GH Transcript Friday 1/9/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/9/09


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Alexis: Okay, as you know, this is a preliminary settlement conference. What we are going to go over are your mutual assets and your community properties, and our goal is to get this through the court system as quickly as possible.

Diane: Unfortunately, it's going to be the getting there that's going to take some time.

Jax: Why is that?

Diane: Well, coming to an agreement is going to be a long and tedious process. Every "I" must be dotted, every "T," crossed. Right, Alexis?

Alexis: Not necessarily. It's not like Jax doesn't have ample grounds for divorce.

Sonny: So here's the deal. I'm landing a shipment tonight on pier 52. As you know, that's Jason's pier.

Luke: Yeah, well, you landed one there the other night, and his men just got out of the way, right?

Sonny: He didn't want to do anything about it because it was Michaelís birthday.

Luke: Oh, and today it's not.

Sonny: That's right.

Luke: You do remember this place is neutral territory?

Sonny: Absolutely.

Luke: Okay. What's your plan?

Sonny: So, here's my plan. What I want to do is I'm going to keep pushing. Eventually, Jason will give in and realize how much he needs me. If he doesn't, then I'm the last person he wants to fight.

Luke: I hope that's true.

Sonny: I mean, I don't anticipate a big confrontation. What I'm going to do is quietly take the territory pier by pier, you know, shipment by shipment.

Luke: A bloodless coup.

Sonny: Well, you can call it that, but I've already taken over the Zacchara organization, so --

Luke: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you got that one from the inside out, and now you're just taking back what's yours. It's brilliant, man.

Sonny: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Luke: But there's one flaw.

Sonny: Yeah?

Luke: Once you get all the power, you know that's when the trouble really begins.

Johnny: You should have saved yourself a trip.

Claudia: It's nice to see you, too, bro.

Johnny: Ground rules, Claudia. I don't want any help. Don't pay my bail and don't pay for a lawyer.

Claudia: So far, all I did was walk through the door. Where's the hostility coming from, John?

Johnny: Well, you're Mrs. Sonny Corinthos now. I don't want any ties to him any more than I want ties to our father.

Claudia: I might be married to Sonny, but first and foremost, I'm your sister, John.

Johnny: Yeah, who comes to my side at the slightest provocation. I'm telling you, Claudia, I don't want any help.

Claudia: Well, that's great. You can relax because I'm not here to help you. I'm hoping to convince you to help yourself.

Maxie: Spinelli, what are you, speechless?

Spinelli: Um, I'm just a little overwhelmed. Tonight, it was, uh, proof of the wonder of life. Just how you can wake up on an ordinary morning, completely unaware that it's the start to an extraordinary day.

Maxie: That's so poetic. But the important thing is that we've cemented our bond. And now no one can come between us, not even that horrible Winnifred.

Rayner: You did your job, Agent Leeds. Don't get lost in the minutia. Damian Spinelli is groundwork. You'll feel better once we put the hammer to the real target.

Maxie: What's wrong with you?

Spinelli: A most distressing realization has hit home. You weren't overcome with desire for me at all. You were staking your claim to dissuade me from being receptive to Winnifred's pursuits. Making love to me was a means to a selfish end.

Nadine: Oh, I'm about to jump out of my skin. And you know how I ramble when I'm nervous. You've been on the receiving end often enough. How am I supposed to string together a coherent sentence, much less, explain to a couple of senators why I don't want them using Raylene's patent to make lethal weapons?

Nikolas: Nadine, you're a nurse, right? Life and death situations roll into your universe every day. You don't get nervous then.

Nadine: No, I just do whatever comes next.

Nikolas: Right. That's exactly what you need to do right now.

Nadine: Well, there's a big difference. I went through years of training to become a nurse. I don't know how to talk to a bunch of politicians.

Nikolas: I know, I know. But Alexis arranged this meeting with the government because she thought it might generate some results. But, ultimately, it's your decision. If you really don't want to do this, you say the word and we'll go. This is not a battle you absolutely need to fight.

