GH Transcript Thursday 12/11/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/11/08


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[Emma cries]

Robin: It kills me to see our daughter so upset and know that the reason she's miserable is because of me.

Patrick: Hey, hey, that's not true.

Robin: It is true. I mean, this is what it's like. She just cries nonstop when you're gone.

Patrick: Robin, it's not uncommon for a mother to go through phases like this.

Robin: Yeah, the baby blues. Everybody keeps telling me, but that's just a nice way of saying I am a disaster as a mother.

Patrick: Okay, stop it.

Robin: You know what? You're right. You're here now and you are great with out daughter, so I'm going to do what's best for Emma and give her a break from me.

Patrick: Robin.

Robin: I'll be back.

Claudia: I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Olivia: What?

Claudia: Your scar. I was stabbed and dumped in the harbor not that long ago, so we could compare wounds.

Olivia: Yeah, maybe some other time.

Claudia: You're strong enough to stroll through the house uninvited. I guess you're strong enough to leave.

Olivia: What do you say? Your so-called wife speak for you?

Cameron: Yay, we're home!

Lucky: Yeah, we're home.

Elizabeth: How about we thank Daddy for letting us stay? All right, well, Jake and I thank you for letting us stay at your place during this horrible nightmare.

Lucky: You don't have to thank me. I'm just glad that it's over. I'm just glad it's over and Jake's back home safely and things can go back to the way they were.

Elizabeth: No, it canít.

Sam: I guess they called you in to give a statement, too?

Jason: Yeah. Look, I'll talk to Diane. I'll get you out of this.

Sam: I think that's going to be kind of hard since I was right in the middle of everything.

Jason: Yeah, well, you shouldn't have to deal with any of the legal fallout.

Sam: I had part in what happened. It was my choice. I'll answer for the things I did.

Sonny: Claudia does not speak for me, and she knows it.

Claudia: We're still hammering out the parameters of our marriage, so maybe you'd like to fill me in. Am I allowed to express an opinion?

Sonny: Well, this is your home, so you get a say in what goes on, but you don't speak for me.

Claudia: Good, because if she's well enough to walk around here, searching through your belongings, then she's well enough to leave.

Olivia: Oh, I was looking at a photograph of your children. It was right out in the open for anyone to see.

Claudia: That we know of.

Olivia: If I got issues that I want to ask Sonny about, I got no problem asking him.

Claudia: She's well enough to leave on her own.

Olivia: You booting me out?

Sonny: No, I ain't booting you out. It's just that I agree. Look, if you do feel better, trust me, you don't want to hang around here. For your own good, you get what I'm saying? So I'm going to have a car take you over to Kateís, and that way, you know, you'll feel -- shouldn't take --

Olivia: It's right across the lawn. Now, granted, the lawn's the size of a football field, but I'm sure I can cross it on my own steam, all right?

Claudia: Oh, good, then you should have no problem finding the door on your own.

Olivia: I'm sure you're right. But before I go, I got a few things I want to get straight with Sonny.

Maxie: So the landlord is obviously a creep, but we did it. We are now lease-holding tenants of this apartment.

Lulu: Not sure there's anything to celebrate.

Maxie: What happened to "this place just needs an area rug"?

Lulu: That is not all this place needs.

Maxie: It has potential.

Lulu: After a complete overhaul, maybe.

Maxie: An approach you might consider taking with your wardrobe.

Lulu: Excuse me?

Maxie: I realize Kate didn't hire you for your creativity or imagination, so just go with me on this, okay? Look past all the superficial stuff like the color of the walls.

Lulu: The ancient furniture, the ancient plumbing, the ancient grime.

Maxie: Obviously, this place needs to be cleaned, which would be a perfect job for you because it requires no imagination whatsoever.

Lulu: You can't seriously think that I'm going to be cleaning up this place.

Maxie: You should be grateful that you have me for an interior designer.

Lulu: We don't need an interior designer.

Maxie: Are you joking?

