GH Transcript Friday 1/16/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/16/09


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Patrick: The hospital is always busy in bad weather, worse when a storm comes, obviously. People have this compulsion to go out and drive in the worst possible weather. So I knew that the E.R. was going to be busy. SVAs, MVAs, single and multi-vehicle accidents. So I wanted to take advantage of a lull in the storm and go home to Robin and the baby. Robin and I had just -- we just moved into a new house, so I wanted to go home and help her unpack.

Man: Dr. Drake, I realize you've been through a horrible ordeal, but I need you to focus on the incident.

Patrick: I was getting to the incident. I was trying to explain to you why I didn't see it coming, why I didn't see the warning signs, why I didn't do more to stop it before it started.

Winnifred: They're still evacuating. No, we can't confirm how many have died. I don't think autopsies are going to be feasible, considering -- no, sir, of course, it's not up to me. Yes, I did receive your memo and I think that -- well, according to all available records, Sonny Corinthos was in the building at the time of the incident. No. Well, there's no word on whether or not he survived.

Sonny: How much evidence against me have you given the Feds?

Jason: Nothing. But the only way I could save Spinelli was to agree to give you and Anthony up.

Sonny: So you did.

Jason: Yeah, I did.

Sonny: Good.

Robin: Hey, I'm back. No need to worry. I'm fine.

Patrick: Where were you?

Robin: I had some errands to run, and Elizabeth said that she would watch Emma while I was out.

Elizabeth: It was my pleasure. She slept most of the way anyhow.

Robin: Wow, I guess so. You offered to help me unpack, but I didn't expect this much help.

Elizabeth: I'm just quick. You know, with two little boys, I learned to do at least three things at once. I hope it's okay.

Patrick: It is. Thank you. We appreciate it.

Robin: Yeah, we do. You're back from the hospital. Any particular reason?

Patrick: Yeah, I had a light day, so I was thinking about you and Emma.

Robin: Well, you could've just called.

Elizabeth: Well, speaking of work, I need to get there. So, the casserole, just pop it in the oven for an hour at 350. It should be good. Welcome to the neighborhood, you guys. If you need anything else, just let me know.

Patrick: Thanks, Elizabeth.

Robin: If I had come back 10 minutes later, she would've re-upholstered the furniture.

Patrick: She was being nice.

Robin: It's just a little stifling.

Patrick: Robin, she's our friend.

Robin: Yeah, I know she's our friend, and I appreciate her help. I just, you know, hope she doesn't turn into one of those neighbors that pops in to give you friendly advice whether you want it or not.

Patrick: I'm sure she'll respect our privacy. I mean, Elizabeth knows how stressful moving can be, especially with a newborn.

Robin: If that's your idea of subtle, it needs work. For the last time, I do not have postpartum depression.

Maxie: Pay no attention to Matt. The only thing he likes better than looking in the mirror is the sound of his own voice.

Matt: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I get it wrong? You two are actually more than just friends? You're dating? Involved?

Spinelli: Maybe I should return at a more propitious time.

Maxie: No, Spinelli, I want you to stay and Matt to go.

Matt: Oh, you don't mean that.

Maxie: If I meant it any more, I would have to have security throw you out. I might just do that anyway.

Spinelli: It appears I've intruded on a most volatile conversation, one that I care not be privy to.

Maxie: No, Spinelli, Matt is repeating things out of context. I told him that you were my very best friend in the whole world.

Matt: And that you two would never date.

Maxie: I was trying to be really nice about this.

Matt: Were you, really?

Maxie: Let me be clear. I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last man on earth. I will never -- make that never ever go out on a date with you.

Matt: Your eyes are gorgeous, even when you're trying to despise me.

Maxie: Go, and take your cheesy lines with you!

Spinelli: The designing Dr. Drake is right, though. You view the Jackal as a companion only.

Maxie: As opposed to what?

Spinelli: A man who could rock your world.

