GH Transcript Monday 1/5/09

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/5/09


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Maxie: You are so busted.

Girl: I was -- I was just --

Maxie: Just what, lurking around, spying on Spinelli? Tell us now.

Spinelli: Maximista, I appreciate you being so fiercely defensive, but I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Maxie: Spinelli, you can't go off on some long tangent and give this stranger time to come up with an excuse. Explain yourself.

Girl: Fair Maximista has caught me fair and square.

Maxie: What did you just call me?

Girl: Fair Maximista. I thought that was your name.

Maxie: Not to you. Now, stop deflecting and answer my question.

Girl: I must objectively confess. The mouthy blonde is right. I have been following you.

Lulu: I can't believe this.

Lucky: Why are you surprised?

Lulu: On what grounds are you arresting Johnny?

Johnny: Yeah, I'd like to hear the answer to that.

Lucky: Your boyfriend beat the crap out of some guy and put him in the hospital. You're being charged with assault and battery.

Corday: You just tore up a lot of money.

Nadine: I don't care. There are principles involved in this, and I won't be a party to what you're doing.

Nikolas: Well, Mr. Corday, you heard the lady. I suggest you inform your board of directors that they won't be making any more weapons with Nadineís plow fitting.

Corday: That is not only a naive point of view, it is a sadly mistaken one, and I advise you to reconsider.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. Did I just hear a threat there?

Sonny: The arrangement still stands. I want this, you know, marriage to work. You want this marriage to work. So, we just got to keep our cards face up. Don't say what you think I want to hear. Just tell me the truth and I'll do the same.

Claudia: Aye, aye, captain.

Sonny: In that spirit, then --

Sonny: What are you doing?

Claudia: Isn't it obvious? I'm coming on to my husband. You want to take me up on it?

Sonny: Listen to me, listen to me. Okay, did you not hear about the games and all that? I don't want to play these games. We've got to stop doing that.

Claudia: Why do you assume that I'm being dishonest with you? It's not that complicated, Sonny. Align myself with you or with my psychotic father. It's not even a choice, and when I'm committed to something, I'm in it all the way. So, I am willing to be a reciprocal partner to you in the bedroom as well as, you know, the office.

Sonny: Okay, we need to define the term "partner" a little bit. I don't need a partner for business. I mean, look, I may ask you for your advice, your input. Am I boring you?

Claudia: No, I'm listening.

Sonny: Well, because if you're listening, what did I just say?

Claudia: Partner, you don't want one. Got it.

Sonny: Forget it, forget it. I don't care. It doesn't matter. You know what? One of us is going to have to be honest here. Obviously, not going to be you. So, I don't really care, because you don't have to tell me what's going on because I already know.

Nikolas: Threats really don't impress me, Mr. Corday. And just in case you were unaware, you're not speaking to a man here that's devoid of resources. I make one phone call and I'll have the Equinox Corporation tied up in court so long there'll be no more wars to even speak of. And I'll be sure that your superiors know that the reason why they are in such an endless, very expensive litigation is because you handled the situation so poorly. And, I'm sorry, did you miss the part where Nadine is only days removed from having lost her aunt?

Corday: Of course, Ms. Crowell has my sympathy, but there's a reality here that neither of you seem to grasp. This is no run-of-the-mill patent deal. It's a matter of national security. Interfere and you'll be the ones inconvenienced when you find yourselves classified as enemies of the state. Take the money. Use it to do something altruistic enough to satisfy your guilty conscience.

Nadine: You condescending creep. Get out of here and don't come back.

Corday: You know how to reach me.

Nadine: I'm going to heave.

Nikolas: What? You're not serious are you?

Nadine: No, it just makes me sick. Young men and women marching off into war just so that jerks like that can benefit off of their spilled blood. It's just wrong.

Nikolas: Well, you get no argument from me there.

Nadine: I just wish Bruce were here. He'd kick that jerk into next Tuesday.