Lulu: Okay, unless you can create some money with your great imagination, we can't afford to buy anything.

Maxie: I don't plan on being broke forever, but until we can afford to replace this stuff, we'll just have to make do with what we got. I'm going to start on my new bigger bedroom.

Lulu: Whoa, whoa, whoa, why do you get the bigger bedroom?

Maxie: Simple, because the big bedroom has a big closet, and I need it. I have better clothes.

Edward: Here, call Luke back. He only just left, and he's hardly had time to empty those bags that Alice packed for him.

Tracy: Daddy, why are you lobbying so hard for me to reconcile with Luke?

Edward: That reprobate does not deserve to breathe the same air as you, but for some unexplained reason, he makes you happy, and that's all I care about, my dear. You're my daughter, and I just don't like to see you like this.

Tracy: The stock is down. That's what all of this sudden outpouring of paternal concern is about.

Edward: Listen, while you were out chasing that deadbeat, the business went to hell.

Tracy: You had me worried, Daddy. I thought you were going soft.

Edward: Oh, no, my dear. You're the one that's going soft, in the head. First, you wanted me to have all those charges dropped against Luke so he could come back into the states, and then when you came to your senses, you went to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce, and did you get it? No.

Tracy: Luke doesn't know that.

Edward: Yes, but now he thinks that he's free to cheat on you.

Tracy: Oh, Daddy, please. Being married was never a deterrent for Luke. He always did exactly what he wanted to do, and I am sick of him having the upper hand. He thinks I wouldn't get a divorce.

Edward: Well, I don't want to belabor the point, but you didn't get a divorce.

Tracy: He's not going to find out, is he, Daddy?

Luke: Set 'em up! I'm buying a drink for the house.

Edward: Oh, my God, he's a train wreck.

Luke: Choo-choo-choo-choo --

Tracy: What are you doing?

Luke: I am drinking from the cup of life, wife. I'm sucking it dry.

Tracy: You're going to get alcohol poisoning and die.

Luke: If that is my destiny, so be it. If I cannot be Mr. Tracy Quartermaine, life holds no meaning. There is no purpose. None.

Elizabeth: The boys are just in there playing as if all is right in the world. I need to make sure it stays that way. I never want them to be in that kind of danger again.

Lucky: You don't have to convince me.

Elizabeth: Well, you have always put the boys first, even after you found out Jake wasn't yours.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I feel like he is mine, even if his biological father is --

Elizabeth: Is a man who could never be a part of their lives. But you always have been, and I hope you continue to be, because we are so blessed to have you, and I don't think you understand how grateful I am.

Lucky: I love those boys. They're my family, so stop thanking me.

Elizabeth: How about we do something fun, just the four of us? Have a little mini celebration?

Lucky: There's some Christmas decorations at the zoo, and the reindeer are all decked out, and I think even Santaís making an appearance.

Elizabeth: Perfect. The boys will love that.

Lucky: Yeah, this family could use a little bit of Christmas cheer, get us in the spirit.

[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think we could. That will be great. Hello? Speaking. Okay, I understand. Yeah, all right, thank you. Guess this nightmare's not over after all.

Jason: Is your hip still bothering you?

Sam: It's okay. I mean, all things considered, it's fine.

Jason: If you're having second thoughts about, you know, giving your statement to the feds --

Sam: No, no.

Jason: My offer still stands.

Sam: It's not that. It's just -- it's me, okay? It's every time -- I don't know, you know? We go through a situation like we did last night, and it's a high-pressure situation. You got to make split-second decisions. It's all about life and death, and in the end you're relieved -- I mean, I am -- that everything's okay. But at the same time, I kind of feel like everything feels flat now. You know, like at the end of "Wizard of Oz" when everything just goes to black and white? Of course not. You've probably never seen "The Wizard of Oz," so you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Jason: Yeah, I do.

Mac: Robin, are you okay?

