GH Transcript Friday 11/21/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/21/08


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Claudia: You can see the harbor through the buildings, it's so clear.

Johnny: Hey, isn't that the tip of Nikolas Cassadine’s island over there?

Claudia: Yeah. Yeah.

Johnny: Huh.

Claudia: I like this apartment.

Johnny: It's been nice living on our own.

Claudia: Do you remember that night when we ate, like, five bags of popcorn and almost puked, and we watched old movies from the forties?

Johnny: Oh, God.

Claudia: The forties. I'm going to miss this place, John.

Johnny: Where are you going?

Claudia: Sonny's house, I suppose. I'll be playing the little wifey soon.

Sonny: I've got a good idea. Why don't -- you know, why don't we just close the deal without me having to marry Claudia?

Anthony: My daughter is part of the package. You take it or leave it.

Sonny: I just thought I'd give it a shot. Yeah, yeah, I'll take it.

Anthony: You hear that, Ric? Not only is your brother going to be running the Zacchara organization, he's also getting my precious pearl, Claudia.

Spinelli: The Jackal is keenly aware that Stone Cold ordered his gun-a-phobic grasshopper to steer clear of Maximista's Russian assailants. A wise course of action, to be sure.

Jason: What? What are you saying?

Spinelli: You seem a tad preoccupied.

Jason: Yeah. It's just Elizabeth and the boys. I wanted to put them in one of my safe houses, but Lucky didn't want them under my protection.

Spinelli: Well, but Stone Cold was no doubt forgiving that his orders were not followed?

Jason: It's okay. You know, they're out of town. They'll be safe. That's all that matters.

Sam: I happen to know that you boys are excellent campers.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Sam: We had a lot of fun when we went to the cabin with your daddy, didn't we?

Jake: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Maybe we can take a walk in the woods when we get there or something, let them --


Nikolas: Jax, what an unpleasant surprise.

Jax: I'm glad you're still here. I was just on the phone with my architect, and he informs me that the grounds the stables are on will be the site for the new resort. It's very exciting.

Nikolas: Well, I wouldn't put too much in start-up costs. My attorneys will find a way to block this.

Jax: Ah, Nikolas, believe me, the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. I mean, as I mentioned before, Spoon Island, except the land that Wyndemere sits on, was on long-term lease from the local Native American tribe, and they accepted my offer to buy it. Of course, you are welcome to check this out for yourself.

Nikolas: It will never go through.

Jax: I'm also assuming that your beautiful gardens are on my land, so pending surveys, I'll be bulldozing those to put up tennis courts. Which is great, because you'll be able to play tennis all year round. And then the spa -- the spa is going to be beautiful. It's going to go all the way from your front door, all the way down to the docks.

Nikolas: Oh, but the docks, see, they -- they belong to me.

Jax: Ah, yes. Right you are. They do belong to you. I'll have to build you a path, an easement. Of course, you'll be the only one using it once I'm done building the causeway to the mainland.

Nikolas: Ooh, a causeway?

Jax: Yes, just a simple little two-way road, you know, connecting us to Port Charles. Wouldn't want to spoil the serenity of Spoon Island for my guests, would I?

Nikolas: All right. Get the hell out of my house.

Jax: Nikolas, that's about the only thing you can ask me to do. Have a nice day.

Carly: This has to stop.

Jason: Sam was with the Russians when we ambushed their warehouse. We got her out, but there's no way they don't think that she's working with us.

Spinelli: A most dire situation.

Jason: The Russians are well organized, and they don't leave any witnesses.

Spinelli: Hence the attack on fair Maximista.

Jason: That's why we can't make any mistakes.

Spinelli: No, assuredly not. Any particular reasons Stone Cold's weapon springs to mind?

Jason: I need ammo, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Yes. Be prepared. Sage advice indeed.

Jason: The warehouse was our first strike. It's not going to be enough to force the Russians out.

Spinelli: You have strategized carefully.

