GH Transcript Monday 12/8/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/8/08


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Singer: You stumbled on my hunting ground too bad, really you were such a lovely thing till I found out your secret run away now taste my last kiss my silent ember take one last look and beg for mercy taste my last kiss my silent ember take one last look and beg for mercy

Singer: Don't try dishing out more lies 'cause I'm serious

Singer: Wandered into open season and I'm gone and furious run away now taste my last kiss my silent ember take one last look and beg for mercy sometimes I can't help wondering how I might wear your apology but that's no fun run away now


Singer: Taste my last kiss my silent ember take one last look and beg for mercy

Jason: Jake!

Jason: Jake!

Carly: Kate, please join us. You're not that late. And after all, you are throwing this party for yourself.

Gwyneth: Kate, it's been too, too long.

Maxie: Tell me that you did not.

Lulu: Not what?

Gwyneth: It must be an awful moment and I can empathize. I almost showed up in a duplicate dress once. Granted, I didn't and I wasn't late or alone. But I was very nearly mortified so I know exactly how you feel.

Kate: Yes, someone sabotaged the elevator.

Gwyneth: You didn't get stuck.

Kate: That's why I was late.

Gwyneth: It's been quite a year for you, hasn't it? As I understand it, you've been shot twice and still not married. But don't worry. You're among friends, and the dress looks almost as spectacular on you as it does on Carly.

Kate: Well, thank you, Gwyneth. And I'm sorry about the late notice for the party. Next time, I'll give you more time to prepare and find something attractive to wear.

Jax: Kate, you look absolutely beautiful.

Kate: Thank you. Do you think anyone would notice if I shoved Carly down the stairs?

Jax: Yes, probably. Everyone, I would like to welcome Kate Howard, creator and editor-in-chief of "CrimsonĒ magazine, back in her rightful place.


Sonny: It's time to set the ground rules for this marriage.

Elizabeth: I wasted so much time in this studio.

Lucky: Why are you tearing your paintings apart?

Elizabeth: Because it's just one more dream I couldn't hold on to, in a studio that I can't afford, and wasting time that I don't have. It's selfish and unrealistic, just like me running after Jason.

Lucky: Those dreams aren't equal.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but they're equally crazy because I will never be a painter and I will never have a life with Jason.

Lucky: Elizabeth, you are very talented as a painter.

Elizabeth: Right. Right. And I can go to art school and you're going to pay the rent by playing your guitar on the streets of Greenwich Village.

Lucky: We were kids.

Elizabeth: Could you imagine what would have happened if we followed those dreams? We'd probably be living on the streets right now.

Lucky: Dreams change and that doesn't make them wrong.

Elizabeth: My dream of being with Jason was wrong. I just can't believe it took me so long to figure it out and understand.

Lucky: You're just tearing yourself up and that -- you're punishing yourself.

Elizabeth: Well, it doesn't hurt as much as what Jake's going through right now.

Lucky: I think you're being too hard on yourself, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I put my children in danger for my own selfish reasons and now my son is gone. Talk about being a painter. I painted Jason into this romantic, misunderstood guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I painted the two of us sitting on the couch in the living room next to the fire, and the kids asleep upstairs. But the reality -- this -- this is the reality, that Jason is a professional criminal who kills people. And some day, another professional criminal is going to kill him, and that will be that, a wasted life, a destructive life. Why would I want any part of that?

Lucky: I understand.

Elizabeth: No, you donít.

Lucky: Elizabeth, Jason -- Jason is your drug of choice. You're hitting rock bottom.

Sam: Jason!

Sam: Here.

Maxie: Well, Kate's back on track and ready to retaliate.

Lulu: How mad do you think she is about the dress?

Maxie: Postal, especially on a night like tonight, her re-entry into fashion. And someone who's not even in the business shows up wearing her exact same dress and looks better in it? Nightmare.

Kate: I'm just so happy to be back at work.

Warren: Well, darling, your latest issue of "Crimson" was stunning.

Kate: Thank you.

