GH Transcript Thursday 1/22/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/22/09


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Patrick: So did it occur to you or your supervisors it could've been handled in a better way?

Agent Rayner: We were trying to avoid a full-scale panic.

Patrick: Oh, okay, so you settled on a hospital full of innocent people?

Agent Rayner: You're not here to critique the FBI. You're here to tell me everything you recall about the events leading up to the incident. You intercepted a call in E.R. You had the x-rays in your hand. What happened next?

Patrick: I told Nurse Johnson to call O.R. and tell them to stop the surgery.

Agent Rayner: Did you tell her why?

Patrick: I didn't have time to tell her why. I told her to warn Matt to not open up the patient.

Agent Rayner: Matt?

Patrick: Dr. Hunter was Earl Bragg's surgeon.

Agent Rayner: And your brother.

Patrick: So you know more than you've led on. What are you not saying?

Winnifred: Well, there was a benefit at the hospital, and there were a number of high profile guests. I can't confirm if any of them were associated with Equinox Industries. Yes, sir, Nikolas Cassadine is on the list.

Nikolas: Hi.

Robin: Hey. What a nice surprise.

Nikolas: Well, Elizabeth lets me drop in without notice, and since you moved to the same block, I thought it might be a neighborhood thing. Just in case, I come bearing gifts.

Robin: Come in, come in.

Nikolas: Okay, thanks.

Robin: Thank you so much.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

Robin: You didn't have to do this.

Nikolas: No, it's my pleasure. Don't worry; it's not like a miniature gargoyle or anything like that.

Robin: Even if it was, coming from you, I would treasure it.

Nikolas: Well, that's very kind of you.

Robin: So... how are you?

Nikolas: No, no, no, that's my line. Newly married woman, new mom, about to move into her first home, how are you?

Robin: Well, let's -- let's just concentrate on you for a second.

Nikolas: Okay.

Robin: I seem to remember that it's Emilyís birthday today. Must be having a hard day.

Robin: It's my own special quirk. Sometimes works for me, sometimes it's just obnoxious. Anyway, when I saw you, I remembered today is Emilyís birthday.

Nikolas: Yeah. She's been on my mind constantly. I thought I was past that.

Robin: It's tricky. Certain times of year trigger certain memories.

Nikolas: Yeah. Right after she died, I was so overwhelmed by my grief that I was willing to let a tumor take my life so I didn't have to live without her. Took some good friends like yourself and Nadine to help me get past that, move on. The last week or so -- I don't know, I just -- I just hit a wall.

Max: No need for recon, Mr. C.

Sonny: Yeah, I hear some banging noises.

Max: Yeah, yeah, one of the shutters came lose, and I tied it down, but with the wind kicking up --

Sonny: Can you get somebody to stop it?

Max: Yeah, yeah, right away.

Sonny: Because it's -- the noise, it's really annoying.

Max: Got it, boss.

Claudia: I think they're gone.

Ric: And I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes.

[Both giggle]

Sonny: Sorry about that.

Carly: It's okay.

Sonny: Uh, thank you.

Carly: I know how you work.

Sonny: You think so?

Carly: Yeah. You hate wet shoes from the snow.

Sonny: Well, who doesn't?

Carly: Your reaction is a bit extreme. I have a theory if you'd like to hear it.

Sonny: When did you start to ask?

Carly: Ha-ha. Shoes wet from the snow, not rain, bring back memories of you selling papers on the street corners in Bensonhurst -- all bad memories.

Sonny: You got that right. I used to stand out there in the freezing cold. Snow would turn into slush, seeping into my shoes. I swore one day I would get out of that town and never have to deal with that snow again. You, on the other hand -- you grew up in Florida, right? I never understood your fascination with the snow.

Carly: Well, it's simple. You always want what you can't have. I think you and I are a lot alike in that way.

Sam: Come on, a simple yes or no, Jason. If you think that I can help you get inside information on the Zacchara organization, something that you can't get from your own sources, will it help keep Spinelli out of federal custody?

Jason: I mean, depending on what you come with, yeah, it could help.

Sam: Okay, that's it. It is settled. I'm going to pursue getting a job from Anthony.

Jason: I'm not going to tell you what to do, okay? You just need to be smart, because it's not going to do Spinelli any good if you get yourself killed.