Nikolas: Who's Bruce?

Lulu: You are overreacting. Johnny was at a job interview. It didn't go so well. He hit a wall. You can't arrest him for assaulting a wall.

Lucky: You know what this sounds like? You're making excuses for him, yet again.

Lulu: So, you're calling me a liar?

Lucky: No, your first instinct is to always believe this garbage that Johnny is shoveling.

Lulu: So, that's even better. You're calling me stupid.

Johnny: Okay, look, I got a simple solution. Call the guy I had the job interview with. He was pissed about his wall. He'll give you an earful.

Lucky: So, the interviewer can confirm that when you left, you were angry and violent. Then you took it out on Carl Pervis by beating him to a pulp?

Johnny: I don't know any Carl Pervis.

Lucky: Yeah, well, he knows you. He pointed you out of a photo lineup, no problem.

Lulu: Well, he made a mistake, and you're only going along with it because you hate the fact that I'm with Johnny.

Lucky: You got that right. Let's go.

Lulu: I'm right behind you.

Girl: I was never so arrogant as to think that I would be touched by greatness, but people like me don't draw people like you into their orbits. So, when I saw you, my circuits overloaded and they fried. I couldn't get you out of my mind.

Spinelli: I'm flattered by such kind words --

Maxie: Please, Spinelli, tell me you don't believe this crap? This was no random meeting. This vulture in geek's clothing was stalking you and targeting you.

Spinelli: Okay, Maximista is making the proverbial mountain of a mere molehill. See, when I came upon fellow cyber wandering Winnifred, I found her in distress over a logic loop.

Maxie: What?

Winnifred: And then all of a sudden, there he was, the Jackal. It was like kismet.

Maxie: Spinelli doesn't wear cologne.

Winnifred: What?

Maxie: Kismet, it's a cologne.

Winnifred: Dude-ess, are you for real?

Spinelli: Fair Maximista possesses vast knowledge in the fashion realm. So, if she says that kismet is a perfume, you can most certainly believe there is one. However, Maximista, kismet is an actual word meaning fate or destiny, if you will.

Maxie: Well in that case, not to burst your delusional bubble, but there's no destiny here for you unless it's my heel in your face.

Winnifred: I don't participate in physical violence.

Maxie: Well, I suggest you run along. Otherwise, you'll have more on your hands than you bargained for.

Winnifred: In case our paths don't cross again, I want you to know that Saga of Stone Cold is the most awe-inspiring thing to ever hit cyberspace.

Spinelli: You know the saga?

Winnifred: I play it all the time.

Maxie: Oh, yeah? Prove it.

Carly: Thank you.

Jax: Hey, I was looking for you.

Carly: Hi. Here I am.

Jax: I didn't want to bring this up New Yearís, but how was your visit with Michael? Did it help?

Carly: Yes and no. It's hard. I want to go and see him, but every time I go and see him it's really difficult. So, that's just for me to deal with. Thank you for being so supportive.

Jax: I wish I could have done more.

Carly: You were great. What you did was plenty.

Jax: No, I should have offered you the jet and I should have offered to go with you, I guess.

Carly: No, you wouldn't have liked what you walked in on.

Jax: Why?

Carly: Sonny was there.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: He had the same impulse, I guess, you know, about Michael. And I didn't tell you about this on New Year's Eve, because I didn't want to ruin a great time, but I'm telling you about it now because I don't want you to hear it from someone else. And I don't want you to think that I'm keeping secrets about Sonny, because I'm not.

Jax: Well, that's very considerate of you, I guess.

Carly: I know that full disclosure is really important to you. So, here I am. I'm getting with the program.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: So, I have to admit something. I loved spending New Yearís Eve with you and I thought it brought us to a good place. You know, I do realize that having an incredible night together doesn't mean we're back together, but you know, we're not so mad or bitter and I'm just grateful for that.