Jax: Just so someone in this room is being clear, I'll say this again. I have no intention of hurting or inconveniencing Carly in any way.

Diane: That's exactly what I'm saying. We want to approach this divorce in as cooperative a manner as possible. Alexis and I may be on opposite sides of the table, but we have a common goal, and that is for both of you to walk out of here feeling that you have been heard, like your feelings have been taken into consideration. Now the easiest way, the quickest way to do that, to achieve that goal is -- is to start here in these pre-settlement conferences. So we're going to be going over your finances with a magnifying glass. We're going to write everything down as we go along, keep a record so that we have something to counteract it in case discrepancies or misunderstandings arise. I just hope that the two of you are blessed with the virtue of patience because you're going to need it.

Jax: I'm sorry; I thought you said this was going to be quick and easy.

Alexis: Well, it can be if you'd stop sitting there like such a gentleman and shine a light on Carly's myriad failings as a wife.

Sonny: I have to admit, my strategy may not be a slam dunk to implement. Jason's no dummy. He's angry and he's soft at the same time. Look, but, I do believe that I have the advantage and I'll tell you why. Because leading the Zaccharas gives me leverage to do whatever I want.

Luke: I see that.

Sonny: Right?

Luke: But how long are you going to be able to enjoy those spoils? I mean, when you're running two organizations, you become one very big fish that the feds are going to be eager to hook.

Claudia: I knew this was going to happen. There's no way Daddy was going to let you walk away free and clear. He's made a pretty good frame-up here. Your choices are basically, do what he wants or go to prison.

Johnny: That's a pretty concise analysis, Claudia, except you're forgetting one very important factor -- me. What I want. What's most acceptable for my life. I'm not going to let myself be controlled by our father the way he's controlled you. Forcing you to marry some man that you hate --

Claudia: Hey, you know what? For the record, I don't hate Sonny.

Johnny: Well, you don't love him.

Claudia: Like you love Lulu?

Johnny: Oh, come on.

Claudia: No, but you know what? I'm counting my blessings.

Johnny: Don't deflect, Claudia.

Claudia: How much -- how much of what's going on right now has to do with Lulu, hmm? Are you trying to show her shiny and principled you are, John? Let's see how well that goes over when your cell mate's name is Bubba.

Maxie: Why are we even talking about Winnifred? We should be all affectionate with each other right now.

Spinelli: Well, you brought her up, indicating that she, and not I, was uppermost in your mind.

Maxie: Spinelli, that is not true.

Spinelli: No, I fear it is. Winnifred is the reason for our sexual encounter. You didn't approve of my budding friendship, so you manipulated me by making an advance that you knew I was incapable of resisting.

Maxie: Why do you keep calling me "you"? What happened to "fair Maximista"?

Spinelli: Well, because unfair would perhaps be more appropriate.

Maxie: Spinelli, don't act like I did something horrible by sleeping with you. I was just trying to remind you of our connection and how good we are together, and that I can offer you something that someone like Winnifred can't even wrap her mind around.

Spinelli: You solicited sex. And not out of tender feelings, but to get what you wanted.

Maxie: Spinelli, I was just trying to keep you from making a mistake.

Spinelli: Why did I not realize in what low esteem you hold me? You think I'm incapable of forming my own opinion of making my own choices. You find me child-like, someone that you can just manipulate into your own way of thinking without repercussion.

Maxie: Everybody knows how brilliant you are, Spinelli. You know all about dead Russian composers and all things internet. But when it comes to people and hearing what they're not really saying, yeah, you are child-like. And I think Winnifred is just the latest example.

Spinelli: Please, clarify.

Maxie: Seriously? Your best friend, your male role model is a career criminal with a personality disorder who encourages you to break the law for him.

Spinelli: So is it your intent to shift the blame you feel for using me off of yourself and onto Stone Cold?

Maxie: Jason doesn't use you, exactly, but he definitely benefits from your friendship. You' sweet, Spinelli, but you can be naive. And I think Winnifred knows that and she's taking advantage of you. You just can't see it.

