GH Transcript Wednesday 12/10/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/10/08


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Patrick: Thank you very much for the scrambled eggs. They were delicious.

Robin: You're welcome. Aren't you impressed that I made them?

Patrick: A step up from the cereal we've had the last month.

Robin: I know. Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Drink your juice. You need the vitamin C. Flu season is coming.

Patrick: Yes, mom. You're in a good mood today.

Robin: Why shouldn't I be?

Patrick: Well, Emma had us both up last night.

Robin: I know, I know. But I am having new confidence in my mothering abilities.

Patrick: So, it went well yesterday?

Robin: Yes. You should have seen your daughter in the car, just bobbing her little head around. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Patrick: Did she?

Robin: Yeah. I mean, I know they say that babies this age don't actually smile, but I think she was smiling. And then we went to the hospital, and she was great. We went to Uncle Macís. She was great. We had a really good day.

Patrick: Good. So, you're ready for another day?

Robin: Yes. Looking forward to it.

Nikolas: Hey, you promised me a ride around the property. Let's go. I'm ready to go.

Nadine: Oh, well, you're not in your fancy English riding clothes.

Nikolas: I can manage. I'll even ride western if that's what you prefer.

Nadine: Oh, believe me, by the time we're done that's what you'll prefer as well.

Nikolas: Are you going take me to all the places you went when you were growing up?

Nadine: Sure, but it might be kind of boring.

Nikolas: Not to me it wonít.

Nadine: Okay. Yeah. We can go just as soon as I finish my chores.

Nikolas: Well, let me help you.

Nadine: Nikolas, you don't do chores.

Johnny: Hi.

Lulu: Hi. We're never going to watch a horror movie ever again.

Johnny: Why?

Lulu: Why?

Johnny: [Using a monster voice] Was there a problem?

Lulu: No, God.

[Johnny growls]

Lulu: No, that does not scare me. That does not scare me, because "A," it's day time and B, the hand was very charred in the movie.

Johnny: Well, admit it, you had fun.

Lulu: I did. I did have fun. I got to spend the whole night with you, thanks to Maxie working at "Crimson" all night.

Johnny: Remind me to thank her.

Jax: Sorry to interrupt. Home sweet home. I'm afraid I'm going to need my place back.

Jason: Okay, I want an updated search on the properties acquired by the Russians.

Spinelli: Yes, I shall eagerly oblige, but in the mean time --

Jason: Okay, I want to know about shipments, off-loadings, any activity in the harbor and on the docks.

Spinelli: Yeah, and it shall be ascertained, posthaste --

Jason: Including all warehouse activity.

Spinelli: That was understood, but may I explain --

Maxie: Morning.

Alice: Mr. Luke, what an unexpected pleasure. Welcome.

Luke: Thank you.

Edward: Hey, why aren't you in the Dominican Republic reuniting with Tracy?

Luke: She isn't here?

Edward: Don't you double talk me. You were supposed to be together.

Luke: We were. I thought I was getting through to her. You mean she isn't home yet?

Alice: You better sit down, Mr. Luke. It doesn't look like things went well for you.

Edward: He's hung over, plain and simple.

Luke: Well, I may be a little under the weather from over-imbibition.

Alice: How about a hair of the dog?

Luke: No, Alice. No hair. I will have a double margarita or -- no, make it a bloody Mary.

Edward: So, what's the last time that you saw Tracy?

Luke: Last night. We were playing cards. She's a hell of a card shark. Did you know that? Then after a drink or six, I was sort of off my game.

Edward: So you passed out?

Luke: When I came to she was gone.

Alice: She didn't leave a note, any kind of promises of endearment?

Luke: Nada.

Edward: You drunken deadbeat. You have allowed my fiend of a daughter to slip right through your fingers, and by now, she has probably found a courtroom in the Dominican Republic and has a divorce.

Robin: See? I'm getting a little bit better at this, don't you think?

Patrick: You're getting the hang of it.