Nikolas: I didn't know you were coming.

Alexis: Are you breaking up the pair?

Nikolas: Yes. So, what's inspired this visit? I know how much you hate taking the launch in winter.

Alexis: No kidding.

Nikolas: Storms coming in.

Alexis: It's almost as bad as chemo. Anyway, I talked to my friend Melissa. You know, the one who set up the senate subcommittee meeting for you.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Alexis: She said you and Nadine made a very impressive argument against Equinox.

Nikolas: Yes, well, Nadine deserves all the credit. She spoke from the heart and it worked.

Alexis: Was that before or after she licensed the patent over to you?

Nikolas: Oh, right. That's right. That was some impressive foresight on your part, anticipating that Nadine may become overwhelmed and giving me the means to step in.

Alexis: Yeah, yeah. Okay, well, I'm concerned -- curious, actually, that Equinox has not contacted you about the license. They're the largest, most secretive defense corporation in the country.

Nikolas: If they do ask me to re-license the patent, I'll just refuse.

Alexis: Nikolas, given their influence -- Equinox's influence, and your own personal troubles with I.N.S., you are putting yourself and your potential citizenship on rocky ground.

Nikolas: Nadine needed my help, so I did it.

Alexis: And, of course, if you continue to do these nice, big things for her, she won't even notice that you're not actually in love with her.

Jerry: You will find what you seek in Sonny's plush, if somewhat over-decorated study. Until then, you're on shaky ground, darling. Of course, if Sonny finds my missive first, it will simply be the end. No doubt you've –

[Video stops]

Claudia: Screw you, psycho.

Ric: Hey. Busy? Are you e-mailing a secret lover? Sending a note to an old friend about your wonderful new marriage? Oh, that's right, I forgot. I'm your only friend. Beginning to wonder, though.

Claudia: Skip the drama. What's up?

Ric: What's up? Well, that's what I was wondering. I was at Jake’s waiting for you. Remember, a little game of pool followed by a little game of whatever up in the room?

Claudia: Yeah. I had to take care of something.

Ric: Oh, did you?

Claudia: Mm-hmm. I got it.

Ric: What?

Claudia: I have it, Ric. I got it.

Ric: What's the problem? What are you so nervous about? Who or what has got you so spooked?

Jason: You don't care the FBI wants evidence against you?

Sonny: The Feds said that they wouldn't release Spinelli until you gave them all the information, which is what you did. You told them what they needed to hear.

Jason: And I have to follow through.

Sonny: Well, now you tell them all you got on Anthony.

Jason: Which includes you as acting head of the organization. You work for the Zaccharas, Sonny. Just leave. Cut ties with them.

Sonny: What difference does it make? The FBI still wants me. You're their best shot at securing a conviction.

Jason: I think I can keep the Feds satisfied with information on Anthony.

Sonny: You're giving the FBI evidence. Is it worth it to save Spinelli?

Nikolas: What do you want from me? Nadine's been wonderful. She's kind, she's sweet, she's funny. She was helpful in opening up the clinic.

Alexis: Kind of like a trusted assistant or a, you know, sister.

Nikolas: This is -- this is Cuthbert, by the way. Yeah. Emily named him. She used to say that this thing was just -- was just plain ugly. But, you know, of course, Emily being Emily, she felt bad about being so harsh, so she said that it was a "he," and that he needed a name, so, hence the name Cuthbert.

Alexis: Okay. You digress.

Nikolas: So? Look, I enjoy Nadine. I enjoy her company. I like listening to her stories.

Alexis: I'm just going to say that if she heard you say that, she'd be really, really humiliated.

Nikolas: What do you want me to say to that? She's brought laughter back into my life and I'm profoundly grateful for that.

Alexis: Well, then, the more gratitude you show her, the more she's going to think and hope that there's some sort of a future between the two of you. And -- and is there?

Nikolas: I don't know. I want to love her.

