GH Transcript Monday 12/1/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/1/08


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Kate: Carly, no!

[Kate screams]

Carly: Are we even now?

Anthony: Would you like me to repeat the vows?

Sonny: No, I heard them.

Anthony: I thought we had the deal in place.

Sonny: Yeah, we do.

Walter: Can I consider that a yes?

Elizabeth: Jake! Jake! Jake!

Jason: What? What -- what happened?

Sam: The Russians took Jake.

Jason: Elizabeth and Cam --

Sam: No, no, no, no, they're safe. Let's go. It's been less than two minutes since they left. We can catch them.

Elizabeth: Damn it, Jason, you go find my baby!

Walter: Therefore, by the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now declare you husband and wife. At this point, it's elective but considered traditional -- of course, it's entirely up to you.

Claudia: What he's trying to say is, you can kiss the bride or not.

Carly: Did you pay me back? Do you feel better?

Jax: How'd you get in here, Carly?

Carly: I swear to God, up until this very second, I thought we had a chance. I really thought we had a chance.

Jax: You shouldn't be here.

Carly: You shouldn't be here.

Kate: This may be a technicality, but you are in my living room.

Carly: You know, that one time I slept with Sonny in the limo, we were out of our minds with grief, and I have apologized to you every way I know how. I've done everything. I've put my heart in your hands, and you come here, and you sleep with Sonny's throwaway?

Jax: Listen to yourself. It's always about Sonny.

Carly: It's not about Sonny.

Jax: It's still about Sonny, Sonny this and Sonny that.

Carly: So -- so how was it? Did you get what you needed? Did you hurt me as bad as you were hurt?

Kate: Do not even pretend to be the victim here.

Carly: I never once set out to deliberately hurt you, ever.

Jax: I know. Neither have I.

Kate: Yes, and that being said, you did practically shove Jax into my arms.

Carly: Wow.

Johnny: You know anything about the stars?

Lulu: My brother Nikolas does. He sees warriors and Greek gods. I just see stars.

Johnny: So which way are we headed? North, south, east?

Lulu: Well, where is the North Star?

Johnny: I think it's that one up there.

Lulu: Okay, then we're not going in that direction.

Johnny: Why?

Lulu: Because we're not going to head north in December. I don't want to get any colder than I am now.

Johnny: Okay, so I guess if that's north, then that must be east.

Lulu: That's back to Port Charles.

Johnny: I'm not going back to Port Charles.

Lulu: I am not going back there either, so we have south or west.

Johnny: Which one do you want?

Lulu: I don't know. Why don't we just drive until we feel like stopping and just stay until we're ready to leave?

Johnny: I like that idea.

Lulu: I mean, we could head all the way to the coast, maybe even stop in the mountains for a little while.

Johnny: Hey, you know, when I was little I wanted to be a cowboy in Oklahoma.

Lulu: Oh, hmm.

Johnny: Stupid.

Lulu: Yeah, that's okay. Well, maybe we could, you know, get hired at a ranch somewhere. Or we could just keep going west, maybe -- I don't know -- go to the coast of Mexico.

Johnny: I think you're serious about this.

Lulu: I am serious about this. My family was on the run for years before I was born, and I think they were hiding from this guy, Frank Smith. He was like your dad, I think, and Lucky got to go with them. They would go to so many different places, like Ireland and Marrakech, even Canada for a little bit, and now it's my turn to be a real Spencer and be on the road with the man that I love.

Sam: Bars, come on, bars.

Jason: The Russians must have circled back.

Sam: Oh, good. Hello -- yes, hi. Yes, a little boy was just grabbed from a cabin outside of Watertown off of I-81. There was a shootout. I don't know if he was injured. There's still a woman up there with a young child, and they need your help. Hello? Hello? Yeah, uh-huh, his name is Jake Spencer, blonde hair, blue eyes. He was wearing a camouflage onesie and -- what's that? Hold on. Did you see the car?