Spinelli: Well, that was patronizing and perhaps the most insulting thing that anyone has ever said to me.

Nadine: I can really just decide to go home?

Nikolas: Nadine, if that's what you really want to do, I will walk right in there and cancel this meeting and take you home to Port Charles. You can put that patent in the drawer and forget it ever existed. If you want, just give the royalty checks to a veteran's organization or something. Maybe that will even things out for the better in the end.

Nadine: I really believe in the stand I'm taking. And the least I should be able to do is say it, so --

Nikolas: Good. I'll be right there beside you.

Nadine: I don't think I could do it any other way. Nicely done, by the way.

Nikolas: What?

Nadine: You knew I'd decide to stay.

Nikolas: I hope you don't feel too manipulated.

Nadine: Thanks for reminding me to do the right thing.

Nikolas: You're welcome. You ready to go?

Nadine: Ready. Okay.

Jax: Why are you encouraging me to drag Carly through the mud? I mean, it's not my need to do it. Maybe it's your need and maybe you should put that feeling for Carly aside.

Alexis: My job, just being objective. And the goal is expediency. And I'm offering a way around the lugubrious process that my colleague is speaking about by saying that we should just maybe just get it all out there, you know? Put our cards on the table, speak the facts. And if someone gets muddied in this -- Carly -- I mean, really who's fault is that?

Diane: But you and I agreed in our pre-meeting meeting that our ultimate goal is to service our clients. That we should use our mutual power to see to it they both get what they want.

Alexis: Now, see, doesn't that strike you as patronizing? I mean, to suggest that you or I or both of us would know our clients' best interests better than they do. Actually, I have a client -- you are my client. And my job is to give you the divorce that you want as quickly, as painlessly, and inexpensively as possible. I mean, that's my job. It's not anyone's fault here if Carly is a train wreck.

Diane: Oh, okay, so we're going to start slinging names? Because I've got a few that I can throw around, like "traitor."

Alexis: Well, you didn't even try to whisper that, and I heard it anyway. And I didn't agree to --

Jax: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Can we get back to the meeting?

Alexis: Certainly. Where were we?

Carly: Train wreck.

Alexis: I'm sorry. It just slipped out. But as long as we're on this path, let's just get it all out. Let's just get our cards again on the table. Let's just state what's going on here. And I'll start. Carly, since you've been married to Jax, in this very short time, you have cheated on him not once, not twice, but -- oh, well, what difference does it make, really? Because you also gave him an alibi for a murder. You gave Sonny an alibi when he was up on murder charges. So it seems to me that being married to Jax just isn't your priority.

Carly: I failed Jax miserably, but you left out the most important part. All those failings aside and admitted, I love him.

Sonny: The feds are a fact of life in this business.

Luke: Yeah, that's true. So far you've managed to avoid them, but your business landscape is changing. You've moved over to the Zacchara side. You're working with people that you don't know, people that you have no foundation of trust with. And now you're planning to move in on Jason's territory.

Sonny: My territory.

Luke: Your territory, right. My point is, the feds are going to be taking a good, hard look at you, and they're going to be licking their chops. And so far, you've managed to keep them off balance. I'm just advising you to grow another set of eyes in the back of your head.

Sonny: I hear you.

Luke: Good. Because I want you to succeed.

Sonny: The mark of a true friend.

Luke: I am that. And your success doesn't do my business any harm, either. The casino's protected, you get political power, you're in a position to pull a few strings.

Sonny: Am I hearing you need something, Luke?

[Luke and Sonny laugh]

Luke: You hear me too well, don't you? All right, here's the deal.

Sonny: Right.

Luke: Lansing said in his own obnoxious way, Anthony has put John Zacchara in a trick bag. I'd like to know if you can get him out.

Johnny: You look strained.

Claudia: Well, you haven't exactly been welcoming.

Johnny: Not about me, Claudia. Something's going on. Did he hurt you?

