GH Transcript Friday 12/12/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/12/08


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Claudia: Look, don't get me wrong, I realize that this marriage is a business arrangement. You've said it so many times, I've been thinking about having a T-shirt made. I'm just looking for a way for us to peacefully co-exist, if possible.

Sonny: I just wanted us to relax. Making lunch seems to have the opposite effect.

Claudia: Well, no, you have to see it from my perspective. I mean, come on. We had sex one night, and I'm not going to lie. Physically, you kind of rocked my world. But then you treated me like a whore. And there was no place for us to go, except to hate each other. And now you're making me lunch, and we're comparing sauce recipes. I'm sorry, call me crazy, but I think you have an agenda.

Sonny: Of course, I do.

Spinelli: The blonde ones, as always, are both kind and gracious so they must not take it personally when the mob prince declines their generous invitation in the interest of standing on his own two feet.

Lulu: Don't you want to stay with me?

Lucky: So why did you pull away?

Sam: You know I hurt my hip again when I was escaping with Jake.

Lucky: If you want to go get it checked, I can take you to G.H. right away.

Sam: No, no, no, it's okay. It's just a little sensitive, that's all. But, you know, everything is going to be just fine.

Elizabeth: Why is it so important for you to tell me, in such graphic detail, how our son could have died?

Jason: Because we both need to understand why we can never see each other again. 

Johnny: Spinelli is right. I need to support myself.

Lulu: And you will, as soon as you get a job, but in the meantime, I have my own room and half of this apartment. I think it would be fun to share with you, and anyway, Maxie said that it was okay, right?

Spinelli: This very pleasant abode has limited space. Yes, two bedrooms, but one bath, which can only lead to an inadvertent violation of privacy, and in addition, the Jackal is all too aware, from personal experiences, that Maximista lacks judgment to the point of impropriety when selecting sleepwear.

Maxie: Oh, Spinelli, that's so sweet. You're jealous.

Sonny: There are a lot of ways our interests can in sync. And when they're not, you know, we can compromise. I mean, why go to war with each other?

Claudia: What I think I'm hearing you say is that you want us to trust each other.

Sonny: Trust is a big word, doesn't come easily to me. It's got to be earned.

Claudia: I know the feeling.

Sonny: I mean, you know, Anthony and I are just now getting to know each other. And Ric would double cross me in a second. So would Trevor. Johnny is out of the picture for now. I need an ally, one Zacchara on my side. I choose you because I know that you're smart enough to know that I'm going to treat you better than any of them.

Claudia: And in return, I'm supposed to trust you?

Sonny: Well, aside from Johnny, when has any of them treated you with any ounce of respect?

Claudia: You make an excellent point.

Sonny: Just think it over.

Claudia: Where are you going?

Sonny: My father's in the hospital, probably worrying into a heart attack, wondering why I married you.

Sam: So it was sort of a relief to tell the federal agent my story.

Lucky: They're not filing charges against you?

Sam: They closed the case.

Lucky: That's great. Then this is over.

Sam: No, I don't think so, Lucky. The Russians who snatched Jake, they were low-level thugs. Their bosses are definitely going to be out for blood. I guarantee you that.

Lucky: You're not going to let this go, are you?

Sam: Don't try and talk me out of it.

Elizabeth: I don't need to hear about the danger Jake and Cameron were in. I have lived it over and over in my head.

Jason: I'm sorry I let it go as far as it did.

Elizabeth: Oh, Jason, you warned me. You made it clear you wanted the relationship to end because of the danger. And I'm the one who rationalized and justified, and I came up with this ridiculous notion that if we just -- we just loved each other enough that would protect us.

Jason: I should have said no.

Elizabeth: You did. You did. I'm the one who ignored your warnings. And I ignored reality. I put my children's lives at risk because I just wanted to be with you.

Jason: We're both responsible. And now we know what we need to do.

Jason: There will be no contact with me, you, and Jake again.

Nadine: I should have gone to the funeral home. I hate the idea of Aunt Raylene being by herself in there.

Nikolas: Well, I spoke with funeral director, and he said that you can come by, whenever you feel strong enough, to make the rest of the arrangements.

