GH Transcript Wednesday 12/3/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/3/08


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Nikolas: Hi. Is Nadine Crowell here?

Man: You must be the freeloader that was trying to con Nadine into marrying him.

Jason: How are you doing? Okay?

Sam: Yeah, I'm okay. I mean, my back hurts a little bit.

Jason: We've been at this all night long.

Sam: We've gotten through a lot here. We've got to be getting close. Now I think this hole is a lot deeper than we thought.

Jason: We can't stop. I got to get out of here. I got to get to Jake.

Sam: Okay.

Lucky: Anybody look familiar?

Elizabeth: I told you, I didn't see the faces of the men who ambushed us. And now my son is being held hostage and he's wondering where I am and why I let those men take him. And I'm sure he's so scared.

Lucky: Elizabeth, we need to keep our faith.

Elizabeth: I'm trying. What if he's hurting? What if he's hungry?

Elizabeth: That's Karpov's lawyer. What is she doing here?

Tracy: Are you sure I can get a divorce in there?

Cab driver: Would I steer you wrong, senora?

Tracy: Let me put it this way, Luis Felipe, cab number 25 -- if you have steered me wrong, I will hunt you down like a dog and you will curse the day you ever met me. Got it?

Luis: Ugly Americans.

Luke: Welcome to the Dominican Republic, Senora Spencer.

Patrick: She finished her whole bottle.

Robin: Well, that's good. That should keep her asleep for a whole two hours.

Patrick: Well, the baby book said when she's sleeping, you should try and nap also, so why don't you try that?

Robin: I just -- I don't know why I'm so tired. I mean, you were the one that was getting up with her during the night. And here you are, all cleaned up, ready to go to work, and I'm still a mess.

Patrick: Well, you are still healing from your C-section.

Robin: Yeah, it's pretty annoying. Every time I get up, my stomach hurts.

Patrick: Okay, well, why don't you lie back? Come on, put your feet up. I brought you this medical journal. It's got that brain scan article in there.

Robin: Oh, cool, thank you very much, but I have to clean the house first.

Patrick: No, Robin -- hey, cleaning can wait.

Robin: No, it can’t. Look at this place. I mean, it's a mess. Who knew that a baby could accumulate so much stuff?

Patrick: Okay, well, we can still get a nurse, if you want.

Robin: The point of taking maternity leave was so I could do it myself.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: Although it is kind of strange watching you go to work and me staying home like a happy little housewife.

Patrick: Yeah, it is a little weird. Okay, so, I'll call you later. But if you're going to take a nap, just shut your phone off. Relax, okay?

Robin: Okay.

Patrick: Bye.

Robin: Bye.

[Emma cries]

[Robin sighs]

Man: Look at you, posies in hand, all set to do a snow job on our Nadine. You're a smooth operator, aren't you, fella?

Nikolas: No, I -- I certainly hope not. I'm Nikolas Cassadine. You -- you are?

Man: Bo Crowell, Nadine's cousin.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, okay. Is she -- is she here, by any chance?

Bo: So you -- you followed Nadine all the way out here to the family farm. You must be pretty darn eager to stay in the U.S. of A.

Nikolas: I -- I'm just here because I'm concerned for -- for Nadine, that's all.

Bo: Oh, we're plenty concerned about our cousin, too. She's all set to marry you, to keep you in the country, and we'd like to know just what kind of man takes advantage of a generous, kind-hearted gal like our Nadine.

Nikolas: No, I have nothing but respect for -- for -- for your cousin. I would never take advantage of her.

Bo: Then do the upright and honest thing and apply for citizenship, or stop your whining and hightail it back to your country of origin.

Nikolas: Those are both certainly possibilities there.

Bo: You making fun of me?

Nikolas: No, no, no, of course not. I would -- wouldn’t.

Bo: Because I'm not getting a good feeling about you, all done up in your fancy clothes. Did Nadine lend you her hard-earned dollars to pay for that outfit?

Nikolas: No --

Nadine: Nikolas.

Nikolas: Hi.

Nadine: I'm so glad to see you.

Luke: Sit down.

Tracy: Are you stalking me?

Luke: That's a harsh way to put it.

Tracy: That's what they call it when person a doesn't want anything to do with person B, and person B keeps showing up where they're not wanted. How did you get down here before me?