Alexis: Okay, that answers that question.

Nikolas: Look, it's Emily’s birthday, okay? Get off my back.

Alexis: I'm sorry.

Nikolas: That's all right.

Alexis: I forgot.

Nikolas: It's all right. It's just I'm having a difficult time focusing on anything else.

Patrick: Is there any chance you might be overreacting a little bit? I've done my best not to mention postpartum.

Robin: Well, every time we're together, it's the elephant in the room.

Patrick: I don't mean it to be.

Robin: Patrick, it's obvious. You're always watching what I say a little too closely, watching what I do a little too closely. It's like you're looking for signs that I'm depressed and that I'm having trouble coping and it's getting on my nerves. So, if you want me to be depressed, keep it up. And then I'll really feel alone.

Patrick: Robin, I love you. Okay, and we're in this together.

Robin: It doesn't feel like it. I mean, I was worried enough that I went to go see Jason.

Patrick: So that was your errand. You went to go see Jason.

Robin: Carly had postpartum after she gave birth to Michael. Jason was living with her at the time, so he knows what it's like. And I know Jason wouldn't lie to me.

Patrick: Neither would I.

Robin: I wanted to talk to somebody that knew me well enough, but could also be objective.

Patrick: Okay, what did he say?

Robin: He described Carly’s symptoms, and... I'm not experiencing any of those things. That's good news.

Patrick: Jason isn't a doctor. If you were that worried about it, why wouldn't you go see Lainey?

Robin: Why would I see Lainey?

Patrick: Robin, she's a friend of yours.

Robin: Who also happens to be a psychiatrist. So that's what you think I need? You think that I need a shrink?

Maxie: Spinelli, you're making way too much out of this. Matt is an arrogant jerk.

Spinelli: And despite your professed annoyance with the conceited one, the tell-tale signs of physical attraction appear to be manifesting.

Maxie: Me attracted to Matt? How shallow do you think I am?

Spinelli: Would you indeed spurn him if he was the last male member of society?

Maxie: Matt is only cute in a nails-on-a-blackboard kind of way. I just like fighting with him.

Spinelli: It's exactly what I feared. The constant bickering is but an excuse for --

Maxie: Luckily for me, I will never be stranded on a deserted island with Matt, so we don't have to worry whether or not I would spurn him.

Spinelli: You admit that the conceited one engenders a spark that is lacking in your intercourse -- in your interaction with the Jackal.

Maxie: Spinelli, nothing is lacking about you.

Spinelli: Your actions belie your words.

Maxie: You are my very best friend ever. But you're about a billion other things, too. You're brilliant and sweet and loyal and true. You accept me for who I am and you don't try to change me even though I can be selfish and take you for granted. You are wonderful, Spinelli, and irreplaceable to me. The only thing Matt Hunter could ever hope for with me is a meaningless round of mattress tag -- two or three, tops. But can't you see that what we have is so much more than that?

[Elevator opens]

Sam: Spinelli, I was -- I was actually just coming up to ask Maxie about you.

Spinelli: What is the nature of fair Samantha’s inquiry?

Sam: Well, now that you obviously seem a little calmer, do you want to tell me about the troubles between you and the Feds?

Jason: I'm not going to give the Feds information on you. But any information I give them on Anthony, you're going to be connected.

Sonny: Well, you can find a way around it.

Jason: No, there is no way around it, because once Anthony falls, his whole organization is going to fall with him.

Sonny: You're loyal to Spinelli. That's fine.

Jason: I don't want you getting caught in the fallout.

Sonny: You already made a deal with the FBI. You can't just change your mind.

Jason: Why can't you just give up your position with the Zaccharas?

Sonny: And what? You're going to keep me from going to prison?

Jason: The Feds aren't going to get anything from me.

Sonny: Well, you know what? I appreciate what you're doing, but... I'm just getting started with the Zaccharas. No way I'm going to leave.