Olivia: I hope you know what you're doing. My cousin is seriously pissed.

Carly: Really? Well, Connie better brace herself because I'm just getting started.

Warren: Carly, what a lovely party. You are a wonderful hostess, whether it's a backyard barbecue or a last-minute cocktail party.

Carly: Well, thank you, Warren.

Warren: And I've given a lot of thought to your suggestions about Couture.

Olivia: What kind of suggestions?

Carly: Well, I think real women read magazines. I think real women wear clothes. I don't think all real women are a size 2 and I don't think they all wear stilettos all the time.

Olivia: Speak for yourself.


Kate: Warren, it's so nice of you to make Carly feel welcome, especially in light of the divorce. She did tell you that Jax is divorcing her.

Warren: No, I'm -- I'm sorry to hear that. You were a lovely couple.

Kate: No, actually, I think it has something to do with infidelity. You see, Carly has this little problem controlling herself around her ex-husband.

Carly: Well, after I caught you and Jax having sex, what was I to do?

Jax: Could I have a moment with you?

Carly: Sure. And no matter what Kate says behind my back, clearly it's a very friendly divorce.

Lucky: I bottomed out over Jake, too, remember? When you got pregnant, I finally realized how out of control my life really was and I went to rehab.

Elizabeth: Well, they don't have rehab for women who risk their children's lives to be with the wrong man.

Lucky: Jake -- he will survive this. And you will, too, just by facing the choices you've made and rebuilding your life, little by little, one day at a time.

Elizabeth: Lucky, if Jake dies, I won't want to keep on living.

[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: It's work. Yes?

Epiphany: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Epiphany, I cannot come in right now.

Epiphany: Drake Jr. had to come in for an emergency. Cameron is here at the hospital. You need to pick him up. He's on the 10th floor with me and Dr. Hunter.

Elizabeth: Okay, thank you. We'll be there as soon as we can. Patrick got called in. He had to take Cameron with him. So now my little boy is stuck in a hospital lounge in the middle of the night. I'm such a good mother I can't even keep track of the child I do have.

Sonny: None of us have any illusions about this marriage. We all know why it happened and what's at stake. It's a business arrangement, nothing more.

Ric: Well, so what's the problem?

Sonny: What's the problem? The problem is that she's my wife now. She's in my home. And I don't want you sleeping around with guys under my roof. It's -- you know what I mean?

Claudia: Okay, fine. Fair enough.

Sonny: Especially my brother. It's like watching --

Ric: Notice how he'll only acknowledge me as his brother when he wants something or if he's trying to shut me down.

Sonny: Okay, Ric. Do we have a problem here? Because if we do, we can solve it right now. Stay away from me and my wife.

Patrick: Epiphany, I need the results on this head trauma as soon as possible.

Epiphany: Yes, Doctor.

Patrick: Thank you for taking care of Cameron.

Epiphany: I'm not doing it. Dr. Hunter is.

Matt: Start your engines. Set, go, go, go, go, go! No, go faster, faster. No, you're just way too slow, buddy. Come on, come on. You can do it. No, no, keep going, keep going, keep going. Don't make me jump in on this race. Okay, you ready? Here we go. Ready? I'll race you to that side and back. One, two -- oh, you jumped it. You got to wait until three. We go on three.

Patrick: See? There might be hope for you yet.

Matt: Thank you. Come on, you ready? Let's do this. All right, one --

Lucky: Cameron.

Elizabeth: Hey, buddy.

Cameron: Daddy!

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Guys, thank you so much, both of you, for watching him.

Matt: It's no problem.

Patrick: Is there any word on Jake?

Elizabeth: No.

Patrick: Look, Elizabeth, I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert by any means, but just -- you can't give up, okay? You have to believe that Jake's going to be okay.

[Jake mumbles]

Jason: Jake, I'm so happy to see you. How'd you get him?

Sam: I -- I had just found Jake when I had gotten in there. And then Sasha and I had just started fighting and then, I don't know. She disappeared somewhere.

Jason: She must've -- she must've known about the explosives.