Nadine: Thank you, Nikolas. You're shouldn't have to do any of this.

Nikolas: No, no, I want to help you.

Nadine: It's not like this is a surprise, you know? I knew for so long that she was dying. I prepared myself, or at least I though I had.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, I don't think you can ever prepare yourself to lose someone you love like that.

Nadine: Aunt Raylene always said that there's something to be thankful for, even in the worst of times. I'm trying. Really, I am. Maybe it's the way that she passed, you know? Smiling and peaceful. It's a blessing, isn't it?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. I know you loved her. You've been quoting her since I met you.

Nadine: Yeah.

[Nikolas laughs]

Nadine: People always say I'm just like her. That used to make me cringe.

Nikolas: Well, what little I knew of her, I can certainly see the similarities. You're honest, you stand up for what you believe in. You got a bit of a stubborn streak in you. Fine qualities, all of them.

Nadine: Yeah, they sure get us into a boatload of trouble. That's for sure.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: Sam, you nearly died. And so did Jake. Do you have any idea how crazy I was?

Sam: Yes, I know, Lucky.

Lucky: You barely got out with your life. I mean, how many times do you think you can tempt fate?

Sam: You put your life on the line every day, and you think it's just fine.

Lucky: And that's my point. You're a civilian so why don't you let the cops handle the Russians?

Sam: Are you kidding me? Look at where that got us last time. No. I know something inside me is telling me that this isn't over. I've got to listen to my instincts just like you do.

Lucky: So what do you want me to do? You want to just turn the other way while you play vigilante?

Sam: I can go places cops canít. I can learn things that cops canít.

Lucky: Then join the department.

Sam: They would never hire me with my background, and you know that. Besides, Lucky, I am not big on rules. I am way more comfortable as an independent contractor.

Lucky: You know what? I'm not going to argue about this right now. Elizabeth -- she is giving her statement, and I'm just going to go and offer my support, okay?

Sam: Okay, listen, we will talk about this over dinner, and I'm sure we can come up with something that we both agree upon.

Jason: I put $5 million into an account. The money is clean. It can't be traced.

Elizabeth: I don't want your money.

Jason: I also bought the house that you're renting. The title to the house and the money are in a trust set up for Jake and for Cam. And if anybody ever investigates, they'll find out that the trust was established by Emily to provide for your children.

Elizabeth: I can support my own children.

Jason: I will never see my son again. Jake won't have my name. And I can't be a father in any way that matters, so please just let me provide for his future.

Elizabeth: I promise I'll give those boys a good life, a safe life. I promise not to call you or try to see you. I'm sorry it took me so long to see the truth. And I'm really sorry I hurt my boys, and I hurt you out of my own selfishness.

Jason: I was selfish, too.

Maxie: Spinelli, who cares if Johnny wants to live here? Sure, Johnny and Lulu think they are some great love story for the ages, but that's got nothing to do with us. And Johnny's just going to have to learn to share one bathroom.

Spinelli: The Jackal is merely trying to point out his concerns about the crowded quarters. See, if the mob prince moves in, there won't be sufficient room for the lovely Maximista to maintain any sense of decorum for her delicate sensibilities.

Lulu: Don't worry about it, Spinelli. I have a feeling that Johnny and I will be spending a lot of time in our bedroom, which means there will be plenty of privacy where Maxie can take care of her "delicate sensibilities."

Spinelli: The Jackal is just curious as to why someone with the fortune and means of the Zacchara family at their disposal might not be able to find a more suitable abode.

Luke: The Zacchara fortune is no longer at my disposal.

Lulu: Spinelli, when Johnny left his family, he left with nothing.

Spinelli: Yes, and I respect your wise and noble decision, but can't you live somewhere else? I don't know, a monastery comes to mind. A nice, quiet place to contemplate all your many --

Lulu: Nice try, Spinelli. That's good. We're going to go check out my bedroom.

Maxie: Spinelli, it's okay. I really don't mind if Johnny lives here. Help me measure something. And, you know, considering the non-existent state of my love life, seeing Johnny shirtless could just be the highlight of my week.