Jason: If we don't take coordinated action, the Russians could do even worse damage --

Spinelli: I admit it. I admit my grievous error in judgment.

Jason: Your what?

Spinelli: I went against Stone Cold's advice and confronted Maximista's deadly assailants at gunpoint. And failed.

Elizabeth: Thanks for changing the tire.

Sam: Yay me. It was a team effort. But the good thing is it's as good as new and ready to go.

Elizabeth: Okay, I have to admit. I was a little iffy about going to the cabin with you.

Sam: Well, it does make two of us.

Elizabeth: But I'm glad you're with me. 'Cause blowing out a tire is scary to begin with, but being on this deserted road --

Sam: Yeah, I know. You sort of start imagining things.

Elizabeth: Every time the leaves rustle, I think the Russian mob is coming to get us.

Sam: Okay, I've got to admit that when the tire blew, I did kind of think that maybe it was a gunshot.

Elizabeth: We're just being paranoid, right?

Sam: Yeah, I think so.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Sam: And I'm freezing, so I think it's time to get back in the car.

Elizabeth: Okay. Another half hour and we'll be at the cabin where no one can find us.

Sam: Good.

Johnny: You cannot marry Sonny.

Claudia: Sure I can. We stand in front of the justice of the peace, answer his questions -- do you, Claudia, take Sonny to be your lawful, etc., etc.

Johnny: Okay, Claudia, this is nothing to be made light of. It's a life-changing decision.

Claudia: No one ever said it had to be forever. Besides, it's your fault that it's happening.

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Claudia: When Daddy collapsed on the floor with his aneurysm, you're the one who jumped in and called 911 and saved his life.

Johnny: Oh, come on. You would have done the same thing.

Claudia: You don't know that. You don't know that. And neither do I, John. It doesn't matter. Daddy's alive. There are the cards I've been dealt. I'm playing the hand.

Johnny: Sonny treats you like garbage.

Claudia: That is true. But I don't treat him that well either.

Johnny: Will you listen to yourself? Marriage is supposed to be about love and respect and commitment.

Claudia: Oh, my God. John, you're so cute. Oh, come on. You're so idealistic. It's -- it's adorable. It's the sweetest thing ever, really. It's not for me. It's not like that.

Johnny: Claudia, nobody is twisting your arm except our father.

Claudia: I'm not doing this for Daddy. I'm doing it for you. Do you get it? It's strengthens your position in the organization.

Johnny: He's going to be in charge.

Claudia: And he will expand our power and our strength. And when the time comes for you to take over the organization, and you trust me, little brother, I will make sure that that happens. You will have a powerful empire to run.

Johnny: Claudia, I don't want the power if it's about selling my sister out to Sonny Corinthos.

Ric: Welcome to the Zacchara organization.

Anthony: This is a momentous occasion. We should celebrate. Ric, pour us all a cognac.

Sonny: We need to set terms. I'm in charge. All right. Everybody follows my orders. And, you know, nobody has authority over me. We've got that, right, Anthony?

Anthony: Of course, of course. Though I do think it's reasonable that because I'm boss emeritus, I should be advised of your overall strategies.

Sonny: I'll tell you what you need to know. But I will say this -- if anybody comes to you and tells you anything behind my back, it's a done deal.

Ric: If you're suggesting that I would undermine your position and insinuate --

Sonny: You would go behind me in a heartbeat, but that's okay. Thank you. If you do that once, I walk.

Anthony: Gentlemen, there's no need for hostility. We're all on the same side here. And when you marry my daughter, you're family.

Alan: A single-malt scotch will not cure a broken heart.

Tracy: Why don't you do us both a favor and evaporate?

Alan: I do not evaporate. And I'm not the one you're angry with, Tracy.

Tracy: No, you're not, but you're here. And you make a damn good target.

Alan: You're still in love with Luke, aren't you?

Tracy: So what? He loves Laura. Let him have her.

Edward: Pour me a glass of that scotch, will you, please? Once that reprobate Spencer gets back, there won't be a drop of liquor left in the house.