Robin: Hey. Well, I would lie and say yes, but I don't have the energy. I am a total failure.

Mac: Hey, careful how you talk about my niece, now.

Robin: I just don't understand because I wanted to be a mom so badly and for so long, and I didn't even think that that was possible for me, and then when it became possible for me to get pregnant with a minimal chance of passing on H.I.V. to a child, I mean, I don't even think I believed that it could actually happen, and then it did. I mean, everything that I was, you know, afraid to hope for, and then we have Emma, and I love her more than I can even imagine, and she's just this little being, and she's so delicate and beautiful and alive, and I just want to do right by her, and I -- I canít. Everything I do is wrong.

Mac: Wait, what makes you think that?

Robin: Because she cries.

Mac: Well, babies do that.

Robin: No, Mac, she cries. She cries the second Patrick leaves and stops the second he comes home, you know, and I don't know -- I mean, I just -- I don't know if it's because I can't feed her, because of the H.I.V., or if that's just an excuse and the fact is that I'm just a terrible mom and I just suck at it and I'm just making a mess of everything.

Mac: You're not. Look, there's a learning curve to parenting. Look at me, I'm still figuring it out.

Robin: Yeah, well, Patrick isnít. He's fine, so why him and not me?

Lulu: You think that you should have the bigger bedroom because of your stupid clothes?

Maxie: Well, that's not a worry for you, and since you don't need all that extra space --

Lulu: Actually, I do. It's called having a boyfriend. Obviously, that's not a worry for you.

Maxie: That's low, rubbing it in my face that I'm not currently in a relationship. And, for the record, I won't be listening to you and Johnny go at it for hours.

Lulu: Jealous much?

Maxie: We're roommates now. We have to cohabitate. We can't be getting in each other's space.

Lulu: It's called getting headphones.

Maxie: If this is just about sex, I'm sure the small room will be plenty for you.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: What's wrong?

Lulu: I know. It's going to be Johnny.

Maxie: It's probably Spinelli. Spinelli, hey, my very first visitor.

Lulu: Our very first visitor.

Spinelli: Greetings, blond cohabitants.

Maxie: And my very best friend in the whole wide world.

Lulu: And the most honest, fair-minded person that I know.

Spinelli: The fashionistas in training are actually living here together?

Lulu: Yeah, we signed the lease.

Maxie: And you're just in time.

Spinelli: Dare I ask for what?

Lulu: Well, we need an unbiased third party to settle a little dispute.

Maxie: Yeah, should somebody have the bigger bedroom just because they're planning on having sex?

Spinelli: Uh Ė

Elizabeth: Shouldn't I have been given a little more notice that they wanted me to come down to the courthouse?

Lucky: Just don't worry about it. The federal investigator probably just had some time open up in his schedule and decided to get your statement.

Elizabeth: All right, well, thank you for staying with the boys until my grandmother gets here.

Lucky: You know, I can see you're nervous, but there's no reason to be. You did nothing wrong.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I shot and killed a man.

Lucky: Because you were protecting your boys. Nobody's going to question that. All the investigator wants is to go with the facts.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and I'm going to have to explain why Jake almost died because of me.

Lucky: Okay, you can't blame yourself.

Elizabeth: Those boys would have never been in danger, and Jake would have never been taken if I hadn't chosen to be with Jason. When I look at what I did to my children, it makes me sick. And scared. And that's why I need to just face this, so I never do it again.

Jason: During this whole thing, you stayed calm, made all the right decisions.

Sam: I am just really glad I was able to help.

Diane: Sam, good, you're here. All right, the special agent is ready to take your statements now. I would prefer that he interview you separately, but he insists.

Jason: It's going to be fine.

Diane: Jason Morgan, Sam McCall, special agent Thomas Rayner. Well -- ahem -- I will be -- I will be outside in the hallway should you have any questions or concerns.

Agent Rayner: The report reads like a wild west movie, with Russians. Five men dead in total. I've only got one question. Why shouldn't you both be charged with murder?