Spinelli: 70 inches.

Maxie: Thank you. Yes, it could get a little crazy around here, but Johnny is smoking hot, so who cares?

Ric: Well, you're hard at work, huh?

Claudia: Catching up on some e-mail.

Ric: Business or personal?

Claudia: Private, either way.

Ric: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. Just curious how your campaign to win Sonny's trust is going.

Claudia: Is that what I'm doing?

Ric: Well, maybe trust is not the right word. Approval seems to be more appropriate.

Claudia: Ric, I don't need Sonny's approval.

Ric: Oh, maybe not as much as Daddy's, right, but we all know that Anthonyís trust is permanently unavailable so you're going to have to settle for your husbandís.

Claudia: Well, you are full of interesting insights tonight.

Ric: I don't hear you denying it.

Claudia: What would be the point? You think you have me all figured out. I don't mean to rain on your parade.

Ric: No, no, not even close, honey. You are complicated. You are contradictory. It's almost impossible to figure out your motives because I'm not even really sure if you're aware of them yourself.

Claudia: You know what I know for a fact? It was not my idea to marry Sonny.

Ric: Oh, here we go.

Claudia: It wasn't my idea, Ric, but I'm going to make damn sure that make the best of it.

Ric: Mm.

Claudia: Sonny controls the power, my entire family's organization, Ric. And one day, he will share that power with me.

Ric: Sonny married you, Claudia, as a means to an end, okay? He's not going to share his power or anything else for that matter.

Claudia: We're living in the same house, okay? That presents unique opportunities.

Ric: Oh, well, I'm sure you'll be able to get Sonny into bed, but he's not going to like you, and he's not going to believe in you. And he's definitely not going to trust you on any level for anything.

Claudia: Okay, so you think I should live in your brother's house, but remain faithful to you?

Ric: Actually, yes.

Mike: I don't know who's going to be happier with my release, me or the physical therapist.

Kate: You're being naughty, I know it.

Mike: Hey, Sonny.

Kate: Well, it never occurred to me that you might be visiting Mike at the same time I was.

Sonny: You don't have to leave.

Mike: Listen, guys, having two visitors does a lot more to lift my spirits than just one.

Kate: No, I'm sorry, Mike. I don't mean to be rude, but Sonny is married to Claudia now, and I am not going to stay and pretend that I'm okay with it.

Sonny: Kate, you know why I did it.

Kate: I know you have a convenient excuse.

Mike: Hey, listen. Guys, cool it, will you? I don't think this is a fight you want to have.

Kate: No, you're right. You're absolutely right. There is no reason to fight because Sonny was under no obligation to me when he married Claudia.

Sonny: Okay, what Kate isn't telling you is that I did it to find out who had her shot. Karpov didn't do it, right? And I got a gut feeling it's one of the Zaccharas, so I'm going to find out --

Mike: All right, Sonny, Sonny. If the Zaccharas shot at anyone in that church, why wouldn't he have fired at you?

Kate: No, Mike. Don't try to use logic. You see, Sonny wants to have his cake and eat it, too, right? He gets to marry Claudia. He gets power over the Zaccharas, and the whole time he can tell everyone that he's doing it for me.

Sonny: I am.

Kate: I don't give a damn.

Lucky: They should have already interviewed you by now.

Elizabeth: I just got finished. It was way easier than I expected. The agent was very nice.

Lucky: What's wrong?

Elizabeth: I just ran into Jason. We spoke for a few minutes. Probably the last conversation we'll ever have.

Lucky: Why would you say that?

Elizabeth: He told me how the roadhouse blew up. And proceeded, in very graphic detail, to describe how Jake would have died if Sam hadn't gotten him out of there.

Lucky: And what the hell did he think that would prove?

Elizabeth: He was making a point, and very effectively, by the way, that we shouldn't see each other anymore. After everything, I just can't justify ever being with him again. And as hard as it was for me to hear him say it, if he hadn't broken things off, I was going to.

Lulu: Huh. Well, it's not that bad. It needs a new comforter and some new pillows, maybe a hand grenade. It's not too late for you to back out now.

