GH Transcript Tuesday 12/16/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/16/08


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Lulu: What are you doing here?

Spinelli: Was I not expected?

Lulu: Then, who --

Spinelli: I sense an unsettling undercurrent. Did I commit some sort of faux-pas that I was unaware of?

Lulu: We thought that you were here -- in there, with Maxie.

Maxie: Oh, yes. Ah, a little harder. Oh!

[Maxie giggles]

Spinelli: The picture is becoming alarmingly clear. Since I am undoubtedly here, in the living room, then Maximista is in her bedroom... having carnal knowledge of... who?

Sam: Come on.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah? Hello?

Sasha: You're a constant thorn in my side, Ms. McCall. It's time to extract you.

[Knock on door]

Diane: I want you to tell me every word that FBI agent -- uh, what's his name? What's his name?

Jason: Rayner.

Diane: Rayner. What did agent Rayner say?

Jason: How about we just jump to the important part?

Diane: Okay.

Jason: I can have blanket immunity if I give up Sonny.

Claudia: We shared a couple of meals. We had a couple of kisses. I mean, I think our marriage of convenience is going fine. Can I have my mail now?

Sonny: Not until I convince you that I want this partnership to be real. How do I do that?

Claudia: Well, if "real" to you means sex, then, you know, to be honest with you, I don't really want to go to bed with you one night and then wake up the next day and realize you were using me.

Luke: Mr. Jacks. What brings you to the struggling side of town?

Jax: I heard you were re-opening the Haunted Star. I guess I was misinformed.

Luke: Well, don't go away angry. I'm sure I can accommodate you. You are my favorite customer.

Jax: Really? Would that be because of my charm or my bottomless bank account?

Luke: Your cash flow run amok certainly goes a long way in the direction of --

Jax: I'm sure it does. I actually miss this place.

Luke: We do provide a public service, don't we?

Jax: Yes, we certainly do. If you need some help, you know, getting the place up and running, you let me know.

Luke: I will. I may be ready to talk to you about that soon, actually. But not at the moment. Right now, I'm a little involved, dealing with my extremely pissed off wife.

Jax: I'm sorry, I don't follow.

Luke: Well, it's a long, gruesome story. But, basically, I'm trying to convince Tracy that I'm suicidal.

Jax: Oh.

Luke: It's all part of getting her back.

Jax: By tricking her?

Luke: Right.

Jax: But it's really an act of love. Even though you're lying like a rug, you're doing it out of the goodness of your heart.

Luke: Super. Succinct. Summing up.

Jax: That must be a Spencer thing, because you sound like Carly.

Maxie: Yes! Yes! Oh, don't stop. Yes! Oh.

[Maxie giggles]

Spinelli: The Jackal had not realized that -- uh, the relationship I enjoy with Maximista is of a most platonic nature. Still, I --

Lulu: This is beyond outrageous. You guys know what she's doing, right? I mean, she's trying to prove a point. Namely, that if Johnny and I can have sex on the other side of a thin wall, so can she. But, who she's with, I mean, who knows? It could be some model, Federico, or some homeless guy she pulled off the street.

Maxie: Oh!

Spinelli: This is far too painful for me. I'm just going to go.

Lulu: No, no, no. No, you are not going anywhere. Maxie is being bitchy and mean and she's going to face the consequences. Come on.

Maxie: Yes! Yes! Oh! Woo! Oh, yes! Oh! That's good! Oh, yes.

Spinelli: Maximista?

Maxie: Oh!

Lulu: Maxie.

Maxie: Ah -- huh?

Lulu: Having fun with yourself?

Claudia: I know why you kissed me before. It was a manipulation.

Sonny: Oh. Is kissing off limits?

Claudia: Not necessarily. I like kissing you, but it's not going to get you what you want.

Sonny: Well, see, this is good, talking about stuff. You know, making our, you know, positions clear and all that thing, because I -- I -- I want to be considerate. I want us to get along on a day-to-day basis so we can, you know, grow in our partnership. But I'm not going to lie to you. I haven't automatically grown feelings for you because we've been married a couple of days. I mean, it is a complicated relationship and we didn't start out well.

