GH Transcript Thursday 11/20/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/20/08


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Lulu: I was kind of surprised that you didn't go to France with Mom.

Luke: Really?

Lulu: It's not a judgment. I realize that you have a real commitment to Tracy. I just kind of thought then it would be different.

Luke: So you thought that I would leave my wife and run off with your mother? I can see where you would think that. But, no -- no, Laura and I had our life together, sweetheart, and it was wonderful. It gave me you, your brother, and enough memories to last a lifetime. But, you know, life changes. People change. I've changed. I've moved on. And now that your mother is awake, hopefully this time for good, I hope that she moves on and finds a wonderful new life for herself.

Lulu: Aren't you even tempted to go with her?

Epiphany: Is there something I can do for you, Ms. Falconeri?

Olivia: Yeah, you can get out of my way. I got to get somewhere before all hell breaks loose.

Sonny: I need to know the truth? About which son?

Kate: The one who got cheated out of knowing his father. The one who got left behind. Now I have to accept responsibility--

Sonny: Okay, we already sorted it out. Who's to blame, who's not to blame for what happened to Michael when he got shot. I mean, it's very simple. I'm to blame. You were great during that time. You helped me out a lot, and --

Kate: No, Sonny, no. Sonny, I don't think you understand.

Spinelli: You attacked Maximista with intent to kill. Now the intent is mine. Your evil reign is over.


Yuri: You are a mouse, not a man. Now you've backed yourself into a trap.

[Guns fire]

[Guns fire]

Jason: What are you doing here?

[Guns fire]

Spinelli: Make no mistake. The Jackal will not hesitate to exact revenge for his fair-haired beauty.

Yuri: You squeak a lot for such a little mouse. Let's exterminate.

Spinelli: No, no, I mean it. Stand back or I'll shoot.

Yuri: You just spoke your last.

Spinelli: No, I have to avenge the fair Maximista.

Yuri: Come out, come out. I know you're there.

[Gun fires]

Johnny: Now that we've evened out this playing field --

[Speaking Russian]

Lulu: Should you really be doing that?

Luke: Yep, I really should.


Lulu: Well, it was worth a try. You never answered my question. Were you tempted to go with Mom?

Luke: If she had asked me to go with her, I would have gone.

Lulu: Because you love her?

Luke: I will always love your mother.

Kate: I know how much you love being a father, and I know how it kills you to keep them out of your life. And I hate the part that I played in making that a reality.

Sonny: There's a lot of things that either of us would have wanted to change that night that Michael got shot. And I can go a lot further. I mean, you know, it's like -- if you think about the way Carly and I raised Michael, we didn't do a lot of things that we should've done. But we had -- we had good intentions. But you know what? There are -- you know -- I said to myself that I would do anything so my kids would stay out of danger. I tried. It didn't work. I did everything I could. And I'll tell you, right now -- I would do anything to see my children right now. But I have to accept now that they just might be better off without me.

Kate: No, Sonny, no.

Sonny: No? What do you mean, no?

Kate: No. That is noble of you. But look, I'm looking in your eyes right now, and I see that pain. And that pain is caused because you don't have contact with your children.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: That's not fair. You deserve to know all of your children. And they deserve to know you.

Sonny: Well, you know what? They do, as much as their mothers allow.

Kate: That's where the problem is.

Sonny: Okay, I'm -- you're confusing me right now, Kate. What are we talking about? Carly or Alexis? I don't know what you're --

Kate: I'm not talking about either of them.

[Doors opens]

Olivia: I knew I'd find you here.

Milo: Sorry, boss, she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Sonny: Why are you out of the hospital?

Olivia: I need to talk to my cousin.

Sonny: I -- are you serious?

Olivia: Do I look serious?

Sonny: It's that important that you get yourself out of the hospital bed to track Kate down?

Lulu: Maybe Mom is scared right now, you know? Like trust issues -- not to point any fingers or anything, because we're all guilty of keeping things from her. But you did lie to her about being married to Tracy. And you led her through the whole bogus ceremony of your wedding. It's not surprising that she's a little leery.