Tracy: You're not going to have to worry about that.

Lulu: Has anybody seen my DVDs?

Alice: Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Lulu. I borrowed them. I hope that wasn't crossing the line.

Lulu: No, that's fine. I just want them back in case my dad wants to watch them in the theater room.

Alice: Oh, well, I'd be happy to deliver them personally to him.

Lulu: That would be great. Thank you.

Alice: Well, thank you.

Tracy: Could I interrupt just for a minute?

Monica: Could I make a request first, please? Could you and Luke confine your bickering to the Haunted Star? Now that I am chief of staff, I really don't need a lot of stress around this house, okay? Thank you.

Alice: Oh, that reminds me. Now when exactly is Mr. Luke coming back, because Cook can't wait to make his favorite dinner.

Edward: Cook works for us, not Mr. Spencer.

Alice: Well, try telling that to Cook.

Tracy: Could you just shut up for a minute? Luke will not be living here.

Luke: Mrs. Spencer, you do not mean that.

Jason: Okay. Tell me, what'd you do?

Spinelli: The Jackal used subterfuge to appropriate a spare firearm from Mr. Sir's abode in order to avenge fair Maximista by seeking out the villains who harmed her.

Jason: So you're telling me you went after the Russians alone?

Spinelli: Yeah, I am aware of the flaws in my ill-conceived plan.

Jason: Just tell me what happened.

Spinelli: I found two of the Slavic scoundrels lurking suspiciously by Pier 52. I had them cornered. I had them at gun -- point. But I was unable to pull the trigger. Had the mob prince John Zacchara not shown up and manfully taken over to repel the Russian marauders, I have no doubts the evildoers would have dispatched me where I stood.

Jason: Okay, now is the time to tell me exactly what you were thinking, and what are you trying to prove?

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I am aware of my dismal failure, and the fact that I could have jeopardized your carefully laid plans. And not even the desire to avenge fair Maximista could transform me into the powerful hero.

Jason: All right, Spinelli. Listen, if you would have shot those guys, you would have thrown your life away.

Spinelli: Well, given the Jackal's lack of preparation or premeditation, I have no doubts the minions of law enforcement could have uncovered my crime.

Jason: You are too smart to use a gun. And if you want to be a hero to Maxie, you stay the person you are. That's who she needs you to be.

[Knock on door]

Olivia: We need to talk about Sonny.

Claudia: The marriage with Sonny will benefit me, too.

Johnny: Claudia, you can get yourself killed.

Claudia: True. But if I live, I'll be in a position of power.

Johnny: Yeah, until Sonny finds out that you and I were responsible for getting his kid shot.

Claudia: Sonny never has to know that we had anything to do with what happened to Michael.

Johnny: Okay, you were at Nikolas Cassadine's house what -- one night before you told him?

Claudia: I was delirious, Johnny. I had hypothermia.

Johnny: Okay, you could get delirious again. Or drunk or whatever. Who knows? The point is the two of you are going to be married, living in the same house through sickness and in health. There are a million ways he could find out the truth.

Claudia: I'm thinking what happened to Michael will probably never come up with Sonny.

Johnny: You want to bet your life on that?

Claudia: Well, if there was another alternative, I would jump at it, Johnny.

Johnny: Yeah, the alternative is not marrying Sonny.

Claudia: It's not that -- you know what? He's not that bad. It's not that bad. He can actually sometimes -- he can actually be a decent guy.

Johnny: Okay, right. Sorry. Name one time.

Claudia: When you were on trial. I had that car crash. He pulled me out of it and saved my life. And I told him that I would repay the favor, so I guess this alliance with the family is -- that's it.

Johnny: So what it's -- this marriage, it's a business deal?

Claudia: Exactly. A marriage of convenience.

Johnny: So the two you don't plan on sleeping together?

Claudia: Of course I'm going to sleep with him, Johnny. Come on. Me and Sonny are more compatible in bed than we are out of it.

Sonny: I don't trust you, and you don't trust me.