Nikolas: I realize that I can't live in the past. That would be weak and self-indulgent.

Alexis: No one would ever describe you as weak. Maybe a little self-indulgent, just --

Nikolas: No, no, it's both, weak and self-indulgent. I wallowed in grief for months after her death.

Alexis: I remember.

Nikolas: And Nadine, she's -- she's made me see that there at least could -- could be a life after Emily, you know. I want to move forward. I really do. But if I'm being honest with myself, Emily’s death has changed my life profoundly. I don't know if I could ever love like that again or if I even want to. I know she's in my heart right now and she always will be.

Alexis: For what it's worth, I think your capacity to find love with another woman may be greater than you really think.

Nikolas: I really want to believe that.

Alexis: So apparently you need to give yourself some more time.

Nikolas: But it's -- come on, it's already been over a year. Until -- you know, even this day, I still have moments where -- see, like right now. I'm so completely overwhelmed by the sadness of losing her and I have to literally stop and catch my breath.

Alexis: I get it, I really do. And especially on her birthday.

Nikolas: Yeah. I'm just -- I'm trying to get the courage to go visit her grave today. You know, I'll -- I'll bring flowers, and I'll stare at her name engraved on the wall and then -- and then, bang, just like that, I'll get lost in the memories and -- I know I will.

Alexis: I really do understand how you feel. I'm just suggesting that you tell Nadine how you feel so you don't make her feel something or --

Nikolas: I know.

Alexis: That is not really true. You know what I mean?

Nadine: Hi, Ms. Davis. Hi, Nikolas. We are going to have the best afternoon.

Robin: I can't win with you. I tell you that I'm feeling better and you tell me that I need a shrink.

Patrick: Hey, but you like Lainey. You value her opinion, both professional and --

Robin: I don't need to see a shrink.

Patrick: Well, what's the harm, Robin?

Robin: You know, here's a better question. What is the point, okay? There's nothing wrong with me. I went to Jason and I listened objectively to what he had to say about Carly’s symptoms during postpartum and I don't have them.

Patrick: You've had mixed emotions about this whole motherhood thing by your own admission. Okay, so why not try and see someone about it?

Robin: Why do you keep pushing me? Have I done something terrible that I'm not aware of?

Patrick: I'm sorry. Let's just -- let's take a step back. I came home today because I wanted to surprise you in a good way. So I brought you flowers. Those are for you. I love you.

Sonny: You took a risk by telling me about the Feds.

Jason: Because I trust you.

Sonny: And I trust you enough to tell you this. There was a reason why I went to the Zacchara organization. When Karpov was dying, he told me the truth. He didn't shoot Kate. He was set up so he could look guilty, okay? So ,I'm thinking, who's to benefit from shooting Kate and pinning it on Karpov?

Jason: The Zaccharas.

Sonny: Right, exactly. They leave a Russian bullet as evidence. Now, I was -- I was out for blood. You know that. So I thought it was Karpov. I had nowhere to go. I didn't have an organization to run, so I was forced to take over the Zaccharas' organization. Now, Anthony, right? He thinks that I'm playing into his hands. But, in actuality, he's playing into my hands.

Jason: The problem is, he's crazy. You don't know what he's planning.

Sonny: I'm family now. I do this right, I gain control of the entire organization. I shut Anthony out, and I run it the way I want to run it.

Jason: Sonny, the problem is we do not have time. The Feds are waiting for my information on Anthony. You need to get out right now.

Sonny: I'm too close; I'm too close to getting what I want.

Jason: No, but it --

Sonny: I can't get out now. It'll make it all for nothing.

Jason: If you stay, I cannot help you anymore.

Sonny: I appreciate that. You do what you got to do and I'll do what I got to do.

Robin: I'm sorry that I wasn't here when you got home. The flowers are beautiful.

Patrick: Well, you deserve them and much more.

Robin: I feel really bad for snapping at you and Elizabeth. I mean, look at this place. It would have taken me a week to do all of this, and I barely thanked her.