Luke: You said you were coming to the Dominican Republic. I jumped on the next plane.

Tracy: I should've known that cabby was in kahoots with you. Stop looking so smug.

Luke: Precious pink popsicle, how can you stay mad in paradise? Didn't you see that view, the murmuring waves, the white pristine beaches, and best of all, the rum is dirt cheap and plentiful. So why don't you kick off your shoes and let me make you a zombie? It'll make all your troubles disappear.

Tracy: Luke Spencer, you are my only trouble. And you are going to disappear by a Dominican divorce decree.

Luke: Did you bring your bathing suit or shall we skinny dip?

Tracy: I don't care if you run buck naked through town. I am getting in that nasty cab and going back to town center.


Tracy: Damn you, Luke Spencer.

Lucky: Sasha Donev. I assume she's here for questioning because of her connections with Karpov.

Elizabeth: She must know where Jake is.

Lucky: No, no, no, let Mac and Harper handle it.

Mac: Ms. Donev, thanks for coming.

Sasha: I doubt I can be of much assistance.

Mac: We'll see about that. Right this way.

Elizabeth: Did you hear that? She's not going to help.

Lucky: She's not going to implicate herself in the middle of the station.

Elizabeth: What if she refuses to cooperate or pretends not to know anything?

Lucky: Elizabeth, she has to know that taking a child hostage is a huge mistake.

Elizabeth: So?

Lucky: To save her own skin, she has to tell us where Jake is being kept.

Sam: If the Russians did this, do you think we would have heard an explosion?


Jason: This whole mine is unstable. The faster we get out of here, the better off we're going to be.

Sam: Oh, my gosh, at least we know that Jake isn't trapped in the rubble because we checked the whole entire length --

Jason: We -- we know he was down here.

Sam: Okay, we do. So the Russians have him and they expect you to follow, right?

Sam: All right, if we don't show up, do you think they're going to let him go?

Jason: These guys don't care that Jake is a child. To him, he's just a bargaining chip. They're going to hold on to him until they decide he's no longer useful. That's why I got to get out of here.

Tracy: The cabby left. Surprise, surprise.

Luke: I guess we're stranded.

Tracy: Not so fast, I have my cell phone.

Luke: No cell reception.

Tracy: Where's the land line?

Luke: A phone? In a beach shack like this?

Tracy: Luke Spencer, you are the most infuriating man.

Luke: I try.

Tracy: Well, I don't suppose there's a towel in this --

Luke: Sure, in the bathroom. You'll be happy to know we have indoor plumbing. And, considerate fellow that I am, I bought you a sarong.

Luke: You're supposed to wrap it around you.

Tracy: I am not doing "South Pacific." And if you don't have anything else, I'm going to put on my own clothes. Even you couldn't have planned this monsoon!

Luke: Well, I did know it was the rainy season, so I figured I had a shot. There's no one I'd rather be stuck in paradise with than you.

Tracy: Guess what. By the time that rain stops, you're going to be begging for a divorce.


Nikolas: These -- these are for you.

Nadine: Thank you, Nikolas. They're beautiful. Didn't I tell you he was a gentleman?

Bo: He's shining you on. If you've got half an ounce of sense in that head of yours, you'll send him packing.

Nadine: Bo, I know you mean well, but you don't get to tell me what to do. Besides, don't you have some cows to milk?

Bo: I'll be back.

Nadine: I'm sorry about Bo. He -- he's just trying to protect me.

Nikolas: No, no, it's -- it's -- it's all right. I probably shouldn't be intruding.

Nadine: No, no, I'm so glad you're here. Why don't you sit down?

Nikolas: Okay. You --

Nadine: Here.

Nikolas: Thank you. You sounded upset on the phone.

Nadine: Yeah, Aunt Raylene is really sick.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm sorry.

Nadine: Yes, she had a -- a heart bypass about five years ago, and we thought she was doing okay. But she's been tired lately, a little short of breath. And then, a couple of days ago, she was having chest pains. And she told Uncle Vance not to take her to the hospital, but he did anyway, which is no small feat because she has a mind of her own.

Nikolas: I had that impression.

Nadine: Yeah. And now the doctors say that there's nothing they can do. It's terminal.

Nikolas: Oh, Nadine, I'm sorry.

