GH Transcript Wednesday 1/7/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/7/09


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Maxie: I overnighted the new proofs, Kate. And I also sent my article to the printer. I'd be open for any kind of feedback. Okay, thanks. Have a great trip. Yeah, I've got everything under control.

Spinelli: Wow. Like an avenging angel, you have swooped down to stanch the flow of the Jackal's most precious data from a grievous wound inflicted by the cunning forces of darkness.

Winnifred: It's cool that it doesn't bother you. That a girl thwarted the cunning forces.

Spinelli: Bother me? Priestess, unique and cyber-worldly, it is awesome to finally meet a member of the species that speaks my language.

Johnny: Hey.

Luke: I'm starting to detect a pattern here, Junior.

Lulu: Before you say anything, just let me--

Johnny: Let me guess, you want me to stay away from your daughter.

Luke: No. I gave up that exercise in futility.

Luke: I told him that you were framed, and he wants to help.

Johnny: Yeah, well, it's not going to be easy. I was framed by the best.

Luke: Sit down, Junior. You're looking at the best.

Sonny: Yeah, land it on pier 52. Yeah, let me -- just let me know how it goes.

Max: The mail.

Sonny: Thank you.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: You got something else?

Max: Yeah, pier 52, where you are going to land the shipment, Zacchara shipment.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I run the Zacchara organization, so I'm going to go ahead and do that.

Max: But that Jason's territory.

Sonny: I'm aware of that.

Max: If you were in Jason's place --

Sonny: Uh-huh?

Max: Wouldn't you retaliate?

Luke: Lulu gave me the overview, but if I'm going to get your neck out of the noose, I need the dirty details.

Johnny: I'm not exactly sure what your angle is here, Mr. Spencer.

Luke: I got no angles, John. My casino, pure and simple, you're my partner. I need you up and running, not languishing in some government hotel.

Lulu: My dad's been trough this a million times. This is his thing.

Johnny: Okay, well, it's not that complicated. I cut ties with my family, and that really messes with my father's plans for my future. He's going to make it next to impossible for me to walk away.

Luke: So, Anthony pays this guy, Carl Pervis, to take a beating, and I.D. you to the cops, giving you no options, but to go home. At that point, Pervis's memory will start to fade, and so will the case against you.

Johnny: Yeah, my father doesn't take too well to rejection. There are no lines he won't cross.

Luke: Well, if it were easy, you wouldn't need me. And it wouldn't be such a challenge.

Johnny: Well, it gets more challenging. I don't have an alibi. And the afternoon that I was arrested, I punched a wall after a job interview didn't go so well.

Luke: So, when the cops came to arrest you for the Pervis beating, you had bloody knuckles.

Lulu: They're claiming it's evidence to back up their story.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Well, it's not a real imaginative crew Mac has out there.

Lulu: My dad will be able to turn this around, right?

Spinelli: In this, the corporeal world, the Jackal is but a pale shadow, but it is in the cyber-realm where I exist most fully, dominate even, and the priestess understands that world as few others do.

Maxie: I understand her perfectly. She's playing you.

Spinelli: Maximista's mistaken.

Maxie: No, I speak her language. Chat a guy up, pump up his ego, take him by the hand.

Winnifred: It was the ska hazerod communion.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Maxie: The what?

Winnifred: It's -- there's no simple explanation.

Maxie: I have one.

Spinelli: It was homage to the skills of the priestess.

Winnifred: Oh, all I did was match the ISP code at the Nelson-listed root directory.

Spinelli: It is also the Jackal's pledge to repay the debt upon the asking.

Maxie: Please, you don't have to be a genius to see what's going on here. The geek-ette was able to swoop in to the rescue because she knew exactly what was going on with your computer, Spinelli. She probably hacked into it herself.

Spinelli: Maximista has gone too far.

Max: With all due respect, Mr. C., If you keep pushing Jason, he's going to push back.