Jason: A black van. I didn't see the license plate.

Sam: Yes, it was a black van, but we didn't see the license plate. Hello, hello? Yeah, that's right. Hello? Hello?

Jason: What?

Sam: I lost the signal.

Jason: Are you sure they heard enough?

Sam: I'm positive. When did you see the car?

Jason: You know what? It almost hit me when I was driving up to the cabin.

Sam: Jason, you missed the car by two minutes.

Jason: I had no idea my son was in that van.

Elizabeth: It's okay now. Jason and Sam went to go find your brother, and they're going to bring him back, and he's going to be safe. I'm so sorry, baby. Mommy should have never, ever brought you out here, but you were so brave. I promise I will never, never let anything like this happen to you ever again.

[Pounding on door]

Lucky: Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Lucky.

Lucky: Are you okay?

Elizabeth: They took Jake.

Cameron: Daddy!

Lucky: Hey, buddy. Oh, my God. I'm so happy to see you. What do you mean they took Jake?

Jason: Okay, start at the beginning.

Sam: Okay. We had a blowout on the way up, and I changed the tire, and of course I checked it, because I thought it was shot out, and it wasn't, and that's when I saw a black van, and it had to have been the Russians.

Elizabeth: They must have followed us up here. I wanted to make it fun for the boys, so we were going to roast marshmallows. Sam went out to get firewood, and then she saw one of them.

Lucky: Wait, one of the Russians?

Sam: We got back to the house, and I went outside to get some firewood, and that's when I saw one of the guys, so I quickly went inside. I bolted the doors. Elizabeth, she tried to call you.

Elizabeth: The phone lines were cut.

Sam: And we -- we didn't want to scare the boys, so we had them build a fort in the bedroom.

Elizabeth: Sam had a shotgun, and I used a handgun. For a moment I thought that they had given up and gone away. That's when the shooting started, and it was so loud. I never imagined it would be so loud.

Sam: We needed to lure one of the guys in because we were really low on ammunition, and -- and we did, and I shot him with the shotgun, and I was out of bullets, so I told Elizabeth to take the other gun and go in to protect the boys and I would create a diversion. And -- and I did, and one of the guys came in, and I was in serious trouble, Jason, serious. And Elizabeth, she -- she shot him dead.

Elizabeth: He was coming after Sam, so I shot him.

Lucky: So you saved Sam's life?

Elizabeth: Lucky, I killed a man, and now our son is gone.

Sam: She went into the bedroom to check on the boys, and the mattress was not over the window anymore. Cameron, he was still in the fort, but Jake was gone. Do you think the Russians had any idea that Jake was your son?

Jason: I'm not sure what really matters. I mean, the only reason to take a kid is to force me to come get him.

Sam: No, Jason, it is a trap, and your son is the bait.

Claudia: I can't believe Daddy found a wedding cake at this last minute.

Trevor: Beautiful. Come on, Richie, cheer up. You always said you wanted to be the top dog for the Zaccharas. What did you think it was going to feel like?

Anthony: You'll stay for the reception, padre.

Walter: I'm just a justice of the peace, sir. It's not traditional that I participate in the festivities.

Anthony: Well, we're going to flaunt tradition for once. You'll stay.

Sonny: You know what? Why don't you go ahead? I appreciate what you -- what you did here on short notice, and why don't you go ahead and go do what you need to do?

Walter: Thank you, sir.

Sonny: Claudia, you want to cut the cake?

Claudia: Are you serious?

Sonny: Yeah, go ahead. Dead serious.

Claudia: Okay, I wish I had a camera.

Milo: Right here.

Sonny: See? My people -- they're always -- they're always prepared. Milo, you got it?

Milo: Yeah.

Sonny: Okay, there you go, great.

Milo: Ready?

Sonny: Yes.

Claudia: Okay.

Sonny: Look at that. Look at that. I guess that's -- that's it, right? No?

Anthony: All right, father of the bride has a toast. Everybody, please take some champagne.

