open up their wallets and talking about ski trips and their golf handicap in the same hospital where they took out a bullet out of my son's brain and told me that he would never wake up again.

Claudia: You have to remind yourself that this is about Michael and this is about celebrating his life.

Sonny: There's going to be a lot of reminders. You know, there's Michael's great-grandfather, Edward, and then there's Monica, his grandmother. They both think that I stole Michael from them, which I really believed I was doing the right thing. Yeah, yeah, it's going to be a rough night, but nothing compares to every day and night that Michael has to spend in that institution stuck in a coma because some bastard tried to put a bullet in me.

Elizabeth: The calvary has arrived.

Leyla: Reporting for duty.

Epiphany: I appreciate you two taking on a second shift. They say that the blizzard's going to be in earlier than expected, and as we know from painful experience, that means that the E.R. will have a lot of extra work.

Elizabeth: And we know that traffic accidents double in the snow.

Matt: You guys sound like the clowns that are doing the local weather. They're already out there in the streets proclaiming that this is the end of the world, like they've never seen snow before. Seriously, I heard them. They're like, white water is falling from the sky. Be sure to stock up on milk and bread. Like, since when were those the two staples of blizzard survival? It's not even snowing yet, and the E.R. is dead.

Leyla: That's an unfortunate choice of words, don't you think?

Epiphany: Let's hope that you're right, Dr. Hunter and that it remains quiet for the rest of the evening.

Matt: Okay, well, at least we're not being forced to go to that benefit that they're having in the boardroom tonight for the hospital's money-making cause du jour.

Patrick: That money-making cause du jour is to help kids with brain injuries whose parents can't afford high-priced neurosurgeons. It's in Michael Corinthos' name. So, why don't you try to be a little more respectful next time? Elizabeth, can I talk to you for a second, please?

Elizabeth: Sure. Your brother is just making a joke.

Patrick: I'm not worried about Matt. It's Robin.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Lucky Spencer. Yeah, I'm at the Metro Court. Okay.

Lucky: I'm on my way to talk to the guard who was working security that night. All right, no problem. I'll meet you there.

Patrick: Robin hasn't been herself since Emma was born.

Elizabeth: Patrick, I told you, it's a huge adjustment having a baby, especially your first one.

Patrick: I realize that, Elizabeth. And that's what I kept telling myself in the beginning. That she's having trouble sleeping, and she's overwhelmed, and the mood swings. That all makes sense. But it's not getting any better. It's just shifting. Now she's overcompensating. She's worried about every little thing. She's cleaning the house and re-cleaning the house.

Elizabeth: That sounds like she's feeling a little overwhelmed.

Patrick: Yeah, well, it's more than a little. Robin and I have never been shy about voicing our opinions, but you heard her today. She's defensive. She keeps accusing me of constantly watching over her.

Elizabeth: Well, are you?

Patrick: Now, yeah, I am. I just know -- I figured that it would've passed by now. And the symptoms, they're not diminishing.

Elizabeth: Is Robin reluctant to hold Emma?

Patrick: It seems that way. And every time I'm home, I'm the only one feeding Emma or changing her. She always seems to be doing something else in these moments, and I honestly don't know what else to do. So, I'm asking you as a mother and as a friend, do I have something to be worried about, or am I just being overprotective?

[Emma crying]

[Phone ringing]

Robin: Judy, hi. Are you on your way over?

Johnny: Some money for the rent.

Lulu: You don't have to do it.

Johnny: Just -- I can't live off you, Lulu.

Lulu: You're not living off of me.

Johnny: Just take it, please.

Lulu: I know that I made it sound like I thought it was your fault that you couldn't get a job.

Johnny: It is my fault.

Lulu: I was overreacting because I think that I got fired today, okay? And I'm really mad at myself, and I took it out on you. And I'm really sorry.

Johnny: It's okay. I mean, what you said was right and true. I'm arrogant. I'm use to having people do for me. I got no interest in doing anything for them. Better yet, I got no interest in sucking up to them or saying the right things. So, yeah, I'm unemployable. But that's my fault, not my familyís.