Claudia: That's an understatement.

Sonny: But, I've got to tell you, there's some progress because I don't hate you with a passion anymore and I want to break down those walls so I can get to know you. But that's as far as it goes at the moment.

Claudia: That's pretty far.

Sonny: Okay.

Claudia: And I have to say that I'm grateful, but, I mean, you're going to have to give me some time to not see this as some kind of trap.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, I get that.

Claudia: Do you? I mean, do you understand?

Sonny: Yeah, I understand.

Claudia: Because the main reason that I was so opposed to marrying you in the first place is that I hate the idea of being bonded for life to somebody who despises me. I mean, if I wanted to be treated like a joke and a whore, I could have stayed at home with my father.

Sonny: No, no, my intention is to treat you... as an equal.

Claudia: Well, I like the goal. But you are going to have to be patient with me. I can't just out of the box believe that you're sincere.

Diane: It's no happy accident that Agent Rayner came to you alone and off the record. It gives him deniability. It's your word against his that the meeting ever took place. Let's be realistic. Who are the authorities going to believe, a clean-cut government civil servant or you? Look, I have no doubt that it was a legitimate reaching out. The feds want your cooperation, which means you have landed in a rather unique position, Jason. Blanket immunity?

Jason: Across the board, yeah.

[Diane chuckles]

Diane: Well, that's quite an offer, considering the laundry list of crimes you've put your stamp on.

Jason: And all I have to do in exchange is provide information on Sonny and the Zaccharas.

Diane: An argument exists that it's the right thing to do.

Jason: Not where I live.

Diane: Okay, Jason, just -- just consider it. You give the feds the information they need to bring down Sonny and the Zacchara organization, and then you are free to carry on as usual. And, Jason, that means it's your rules. No more wars. No more bloodshed. No more innocents getting caught in arbitrary lines of fire. Peace finally comes to Port Charles, and it is once again a safe and happy place to raise your children. And isn't that devoutly to be wished?

Sam: You've always struck me as a really smart woman. Why don't you do the right thing? You need to let me go. You've got to get back into your scary black van, head to the Canadian border, get on the first flight to Russia or Switzerland, wherever it is you came from.

Sasha: Why would I take such a convoluted trip if the simpler solution would be just to eliminate you?

Sam: Because if I show up dead, Jason Morgan will retaliate.

Sasha: Oh, you know, I hate to disabuse you of such an obviously fondly held notion, but Jason Morgan is desperately fighting to hold on to his territory. He doesn't have time to waste avenging old girlfriends. Bring her.

Sam: No!

[Muffled yelling]

Luke: So, what's up with you and my lovely niece these days? Still in wedded bliss?

Jax: A lot has happened since you've been gone. Carly and I are getting divorced.

Luke: Well, there's a lot of that going around.

Jax: Perhaps I should blame you.

Luke: Me?

Jax: Well, I imagine you probably can't remember, with all the scams that you've run. I'll be happy do refresh your memory. Carly divorces Alcazar, she gets let out of Shadybrook, and you facilitate her buying into the Metro Court. Remember that?

Luke: Facilitated? No, no, no, I blackmailed her. Jax, that's blood under the bridge. Let it go. You don't strike me as a grudge holder.

Jax: I'm conflicted. I don't know whether to thank you or to hold a grudge. And you bringing Carly back into my orbit was either the worst thing or the best thing that ever happened to me, depends on what day you ask.

Luke: I know that feeling.

Jax: Yes, I imagine you do, being married to Tracy. So, I won't hold a grudge. I'll consider you a fellow casualty in the emotional wars.

Luke: Sounds like you're packing your bags.

Jax: Trying again with Carly is the ultimate bridge to nowhere. It's a waste of time. Life's too short for that.

Olivia: I was hoping to pick up a card game. Looks like you've closed.

Luke: No, I can always re-open for a beautiful woman.

Olivia: Can I get a shovel with that?

Luke: Pick a table at your peril.

Olivia: You think you can take my money?

