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General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/29/08


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Carly: Do you understand how hard it was to get the Metro Court back on the map after the hostage situation? Do you understand how hard it is to earn five stars? I don't want to hear excuses. Towels are an important part of the spa. No, you need to pull it together --

Jax: This is Jax. Carly will call you back.

Carly: Wow, that was way out of line.

Jax: Your head was about to explode.

Carly: With good reason. I've gotten six complaints because there aren't enough towels in the spa.

Jax: Okay, well, that's something that we're going to have to address, but you're not upset at housekeeping, Carly. You're upset because today's Michael's birthday.

Sonny: You want me to quit the Zaccharas?

Jason: Yeah. I mean, it would be nice if it was something you wanted to do, too.

Sonny: Well, I got no ties with the Zaccharas, and as far as Claudia, that -- it can easily be fixed.

Jason: Great, then do it.

Sonny: Maybe I will. Are you saying you're going to let me back in to my organization?

[Wedding March plays]

Father Coates: Welcome to you, friends and family of Robin and Patrick, on this happy occasion. We are gathered here in the sight of God to ask his blessing and witness their vows of Holy Matrimony.

Father Coates: Now we have arrived at the exchanging of the vows. Please join hands.

Robin: Is it okay if I go first?

Father Coates: Absolutely.

Robin: When I was a little girl, like most little girls, I dreamt of a handsome prince that would swoop down from the -- I don't know -- the sky, I guess, kiss me once, and then take me away to happily ever after. And, well, that never ended up happening. I had taught myself to embrace never. Then I was living in Paris. I had my work. I had my family, my friends. I thought -- I mean, who needs love, right? It's just more trouble than it's worth. And then I took a trip to meet a doctor, and I met you. You were certainly no prince. You were arrogant, but you were real. I don't think you liked me very much, and I didn't like you either.


Robin: Up until the point that I realized that I was hopelessly and forever in love with you. It hasn't been a smooth road to here, but we made it. We stuck it out, because we never lost sight of what was important -- the fact that we love each other so much. I promise to carry out that noble tradition, to love you more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow. I promise to love you for the rest of my life.

Jason: I mean, why do we have to do this every time? My position hasn't changed. I'm running things, and that's how it's going to stay.

Sonny: Okay, I'm not going to ask you again, but the thing is, if I had nothing else, why would I give up my position as head of the Zaccharas?

Jason: What? Are you serious? You need reasons?

Sonny: Yes.

Jason: How about you can't get any dirtier than those people? I mean, come on, Sonny. You and I have done some bad things, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. Anthony Zacchara never even bothered.

Sonny: Anthony's not in charge.

Jason: You can't trust him or Trevor or Ric. I thought you knew this.

Sonny: See, now you're acting like you care, and you really don't care. Go back to your own business.

Jason: What are you talking about? I'm trying to avoid the conflicts that are going to come up between you and me. How far are you willing to push this?

Carly: I should call Gilda back. That was terrible.

Jax: No, no, no. Come on, come on. Sit down, sit down, sit down. Relax.

Carly: What are you doing? Why are you being so nice to me?

Jax: I can only imagine what you're going through.

Carly: How was Australia? How's Lady Jane?

Jax: Amazingly resilient or completely in denial, depending on your perspective. She thinks that Jerry's just going to show up and have some semi-plausible excuse for what he's done.

Carly: That was your first impulse.

Jax: Not a very likely outcome though, is it?

Carly: Did you tell her about our divorce?

Jax: In denial about that, too. Yeah, well, it turns out that you're her favorite daughter-in-law of all time, so she thinks that we're going to find our way back to each other.

Patrick: You know, I used to be a master at the art of shutting down. I wouldn't risk love because I wouldn't risk loss. I'd had enough. And I didn't realize what I was missing, but it was you. You know, I -- before I knew it, I found myself in a love that I didn't know was possible, and now we're here, and we have a beautiful little daughter, and it's been the most profound experience of my life. You've shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt what I was missing, and I promise to value the gift that you've given me and to give it back to you ten times over. And now I'm going to master the art of opening up, and I'm going to promise to love you and to love our beautiful daughter for as long as we all shall live.

Sonny: It's amazing how much you've changed. You never gave a damn about power. You went out of your way to avoid taking it. But now, out of nowhere, power has overcome --

Jason: That's not true.

Sonny: No, it's not true?

Jason: No, it's not. Look, you gave me the organization, did you not? Once that happened, it was my responsibility to run the organization the best way I can.

Sonny: It's amazing how you justify everything. But see, everybody's always said to me, you know, "own up to who you are." That's what you should do.

Jason: Well, you know what? I'm here right now, Sonny, trying to save this, because I don't want to have to go against you.

Sonny: I don't want to have to go against you, either, so let's work this out right now. Do you want to work it out?