Luke: Spanky, you still care.

Tracy: I do care, about the rug. If you fall down and bleed on it, I'll never hear the end of it from Monica.

Luke: Oh, hey, nobody move! Step away from the liquor, young man, and nobody will get hurt.

Edward: It's my liquor.

Luke: Edward, what is your fondest wish in life? It's that I would leave this life and never darken your door again, and I'm only trying to give you your fondest wish. Now give me the bottle!

Edward: All right, I'll leave you two to work this out.

Luke: Oh, okay. All right, I'll go. I'll -- I'll just -- just give me a minute, okay? I got a lot of things I got to do anyway, you know. I got pubs to crawl and liquor stores to hold up -- I mean, patronize. Yeah, I think in a matter of weeks I could give myself liver failure or maybe a nice strong heart attack.

Tracy: Why don't you just stop this pathetic display?

Luke: Oh, you won't have to watch it much longer. It's almost over -- over.

Tracy: If you really want to have a heart attack, why don't you gorge on some artery-clogging delicacies from France? That way you could visit your one true love and kill yourself at the same time.

Luke: This has nothing to do with Laura. You pulled the rug out from under me, wife -- ex-wife. You did that, and I can't believe it, after that beautiful ceremony we had in Las Vegas. We had a laugh. I don't know what happened. You convinced me that I could love again. You -- you gave my old heart something to yearn for, something to care about. Now it's just -- it's -- oh, the hell with it. You know, just the hell with it.

Tracy: Oh. Wait a minute! There's no alcohol on your breath. You're not drunk, you're faking.

Sonny: I know how tough you are because I was there when you punched Celeste de Toroís brother, right? And he was getting fresh with you and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Olivia: Even I have my standards, okay?

Sonny: Right, right. And I wouldn't let you out of here if I didn't think you were doing much better, okay?

Olivia: I know.

Sonny: You know that, right?

Olivia: Sonny, I got stitched up by super Patrick, the wonder surgeon. If he says I'm okay, you know I'm okay.

Sonny: Just -- you just need to be more careful next time.

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: You get it?

Olivia: You know, I could say the same thing to you, Sonny, but what difference would it make? All right, you're not only surrounded by danger and treachery, now you're married to it.

Sonny: Well, you're the one who told me I was going to marry Claudia. I mean, so it shouldn't be surprise that that's what happened, right?

Olivia: Just because you're living down to my worst expectations of you doesn't mean I can't be disappointed, a little bit sad, even.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Don't be sad for me, because I know exactly what I'm doing.

Olivia: Wow. You know, the last time you said that to me, we were still dating -- I mean, if you could call it that. You were taking bigger and bigger jobs for Joe Scully, and I said to you -- I said, "You got to stop this or this is going to become your life," and you looked me in the eye and you said, "I know exactly what I'm doing." And I believed you then just like I believe you now. You know exactly what you're doing, and you know just how much this could cost you.

Agent Rayner: Why did you and Elizabeth -- Webber -- decide to take her children to a cabin out in the middle of nowhere?

Jason: I've been dating Elizabeth, and I was afraid she and her children could be potential targets.

Sam: So Elizabeth and I, we blew a tire on the way up, and while we were changing it, we noticed this black van passing by, and we didn't know it at the time, but it was the Russians. They had followed us. After we managed to shoot the second one, Elizabeth went into the bedroom to check on the boys to make sure they were out of the line of fire, and she noticed that the window was open and Jake was gone.

Jason: When I got to the cabin, Elizabeth came running out. She was hysterical. That's when Sam jumped in my car and told me they had taken Jake.

Sam: And then Jason and I tracked the Russians down to this deserted mine, and while we were searching through the tunnels in there, I found one of Jake's shoes, which was great, and then the whole place decided to cave in, and, well, we were back to square one.

Jason: So we narrowed it down to a roadhouse out near the flats, and I managed to get a look inside, and that's when I saw Jake in a back room being guarded by two armed men.