Luke: There is certainly that possibility.

Olivia: We'll see. You in?

Jax: Sure, why not?

Luke: Well, great. Lambs to the slaughter.

Lulu: Wow, Maxie, that was some performance.

Johnny: I'll say.

Maxie: Thanks, Johnny. What did you think?

Spinelli: Uh --

Lulu: Wow, Maxie, how insensitive are you?

Maxie: Of your delicate sensibilities? Please. I was trying to make a point. It's no fun listening to other people have noisy sex. So you and Johnny better keep it down and I'll do the same. And what about Spinelli?

Spinelli: What?

Lulu: Wow, if you don't know already, then you're more hopeless than I thought. Our dinner is getting cold.

Maxie: Well, it's official. Living with Lulu is going to be a complete disaster. Did you see that dumb look she gave me? "Who, me? Noisy sex?" I mean, please, she wasn't even getting where I was coming from. You know, she used to have practically a whole wing to herself at the Quartermaine house. What a waste. Why are you looking at me like that?

Spinelli: Um, the Jackal could not help but notice the vast difference in Maximista's demeanor from just now compared to how she reacted that memorable occasion when she had biblical knowledge of the Jackal.

Maxie: English, please.

Spinelli: You did not -- you did not take your pleasure so vociferously with me as you did with that wall.

Maxie: Silly. That's because I faked it.

Spinelli: Faked it? With me or the wall?

Claudia: I didn't think that you saw this, us, as a long-term situation. Sony: Why else would I bother?

Claudia: Um, because you could have married me, used the Zacchara resources to go after the Russians and then dumped us all.

Sonny: Good thinking. Why didn't I think of that?

Claudia: Yeah, you probably did. Matter of fact, it might still be your strategy. But I doubt it. I think you're a lot more forward-thinking and forward-looking than I ever gave you any credit for. I mean, for instance, you know the Russians are a temporary problem. They're nothing for you to get upset about. You can leave them to Jason. Let him take care of them while you go after his territory. It's smart. It's very clean.

Sonny: Yeah, I like that. You know, it's amazing that it's like the way you think, it's like the way I think. Not too many women are like that, you know?

Claudia: Yeah, that's because you always go out with the girls that are lesser.

Sonny: Lesser? What does that mean, "lesser"?

Claudia: Lesser, you know, less weak, fragile, the way that you love them.

Sonny: So you think you know me well enough to make that call?

Claudia: I think you're not so hard to read after all.

Sonny: So, what have we resolved here?

Claudia: Well, I think we've resolved a lot.

Sonny: Yeah?

Claudia: Yeah, I mean, if you're serious about being the long-term head of the Zacchara organization, then it makes it a lot easier for me to believe that you're sincere about things working out between us.

Sonny: Great.

Claudia: Where are you going?

Sonny: Uh, business.

[Door opens]

Jason: I already took care of Elizabeth and Jake. They don't have to be afraid of their association with me ever again.

Diane: Having removed yourself from their lives again, I see two flaws. "A," you've done it before with no lasting success. B, your absence might not be enough to keep them safe.

Jason: What does that mean?

Diane: It means that anyone with any animosity towards you, Jason, knows about your involvement with Elizabeth. The fact that you're no longer together with her does not equate to you not caring about what happens to her or her children. Did Agent Rayner say you'd have to testify, join witness protection?

Jason: Just information.

Diane: And are you going to give it to him?

Jason: What do you think?

Diane: I think you're unbelievable. I think you're unbelievable. After everything that has happened, you are still willing to ignore what is in your best interest to protect Sonny. When is it enough, Jason?

Jason: Sonny was like a father to me. The least I owe him is my protection. In fact, I think I need to do more.

Lulu: I really hope that Maxie is not breaking poor Spinelli's heart. God, she is so obnoxious. I'm starting to think moving in with her was a very bad idea.

Johnny: I know Maxie pushes your buttons, but she has been a good friend to you. More of one than me, for example.

Lulu: What? How can you say that?

Johnny: When you were locked up in Shadybrook, she was the one who was determined to get you out of there and I was the one who was pressured by those worthless doctors to keep you in there.