Sam: All right, I have three things working in my favor with Anthony -- my past with you, my present with Lucky, and of course, because my mother's the D.A. --

Jason: How does any of that help?

Sam: Because I think it will make Anthony less likely to kill me. Too much fallout.

Jason: Or Anthony could just not hire you. How about that?

Sam: Okay, how about that? That -- that is a point, but I am counting on the fact that Anthonyís not a linear thinker. He likes to keep the people around him off balance. And Ric warning him not to hire me may make him more inclined to do it. Plus, he is perverse and unpredictable, which makes him very, very easy to manipulate.

Jason: Okay, the one thing you don't want to do is get overconfident. You do not want to underestimate Anthony Zacchara. He did not get to where he is right now by being stupid.

Sam: Okay, I hear you.

Jason: Okay. Now, if he gives you an assignment, I need to know where and when.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Okay, and if you get in trouble, don't be too proud to yell for backup.

Sam: Deal.

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Jackal can no longer stand silently on the sidelines and allow others to take up his cause. He demands the right to participate in the events of his own life.

Jason: Talk to Sam -- I got to go.

[Door closes]

Spinelli: Do my ears deceive me? Now fair Samantha is in the jackal-saving business, too? This is the final nail in my coffin of wimp-dom.

Nikolas: So, I've been meaning to apologize for missing your wedding. Sorry.

Robin: Oh, you mean both of my weddings that I gave you two chances for? That's okay. The first one didn't count. The second one, you were with Nadine, right? Helping with the death in the family?

Nikolas: Right, but that was just the beginning. Nadine's life has been quite chaotic lately, to say the least.

Robin: And you've really been there for her?

Nikolas: Well, I've done all I could, I think.

Robin: Hmm, sounds like you two have gotten pretty close.

Nikolas: She's a wonderful person.

Robin: Hmm.

Nikolas: Hmm.

Robin: Okay, so you are throwing everything you have into building a long, lasting relationship with her, but it just doesn't seem to work because you keep thinking about Emily.

Nikolas: Oh, I knew there was another reason why I came over here, and that's exactly it.

Robin: Yeah, you know, the same thing happened to me after Stone died. You know, I was -- I was really lucky to have found Jason. He was that perfect, you know, transitional relationship because he didn't expect anything of me or, you know, he just accepted what would happen on any given day. Gave me time to heal. I couldn't have designed a more perfect person to be with then. You know, sometimes it's good to remind myself that I've been sad and lonely before, and I've gotten through it.

Nikolas: Is that how you feel right now?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: You know, I think the reason snow was always so important to me is because it stood for everything I wanted. Happy family, Christmas joy, all the corny stuff.

Sonny: It's amazing how two people could have such different reaction to the same thing, because to me, the snow meant claustrophobia. I guess, you know, that's how it started because being trapped inside, living with a -- a temper, a man with a temper who, you know, could go off at any second. All he needed was a little booze. And he always had it.

Carly: You know what's so great about you? You never let your bad association with snow affect the boys. Whenever it snows, there you were, out there throwing snowballs and building snowmen.

Sonny: Well, I mean, it made it much more fun, you know? Oh, well.

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: Sonny, do you realize that you will never change?

Claudia: Okay, they're gone. I think they're gone. Remind me to give Max a big bonus. What are you doing?

Ric: I -- I'm getting the hell out of here. What are you talking --

Claudia: No, you're not.

Ric: Are you crazy or is this just another manifestation of your rather disturbing death wish? Don't do that.

Claudia: You're not going anywhere. Sonny's here. So, what do you think? You're going to go waltzing down the stairs? He might see you. Which means that for the time being, you are more or less my captive. I think we might as well enjoy it.

Ric: Okay. Okay. This is really -- it's wonderful and very titillating. The sex --

[Claudia chuckles]

Ric: Yeah, and the hint of danger, and this sudden passion for me, but it doesn't all ring true. You're after something. Why don't you just tell me what it is?

Spinelli: Hey.

Sam: Okay, well, that's actually nice to see that in a world gone mad, some things do stay the same.

Spinelli: Oh, is the repast to fair Samanthaís liking?

Sam: Yes, it's perfect. Thank you.

Spinelli: Forgive my rudeness earlier. I've... just been a little distracted.

Sam: Yeah, it's understandable.

Spinelli: But this is such a welcome oasis in the eye of the storm -- getting to catch up. Can I get you anything else?