Agent Rayner: And whose decision was it to try to get the kid out on your own instead of calling the cops?

Jason and Sam: Mine.

Sam: It was the only viable plan, given the situation.

Agent Rayner: You, walking into a roadhouse full of armed Russian mobsters.

Sam: Jason knows I can handle myself.

Jason: I gave her 20 minutes.

Sam: Yes, and I went in, I chatted up one of the Russians. I told him I had to use the restroom, I slipped off into the back and there was Jake.

Jason: And I couldn't wait any longer, so I walked through the front door, I started shooting, and that's when the Russians returned fire.

Sam: And when the shooting started, I was able to grab Jake and jump out of the window

Agent Rayner: The kid was being guarded by two men. Where were they?

Sam: Well, after the shooting started, they went to see what was going on.

Jason: One of the guys I shot must have fallen and triggered the explosive device, because when that happened I was standing near the entrance, and I was thrown back by the blast.

Agent Rayner: Forensics shows that one of the men died of bullet wounds, one from a broken neck, and the two others died from the explosion. Based on your statements and the forensic evidence, it appears you two acted in defense of a minor child. And I'm prepared to close the case.

Lulu: Face it, Maxie, you're high maintenance. Tell her.

Spinelli: Well, if -- if by "high maintenance" fair Lulu means --

Maxie: Someone who has high standards for her appearance and the image she projects? Yes, I do. But we work in the fashion industry, remember?

Lulu: It's always about you, but now that we're living together you're not the only one here.

Maxie: I am focused on my career. I want to become a success. You don't even take it seriously. You're a dilla -- dilla --

Spinelli: Dilettante?

Maxie: Yes.

Lulu: You're taking her side?

Spinelli: No. Yes. No, no, okay, let the Jackal offer some useful assistance, okay? Now that the lease has been signed and the living arrangement is a fait accompli, maybe now would be the best time to establish some basic rules of coexistence. The division of cleaning chores, for example. Who will shop, will you share food, or each have your own shelf in the refrigerator or freezer? And making these decisions now can avert discord later, and I would be happy to facilitate.

Maxie: Okay. Item one, I get the big bedroom.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. Let's make it fair. We'll cut cards for it.

Maxie: Your dad owns a casino. You've probably picked up so many ways to cheat. Does this look like a stupid face?

[Knock on door]

Lulu: I got it, I got it. Hey!

Johnny: I came as soon as I got your message.

Lulu: Good. I want you to see my new place and my new room, as soon as I get it.

Luke: Okay, will you help me out? Maybe I can get out of here.

Tracy: Oh, give it up. It won't work.

Luke: The truth is, Tracy, there's not enough booze in the world to make me get over you. I'm completely at sea here, buttercup.

Tracy: Not my problem.

Luke: Could you possibly look at me? Talk to me like a real person? I'd appreciate that. I'm trying to figure out why you turned on me, why you've shut me out so completely. It couldn't be just because Laura is no longer sitting in a corner like a zombie, watching the paint peel.

Tracy: I bear no ill will to Laura.

Luke: Well, it can't be the past that I shared with her. So the only thing it could be is that I brought this on myself by telling you the truth.

Tracy: Oh, please.

Luke: No, no, it is. That's it, isn't it? I broke relationship rule number one -- never talk to your woman about another woman, and if you do, don't tell her the truth. Just lie and keep on lying. Tell her what she wants to hear. I made the mistake of being honest with you about a very complicated situation with three people who have --

Tracy: I will not be anybody's second choice.

Luke: I never said you were!

Tracy: Get out before I throw you out!

Luke: This isn't even your house.

Tracy: Fine. Go cozy up to Monica, then, because I don't want you here. You are no longer my husband. In fact, you're nothing to me. I'm done.

Luke: Done? Okay, then, I'm done. Finished. Finito. I'm going on the bender to end all benders.

Tracy: Knock yourself out.