Lulu: Well, the good news is, Carly will give us a job at the hotel. She's already given us enough money to cover this month's rent.

Johnny: Forget that.

Lulu: Carly is my cousin, and she just wants to help.

Johnny: Okay, Lulu, you are free to take anything you want from Carly, but I canít.

Lulu: This makes no sense.

Johnny: Not to you, it doesnít. But you didn't grow up in my home, so let me lay it out for you.

Lulu: No, please don't get condescending with me. Look, my father was in the mob, too, and I have known Sonny almost all of my life.

Johnny: You don't know Sonny, Lulu. You donít. You know the face that he shows you, the part that he plays for you. But you don't look closer to see what he does, and trust me, you got no clue how he actually does it.

Lulu: Well, that's interesting, because I thought you would be grateful considering he stopped your father from framing you with a little help from me and my dad. And that's when it started.

Johnny: When what started?

Lulu: This. This. You being fine for a couple of days, and then you're dark and moody. And you're acting like I've done something so completely unforgivable. Just tell me, what did I do? What did I do, other than try and help you with my dad and Sonny?

Johnny: Leave your dad out of this. I respect Luke. Sometimes I actually thinks he gets me more than you do. Look, Lulu, your father's got nothing invested in changing me.

Lulu: Neither do I.

Johnny: Yes, you do. You want me to be this easygoing guy, not angry, not entitled, okay? And most of all, you want me to be grateful, willing to accept help from Sonny and Carly. But I can't, because things have happened between me and them that make it next to impossible for me to accept anything from them ever.

Spinelli: Agent Rayner has given Stone Cold a near impossible task, the task of bringing down his friend and mentor, Mr. Corinthos, sir. And now, in addition, he wants him to ascertain the identities of the hijackers of an Equinox truck.

Winnifred: Well, if "Saga of Stone Cold" is any indication, Mr. Morgan will be up to the task.

Spinelli: There are no virtual dangers that Stone Cold faces, no reset button if he fails to elude the hijackers of doom. You are sending my friend into a zune maze.

Winnifred: A zune maze is one whose only exit is death.

Spinelli: Yes, and I know that you cannot cease to be Agent Leeds, but it is to the priestess that I appeal to. In order for stone cold to succeed in his appointed task, I need some more data, some piece of information.

Winnifred: I'll tell you what I know. But you have to swear that you won't --

Spinelli: With the ska hazerod communion.

Sam: Hey, it's me. I just wanted to give you a head's up.

Jason: About what?

Sam: I am landing a shipment for Anthony Zacchara tonight.

Jason: Are you sure you want to do this?

Sam: Yeah, just consider it my contribution to getting Spinelli out of prison.

Jason: All right, just be careful.

Sam: I'm going to be leaving out of pier 17. Just do me a favor. If you don't hear from me by 2:00 in the morning, come look for me.

Lulu: You don't want any help from Sonny, that's fine. I think it's great that you don't want to be a part of the mob. I think it's an awful, disgusting place where people kill for money and innocent people like Michael Corinthos get shot.

Johnny: Just shut up.

Lulu: What?

Johnny: I told you to shut up, because you got no idea what you're talking about. Lulu, we were together the night that Michael got shot. You remember that? And I told you then. I told you the mob poisons and destroys anything and everything it touches. All that garbage about honor and code is a lie. There is no honor. There's just freaking greed. And there's no code. You kill anyone who gets in your way. And if a little kid happens to take a bullet in the head, so be it. Sonny knew that. Carly didnít. Michael didnít. And he had no right to drag them into the cesspool where he lives.

Lulu: Why are you so angry about? What does this have to do with us?

Johnny: Nothing. Everything!

Lulu: My God, you are not your family, and you are not responsible for what they've done.

Johnny: What about what I've done?

Lulu: What have you done? What have you done? Tell me.

Johnny: You know what, Lulu? This is a really nice apartment. It suits you. And so does your job at Crimson or the job at the hotel that Carly is going to give you. You belong there. I donít. I was lying to both of us when I said I could make this work.

Lulu: Where are you going?

Johnny: Away.