Robin: You know, the baby book said that the digestive tracts of babies take weeks, sometimes months for newborns digestive tracts to develop. So, all of that crying, it could have just been Emmaís stomach and intestines completing their development.

Patrick: Well, maybe that's what it was.

Robin: There is a medical explanation for almost everything.

Patrick: Are you going to be okay by yourself?

Robin: Yeah. I'll be fine.

Patrick: Okay, I will be at the hospital and my phone is on if you need me.

Robin: Okay. If you get a chance, could you ask Epiphany to check on Mrs. Jessup? She's been receiving an experimental treatment and I just want to make sure that she's on track.

Patrick: You know, if you're missing work --

Robin: Well, I am, but I really wanted to take time off work and just me a mom. And I've been so nervous and worried up until this point, I haven't actually been able to enjoy it. So, now I can relax.

Patrick: Oh, yeah? What are you going to do today?

Robin: We'll go to the park.

Patrick: Yeah? Okay, well, have fun.

Robin: Okay.

Patrick: I'll see you later.

Robin: Bye.

Robin: Okay, Emma girl, it's just you and me. You still sleeping? Good. Okay, Mommy is going to change her clothes while you sleep. I'll be right back.

[Emma crying]

Nadine: No offense, but I can probably get through the chores more quickly on my own.

Nikolas: Sorry, it's bad manners to sit idle while the lady does all the work, and you know how I feel about my manners.

Nadine: Come on. Admit it; you've probably never done a chore in your life.

Nikolas: I've taken care of my own horses before, thank you.

Nadine: Yeah, with the groomers right by your side, ready to take over when you want to go into the house for your afternoon tea.

Nikolas: Is that still your impression of me, the rich, spoiled prince?

Nadine: No, I have to admit, for a prince, you are remarkably unspoiled, but still, I've never seen you do any manual labor of any kind.

Nikolas: Okay, fine. I admit it. I've had servants for the greater part of my life, but I'm strong, I'm coordinated, I think I'm, I don't know, reasonably intelligent. And I'm eager to learn. So, teach me. Come on.

Nadine: Well, I just don't know why you'd want to. I mean, chickens pecking at your feet, and a pig sty is just as filthy as advertised.

Nikolas: Right, all things that you've done while growing up. So, consider it part of me getting to know you better.

Nadine: I think you already know me fairly well.

Nikolas: Why are you resisting this? Are you afraid I'll show you up?

Nadine: No. Now you're pushing it.

Nikolas: Come on. I want to try. Let me help.

Nadine: What you're also not saying is "how hard can it be?"

Nikolas: No comment.

Nadine: Okay, well, be careful what you wish for.

Johnny: You want to throw me out? On what grounds?

Jax: None whatsoever, actually. It's just that you and your sister wouldn't have been my first choice of tenant. You did pay your rent on time.

Lulu: Then you can't throw him out.

Johnny: Lulu's right. My lease isn't up yet.

Jax: If you read the fine print, you'll see I have the right to revoke it at anytime. Of course, I'll refund your deposit.

Lulu: I'm sorry; I don't understand why you would want this place back. You have a whole entire hotel to live in.

Jax: Well, unfortunately, Carly lives there as well, and it is making it a little difficult. We both need some space. You see, this penthouse represented a life before Carly. So, I would like you to vacate as soon as possible.

Spinelli: Maximista's nocturnal sojourn is easily explained --

Maxie: I can tell by the blank look on your face you're not very happy about this, but you're never really happy about anything. So, I won't take it personally.

Spinelli: She had a mild contretemps with the protective --

Maxie: I'm not going to be here that long, anyway. Besides, you have a really good guest room that's not being used, so it's not like I'm inconveniencing anyone.

Spinelli: I was trying to offer gentlemanly assistance in her time of --

Maxie: Have you ever slept on that mattress? It's very comfortable. I need to look at the tag so maybe I could buy the same brand.