Patrick: Oh, I'm sure it's okay.

Robin: I think I'm intimidated by her.

Patrick: By Elizabeth? Why? She's our friend. She's down-to-earth Elizabeth.

Robin: And she's perfect. I mean, look at her. She has two kids. She's a single mom. She's holding down a full-time job, and she makes it all look so easy.

Patrick: And she's had years of practice, Robin.

Robin: Even with Emma, I mean, she had her fed and changed and down for a nap by the time I got home and this entire place unpacked, even with a few decorating touches. I look totally inept next to her.

Patrick: You look beautiful.

Robin: You always say the right things.

Patrick: I'm just being honest.

Robin: Okay, fine. If you're just being honest, then you have to admit everything that Elizabeth does she does well.

Patrick: Well, there is one thing that she can't do.

Robin: What's that?

Patrick: She can't be you. Right, Emma? She can't be our wonderful, loving mother, right?

Robin: Don't you think that you're laying it on a little thick?

Patrick: I meant every word. Now, do me a favor. Pick her up. I want to get a picture of the two of you.

Robin: What?

Patrick: Come on.

Robin: You have plenty of pictures of us.

Patrick: Not in the new house I don't. Please, just one photo.

Robin: But she's almost asleep.

Patrick: She'll be happy in your arms. Just pick her up. I want to get one photo in the new house, our new family and our new house. Come on.

Robin: All right, all right. Okay.

Patrick: Are you ready?

Robin: Okay, hurry up. She wants her bottle.

[Emma whimpers]

Patrick: Okay, ready?

Robin: Yes, hurry.

[Camera snaps]

Spinelli: While the Jackal is greatly relieved to avoid permanent incarceration, he is deeply concerned for Stone Cold.

Sam: Why? Jason's not in custody, is he?

Spinelli: No, but he is the sole reason that the Jackal is going to hack another day.

Sam: Did he happen to tell you what he did to be able to get you released?

Maxie: No, and don't bother asking him. He probably won't tell you any more than he told me.

Spinelli: You braved the icy stare of Stone Cold to ask him such questions?

Maxie: Winnifred set you up for a fall, Spinelli, and you fell hard. I mean, the next thing I knew, you were being hauled off to the PCPD in handcuffs.

Spinelli: Yeah, where your protective parent warned you to remain uninvolved.

Maxie: You were scared out of your mind, and I was sitting there feeling completely useless. I was terrified I was going to lose you. Then Jason walks in, and an hour later you're released? I wanted to thank him, find out how he did it, but of course he had to get all grumpy and rude, so I think maybe all of us should just leave it alone.

Ric: All right, well, keep me posted. Yeah, thanks.

Claudia: What are you doing?

Ric: I just got off the phone with a contact in Washington. Said there's a lot of FBI activity in the area. You might want to tell Sonny.

Claudia: I meant, what are you looking for?

Ric: Nothing. I'm just going through Sonny's CD collection. I want to see what his taste in music is.

Claudia: Meaning you were snooping and you got caught?

Ric: Okay, you know what? I got a better idea. Let's talk about you. What is so sacred about this laptop of yours that I can't even be in the same room with you?

Claudia: You are -- you are -- you are off your game. That's what it is.

Ric: Oh, is that right?

Claudia: Yeah, the laptop was a transparent diversion.

Ric: Oh.

Claudia: It was an attempt to go up to my room and have you follow me.

Ric: And I missed my cue?

Claudia: You did.

Ric: Oh, look at that.

Claudia: I was being too subtle maybe.

Ric: Uh-huh, yeah. Oh, boy, are you lying.

Claudia: Come on. No, who needs Jake’s when there's a great bed upstairs?

Ric: Uh-huh, you're so lying.

Claudia: Why? Why would I lie?