Trevor: Richie, it's not polite to pout at a wedding. Come on. Put your game face on. Sonny, Claudia, congratulations. You two deserve each other. See what I mean.

Sonny: Allow me. I'll get you -- there you go.

Claudia: Thank you.

Anthony: A toast to my new son-in-law and my beautiful daughter. May your union bring peace and prosperity to us all.

Anthony: Okay, wedding's over. Claudia, make yourself scarce. We got business to discuss.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no, no. My wife is not going anywhere. Come over here.

Carly: I know that you're grieving because of Jerry, but you know, do you feel better about the breakup now? Do you?

Jax: You just -- you just barged in here. I don't have to explain anything to you.

Carly: That is the exact same thing I said to you when you found Sonny at my house, but I wasn't screwing Sonny.

Jax: Oh, no, you only screwed Sonny a couple of times before that, didn't you?

Carly: Oh, my God. You're going to bring that up?

Jax: Am I supposed to just forget about that?

Carly: How many times have you lied to me, Jax?

Kate: Okay, okay, do not engage. If you let her get it out of her system, maybe she'll leave us alone.

Carly: Wow. I really hope you guys have enjoyed yourselves, because this is going to cost you big time. Both of you. I've been fighting this divorce. I've been trying to hold on to you every way I know how, but if you want to be with her, be with her. And let me tell you something, Connie Falconeri. I will destroy you. I will destroy you.

Johnny: We should go in the car. It's warmer.

Lulu: I don't know. It's pretty hot out here.


Lulu: Oh, my God.

Johnny: It's a little warm.

Lulu: Yeah.

Sheriff: Step out of the car, please.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. I'm coming.

Sheriff: Is there a problem here?

Johnny: No, no problem at all.

Sheriff: Looks like a problem to me.

Lulu: We're not doing anything wrong.

Sheriff: Why'd you pull over?

Lulu: To look at the stars.

Sheriff: The stars?

Lulu: Yeah, the -- the little, shiny bright things up there that you can see.

Sheriff: I don't appreciate your attitude, miss. I could charge you both with lewd behavior.

Lulu: For looking at the stars?

Sheriff: Your car is parked in an unsafe location on a public road, and I have reason to believe that you are participating --

Lulu: Okay, wait, wait, wait, why don't you arrest somebody who's actually doing something wrong, you know, like a drug dealer, or -- I don't know -- a bank robber?

Sheriff: You want me to take you in? Is that what you're asking for?

Johnny: Hey, leave her alone.

Sheriff: Hands on the car.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. What is going on? Is this happening right now?

Nikolas: Hey.

Luke: Hi. Lost?

Nikolas: Lulu -- she said that you moved back here. Reopening?

Luke: I'm open to it, but I've hit a little financial bump in the road. But I remain optimistic.

Nikolas: Well, that's new for you.

Luke: Drink? I finished the scotch. I'm working on the gin, but I think I could scare up a little vodka.

Nikolas: It's a little early for me.

Luke: Oh, come on, Nik. Live a little.

Nikolas: Okay, why not?

Luke: That was easy enough. Here.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Luke: To better days ahead.

Nikolas: I'll drink to that.

Luke: So, something I can do for you?

Nikolas: No, no, I just came by to pass along some information. I got a call from -- from my mother this morning. She's fine. She's doing great. Loves Paris, loves the house that I got her there.

Luke: And medically?

Nikolas: Well, the doctors, they seem to be hopeful, but they aren't sure if the recovery is permanent or not. In any event, she's being closely monitored and enjoying every moment of being awake, sends her love, and says she misses us.

Luke: I hope she's enjoying every moment of her independence.

Nikolas: The question is, are you?

Luke: Yeah, sure, I always enjoy my independence. I do miss my wife.

Nikolas: Which one?

Sonny: I will be doing business in my house, not yours. Ric, get the major lieutenants. Have them be in my living room in about one hour.