Sonny: Okay, Max, are you aware how many times I went to Jason and asked him to let be back into the organization, and he said no? He wants all the power, but he doesn't really want to fight. Look how long it took him to move against the Russians.

Max: But he finally did.

Sonny: Yeah. That's because, what -- after they went after Elizabeth and Sam and Jake? Come on. Listen to me. All I'm doing is moving a little product through his pier.

Max: Boss, this isn't the first time.

Sonny: Why would Jason fight me on that? Come on.

Diane: I will be brief so that you may resume your meeting with Mr. Giambetti.

Max: Aw, Mr. Giambetti is my father.

Diane: Ahem.

Max: Ahem.

Diane: The post-nuptial agreement you asked me to draw up between you and Claudia. Very clear, very self-explanatory. All it requires is your signature.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. And that?

Diane: This is my letter of resignation.

Max: What? You can't quit.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Okay, let me guess. Wow. Conflict of interest. You can't be Jason's lawyer and my lawyer at the same time, so surprise, you're siding with Jason against me.

Carly: Hi. They fixed the lighting problem, so it's official. The spa renovation is complete.

Jax: Yeah, that's great. Just a month late and $1 million over budget, but you got your Bella Rosa marble. That was important.

Carly: Yes, I did. It's beautiful, and it is going to make us tons of money.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Yeah, I'll probably end up paying for it.

Carly: Wow. Is this how you're going to be through our entire disposition of assets?

[Jax laughs]

Jax: I hope not, but we have lawyers on both sides sharpening their knives. It's just the way it goes. Anyway, I wanted to have a meeting with the entire staff of the spa, and I think that we both should be there.

Carly: Great. I think that's a great idea. The pool should be filled by then and, yeah, be ready for taking a dip. You game?

Jax: No, I don't have time for games, Carly.

Carly: Well, I think it's a very important thing to do. I mean, this is our hotel, you know, we share this hotel, and I think if the staff sees a very bitter and angry divorce, and it will create a negative work environment.

Jax: You just -- no, no. You just want me to see you in your bathing suit, right?

Carly: I just think that I want to take a swim in our Olympic-size pool.

Jax: You know, from the start of our relationship, you've always claimed that you were the fastest swimmer.

Carly: 'Cause I am.

Jax: That's why you pushed so hard for this renovation. Because you want to race me in our new pool.

Carly: Are you scared?

[Jax laughs]

Jax: No, I'm not scared.

Carly: I think you're scared.

Jax: I'm not. I'm not scared.

Olivia: Morning.

Carly: Hey, Olivia.

Jax: Good morning. You're right on time.

Carly: For what?

Olivia: My first day at work. You didn't tell her, did you?

Jax: No.

Luke: We're in luck.

Lulu: Don't count on it.

Luke: Never underestimate the power of guilt. How's my favorite daughter-in-law?

Elizabeth: Former daughter-in-law.

Luke: Sorry to tell you, Elizabeth, but once you're a Spencer, you're in for life.

Elizabeth: What can I do for you?

Luke: Well, we're just over at the PCPD. You know, they've got Lulu's boyfriend in lock-up.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I heard about Johnny getting arrested.

Luke: Yeah, I know what it's like, you know, when people expect the worst out of you, even when you're innocent. Now, I know this Johnny -- he comes off tough, but he's really broken up about this, about being a disappointment in Lulu's eyes. Well, anyway, I'm inclined to give the kid a break, you know? And it got me to thinking -- this Carl Pervis, what kind of a man is he? Do you know anything that would give us a clue why he'd want to do something like this to a nice kid like Johnny?

Elizabeth: Come on, Luke. You know the rules. I can't tell you anything about a patient if you're not family.

Luke: Elizabeth, I know blood is thicker than Pervis's I.V. drip, and rules are meant to bend in the face of truth.

Lulu: Johnny's never even met Carl. It was all a set-up. His father had Carl paid to be beat up and say that it was Johnny.

Elizabeth: Why?