Jax: Yeah, so full disclosure?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Okay, well, I guess I can do that.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Just so you know, Sonny walked in on me and Kate conducting business and we were, well, we were kind of playing around a little bit and we were close together, and I'm pretty sure Sonny thinks that we're having an ongoing affair.

Carly: Are you?

Robin: I can't really help it. Emma was crying the entire flight.

Patrick: So, she was a little cranky.

Robin: A little cranky? She was screaming her head off.

Patrick: It was the pressure in the cabin that hurt her ears. Look at her. She's fine now.

Robin: She's fine? She's only asleep because she got so exhausted from crying. Maybe she got bit by some tropical mosquito and now she has West Nile Virus or something.

Patrick: Okay, now you're just being ridiculous, Robin.

Robin: You know, I really resent that, okay? We have this poor defenseless creature, this baby who can't tell us what's wrong or where it hurts, and it's my job as her mother to try and figure that out. So, to be called ridiculous for that, well, it kind of makes me want to lose my mind.

Patrick: Evidently. Look, okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. If it makes you feel better, why don't you take her to the hospital, have Dr. OíDonnell check her out. But I got to be honest. I think it's a wasted trip.

Robin: Well, then, you know what? You don't have to go. I'll take her myself. Stay here.

Maxie: You expect Spinelli to believe that you while away hours playing the Saga of Stone Cold? Please, you know Spinelli wrote that program. You're just trying to impress him.

Winnifred: Are you always so hostile?

Maxie: Only when snakes try to slither onto my friends.

Winnifred: Of which you have many, I'm sure. No scam, no scam, on the real. I do while away hours playing Saga. How could one not? It's the most challenging, most addictive game ever.

Spinelli: Thank you.

Winnifred: Saga changed the entire landscape of cyber-games. It immediately made Gothís God Revenge and Magic and Myths irrelevant and obsolete.

Spinelli: The Jackal is blown away that you would rank my modest first attempt at online gaming on a par with Goth Gods, I mean --

Winnifred: Please, please, you'd have to get to level 10 of Goth before you can even come close to the rush that you get on level one of Saga. I mean, you have made all those other cyber gaming geeks eat your dust and beg for mercy.

Maxie: Spinelli, I'm bored and I have things to do, lots of things, lots of computer things that I need your help for. So, you could stay here and be fawned over by your freaky fan or you can come with me back to my place.

Jax: Kate and I are co-owners of "Crimson," okay? We are friends who slept together once, and I seriously doubt that will happen again.

Carly: I hate that you slept with her. It's the only time I felt like you deliberately set out to hurt me, and I know you did it just to pay me back.

Jax: Do you really want to go there?

Carly: Yeah. I have tried to get past this, but I canít. I mean, I want to know what you were thinking when you slept with her and I want to know if you regret it.

Jax: I didn't plan for you to walk in on me having sex with Kate. I'm sorry that you did, Carly.

Carly: So, what if I didn't? What would have happened? Would this be some big secret or would you guys be the next couple of the town?

Jax: We probably would have thanked each other for a nice evening and mutually agreed not to do it again.

Carly: You don't think Kate's pursuing you? You don't think she wants you?

Jax: She's trying to get over Sonny. That night I was trying to get over you. You know, there are a lot of beautiful, sophisticated women in the world that don't necessarily want a long-term relationship.

Carly: Well, Kate's not one of them. Or should I say Connie Falconeri? And you knew it and you slept with her.

Jax: Do you remember what happened in the 24-hours prior to that? You alibied Sonny by telling everyone at the police station that you had sex with him.

Carly: And you know that didn't happen.

Jax: So, maybe it was a little bit of revenge. I mean, Kate and I were the odd ones out, right? Why shouldn't we turn to each other?

Carly: So, it was payback?

Jax: Carly, no matter how angry I've been about this breakup in the past, I never once set out to deliberately hurt you or be cruel to you. That's why we have to be so careful about this divorce.

Claudia: I can't wait to hear what it is you think you know about me.