Spinelli: If I could get the proverbial word in edgewise, here.

Maxie: Sure, but is there fruit or yogurt I could have for breakfast?

Spinelli: Yeah, I shall scour the kitchen.

Jason: Maxie can't stay with us. You need to leave today.

Nikolas: Okay, all right. I think I can do this. I mean, everyone was a beginner at one time or another, right?

Nadine: You should have seen me when I first started.

Nikolas: Yeah, what were you like six?

Nadine: Five.

Nikolas: Exactly. That doesn't count. See, kids they just forge ahead without thinking. So, that doesn't count.

Nadine: Well, you could wait back in the house if you want.

Nikolas: No, no, no. Not a chance. I mean, the Cassadines, we're descended from Cossack warriors. We've defended provinces, stood up against enemy hordes. I'm not going to back out from this one. No way.

Nadine: Okay.

Nikolas: Just, I have one really quick question before we get started. How do you milk the cow?

Jax: Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you very much.

Johnny: My sister already moved out.

Jax: Yes, I heard she married Sonny. You know, I don't know your sister, but I doubt she'll enjoy the experience. If you can be out within a week, that would be great.

Johnny: I'll be out today. You can take possession this afternoon.

Jax: Wonderful.

Lulu: He just said that you could be here for the week.

Johnny: Why drag it out?

Lulu: Try you don't have anywhere else to go unless you're planning on moving back in with your father.

Johnny: That's not going to happen. I'll find someplace.

Jax: I'll have my office cut you a check for the deposit.

Lulu: Jax, look, I get why you're doing this. You're hurting over Carly and you figure that changing your life is going to help you move on, but I just don't think it works that way.

Jax: Well, I guess I'll find out.

Lulu: Carly loves you. You love Carly. Why can't you guys just find a middle ground and get back together?

Jax: Lulu, I appreciate what you're doing here, but Carly and I have been over this more than once. Believe me.

Lulu: Right.

Jax: I'm doing this because I have to do it. I'll have the check sent by messenger.

Lulu: It's so unfair that Jax can just waltz right in here and try and kick you out.

Johnny: I was going to have to move out eventually.

Lulu: Eventually is not now.

Johnny: Lulu, I can't afford to pay rent here.

Lulu: What are you going to do?

Johnny: I don't know. Got any ideas?

Maxie: It's not like I haven't stayed here before. You know I'm a pleasant house guest.

Spinelli: Stone Cold did not intend to be harsh.

Jason: I don't want what happened to Jake to happen to you.

Maxie: Oh, my gosh. That's probably why you're being like this, because of what you just went through with Jake. I'm sorry.

Spinelli: Yeah, but Stone Cold is being burdened with undeserved guilt. You saved little Jake.

Maxie: Yeah, that's the good news. He's okay. The danger is over.

Jason: No, it isnít.

Maxie: You don't have a problem with Spinelli staying here.

Spinelli: Actually, Stone Cold has frequently expressed concern, but I choose to remain so I can assist in providing safety for all.

Maxie: I feel safe with you, Spinelli. I feel safe with you, too. Even though you're not the warmest person --

Jason: You don't think I listen to you when you babble on about fashion, all the stuff you want to do? You're not going to be able to do any of it if you catch a bullet.

Maxie: You sound like Mac.

Jason: Mac is right. I wouldn't want my child anywhere near someone like me.

Patrick: Good morning, everyone.

Epiphany: Well, you're looking suspiciously well-rested.

Matt: You stuck Robin with baby duty last night, didn't you?

Patrick: Actually, we split it 50/50, and I got six hours last night, which is a record since Emmaís been born.

Epiphany: Well, don't get smug until she's sleeping eight hours straight.

Patrick: Well, right now I'm thankful for the little things.

Epiphany: Robin and Emma came in looking for you last night.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Nice move, Dad. Let your fiancťe and child run around looking for you. Where were you, by the way? You were at Jakeís, drinking.

Patrick: Funny. I was taking care of an outpatient, if you must know.