Luke: Yeah. Well, the situation between your mother and I is what it is. We both made mistakes that we have to live with.

Lulu: I guess I'm just like a little kid who doesn't -- wishes that her parents could be together.

Luke: It's not going to happen, baby. You have your own life to lead, and after everything you've been through, I would think that you would realize that and prioritize it.

Lulu: I love him, you know.

Luke: Yeah, I can see that.

Lulu: I'm sorry that I came in and I jumped down your throat. I just -- when I saw you and Johnny with your heads together, I assumed, like everyone else, you were telling him to stay away.

Luke: No, baby. John is my partner in this floating crapshoot. Whatever else he does is -- well, it's none of my business, unless, of course, he hurts you. And then he dies a slow painful death.

Lulu: [Laughs] Oh, you say that like you're kidding, yet I know you're telling the truth. I love you.

Luke: Well, then everything is okay.

Lulu: I'm going to go. Try not to drink yourself stupid.

Luke: I'm afraid that's too late.

Lulu: Oh, great.

Tracy: Well, I thought I'd find you here.

Luke: Greetings, wife.

Tracy: So, you're getting ready to reopen the Haunted Star? Is it safe to assume that we will be heading back to our version of normal?

Kate: I don't have a problem with Sonny hearing whatever you have to say, but if you do, I have to wonder why.

Olivia: Because Sonny doesn't have divine right to be privy to my personal information.

Kate: Yeah, the whole "right" thing, divine or otherwise, is debatable.

Sonny: Hi, I'm right here. What the hell is going on with you two?

Olivia: What's going on here is that Connie’s trying to have it all ways as usual. You're all over the place. There's no wonder Sonny's totally confused. You tell him you don't want him in your life anymore, but you can't quite keep away, so you just keep showing up, having jealous hissy fits all over me all the time. Why don't you make a choice and stick to it? But why don't you know one thing -- there is nothing that you can say or do that's going to create some miraculous overnight transformation in him. He will still be dangerous. He will still be the gangster.

Kate: I don't know if you're right or not. I'm going to think about it.

Olivia: I'd appreciate that.

Kate: I guess that's my cue to leave. Are you coming?

Olivia: Sonny and I need to get a few things straight.

Kate: Right. Oh, right, of course you two do. All right, if you have anything else to say to me, I'll be at the house.

Sonny: Should I have a clue what that was about?

Olivia: That was exactly what it looked like. It was Connie making a fool of herself over you.

Maxie: Psst.

Lulu: Maxie, what are you doing?

Maxie: Shh! Act normal.

Maxie: Is she gone?

Lulu: Yeah.

Maxie: Honestly, Lulu, after everything I've done for you, the least you could do is move your butt when I leave you a message stressing the word "emergency."

Lulu: I'm sorry, I was with my dad. I checked my phone. What's going on?

Maxie: I need a ride.

Lulu: To Shadybrook?

Maxie: Stop it. I'm going to check myself out on another floor so Epiphany doesn't see me and call Mac, who would probably be really happy if they kept me prisoner in a hospital bed until I was like 35.

Lulu: He is worried about you.

Maxie: What else is new? Can we get out of here?

Lulu: What is the rush?

Maxie: I'm really worried about Spinelli. He's upset that I got jumped, and he was saying all these dire things.

Lulu: Like what?

Maxie: Like, "the Jackal will do what is necessary. I must protect the fair Maximista." I'm just afraid he's going to do something really life-threatening.

Johnny: Whatever you're carrying, drop it.

Johnny: Now back away.

[Gun fires]

Johnny: The next time the bullet goes in your face. Drop the gun and disappear.

Yuri: The mouse got lucky. But who knows if it'll hold.

Johnny: Put those in the car.

Spinelli: That was a most impressive display. And your timing is a thing of wonder.

Johnny: We need to get out of here. Those guys will be back with friends. Clean that off. Take it back to wherever you got it from.