Johnny: No, all it needs is the Lulu touch.

Lulu: Well, it is a far cry from my Quartermaine bedroom and your penthouse. My God, what you wouldn't give for that view right now.

Johnny: That view cost me way too much. As soon as Claudia decided to marry Sonny because she thought it would be in my own best interest, I knew I wanted out.

Lulu: I'm so proud of you. I know it's not easy to walk away from your family.

Johnny: Oh, it'd be easy once I find out what I'm doing.

Lulu: Do what makes you happy.

Johnny: You make me happy.

Lulu: Mmm.

Nikolas: Hi.

Eric: Hi.

Nadine: Oh, Eric.

Eric: I came as soon as I heard.

Nadine: Oh, gosh, it's so good to see you.

Carly: You haven't returned any of my calls. Wow, I only have to take one look at you to see that there's something going on.

Carly: Jason, let me help you.

Jason: You canít.

Carly: I can listen, you know.

Jason: I can never be with Elizabeth. I can never be a father to Jake.

Carly: I thought you made that decision when Michael was shot.

Jason: I've been meeting with Elizabeth in secret. I've been lying to myself that I can make it work until the Russians went after her and her kids.

Carly: Oh, God. What happened? Jake and Elizabeth are okay, aren't they?

Jason: Yeah, they're okay.

Carly: You can talk to me.

Jason: I almost got Jake killed.

Ric: Okay, here's an idea. Instead of you playing Sonny and Sonny playing you -- instead of the two of you faking something that you're not feeling and waiting for a mutual betrayal, why don't you just take this for what it is, Claudia? A marriage of convenience, you know? You stay out of Sonny's way, I guarantee you, he's going to stay out of yours.

Claudia: I don't want to stay out of Sonny's way.

Ric: Okay, well, then I'm -- you're opening yourself up for a world of misery. And I'm not sure that I can just stand by and watch that happen.

Claudia: I'd be really sad to lose you.

Ric: Oh, but you'll live with it, right?

Claudia: What do you want me to say? What do you want me to say? I've never trusted anybody in my entire life, except my kid brother, and I'm supposed to just start with you, because we're outsiders? And we've been screwed over by our respective fathers? And we're great in bed together?

Ric: Yeah, that's exactly what I want you to say, Claudia. I want you to acknowledge that we are a lot alike. And I also want you to acknowledge that we can be good together.

Claudia: Maybe. Maybe you just want to take away your brother's wife. Even a wife he doesn't particularly want.

Ric: Okay. Well, you're going to get what you want anyway, so don't let me stand in your way.

Claudia: Ric, don't go away.

Ric: What do you expect from me, Claudia?

Claudia: I just look -- I'm complicated, okay? I'm contradictory, remember? But I am smart enough to know that you're right. We could be very, very good together. Maybe we will be as soon as I get what I want from Sonny.

Mike: Listen -- try to remember, you two. Listen, if things had gone differently, you would have been married now.

Kate: I don't know, Mike. Maybe it's a blessing that we're not, right? I mean, I didn't enjoy being shot a second time, but it was a vivid demonstration of how I don't fit in Sonny's world.

Sonny: Why are you doing this?

Kate: What? I'm sorry, is the truth uncomfortable?

Sonny: No, it's not uncomfortable, because you're the one who -- you're putting up an act right now, because you're the fashion publisher, the big deal --

Kate: No, there is no act. I am simply bowing to the inevitability that we don't fit, Sonny. Our lives don't fit.

Sonny: Okay, if you want us to be over so bad, right? Why are you so mad then? What's the big deal?

Kate: I wasted a year of my life investing in a dream that had no possibility of coming true.

Sonny: Well --

Kate: I slept with Jax. And I'm not saying it now to you to try to hurt you. I just want to be very clear.

Sonny: That's not right.

Kate: Yeah, it's not right. You married another woman, right? Right, so, I slept with another man. And now we have a definitive end to our relationship. So whatever you do now, Sonny, don't say you're doing it for me.