Ric: Because your lips are moving. And you know what? I don't care. I don't care. And you're right. What did you need a bed for, huh? What's the matter? You don't feel like living dangerously?

Claudia: How dangerously?

Ric: Well, I'd say there's a perfectly good couch right here.

[Door opens]

Anthony: What's wrong with this picture? Oh, yeah, your husband's not in it.

Nadine: I got some cookies for Rubicon, made from rice, no alfalfa fillers.

Nikolas: Oh, he'll love those. Thank you.

Nadine: And then Spencer, I thought, would like these little baby duckies to go with the mama duck I got him last week. And I passed a little Greek bakery on the way over here, and I got those cookies that your cook makes for you. I couldn't resist. I hope she doesn't mind.

Nikolas: Oh, my gosh. Wow, thank you.

Alexis: Okay, I have to go, so I'm going to go.

Nadine: Will we see you later tonight at the Michael Corinthos benefit?

Alexis: Oh, I sure hope so. I have a court case that may take me a little late, so we'll see. Thank you, honey.

Nikolas: Yeah, you're welcome.

Alexis: You guys have a nice afternoon.

Nadine: Okay.

Nikolas: All right, thanks. Thanks for stopping by.

Nadine: You're separating the monsters?

Nikolas: Oh, yes, I -- yeah.

Nadine: Aren't you worried they're going to get lonely? You know, one sock doesn't know which foot to go to.

Nikolas: Aunt Raylene.

Nadine: Yeah. You know, I so could go about my day, and I'll think of something she said or did, and the pain will be right there.

Nikolas: Yes, I know.

Nadine: Sorry to put a damper on our afternoon.

Nikolas: Oh, it's okay. Yeah, I wanted to -- I wanted to ask you about that. Would it be okay if I took a rain check and went ahead and met you at the benefit? I know it's rude when you've already come all the way out here.

Nadine: No, that's no problem. I'm sure you have a business meeting or something too?

Nikolas: Yes, I have a previous engagement that I just can't miss today.

Sam: All right, first, let's just go through some history, okay? You and I met Spinelli together, and somehow he got entwined in our lives, which was good for many reasons, but the best reason of all is because, thank God, he got me exonerated when Ric tried to frame me.

Jason: If you're worried about Spinelli --

Sam: Please just let me finish, Jason, please. He's been a really, really good friend to me, and now he's in trouble with the FBI, and after everything he's done for me, I can't just stand around and do nothing. I want to help.

Jason: You can't help.

Sam: Of course I can help. I am very capable. I know how serious this is, because I know the kind of work that Spinelli does for you. He hacks into all kinds of classified and restricted areas, which is so illegal.

Jason: Okay, let's just say it's been taken -- it's been taken care of, okay? There's nothing for anyone to do.

Sam: I don't buy it. I do not buy it. Spinelli was going to be sent to prison for life, and now he's not, which means somebody had to cut a deal, and I'm going to assume that someone was you.

[Door closes]

Claudia: What I do with Ric is none of your business, Daddy.

Anthony: I beg to differ, since I'm the one that brought your loving husband into the family.

Claudia: I'm keeping Sonny happy.

Anthony: By sleeping with his brother under Sonny's own roof? It's a blow to the man's pride.

Claudia: What Sonny doesn't know won't hurt him.

Anthony: You're rocking the boat, Claudia, and I don't like it. You want company? Pick it up off the nearest street corner.

Ric: Okay, that's enough.

Anthony: Oh, Claudia, looks like you found yourself a sympathetic ear, among other things.

Ric: Look, if you want your daughter to stay loyal, Anthony, then I suggest that maybe you treat her with a little bit more respect.

Anthony: If you want to keep your job as my lawyer, I suggest you know when to keep your mouth shut.

Claudia: No, it's okay, Daddy, because Ric and I both understand the need for discretion.

Anthony: Not from what I saw when I came in.

Sonny: Who set up a meeting and forgot to tell me?

Anthony: Ah. I came here to speak to you face-to-face.