Lulu: Look, I really hope that you are not still beating yourself up about this. That was a very confusing time for both of us.

Johnny: I'm just stating the facts.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: Fine, yes, you may have a point. Maxie turned out to be a lot deeper than I thought she was and she was there for me at a time when I needed her. But that does not mean that she's going to make a very good roommate.

Johnny: Okay, you're not sharing a room with Maxie. You're sharing one with me.

Lulu: Mm. Maybe we should show her what real loud sex sounds like.

Johnny: Is that a challenge or an invitation?

Lulu: Whatever works.

Spinelli: The Jackal has long suspected that his glorious night of passion with the woman of his dreams was not as equally satisfying for her, both physically and emotionally. But I've been able to --

Maxie: Spinelli, what are you babbling about? Having sex with you was totally wrong. It was probably the most selfish thing I've ever done in my life. I was needy and you were there and I used you, the one person I care about more than anyone else in the world.

Spinelli: The Jackal regrets that Maximista found the experience so regrettable.

Maxie: Only because I used you. But, the sex -- I mean, it's too bad we can't do it again because it was wonderful.

Spinelli: It was?

Maxie: Yeah. I mean, I've never experienced anything like it. You were sweet and sensitive. You made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Spinelli: I'm flattered, but I'm somewhat confused. You weren't nearly as vocal as you feigned just now.

Maxie: Oh, that's nothing to go by. I was just putting on a show for Johnny and Lulu. And I did pretty good, right? I mean, I should be, considering all the times I've acted my way to ecstasy, so to speak.

Spinelli: You mean you actually have faked it with partners in the past?

Maxie: Oh, sure. Which is another reason we won't be having sex again. I just never want to have to fake it with you.

Milo: The boss isn't home.

Claudia: Ah, but his wife is. Hi, Jason. How are you? Come in. Do you want something to drink?

Jason: No, thanks.

Claudia: Okay. You want to sit outside on the terrace? It's really pretty.

Jason: No, right here is just fine. I'll wait right here.

Claudia: Oh, okay. So, congratulations are in order. Feel free to spit those out at any time.

Jason: Congratulations.

Claudia: You know, the "man of few words" crap gets old really fast. I did want to thank you, though, because if I had married you that day when we were on our way to see the Justice of the Peace, I wouldn't have been able to marry Sonny. And, I gotta tell you, I think it might be the smartest move I ever made. Too bad it didn't turn out so well for you, huh?

Luke: And the house shows blackjack. Tough luck. Listen, if I have to call this short, it'll only be because my wife walked in and I'm supposed to be distraught at the moment.

Olivia: Right. I like the way you show it.

Jax: Yeah, Luke is scamming his wife, for the greater good.

Olivia: I see, I see.

Luke: Sonny.

Sonny: Hey.

Luke: Hi.

Sonny: Hey, how you doing?

Luke: Good.

Sonny: A little too soon for you to be out gambling, isn't it?

Olivia: What, are you my father now? I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Sonny: Well, you don't have to get so snippy.

Olivia: I'm not getting snippy. Just stay off my case, okay?

Sonny: Is it my imagination, or did you show up at my door last night looking for secret medical attention?

Olivia: Well, that was then, this is now.

Sonny: That was then, this is -- that -- that logic just hurts my head. You can leave now, Jax, because I've got to speak to Luke.

Jax: Oh, yes, I'd love to. It's probably mob business, you know. I want to get out of here before the bullets start flying, so -- can I take you home?

Olivia: Absolutely.

Luke: Don't forget your money. Stop back any time, open or closed. We never close.

Olivia: I'll take you up on that.

Luke: Well, this better be good. I was about to take Jax for a long, bumpy ride.

[Sonny chuckles]

Sonny: Ah, a lot has happened since you were away.

Luke: Yeah, I hear.

Sonny: And, uh, there's some things you need to know.

Luke: I'm listening.

Sonny: I made an alliance with the Zaccharas. I had to marry Claudia.

Luke: You married Claudia?

Sonny: It's just business.