Spinelli: Per the Jackal's measurements, your room is less than a foot smaller than the original blonde oneís. And if you stand in just the right spot and look across the building and around a tree, you can almost see the harbor.

Maxie: Thanks, Spinelli. I totally overreacted. It's just the advertisement said there was a master bedroom, and then Lulu took it. But you're right. One foot, that's not a big deal. And I do have a better view; therefore my room is the best.

Spinelli: You see, it's just -- it's important that you embrace the move. That it's not simply a reaction to your conflict with his commissionership over our friendship.

Maxie: I do embrace it. I embrace it a ton. Look, Mac is a fun, loving, amazing person, but he had no business telling me you couldn't be my friend. And he should have known better than to give me ultimatums. It was time to for me to move out. And this place is perfect.

Johnny's voice: Oh, Lulu.

[Lulu moaning]

Maxie: Once I get used to that.

Spinelli: The Jackal will make a personal request to the mob prince and the blonde one that they are more respectful of your space.

Maxie: Spinelli, you really don't want to interrupt Johnny and Lulu having sex.

Spinelli: Sex? Are you sure?

[Johnny moaning]

[Lulu laughing]

Maxie: That's the sound of me being sure.

Spinelli: Ah. Perhaps now would be a propitious time for us to go fetch a steaming latte?

Maxie: No, no way. They're not driving me out of my brand-new home. I'm going to stay here and fix up my room. You're welcome to stay if you want.

[Johnny laughing]

Johnny's voice: Oh-ho!

[Johnny grunting]

Spinelli: I think I'm just going to return to casa de stone cold and see if he has any cyber assistance that he needs.

Johnny's voice: Yeah.

[Lulu laughing]

Eric: So good to see you, too. I'm sorry it has to be like this.

Nadine: Yeah, oh, Nikolas, come meet an old friend from high school. Eric Holt, this is Nikolas Cassadine. Eric is like this amazing attorney.

Eric: Oh, now, she's prejudiced. The ink was barely dry on my degree when Raylene knocked on my door and asked me to write up her will. Not many people would give a new lawyer a chance. She was a wonderful woman. Nikolas: Yes, yes, she was. I wish I would have gotten to know her better.

Eric: I hate to bring this up right now, but Raylene was very specific with her requests, and she insisted that the family hear her will early.

Nadine: How early?

Eric: Right after the funeral service. Vance and your cousin Bo have to be notified.

Nadine: Okay.

Eric: But you should know, Raylene left you something very important.

Mike: Sonny, Sonny, come here. Listen to me. Listen, Kate is angry. And I'm sure once she has a chance to think things through she'll --

Sonny: There's no way -- how can you make it better? It's what it is. All right, let's leave it at that. I don't want to talk about it --

Mike: But she's hurt because you married Claudia. That's the only reason she would have been with Jax.

Sonny: I drove her to it. Sleeping with him -- Jax of all people, I mean, you know what I mean? I don't feel good about it. Makes me want to punch a wall.

Mike: Okay, okay. What do you do now?

Sonny: I'm already doing it. No one's safe around here, Mike. I married Claudia for two reasons. One, to take over the Zacchara organization, right, because Jason doesn't want me involved anymore, right? Two, to find out who shot Kate.

Mike: Okay, well, you know something? Just for your information, Sonny, I'm going to have a real problem if you die in the attempt.

Sonny: I'm not going to die, mike. If I haven't died yet, ain't going to happen.

Mike: Okay, ain't going to happen. What's next? What do you do next?

Sonny: Okay, Anthony already transferred his power over to me, right? I'm getting to know his lieutenants and everybody in there. In six months, his people aren't going to remember anybody they work for, except me.

Mike: Okay, and what about Claudia? Your wife, remember her? What about her?

Sonny: Do you have to remind me? Um, Claudia wants power, right? She says it's for her brother, but I know it's for herself. She's going to try to play me, and I'm just going to play along.

Mike: Okay, but what's that going to get you?

Sonny: I'll tell you. I need to know the Zacchara secrets, because I cannot wait to find out who shot Kate.

Mike: And even if you do find out, do you really think that's going to change things with Kate?