Claudia: No, he's actually been kind of decent.

Johnny: Then what's wrong?

Claudia: I guess you're going to find out sooner or later. Jerry Jacks. He couldn't just do the world a favor and die. He's making me scramble from the grave.

Johnny: Okay?

Claudia: Jerry left a trail of DVDs laying around Sonny's house for me to find before Sonny does.

Johnny: And let me guess. At the end of this trail of DVDs is the revelation of our involvement with Michaelís shooting?

Claudia: Jerry says it on every DVD. The object is for me to find them before Sonny does.

Johnny: And what if you don't, Claudia? What if Sonny finds one first? Once he knows what we put in motion, he will kill you.

Claudia: Well, the object of the game is to find them before he gets to them.

Johnny: Claudia, Jerry didn't make this game for you to win. He made it for you to lose. You need to get out of that house.

Claudia: And go where?

Johnny: To Italy.

Claudia: What am I going to do, John? Yeah, go to Italy.

[Claudia laughs]

Claudia: And do what, indulge myself? Go shopping? Maybe I'll get myself a nice, cushy office job. Come on, you don't think Sonny can find me in Italy? I need to nip this thing in the bud. That way, nobody has to leave and nobody has to die. No one has to go anywhere. Because Sonny would come after you, too, John. You know that. And I can't even bear the thought of it.

Johnny: Maybe this arrest was a blessing in disguise then.

Claudia: What?

Johnny: Once the truth about Michael comes out, I'll lose Lulu forever and I can't sit around and wait for that ticking time bomb to go off. I'd rather blow it up myself.

Claudia: Can you hear yourself? Do you hear what you're actually saying, John? Your life is on the line here, and all you can think about is that stupid girl.

Lulu: Obviously, I'm interrupting.

Luke: Like I said, Anthony Zacchara paid this spud, Pervis, to take a beating and I.D. Johnny. Now, I have tried to crack Pervis. He isn't going to crack. And Lansing is so deep in Anthony Zacchara's pocket that he's not going to roll over, so I'm looking for another option.

Sonny: It just doesn't seem like your kind of thing. Why are you so interested?

Luke: Because Johnny gave me enough money to reopen this place. He's my business partner.

Sonny: Mm.

Luke: You know, I could come up with another counter-scam, I could try to bust him out of custody -- I could do a lot of things, but it's a lot of effort. It seems that there's a much simpler solution, because this friend of mine happens to be the new head of the Zacchara organization. So I'm thinking maybe this friend of mine could pull a few strings and do something.

Sonny: Simple for you, but it's quite not that simple for me.

Claudia: Why don't you make yourself useful for once and help me convince my brother to take my father's deal, because his only other option is prison.

Lulu: Well, that's not up for me to decide, but I will support him with whatever he wants to do.

Claudia: Well, good. You hear that, John? Your girlfriend is in either way. So make the smart choice.

Johnny: I've made my choice. I'm not going back to my family.

Claudia: It's crazy. I'm sorry; do you not understand what is at stake here? I'm not just talking about daddy. This is a really, really bad time for you to be unavailable.

Lulu: Why? Because you need him, Claudia? What's really going on? What crazy disaster have you gotten yourself into that you need Johnny to save you?

Carly: You know, Alexis, I get that you don't like me and you're only trying to protect Jax. You're constantly on guard against anyone who's going to hurt him, and I did. I hurt Jax. And as he likes to point out, many times. But it was not deliberate or out of malice, so you hear me when I say this. I love my husband. I went into this marriage with an open heart. And I was weak and I fell back into some dysfunctional patterns, but I did not love Sonny the whole time I was with Jax. And my biggest regret, out of many, is that I destroyed Jax's faith in me and I made it impossible for him to stay where I know he's happiest, and that's with me and my son and the life we made together. I am sorry that I took that away from you.

Maxie: Spinelli, I did not use you and it really hurts me that you think I did.