Luke: Corinthos-Zacchara is a pretty impressive name.

[Sonny laughs]

Sonny: Well, let me tell you, I need that kind of solid base right now. Since John Zacchara bought into the Haunted Star, looks like you and I will be partners again.

Johnny: You lean any further into that hallway, you're going to fall sideways on your ass.

Lulu: I swear, if Maxie is having sex with Spinelli right now, I will tear her hair out.

Johnny: Hey, what business is it of yours if Maxie and Spinelli are having sex?

Lulu: Because it's not casual for Spinelli. Spinelli loves Maxie.

Johnny: Okay, I hate to break it to you, but real men do not object to casual sex.

Lulu: Spinelli is different. He's gentle and he's kind and he's easily hurt. And she doesn't even see how gone for her he is. I mean, she's just thinking about what Spinelli can do for her next and how Spinelli is going to get her out of the next mess that she's gotten herself into. It is just so typical of her to be sleeping with Spinelli and not think about how it affects him.

Johnny: Poor Spinelli. You're right, the object of a beautiful woman's sexual affection. My heart bleeds for him.

Lulu: You think Maxie's beautiful?

Johnny: Listen, just because I love you doesn't mean I don't have eyes in my head.

Lulu: I'm not sure that I like that.

Johnny: Okay, I hope you get over that. But hey, listen to me. Even if you are right and Maxie does have evil designs on Spinelli, what can you do about it? Did you listen to anyone when they warned you against me?

Lulu: No.

Johnny: Did the fact that everybody thought I was a walking disaster waiting to happen make you keep your distance?

Lulu: No.

Johnny: We had to figure it out for ourselves and decide to live with the consequences. Maybe Maxie and Spinelli have to do the same thing.

Maxie: This is wrong. It's all wrong.

Spinelli: What?

Maxie: Well, the furniture, the walls, everything. It's not feng shui-ed enough.

Spinelli: Does that mean that Maximista has taken the Jackal's lessons on the art of interior harmony to heart?

Maxie: Well, I tried to read some of that stuff you gave me, but it was way too technical. And who cares about smelly history, anyway? I need something that's going to help me now. We ran an article about it in "Crimson." That kind of helped. Can we move this?

Spinelli: Yes. Allow me.

Maxie: Okay, bring it over this way.

Spinelli: Okay.

Maxie: Go slowly, because I don't know where I want it.

Spinelli: Okay.

Maxie: Wait, faster than that. Come on, come on, come on.

[Both laughing]

Maxie: Shh. Too many sounds like that and Lulu will think we're messing around just to spite her.

Spinelli: Well, if that is Maximista's wish, I am sure I could find it somewhere in myself to accommodate.

Maxie: Spinelli, are you asking me to play a round of mattress tag with you? Well, I would love to. Oh, think about how nuts that would drive Lulu. But even that's not a good enough reason to use you again.

Spinelli: But I feel like I have to correct a false assumption about "being used" as you so frequently say. I -- I never felt that way. In fact, I was and I am so honored that you chose me in your hour of need.

Maxie: Spinelli, that's exactly the kind of unselfish thing I would expect you to say, because you care about me, the real me, who I am inside. I'm not just some potential hookup to you.

Jax: You okay?

Olivia: Yeah, I had a little accident. I'm not quite recovered from it.

Jax: Really? What kind of accident?

Olivia: I slipped in the shower.

Jax: Oh. Something tells me you got sucked into some mob violence, which would explain Sonny's concern.

Olivia: You don't like him, do you?

Jax: That's an understatement.

Olivia: Was that something specific or just a natural aversion?

Jax: Well, let's just say that Sonny and I found ourselves on opposite sides of mutual interests more than once.

Olivia: Yeah, I'll bet.

Jax: That and he's a career criminal who likes to paint himself as the victim, so that women fall for him. Some get hurt, some die.

Olivia: That and you're jealous because Carly still has feelings for him and you want her all to yourself.

Sonny: Kate was shot on our wedding day on the altar, right in front of my face.

Luke: My God, that's awful.