Sonny: I'm hoping I can change her mind, but ultimately, it's Kateís decision. But I got to find out who shot her.

Jason: The place we were in was wired to blow, and I had no idea. I went in firing. The next thing I know I was lying on my back. I couldn't hear. I could barely see. All I could smell was fire. I finally made it to my feet, and I saw the building was in flames. I thought I was watching my son being burned to death. I can never let myself forget that moment. How it felt, because it erased every lie I ever told myself. Nobody is safe. Nobody.

Elizabeth: I should be grateful. I learned my lesson just this side of what could have been a tragedy.

Lucky: Jake, he came back to us safely.

Elizabeth: I feel like I've been given a second try. Somehow, God decided to let me try it again to prove that I'm not the worst mother in the world.

Lucky: You're not.

Elizabeth: I put my children's well-being second to my own.

Lucky: You invested a lot of yourself to love Jason. I agree it's the right decision to end your relationship with him, but it doesn't make it any easier.

Elizabeth: Look at you. You should be furious with me right now, because I screwed up so badly.

Lucky: And how many times have I made a mistake? How many times have you forgiven me?

Elizabeth: There's something else you should know. Jason opened up a trust fund for Jake and Cameron.

Lucky: Mob money.

Elizabeth: No, he swears it's legitimate. He set it up to make it look like it came from Emily. Lucky, it's the only thing Jason can do for Jake. I don't think it would be fair to the boys if you or I refused it.

Lucky: I wouldn't do that to them.

Elizabeth: Thanks. So, Jason will go on with his life, and the boys and I will go on with ours. I'm not quite sure how yet, but I'm sure in the morning it will all make sense.

Lucky: I know you can go on and make a great life. If you ever feel like you're going to fall, I'll be there to catch you.

Elizabeth: Thank you. Thank you for being the kind of friend you are to me and the kind of dad you are to the boys.

Lucky: Come on. Let me give you a ride home.

[Johnny and Lulu laughing]

Maxie: This is rude and inconsiderate! If you're going to be this noisy, you might as well have sex in the living room.

Lulu: Is there something wrong, Maxie?

Claudia: How's your father?

Sonny: Healing. How's Ric?

Claudia: Do the guards have orders to report to you every time I have a visitor?

Sonny: Max and Milo are responsible for my security. They know I don't trust Ric.

Claudia: You should hear what he has to say about you.

Sonny: He's mouthing off?

Claudia: It doesn't matter. You know what I realized? You and I are alike in certain ways, especially when it comes to people telling us what to do. I can't tolerate being told what to do or how to behave.

Sonny: So you're not going to be the obedient wife?

Claudia: Yeah, no chance in hell about that. But I do agree that we'll do better if we're on the same side.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, it's just not going to be easy.

Claudia: Well, someone has to make the first move.

Spinelli: Greetings. Stone Cold will be overjoyed to hear that Maximista has secured a place of residence. It's not an ideal space, as it is occupied by the original blonde one and the mob prince --

Jason: I can't hear about Maxie right now. I need information on the Russian syndicate.

Spinelli: What is the nature of this information?

Jason: I need to know how they get their money and their manpower into this country, what are their resources, and where the new base of operation is. So start with the active accounts and start working your way backwards.

Spinelli: Um, I already have a file on Karpov with some useful information.

Jason: Okay, good, start consolidating that file.

Spinelli: Okay.

Jason: Is there any more empty apartments where Maxie lives?

Spinelli: I doubt it, as it is a desirable building, but why would Stone Cold inquire?

Jason: Just might be time for you to move out.

Spinelli: The Jackal could not possibly abandon Stone Cold to the forces of evil, unless Stone Cold finds the Jackal to be a burdensome or undesirable roommate --

Jason: I don't want you to get hurt because of me.

Spinelli: If this is an expression of your affection and respect for the Jackal, my affection is returned in multiple -- in terms of danger, the only danger the Jackal finds himself in is when he goes rogue. It is of my own doing, not yours.

[Door shuts]

[Cell phone rings]

Sasha: This is Sasha. We're on our way to the rendezvous now. It may not be as easy as you think to eliminate Jason Morgan.

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