Sam: Yeah, well, whatever it was, she pushed me and ran. And I ran in, got Jake and jumped out the window with him. And literally two seconds later, the whole place exploded.

Jason: Jumped -- jumped out of -- is -- is he okay?

Sam: Yeah, he's good, amazing, in fact. He screamed a little bit when -- when we jumped out, but he didn't cry or freak out or anything.

Jason: Thank you. Hey.

Kate: It was so kind of you to fly out all the way from the City just for one night. Thank you.

Gwyneth: I'm sure you'll be back on your game very soon.

Kate: Oh, I already am.

Warren: Well, I must say you're doing extraordinary work, especially on this latest issue. Only Kate Howard could get a world-class magazine out the door from her hospital bed.

Kate: Well, I do have a very capable staff.

Warren: Clarice, you are a miracle.

Clarice: Well, you won't think so if we miss the last plane out of Port Charles tonight.

Gwyneth: Then, by all means, let's get out of here. I want desperately to wake up in Manhattan. How you live here, Kate, is beyond me.

Warren: Give my best to Jax.

Kate: I will.

Gwyneth: I would have thought he'd be back by now.

Kate: Oh, I'm sure he's on his way. Have a safe trip.

Kate: Telling Carly about this dress is blatant sabotage and betrayal that will not be forgiven.

Olivia: Here we go. Connie, it is just a dress.

Kate: I welcomed you back to the office. I held your job when you were sick. And how do you repay me?

Olivia: Calm down.

Kate: I'm going to be a laughing stock by tomorrow morning.

Olivia: The party was fine, all right? Everyone had a real good time. They were real happy to see you. None of these people eat anything. But I think the party was lovely.

Kate: Okay, first, do not -- do not call me Connie in public again. My name is Kate Howard. Second, don't presume that you understand anything about the fashion publishing industry or exactly what was going on in this room. And third, stop pretending that you give a damn about my feelings because clearly you and your new best friend Carly found the entire experience amusing.

Olivia: It is amusing. Connie, you are amusing. I mean, if my brother -- excuse me, your cousins would have been here, they would be rolling on the floor laughing watching you work this room, working these people, walking around like you're all smart and powerful. Honey, you don't need even know your enemies from your friends. I guess that's why you have to have a party for yourself in the first place.

Kate: Okay, Olivia, this is what's called a professional occasion. But you wouldn't understand that, right? And I'm just so glad that you found my humiliation amusing.

Olivia: You set yourself up for it when you slept with Carly's husband. You can't think she wasn't going to retaliate.

Kate: Yeah, right, of course. Of course, you're going to see it that way because, you know, you never really made anything of your life.

Olivia: You know what, Connie?

Kate: What?

Olivia: You're a real jerk.

Kate: You know, Lulu, I took a real risk hiring you, knowing that competent people stood in line for the position. And I put up with your sloppy work, your tardiness, and I genuinely tried to teach you how to survive in this industry. How do you repay me? With betrayal and sabotage. You leave me no choice, Lulu. For that reason --

Maxie: No, no, no. It was me. I was the one that told Carly about your dress.

Ric: Sonny, I worked very hard to get where I am in the Zacchara organization. I'm good at what I do. It would be to your advantage to work with me.

Sonny: Nothing about you is to my advantage. As a matter of fact, it's to your advantage that I have not fired you, because I could do that any second. Because you have not proven to me what you're capable of. All I'm asking is that I don't want to have to watch you guys make out. I got more important things to do, Ric.

Ric: Well, so do I.

Claudia: Oh, good, guys, in case I was wondering where I stand.

Sonny: If you want to hit on Claudia somewhere else, that's up to you. But if you're doing it because she's my wife or because you want to score points with the Zaccharas, it has to stop right now.

Ric: Sonny, Sonny, do you realize that Anthony would love it to have the two of us fighting?

Sonny: What's there -- what's there to fight about? I already said I don't want you guys sleeping under my roof. So if you got to tie your hands back, whatever you got to do --

Ric: Oh, boy, I knew you were going to get proprietary, but I didn't know it was going to be so soon.