Anthony: With all due respect, I need to have the meetings here because of the wheelchair. It's difficult for me to travel. I'm sure you understand.

Sonny: You won't be included. That's what this wedding was all about. You just handed over all the power of the Zacchara organization to me, which means I will do what I want. I will not be second-guessed. I will run the organization the way I want it run. That was our agreement, wasn't it?

Anthony: I'm supposed to trust you?

Claudia: Yes, Daddy, that's why you made Sonny family.

Sonny: Let's go, Claudia.

Claudia: Bye, Daddy.

Sonny: You, thanks. Come on.

Ric: Well, you wanted "for better or for worse." You got it.

Nikolas: I'm probably not the most likely confidant here, but it was about this time last year that I was in pretty bad shape over Emily’s death, and you said some things to me that really helped. Now, I'm not offering unsolicited advice, but if you need a sounding board, I'm available.

Luke: I remember that conversation. You were so consumed in your grief, you couldn't see beyond your pain.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Luke: You didn't think you would ever be able to love again. I pontificated that one love doesn't replace another, that you probably would love again and it would be just as deep and just as rewarding as with Emily or some such sap, but that did happen with me and Tracy. You think there's a lesson there?

Nikolas: I wouldn't know. I never see my lessons coming. They have to kick me in the face to get my attention. I'm not -- I'm not here to disrespect your marriage to Tracy or to be a cheerleader for my mother, but I need to know, how do you -- how do you even equate the two? Because all I've ever heard for as long as I can remember is that Luke and Laura was -- thank you -- it was the greatest love ever, the standard for all of us, and now that she's awake, even if it was just for a little while, how could you let her go back to Paris without you?

Luke: I'm married to Tracy, Nik, not your mother. And no matter how I feel about Laura, I can no longer just drop my life or my wife whenever it looks like she might recover.

Nikolas: Well, I guess it's a done deal, then. You're with Tracy.

Luke: Yeah, I am. Well, not so much at the moment. She overheard me having a conversation with Lulu where I told her that I would have accompanied your mother to Paris if she'd asked me to. You know, just to get her settled. Anyway, the proverbial hit the fan. Tracy, even though she doesn't wear it on her sleeve, can be hurt as deeply as anyone else, and I've hurt her repeatedly by making her second to Laura. I can't do that anymore. The ironic thing is none of that may even matter, because now I don't think she's ever going to trust me again. Oh, hell.

Lulu: Officer, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Johnny: Lulu, it's okay.

Lulu: This is a violation of your civil rights.

Sheriff: Keep it up, young lady, and I'll put you in handcuffs, too.

Lulu: Oh, go for it, and I will sue you.

Sheriff: Let's see some I.D. John Zacchara? I apologize for the misunderstanding, Mr. Zacchara. I didn't realize.

Johnny: Hmm, what? All of a sudden I have civil rights because I'm Anthony Zacchara's son?

Sheriff: We've had a lot of problems with kids stopping along the side of the road here.

Lulu: That does not give you the right to push him up against a car and handcuff him.

Sheriff: Let's just forget all about tonight.

Johnny: What if I don't want to forget about it? Since I can park my car anywhere I want, that means I can do anything else I want, right?

Sheriff: I don't want any trouble.

Johnny: I can get away with whatever I want, right?

Lulu: Johnny, come on. Let's go.

Johnny: Huh? Can I get away with that?

Ric: Housekeeper didn't clean up, huh?

Anthony: You report back to me after this meeting.

Ric: Yeah, of course, although I don't suppose Sonny's going to say anything with me in the room.

Anthony: No, he'll assume you're a spy, and it's just as well. It'll keep his focus on something other than the real plan.

Ric: Yeah, why are you -- why are you so upset, huh? Things are happening according to your plan. You know, you shot Kate. Sonny blamed Karpov, reacted accordingly, triggered a Russian retaliation. Now he needs the Zaccharas so badly that he's willing to marry Claudia.

Anthony: Ric, it would be a mistake for you to work with your brother against me.