Matt: Oh, really? Yeah, I must, who?

Patrick: Have you ever heard of doctor-patient confidentiality, hunter?

Epiphany: Can't you two speak to each other on a level above 10-year-olds?

Patrick: Hey, it's not my fault.

Matt: Yeah, it's definitely not mine.

Epiphany: Yeah, well, back to Robin. How's she doing?

Patrick: Better, better. I think going out last night was good for them both. It helped them bond, you know? She's feeling confident. She's planning more outings. She's really started to turn a corner.

Epiphany: Good.

Alexis: I just interviewed the victims, so I'll be back in the office in about 30 minutes.

Sam: Hi. I called your office. They said you'd be here. So...

Alexis: It might be a little less awkward if you had left a message.

Sam: I know. I know, but I really thought that we needed to do this face to face.

Alexis: Are you all right?

Sam: Yeah, I'm okay.

Alexis: I heard about Jake Spencerís rescue.

Sam: Yeah, I'm just -- gosh, so much happened. I'm just grateful that he's good and safe.

Alexis: But you're not here about the rescue, are you?

Sam: No, I'm not. I'm not. I know. It's just been a really long time since we've talked, and I thought maybe there was a lot of things that we need to discuss and I'm sure you're looking for an explanation for what happened with Jerry.

Alexis: That'd be kind of good.

Sam: So, Jerry's plan was to blow up the freighter with me onboard, to cover his disappearance. Thankfully, Jason showed up in time and freed me.

Alexis: Where was Jerry the last time that you saw him?

Sam: He was tangled in some sort of fishing line. Jason and I, we jumped overboard right as the ship exploded.

Alexis: Is there any chance that he could have survived?

Sam: I just -- no. I mean, I highly doubt it. Literally we jumped off and the whole entire thing exploded.

Alexis: I am so grateful that you are all right.

Sam: Thank you. Jerry did mention you a couple of times. And for what it's worth, I really do think that he cares about you --

Alexis: There's not need for you to say any of that --

Sam: I'm just -- I'm trying. I know, but I just kind of have the feeling that's why he left. I don't think he wanted to get too involved.

Alexis: That's a lovely interpretation, but the truth is he was working me. I was working him. And there's not amount of rationalization that will make me feel any less horrible about any of this. Now, the charges against you about the drugs being in your apartment are, of course, being dropped.

Sam: Wow. Really? Thank you.

Alexis: I was never going to let him do it anyway. I have to get back to the office.

Sam: Wait. Hold up, Mom. I'm just -- I'm so -- I'm really sorry for all the pain, everything. I --

Alexis: I could have handled this a lot better myself. It really looks so much clearer in hindsight, doesn't it?

Patrick: You know, I think caring for Emma has been easier for me because my expectations were so much lower than Robinís.

Matt: Well, you anticipated that you'd suck as a father. So, any improvement is seen as a pleasant surprise.

Patrick: Wow, Epiphany, I think I was just insulted.

Matt: It doesn't mean I'm not right.

Patrick: Okay, so, for instance, when Robin and I took our first baby class, I was there fidgeting while Robin was taking notes, and for Emmaís first bath she had the notes propped up on the towel rack and she followed them line by line. Where I got in there and just kind of winged it. You know, she's trying for perfection.

Epiphany: There's no such thing. That baby is brand new to the world. She doesn't know the difference between the right way and the wrong way any more than you do.

Patrick: And I think Robin's finally getting that. And like I said, today she's in a great mood. She's happy. She's confident.

Epiphany: That girl needs to get out more. Take that baby on some walks.

Patrick: Great minds think alike, and as we speak, Robin and Emma are taking a little stroll in the park.

Robin: It's okay, sweetie. Come on. The second you stop crying, we can have our day at the park. You'll have so much fun. I promise.

[Emma crying]

Robin: Come on. You're all right. You're all right. We were getting along so well last night. I don't understand this. Maybe you want to lay down. Will you stop crying?