Luke: Well, because the kid wants out of his father's business, and the old man ain't having any.

Elizabeth: Have you told Lucky all of this?

Lulu: Yes.

Elizabeth: And?

Lulu: And he doesn't believe it. He thinks Johnny's bad for me.

Luke: Let's face it. My son's intentions are good, but he tries to control her choices, the way she lives her life.

Lulu: Lucky just believes what he wants to believe, even though Johnny's innocent.

Elizabeth: Look, as much as I feel for you, I still can't discuss anything. However, I can tell you that -- what do you know? Visiting hours just began, and Mr. Pervis is in room 1014.

Lulu: 1014.

Luke: 1014.

Maxie: You are the Jackal, ace of cyberspace, you have never been hacked, Spinelli. Never. Not until this fashion-challenged stalker shows up. Don't you think it's a little convenient how she miraculously was able to fix your problem?

Maxie: Maximista speaks of things that are beyond her knowledge.

Maxie: Hey, I know how a girl works a guy.

Spinelli: Okay, you are continuing to be most unfair and unkind. Perhaps it's because you resent that fair Winnifred was able to help me in a way that you couldnít. And, by the way, I'm grateful that despite the unpleasantness of our last parting, you came to my aid and helped me.

Winnifred: The only reason the cunning forces were able to breach your security is because you're so generous with your awesome skills and your willing to help the cyber-challenged. That's what left you so vulnerable.

Maxie: Are you saying it's my fault, dweeb-girl?

Spinelli: Okay, I must vehemently protest these ongoing attacks. And you have yet to apologize for driving her to tears yesterday.

Winnifred: Apologies aren't necessary.

Maxie: Yeah, because she wasn't really upset. She was just trying to make you feel sorry for her.

Spinelli: Maximista, she helped me.

Maxie: Great. Say "thank you," and let's go.

Spinelli: I have further things to discuss with the warrior priestess.

Maxie: Spinelli, she is working you in her own weird, cyber-geeky way. It's your life. I just thought you were smarter than this.

Spinelli: I thought you were better than this.

Olivia: Is there a problem?

Jax: No, no.

Carly: Yes. It's great to have you on board. That's not the problem. I wasn't consulted. That's the problem.

Olivia: I think you two need to talk.

Jax: That's not necessary.

Carly: That's exactly what I was talking about earlier. We need to maintain some kind of continuity, even though we're getting a divorce, not let our personal situation affect business. We agreed to confer on all staff matters. Why didn't you tell me about this?

Jax: Because Olivia is not working for the hotel.

Olivia: I'm not what?

Jax: She's working for me directly. She's our new operations manager and my new girl Friday. Now, here are the specs of the various systems of the hotel. Familiarize yourself with those. We will talk later. I have a conference call. Excuse me, ladies.

Olivia: Okay. Do not ever call me that again. Girl Friday. I'm the operations manager. And as far as being your personal assistant, we'll talk. Capisce?

Jax: Yes, absolutely, wonderful. I love this. This is going to be great.

Olivia: Okay. Before we send any guests into the spa, I want to double check that that wiring issue has been dealt with.

Carly: But the contractor already signed off on it and said it was fixed.

Olivia: Well, he didn't even document what the actual problem was, and I don't work on the honor system, so --

Carly: Well, it's an interesting use of words, considering.

Olivia: Considering what?

Carly: Well, it's obvious that Jax is using you to get to me. The question is, are you going to let him?

Max: Wait, you just can't walk out now.

Sonny: Max, this is between me and my attorney.

Max: I'm not saying this because of my personal relationship with Ms. Miller. I'm saying it because she's the best lawyer you've ever had. Yeah, she might be a little brusque.

Diane: Max.

Max: I looked it up. It means she's tough, and she's not going to throw you any bull, which is a good thing for you, especially now with you running the Zacchara organization. You're surrounded by people with no honor. I trust this woman with my life and yours. Excuse me.