Sonny: Yeah, go ahead and land the shipment. Pier 17.

Jason: You would challenge me like that? Today of all days. Or don't you even remember?

Father Coates: The couple will now exchange the rings.

Matt: Um --

Patrick: Are you kidding me?

Matt: I -- I -- got you.


Father Coates: Bless this ring and this union in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Patrick: Accept this ring as a symbol of my eternal love and commitment.

Father Coates: Bless this ring and this union in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Robin: Accept this ring as a symbol of my eternal love and commitment.

Father Coates: By the power vested in me by the Lord, our God, Jesus Christ, and the State of New York, I now pronounce you man and wife. What God has brought together, let no man pull apart. Please kiss your bride.

[Wedding March]


Anna: I saw you out there all teary-eyed.

Robert: No, that's your perfume. It makes my eyes water.

Anna: No, it doesn’t.

Robert: How would you know? Okay, yeah, I got a little emotional. I mean, as the father of the bride, I think I'm allowed that. And come on, nobody can ever accuse us of being traditional parents.

Anna: No, I think it's sweet.

Robert: God knows, we made a few mistakes, but I guess we got something right.

Anna: Something major.

Robert: What's up?

Anna: Nothing. [Sobbing] I can't believe she's married, and my heart is really full.

Luke: You two look like you could use a pick-me-up.

Robert: Perfect timing. Thanks.

Anna: Thank you. You should know that.

Maxie: You know, I hate to judge, but seriously, couldn't Jason have canceled the crime wave for one day to be here with Robin?

Spinelli: Stone Cold was just trying to stay free of bringing any inadvertent disruption --

Maxie: Well, what about Robin's good friend, Elizabeth?

Mac: I think Elizabeth went on vacation with her kids and Audrey, and they didn't get back in time.

Maxie: Well, that sounds like a convenient excuse to me.

Mac: That's because you're always willing to think the worst of Elizabeth. Why don't you just put it down for the day and celebrate?

Spinelli: I think the paternal one made some excellent suggestions.

Maxie: You're right, Spinelli. Only happy thoughts from me today.


[Knock on door]

Sam: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Sam: You're probably about the last person I expected to see.

Jax: Yeah, is it a bad time?

Sam: No, sorry, come in.

Jax: Thanks. Well, this is a nice place you got here.

Sam: Thank you. I like it. Okay, no offense -- why are you here?

Jax: You were the last person to see my brother alive. I was hoping that you could fill in some of the blanks, what he did to you and how certain you are that he is really dead.

Sonny: You think I don't know it's my son's birthday? That I don't think about him every day of my life? First thing in the morning, last thing at night, you think I don't agonize over the life he got? I don't need you to remind me of the guilt that I carry every day of my life.

Jason: This is not me giving an inch, but in Michael's memory and out of respect for how much he loved you, I'm not going to stop the shipment. But if it happens again, I will stop the shipment, and I will be prepared to do what I need to do.

[Door closing]

Lainey: The only person you had bamboozled was yourself.

Robin: Well, it's easy to be brilliant in hindsight.

Kelly: We saw through you from the beginning, right?

Lainey: Yes, all that hate for Patrick was just true love screaming to get out.

Patrick: I totally agree. I saw it too.

Robin: Oh, you're just in denial.

Lainey: Aw, you seem to like him just fine now.

Kelly: Yeah.

Robin: He's the love of my life, and he's my husband.


Patrick: You know you've done it now.

Maxie: They make a beautiful couple, don't they?

Spinelli: Indeed they do.

Maxie: Robin really has everything -- a brilliant career, a neurosurgeon for a husband, a beautiful baby. I don't know whether to hug her or poison her champagne.

Spinelli: Are these things that fair Maximista wishes for herself in her secret heart of hearts?

Maxie: Not since I was, like, six. Girls like me, we don't partake in the typical American dream. We make our own kind of happiness -- compromise, improvise, settle -- story of my life.

Patrick: Ah, that's our song, Mrs. Drake.

Robin: Okay.



Robin: Okay, everybody, now it's your turn. Join us on the dance floor.

Robin: It's going well, isn't it?

Patrick: Perfect day.

Robin: Okay, so according to the instructions from Maxie, we're supposed to dance with the parents now.

Patrick: But what if I don't want to let you go?

Robin: You have me to hold for the rest of your life. Daddy? May I have this dance?

Robert: I would be honored.

Patrick: So, are you having fun?

Anna: Yeah, I am. This is probably the happiest day of my life, or one of them. I'm very glad you found my daughter. And I trust you with her heart. All right?

Patrick: That's a long time coming. I'm honored. I'll never do anything to dishonor that trust. It means everything.

Matt: So, can I have this dance?

Maxie: You want me to dance with you?