Sam: Nope, uh-uh, I'm good. You don't have to wait on me hand and foot. And, you know, I do actually know where things are -- a little bit, anyway.

Spinelli: From your time in residence, of course.

Sam: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Spinelli: You know, it is fascinating how certain events reshape themselves. I mean, the first time I came to casa de Stone Cold, you were the tenant and I was the visitor.

Sam: Yeah. That was a long time ago.

Spinelli: Indeed. Fair Samantha has moved on.

Sam: Yes, she has.

[Both laugh]

Spinelli: Might I inquire as to any of your current activities? I mean, do you have any special projects going on, or --

Sam: If I didn't know you any better, I would say that you were working me.

Robin: Turns out I am nowhere near the natural mother that I assumed I would be. Which is a perfect example of why one should never assume.

Nikolas: You really believe that to be true?

Robin: About my shortcomings as a parent? I'm afraid so. I mean, the first few weeks, I was in so over my head it wasn't even funny.

Nikolas: I think that's normal, though. Don't you?

Robin: That's what people say. But anyway, I'm -- you know, I'm doing better now. I just -- I'm just not comfortable or easy with Emma yet. The feeling's very mutual, by the way.

Nikolas: Yeah, I completely get what you're saying. I mean, it's like the reality of having a child are so much different than the expectations, and I've certainly fallen down on the job trying to raise my son. It was just so much easier for me when Emily was around because she was so wonderful with him. She loved spending time with him -- I mean, real time. It was like Emily was the bridge that created the illusion that I was actually somewhat of an involved parent instead of relying on the nanny so much like I do now.

Robin: Aw.

Nikolas: But look, I -- I came over here to wish you well on your new life, not bore you with my problems, so --

Robin: No, listen, you know, you loved Emily with all of your heart, and if you need to just talk about her, miss her, I'm always here to listen.

Nikolas: Okay.

Matt: How'd it go, Rebecca Shaw?

Rebecca: Okay, so far. I just got to fill out these forms.

Matt: Forms. Forms.

Rebecca: Any chance the coffee in the cafeteria is drinkable?

Matt: None whatsoever, but there's a coffee shop down the street. I'd be willing to walk you.

Rebecca: Are you on duty?

Matt: I am. But we get these little things called breaks, and I'm entitled to one.

Rebecca: Think I better settle for directions. You might be a little too distracting.

Matt: I'll take the compliment. It's out the main doors, you hang a right, one block down the right side.

Rebecca: Thanks.

Matt: You're welcome.

Jason: Hey, is Patrick around?

Leyla: Thank you, Doctor.

Patrick: Yes. You look lovely today.

Leyla: Thank you. It's a good one.

Patrick: Good.

Jason: Thanks for taking the time.

Patrick: Yeah, I assume this is about Robin.

Jason: No, why?

Patrick: She told me that she was going to go see you today.

Jason: Yeah, she did stop by. But actually, I'm here to talk to you about Carly. You know, this whole benefit -- I think it's a great idea. I just don't think it's a great idea for Carly.

Carly: Do you realize that you were genetically incapable of letting something just lie and be? You just went and brought those over here. Now you're trying to take them back?

Sonny: I don't like clutter.

Carly: You're a control freak.

Sonny: You're exaggerating now. What else is new?

Carly: Exaggerating? Okay, then put the discs back where they were and just see if you can --

Sonny: Why would I do that?

Carly: To prove that you're not some compulsive weirdo.

Sonny: Well, that's a stupid challenge.

Carly: No, it's not. Try it, just try it.

Sonny: Why would I put them somewhere where they don't belong, and then I forget about them, they get lost? Why don't I just put them back where they belong in the first place? See, that's your problem. Because, you know, you put stuff somewhere, Jax picks it up, Morgan picks it up. Then you can't find it. It creates chaos.

Carly: How did this conversation turn into you critiquing my housekeeping skills?

Sonny: Uh, that's what I'm saying -- you don't have any.

Carly: You want to go there? Because then I'm going to start talking about all that freaky stuff you do in the morning.

Sonny: No, we don't want to go there.

Carly: No. Okay. Neutral ground. Last chance to add anyone to the guest list for the benefit tonight. And that includes your, uh, wife.

Ric: Come on, stop.

Claudia: You -- what?