Nadine: Yeah. But she -- she wants to die here at home, surrounded by her loved ones and her big fat cat Cinders and her chickens and all the things she cares about. Aunt Raylene doesn't trust hospitals as far as she can throw them, which is kind of ironic, actually, because she's most of the reason why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place. She's the one who encouraged me.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Epiphany: Well, if it isn't the proud papa.

Matt: Hey, how is the new boss of the house? And I don't mean you.

Patrick: Emma is great. Thanks for asking. I just happen to have a few pictures here that I would love to show you.

Leyla: Oh, let me see.

Patrick: She's changed so much in the last couple days. It's crazy. This is her getting out of the shower, holding on to her rattle.

[Epiphany chuckles]

Epiphany: Isn't she a little angel?

Patrick: Yes, she is.

Leyla: How's Robin?

Patrick: She's -- she's frazzled. She's frazzled. Look at how cute she is when she's sleeping there.

Epiphany: And how is your sleep?

Patrick: I'm good, you know? I'm just one of those people that can function on four or five hours of rest. So, saying that, I am ready for work. Epiphany, could I have the Wallace chart, please?

Epiphany: That would be David Wallace, the patient you discharged two days ago.

Patrick: That is right. That is David Wallace. Okay, so, who am I seeing today?

Matt: At the risk of you biting my head off, why don't you let me take your rounds?

Patrick: Thanks for the offer there, Matt, but I'm going to be fine.

Leyla: How about I get you a cup of coffee from the cafeteria?

Patrick: You guys, I got a coffee on the way up here. I'm going to be fine. I'm just -- I'm fine.

Epiphany: I saw that yawn.

Patrick: I didn't yawn. My ears are popping. It's the elevation in Port Charles.

Epiphany: Dr. Hunter, why don't you accompany Drake Jr. on his rounds to catch him if he should collapse and make sure that he is holding his charts --

Patrick: Okay --

Epiphany: Upright?

[Phone rings]

Leyla: Tenth floor, nurses' station. There's a severe head trauma coming up from the er and the attending wants you to perform emergency surgery.

Epiphany: Listen to your conscience, Drake Jr. I'm sure that it is shouting pretty loudly right now.

Patrick: Page Norucci. Have him do the surgery. I don't trust myself right now.

Robin: No?

[Emma whimpers]

Robin: Okay, okay, okay. Let's try something else. I think I remember in baby class I'm supposed to put you on my knee and then --

[Emma cries]

Robin: Oh, you don't like that one, either. Okay. Okay, let's keep you like this way. Okay, then just rub your back lightly, tap on your back. Okay.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Are you protesting because I can't breast-feed you? Is that what this is about? Honey, I wish that I could. I have something called HIV, which is probably a conversation for another time, because you don't care about that right now, do you? You just want to be cozy and you want to feel safe. Baby, I'm so sorry that I can't do that for you. Come on.

[Knock on door]

Robin: Oh, who could that be? Maybe it's your dad. Okay, let's see who it is. Let's see who it is. Hi.

Maxie: Oh, my God.

Robin: What?

Maxie: Well, your outfit might be cute on skid row, but not midtown Port Charles.

Robin: All right.

Maxie: What is that?

Robin: Oh, I don't know. She spit up on me earlier.

Maxie: Stop, too much information. You need to go fix yourself up before you traumatize your child for life.

Robin: Excuse me, but Emma doesn't care what I look like, okay? She needs me.

Maxie: As you know, I'm not a baby person, but I will make the ultimate sacrifice and stay with Emma if you promise to take a shower, wash your hair, and put on something that doesn't call for accessorizing with a tin cup.

Robin: All right. Good luck.

Robin: I meant to take a shower when Patrick was here, but he's been the one who's been getting up with Emma, so I wanted to give him a break.

Maxie: He's a good dad, isn't he?

Robin: Oh, yeah, he's the best. I mean, Patrick has stepped up in every way possible.

Maxie: Wow, who knew a year ago?

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: Not me, that's for sure. And that crazy notion of doing this by myself? I don't even know. I would be falling apart.

Maxie: Well, you kind of look like you're falling apart, so maybe you should go take a shower.

Robin: Okay. All right, you sure you're going to be okay with Emma?