[Knock at door]

Robin: Oh, saved by the bell. Maybe it's someone who will make you stop crying. Okay.

Maxie: Well, Emmaís obviously having the same kind of day I am.

Robin: Well, at least you're not screaming at the top of your lungs.

Maxie: If one more thing goes wrong I will. Look, Emma, I sympathize, but I promise you my problems are worse than yours. So, if you could just take it down a notch.

[Emma stops crying]

Maxie: Oh, well, thanks for understanding. Maybe she could take a nap while I talk to you.

Robin: I don't believe it. I've been trying to quiet her down ever since Patrick left.

Maxie: Well, it's probably just random luck.

Robin: No, no. It's not. Everyone has a gift with my child except me. So, is it possible that my own baby doesn't like me?

[Cow mooing]

Nadine: You've got be firm but gentle, okay? An iron fist in a velvet glove. If you're too tentative, she'll get nervous.

Nikolas: Well, that'll make two of us.

Nadine: Stop over-thinking.

Nikolas: Yeah, okay. Let me get in there. Maybe we could start with a different chore like feeding chickens. I mean, I have this great side arm motion for throwing grain.

Nadine: I'm sure you do, but the cow needs milking.

Nikolas: Of course. Okay. All right, I'm in. Yeah, you know, maybe -- should I maybe hold my hands up? I don't want to startle old Bessie here, you know?

Nadine: It's Clara, actually, and just go for it.

Nikolas: Clara, right. Clara doesn't bite, does she?

Nadine: No, no. Except for that one time. God, she nearly took Bo's thumb right off.

Nikolas: What? You're kidding, right?

Nadine: Yeah. I'm kidding. You really are a city slicker, aren't you?

Nikolas: Well, I'm sure you meant that as a compliment.

Nadine: The highest. Now just put your hands on the cow's teets and start pulling.

Nikolas: That's funny. All right.

Nadine: Go.

[Cow mooing]

Nadine: Come on.

Nikolas: Like this?

Nadine: Yeah.

Nikolas: You know what? On second thought --

Nadine: Oh, you're not wimping out are you?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah. You're kind of beautiful when you mock me.

Nadine: Oh, admit it, you got yourself into a pickle and now you're trying to charm your way out.

Nikolas: Maybe. What?

Nadine: I know the real reason I lured you out here to the barn.

Nikolas: Let me know if it's working.

Spinelli: In mere moments, Stone Cold shall be privy to the Slavic seductress' whereabouts. Meanwhile, fair Maximista, who is unaware that you are the parental unit to little Jake, has left the premises.

Jason: I'm sorry, Spinelli. I know you wanted her to stay.

Spinelli: Yes, of course I long to be close to Maximista, but not at the risk of her fair person, and no doubt Stone Cold applies a similar rationale to that of fair Elizabeth and young Jake.

Jason: Last night Jake was a hostage, and I decided the best way to get him out was to go and shoot it.

Spinelli: Yeah, but your reasoning was undoubtedly correct. Your actions saved him.

Jason: I triggered an explosion. If Sam didn't dive out the window with Jake in her arms, he would be dead.

Edward: You know, this is a fine state of affairs. I prayed for the glorious day when Tracy would throw you to the curb like a sack of garbage. And now that --

Luke: Thank you, Alice.

Edward: And now that it's arrived, well, the future seems even dimmer than when you were sponging off of us.

Luke: Just the right kick.

Alice: It's my own special recipe.

Edward: You know, Tracy is unbearable, even on her best day. But now she is going to be pure, unadulterated torture, and it's all your fault.

Luke: I tried to stop her from divorcing me.

Edward: You got stinking drunk, and you allowed Tracy to just walk out and get a divorce. And you know what? Now we're going to be living with an angry, scolding, harridan. God.

Luke: I already miss my precious popsicle's howling insults and stinging protests.

Edward: You'll miss her money even more.