Anthony: But I will after you marry my only daughter. We're going to be sitting at the Thanksgiving table together. I'm even going to let you carve the turkey. How's that for a sign of trust?

Sonny: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, this is a business deal. And I'm going into this with my eyes wide open.

Ric: I believe my brother's suggesting that this is about an alliance.

Sonny: You need me to provide guidance and leadership and a way for you to be in a position to compete.

Anthony: And you need us to stay alive, now that you've made yourself a target for the Russian mob.

Sonny: Like I said, we both win.

Anthony: Must be a tough pill to swallow, being forced to come to me and marry my daughter. All because the man you put in charge wouldn't let you back in.

Sonny: I can handle Jason.

Anthony: I'm counting on it.

Carly: There is a huge difference between Nikolas buying into the Metro Court and you buying his home out from under him.

Jax: Why? The Metro Court has been my home since we split up.

Nikolas: It's a hotel. And a damn good investment. You of all people should know that.

Jax: It's my home.

Carly: It's not about business. It's about Jax projecting his anger over the collapse of our marriage.

Jax: Oh, don't flatter yourself, Carly. This project will be years in the making. I would never take this on for personal reasons.

Nikolas: Sure you would.

Carly: You can build a resort anywhere in the world and you know it, Jax.

Jax: Spoon Island is a unique opportunity. And I have no apologies for outmaneuvering Nikolas.

Nikolas: My attorneys can tie this thing up indefinitely, but right now, I own 25% of the Metro Court,

Jax: Nice game face. But we both now I won this round.

Carly: Listen to you. It's a competition. It's a macho game of one-upmanship.

Jax: Take a lesson from what's going on here, Carly, because you, like Nikolas, could wind up losing a hell of a lot more than you bargained for.

Jason: Okay, I want you to go straight to Bernie’s. No detours. I want you to finish that list right now.

Spinelli: I will do your bidding, posthaste.

Jason: Okay, listen to me -- if you run into trouble, you run, then you call me second.

Spinelli: Understood.

Olivia: Sounds like you're really up against it.

Jason: Yeah. Well, I got it handled.

Olivia: Really? All by yourself against the Russian mob?

Jason: This isn't your business.

Olivia: Yeah. I know you basically don't know me from Adam, but I'm the type of person, I see an impending train wreck, I got to speak up. And this one's real easy to avoid. You just got to flip a switch.

Jason: I'm sorry, but I --

Olivia: Look, you and Sonny -- all you got to do to solve everyone's problems -- let him back into the mob.

Anthony: I like your punctuality, children.

Johnny: Yeah, what's the big surprise?

Anthony: I have happy news for all of us.

Claudia: I assume Sonny agreed to marry me.

Anthony: In principle, yes. His attitude seems to be a tad, shall we say, contentious.

Johnny: There's not going to be any wedding.

Anthony: Au contraire, John. The sooner this union takes place, the better. Claudia, I want you to go see Sonny tonight and seal the deal, as it were.

Johnny: No way are you offering yourself up to that pig.

Claudia: It's okay, John.

Johnny: Claudia, you don't have to go through with this sick joke.

Claudia: John.

Johnny: There's no -- I don't even want you involved with him.

Claudia: We talked about this, right? It's my choice. Okay.

Anthony: You hear that, John? Your sister's on board because she's looking out for your best interest. This deal is going to put us in a position of power and strength.

Johnny: Oh, no, no, no, I get the twisted logic. You want to sell Claudia off to Sonny so that when I am ready to take over, this organization is stronger. The only problem is -- I don't want it.

Milo: Hey, did Dad get hold of you?

Max: No, why?

Milo: He's planning another visit. He'll be here Tuesday.

Max: You idiot. You know a visit from Dad would be a disaster.

Milo: For you, for you, not me. I'm not the one who lied about being the boss of the Port Charles mob.

Max: Oh, right. Maybe he'd even remember your name this time, Mario.

Milo: Ooh.

[Door opens]

[Max clears throat]

Milo: Boss.