Maxie: Yes. I mean, we're cousins and we're going to be buddies for life, so we might as well get acquainted with each other right now.

Robin: Thank you, Maxie. You know, you really are more generous than you give yourself credit for.

Maxie: Hurry up and go before she poops and I change my mind.

Robin: I'll be quick.

Maxie: And put on some of those cute clothes that I bought you, because who knows what kind of subliminal messages you're sending to Emma?

Robin: Yes, ma'am.

Maxie: Hi, Emma. You are so pretty and pink and deceptively high maintenance, which is okay because I am, too. So, from one girl to another, don't give me too much trouble because I really suck at this. And I just bought this blouse, so don't spit up on me. That habit is really gross. But you will grow out of it.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Oh.

Maxie: Thank God. I need your help babysitting.

Spinelli: Top of the morning, Maximista. However, your timing is regrettably poor. See, Stone Cold requires my cyber-assistance posthaste and --

Maxie: His mob stuff is always a crisis.

Spinelli: Yeah, but this particular plight is of great urgency. See, the Russians are --

[Emma cries]

Maxie: You know, why don't you tell Jason to stop acting so needy? He's not a baby. Emma is.

Spinelli: Irrefutable logic. However --

Maxie: Spinelli, please do something.

Epiphany: Sign here and here.

Leyla: One coffee with cream and sugar.

Patrick: Thank you very much, Leyla. Where, here?

Epiphany: Mm-hmm. And I need you to give this case to Dr. Morucci, and this one to Dr. Winters because she's seen the patient before.

Patrick: Okay, hold on, Epiphany. That's about as much as my brain can handle right now, so... you know, Robin and I used to pride ourselves in being in control of our lives. Now with Emma here, everything's changed. We're in her world. That's about it.

Epiphany: Welcome to parenthood.

Leyla: Does Emma cry a lot?

Patrick: No, not really, actually.

Leyla: Well, then you should be grateful because my mum told me I was a colicky baby.

Epiphany: So was Stanford. Two to six months was a long and rocky road.

Leyla: I'm not quite sure if my mum's quite forgiven me yet, actually.

Matt: You know, not to be competitive, but my mother always said that I was a good baby from the get-go, so --

Patrick: Well, so much for personality revealing itself early.

[Matt chuckles]

Matt: You better be careful or I'm not going to catch you when you collapse.

[Phone rings]

Leyla: Tenth floor, nurses' station. Yeah, sure, he's right here. It's for you.

Patrick: Dr. Drake. Yeah, give me two minutes to scrub in. Okay.

Epiphany: Scrub in for what?

Patrick: Morucci's in trouble. He needs me to go in.

Matt: Do you really think that's wise?

Patrick: You're helping me. If I fall asleep, kick me in the shins.

Matt: Or poke you with a scalpel.

Patrick: Whatever works.

Leyla: Patrick's exhausted.

Epiphany: I don't care how little sleep that man has got. He is way too arrogant to ever botch a surgery.

Sam: Okay, it stopped.

[Sam coughs]

Jason: Maybe it cleared some of the rocks away.

Sam: Do you think we're close to getting through?

Jason: I don't know. There's one way to find out.

Sam: Jason, I -- I know that you're -- you're really worried, but, Jason, you are the one that they want. And I think the best way to trap you is to keep Jake alive and well.

Jason: Wait a minute. Did the Russians say anything about Jake being my son?

Sam: No, I mean, I don't know. They spoke in Russian. But I -- I don't think that he was taken because he was your son, it's because he was there.

Jason: They didn't take Cameron.

Sam: No, listen to me. Elizabeth told the boys to hide. Cam understood that better than anyone else. And I just -- I really don't think it's fair because Jake is your child --

Jason: Look, the bottom line is it's my fault.

Sam: Look at that, look at that. Okay. We've got light.

Jason: Okay. Let's move a couple more of these. Then we get out of here.

Elizabeth: Looks like Mac is doing most of the talking. God, I wish I knew what he was saying.

Mac: You're Andrei Karpov's lead attorney. He's been killed. The Russian syndicate is retaliating against Sonny Corinthos and his allies, and you claim to know nothing about it.

Sasha: My client was murdered and you've apparently made no effort to find his killer.

Mac: Two women were ambushed in a cabin. Both made statements that their attackers were Russian.

Sasha: I wouldn't know.