Alice: You can't give up, Mr. Luke. Ms. Tracy is a sucker for you. I mean, who isn't?

Luke: You think, Alice?

Alice: I know it.

Luke: You think I can actually win her back?

Alice: I think you can, but you just got to be subtle and tricky.

Tracy: I thought I left you face down on a barroom floor.

Luke: It was the heat. The tropical drinks, I think too much sugar from the fruit juice. Anyway, while I was out, I assume you got your divorce? Don't think this is the end, Tracy, because it isnít. We're far from the end. Far from it.

Nikolas: I told you I'd be a natural.

Nadine: Not that any actual work got done.

Nikolas: Are you complaining about my technique?

Nadine: Not a chance.

Nikolas: You know, I couldn't help but notice that you have an awful lot of cows out there. I can't imagine that Uncle Vance and cousin Bo could milk all those cows by hand. What's going on?

Nadine: Yes, that's why we have a milking machine.

Nikolas: What? So, you tricked me into almost milking a cow by hand? You had a machine? You're sneakier than I thought.

Raylene: A little hard work never hurt anyone.

Nadine: Aunt Raylene, what are you doing out of your room?

Raylene: Well, I needed a change of scenery.

Nadine: Here. You could've collapsed on your way out here.

Raylene: Oh, just because I'm terminal, doesn't mean I want to die of boredom in my room. I'd rather be here, where the action is.

Nikolas: Can I get you anything?

Raylene: Oh, you do have beautiful manners, don't you?

Nadine: Nikolas claims he's pathologically polite.

Raylene: Well, you deserve a gentleman who will treat you well, Nadine. Have you two decided on a date for your wedding?

Maxie: Emma loves you. You're her mom. Not that everybody's crazy about their mom, but she's a baby, and she's dependent on you. There's that whole survival thing going on.

Robin: Well, then why does she cry the entire time she's with me?

Maxie: All babies cry, Robin. I think you're taking it a little personally.

Robin: Yeah, maybe.

Maxie: Emma's cute and everything, but do you think we could talk about me for a minute, because my life is kind of falling apart and I have to figure it out today.

Robin: Sure, could you be more specific?

Maxie: Yes, well, I stayed at Jason's last night, but he kicked me out because it's too dangerous to be around him or blah, blah, blah.

Robin: Well, I have to say I side with him on that one.

Maxie: I was stuck for a place to stay last night after I walked out of Macís. You know me. I don't always think things through as well as I should.

Robin: Just go home. I mean, Mac will be thrilled.

Maxie: No, I can't do that. That will send the wrong message. Besides, I'm a career woman. You know, I have a job. I should be able to have my own place to live. It's just not that easy to pull it altogether in one day.

Robin: Okay, then where are you going to go?

Maxie: I don't know. I mean, my job may be glamorous, but it doesn't pay a lot. Kelly's would've been perfect, except it burned down.

Robin: Well, I mean, I would offer you to stay here, but we're kind of --

Maxie: No, no, no. I wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone. Who wants Emma waking them up every two hours, besides you and Patrick? But you are her parents.

Robin: Okay, then, what about the classifieds? I'm sure you can find something affordable there. And if you need help with the rent, I'd be happy to pitch in.

Maxie: That's okay, I can figure it out. There's tons of website rental places and -- it's okay. Emma, be nice to your mom. She's the best. And, Robin, good luck.

Robin: Thanks. You, too.

Spinelli: The Jackal's search indicates that Sasha Donev may still be in the country. There are no records of her passing through customs, crossing the border. The Russians were soundly defeated by fair Samantha and Stone Cold. So, why would she choose to remain?

Jason: She'd stay if she was ordered to stay.

Spinelli: But to what end? Surely the sinister syndicate realizes their efforts to gain ground have been crushed.

Jason: I know, but they've invested way too much to pull out right now. So that means that I would have to make it even more expensive for them to stay here.