Ric: Stop it, stop.

Claudia: You're really not going to let me seduce you?

Ric: Well, call me crazy, but you know, the urge kind of is gone after two guys are standing outside my door, both of which are known for carrying weapons, and the other one is an insanely irrational husband.

Claudia: Listen, you're Sonny's brother. He pretty much hates you, but you're still around.

Ric: Yeah, that's not a lot of comfort, Claudia. Okay, look, since we know that sex by distraction is off the table, why don't you just tell me why you're trying to manipulate me?

Claudia: Why do you have to insult me?

Ric: Why you got to stall, Claudia? Come on.

Claudia: I want to know the truth.

Ric: About what?

Claudia: About my father's agenda. I know he has one. I just haven't figured it out yet.

Ric: I told you, I don't know what you're talking about --

Claudia: You know what? Don't -- don't insult my intelligence. My father brought Sonny into this organization for a specific purpose. You know what it is. Now, considering I'm stuck in the middle between my crazy, psychotic, dangerous father and my potentially psychotic husband, the least you can do is tell me exactly what kind of mess I've gotten myself into.

Ric: Okay. First thing you need to know is... Anthonyís not paralyzed.

Claudia: Get the hell out.

Ric: Anthony -- Anthony walks just fine. He also shoots his rifle. Which he did... on Sonny's wedding day.

Claudia: I knew the night that Kate got shot that Karpov didn't do it. Obviously, you did, too. How'd you find out?

Ric: Well, I walked in on Anthony, found him standing there dismantling his rifle.

Claudia: And, what, he admitted it to you? That speaks of some kind of trust or --

Ric: I don't know about that. Look, obviously Anthony was trying to blame Kateís shooting on the Russians. He knew that Sonny was going to spin out of control. He also knew that Sonny was going to probably be obsessed with going after Karpov.

Claudia: Which is exactly what happened.

Ric: Yeah, but Sonny didn't have the resources to go after the Russians, and he knew that he would go to Jason for help.

Claudia: Who would turn him down and then he would come right to us.

Ric: Look, your father offered the Zacchara organization to Sonny under the condition that he would marry you. That way, he had Sonny deeper in the hole. I mean, Anthony wants to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. And he also wanted to make sure that he had his eyes on ears in this house.

Claudia: Hey, I'm not -- nobody ever said that I had to spy on Sonny.

Ric: Claudia, you don't have to. You're already here -- look at you. Your father's been pulling your strings since the day you were born. He knows that you're loyal to the family -- he also knows that you're going to give him any information that he asks for.

Claudia: You know what my father does? He underestimates me, and so do you. I cannot believe that you've known this the whole time and you didn't tell me.

Ric: Well, what do you expect? Come on, it's easy, Claudia. I didn't know I could trust you. And frankly, I'm still not sure. You've got to -- you got to understand something. I am -- I'm risking my life by telling you this.

Claudia: I know how my father deals with betrayal. And I know what you're risking. On the other hand, you're already in it this far.

[Ric scoffs]

Claudia: You might as well finish. Right?

Ric: All right, Sonny's ensconced with the Zacchara organization. Your father's going to try to escalate the tension with Jason, knowing that Sonny's going to eventually have to make a move.

Claudia: Jason, being forever loyal, won't strike back. Sonny will kill Jason.

Ric: Yeah.

Claudia: My father will kill Sonny and crown himself the king of the world?

Ric: Yeah, and so far, a few road bumps, and your father's plan is working.

Claudia: Okay, and you're okay with -- you're okay with this.

Ric: I'm the messenger.

Claudia: No, Ric, in order for this plan to work out, your brother has to die. You're okay with that?

Sonny: Okay, Robin's not on the list. Did she RSVP no, or -- you didn't invite her?

Carly: She just had a baby. And did you hear she just moved?

Sonny: Okay, I know you two don't get along but -- and don't get defensive because it's probably partially Robin's fault, too -- but she was a big part of Michaelís life, a big part of my life. I would like her to be there.

Carly: Mm. Fine.

Sonny: "Fine" what?

Carly: Fine, I'll ask her.

Sonny: Okay, if it's -- if it's too uncomfortable for you --

Carly: No, no. I'm going to go to her house and I'm going to ask her in person to make up for the short notice, okay?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: You didn't answer my question. Are you going to bring Claudia?