Sonny: Power is as important to you as it is to me. Probably more important to you because, you know, this is your real shot at getting any. You've had a vision in your head ever since we got married that you and I were going to, you know, run your family's organization as a team and you think that if you have sex with me then you can manipulate me.

Claudia: I'll give you one thing. I do love power. As a matter of fact, I'd just assume slip it on with my clothes in the morning, wield it as a weapon against anybody who's ever hurt me or disrespected me. But here's where your little analysis hits a snag. I don't delude myself into thinking I can manipulate you with sex. I tried that once and I failed miserably. But sleeping together implies a certain trust. Maybe it's only physical, but that's a place to start, and you have to admit, we're awesome in bed. It's hard to see a downside to that.

Sonny: You don't understand what I'm saying. You know what? You just don't have the information.

Claudia: Meaning?

Sonny: Well, it's just that you've never been in love. You've never been part of a family. So, you have no way of knowing how shallow this arrangement you're proposing really is.

Nadine: Thanks.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

Nadine: Bruce was the greatest guy I'd ever known. He was handsome and smart and so much fun. He was the first person besides Aunt Raylene who ever really got me.

Nikolas: How did you meet him?

Nadine: Four-H. I was six. He was eight. By the time I caught up to him in high school, we were already madly in love from that all consuming way only kids can be. I mean, everyone assumed that we were going to end up married and we probably would have if he --

Nikolas: If what? Whatever it is, if it's too painful to talk about, you don't have to.

Nadine: No, it's okay. Bruce really wanted to go to college, but his parents couldn't afford it and as wonderful as he was, he wasn't exactly scholarship material. So, he joined the army. I was really proud of him. He was so eager to serve his country, and I was also really scared for him, too, of course. And the next time I saw him after he left was at Salterís funeral home in his coffin.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Nadine: If refusing to license Aunt Raylene's patent to a company that's going to use it as a weapon, it saves just one person or one family from losing someone that they love, then I am obligated to do it.

Jerry's voice: Hello again, Claudia. I mean, at least I hope it's you listening to this, and if it's Sonny, I'm afraid that our duel of wits has come to an abrupt and, no doubt, unpleasant end. But I digress. I mean, you are the one I wanted to play against and I trusted you were resourceful enough to stay in the game. So, if you are, congratulations for making it so far. Now pay attention to the second clue. You will sleep sounder when you've found it. That's it. That's the second clue, darling.

Ric: Claudia.

Claudia: Hey, I didn't expect you to come back so soon. Did you change your mind? Have you decided to tell me what Daddy's real plan is?

Ric: Yeah, that's exactly what I want to do, but you're not going to like it.

Claudia: Well, that goes without saying. Tell me anyway.

Ric: Not so fast. I'm risking a lot by telling you the truth. I need to know that you can be trusted.

Jax: Have you spoken to Diane?

Carly: She's called and left a few messages, but I've been avoiding calling her back.

Jax: Well, she and Alexis set a date to go over community property and division of assets, etc.

Carly: I bet Alexis can't wait to tear me apart.

Jax: So, the question would be do we let our lawyers do their worst or do we agree to treat each other with consideration?

Carly: That's a trick question. Kind of like, when do you stop beating your wife? You asked me do I want a nice or mean divorce. Here is the answer, Jax. I don't want a divorce at all.

Jax: Come on, Carly. The divorce is happening. You know that.

Carly: Even after the night we spent on New Yearís, after the support you gave me about Michaelís birthday? Do you honestly believe there's no chance we can start over?

Jax: Yes, I do.

Carly: No possibility.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: That we can have the wonderful life that we promised each other? You believe that?

Jax: Carly, I do believe that for all the reasons we previously discussed, okay?

Carly: See, I really don't think you mean it. I donít. I think you've said it so many times that you're now backed into a corner, because I could deal with it. I'd hate it, but I could deal with it if I thought you were being honest with me and yourself.