Sonny: Okay, hey, let me explain something to you. You're not going to mess up what I'm doing with the Zaccharas. You're not going to get in the middle of that, because if you do, I will shut you out.

Ric: Sonny, look... you're new to the Zacchara organization. Don't let the power go to your head here. You need me, okay? You need what I know more than you realize.

Sonny: Okay, you can leave now. Don't come back until you hear from me.

Claudia: So much for doing what we want in our personal lives.

Jax: That wasn't very nice, was it, showing up in the same dress as Kate?

Carly: How do you know she didn't show up wearing my dress? I got there first.

Jax: Ah, which raises another question. Kate is usually always 10 minutes early to her own parties.

Carly: Hmm, you know, maybe you should have the maintenance checked on the elevator.

Jax: That's what I thought.

Carly: What? You can't possibly be blaming me because Kate Howard got stuck in the elevator.

Jax: You weren't even invited to the party, were you?

Carly: I'm half-owner of this hotel. I'll probably own the whole thing after the divorce.

Jax: That doesn't mean you can just show up at a private party whenever you feel like it.

Carly: I didn't want Kate Howard having her offices in the hotel, but you insisted. I'm just trying to cooperate. I can't help it if I look better in this dress than she does.

Jax: That is not the point, is it?

Carly: No, it's not. I wanted to show you firsthand what you threw away so you could have an affair with Kate Howard.

Jax: Undermining Kate isn't going to change what happened between us, Carly.

Carly: A lot of good things happened between us. You just want to focus on the bad.

Jax: No, because at the end of the day, no matter how good things could have been between us, you never really gave me your heart.

Carly: That's not true.

Jax: No, it is true. You always put Sonny first. You know, I'm not going to have this fight with you again.

Carly: Hey, I don't want to have this --

Jax: We've talked about this a hundred times already.

Carly: I don't want to have this fight either.

Jax: I'll give you one thing. You certainly know how to liven up a party. You wear that dress very well.

Sasha: The ambush went wrong. What can I tell you? Yes, we lured Jason Morgan to the location, which is why we took the girlfriend's baby, because we knew that he would follow. The explosives were in place. I don't know what triggered them. I almost didn't make it out alive. I'll call you back. How much did you hear?

Olivia: I'm just passing through. There's no problem here.

Sasha: Oh, I disagree.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Hello, Lucky Spencer.

Sam: Hi, Jason and I have Jake, and he's fine.

[Lucky sighs]

Lucky: You found him. Elizabeth, it's Sam. They found Jake.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Where are you?

Sam: Yeah, we're on country road 10. I don't think it's far from town. We're going to come straight to your house, okay?

Elizabeth: Is -- is he okay?

Sam: Yeah, he seems perfect, actually.

Elizabeth: He's fine. Can you put -- put the phone up to Jake's ear, please?

Sam: Okay. It's Mommy.

Elizabeth: Hey, Jake, it's Mommy. I love you, baby. I'm going to see you real soon, okay?

Sam: Bye-bye.

Olivia: Whatever you think that I heard, I didn't, okay?

Sasha: Okay. Then there's no problem here.

Olivia: Right.

Olivia: Oh! Ow.

Patrick: Hey, hey!

Olivia: Oh.

Patrick: You okay? Just try and breathe, try and breathe.

Olivia: Nice timing, by the way. Thanks. Oh, God.

Maxie: Obviously, if I had known Carly was going to be able to get that dress in time, I would have given you a head's up, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Kate: Go on.

Maxie: I shouldn't have been talking on my phone in the lobby, especially about something as important as that dress, and yes, maybe I let the designer's name slip. I did see Carly pass by, but she owns the hotel, so I didn't think anything of it. Actually, I did think something of it, but I didn't think she was going to be able to pull something like that off.

Kate: Maxie, I'm very disappointed in you.

Maxie: I know, and I'm sorry, because that was a huge mistake.