Spinelli: And by expensive does Stone Cold mean cost in terms of --

[Knock at door]

Diane: Go upstairs and change. You have an appointment to be questioned by the federal government.

Tracy: You have the most extraordinary ability to ignore rejection. I don't know if it's ego or stupidity.

Luke: It's love, beautiful. It's pure, pure love. You hold the key to my heart.

Tracy: You made your pitch for reconciliation in the Dominican Republic. It fell on deaf ears.

Luke: Admit it; we could've had a good time in paradise.

Tracy: I do not call a ramshackle hut in a monsoon paradise. Nor do I call a drunken card game romance.

Luke: Well, we've had romance in some very unlikely places. For example, when we broke the hammock down by the boathouse.

Tracy: Please, you can stroll down memory lane all by yourself. I'm gone. I have the papers to prove it.

Luke: No, it ain't so.

Tracy: It is so. I am out of this marriage. You are out of this house.

Luke: You're going to miss me, precious.

Tracy: Alice, would you help my ex-husband pack? And please get his house keys.

Alice: Come on, Mr. Luke.

Luke: Lead on, Alice. Cupcake, if you gave me half a chance --

Tracy: Out.

Edward: You know, something is very fishy here. Why aren't you bellowing like a banshee from hell?

Tracy: Why should I? I just unloaded a dead weight. I'm happy.

Edward: No, if Luke were really gone, you would be unleashing bile and venom so that all of us would be crying out for mercy.

Tracy: See this smile? This is the smile of a free woman.

Edward: That's the smile of a woman who didn't get a divorce. You're still married to that cat, aren't you?

Tracy: I would never divorce Luke Spencer. He doesn't need to know that yet.

Nadine: I thought everybody might like some tea.

Raylene: I've embarrassed you by bringing up the wedding, haven't I?

Nadine: No, it's just those conversations we had about match making.

Raylene: I'm sorry, dear. But I don't have the time or the breath to mince words.

Nikolas: Here, careful, it's hot.

Raylene: Nikolas seems like a fine young man. I'd certainly love to see you settled and happy before I pass on.

Nikolas: Well, I'm honored that you approve of me.

Nadine: I can't do this.

Raylene: Do what?

Nadine: You always said that an ugly truth was better than a pretty lie, right? Here's the truth. Nikolas never asked me to get married to him. I was the one who thought it up to prevent him from being deported. He tried to talk me six ways from Sunday out of it.

Raylene: Well, he's not trying to talk out of it now.

Nadine: No, but it's only because he knows that it's your dying wish. But I know that what you really respect is honesty. So, here it goes. I am happy. I moved to Port Charles, and it's great. And I have some really good friends now. Life's just about as good as it could possibly be. And I'm sorry if you're disappointed that --

Raylene: Sweetheart.

Nadine: I'm not married.

Raylene: It's everything I'd hope to hear.

Nadine: Really? So you don't mind that I'm not married yet?

Raylene: Oh, not in the slightest. Though you'd be a fool to let her get away.

Maxie: Gross.

Maxie: Well, the price is right.

Lulu: Maxie?

Maxie: Why are you following me?

Lulu: I'm not following you. I'm here to look at the apartment. The super said somebody else was here.

Maxie: That would be me.

Lulu: Wow, it's nice light.

Maxie: Yes, and a nice view of the street outside.

Lulu: It's a pretty quiet neighborhood though.

Maxie: Are you kidding? The boulevard is like a block away. There's going to be tons of cars barreling down the road going 50 miles per hour every night.

Lulu: Great, then you don't want it.

Maxie: Who said that I don't?

Jason: Wire transfer go through?

Diane: It went this morning.

Jason: What about the paperwork?

Diane: Backdated and filed.

Jason: Okay, this has got to be clean, Diane, completely untraceable.

Diane: There is nothing to link you to the house or the money. Legally, everything came from Emily.

Jason: Okay, good. Now we need to set up a meeting.