Max: Mm.

Sonny: Hey.

Max: Hmm?

Sonny: I need to speak to you.

Max: I'm coming. Sure, boss.

[Max clears throat]

Sonny: You know I'm at the end of my rope. Nobody is safe anymore.

Max: Right.

Sonny: I just had a meeting with the Zaccharas, and I'm going to be taking over the organization. And in order for me to do that, I have to marry Claudia.

Max: Mr. C, with all due respect, I mean, this is a mistake on so many levels. Whatever Anthony's got up his sleeve, you don't want any part of this.

Sonny: You think he's playing me? But I'm the one who's playing him.

Luke: Oh, Alice, you have the healing hands of a Hindi goddess.

Alice: Why thank you, Mr. Luke. Why don't you have another sip of that Kentucky bourbon? It's the last of Mr. Q's private reserve.

Luke: I don't mind if I do.

Edward: Oh, God, what did I tell you? Why don't you divorce this human sponge before he drinks us out of house and home?

Tracy: Didn't anybody hear me say I'm kicking him out?

Monica: We heard you, Tracy. We just don't believe you.

Tracy: So, I'll have to prove it.

Edward: When?

Monica: Worry about it, Edward. Tracy isn't going to divorce Luke. She's too afraid of being alone.

Lulu: Stop picking on Tracy. She has a right to her feelings.

Tracy: Thank you.

Edward: How did you bamboozle her?

Lulu: How'd you turn into such a bully?

Luke: Touché, daughter.

Tracy: Thank you, Lulu. I appreciate that. And you will always be my stepdaughter and welcome in this home.

Monica: Excuse me, since when do you issue invitations to my house?

Tracy: You are incredible, Monica. She's throwing you out.

Monica: No, I'm not, Lulu. You're welcome to stay here. It's just on my terms, not hers.

Tracy: My brother was a fool when it came to you.

Luke: Alan was not the first man to be a fool for love, nor the last.

Alice: All done, Mr. Luke. How do you feel? A little looser?

Luke: Oh, like a wet noodle, Alice. You're a genius.

Edward: This house is not your private spa.

Luke: You know, all that tension is not good for you, Edward. It's bad for the blood pressure. You should have one of Alice’s healing deep tissue massages.

Edward: Oh, please.

Tracy: Luke, why don't you shut up and get out?

Luke: Alice, do you think you could arrange a little quiet time here for my wife and I?

Alice: Oh, of course. Don't worry about it. Hi, do you guys mind?

Monica: Yes.

Alice: Thank you. Mr. Q, they -- Mr. Q? Mr. Q, they'd like some time together.

Edward: Tracy, stick to your resolve.

Tracy: Don't bother with any of your romantic flim-flam. I am immune.

Luke: No flim-flam. I'm not joking. I'm not fooling. I'm not giving you up.

Anthony: You're a good son, John. But you have a disappointing streak of naiveté. This deal has to happen whether you like it or not.

Johnny: Hey, Claudia, you don't have to go through with this. All you got to do is say the word.

Claudia: I hate to say it, but Daddy's right. You're acting sentimental over what is basically a business agreement. You don't have to like the guy who buys stock in your company. You just have to take his money.

Johnny: You're lying to yourself.

Anthony: No, for once your sister's got her head on straight. Claudia, I'm very proud of you.

Johnny: Okay, I get that the two of you hate each other, but I think somewhere deep down you seek for his approval, don't you?

Claudia: You know me better than that.

Johnny: And now you're getting it.

Claudia: No, you know me better than that.

Johnny: Is it -- wait, is that what you expect to happen with Sonny? Yeah, sure, he treats you like dirt, but maybe through this marriage, he might even respect you. Hell, he might even care for you. Be careful what you wish for.

Anthony: Claudia, is he right about you and Sonny?

Claudia: Do I look like a woman who has any romantic illusions to you?

Sonny: When Kate was shot, I was totally convinced that Karpov was behind it.

Max: Well, he had to be. Not that we even need it, but there's evidence of a Russian bullet.