Spinelli: Stop, stop. The con isn't working anymore. It's become a little too transparent. You know, this isn't the first time you've used my feelings for you to get what you want, not by a long shot.

Maxie: What do you mean?

Spinelli: Remember your early days at "Crimson" when you sent that wrong package, and you prevailed upon my cyber skills to retrieve it?

Maxie: Yeah, I remember. What are you going to do now, throw in my face all the nice things you ever did for me? Spinelli, I thought you went that extra mile because you believe in me, because you wanted to.

Spinelli: I did. But at the time, I was blinded by your light and you knew it. You didn't even have to try hard at all. Unless you're going to deny your ruthless ambition and how you were exalted by having your own private cyber slave.

Maxie: Spinelli!

Spinelli: And then when that convenience was threatened, when you thought maybe I'd struck a bond with Winnifred that would distract my focus off of you, you initiated sex, and not because of a hidden desire, but because you were afraid to lose my devotion and cyber support.

Maxie: If you really think I am that shallow, then you don't know me at all.

Luke: That's all right. I understand your reluctance. You know, papa Zacchara ain't exactly a paragon of mental health and especially when it comes to his kid. He went to a lot of trouble setting this up. So if you interfere, it could be trouble.

Sonny: Well, it's more than that. If I help Johnny keep distance from his family, Anthony might tip at the fact that I intend this takeover to be permanent. You know what I'm saying?

Luke: I got you. You do what's politically expedient. I'll come up with something else.

Sonny: You know what? I owe it to Johnny. Last year, I kind of overreacted when Michael disappeared. I thought it was Johnny, and I had my men grab him and throw him in a room. I kind of worked him over. For you, I'll do this.

Maxie: How dare you stand there and insult me. Do you think I would have put up with all this weirdness, practically learn another language because I wanted handy tech support? I've got news for you, Spinelli. Computer nerds are a dime a dozen. And I could have found any number of guys to keep my computer running, guys who would have taken a lot less effort and who wouldn't have gotten me shot at.

Spinelli: Oh, so the truth comes out. You were never the friend you claimed to be.

Maxie: You want the truth? I put up with you because I felt sorry for you, because you are a social misfit who can't walk a city block without tripping over himself. But Georgie loved you and you were lost without her, so I pitied you. I even slept with you because I knew no one else ever would. Instead of standing here yelling at me, you should be groveling at my feet, thanking me -- what's that expression called? It's just the type of useless trivia you would know. "No good deed goes unpunished." I guess that's me because I tried to be a nice person, and you repay me by questioning my intentions. Well, fine. You've done us both a favor. I've wasted enough time hanging out with you. Go have Winnifred be your BFF. And when she turns out to be exactly what I warned you about, find some other needy geek to be friends with, Spinelli, because I'm done with you. Unlike you, I actually have my own life.

Spinelli: Done.

Senator: Is this your attorney, Ms. Crowell?

Nikolas: I am Nikolas Cassadine, a friend of Nadineís. She requested that I accompany her today.

Senator: You realize this isn't a field trip.

Nadine: I was under the impression I could bring whomever I wanted.

Senator: Fine. The situation at hand is very troubling to us. You hold a patent on an element of Equinox Defense Analysis and Construction Companyís weapons system. You're withholding its use, thereby, causing a production shut down. Does that sum it up?

Nadine: Yes. I don't want the Equinox Corporation, or any other company for that matter, using my aunt's invention to kill people.

Diane: May I just say that as a matchmaker, you leave tons to be desired.

Alexis: Well, I'm sorry you're disappointed.

Diane: If you found it impossible to get on the bandwagon, was it too much to ask that you not actively inflame the situation?

Alexis: I think everyone's intentions were good. And I also think that Jax and Carly truly love each other and that they may even reconcile.

Diane: Exactly. So where's the down side, Alexis? You and I could rack up butt loads of billable hours and get to feel good about ourselves for helping along the course of true love.

Alexis: When did you become a cheerleader for true love?