Diane: Okay, if we could just table this discussion for a moment and focus on the matter at hand. You are about to be questioned by a federal agent regarding an assault on a certain roadhouse. In which you exhibited a blatant disregard for the law.

Jason: They had Jake. What do you want me to do? I had to get him out.

Diane: You could've called the police.

Jason: Come on, Diane. Call the police? I can't risk Jake getting caught in the middle of a standoff.

Diane: I'm sure you had the best of intentions, Jason. In fact, you were probably right. But let's look at this in context, shall we? The feds have been after you for God knows how many years. And now they finally have evidence that you assaulted an occupied building with guns blazing. At last count, from what I understand, from the explosion and the shootout, the body count was I think at least four men.

Jason: Okay.

Jason: So, what do you advise?

Diane: Your regular stonewalling techniques are out of the question. They will be seen as arrogance and contempt for the law. So, for once in your life, you are going to tell the authorities exactly what happened and why.

[Emma cries]

Robin: She needs to be fed.

Patrick: Okay, here we go, babe. It's okay.

[Emma stops cries]

Patrick: Hey, sweetheart. Listen to me, you have to give your mom a little bit of a break here, okay?

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: There you go.

Patrick: You know, it's the first couple of months, Robin. They're always the toughest.

Robin: Yeah, I know. We have a beautiful, healthy daughter, and we're very blessed. But this is supposed to be, you know, a magical time. And it just doesn't feel like that, because I'm a total screw-up.

Patrick: Robin, Emma loves you.

Robin: She just cries for hours when you're gone. It's beyond coincidence, so you can stop trying to cheer me up.

Patrick: Okay, well, if I can't, maybe a present that I got there for you will --

Robin: No, a present isn't going to fix this, okay? We need to hire a baby nurse and just face the awful truth. I am a terrible mother.

Nadine: You are just about the sweetest man alive, you know that?

Nikolas: Oh, I think that's pushing it a little bit.

Nadine: No, you were ready to marry me just to please Aunt Raylene. I mean, how generous is that?

Nikolas: Well, it wouldn't have been a terrible hardship.

Nadine: I was so determined to save you from deportation that I almost bullied you into a wedding.

Nikolas: No, you mean a lot to me, okay? So, why don't we leave it like this? We won't get married now, but in the future, if you feel the need to marry me for any reason, you just let me know.

Nadine: Well, that's very kind, but I'm only going to get married for love. And if that never comes along, then that's okay. I'll still have a really great life anyway. Right, Aunt Raylene? Aunt Raylene?

Nadine: She's gone.

Maxie: I moved out on Mac, and I need a place to live starting today.

Lulu: So do I.

Maxie: Well, why don't you move in with your boyfriend? You guys practically live together any --

Lulu: Johnny lost his lease. And he doesn't have any money now that he left his family business. I can't live with the Quartermaines. They freak out every time I bring Johnny over.

Maxie: Well, move in with Lucky, because this is the cheapest apartment within walking distance to work.

Lulu: Eight blocks, too far to walk in spiked heels.

Maxie: For you, not for me.

Lulu: I want this place.

Maxie: I want this place. And you owe me for taking the blame when you told Carly about Kateís dress.

Lulu: I'm very grateful for that, but I am not grateful enough to give you this.

Maxie: Finder's keepers or something like that. Oh, God, this furniture is disgusting.

Lulu: And the closet space is going to be really small. You're going to be pretty miserable here.

Maxie: No, this place has good bones, just needs a little paint.

Lulu: And a new area rug.

Maxie: Well, there's a furniture outlet around the corner.

Lulu: There are, you know, two bedrooms here. I guess we could both live here.

Maxie: You mean, work and live together?

Lulu: Half the rent.

Maxie: And half the price of fixing this place up.

Lulu: So, is it a deal?

Maxie: Fine, we could share this apartment together.

Lulu: Great.

Maxie: Great.

Diane: I'm going to go in and have a preliminary meeting with the federal agent. You just sit right there and don't shoot anyone.

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