Sonny: He's right. You are the best. And I will be sorry to lose you.

Diane: I've enjoyed working for you, Mr. Corinthos. You're frustrating, but you're never boring. You certainly paid well. And you're smart. You're smart enough to know why I need to do this.

Sonny: Conflict of interest. I'm not shocked that you would side with Jason then, but just -- why are you picking him over me?

Diane: It's simple. The conflict arose with him.

Sonny: So, is there something going on with Jason that I should know about?

[Knock at door]

Maxie: You better not be here looking for Spinelli.

Winnifred: No, my business is with fair Max -- my business is with you, Maxie.

Maxie: I don't want to hear your babble, Winnifred, or should I call you the priestess?

Winnifred: You ridicule what you can't understand. The Jackal respects my --

Maxie: If this is your way of telling me that you and Spinelli are some sort of cyber-soul mates and I should bow out gracefully, think again.

Winnifred: Well, you would be well advised just to cease your annoying and obstructive behavior at once.

Maxie: If you expect me to stand on the sidelines while you help yourself to my best friend on earth, you're not only a geek, and a fashion tragedy of epic proportions, you're seriously delusional.

Winnifred: Okay, if you get in my way one more time, if you tell Spinelli or anyone else that this conversation ever happened, you're going to regret it.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Your timing was perfect. You called me just as I was signing out.

Lucky: Well, that is one thing that's gone right because I really need your help.

Elizabeth: Well, I owe you for helping me put Cameronís pirate ship together, which he loves by the way.

Lucky: Good, I'm glad. Prepare to pay up.

Elizabeth: What are you trying to do?

Lucky: Taxes. You were always so much better at this stuff. It makes me feel like my head is going to explode. And I swore that I'd try to get this done before the end of the year. And Lulu -- she even bought me this tax software stuff for Christmas, but --

Elizabeth: Uh-huh, yeah, I see. I see.

Lucky: The problem isn't the program, it's the human element.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you didn't even organize your receipts.

Lucky: No, no, I did. I put them in all boxes. Actually, two boxes and a folder.

Elizabeth: And you're supposed to be claiming Jake as a dependent, remember?

Lucky: Which happens to be another problem because most of that stuff was with you.

Elizabeth: Well, I scanned all my receipts into the computer.

Lucky: Don't tell me that.

Elizabeth: Well, it should make you feel good because everything we bought together for Jake, I can just download and print. And the rest of it should be somewhere in this mess. My -- Lucky, what is wrong with you? This is from 2004.

Lucky: Oh, my God, I tore the house apart looking for this. I wonder how it got in there. Donít. Do not start la -- you know what? I didn't laugh at you when you messed up Cameronís pirate ship before I got there to bail you out.

Elizabeth: We all have our skills, and luckily for you, organization is one of mine, so take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves. We'll tackle this together.

Lucky: Thank you.

Olivia: Everybody is using somebody for something. Okay, I get a paycheck, Jax gets an operations manager.

Carly: And someone to flaunt in my face.

Olivia: You guys have the best hotel in this part of the state. And you like those five little stars at the end of the name?

Carly: That rating means everything to me.

Olivia: Yeah, it means the same thing to Jax. You think he's going to jeopardize that by hiring some incompetent boob just so he can have a woman to flaunt in your face? Not to mention what you're insinuating about me personally.

Carly: I wasn't blaming you.

Olivia: Well, you were suggesting that I would allow myself to be used.

Carly: Jax and I are at that point in the divorce where we're starting to split everything up. All the stuff. A CD that I bought, but he loved, we're ready to go to blows over.

Olivia: Well, it's a symbol for the thing that you're really losing.

Carly: I don't like women. Okay? As a rule. And you and I have become, dare I say, friends. And we have a good time hanging out together and talking, and it really bothers me and freaks me out that Jax is trying to take that away.

Olivia: Hey, I'm right here, okay?

Carly: But you becoming his personal assistant, it just turns you into one of those things, just like the CD.