Patrick: Hey.

Sonny: I followed my impulse. I probably should have called first. I just wanted to see Robin and the baby. If you're busy --

Patrick: No, come on in.

Sonny: You sure?

Patrick: Yeah. Robin's at the hospital for a completely unnecessary checkup, but she shouldn't be long. You're more than welcome to wait.

Sonny: Thanks. How are the new parents coping?

Patrick: Some days are better than others, but Robin worries too much.

Sonny: What did you expect?

Patrick: Good point.

Sonny: Can I sit down?

Patrick: Absolutely.

Sonny: I need to talk to you about something. I went to the institute to see Michael. It was his birthday. And there's no change in his condition. I mean, they're treating him well and everything, but it's hard for me to wrap my head around that's the way he's going to be. That, you know, his life's going to end that way. I know you're a brilliant surgeon, and I know you know all the advanced medical things that are going on. Is there anything you can do? Experimental, expenses don't matter, money's not an object. I want my son back.  

Patrick: I don't ever want to tell anyone to give up hope, Sonny. But the moment I saw where that bullet was lodged into Michaelís brain, I knew that the damage was permanent.

Sonny: I know you've always said that, but don't you think you're being rigid about Michaelís condition, because maybe you want to be right?

Patrick: Yeah, there was a time that could have been possible, but not anymore. And as far as Michaelís condition, I think you should consult another specialist and get a second opinion.

Sonny: We already did. They agree with you.

Patrick: I really am sorry, Sonny.

Sonny: I don't know, you know? Maybe I'm just grasping at straws.

Patrick: Well, of course. But as a professional, the best advice I can give you is to accept Michaelís condition as permanent.

Sonny: Could you do that? Just shrug it off, accept it, if it were Emma lying still on that bed?

Carly: I know that you love me. And I know that you miss us. And you want to throw caution to the wind and give us another chance, but you're just afraid. Jax.

Jax: The harder you fight, the more painful this divorce is going to be for both of us.

Carly: So, you're going to do what you always do? You're going to cut your losses. I mean, after all, I'm wife, what, number five?

Jax: No, come on. This divorce isn't easy for me. It kills me that we couldn't make our marriage work. I never wanted anything more. But now I'm hoping that we've come to place where we can be in each other's lives but not as husband and wife.

Carly: So, when is the divorce settlement?

Jax: It's Friday, the ninth.

Carly: Okay, I'll mark it on my calendar.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Okay. Jax, when I was riding the train coming back from visiting Michael, I was thinking that I want to do something really nice in his honor. So, I'm going to speak to the hospital about some kind of an endowment probably for pediatric head traumas.

Jax: Yeah, that sounds like a nice idea.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: I hope you'll let me contribute.

Carly: Absolutely. And I'm going to ask Sonny, too. I hope that's not a problem for you.

Jax: No, it's not a problem.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: I loved being Michael and Morganís stepfather. I'm really sorry that things didn't work out with us, Carly. I really am.

Nikolas: That's why you were able to be so empathetic when I was grieving for Emily. You had experienced your own loss.

Nadine: Yes. Watching you is like seeing into my own heart. I still miss Bruce so much. It's like this ache.

Nikolas: Yeah. I've come to believe that never completely goes away.

Nadine: Yeah, you take comfort in whatever you can. I tell myself at least Bruce died doing something he believed in. But it doesn't lessen the grief or the fury when I think of these greedy arms manufacturers that may be profiting off of all of this. I mean, for all I know, it was Aunt Raylene's invention that may have been the weapon that killed Bruce.

Nikolas: It's okay.

Claudia: Listen to me. You're the only friend I have in this town. I'm not going to betray you. It's a very lonely world out there.

Ric: John's at the PCPD. He got picked up for assault.

Claudia: Why? Did he have a fight with that stupid girl again? She makes him crazy, Ric. You know what? She claims that she loves John. But if she loved him, I don't think she'd push that self-destruct button.