Sonny: Okay.

Anthony: I'm still troubled by recent events. I try to bring my son back home, and you step in and arrange for him to move even further away.

Sonny: We -- look, you already know, Anthony. Johnny has a life of his own.

Anthony: His life is with his family, which you are now a part of, thanks to your marriage to my precious daughter Claudia. I trust that's going well. She's a good, loyal wife.

Sonny: Oh, it's going fine.

Anthony: I only wish that the rest of the deal was equally harmonious. You defied me with Johnny. Then I lost a valuable shipment. I thought I made it clear that I wanted swift retaliation, but so far your response is to sit and do nothing.

Sonny: Anthony, just because I don't jump into a war with Jason doesn't mean I don't have a plan.

Anthony: Your plan is too slow. I've already made some moves of my own.

Epiphany: Hey, we rerouted. The storm is due to hit tonight.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Epiphany: And we're going to need all the extra hands we can get in the E.R.

Elizabeth: Well, I know one person who's excited about the storm. Cameron cannot wait to have a snow day and go sledding at Miller's Pond.

Matt: I used to love to go sledding.

Elizabeth: Doesn't surprise me.

Matt: Oh, yeah? Well, what was it that gave me away?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I guess you still just seem very boyish.

Matt: That was a compliment, right, Epiphany?

Epiphany: I'd leave it alone if I were you.

Matt: Yeah, you're probably right. Can I page Patrick for a consult please?

Epiphany: He signed out.

Elizabeth: He went home to check on Emma and Robin. I just came from there.

Matt: Whoa, really? Former hound dog turned devoted father, former workaholic now going home in the middle of the day.

Elizabeth: With a beautiful bouquet of roses, no less.

Matt: With flowers?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Matt: For no reason.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Matt: Wow, he really is setting the bar too high.

Epiphany: Well, what do you care? As far as I can tell, you are years away from a steady date, much less marriage.

Matt: Yes, thank you, Epiphany, for that one. I appreciate it, but I will have you know that I am progressing quickly past boyhood. I am enjoying being a devoted uncle.

Elizabeth: Little Emma’s adorable, isn't she?

Matt: She is. I can watch her for hours.

Elizabeth: So you get why Patrick's such an adoring dad?

Matt: Okay, don't quote me, but I do see why this fatherhood thing is appealing to him. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he married a terrific woman who, for all intensive purposes, married down, but hey, as long as they're happy.

Elizabeth: That's big of you.

Matt: Well, no complaints here. I get to play top surgeon while my brother plays family man to his heart's content.

Patrick: Emma's back asleep.

Robin: Oh, good. Look what I got.

Patrick: Oh, my two girls. My life.

Robin: Hey, I know that it might be difficult for you to balance our family and your schedule at work.

Patrick: I'll be okay.

Robin: I know you will. I just -- I want you to know that, well, you don't have to take as much time off as you may think you have to.

Patrick: Okay, but if you need me --

Robin: I'll call you.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: I will, and in the meantime, you can keep this with you as a reminder that everyone is okay.

Patrick: I love you and Emma so much. I never thought I'd have any of this, and if I'm being overprotective, then -- anyway, if I'm driving you crazy, I'm sorry.

Robin: We're both finding our way.

Patrick: As long as we do it together.

Robin: Till we're old and gray and visiting Emma and the grandkids one day.

Patrick: Yes, yes, our silver anniversary.

Robin: And our gold.

Patrick: It's all pretty amazing. The good times, the bad times, me and you together. Our little family.

Robin: I love you so much. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to know all this is real.

Anthony: I made arrangements for a shipment to replace the one you lost. I know when it's due and where it's going to dock. You don't. If Jason interferes, I'll handle the retaliation.

Sonny: Be my guest.

Claudia: Wait, you're going to just let Daddy take over?

Sonny: Hey, it's your dad's choice. It's not mine, right? So that's fine.