Olivia: Jax does not own me, all right? But you do own half of this hotel, so why don't we get to work, make sure we stop any problems before they happen, okay?

Carly: Hey, Max. Is something wrong?

Max: Yeah, it's Mr. C. There could be some trouble.

Diane: I can't say anything further about Jason without violating attorney-client privilege.

Sonny: Of course. You warned me not to sign away my business to Jason, that I would regret it.

Diane: And despite all of those warnings, despite my clear and emphatic explanation of the contractual agreement that you were about to enter into, you just assumed Jason was going to give it all back whenever you asked. You never believed that this was permanent, Sonny. And in that context, you now think Jason stole from you, that he took something that wasn't his to have.

Sonny: I was shut out. I didn't have anywhere else to go, Diane. So I made an alliance with somebody else. It's business.

Diane: In many ways, Jason is the easier client. He's more methodical, relatively even tempered. You're not. You are vastly more experienced. You can read people much better than he can. And when it comes down to it, and when it's necessary, you're far more ruthless, which is why I'm hoping this never becomes a fight. Because I am certain that you will win. And that's a not a victory that I think would hold any satisfaction for you.

Johnny: What are you doing here?

Ric: Just monitoring your situation, hoping you'll be reasonable.

Johnny: Hoping I'll cave.

Ric: The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be to get these charges against you dropped.

Johnny: I haven't changed my answer. I'm not crawling back to my father.

Ric: No, that's pride talking.

Johnny: It's called having a spine.

Ric: Oh, now you got principles, huh? After all those years of being Johnny bad boy, the mob prince, who got to do whatever he wanted. You knew you didn't have to pay for it? You had your little handlers following you around, cleaning up after your messes.

Johnny: I'm done with it and my old man.

Ric: You know what, John? I was a lot younger than you when I saw my father for who he really was and didn't want to have anything to do with him or his life.

Johnny: And now you and Trevor are a team. Look at you. You look just like him.

Ric: Yeah, look at me. Chief legal counsel to Anthony Zacchara with enough power of my own. My father doesn't put me in a corner or manipulate me -- or threaten to send me to jail if I don't do what he wants. Hey, listen, you can do whatever you want. You can hold out. You can tell all your little buddies in prison how you stood up to your big, bad, old man. Or you can use the system to your advantage to protect yourself, maybe do some good in the process.

Johnny: Is that what you're trying to do here?

[Cell phone rings]

Ric: Lansing.

Man's voice: Anthony Zacchara's attorney?

Ric: Who is this?

Man's voice: Carl Pervis. Your boss hired me to take a beating, then claim it was his son who did it.

Ric: What do you want?

Carl's voice: Meet me at the Elm Street pier, or I tell the cops what really happened.

Ric: That would be a very big mistake.

Carl's voice: Fifteen minutes.

[Line disconnects]

Lulu: That was amazing. I thought when that loser Pervis refused to cave we'd be dead in the water, but you sounded just like him. And Ric obviously bought it, so --

Luke: Hold tight, gumdrop. Now comes the tricky part.

Spinelli: What -- hey, you sounded distressed on the phone.

Maxie: When was the last time you saw Winnifred?

Spinelli: Perhaps for the sake of our friendship, we should avoid the topic of my cyber-compatriot.

Maxie: Spinelli, she was just here, and she definitely has ulterior motives.

Spinelli: Okay, clearly there are larger issues at play here.

Maxie: No kidding. The girl is a card-carrying psycho.

Spinelli: The disparities between Maximista and someone of fair Winnifred's are --

Maxie: There is nothing fair about her, Spinelli. Winnifred was just here, and she told me if I try to come between the two of you, I would regret it. She even warned me not to tell you that she was here. She's very mental.

Spinelli: This is most distressing.

Maxie: I'm sorry. I know you like the idea of somebody talking like you and actually playing your game.

Spinelli: No, it's disheartening that Maximista would fabricate such a terrible and hurtful lie.