Ric: Sonny hasn't been my brother for a very long time. He made his choice. Now I'm making mine.

Jason: Did you find everything?

Sam: Yeah, okay. Oh, it's a good thing you came prepared.

Jason: Yeah, too little, too late. You guys shouldn't have been up in that cabin, you know.

Sam: All right, where are we going?

Jason: There's an abandoned mine just down the road. The Russians have been using it for storage.

Sam: Jason, I still think it's a trap. I don't think they're going to partake. I think they're trying to get your attention, and they're going to let him go.

Jason: We don't know what they want, okay? We can't assume anything at this point.

Sam: Listen to me, please. Before, on the night when I watched that woman walk away --

Jason: Don’t. Don't even talk about that right now.

Sam: I just -- I really need to say what's on my mind, okay? I'm just starting to realize how terrible that was and the kind of pain that I put you and Elizabeth through, okay? Elizabeth was amazing tonight, Jason. She would have died for either one of those kids.

Sam: Okay, you're cutting the lights. Jason, we're going to get your son back. I owe you and Elizabeth that much. I will do whatever it takes.

Claudia: Well, no need to carry me over the threshold.

Max: Well, uh, welcome home Mrs. -- Uh, new Mrs. C. Anyway, welcome home.

Claudia: Thanks, guys.

Sonny: Milo, take her stuff upstairs. She'll be sleeping in the room that overlooks the -- the lake.

Milo: Not your room, sir?

Max: Would you shut up, idiot?

Sonny: If you need anything, all you got to do is ask Max.

Max: Yeah, I'll be outside if you need anything else.

Sonny: You want a drink?

Claudia: That would be great. So, how did our wedding compare with all your other weddings? Was it worse, better? Or --

Sonny: There's no need to really compare. You know, this was a business arrangement. Nothing less, nothing more.

Claudia: Look, I know that. You don't have to keep reminding me. I'm a realist if nothing else. I do have to say, um, you gave me a really unexpected and much appreciated gift by shouting my father down like that. So here's to you, husband.

Sonny: Hey, here's to us.

Johnny: Why don't you arrest me?

Lulu: Johnny, stop. Stop.

Johnny: How much is my father paying you, huh? You greedy, or you just a coward?

Sheriff: You need to get in your car and drive away.

Johnny: What if I don't want to? I'm a Zacchara. So that entitles me to do whatever I want. Rob somebody, shoot somebody. Could I steal your gun or steal your car and get away with it? You just look the other way?

Sheriff: Back off.

Johnny: What if I don't want to back off? I don't have to back off.

Lulu: Okay, we're -- we're leaving now.

Johnny: Do it.

Lulu: We're leaving now.

Sheriff: Take him somewhere and get him calmed down. I'm sure you know how.

Kate: Well, um, you're welcome to stay.

Jax: I'll take a rain check, okay?

Kate: Okay. Thank you. I hope that we helped each other tonight on a rough night. And I don't know, maybe even though I wanted to keep this private, seeing this latest outburst by Carly will prevent you from becoming sentimental and taking her back.

Jax: No, I'm not going to go back with Carly. I just see it from her point of view. She walked in on us having sex. It must have been pretty painful for her.

Kate: Why do you do that? Why are you so generous with her? She doesn't deserve it. It's wasted. You deserve someone much better.

Jax: Carly seems pretty determined to destroy me. And especially you. When she says something like that she usually means it, so just watch your back, okay?

Trevor: You here to stop the party? You're too late.

Carly: Looks like quite a party.

Trevor: By now, your ex and his blushing bride are at his place. Would you like me to call Anthony?

Carly: No, I'm not here to see Anthony. I'm here to see you.

Trevor: Oh, haven't you heard? I have been banished from the inner circle.

Carly: I don't care about the Zaccharas. This is about Kate.

Trevor: I heard that she got out of the hospital.

Carly: And I heard you called to check up on her every day.

Trevor: Who told you that?