Sonny: Anybody could buy a Russian rifle.

Max: Well, Karpov is the only one with motive. Why would you question it?

Sonny: Because I got a gut feeling right -- when he stabbed me, I looked at his face. Plus, he swore he was innocent up until he died.

Max: It doesn't prove anything.

Sonny: If Karpov was framed, and I fell for it, then whoever shot Kate is still out there running around.

Max: Well, if it wasn't Karpov -- and I'm still not convinced -- who do you think shot Miss Kate Howard?

Sonny: Possibly one of the Zaccharas. What -- what?

Max: Why would he or any of the Zaccharas -- what would they stand to gain from shooting Miss Howard? It doesn't add up.

Sonny: Why do you think I’m getting inside the organization? I'm going to get in there. I'm going to marry her. I'm going to head up the organization, and I will find out who is responsible for shooting Kate.

Max: And if you do?

Sonny: I will be in a position to do damage.

Olivia: You used to work with Sonny. And from what I gather, you two used to be pretty good friends. Now him allying himself with the Zaccharas -- come on, that can't be sitting good with you.

Jason: I'm not discussing business with you.

Olivia: Yeah, your business almost got my cousin killed, so I think I deserve some answers here.

Jason: Okay, fine. You and Sonny go way back. I get why you're concerned, but working with Sonny again is not an option.

Olivia: Why not? What -- because you think he killed Karpov? You blame him for provoking the Russian mob? You going to tell me you would've done something different if someone would've shot your fiancée at the altar?

Jason: What's done is done.

Olivia: Jason, you can stop it from getting worse. Sonny is going to marry Claudia so he can run the Zacchara organization. Now, I know I gave him all kinds of grief about how it was inevitable and he's addicted to power and all of this. But I am dying for someone to prove me wrong. Okay? For Sonny to join up with the Zaccharas, he's going to have to become as bad as they are. Don't let that happen, Jason. Go make peace with Sonny before something really terrible happens.

Jason: Why is it so important to you?

Sam: All right, here we are.

Elizabeth: Cameron, you didn't tell me there's a wood-burning stove here.

Sam: Yes, there certainly is. Guess what we can do? We can build a fire.

Cameron: Yay!

Sam: Oh, it's going to be perfect. And roast marshmallows, because I know your mother brought a couple bags.

Cameron: Yay!

Elizabeth: Whoo-hoo.

Sam: All right, I guess you should get them settled in, and I'll get the stuff out the car.

Elizabeth: Okay, thanks. All right, guys, let's get your jackets off. Do you know how important you are to me?

Cameron: Yes.

Elizabeth: So very important -- I love you more than anything in the world. And you know that I will do anything to protect you guys. I love you.

Cameron: I love you, too.

Tracy: I don't need your permission to get a divorce.

Luke: I don't need a piece of paper to stick around.

Tracy: What does that mean?

Luke: It means I love you.

Tracy: You love Laura.

Luke: Yes, I love Laura because she's the mother of my children. But I didn't follow Laura. I stayed here to be with you. She's my past. You are my future.

Tracy: Because she turned you down.

Luke: No. No, because we're a match -- a match made in heaven or hell or wherever they make these unlikely unions.

Tracy: I was a fool to believe in you. You want to win someone back? Win Laura.

Carly: Look, this has been a really bad year for me and Jax. And I don't know if you know this, but, you know, I lost our baby.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Carly: And I know you know that Michael was shot and that -- that was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. And Jax wanted us to go through it together, but I turned to Sonny. And that just -- that devastated him.

Nikolas: You have my sympathy, but for Jax to judge how you dealt with a tragedy like that, it's crazy.

Carly: Yeah, but happened to Michael -- I mean, that was terrible for Jax, too.

Nikolas: So terrible that he has to judge and criticize you? I mean, come on, this is the man who kept my son from me for weeks, knowing that I was his father.

Carly: I helped.