Kate: You of all people knew how important this dress was to me, how important this party was to me. I have had so much faith in you, Maxie. You show amazing promise, but I did tell you both a long time ago that if I fired one of you, I'd have to fire both --

Jax: What's going on?

Kate: I'm firing my assistants.

Jax: Oh, on what grounds?

Kate: Well, Jax, Carly didn't show up at the party in that dress by accident.

Jax: You're firing them over a dress?

Kate: Yes, Jax, this is a fashion magazine. My entire career is based on the concept of a dress, who's wearing it, to what event, who made it, and this kind of blatant sabotage and insubordination, and I don't know -- would you tolerate it?

Jax: Can you prove that they told Carly about the dress?

Kate: Well, no.

Jax: So there's a million ways she could have found out, right? I mean, she could have snuck into the office -- she probably has a key -- and looked around and --

Kate: Yes, Jax, but Maxie just admitted to me that she let Carly overhear, so I cannot tolerate this kind of sabotage, and I'm going to have to fire them both. Clarice will have two new replacements here by tomorrow morning.

Jax: Kate, I know that you've had a rough night, but taking your anger out on your assistants isn't fair either, especially Maxie. I mean, she did really great work when you were in the hospital. She got "Crimson" out the door almost single-handedly. She got our numbers up in our key demographic. I mean, you should be thanking Maxie, not firing her.

Kate: Okay, Jax, look, I --

Jax: And you know what? A raise wouldn't be out of the question.

Kate: I never agreed to let you micromanage my personnel decisions.

Jax: I hate to do this, Kate, but I am the primary investor. You can't fire them.

Kate: You two are very lucky, and you are on probation until further notice.

Maxie: Thank you.

Jax: It's okay. You just keep up the good work. People are noticing, even if she won't admit it. Lulu, discretion, okay? You let Carly figure out her own problems. I assure you that she's more than capable.

Lulu: What just happened? Why did you cover for me?

Maxie: I have no idea.

Spinelli: Uh, Vixenella.

Claudia: Hi.

Spinelli: Mr. Sir, I -- I heard the nuptials, but seeing you together is --

Sonny: What do you want?

Spinelli: Oh, oh, I bring tidings of great joy.

Claudia: Just in time for the holidays.

Spinelli: Yes, yeah, all is well. See, fair Samantha and Stone Cold have thwarted the evildoers, and baby Jake has been recovered. He's on his way home as we speak.

Sonny: Hmm.

Sam: You lost this, you know, Mr. One shoe off, one shoe on. Let's take that other one off. Here, I know you probably got a little chilly out there. But you are nice and warm now. Yes, you are. You're such a pretty little boy, Jake. You taking pictures? Yeah, you are a beautiful little boy. He's got your eyes, you know.

Patrick: Okay, the bleeding's not stopping. I need to get you to the hospital.

Olivia: No, no.

Patrick: Olivia, you need medical attention.

Olivia: Aren't you supposed to be a doctor?

Patrick: Yes, and I'm telling you you need to get to the hospital so we can take care of this.

Olivia: Listen to me. My son is already calling me 20 times a day on the phone. He gets another call, I'm in the hospital, he is going to rally the troops, and we're going to have the whole Falconeri family swarming general hospital. Believe me, it's not something you want.

Patrick: Okay, fine, then I'll take you to Mercy. Come on.

Olivia: No, did you hear what I said? Listen to me. My kid is sick with worry. I was practically killed in a mysterious warehouse, right? If he finds out that I got knifed by some lunatic while I'm out walking the streets at night by myself, it's not going to be pretty, okay?

Patrick: Okay, well, there's two things here. Either I take you to the hospital, or I wait for you to pass out, call 911, and the ambulance takes you.

Olivia: How about you take me someplace else entirely, okay?

Lulu: What is with this bizarre impulse to protect me?

Maxie: I don't know. It doesn't make sense, and what were you thinking telling Carly about that dress?

Lulu: She's family. I didn't have a choice.

Maxie: You have the choice to say no or lie and describe a different dress.