Carly: I have connections at the hospital. I have to admit, I'm touched by it. But I'm also -- can I?

Trevor: Let me.

Carly: A little curious as to your concern about Kate. I mean, I know that you're the reason she got where she is today. You took Kate in. You opened a whole bunch of doors for her. Hell, you gave her her whole world on a silver platter, and didn't she throw it right back in your face?

Trevor: Carly, what is that you want?

Carly: What if I could give you your Katie back?

Elizabeth: I went into the bedroom and Jake was gone. Jason Morgan showed up and he and Sam McCall went after him.

Local cop #1: Where did they go?

Elizabeth: I don't know. Didn't they call you?

Local cop #1: Well, have you heard from them?

Elizabeth: My cell phone doesn't work up here, and the phone lines were cut. I already told you that.

Lucky: Okay, you have your information, right? I need to get her and her little boy home. I -- I'll give you my information and then -- if that's all right.

Local cop #1: It's not exactly procedure, but okay.

Lucky: All right, thank you. We appreciate it. Let's go.

Elizabeth: Please just find my little boy.

Thug: [Speaking Russian]

Sam: Who are you?

 Thug: [Speaking Russian]

Sonny: What was the deal with the justice of the peace? Why was he so nervous?

Claudia: Hmm. He almost married Jason and me. He probably thought he was going to end up in the trunk of a car if we didn't say our vows.

Sonny: I gave him a good tip.

Claudia: That's good. He definitely earned it. Why did you draw out the vows like that? Were you trying to give him a heart attack?

Sonny: No, no. I just wanted to see how badly your father wanted it.

Claudia: He wants it real badly. In fact, I've never seen him want anything more.

Sonny: That's good to know.

Claudia: You played it brilliantly.

Sonny: You -- you did great yourself.

Claudia: Well, I can see why he wanted to bring you in. Thank you. I would love to see my room. Um -- my suite.

Sonny: Yeah, third door on the right.

Claudia: Do you want to show it to me? I mean, I just -- I don't want to stumble on anything that's none of my business.

Sonny: Yeah. I mean, this -- I want this to be your home.

Claudia: Thank you.

Olivia: Hey, you. I was thinking we're overdue for a girls' night out. A couple of cousins out on the town. You can take me for cocktails at a swanky restaurant, maybe deliver me from Jake’s. You're crying.

Kate: Just something in my eye.

Olivia: Oh, honey. I'm sorry. I guess you must have found out already.

Kate: About that marriage between Sonny and Claudia? That hellish union that you had the power to prevent and chose not to?

Carly: I want to know everything you did for Kate Howard. And do you know she's really Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst? And her whole childhood from Connecticut was one big, fat lie?

Trevor: No, that was years ago. Katie needed some polishing. I decided to help her out.

Carly: Yeah, but weren't you married when you first started paying her bills? And didn't you buy her an apartment on the Upper East Side? Isn't all that true?

Trevor: Why would I tell you that?

Carly: There had to be other benefactors. Come on, we're talking about a lot of money here, Trevor. Kate wasn't making that kind of money as a publisher, and we both know Connie Falconeri didn't have a lot going on.

Trevor: Oh, now I get it. You're really mad at Katie.

Carly: What gave it away?

Trevor: Carly, I barely know you. Why would I help you trash someone I once loved?

Carly: You mean, what's in it for you? Well, for starters, didn't she dump you in a very humiliating way? Maybe you want to make her pay for that, maybe you don’t.

Trevor: Which is it? Do I want to make her pay? Or do I really want her back?

Carly: I don't really care. I just want Kate Howard’s past to come back to haunt her.

Jason: Don't -- don't shoot unless you have to.

Sam: Okay.

Thug #2: [Speaking Russian]

Trevor: Ooh, you're really fired up. And you want to land on Kate like the wrath of God.

Carly: You know exactly what Kate Howard deserves. You still have high heel prints on your back. I'm here to offer you help and offer you a job.