Nikolas: Yeah, but when the truth came out, you know, I made allowances for Jax’s grief and confusion or whatever that was. And I don't see why he can't do the same for you. And he and I are just acquaintances. He's supposed to love you.

Carly: I'm no saint. I let myself get dragged into Sonny's life for the millionth time right when I know that Jax and I had a chance of getting back together. So, I just broke his heart all over again. And all this happened the same day that Jerry was presumed dead. So, you know, Jax has a lot going on right now, and I know that's why he's doing all this to you.

Nikolas: Look, I'm sorry, but I really don't care if Jax falls apart or not. I won't allow you or me to become his punching bag.

Olivia: If Sonny marries Claudia, Connie’s going to be devastated. And I'll feel real bad for her, but I know damn well she's better off without him, okay? It's like you said. Sonny and I go way back, and despite the life he's chosen, I wish him well.

Jason: Hey, if Sonny thinks an alliance with the Zaccharas is the best choice for him --

Olivia: Oh, God.

Jason: That's his prerogative.

Olivia: Don't give me that, Jason.

Jason: Give you what?

Olivia: You act all calm and cool like you don't give a damn. But you can't work with someone closely like you did with Sonny for all those years, which means risking your life for each other, and not form some kind of a bond.

Jason: If you're worried about Sonny, you should talk to him, not me.

Olivia: Forgive me if I am oversimplifying this. If you don't let Sonny back into his organization, he will join the enemy. And then it's a real short step from him becoming the enemy. Now, do you want that, Jason? You want to be in opposition to Sonny?

[Knock on door]

Ric: Well, Olivia Falconeri. This is a surprise.

Jason: What do you want, Ric?

Ric: Well, I suppose it's all right if Kate’s cousin hears this, since it's not going to be a secret much longer. Sonny has decided to marry Claudia and run the Zacchara business operations.

Jason: What -- are you here to warn me?

Ric: No, I'm here to tell you if you want to stop it, you better move fast.

Johnny: You pay protection to the Zaccharas?

Coleman: Who wants to know?

Johnny: Don't worry about it. I'm on family business.

Coleman: Well, let's just say I go way back with the Corinthos organization no matter who's running it. You know, I take care of them. They take care of me.

Johnny: All that's about to change real fast, buddy.

Coleman: Oh, yeah, is this some kind of a warning, buddy?

Johnny: It just adds up. What's about to happen is going to cost everyone way too much.

Lulu: Hey, sorry I'm late. Mwah. You wouldn't believe the craziness going on at the Quartermaines'.

Coleman: What'll it be, young lady?

Lulu: A raison. So, Tracy kicked my dad out of the house again, but this time for good. And she said I could stay even though it felt kind of disloyal to my dad. And I was on my way to your place. Anyway, I don't really care as long as you show up and we have wild and crazy hot sex every night on the roof until we roll off into the snow naked.

Johnny: Huh?

Lulu: You didn't just hear a word I said?

Johnny: No, I'm sorry. I can only think about one thing right now. My sister is about to marry Sonny Corinthos.

Claudia: So, I heard the happy news.

Sonny: You don't waste any time.

Claudia: Well, neither do you apparently. Daddy says you're taking over the Zacchara organization, and you've agreed to all of his terms -- including marrying me.

Sonny: That's right.

Claudia: Well, there's only one problem. You haven't asked me yet.

Carly: I know you're furious with Jax, but if you fight him, he's only going to drag his heels in.

Nikolas: What do you suggest I do? Just give up and allow him to build some gargantuan resort spa or whatever on my property?

Carly: No, no, but he wants to make you angry. And he's trying to rile you up, and you're biting the bait.

Nikolas: Do you have another solution?

Carly: No.

Nikolas: Didn't you leave?

Jax: I'm sorry. I had the launch turn around. I wanted to tell you as soon as possible. The surveyors will be coming tomorrow morning at 8:00, and they asked for unlimited access to the grounds. I assured them that you'll comply.

Nikolas: The hell I will.

Jax: I realize it's an inconvenience, Nikolas. I can put you up at the Metro Court at a discount rate.