Matt: Well, I felt bad. No one else was asking.

Maxie: Fine, but just one. Spinelli, will you hold this?

Spinelli: Uh --

Matt: So, you did a good job putting this whole thing together.

Maxie: Thank you. It was fun. I'm actually kind of good at this stuff -- decorating, planning, organizing.

Matt: What's the word with Spinelli?

Maxie: Excuse me?

Matt: You're always hanging out with him.

Maxie: Spinelli's my friend.

Matt: It's kind of weird.

Maxie: You don't even know Spinelli, and I'm not going to listen to you put him down. So either shut up, or find somebody else to dance with.

Matt: No, this is me shutting up.

Robert: So, how does it feel?

Robin: Good, good. Amazing. A little scary. I mean, how often do you get to have every single thing you've ever wanted in your life?

Robert: Well, now you have to worry about hanging on to it. Take a lesson from your mother and I -- don't assume making a family doesn't require your constant presence. Don't do what we did.

Robin: Okay. But just for the record, I don't blame you guys for anything. I am completely responsible for my own happiness. Do you know what that means?

Robert: Hmm?

Robin: Today, you and Mom are officially off the hook. And I have one thing to say. Good job.

Robert: Hey!

Sam: And then Jerry, he started to feel cornered. He had mob elements on one side, you, Alexis, and his humanity on the other. I think he was running out of room to maneuver. Something was going to blow up in his face sooner rather than later. So he decided to double-cross the Russians and bring down this drug shipment, and he was going to fake his own death. And, of course, bail, leaving behind my corpse and a lot of dirty money.

Jax: Right, in the hopes that law enforcement would believe that he died in the explosion.

Sam: Ingenious, your brother.

Jax: So he could have pulled it off.

Sam: What?

Jax: He could have successfully faked his own death and got away.

Sam: No, I don't think so. I really don't think so. As Jason and I were getting out of the cabin, he was tangled up in this fishing net. Jax, we literally jumped off the boat just as it exploded. I do not think that he survived.

Jax: Yeah, you're probably right. I'm very sorry for what my brother put you through.

Sam: No, wait a minute. I am no innocent victim, here. I chose to go undercover. I chose to go after the drug ring and bring your brother down. I put myself in his path.

Jax: All the same, I'm sorry for what he did.

Sam: Jax? For what it's worth, your brother never spoke of you with anything but love.

Jax: Thank you.

Robin: So, I -- I hope you didn't feel upstaged by my dad walking me down the aisle.

Mac: I felt ready to burst from pride and happiness, like I feel now. Look at you. You know, when I look at you, I see more than you smiling because it's your wedding day. I see that little girl who thought her parents were gone. And I see that bigger little girl who got picked up for speeding, drinking, and driving without a license in Sonny Corinthos' car.

Robin: I don't remember.

Mac: Yeah, that's what they all say. I see your high school graduation and when you left for college. And I see you giving all those courageous speeches at the Nurse's Ball. And I am just so grateful that I got to live through all of that with you.

Robin: I love you so much, Uncle Mac.

Mac: I love you, too.

Robin: Excuse me, could I have my husband back?

Maxie: Yes, there you go.

Robin: Thank you. Hello, husband.

Patrick: Hello, wife.

Robin: I don't think I'll ever get used to that.

Robert: Okay. Time for the father of the bride to get up and make a speech. Find him.

(Upbeat music playing)

Robert: So to my daughter and her husband, I salute you. Robin, you have grown into a beautiful young woman, also smart and very capable. Patrick, I applaud your choice of my daughter to spend the rest of your life with. I also applaud the fact that you see in her those qualities which will only enhance your own. You are, without question, a very handsome couple about to embark on a wonderful journey. That journey will along the way provide you with a lot of challenges. But stay the course, because those challenges will create an understanding and trust that is its own reward. Robin and Patrick.

Anna: Can I add to that? I just want to add to that. Oh, yeah, great, thank you.

Robert: Uh, right. Well, I'll just sit here and cede the floor to you.

Anna: All right, so I want to give a little list of don'ts. Don't keep secrets or tell lies for the good of the other person, because that's just insulting and sort of condescending. And this is a cliché, but it's actually pretty useful -- don't go to bed angry, because it's just worse in the morning, all right? And always listen and empathize with the other person, even if you do think that your partner is an idiot. And then, um, always think the best of each other, and learn to forgive everything. My darling daughter and her husband, Patrick. Robin and Patrick.

Robin: Cheers.

Edward: Luke, I demand that you put an end to this intolerable stalemate and convince Tracy to allow you to move back into the house. She's running us ragged.

Luke: Well, I'm doing what I can, Edward.

Edward: Well, but fake heart attacks won't do the trick. I've tried it dozens of times. The only way to solve this hellish problem is with romance.