Maxie: Wait, you don't believe me?

Elizabeth: And everything you paid for Jakeís day care while you were working gets you a tax credit.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I can't figure out what I did with any of this stuff. You know what? Forget it. I'm not going to claim Jake as a dependent this year. Why don't you just take both the boys and get the whole tax write-off?

Elizabeth: No, absolutely not. You're their father.

Lucky: It's not a big deal.

Elizabeth: Actually, it is. It allows you to claim head of household status, which gives you a big tax break, which you deserve, 'cause you've worked hard, and you spend most of your free time with the boys.

Lucky: Yeah, because I want to, not for tax breaks.

Elizabeth: I know, but sometimes being a good parent means looking at the bottom line.

Lucky: Meaning it's about time I started acting like a grown-up.

Elizabeth: You said it.

Lucky: Hey, I found it. How about this?

Elizabeth: Oh, you cannot write-off video games.

Lucky: That is quality daycare. It keeps those boys entertained like nothing I have ever seen. And it is -- it's very educational.

Elizabeth: Educational for you, because Cameron has to teach you how to play them.

Lucky: Oh, well, I'd like to see you try.

Elizabeth: Um, no, thanks.

Lucky: You know, sometimes being a good parent means you're not afraid to get your butt kicked.

Elizabeth: Remember you said that.

Lucky: Is that a challenge? Are you hustling me?

Carly: Did something happen to Sonny?

Max: Not yet.

Carly: Is he in some kind of trouble?

Max: I'm sorry. This is kind of sensitive.

Olivia: Right. I'm going to go check out these specs.

Max: Look, Mr. C's not in any trouble yet, but it could be coming as soon as tonight.

Carly: Why, what's going on tonight?

Max: Sonny ordered another Zacchara shipment on one of Jason's piers. Jason wasn't happy about the last one. And I tried to talk the boss out of it, but he wouldn't listen.

Carly: He's daring Jason to retaliate.

Max: If Mr. C keeps pushing, eventually Jason's going to have to push back. He'll have no other choice except to turn the organization back over to Sonny. I don't see that happening.

Carly: I caused this, because I had Jason help me get Sonny's boys away from him.

Max: Look, the point is that Jason and Sonny are closer and closer to a war that nobody wants, all right? And you are the only one, Mrs. C -- Carly, you are the only one that can pull him back.

Carly: I'll talk to him. I'll talk to him.

Max: Thanks.

Carly: Oh, great. Look, I have to take care of something, okay?

Olivia: I got plenty to keep me busy here.

Carly: All right, I'll leave a message for Jax. Okay, here we go. I know that you're Jaxís new assistant, and I'm not asking you to lie to him. But please don't offer up the information that Max came here to talk to me about Sonny. It just would really make things a lot worse.

Olivia: Okay.

Elizabeth: Don't you dare.

Lucky: Someone has been practicing.

Elizabeth: Oh, I am going to pass you.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, hey. Is this what you and Epiphany are up to at your nurse station all day?

Elizabeth: Oh, you're just jealous of my mad skills. Go, go, go, go.

Lucky: Eat my dust.

Elizabeth: Wait. What happened? How come my guy's frozen?

Lucky: All right, just push both the green and the blue at the same time.

Elizabeth: Well, how did that happen? Show me. I don't get --

Lucky: Push these.

Elizabeth: Do what?

Lucky: Right there. Elizabeth's voice: Oh, I'm Ė

Lucky's voice: You're gone now.

Elizabeth's voice: Look at me. Look at me, look how fast I'm going. Oh, no, I'm catching up. I'm catching up. I'm going to get you.

Lucky: Hey, stop doing that.

Elizabeth: What happened? How come it's frozen like that though? Why did it -- oh.

Luke: Okay, keep your fingers crossed. Stay out of sight. If that briefcase is full of money, you're wasting your time. All I want is Carl Pervis to remember somebody else beat him up.