Ric: Claudia, it was a setup. Your father paid some lowlife to get beat up and blame Johnny for it for a large sum of money.

Claudia: I am not going to let him get away with this.

Ric: No, what are you doing?

Claudia: What do you think I'm doing? I'm going to bail my brother out. And I'm going to make my father drop the charges.

Ric: No, you can't do that, okay? I told you about John, because you said I could trust you. Now, if you go off loaded for bear with real information, Anthonyís going to know that it came from me. And then it's going to come down on me like a ton of bricks.

Claudia: You want me to what, let my brother rot?

Ric: No. I want you to let this proceed without interference to protect me.

Johnny: I'm going to tell you one more time. I didn't assault anybody.

Lucky: Yeah, save it for the judge.

Johnny: I hit a wall. I don't even know this Pervis guy.

Lucky: Of course not, because you never do anything wrong, now do you, Johnny? At least that's the line you feed Lulu. You know, too bad she eats it up like candy. Just doesn't fool me.

Johnny: You really hate me, don't you?

Lucky: You know, I wouldn't even really care about you at all if you weren't involved with my sister.

Johnny: What is it going to take to make you believe that I love your sister?

Lucky: You really want to know? That means get out of her life.

Johnny: Yeah, well, that's not going to happen. Hey, isn't this a conflict of interest? You're not exactly a disinterested party here.

Lucky: If I were you, I'd kind of worry about my own situation.

Lulu: What you're doing right now is drawing a line in the sand between you and me. You need to be very sure that's exactly what you want to do.

Lulu: I'm asking you not to do this. Don't railroad Johnny just because you don't approve of my relationship with him. I am a grown woman. That does not mean you can dictate my personal life. Now, I'm sorry that you don't like him. I wish I could change that. But harassing him for no reason, just because you can, is unacceptable, and I am not okay with it.

Lucky: Why are you coming down on me? I'm not the guy who's going around beating up on innocent people. I'm just the guy who had to arrest him.

Lulu: Really? And I bet you didn't even investigate this did you? Right? You just took this Pervis guy for his word, because you think throwing Johnny into prison is going to make me forget about him. But trust me, I'll forget about you first.

Lucky: I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that, because I would not be a good big brother if I didn't try to protect my little sister.

Lulu: I will back you either way.

Johnny: I did not do this. I was framed. And I think I know why.

Ric: Since Johnny made his big stand and left the family, he's not going to have any resources available to him. He'll have to turn to the Zaccharas for help.

Claudia: Oh, my father has his head up his butt. John is not going to do that.

Ric: Yeah, well, he may have to if his facing prison terms is his only option.

Claudia: Were you in on this idea to coerce my brother?

Ric: Come on, Claudia. My opinion doesn't matter at all to your father. I'm strictly functionary.

Claudia: You have no idea how horribly my father treated Johnny or how long John has wanted out from underneath it. He's finally made it, and you're helping to pull him back in?

Ric: I thought you wanted him back in the family bosom.

Claudia: I want my brother happy.

Ric: Okay, all right, listen. I realize that you want to run on over to the PCPD, and you want to get in everybody's face, curse them out, and post your brother's bail. But I told you this. I told you this as a show of good faith. And I need for you -- I'm trusting you to stay out of it. Please?

Claudia: Okay, then that's what I'll have to do.

Patrick: You're absolutely right. If Emma was lying in a coma, I'd never accept it. I'd never give up hope. I'd never stop searching for a cure. It terrifies me to even think that way.

Sonny: Well, let's face it. The odds of the same thing happening to you are small. You are a brilliant, upstanding doctor. Nice, clean life, right? Untouched by violence. You've already done more for your kid than I've --

Patrick: Sonny, violence can strike anyone at any time.

Sonny: Yeah.

Patrick: And as far as I'm seeing, you love your kids. You're trying to be the best father you can be, like every other father.

Sonny: Thank you for at least being honest about Michael.