Sonny: Well, you know, if she wants to go. But if it makes you uncomfortable, I have no problem telling Claudia to stay home.

Carly: No -- see, this is me being a big person. If Claudia would like to attend the benefit, she's more than welcome. She is your wife --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: God help you.

[Sonny chuckles]

Spinelli: The Jackal values his friendship with fair Samantha far too much to work her. I was merely expressing my interest in the current status of your life, which is always so... entertainingly adventurous.

Sam: Oh. Okay. I get it.

Spinelli: Yeah!

Sam: Okay, let's see -- hmm. Well, yesterday, I went to the spa --

Spinelli: Oh.

Sam: And I had the most amazing massage.

Spinelli: You don't say.

Sam: And, um -- let's see. I was going to get a pedicure -- a-ha. You are terrible at this, I told you.

Spinelli: Add it to the ever-expanding list of things.

[Spinelli sighs]

Sam: Okay. Look, you're really sweet, so why don't we just put everything out on the table? I know you're probably wondering if Jason made a deal with the feds to keep you out of prison and that I would know what it is and that I would tell you.

Spinelli: Yeah, fair Samantha has hit the proverbial nail on the head. See, it -- it's not right that Stone Cold would put himself in such an untenable position and not allow the Jackal to assume his fair share of responsibility and blame when the whole thing could've been avoided had the Jackal not been so arrogant as to think he was unhackable.

Sam: Okay, I'm not really sure I understand everything that you just said, but all I can tell you is what you already know, Spinelli. Jason said that he would handle it, and he will. You've got to trust him. Just trust him, okay? Thank you for the snacks. I'm going to go.

Spinelli: Okay.

Sam: All right?

Spinelli: It was good to see you.

Sam: Bye.

Spinelli: Bye.

[Door opens]

Jason: You see, Carly believes that if she wants something bad enough, she can will it into existence. And the crazy thing is she's done it a lot of times. But in this case, we both know that force of will is not going to wake Michael up.

Patrick: I know where you're going with this. You think I'm giving Carly false hope about Michaelís condition.

Jason: No, no. I don't think that you're intentionally misleading her at all, but all of a sudden, Carly has all this hope, and sometimes letting Carly hope is setting her up for heartbreak, and there's always a fallout.

Patrick: Well, I've been honest about Michaelís condition. That's my job. If Carly chooses to find hope in that, then there's nothing I can do about it, and frankly, there's nothing you can do about it, either.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: You know, that sounds real logical, but you know the situation isnít.

Patrick: Look, I understand that. Look, Jason, this foundation that Carly's setting up has an opportunity to do some real good.

Jason: Right.

Patrick: Now, if she feels that she's helping other people in Michaelís condition in his name -- frankly, if she finds resolution in that, that can't be a bad thing. I would hope that you would encourage Carly in this situation and not discourage her.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Yeah, well, thank you for hearing me out.

Patrick: Jason, um --

Jason: Yeah?

Patrick: When Robin came to see you today, how was she?

Jason: Seemed a little tense, like she was covering something, maybe.

Patrick: Thanks.

Robin: Wow! You know, you are the only man I know that gives a gift to a woman she actually wants to display in her home.

[Nikolas chuckles]

Robin: Thank you so much.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

Robin: I love it.

Nikolas: Good, good. Well, Emily -- she always told me that it was kind of an art to give a gift.

Robin: Yeah.

Nikolas: Someone -- oh, my God, I'm doing it again, Emily.

Robin: Don't you dare apologize for that. You know, I have to say, I think I was responsible for you and Emily being together, or at least I got you together in the first place. Remember when you had that throat injury and your uncle was keeping you prisoner at Wyndemere?

Nikolas: Yeah, and you used to come visit me all the time.

Robin: I did, and I think you had a thing for me.

Nikolas: Oh, I completely did, absolutely.

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: But, you know, I -- I didn't want to lead you on or anything, so I started to make myself unavailable, and then send Emily in my place, which, of course, I didn't have to twist her arm because she was already crazy in love with you.

Nikolas: Well, thank you. Not many people can say that they've given the gift of love. And if I haven't thanked you enough, it's because I don't know where to start.

Robin: I'm sorry you're hurting right now.

Nikolas: Yeah.

[Door opens]

Spinelli: Greetings, Stone Cold. Uh -- you know, before being asked, I'm just going to retreat to my regrettably pink room to get out of your way.