Ric: I don't know what you're talking about.

Luke [As Carl]: Sure you do, Mr. Lansing. That's why you agreed to meet me down here.

Ric: I knew Pervis sounded a little funny on the phone.

Luke: I want Pervis to back off, or I'm going to take this to the D.A.

Ric: Knock yourself out.

Luke: I understand the D.A. doesn't like you much, even though you share a child. I understand she'd like to chop you off below the waist.

Ric: Oh, really? With what, Luke? The only person who said anything incriminating during that phone conversation was you. You lured me down here by impersonating the victim of a crime for the purposes of extortion. I mean, the only reason you would have to do this is that your daughter obviously dates John Zacchara, which is interesting that you would make a move for pure love like this after you spent years denying the fact that you even had children in the first place.

Luke: I don't try to control my children's lives, Ric, unlike your friend the psycho.

Ric: Look, you made a play for father of the year at the wrong time. Anthony Zacchara wants his son back. And he's going to do whatever it takes to bring John back into the fold. Anybody who gets in his way is road kill.

Maxie: Spinelli, wait, you have to believe me. Winnifred was here this afternoon, and she threatened me.

Spinelli: These lies are so unbecoming. And they're not representative of your true self, Maximista.

Maxie: Wait, wait, wait. You're falling all over yourself for some weirdo, and I'm unbecoming? Spinelli, something is really wrong with her.

Spinelli: Yes, you seem very threatened indeed.

Maxie: Think. Who would follow you all over town calling herself the priestess? Who would hang on every word that you say, practically worshiping the ground you walk on? Why would anyone want to be your grasshopper?

Spinelli: Is it really so impossible to fathom?

Maxie: I want you to stay away from her.

Jax: Did you and Carly play nice while I was gone?

Olivia: You should have told her that you hired me.

Jax: Yeah, I forgot to tell her.

Olivia: You just wanted to see the look on her face when I walked in the room.

Jax: Is that what she told you?

Olivia: She didn't have to tell me. And if you think for one minute that you can hire me to get back at your soon-to-be ex-wife --

Jax: No, no, no, I hired you because I think you will make an excellent operations manager. The fact that you're a beautiful woman is incidental. I'm on my way to a staff meeting with Carly at the spa, and I will be sure to talk to her.

Olivia: Well, she won't be there. She got called away. There should be a message for you at the desk.

Jax: Or you can just save me the time and tell me where she went and why.

Olivia: That's between you and Carly.

Jax: That spa has been her baby for the last six months. There's only two reasons she would miss this meeting. One, something happened to Morgan, which you wouldn't hesitate to tell me about. Or two, she went to see Sonny.

[Sonny speaks Spanish]

Sonny: What's going on? Is Morgan all right?

Carly: Morgan's fine.

Sonny: Oh, okay.

Carly: He's fine. I take it Claudia didn't tell you I stopped by yesterday?

Sonny: Uh, probably slipped her mind.

Carly: Yeah, okay, well, I want to talk to you about a plan I am working on. It's a project to honor Michael.

Sonny: Whatever I can do to help.

Carly: Good. I knew you would. And you and I, we can go over all the details --

Sonny: Great.

Carly: But first, I think we need to talk about what's going on between you and Jason.

Sonny: I'd rather not.

Carly: We have to talk about this Sonny. I know that I'm the cause of the tension between the two of you. I wanted sole custody of Michael and Morgan, and Jason took over the business to get that for me. I'm the one that started this rift that keeps pushing you guys apart, and it's just got to stop.

Sonny: It's up to Jason.

Carly: No, it's not. It's up to you.

Elizabeth: Oh, I am so going to win this round.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: Hey?

Lucky: Sam, wait. Sam.

Maxie: Okay, maybe I'm not the most trustworthy person you know. Yes, I have told a lot of lies, but not to you -- at least not recently. Spinelli, you're my best friend. I swear to you on my life that Winnifred showed up here today. She told me to back off, and then she threatened me.