Mac: A young child was taken from the cabin, Jacob Martin Spencer, 18 months old. If you know anything about it --

Sasha: I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Elizabeth: What is taking so long? Why can't she just tell them where Jake is?

Lucky: I don't know.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for venting. I know you're just as scared as I am. Wait, where are you going?

Sasha: I wasn't able to help the police.

Elizabeth: Where is my son?

Elizabeth: Where is Jake?

Sasha: I don't know.

Elizabeth: He's just a baby. He needs his mother.

Lucky: Elizabeth.

Sasha: Look, I understand that you're frightened and upset --

Elizabeth: Just tell me where he is!

Lucky: We'll find another way. We'll find another way.

Elizabeth: If anything happens to my son, I will see that you pay.

Lucky: Look, Elizabeth --

Sasha: Just leave her. She's not angry at me. She's angry at herself.

Elizabeth: Oh, don't you dare try to blame this on me.

Sasha: It's true. The only reason for taking your son would be leverage over your boyfriend Jason Morgan. Now, if you wanted your kids to be safe, you should've found someone else to date.

Elizabeth: Burn in hell, you evil bitch!

Lucky: Harper, get her out of here.

Harper: Come on, come on.

Spinelli: Adrift from Calypso's Island for many a moon, Odysseus washes up onto a new shore, staggers into an olive grove, and falls into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Maxie: Oh, Spinelli, I think she's sleeping. You're brilliant.

Spinelli: Okay.

Maxie: Aw.

Spinelli: I would suggest that tiny Emma is brilliant. Being transfixed by "The Odyssey" at such a tender age is most auspicious.

Maxie: Well, that story you told is pretty cool, especially the way you tell it.

Spinelli: I will continue to recount the epic to tiny Emma over the coming weeks, and Maximista shall keep us company.

Maxie: Cool.

[Phone rings]

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I'm greatly relieved to hear your --

Jason: Okay, do you have your laptop?

Spinelli: It is my fifth appendage.

Jason: Okay, good, I want you to search to see if the Russians acquired any properties around Watertown or the old Prentiss mines.

Spinelli: The nearest structure would be the River Roadhouse off of highway 11. I assume there's a sign.

Jason: Okay, good. That's good. What about -- what about weapons they may have?

Spinelli: A cache of automatic weapons was recently delivered to a warehouse near pier 14. Holding group for said warehouse is a Russian financial group. Figures and estimates point out that there could be a dozen men with Kalashnikovs and Gregorovichs.

Maxie: Oh, you look better.

Robin: What's going on?

Maxie: Spinelli's helping Jason.

Spinelli: Right.

Jason: Okay, thanks, Spinelli. The closest property is the River Roadhouse, about 15 minutes away.

Sam: You want me to call the cops?

Jason: No, no, I just want to see if Jake's there first, check out the warehouse, see how many Russians we're dealing with, and then we'll just figure out how to handle it.

Sam: Okay. You know, Jason, I didn't even know what it was like.

Jason: What?

Sam: A child being taken by strangers. I mean, really just not knowing if he's hurt or threatened, and knowing that he must be really scared and missing his family -- I just -- I just want to say that I know you must be torn up inside, and you're just -- you're acting really calm and you're -- you're just getting things done.

Jason: What other choice is there?

Nadine: Sorry for getting all weepy.

Nikolas: It's all right. You love your aunt.

Nadine: Yeah, I guess that's pretty obvious. I'm quoting her all of the time. She just had this knack for cutting right through all the hooey and hitting the nail right on the head, you know? I admire that about her. I admire pretty much everything about her.

Nikolas: She raised you, didn't she?

Nadine: Yeah, my dad died when I was 10. It was a botched surgery, probably another reason why I wanted to be a nurse. And my mom just sort of -- shut down after he died. She was gone emotionally a long time before she moved away. And Aunt Raylene was my dad's older sister, and she stepped right up to the plate and made me and my sister Jolene feel like the most wanted kids in the world. And she was grieving, too, but she said that life was for the living, so she would just take me to my horse shows, and encouraged me at 4H, and take us to the state fair every year, and we'd plant vegetables and play Scrabble. You should have seen her at my nursing school graduation. She was just hooting and hollering when it was time for the applause. Huh. And the only regret of this past time is being so far away from her.