Spinelli: That would be Mr. Sir's secret bar compartment.

Johnny: You stole Sonny's gun?

Spinelli: I had no other choice. Stone Cold caught me with his firearm. I had no other choice. Mr. Sir's was the only recourse.

Johnny: What are you doing running around lifting people's guns?

Spinelli: I wanted to avenge the assault on fair Maximista. But alas, when faced with the moment of truth, the Jackal could not react like a man.

Johnny: You couldn't fire? You know how you reacted? Like a human being who's never been responsible for the death of another. That's nothing to be ashamed of, Spinelli. Be glad you're not a killer. It puts you on a very lonely path.

Alfred: The timing of your legal trouble with Mr. Jacks is unfortunate, considering your looming deportation problem.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. Well, the attorneys are looking for loopholes right now. As for Jax, I knew he was angry at me for buying into the Metro Court, but I didn't see this coming. I mean, he's literally buying the ground out from underneath me.

Nadine: Hi, I'm really sorry to just barge in on you like this. I hate it when people do that to me, just come in unannounced, and I wouldn't do it unless it was really important. I know how much you're counting on this marriage to fix your citizenship status. It's just -- I want to help you, and I will, just as soon as I get back.

Nikolas: Where are you going?

Luke: You know, I'm thinking we should give the citizenry of Port Charles a really splashy opening here. Something that keeps the high rollers coming back night after night.

Tracy: Oh, sounds fascinating.

Luke: Yeah, I'm thinking maybe I'm going to move all the gaming tables into the back room, open a restaurant, fine dining cuisine. You know, a good wine list, live music, maybe even a cigar lounge? Something that keeps those high rollers wanting to stay here all night long.

Tracy: A full renovation.

Luke: Right.

Tracy: Are you prepared to put in the time?

Luke: If that's your subtle way of asking if I'm going to be sticking around, the answer is a definite, qualified yes.

Tracy: Qualified?

Luke: Well, you know, I could get run out of town on a rail.

Tracy: You could.

Luke: Look, Tracy, I know this thing with Laura has been tough on you. And, uh, I appreciate it, because most women wouldn't have stuck it out.

Tracy: Well, I decided to, um, trust your feelings for me. All those things you said about loving me and being happy and our life together.

Luke: Good. Because now she's in France, and I'm just very happy to pick up where we left off and reopen this merry mayhem we call matrimony.

Tracy: [Laughs] Like nothing happened.

Luke: Yeah, well, you know, in point of fact, nothing really did.

Tracy: Is that true?

Luke: Well, I hope you're here to deliver the money John promised.

Ric: I'm not really sure you're going to be getting that.

Luke: Why not?

Ric: Well, while John Zacchara might be a fan of Luke Spencer for obvious reasons -- Anthony Zacchara, maybe not so much. Don't take offense. It's just your history of money laundering has Mr. Zacchara having serious reservations about allowing you to reopen.

Luke: Really? You go back and tell that boss of yours that he has no vote in whether I reopen or not. The Haunted Star will reopen, or I'll blast it to hell. And either way, the Zaccharas have no say in it.

Maxie: Please tell me you found Spinelli passed out under the kitchen island.

Lulu: No sign of him.

Maxie: Oh, he's not upstairs either. This is all my fault.

Lulu: You really think he's out chasing bad guys?

Maxie: I know he is. And they're probably doing something really horrible to him right now.

Lulu: Okay, you know, maybe you should be staying away from him.

Maxie: What does that mean?

Lulu: Well, you distract him. You make him think he's got all this dumb macho stuff to prove.

Maxie: Gee, Lulu, thanks for the support.

Lulu: I'm just saying, Spinelli would do anything for you.

Maxie: Oh, my God, thank God that you're okay. Where have you been? I could kill you myself.

Spinelli: Why isn't Maximista in her hospital bed?

Maxie: Like I was going to stay in the hospital posted up while you were out slaying Russian dragons in my name. I mean, that's what you were doing, right? You went after the guys who attacked me?