Luke: Count on it!

Alan: I saw that.

Tracy: Shut up.

Alan: First of all, you're not really divorced from him. And second, Luke Spencer doesn't make idle threats. So why don't you just ask yourself -- how would you feel if he really drank himself to death? And how empty would your life be without him?

Max: The meeting with the Zacchara lieutenants is all set.

Sonny: Good. Where's Claudia?

Max: She went back to her apartment to get the rest of her stuff.

Sonny: When she comes back, just have her join me for lunch, will you?

Max: What, you're going to cook her lunch?

Sonny: Yeah, she's my wife.

Max: Yeah, but you can't stand her.

Sonny: Yeah, but we got off to a rough start. You know, I just want to turn things around.

Max: Why?

Sonny: "Why"? First of all, I'm living with her, and I don't want to, like, you know, have my throat sliced at night, you understand? Okay, listen to me. If Karpov didn't shoot Kate, I'm thinking one of the Zaccharas might have done it.

Max: Well, the Zaccharas have no code of honor and I wouldn't put anything past them, but what would any of them have to gain from shooting Kate?

Sonny: That's what I want Claudia to tell me. But I got to get her to trust me first.

Max: How you plan on doing that?

Sonny: By letting her think she's getting to me.

Sam: Well, that's the most I've ever heard you say to a law enforcement official, ever.

Jason: I just did what Diane asked me to do.

Sam: Well, I mean, we were Jake's best hope. I'm just -- you know, I'm glad everything kind of worked out the way it did because that might have been a very different conversation in there. There is one person who managed to slip under the radar -- the lawyer, Sasha.

Jason: Oh, if she's in the country, I'll handle her.

Sam: Not if I see her first.

Spinelli: The Jackal must respectfully decline.

Maxie: All you have to do is cut cards with Johnny.

Lulu: It's the only way Maxie's going to accept that I'm not cheating.

Maxie: You get the high card, I get the big bedroom.

Lulu: And if Johnny gets the high card, then I get the big bedroom.

Spinelli: I fear the responsibility is too great.

Johnny: You're acting like the loser's going to get kicked out on the street.

Maxie: No, they'll just be stuck in a postage stamp-sized bedroom with a closet that wouldn't hold half of my beautiful designer clothes.

Lulu: But no pressure.

Johnny: Go ahead.

Spinelli: An omen perhaps? The Jackal has picked a Jack.

Lulu: That's fine, that's fine, that's fine. I know you can do it. You're going to get something better. It's fine, it's fine. Just go.

Lulu: Yay!

Spinelli: Fair Maximista, the Jackal has failed you.

Maxie: You didn't fail me. It was just dumb luck. I guess it won't be so bad having Johnny around.

Spinelli: "Around," meaning?

Lulu: Johnny cut ties with his family.

Johnny: I moved out.

Lulu: And Jax kicked him out of his apartment that he was living with Claudia in, so --

Johnny: Not that I was going to stay, because I don't want another dime of my father's money.

Lulu: And he's got no place to go, but now that I have a gigantic bedroom with a closet for two, he can stay here as long as he wants.

Spinelli: The Jackal protests.

Robin: Oh, you didn't have to bring me popcorn. I'm not 6.

Mac: Do you feel better?

Robin: Yeah, I do.

Mac: Good. Listen, here's a parenting tip for you.

Robin: Hmm?

Mac: When in doubt, resort to bribery.

Robin: Hmm.

Mac: And hugs.

Robin: Hugs are good. You don't have to worry about me anymore. My -- my meltdown has passed.

Mac: Oh, good. Enjoy the moment, because there will be more to varying degrees. You know, you never stop wanting to do what's best for your kid, robin, but somehow you're always wondering if you're going to fall short. It's the biggest, most important job you'll ever have. And in the history of all of humanity, no one has ever done it perfectly.

Robin: Well, I think I established that I'm not going to be the first.