Lulu: I wanted Carly to beat Kate. After everything she's been through, she deserves a win.

Maxie: Then you deserve to lose your job.

Lulu: But you saved me anyway.

Maxie: I know. It was embarrassing.

Lulu: You probably thought you were going to rack up points with Kate, but instead you put your job on the line for your own worst enemy.

Maxie: You are not my worst enemy. That would make me stupid and shallow. Well, I am shallow, but that's okay, because you're annoying, reckless, and full of yourself. Look, I knew Kate was going to fire both of us anyway. I thought I would go out looking like a decent person, even though I'm not.

Lulu: Fine, fine, you don't have to admit that you were being a true friend, but thank you anyway, because I really, really need this job now that Johnny has left his family.

Maxie: I don't want to hear about it. Just go.

Lulu: Maxie, I can't leave. Kate left us al this stuff that we have to do by tomorrow.

Maxie: Yes, and you're only going to slow me down.

Lulu: I'm not going to slow you down.

Maxie: Just leave already.

Lulu: Are you sure?

Maxie: Yes, it's way more easy for me to be brilliant when you're not around, and I think the next time Kate has you get lattes, you should bring me one, and it needs to be hot and on time, and you can't complain.

Lulu: I understand. That's fine.

Maxie: And you'll always need to remember that I'm the first assistant and you are the second.

Lulu: You should be assistant editor by now.

Maxie: Good, you can go.

Lulu: You don't know this yet, but some day I'm going to be as good a friend to you as you were to me just now.

Maxie: Bye, Lulu.

Elizabeth: Can you call Sam again?

Lucky: I just called her five minutes ago. They're getting closer.

Elizabeth: Did they say any more about how they found him?

Lucky: They just -- Jason tracked him down and took care of the situation.

Elizabeth: I knew Jason would find him. I knew that he wouldn't rest until Jake was safe in his arms. I should have had more faith.

Lucky: Does that mean Jason's your hero again?

Jason: You think we should take him to the hospital before we get him home?

Sam: No, I don't think so. He seems good. You're okay, right, kiddo? You're not going to let those creeps scare you, no? No, he says no.

Jason: That's good.

Sam: I bet he liked that fast ride in the van, exploring that mine -- oh, how about jumping out the window? It was something like you were flying, wasn't it?

Jason: Well, don't say that kind of stuff to him.

Sam: Why not?

Jason: Just please donít.

Sam: Well, come on, Jason. He's obviously got the adventure gene, just like his dad. But I know you are smart and furious, but you're probably going to use it in better ways, aren't you? Hmm, let's see. I bet you're going to be a teacher.

Jake: No.

Sam: No? Okay, maybe you're going to be a doctor. You're going to save people's lives. Or maybe you're going to write a book one day, and everyone will read about it. Well, either way, I know your dad's going to be very proud of you, just like he is right now. Yeah. Yes.

Sonny: Who told you that Jason found Jake?

Spinelli: Fair Samantha did.

Sonny: Is the baby all right?

Spinelli: Yes, thank the gods and goddesses.

Sonny: What happened?

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal located the probable lair of the evildoers, and fair Samantha and Stone Cold suspected that the baby was being used as a lure to --

Sonny: You're just babbling. Just talk, talk normal, you know?

Spinelli: Sorry.

Claudia: So, Sam and Jason found the baby.

Spinelli: That is correct.

Claudia: Are they okay?

Spinelli: Yes, as far as I know.

Claudia: And did they send you over here?

Spinelli: No. Well, see, I took it upon myself with the wholehearted belief that Mr. Sir would care deeply for the health and welfare of baby Jake and that the joyous news that fair Samantha and Stone Cold had saved the baby could potentially lead to a thaw in the current and potentially deadly freeze between Corinthos and Morgan, for while it was Mr. Sir's disastrous decision to terminate comrade Karpov that began the chaos --

Sonny: You're going to blame me now?

Spinelli: No, no.

Sonny: 'Cause I'm not surprised by that.

Spinelli: No, I'm just saying that we have the potentiality for peace. Peace can reign.