Nikolas: Well, you talk to her on the phone all the time, right?

Nadine: Yeah, almost every day.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Nadine: God, I don't know what I'd do without her, which is just silly. I mean, she would have no tolerance for this pity party.

Nikolas: Nadine, it's not -- hey, it's not pity. It's love.

[Door opens]

Man: I heard we had a visitor.

Nadine: Oh, Uncle Vance, this is Nikolas. Vance is Bo's father, Raylene's brother.

Nikolas: Oh, hi, pleased to meet you, sir.

Vance: Well, I'm mighty glad you're here, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You are?

Vance: Now I can look you right in the eye and ask you why you want to marry my niece.

Luke: Look what I made for you, spanks. A mango mai tai.

Tracy: Sounds revolting.

Luke: Oh, no, no, it's nectar of the gods. Have a little sip. It'll take the chill away.

Tracy: Let me get this straight. You ply me with alcohol. Then we end up in bed, and all our troubles magically disappear, right?

Luke: Why are you so suspicious?

Tracy: Let me count the ways.

Luke: My plan, if that's what you insist on calling it, is to merely lie on the beach with my lovely wife, drinking rum concoctions, watching the waves come in, and reminiscing about all of our shared adventures.

Tracy: You mean the many ways you conned me.

Luke: Reliving our romantic evenings.

Tracy: The ones when you weren't chasing other women?

Luke: The good times outweigh the bad, and you'd know that if you weren't so bullheaded.

Tracy: Bullheaded?

Luke: It's one of the things I love most about you.

Tracy: Can we have a reality check? No amount of misty water-colored memories is going to erase the fact that you chose Laura over me.

Luke: I did not choose Laura! You are my life. And no matter what it takes, I'm going to convince you of that.

Tracy: Read my lips. Give up.

Maxie: We would be happy to stay.

Robin: I know, and I appreciate it, but in the future, a rousing discussion of guns and ammo isn't the most appropriate cradle talk.

Spinelli: I was just seeking to assist Stone Cold.

Maxie: And you want to help Jason, right?

Robin: Of course I do, and I'm glad that you can help him, just not while you're babysitting my kid.

Maxie: Okay, well, are you sure you're going to be okay by yourself?

Robin: Yeah, positive. Actually, you were right about the shower. I feel like a new person.

Maxie: Okay, well, let us know if you need anything, because Spinelli was really wonderful with Emma. He told her a story that had absolutely no violence in it whatsoever.

Spinelli: Actually, Homer's Epic is rife with blood and gore, but the chapter I was discussing --

Maxie: The point is Spinelli has a way with Emma, just like Patrick.

Maxie: Oh, Emma really likes guys. I love that girl.

Robin: Yeah, I do, too. Mother and daughter will be just fine.

Maxie: Okay, well, call us if you need anything, like Spinelli.

Robin: Okay. Thanks, guys.

[Emma cries]

Leyla: How's the patient?

Patrick: Doing very well. Should make a full recovery.

Matt: I hate to say it, but he actually showed decent technique.

Leyla: Decent? We all know he's nothing short of brilliant in the O.R.

Epiphany: Please, not where Drake Jr. can hear you.

Patrick: No, it is true, Epiphany. I rocked that surgery, and it just goes to show that I can multitask.

Epiphany: Run that by me again.

Patrick: I'm just saying taking care of Emma, taking care of Robin, and holding on to a schedule here at the hospital, I can do it.

Epiphany: Weren't we having this conversation a little earlier, a little story about gain a baby, lose control?

Patrick: Okay, I'm just saying that I can handle it and I'm doing a pretty good job at it, so that's that, and I am going to ICU. You want to come with me?

Matt: Sure.

[Matt laughs]

Patrick: Hey, zip it. Enough.

Epiphany: Drake Jr., You're going home.

Elizabeth: That woman was right. I have no one to blame but myself for those men taking Jake.

Lucky: Elizabeth, Jason wanted to take you to a safe house that had guards. I insisted on you going to a cabin, and I didn't even go. You and Sam had to fight off those attackers alone.

Elizabeth: You had no way of knowing.

Lucky: No, I knew you were in danger. I should have taken every precaution.

Elizabeth: You warned me about what could happen. You told me to stay away from Jason for the sake of the boys. But I kept seeing him. I planned a trip to Italy.