Diane: I have always had a romantic streak. But this is not about me, is it? This is about something that almost never happens -- both clients get to go home happy.

Alexis: That would be nice if it would last more than a moment. And from what I can observe, Carly doesn't seem to be capable of long term happiness because sooner or later, Sonny is going to crook his finger and then she will trample Jax's heart on the way out the door. Now, really, what kind of friend would I be if I facilitated that kind of pain?

Jax: I'm really sorry. You know, I have to apologize for Alexis.

Carly: Why? She was doing her job pursuing the divorce you want so badly, looking out for you interests.

Jax: She went past being professional. I mean, she chased you out of the room.

Carly: No, she didnít. That was me choking on my own garbage. I get that Alexis doesn't like me, but that doesn't make what she said any less true, except when she implies that I don't love you, because she's always been wrong about that.

Jax: I know.

Carly: Do you?

Jax: I've never doubted your love, Carly. And just to be clear about something, my instructions to Alexis from the start about this divorce were, make it painless. The last thing I want to do is place blame.

Carly: Amicable or nasty, divorce is guaranteed to hurt. That's just the way it is.

Lulu: I know you love your sister, but please don't play into her drama. I'm sure Claudiaís in some kind of trouble and you're the only one who can help and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you have your own problems right now.

Claudia: Hey, dim bulb, you obviously don't get it. John's problems are mine and vice versa.

Officer: John Zacchara, you're being released.

Johnny: The charges were dropped?

Officer: They're processing your paperwork right now. I'll be back within 10 minutes.

Lulu: I have the best father in the world.

Claudia: Well, I certainly hope that Luke covered his ass, because my father's not going to be happy about this.

Senator: You expressed concern for our fighting men and women. Doesn't that extend itself for you to do everything within your power to ensure that they have the best possible equipment?

Nadine: Of course. I have nothing but respect for our soldiers risking their lives to protect our country. But what I'm saying is that the Equinox company should have respect for them as well and not profit from this war.

Senator: Ms. Crowell, the Equinox corporation didn't start this war.

Nadine: Well, maybe not, but they are certainly profiting from it. Now, look, I know that this is the way the world is set up right now, but I don't have to participate in it.

Senator: Admirable stance, but you also don't have the right to interfere with or hold up a defense contract. I am compelled to warn you. You are perilously close to violating federal law.

Nikolas: I have a solution.

Jax: Well, I was hoping, you know, once we get through the divorce, once we get some distance between us and some closure, then maybe we can be friends.

Carly: Well, I guess I'd rather be friends with you than nothing at all, but I won't promise to stop feeling what I feel. I can't promise you that I'm going to stop loving you. I don't think I ever will. That's not pressure, that's just a fact.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Alexis Davis.

Jax: I'm coming back to see you.

Alexis: Did you forget something?

Jax: Yeah, I'm starting to think so.

Sonny: If you're here to have some deep conversation about our relationship, you might as well go somewhere else.

Claudia: I just came from the PCPD. They're releasing John.

Sonny: That's a good thing, isn't it?

Claudia: It's the best. It could only be because of you.

Sonny: Luke asked me, you know, for a favor, so I gave it to him.

Claudia: Well, Luke might not understand the ramifications, but I do. You're still in the transition phase of taking over. The men don't know you. You have no track record with the Zaccharas. For now, essentially, you're operating under my father's whim. And we both know he's going to be supremely pissed when he finds out that you thwarted his plan to bring John home. You took a huge risk to get my brother free, and you don't even like him.

Sonny: I owed him.

Claudia: Well, now I owe you, and I promise you whenever, wherever you need it, I'm going to make good on that debt.

Spinelli: Happy Birthday.

Maxie: That's so sweet.

Spinelli: While Patrick and Robin's impending parenthood is cause for celebration, nothing should detract from the anniversary of Maximista's entry into this world.

Maxie: Oh, it's a journal. I'm not really good at writing in these things, but -- Spinelli, did you do all this yourself?