Spinelli: The Jackal attempted and ultimately failed to seek justice upon the evildoers who brought you harm. Had it not been for the chance intervention of the coldly experienced mob prince, I would undoubtedly be in the morgue being fitted for a toe tag right now.

Maxie: You saved Spinelli's life?

Johnny: I had good timing.

Maxie: How am I ever going to thank you?

Lucky: Is she here yet? Sam?

Elizabeth: Why would she be here?

Lucky: Sam, she called me. She told me to meet her here. And I thought I heard gunfire in the background.

Elizabeth: So she's coming to my house with the kids upstairs?

Lucky: Whoa, okay, maybe it was something else.

Elizabeth: Well, I certainly hope so.

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock at door]

Lucky: What's going on?

Sam: Hey.

Lucky: And why are you involved?

Sam: I'll tell you.

Jason: The arsons at Kelly’s and the coffee house were the opening shots in a very bad situation. Elizabeth and the boys and Sam -- you're going to be safer out of town.

Elizabeth: Are you saying this is a mob war?

[Cell phone rings]

Lucky: It's the station. Excuse me.

Jason: Hey, hey, I'm sorry to approach you like this. You know, you mean everything to me. I just want to keep you safe.

Elizabeth: Okay, but what are you going to do?

Lucky: Exactly what do you know about a warehouse and dead Russians inside getting all blown to hell?

Yuri: I've got the target in sight right now.

Epiphany: Okay, thank you, Doctor. If you're here about your cousin, Ms. Falconeri already checked herself out. Against medical advice.

Kate: Yes, I know. I'm actually just here to refill a prescription. After everything I've been through, I would hate to die of pneumonia or something.

Olivia: I just want you to be honest with yourself, Sonny. And me -- Connie -- but mostly with yourself. Claim who you are. Own it. Stop trying to pretend you can change, because that just draws the people that you love in and makes them an easy target as soon as the mob comes up to bite you on the ass. You know, back in the day, in the old neighborhood, you started running with Joe Scully, all those kids. That was -- that was just an excuse for them to bang heads. You know, old school gang mentality. "Bros before hos," "my street's better than your street." You know? For those kids, Scully was like -- was like college. It was like four years they didn't have to be responsible. But for you, it was different. You know it. The mob was not some stop on the road for you. That was the road. You were addicted to power then. You're addicted to power now. So why don't you just own it, Sonny?

Sonny: It's amazing how much you think you know me.

Olivia: I know you a hell of a lot better than Connie.

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: See, she's still holding on to some kind of hope that you're going to change. She can't let go. So you need to be a man. You need to be the standup guy that I know you are. You need to let go for her.

Ric: Hey.

Tracy: Why are you still here?

Ric: Oh, I'm just giving Luke the opportunity to rethink his message. Mr. Zacchara's not a man who likes hearing the word "no."

Luke: Is that supposed to be a threat?

Ric: Just giving you a little insider information.

Tracy: Okay. So pass this information along. Any threats on Luke's life will be met with a lawsuit. We'll have the I.R.S. crawling all over the Zaccharas like lice.

Luke: My wife makes a good case for leaving this agreement as it is. Besides, your boss has got a lot more important things to deal with right now than this old tub.

Ric: The Russians are coming.

Tracy: The Russians are coming?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Luke: The Russians are here. They roasted my family diner like a marshmallow and did the same to Corinthos' coffee house. This is an all-out power grab. The Zaccharas are going to figure into it eventually.

Ric: I'll pass along the information.

Luke: Well. It's good to know that we are still a formidable team.

Tracy: Especially since I'm all you have left, now that Laura has rejected you.

Johnny: Hey, when you return that gun, make sure it's clean and the clip is reloaded, but do not reload it yourself.

Maxie: No, you should not even be handling a gun.

Spinelli: Look, I was just trying to --

Maxie: Thank God Johnny showed up to help you when he did.

Johnny: I don't like unfair fights.