Lucky: You're a good mother. I know you love those boys.

Elizabeth: Sometimes love isn't enough. Parents have a responsibility to protect their children. That's what you do, and that's why -- that's why I love that you're Cameron and Jake's father. But I have continued to put my own needs first.

Lucky: Stop. You are being too hard on yourself.

Elizabeth: Lucky, Jake is gone because those men knew that Jason cared about him, and they knew it because of me. It's as if I let my children go play on the railroad tracks or left them in a swimming pool unattended. What kind of mother does that?

[Men speaking Russian]

Sam: Okay, at least they're speaking the right language.

Jason: Okay, we need to plan this carefully. This could be a setup to ambush me.

Sam: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Jason: No, no, no, no, no. Look, where are you going?

Sam: I worked for Karpov, Jason, so technically I'm on the payroll. I'm going to go in there, and I'm going to order a drink, and I'm going to see what's going --

Jason: We need to be sure that Jake is here first.

[Emma cries]

Robin: Baby, I love you. I'm your mommy. I'm right here. Come on. Your diaper's changed. You're fed. You're burped. That's your cue to look up at me and gurgle. That's gurgle, not scream. Okay, maybe I'll call up Maxie, tell her to bring Uncle Spinelli back. Will that make you feel better?

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: Hey, thank God you're here.

Patrick: Why, is she being cranky?

Robin: Cranky is one way to call it. Imitating a siren would be another.

Patrick: Oh. Let me see her.

[Emma cries]

Patrick: Hey, sweetheart. How's daddy's little girl? Come here. Oh, here she is. Hey, how are you?

[Emma whimpers]

Patrick: How are you? I showed everybody at work today pictures of you, and they were saying how much of an angel you are. So what do you want to do? You want to go for a walk with mommy? You want to go for a walk? We could go to the park, huh?

Robin: This is completely unfair.

Patrick: Okay, well, we could go to the harbor or something.

Robin: No, that's not what I mean. I mean you and Emma. I mean, I'm on the verge of hearing loss because she's been screaming all night. You walk in the door, take one look at her, and then suddenly, she stops, so what's your secret? Why are you so good at parenting, and how do I learn?

Luke: Penny for your thoughts?

Tracy: I'm not a religious woman, as you know, but I am praying to God that he stop the rain so I can get the hell out of here.

Luke: Well, while the monsoon rages, I see no reason why we should be on opposite sides of the room. I brought a deck of cards.

Tracy: Don't interrupt my prayers.

Vance: You got a job, Nikolas?

Nikolas: Self-employed.

Vance: That's a fancy word for bum.

Nadine: You're so wrong.

Bo: What'd I tell you, Dad? This guy's a freeloader.

Nadine: He is not. He is a very successful businessman.

Bo: Or so he says.

Nadine: No, he has an entire island that he owns with this gigantic --

Nikolas: Nadine, it's all right. It's okay, it's okay, it's --

Nadine: No, he's an actual prince.

[Bo and Vance snicker]

Vance: Honey, I don't know what this guy's been shoveling your way, but we don't have any princes in this country.

Nikolas: I think what Nadine is referring to is the fact that I'm descended from Russian nobility, so --

Bo: You're just throwing that phony title around to trick Nadine into marrying you, so you can be a citizen without -- without going through the proper channels.

Nadine: Now, hold on just a second, okay? Nikolas never even asked me to marry him, all right? In fact, he's been telling me that he doesn't need any help with all of his citizenship.

Nikolas: It's okay. It's okay. My attorneys are exploring other options. It'll all be fine, but I understand your family's concern.

Vance: I don't know if you're sincere or if you're playing us, Prince Nikolas, but in any case, you're going to have to marry our Nadine, and soon.

Nadine: What are you talking about?

Vance: It's Raylene's fondest wish to see you married before she dies.

Sasha: The police have no evidence.

Man: Where's the boy?

Sasha: At a location near the border.

Man: Will Morgan be able to find this place?

Sasha: Shouldn't be a problem.

Man: Good. When Morgan shows up, kill him.

[Men speaking Russian]

Sam: What do you want to do?

Jason: We can't risk calling the cops. If the Russians hear them, they could hurt Jake. We have to get Jake ourselves.

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