Sonny: Instead of, you know, walking out of the church husband and wife, we went out in an ambulance, blood on my hands. At first I thought it was Karpov who shot her, but it wasn’t. Eventually, he stabbed me, put weights on my ankles, and threw me in the water, left me to drown. So, I killed him and the Russian syndicate retaliated.

Luke: All over Jason, from what I hear.

Sonny: Beat up Mike, burned down Kelly’s, which whatever it costs, I will pay for all the damages.

Luke: Yeah, well, I appreciate that. My sister really wants to reopen there. Now look, Sonny, you know how I feel about mob politics, being taken care of --

Sonny: I totally, totally understand. Look, I can't speak for Jason, because he chose to do this alone. He doesn't want me back in the organization.

Luke: Because he thinks that's an open door for Zacchara.

Sonny: Anthony gave me total control of the business. I just had to marry Claudia.

Luke: Well, ha ha. I wonder who got the better part of that deal?

Sonny: Well, let me tell you something. I don't love the deal, but it does give me some power, and I just don't want to see anybody else get hurt. And you know what? It gives me access from both sides.

Luke: Right, and it also puts you in a position to find out if the Zaccharas were behind the hit on Kate.

Sonny: You know, it's like -- that's what I've always liked about you. I don't need to explain myself, because you already know the answer.

Luke: You know, conflict with Jason is inevitable at some point.

Sonny: Yeah, look, I just wanted to tell you this in person, because whatever happens with what I'm doing, I just -- I want you to know that you are under no pressure from the Zacchara organization.

Luke: Thanks. That's a relief. I've got problems of my own right now.

Claudia: Well, you've had a couple of bad weeks. Haven't you? I mean, first Sonny kills Karpov and then the Russians come after you and they torch your house and your business and your shipping yards. They go after your girlfriend's kid. By the way, you should know, the entire time that Jake was being held hostage, Sonny completely suspended all business activity, all. He didn't want to take the risk of aggravating the Russians and Jake getting hurt.

Jason: I'd expect nothing less.

Claudia: Well, he'd just taken over my family business. I mean, he was newly in power. So, his compassion could really be interpreted as weakness. He made a big sacrifice for you. It was a big risk.

Jason: I'm grateful.

Claudia: Of course, now he is going to have to step up and take the reins and lead.

Jason: You mean, against me?

Lulu: Oh, sorry. Not to sound so whiny like Maxie, but this couch is just awful. What? What is this?

Johnny: That's a new couch. It's my contribution to the household.

Lulu: Where did you get this?

Johnny: It's the deposit money that Jax refunded for the apartment.

Lulu: So, this is all the money that you have in the world?

Johnny: Yeah, well, there's my car.

Lulu: Oh my gosh, you are so cute. You've never had to economize, have you?

Johnny: Not really, no.

Lulu: Oh, well, in the real world, we usually save the cash that we make, and we don't blow it on couches. We use it for essentials like food and water.

Johnny: Okay, sounds like a good plan. Now all I need is a job.

Lulu: Well, you can look tomorrow.

Johnny: Yeah, I will. For all the good that it'll do.

Lulu: Discouraged already?

Johnny: No, I'm just realistic. Who's going to hire a guy with a high school diploma and the same last name as a feared and loathed mobster?

Lulu: People will see how smart and capable you are, and you'll be just fine.

Johnny: You wouldn't be biased, would you?

Lulu: Who, me?

Maxie: God, you guys, get a room.

Lulu: Oh, we already have one. I wouldn't mind going there. Would you?

Johnny: No.

Maxie: We have a deal.

Lulu: Yeah, Johnny and I did not agree to any deal.

Maxie: Do you want this to turn into a full blown war, because I'm ready.

Spinelli: Actually, you know what? I just forgot I have my housewarming gift.

Maxie: I like presents that look like this. You got us rocks?

Spinelli: It's a Zen garden. It promotes peace and harmony in your new environs. Perhaps we should put it in the most effective space as soon as possible.

Sonny: So, I hear you have news of your own. Laura's awake, fully recovered?