Maxie: Yeah, well, this is me being grateful. Because if anything had happened to Spinelli -- I don't even want to think about it. Have you completely lost your mind? Where did you even get a gun, Spinelli? What -- what, do you think you would actually pull the trigger?

Spinelli: It's unanimous. We all concur. The Jackal is a hopeless wimp.

Lulu: No, you are the only one that thinks that, because you have this skewed idea of what courage is based on what you've learned from Jason. But let's face it, we care about Jason despite what he does, not because of it. So you couldn't pull the trigger and blow off somebody's head? That is a good thing.

Maxie: I agree.

Spinelli: But those men brutally attacked fair Maximista. What would --

Lulu: They are not men, Spinelli. They are animals. They are soulless bastards who get a sick thrill from terrorizing people. Is that what you really want to be?

Epiphany: I just found out that your assistant Maxie Jones checked herself out of the hospital, too. Are all the women around you just fools asking for trouble?

Anthony: We have to stop meeting like this. I'm fine from here. The lady will help me down to the lobby.

Kate: The lady will see you in hell.

Anthony: Oh, touchy. You're very touchy. Could it be that Sonny is seriously entertaining the offer of my daughter's hand in marriage?

Kate: Not really my business.

Anthony: It hurts to be left out, doesn't it? If I can offer any comfort --

Kate: You're a pig. I'd rather die.

Anthony: Be careful what you wish for.

Sonny: Hey, when you're right, you're right. It's true. I was ambitious, and I was hungry for power.

Olivia: Well, it makes a lot of sense. For a long time, you really had none, so...

Sonny: Yeah. And when I got it, I vowed never to lose it, right? It was a mistake to get out. But you know what? I had two good reasons. One, I fell in love with your cousin. And two, my son was shot into a coma. And that pain -- I would hope you would never have to experience anything even close. To know that something you did ruined your child's life.

Olivia: It was the right impulse to get out.

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: Sonny, I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Sonny: Well, you know what? The choice was made years ago, so, uh, you know, there's no taking it back at this point, so you -- you were right about that.

Olivia: You're making me nervous. You said I'm right three times in the past five minutes. I think that's some kind of record or something.

Sonny: Well, better enjoy it while it lasts. You said back then that if I took the position with Joe Scully, I would be a gangster my whole life, and you would be out because you didn't want to be a mob widow. I did not take you seriously, because I felt like, you know what, you usually gave me what I wanted, so --

Olivia: A girl's got to grow up sometime, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: You were that bridge for me, I guess.

Sonny: Yeah, you dumped me right there -- right there -- right there in front of, uh --

Olivia: The pizzeria.

Sonny: Yeah, Louie’s pizza. And you know -- hey, you know what? It hurt me. And the thing is, I could never smell pizza the same after that, to be honest with you.

Olivia: Can I ask you a question? Now that it's too late to matter?

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: Did you immediately go after my cousin just to get back at me?

Olivia: It would be just like you. I dumped you, you go after my cousin. You know, she's not really your type, but she's available. And an added bonus, we're real close. Perfect way to wipe my face in it.

Sonny: Well, you know, yeah, I guess you can say I went after Connie to get to you.

Olivia: I knew it.

Sonny: Well, sticking it to you was fin. But you know what I didn't expect? So was Connie. Because you know what? She was like -- ah, someone that, like, I'd never seen at that point. You know, I mean, she had that young girl thing and big ideas, fancy goals. Hey, we got to be honest with each other. She was the only one determined enough to get out of that neighborhood.

Olivia: But so were you. You had the same ideas. You had the same big dreams. You know, you guys were a perfect match until Connie asked you for the same thing I was asking you for. To get out of the mob. You think you could have done it for her?

Sonny: I might have tried. You know, I mean, look -- we had dreams, we had plans. We had -- we were going to, you know, run away and -- you know the rest.