Trevor: I really appreciate your concern for my emotional well-being and my financial status. However, I'm not going to run and join the lonely hearts club soon. And I'm not on the job market.

Carly: I think you should come to the hotel and work as my in-house counsel.

Trevor: Do you know who you're talking to? Why would I do that?

Carly: Because do you know how much Kate Howard would hate it?

Trevor: Look, let me show you the flaws in your little presentation. You are the one who hates Kate, and you are the one who wants to destroy her, and you want to use me as your instrument for revenge because you don't think you can pull it off by yourself. Or have I misread you?

Olivia: Okay, wait, wait. You are blaming me for Sonny marrying Claudia?

Kate: Yes. That disgrace, that total farce of a union would have never happened if you had just told Sonny the truth.

Olivia: Okay. Connie, you are dangerously in denial here. Sonny knowing that Dante is his kid would not have made him do anything differently.

Kate: No, I'm sure that it's convenient for you to think that. But I'm right, Olivia. If Sonny knew about Dante, he could have been inspired to stay out of the mob instead of jumping in both feet first. In fact, this whole night would have had a different outcome across the board.

Olivia: Across the board?

Kate: Jax came over and we commiserated about both being burned, and Sonny showed up right on cue, gave me his explanation of why he married Claudia. Sonny left, Jax stayed, one thing led to another.

Olivia: Okay. Is that a euphemism for you boinked Carly’s husband?

Kate: Thanks for putting it that way, Olivia.

Olivia: Well, um, did you feel better?

Kate: I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, sure. Yeah, I did, at the time.

Olivia: What do you want me to say? Congratulations?

Kate: Well, actually, I'm not finished. Because while we were in the middle of helping each other, Carly barged in. She took a bucket of ice water and dumped it on us. And then she proceeded to go between playing injured victim and swearing vengeance on me for stealing her husband. But I digress. Because you see, this whole disastrous chain of events started with Sonny marrying Claudia. So I should thank you, right? Thanks, Olivia, for dismantling my life in record time.

Olivia: You got your heart broken, and I am really sorry about that. But blaming me is not going to take the responsibility off of you. You made choices that led to every single thing that happened here tonight. You got to find a way to live with those choices and keep going on until it doesn't hurt so bad.

Kate: Okay. So is that what you did when you lost Sonny to me?

Max: Ric, come on in. I'll be right with you.

Ric: He calls us here at a moment's notice, then keeps us waiting. Nice. Hey, Milo. Gentlemen.

Lieutenant #1: So what's this about? Anybody know?

Ric: Well, I'm sure we'll find out.

Sonny: Thanks for coming on short notice. We have a lot to accomplish.

Lieutenant #1: As far as the Zacchara position on the waterfront --

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to be dealing with all the properties in the next couple of days, all right? I expect everything to run smoothly. Our first order of business -- dealing with these damn Russians. Okay? If you have any communication with them at all, you come to me. Is that clear? Consider Max Giambetti my personal representative. Whatever you say to me can be said to him. Now, you know, he's my brother Ric, over there?

Claudia: I thought business could wait.

Sonny: Well, you thought wrong.

Elizabeth: Cameron is so sound asleep, like nothing ever happened. You haven't heard anything?

Lucky: They set up roadblocks and put out an A.P.B.

Elizabeth: You were right about everything from the very start. You told me to stay away from Jason. Jason told me to stay away from him, but I wouldn't listen. I just wanted him in my life at any cost. I put my needs over everything, including my children. And now my baby's gone, and this is all my fault.

Sam: Maybe it is a good thing that we couldn't find Jake down here.

Jason: I'll see if I can get a signal and call Spinelli. Figure out if there's any more properties the Russians have around here.

Sam: Oh, my gosh, wait a minute, Jason. This is Jake’s. I remember him wearing the exact same kind.

Jason: That means he was here.

Sam: It is definitely his. I can remember him kicking it off the whole time in the car.

[Loud rumbling sound]

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