Jason: No, what -- what are you doing?

Spinelli: Nothing. I -- I just -- I've -- I have much to do, many projects and much labor to reclaim my rightful place in the cyber --

Jason: What were you working on when I just came in?

[Spinelli sighs]

Spinelli: I was attempting to hack into the FBI mainframe to ascertain the nature of the unholy deal that Stone Cold struck to save me.

Jason: Okay, so just let me get this straight. The FBI arrests you for treason and crimes against the government, and your response is to hack them again?

Spinelli: You left me no choice.

Sonny: You were upstairs the whole time?

Claudia: Oh, my --

Sonny: Didn't mean to scare you.

Claudia: Yeah. I was... checking my e-mail and returning it and stuff.

Sonny: In your room?

Claudia: No, I was up in the -- the upstairs den.

Sonny: You didn't hear the banging?

Claudia: Banging?

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: Somebody's banging in this house? Must be Max or Milo because it damn sure ain't me.

Sonny: No, not that kind of banging -- just, like, noises.

Claudia: No, I had my ear buds in. You know how I like to listen to my music really loud? Probably regret it one day when I can't hear anything, but -- I like to block out the world with it, you know?

Sonny: You all right? Something bothering you?

Claudia: No. You mean other than the fact that Jason blew up a Zacchara shipment and you're refusing to retaliate and my father's furious? No, nothing at all.

Sonny: Well, you knew where things stood as soon as the shipment was blowing up, so why are you -- why are you so nervous?

Claudia: Why are you suddenly acting like you care?

Sonny: Because you're jumping out of your skin! Which tells me you're lying. I just want to know why.

Leyla: I can't wait for you to finally meet my friends. But be warned -- they're rather outspoken. I love you, too. Hi.

Epiphany: Hey. It's good to see you happy, Nurse Mir. If there's anybody that deserves it, that'd be you.

Leyla: Thank you.

Epiphany: Hmm.

Patrick: Elizabeth, I need to ask your honest opinion about something.

Elizabeth: Sure.

Patrick: Would you consider Jason an authority on Robin?

Elizabeth: In what way?

Patrick: Well, do you think he knows her well enough to -- to understand what she's feeling or what she's -- what she's going through?

Elizabeth: It's an odd question, but -- yeah, I guess. They were in love at one point. Why are you asking this?

Patrick: Robin went to -- Robin went to go see Jason today, and I asked him how she was feeling, and he wouldn't say either way. He wouldn't say there was something wrong but he wouldn't say she was all right, either.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that's Jason.

Nikolas: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: I stopped by to visit Robin at your new place. It's really nice.

Patrick: Yeah, um -- how is she?

[Baby cries]

[Robin sighs]

[Knock on door]

Robin: Carly?

Carly: Hi. Sorry to show up unannounced, but I had something I wanted to talk to you about.

Robin: All right. Well, come in. It's cold.

Carly: Wow. Wow, this is nice.

Robin: Yeah, we like it. So, what can I do for you?

Carly: I don't know if you've heard, but I am putting together a foundation for children with pediatric head injuries in Michaelís name. We're having a benefit and I just --

[Baby cries]

Carly: I could wait if you want to go pick up the baby.

Robin: What did you just say?

Carly: I said I could wait if you want to go pick up your baby.

Robin: Well, I think you of all people probably shouldn't be lecturing me on how to be a good mother.

[Baby cries]

Carly: All I said is that I would wait so you could go take care of your baby, who's crying -- make that screaming her head off right now. But what do I know? I'm just a bad mother and you're the saint.

Patrick: So Robin seemed okay to you?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. She seemed -- she seemed fine, a little sleep-deprived.

Patrick: Yeah.

Nikolas: But other than that, house looks great. She's obviously been working on it really hard.

Patrick: Elizabeth helped out a lot with that, actually.

Elizabeth: I just followed and just threw them together, that's all.

Patrick: So, Emmaís pretty amazing, huh?

Nikolas: Emma was actually asleep and Robin didn't want to wake her up.

Patrick: Oh, that's too bad. Next time.

Nikolas: Yeah, next time, yeah. But it was good to finally reconnect with Robin. She loved the gift that I brought for your home and remembered it was Emilyís birthday today. I mean, honestly, I think that -- thank you --

[Nikolas chuckles]

Nikolas: She just wanted some good conversation. She's -- you know, she's been at home this whole time with the baby --

Patrick: Yeah.