Mac: You're human, so is your daughter. I mean, you just learn -- both of you have to learn as you go, you know, so you just love her, do the best you can, and when something bad happens, learn to step back, okay? You'll find that there's a flipside, some unexpected gift.

Patrick: Hi.

Robin: Hi. What are you two up to?

Patrick: Oh, we were just going for a little stroll.

Robin: Uncle Mac was just talking sense into your silly, hysterical mommy.

Patrick: Emma and I think you are an amazing mom. Come here.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Hey.

Sam: Hey.

Lucky: Oh, God, I missed you so much. I'm so glad you're safe.

Diane: You and Sam both made a very favorable impression on Agent Rayner, who apparently is true to his word. So, now that the paperwork has been officially signed, you are -- you're on fire. You're on fire, Jason.

Jason: You can go now. I'll call you later.

Diane: All right. Jason, as your attorney, I'm going to strenuously advise you that now is neither the time nor the place for a heart-to-heart with Elizabeth. And I'm talking to myself. I could be on fire. Why aren't I on fire?

Jason: How is Jake?

Elizabeth: He's fine.

Jason: They called you in here to make a statement?

Elizabeth: I'm meeting Agent Rayner.

Jason: I want you to ask him to explain to you how those men died.

[Emma cries]

Patrick: So much for having the magic touch, huh?

Robin: Well, it's not time for her bottle, but we've all been thrown off schedule, so I'll go warm one up for her.

Patrick: Okay. Mom's going to get you a bottle, and while we wait, do you mind if I have this dance, Emma? Hmm?

[Patrick hums]

Claudia: What's all this?

Sonny: I told you I could cook. I felt like cooking.

Claudia: There are two place settings.

Sonny: There's two of us.

Claudia: You made me lunch?

Sonny: Yeah.

Claudia: Hmm. Wow. Sausage and peppers, panini, and is this --

Sonny: Yeah, that's tomato basil soup.

Claudia: Oh. Here you go.

Sonny: It's getting cold. You can join me or not. It's up to --

Claudia: Oh, my gosh, I'm so impressed. It's almost as good as mine.

Sonny: Really?

Claudia: Mm-hmm. Just a little hint of rosemary, and you could use a little more garlic.

Sonny: Yeah, I decided to leave it out.

Claudia: What, for me? So, really, that's just very sweet of you. You know when this soup is the best? It's really the best when you can make it with plum tomatoes from an August garden in Palermo. When I was shipped away to live with my uncle Rudy in Italy, I never thought about the kitchen and what goes on there as being something that could be relaxing before.

Sonny: Yeah, you can forget about everything, just for that time, yeah.

Claudia: It's a really nice gesture, breaking bread with someone. I'm -- I'm touched that you did this, that you even want to sit across the table from me, but what's it going to cost me?

Lucky: You know, I really wanted to be with you, but I just didn't think it was right, time to leave Elizabeth and the boys right after what Jake went through.

Sam: How is Jake?

Lucky: The doctors checked him out. He's completely, perfectly healthy and happy and content.

Sam: That's -- I mean, I thought so, that's how he seemed on the car ride home. You know, he is a remarkably calm kid.

Lucky: Jake is alive and home because of you.

Sam: Lucky, we both know that I stood by last year and watched him get kidnapped. The very least that I owe to him and Elizabeth and you and Jason was just to make sure that he was home safe.

Lucky: Nobody blames you anymore, Sam. The only thing Elizabeth and Jason are thinking right now is gratitude. And now that it's over, we can just put this all behind us and get back to us.

Elizabeth: Why do you want me to hear how those men died?

Jason: Because Jake would have died the same way. I went in firing. The Russians fired back. The odds that Jake could have been hit increased every time I pulled the trigger.

Elizabeth: But you were trying to save him.

Jason: No, I shot a Russian, and he detonated an explosive device. The room Jake was in was 10 feet from the blast point. 10 feet. Which means if Sam hadn't gotten Jake out before the explosion, our son would be dead.

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