[Anthony chuckles]

Anthony: You know what I like about you?

Sonny: What is that?

Anthony: You're always surprising me. I thought you'd go ballistic when I reasserted myself.

Sonny: Well, see, you either trust me to handle the business, Anthony, or you don't, 'cause I don't -- I'm not interested in power struggle. Get it?

Anthony: You're a wise man.

Sonny: Yeah.

Anthony: And you just justified my faith in you. Now I'm confident that this whole thing was just a little bump in the road. They happen. I'm looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with you, Sonny. Oh, that shipment I mentioned still goes through my way. Ric, we're leaving, so the newlyweds can enjoy each other's company.

Sonny: Did you know about any of this?

Claudia: What? That my father was going to make a power play? I had no idea.

Sonny: What did I just walk in on?

Claudia: Ric showed up out of nowhere, and my father came a few minutes later, and it was like a tag-team intimidation tactic.

Sonny: Well, you don't sound intimidated. You're kind of jittery. What's wrong with you?

Claudia: I don't know. I just -- I don't know. You know, my dad never let me be involved in the family business, and so now I'm married to the head of the organization, and I like it. It feels good. I want you to succeed, Sonny. I told you that.

Sonny: Yeah, you tell me a lot of things. Doesn't mean that they're true.

Claudia: I'm on your side.

Sonny: Maybe. And then maybe there are things that you don't want me to know, and you think that I'll never find out. But I will.

Claudia: So here we go again? You're going to get all suspicious over nothing? Really, come on. It's getting old, and I'm getting tired of it.

Sonny: I'll stop playing if you do.

Maxie: Fine, don't believe me. I'll convince you next time you're at the office. Boys are so much more ticklish than girls. I accept your challenge, and if you're right, I will go out on one date with you. Happy? I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Bye. Spinelli, why are you covered in ink?

Spinelli: The fashionista's printer was indeed having problems, but they are rectified now.

Maxie: Thank you.

Spinelli: I think I inadvertently overheard you making an overture to a member of the male persuasion -- the conceited one, perhaps?

Maxie: Oh, gross. Like I would ever talk to Matt like that. No, it was Federico from New York. Sometimes I flirt with him, so he gives me samples from his collection.

Spinelli: But your enticing words were never backed up by action.

Maxie: You mean do I go out with Feddy? No, no, he knows it's just a game. I'm sure that only reinforces your opinion of me as a user.

Spinelli: No, no, I dare not criticize the necessary evils of the workplace. My own errors in judgment nearly condemned me to a life of imprisonment and compromised my friend and mentor.

Maxie: Spinelli, that is not your fault.

Spinelli: I should not have been so arrogant as to believe that I could not be hacked.

Maxie: Nobody knows "shoulda, coulda, woulda" better than me. I mean, I mess up all the time, and you rescue me.

Spinelli: Yeah, but your mistakes are not of the same magnitude as mine.

Maxie: Spinelli, don't worry. I'm here for you, and so is Jason. It's going to be okay, I promise.

Spinelli: A certain phrase springs to mind. "Things will get worse before they get better."

Sam: I know Spinelli got in deep and you agreed to do something to pull him out. It was a sting. The stakes had to be higher or else the Feds wouldn't even bother.

Jason: Spinelli wouldn't want you to risk yourself, Sam.

Sam: He wouldn't want you to pay for his mistakes.

Jason: He broke the law because I asked him to. This is my problem.

Sam: Oh, my gosh, can't you see that the Feds are using your friendship with Spinelli as leverage to force you to do something you don't want to do? What is it? They're going after the big prize, aren't they? Sonny -- that's what this is about. They want you to get information on the Zaccharas and Sonny?

Jason: I don't care about Anthony. I don't care about Ric. I don't care about Trevor, the contacts, the suppliers. I don't care!

Sam: I know you care about Sonny, and I know you're not going to give him up, so what are you going to do?

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