Nikolas: Recovering from the C-section, buying a new home. I mean, that would overwhelm anybody, don't you think?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I agree.

[Keys turn in lock]

Man: Sammy Masone, please. I'm here. I'd like to take a look at the cargo of the Equinox truck.

Agent Rayner: You're sure it was on the truck? Did Equinox confirm? What do you mean, they're in a meeting? Do you have any idea how volatile this cargo is? I have to know exactly how much and where immediately. We can't wade through a bunch of red tape. There had to be a GPS. Somebody somewhere knows exactly where that truck was hijacked and where it is now. I've got a local guy working on it. He's a coffee distributor; he runs a lot of drugs. Look, you light a fire under Equinox; I'll light a fire under my guy. We are sitting on something far worse than dynamite here.

[Phone beeps]

[Knock on door]

Agent Rayner: The room's assigned! Get another one.

Spinelli: Fearsome federal one?

Spinelli: Ah! Gracious greetings.

Agent Rayner: You're a genius on the computer, but you're not exactly a bright light in real life, are you?

Spinelli: That is the consensus in many quarters, yes.

Agent Rayner: You realize that the FBI has strong evidence against you, and that the massive federal security breaches you committed online amount to espionage and high treason?

Spinelli: Yes.

Agent Rayner: You further understand that if you are convicted of any of these crimes, you will spend the rest of your life in prison, and that the death penalty is not entirely out of the question?

Spinelli: Most regrettably, yes.

Agent Rayner: I ran the sting against you. It took years. I'll probably get a citation. On my orders, we dragged you out of this police station and you were on your way to a federal penitentiary to await trial in solitary confinement.

Spinelli: You don't say?

Agent Rayner: You further understand that the charges against you have been withdrawn. However, they can be reinstated by me for any reason at any time.

Spinelli: I understand, I Ė

Agent Rayner: Then why in hell would you ask me for a meeting?

Spinelli: With deepest respect and a keen awareness of the seriousness of the situation, I must ask the fearsome federal one why he chose to set me free.

Sonny: What's going on with you lately? Snooping around my house, scared. It's not like you.

Claudia: You don't know what I'm like.

Sonny: Oh, hey, you're tough. You're loyal, you're -- you know? You married me for the good of your family.

Claudia: Some people will do anything for power.

Sonny: Oh, so what you're saying is you expected more power when you married me?

Claudia: Well, I don't know what I expected. I mean, honestly, you didn't know what to expect, either. But I liked having power in my family, I liked that my father looked at me for once like I was good for something. But that's changing. Johnny might actually be out of the business for good. My father's furious. He's trying to undercut you, and I'm not exactly sure where that leaves me, but I have no protection.

Sonny: Oh, so is that what you're -- is that what you're -- is that what you want? Protection from your father?

Claudia: I don't know -- what if it is? I mean, if I was asking you for that, would you give it to me? Yeah. So, I didn't think so.

Sonny: We did not agree to lay down our lives for each other, Claudia.

Claudia: Okay, well, I don't know exactly what we agreed to in this marriage, but you know, at first I thought for a little while that -- that we'd have a friendly cohabitation, that we'd hang out and cook together and drink good wine and -- I don't know -- we'd show each other some respect.

Sonny: I treat you with enormous respect.

Claudia: No, you do most of the time, and I want to give it back to you.

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: I want --

Sonny: Why don't you tell me what you're trying to hide?

Claudia: I don't know where to begin.

Sonny: Well, is this about Anthony?

Claudia: It's about a lot of things, but you should know that my father is --

Sonny: Yeah?

Claudia: Really not happy with you, and there's always another level to his plans.

Sonny: Oh, I can deal with your father.

Claudia: A lot of people have thought that.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: It's part of -- it's part of the way he works. He -- he wants his enemies to think that he can be had --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: Because he says it gives him an edge.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. I have no illusions about your father.

Claudia: He's not exactly everything that he appears.

Sonny: Oh, so he's not really nuts?

Claudia: Oh, no, he's definitely nuts, but not in the way that you think.

Sonny: Can we stop talking in riddles? Because this is about as scared as I've ever seen you.

Sonny: You got to tell me why.

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