Spinelli: The Jackal was inspired by fair Maximista to trace the echo of beauty throughout the history of art and man.

Maxie: You really have to be a genius to know about all this stuff.

Spinelli: I don't know about that, but they do say that every genius has a muse. And so if what you say is true, then I owe a huge debt to my inspiration.

Maxie: Thank you so much. You know exactly how to make me feel special.

[Lulu laughs]

Lulu: Oh, hi.

Maxie: Here, this is what I was looking for in the language of flowers, the one for regret.

Lulu: Um, are you okay?

Maxie: Surprise. I seem to have ruined everything again. But this time it's different. I'm going to fix everything.

Nadine: What's this?

Nikolas: I had Alexis draw up a transfer of ownership just in case. This gives me control of the patent.

Nadine: You're not even a U.S. citizen, and you're already having immigration problems. If you try to withhold the patent, the government could deport you.

Nikolas: I have resources to fight this. You donít.

Nadine: I don't know.

Nikolas: You've taken this fight as far as you can. Let me finish it. Let me do this for you.

[Nadine sighs]

Nadine: Okay.

Nikolas: Thank you. Ms. Crowell has just signed ownership of the patent over to me, so the Equinox Defense Analysis and Construction Corporation will not be using this.

Diane: I think it's time you and I had a realistic discussion about your divorce.

Alexis: Are you okay? You sounded borderline agitated on the phone.

Jax: I want you to stall the divorce.

Carly: You laid the groundwork. Let's follow through with this. Drag this divorce out as long as possible. I don't care if we fight over thumbtacks. Whatever it takes, make this is the longest dissolution of marriage in the history of man.

Alexis: You might start by answering one question for both our sakeís.

Alexis: Do you want to divorce Carly or not?

Jax: No, no, I donít. I want to have time to work things out.

Diane: So we're on the same page?

Carly: You bet. Jax and I need time. And if we have it, there won't be a divorce.

Jax: Look, Carly and I still love each other. I'm not ready to turn my back on that.

Diane: I realize that it was my idea in the first place to drag this divorce out, so I'm here to offer you a very healthy discount off of my normal fee of 30% -- 20%. But you understand this is going to cost you a fortune, not only in my fee, but what you stand to lose in a settlement.

Carly: I don't care. Jax and I love each other, and I'm not ready to give up on us.

Luke: What an unexpected pleasure. What brings this vision of loveliness to my humble establishment?

Tracy: I thought I would drop in on my husband and bask in the glow of reconciliation.

Luke: Good. Did you lock the door?

Tracy: Well, any amorous inclination I might have had was squelched by whom I saw when I arrived.

Luke: Oh, damn it. I told that stripper to go out the back way.

Tracy: I might have preferred that -- no, just kidding. Any day I don't find you with a floozy or an aging spy is a good one. Actually, it was Sonny Corinthos that did not gladden my heart because he can only mean one thing.

Luke: Listen, I am thrilled beyond all reason that you let bygones be bygones and you have taken me back. It warms the corners of my shriveled old heart. Putting all my love for you aside, however, for one moment, this is going to be the shortest reconciliation on record if you start policing my activities.

Sonny: I tell you what. You can pay me back for helping Johnny by just doing what you've been doing, which is making our marriage work, supporting my position in the organization.

Claudia: Wait, isn't that -- is that one of our ships?

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: It looks like it's headed to this pier, right in the middle of Jason's territory.

[Claudia chuckles]

Claudia: You might as well land a shipment on his doorstep.

Sonny: No, actually, I'm landing it in the most convenient location.

Claudia: You're challenging Jason in a major way.

Sonny: No, no, no.

Claudia: You keep using his piers whenever, wherever you want. You're halfway to forcing him out of his own territory.

Sonny: No, actually, my territory.

Claudia: So what are you -- how do you expect Jason to respond to this?


Sonny: I think he just did it.

Maxie: Spinelli --

Agent: Damian Spinelli, FBI. You're under arrest for violations to the Homeland Security Act and treason.

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