Elizabeth: I have sensed that Robin has been a little more tense and moody lately. Could it be depression? I don't know. Maybe. But with all the symptoms you've been describing, it has gone on long enough that maybe you should be concerned. On the other hand, I know the pressure Robin's been putting on herself. I know, because I did it to myself.

Patrick: How do I help her?

Elizabeth: Just love your wife. Support her. And know that whatever happens, you guys will get through it together.

[Phone rings]

Epiphany: General hospital E.R.

Robin: Hi, Epiphany, is Patrick there?

Epiphany: Yes, he is. Dr. Drake, phone. It's your lovely wife.

Patrick: Hey, everything okay?

Robin: Well, Judy just called. She's having car trouble and is not going to be able to come over to baby-sit.

Patrick: Okay, I'll get home as soon as I can.

Robin: Well, that's not why I called you.

Patrick: Robin, the storm is getting worse. I don't want you stuck there alone.

Robin: I don't need a babysitter, okay? Stop treating me like I'm crazy.

Jason: Discretion? Forget discretion, Bernie, I need to find that truck now.

Spinelli: The Jackal arrives with information of the most pivotal nature. And I urge Stone Cold to consult with me before making further possible injurious inquiries.

Jason: Bernie, just try Masone again, okay? Thanks.

Spinelli: Please accept this humble offering from one who owes you his freedom.

Jason: What offering is this?

Spinelli: Information from the federal ones themselves, more specifically, Agent Winnifred Leeds, who also made additional disclosures as to the nature of the deadly cargo.

Jason: Why would she give you this information?

Spinelli: Well, despite existing on opposite sides of the thin blue line, there are sacrosanct codes in the cyber-realm that connect the Jackal and the warrior priestess.

Jason: And you trust this?

Spinelli: Absolutely.

Jason: She tell you what was on the truck?

Spinelli: Weapons-grade poison. Deadly in the most extreme. She couldn't tell me the name of the poison, because it is beyond her level of security. But just this information alone should narrow Stone Cold's list of suspects.

Jason: Yeah, you did good. Okay, I want you to go to Maxie's right now. Just stay there for a little while, okay?

Spinelli: I respectfully refuse. Having anticipated this response, I have withheld necessary and pertinent information that I will only disclose if Stone Cold agrees to work on this together.

Claudia: I had planned to go with you tonight, but, you know, this isn't just a party. This is about your son who was shot. And regardless of how we feel about each other, I don't trust you. You don't like me. I don't have any desire to make this evening worse for you in any way. So, if it's easier for you if I just stay home --

Sonny: I don't care if you do. I mean, you know, I married you. I made a choice, just like I made the other choices. Some of them put Michael in that bed. And I got to stand up and face the music. I can't hide.

Claudia: So, taking me with you is sort of like penance?

Sonny: It's not -- no, look, I know that you're sensitive to the situation, and I appreciate that. What I'm trying to say is, if you want to stay home, you can stay home. If you want to come with me, I don't have a problem with you going with me.

Claudia: Okay, good. So, let's get dressed.

Sonny: All right.

Spinelli: You sacrificed yourself to save me, the act of a true friend. But I also have the right to take risks and make sacrifices. And I will not be robbed of my choice to reciprocate your kindness. I also believe that by working together, we can effect a more favorable outcome. And, you know, despite all of our problems with the feds, should we not do our utmost to make sure that this cargo is not unleashed on innocents?

Jason: Okay. Okay, we're going to work together.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah? Are you sure, Bernie? Okay, no, that's good, thanks. The truck was hijacked by Sandy Masone's crew.

Spinelli: What do we do now?

Jason: Okay, well, we got to find out if he's still got the cargo or who he sold it to.

Patrick: What do we got?

Man: Head-on M.V.A with multiple injuries. He's got a left leg fracture. He's got head contusions, possible internal bleeding.

Patrick: Get him to trauma one.

Man: All right.

Patrick: Get a portable chest and an abdominal x-ray right now.

Matt: I've got this one. You go home with Robin, like you promised her.

Sonny: Kate? What are you doing here?

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