Spinelli: Okay, pray tell with what?

Maxie: Well, nothing specifically, but she told me that I would regret it if I told you she was here.

Spinelli: Well, and yet you've told me, so --

Maxie: Why wouldn't I tell you? It scares me to think of you getting involved with someone that you don't really know. Have you ever seen Winnifred any place besides the pier? Does she have a job? Where does she live? I mean, she could be some homicidal maniac that escaped from Shadybrook and is now following you around.

Spinelli: You don't need to demonize priestess Winnifred to preserve our friendship. It is solid and true and from the heart. But it doesn't preclude all other friendships. Winnifred's given me no reason to doubt her, and indeed she's persevered despite all of your unwarranted attacks.

Maxie: Well, then that should tell you something.

Spinelli: What?

Maxie: That she's a total loser. No one understands what she's talking about half the time. She walks around in her own little world. And the only thing she cares about is some stupid computer game.

Spinelli: "The Saga of Stone Cold" is in fact one of the premiere games on the internet.

Maxie: And only a wacko like Winnifred would know how to find it, much less play it. Who walks around calling themselves the priestess anyway?

Spinelli: Perhaps only the Jackal would understand.

Maxie: Spinelli, at first, I thought this girl was playing you, but it's something more than that. She's like obsessed.

Spinelli: I don't think you understand the sting of your words.

Maxie: You know, if you were really my friend, you would believe me and stay away from her.

Spinelli: You don't choose my friends, and I don't choose yours.

Maxie: Maybe it's time for you to choose. Which one do you want? Me or the priestess Winnifred?

Jax: Thank you very much.

Olivia: Um, about before --

Jax: Yes.

Olivia: I work for you. And I want you to know that you can count on me to be a very loyal employee. But you happen to be in the middle of a knock-down, drag-out divorce with the woman who's also co-owner of this hotel.

Jax: Do you swim?

Olivia: What?

Jax: Do you swim?

Olivia: Uh, yeah, I was on the high school swim team.

Jax: Oh, great. Well, go to the boutique, get yourself a bikini, and meet me at the pool.

Olivia: No.

Jax: That's your job.

Olivia: To go swimming with you?

Jax: To inspect all facilities, all the time. It's a good way to troubleshoot.

Olivia: Um, I actually have a plan for that. You see, as operations manager of the hotel, I intend to operate under what we call a schedule. Not at the whim of an owner who apparently has way too much time on his hands.

Jax: Well, you see, the spa was just completed, and the pool needs to be inspected before it's open to the public tomorrow. So, it's not really recreational. It is actually work.

Olivia: It's an up yours to Carly, because she went to see Sonny. Does this look like a stupid face to you?

Jax: No, it looks like the face of a beautiful, intelligent woman, who's reading into this way too much.

Olivia: Mr. Jacks, you are a player. But you're dreaming if you think you can play me.

Jax: What I think, Ms. Falconeri, is that you're enjoying yourself very much already. So go ahead to the boutique, get yourself a bikini, put it on my tab, and meet me at the pool.

Carly: You can make peace with Jason. All you have to do is walk away from this alliance with the Zaccharas.

Sonny: Peace is in Jason's hands. All he has to do is allow me back into the organization.

Carly: Try to see this from Jason's perspective, okay? He's only doing what you asked, and he's trying to run the business the best way he knows how.

Sonny: By shutting me out, when I needed him most, out of my own organization?

Carly: You asked him to take over.

Sonny: Yes, I did.

Carly: And now you're going to force your way back in, aren't you? You're going to keep pushing and pushing until Jason either has to fight or back down. How is that fair to Jason?

Sonny: I thought we were past this. You come in here. You're pleading Jason's case. It's pretty clear where your loyalties are.

Carly: Is that what has you upset, because I can see this from Jason's point of view?

Sonny: No, what has me upset is that you can't see it from my point of view. You're either with me, or you're against me.

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