Luke: Well, fully recovered -- that's still iffy, but she is awake. She's in France, and she's being tested and treated.

Sonny: And you're here?

Luke: Yeah, I'm here with my wife who thinks she ought to be my ex-wife.

Sonny: I don't understand. What do you mean?

Luke: Well, Tracy, for reasons that are not worth going into, went to the Dominican Republic to get herself a divorce from me, but she didn't get it. But I'm not supposed to know that she didn't get it. Get it?

Sonny: Well, let me get this straight. You didn't go to France to be with Laura because you wanted to stay with Tracy, and then Tracy divorced you, or didn't, and now what do you want?

Luke: I want to stay married to my wife.

Sonny: Your wife Tracy?

Luke: Tracy is my wife, yes.

Sonny: And Laura?

Luke: Laura is, you know, she has her life. I have mine.

Sonny: It's that easy?

Luke: It's that obvious, pal. You know, you can't live in the past.

Sonny: Right.

Luke: And you can't get back something that you lost a long time ago.

Sonny: You know what? That's good advice. I wish you luck.

Luke: You, too.

Sonny: Anything goes on around here, you know, call me.

Luke: I appreciate that.

Tracy: Is Luke here?

Sonny: Yeah.

Luke: Wife? Well, you're back to see the final binge? Come closer.

Claudia: I don't know when Sonny's going to be back. It could be hours. Do you want me to have him call you?

Jason: No, it's better if we talk in person.

Claudia: Well, if you're here to make peace, I have to tell you that it's a little bit late. Sonny is the acting head of the Zacchara organization. So, I seriously doubt he's going to stop something that's already in motion because you've decided to make nice.

Jason: So, tell me this, Claudia, do you speak for Sonny now?

Claudia: No, I'm just giving you my input.

Jason: Yeah, your input?

Claudia: My take.

Jason: You went from hating Sonny to having the inside track pretty fast.

Claudia: Well, it turns out we're not natural enemies after all. Let's just say that we are starting to find some common ground.

Sasha: Any last words?

Sam: You're wasting an opportunity. If you want to ambush Jason, use me as bait.

Sasha: You know, we tried that with his girlfriend's kid. You saw how well that worked out. No, my way is cleaner.

Sam: Uhh!

Sasha: Get her!

Maxie: Don't forget to call ahead and make sure that the conference call between Giselle and Warren is set up as soon as Kate walks in the door. Okay, thanks.

Tracy: Look at you. You're pathetic.

Luke: I am what you made me.

Tracy: Do not make me responsible for you.

Luke: We are responsible for each other till death do us part, and that's the part that I'm working on right now.

Tracy: I don't think you should throw your phony marriage vows on the table.

Luke: They weren't phony. I meant every word of them.

Tracy: Tell it to someone who cares.

Luke: That would be you or you wouldn't be here.

Tracy: Actually, I'm here protecting my investment.

Luke: That would be me.

Tracy: I'm going to put you on notice, Luke. If you are too addle-brained to turn this place around and start making a profit, I will hire a real manager who can.

Luke: Do your worst. It doesn't matter anymore. If I'm --

Tracy: Not that old routine again.

Luke: Help -- help. Help.

Tracy: You are so faking.

[Luke groans]

Luke: No -- fake.

Tracy: Ooh. That's pretty good, almost convincing. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

Claudia: Maybe I was wrong before. Maybe it's good that you were here making the first move. I mean, if you can find a way to compromise a little bit, it's possible that you and Sonny could find a way to work together, at least stay out of each other's way, right?

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Jason: I thought we should talk, but I don't think there's anything to say.

Sonny: Well, that's your call.

Jason: Claudia told me that you held off going against the Russians while Jake was being held. I appreciate that.

Sonny: I'm glad you got him back.

Claudia: That was weird. That was really weird. He waits all this time and then he comes and he says two words to you and he takes off?

Sonny: Well, that's just -- yeah. Well, look, you know what? Jason knows that he forced me into this position. So I've got no choice. I'm going to have to move into his territory.

Claudia: What are you going to do if he fights you?


[Sam screams]

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