Luke: Edward Quartermaine, advocating hearts and flowers?

Edward: Believe me; I know what I'm talking about. Lila gave me the boot dozens of times. You see, you have to grow. Preferably with a large, fat, diamond something in your hand. And you have to make us believe that you mean it, hmm?

Robin: Yeah, you cut it, because don't think I'm any good at that.

Young Robin: Do you love Mommy?

Robert: Your mother and I loved each other very much before you were born. That makes you very special.

Anna: A love child.

Young Robin: What's a love child?

Anna: It's, uh -- it is a child born out of love, and it just means that she'll be surrounded by love for all her life.

Young Robin: Always?

Robert: Always.

Young Robin: Promise you'll love me forever?

Robert: Forever.

Anna: Promise.

Robert: Yep.

Young Robin: Okay, I'll forgive you. But don't ever do that again.

Robert: Do you remember the night we told Robin she was our daughter?

Anna: Oh, my God, I was just thinking about that.

Robert: You were?

Anna: Yeah. It seems like yesterday, doesn't it?

Robert: And a million years.

Anna: Doesn't it blow your mind that that beautiful young woman standing there was conceived out of our love for each other?

Robert: It still ranks as the greatest love of all.

Maxie: Okay, everybody, it's time for cake.

Robin: Okay, if you smash cake in my face, this will be the shortest marriage on record.

Patrick: Now, would I do such a thing?

Robin: Whatever you want to do, just know that whatever you do, you're going to get it right back.

Patrick: Okay, yeah. We'll do it at the same time.

Robin: At the same time?

Patrick: You ready? Same time.

Anna: Come on, trust, Robin. Trust, trust, trust.

Patrick: What's that?

Robin: It's a little bite.

Patrick: It's a little small. Come on.


Sonny: I realize permission to see Morgan doesn't translate into Michael. And I want you to know that I wasn't going behind your back or trying to take advantage, I -- I just wanted to see him on his birthday.

Carly: It's okay. Mike would want you here. So, you know what I was thinking about on the way here?

Sonny: Yeah, what?

Carly: I was thinking about that birthday party that I threw Michael at the Metro Court. Do you remember that?

Sonny: Oh, you mean the splashiest, biggest party any kid in Port Charles had ever seen?

Carly: I went out and I bought him every gift and toy I could find, literally. And you walked in with an ATV.

Sonny: Game changer.

Carly: Oh, you're so competitive.

Sonny: Look who's talking. I'll tell you what, he loved riding that thing.

Carly: He loved that it came from you. He loves you so much, Sonny, and it's well deserved, because you are a terrific father.

Sonny: Thanks for saying that. You know, I just -- I just forget sometimes all the good times, you know? But, uh, this -- this trumps everything. I'm just so sorry, you know?

Carly: You don't have to keep saying that.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, but if sorry -- I know it's not enough, but I just --

Carly: Maybe it is. Maybe "I'm sorry" is all we've got, you know? We're not perfect. We make mistakes, and we don't expect those mistakes to blow back on the people we care about, but sometimes they do. There's nothing we can do to change what happened. All we can do is say "I'm sorry." That's my gift to Michael, you know -- I forgive you. He'd want me to forgive you. He'd want you to forgive me.

Sonny: I do.

Carly: He'd want you to forgive yourself.

Sonny: I'll forgive you. But the other part, it's going to take a while.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hey, got your message. What about a call?

Sam: Well, Agent Rayner, he called claiming that he was following up on a roadhouse shooting. But that doesn't make any sense, since he told us the case was closed.

Jason: Yeah, well, Rayner approached me, too, and he offered me blanket immunity in exchange for information.

Sam: On Sonny?

Jason: And everybody else. And I turned him down.

Sam: Well, of course you did, Jason. Which explains why he was asking so many questions about you. But don't worry, because I didn't tell him anything, and I really wasn't alarmed until he started asking questions about Spinelli.

Jason: Spinelli? What did he want to know about Spinelli?

Sam: Mostly general stuff. And I -- I didn't tell him anything. I just -- it kind of bothers me, knowing that Spinelli is now on the FBI radar.

Jason: Yeah, it bothers me, too.



Spinelli: Dance with me.

Maxie: What took you so long?

Spinelli: The way you wear your hat the way you sip your tea the memory of all that no, no, they can't take that away from me. The way your smile just beams the way you sing off key the way you haunt my dreams no, no, they can't take that away from me. We never, ever meet again on that bumpy road to love but I'll always, always keep the memory of the way you hold your knife the way we danced 'til three the way you changed my life oh, no, they can't take that away from me no, you can't take that away from me

Maxie: Spinelli. Spinelli. Spinelli, do you want to dance with me?

Spinelli: Oh!


["Wedding March" plays]

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