Patrick: You're right, though. I do stay on top of medical advances. If there's anything that I think might be able to help Michael, you'll be the first to know.

Maxie: Okay, now could you delete all of the spam from my inbox, except for that one from Bloomie's, because there might be an online sale?

Spinelli: There you go. Spam is history. Anything else?

Maxie: Actually, there's this one website that sells a bunch of designer clothes at a really good discount, and I can't seem to remember the name. It's purple something. Do you think you could find it for me?

Spinelli: That would just require a simple search, something that Maximista is more than capable of doing herself.

Maxie: I see. I'm a hot mess on the computer, so you'd rather spend your time around someone who's more on your exalted level like Winnifred, stalker geek.

Spinelli: Ah, perhaps the Jackal is projecting, but is it possible that Maximista is experiencing just a twinge of jealousy?

Sonny: Hi.

Robin: Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: Patrick said you were doing some errands and he said I could wait.

Robin: Yeah, that's not a problem.

Sonny: Need some help?

Robin: That's okay. Hey, I'm happy to see you.

Sonny: What's wrong?

Robin: Nothing. I just feel really silly. Emma was crying the entire way back on the plane. We took her with us on the honeymoon. And I made a big deal about it. Of course, I took her to the hospital to have the doctor tell me the same thing my husband did. Our daughter is fine, and I'm an idiot.

Sonny: You're not an idiot. Listen, I'm the original paranoid dad. Whenever my kids get sick or hurt -- listen, you know what? So, you go to the doctor for some unnecessary visits? Better safe than sorry.

Robin: Are you ready to meet Emma?

Sonny: Yeah, I am.

Robin: Okay, you're going to meet your Uncle Sonny. This is one of mommy's oldest and dearest friends. Hold her.

Sonny: She is absolutely beautiful, just like your momma. Hey, you know what? You're a lucky little girl, because you've hit the jackpot with an amazing woman like your momma. I have known her for how many years? A long time. I know you're going to be loved and wanted, right? For a long time. I hope that you are never harmed.

Lulu: Who called you? I can't imagine Lucky doing it.

Ric: I still have connections at the PCPD, Lulu. They know that I represented John when he was on trial for Loganís murder. Now, I've been brought up to speed on your case. I am going to try and get the victim to retract his I.D., give him a little incentive.

Johnny: Did my father send you?

Ric: Well, Anthony is concerned. He wants to help. Of course, he is going to require certain guarantees from you.

Johnny: My father framed me and probably with your able assistance, because you're trying to force me back into the family. But that's not going to work. You can tell my father that prison's okay with me. I'd rather stay there for the rest of my life than crawl back to him.

Maxie: I'm not jealous. I'm protective of you. Spinelli, you're so innocent and gullible. And I'm sorry, but this whole Winnifred situation is just very weird. It rings false.

Spinelli: Is it so difficult for you to imagine that a woman might find me attractive?

Maxie: You are attractive. That's not what I'm saying. You have to look at this objectively. All the sudden, this magic girl pops up out of nowhere, and she's completely cyber-obsessed with you? She knows everything about you. How? You're not high profile. She had to look you up, Spinelli. And she specifically put herself in your path.

Spinelli: But why?

Maxie: That's what worries me. I know that I am right, okay? I have great instincts when it comes to predatory women. And you need to be careful when it comes to Winnifred. She'll be more trouble than you expect.

Jerry's voice: I was a little pressed for time. You see, I had to break into Sonny's house and put incriminating DVDís in all sorts of places. Very difficult. And I hope I did a thorough job. It would be a tragedy if it fell into the wrong hands. I mean, tragic for you, because of your involvement in little Michaelís shooting. I mean, it's of no consequence to me, because I'll either be dead or long gone. So, you have your second clue and my best wishes. So, I'll see you, or maybe I wonít. Best wishes, and sleep well, my darling.

Carly: I guess I'm interrupting something.

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