Sonny: Go.

Claudia: I like him.

Sonny: Yeah, he's absolutely normal.

Claudia: I like him. And it's really great that he came all the way over here to tell us, because now that the little boy is safe, you can go after the Russians.

Carly: Thank you so much for getting this dress for me on such short notice. I mean, it was perfect for the occasion.

Woman: It looks great on you.

Carly: Thank you. I thought so too.

Jax: Yes, it does look great on her, doesn't it?

Carly: See, you can't take your eyes off me.

Jax: It's all a game to you, isn't it?

Carly: You love games.

Jax: Maxie and Lulu almost just got fired because of that dress.

Carly: That's exactly what I expect from Kate. Oh, I'm sorry -- Connie. It's kind of funny when neither one of them helped me get the dress.

Jax: So how'd you find out?

Carly: There are millions and millions of ways.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: Yeah, that's what I told Kate.

Carly: You didn't let her fire them, did you?

Jax: No, I didnít.

Carly: Good, because I think the party was a huge success.

Jax: Oh, yeah.

Carly: I didn't throw champagne on her. I didn't trip her when she walked out of the elevator. However, I will never forget the look on her face when she saw me wearing this dress. You have to admit it. It was funny and quite brilliant.

Maxie: You found Jake? That's amazing.

Spinelli: Well, I appreciate the recognition, but I --

Maxie: Oh, don't you dare tell me you didn't help. I was there when you told Jason where to look and what kind of guns those creeps were using. He never would have been able to find Jake without your help.

Spinelli: Well, maybe my cyber-assistance was utilized.

Maxie: You are the most amazing person that I know.

Mac: Get your hands off my daughter.

Maxie: Oh, Mac, what are you doing here?

Mac: I knew Spinelli would show up sooner or later to tell you the good news and to what, pretend to be the hero?

Maxie: Will you give Spinelli a little credit? Jason wouldn't have found Jake without Spinelli's help.

Mac: Doesn't it bother you at all that toddlers are now fair game in this mob war?

Spinelli: Well, I didn't bring baby Jake --

Mac: You know what? These Russians put Maxie in the hospital once. But here you are again. What if they followed you? What if they attacked Maxie again all because of you?

Maxie: That's not fair. That wouldn't have happened.

Mac: You know, you're just as deep in the mob as Sonny and Jason. You may not fire a shot, but you're an accessory. A lot of this violence wouldn't happen without you.

Maxie: That's not true.

Spinelli: Please, allow the concerned commissioner to express his views.

Mac: Spinelli, when are you going to take responsibility for the fact that you're wasting all your intelligence, all your genius, on destroying people?

Maxie: No, he isnít.

Mac: Do you want to know what happened? A roadhouse blew up. Several Russians are dead.

Maxie: But baby Jake's okay.

Mac: You know what, Spinelli? Maybe you're proud because you think you foiled the Russians, or maybe you think you saved lives tonight, but you didn't, and you never will. You know, a lot of people think that you've been a good influence on Maxie. Well, I know better. You're a disaster. If you had a shred of decency, you'll get out of Maxie's life and stay out.

Spinelli: While I understand --

Mac: Don't argue with me. Just get on the elevator and go.

Maxie: Don't you dare. He is my best friend, and I want him to stay.

Claudia: Now would be the perfect time to move against the Russians. They're probably still reeling from whatever Jason did to get the kid back.

Sonny: Jason doesn't want or think he needs my help, so you know what? It's his deal to fight.

Claudia: But you'll hurt his organization, allowing us plenty of time to make ours stronger.

Sonny: It's an obvious choice.

Claudia: You're good at this. Maybe my father's not completely crazy after all.

Sonny: We'll see.

Claudia: Uh-huh. And about the marriage -- there is a simple solution. We could just keep everything right here at home.

Patrick: There are steps here. Come on.

Olivia: Sonny.

Elizabeth: Jake, Jake! Hi, baby. Hi. Hi, baby. Thank you. Thank you. Hi. Thank you.

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