Nikolas: An inconvenience, really?

Carly: I have an idea. You want control of the Metro Court, and you would like to live on your island in peace. I propose that you sell your shares of the Metro Court back to me. Therefore, Jax and I will be 50/50 partners again. And you sell Spoon Island to Nikolas. Then you guys can retreat to your neutral corners, and you can end this battle before any damage is done. What do you think?

Jax: Well, it's an interesting idea, in the world of Carly logic. But I won't be changing my mind. And it's far too late for a compromise.

Lulu: Claudia has been saying she's going to marry Sonny for weeks.

Johnny: It's going to happen.

Lulu: She's just trying to piss you off.

Johnny: I just talked to my father about it. Sonny's taking over the family, and he needs to marry Claudia as a show of good faith.

Lulu: What is a show of good faith anyway? Sonny needs your family. Your family needs Sonny. Why can't it just be left at that?

Johnny: My father wants Sonny to sacrifice something to be in the family.

Coleman: What universe is marrying your sister a sacrifice, man?

Lulu: Sonny hates Claudia.

Coleman: Yeah.

Johnny: She says she's doing it for me anyway.

Lulu: You can't seriously believe that.

Johnny: It's the truth.

Lulu: No, no -- Claudia is making her own choices here. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Johnny: I don't feel guilt for anything, Lulu.

Coleman: Everybody does guilt, dude. If they didn't, I'd be out of business, man.

Lulu: Seriously, Johnny, you are the most guilt-ridden person I know. You have felt guilty since the day you picked me up on the side of the road. You feel like you've somehow messed up my life.

Johnny: That's not guilt. It's reality.

Lulu: No, guilt feels real, but it isn’t. Trust me. I know these things. You feel guilty about just about everything -- for loving me, for trying to help Claudia, for trying to be a good son. You feel guilty about being a Zacchara.

Johnny: Well, maybe it's about time I quit.

Sonny: It's a little late in the game to be -- you know, asking for a proposal.

Claudia: Call me a traditional girl.

Sonny: Well, considering you've been parading all over town telling anybody that will listen that, you know, you're going to marry me -- and that's even before I agree.

Claudia: Was I wrong? I want to do it right, Sonny -- proposal, engagement ring.

Sonny: Yeah, I had a feeling that you would.

Sonny: Claudia, would you marry me?

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Hey, it's me. I just want to let you know we got here a little while ago, and everything's fine.

Jason: It took -- it took you that long to get there?

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, we had a little blow-out, which shook us up a bit, but Sam was able to change the tire.

Jason: What about Lucky?

Elizabeth: Oh, he had to go into work at the last minute.

Jason: Are you kidding me? He didn't let me know?

Elizabeth: It's okay, really. I mean, we're safe. The boys are happy. Oh, but I'm calling from the land line because our cell phones don't work up here, so, um, let me give you the number. It's 555-0193.

Jason: 9-3. Okay, listen. You know what? I'm not even sure about this. I might move you guys to a safe house.

[Knock on door]

Jason: You know what? I have to go.

Elizabeth: Okay, but don't worry about us. Just, please, take care of yourself.

Jason: Just be careful. I'll call you later.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Harper: Jason Morgan, you are suspected of arson in the Pier 23 warehouse fire and murder one in the shooting of three men. I'm placing you under arrest.

Elizabeth: Cam, I want you to share your toys, okay?

Cameron: Okay.

Sam: I guess I'll just go get some firewood.

Elizabeth: Okay. Great, thanks.

Elizabeth: This is going to be so much fun. Once Sam gets back inside, we're going to light a fire, and we're going to roast marshmallows.

Cameron: Yay.

Sam: Listen, the Russians are outside.

Elizabeth: What?

Sam: Yes, they're here.

Elizabeth: There's no dial tone.

Sam: Oh, they must have cut the lines.

Elizabeth: Are you sure we don't get a cell signal out here?

Sam: No, not for miles. We're definitely on our own.

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