Olivia: Yeah. You shut down emotionally, went full-tilt into the mob, and now they own what's left of your soul. Sorry, that sounded a little judgmental. I didn't mean it that way. Actually, your choices were working out pretty good for you until Connie wandered back into your life. You started getting nostalgic for a time and a place that -- that you're just never going to recapture. Times are different times. Different, higher stakes. You got to get out of fantasy land. You got to step out into the life that you chose. The world that you inhabit inside, where it matters. Doing anything else, it's just -- it's just disaster. For Connie, for anyone else that you care about.

Lucky: The fire in the warehouse was no accident. Charges were set. So let me guess -- I'm supposed to believe the two of you just happened to run into each other in the yard and had the same idea to get Elizabeth and the boys somewhere else.

Jason: Okay, they're trying to kill anyone who's associated with me and Sonny. Let's just make that clear right now, okay? So the best thing for everybody is to have Elizabeth and the kids and Sam stay off the radar completely.

Lucky: Then Elizabeth is right. We're going to have a mob war on our hands. They shouldn't be at some safe house where it can be traced back to you or Sonny. Just please don't argue with me.

Jason: All right, then where?

Lucky: I know a cabin. I know a cabin in the woods where no one will find you.

Jason: You okay with that?

Elizabeth: I guess I have to be.

Sam: It really is for the best.

Lucky: I'll get them there safely. You just -- you do what you have to do.

Elizabeth: And be careful. I'm going to go get the boys.

Sam: Just be fast, please. Pack light.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lucky: Don't tell me you're going to pretend to be all right with this then just head off on your own again.

Sam: No. I -- I'm -- I get it. I'm -- I'm in. I'm down for the plan.

Lucky: Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Sam: Come on, Lucky. You already know what happened. So my plan to get evidence against Karpov's associates backfired. What? You're mad at me all over again?

Nikolas: Hey, whatever you're upset about, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Nadine: Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to get all girly on you.

Nikolas: No, no, it's fine. I mean, I don't understand what you're upset about, but it's fine.

Nadine: [Groans]

Alfred: Perhaps a cup of tea is in order --

Nadine: [Sobbing]

Alfred: And a box of tissues.

Nadine: Oh, sorry, should I not have done that?

Nikolas: No, it's fine, it's fine, really. Just tell me why you're upset.

Nadine: Um, I got a call from the Carson Corners horse parade committee.

Nikolas: Okay?

Nadine: Carson Corners, where I'm from? We have, like, the biggest horse festival in all the Midwest.

Nikolas: Right. Does Aunt Rayleen fit into this picture somehow?

Nadine: Oh, you know me so well. Aunt Rayleen loved studs. Horse studs. And the last colt that she brought into the world before she couldn't manage the farm anymore -- she's been having some heart problems -- um, that horse got chosen to lead the opening night parade, and so, the committee has asked me to ride him. I couldn't very well tell them no, could I?

Nikolas: No -- no, I -- I guess not.

Nadine: His name is Ray's Pride. Ray, get it?

Nikolas: Rayleen, yeah.

Nadine: Oh, she'd be so thrilled.

Nikolas: You should probably go, then.

Nadine: Oh, I -- I -- I just didn't want you to think that I thought some silly little parade was more important than you getting deported, and I -- I didn't want to bail on you, but, you know, as soon as I am out of that saddle, I will be on the first flight back here, and we will be getting married, and you will become a citizen of the good old U.S. of A. You don't think I'm being selfish, do you?

Nikolas: No, no, not in the -- not in the least. In fact -- in fact, I insist that you go. Everything is under control with the I.N.S. for the moment. Just go make Aunt Rayleen proud.

Nadine: Are you sure?

Nikolas: I'll miss you, though.

Nadine: You're just saying that so I don't ruin another napkin.

Nikolas: No, I'm saying it because it's true.

Tracy: You chose Laura over me.

Luke: That is not what happened.

Tracy: I heard what you said to Lulu.

Luke: Well, I'm sorry that you felt the need to listen in on a private conversation. But I'm not lying to you. My feelings for you are real.

Tracy: Okay. So, if Laura had asked you to go to France with her, would you have gone?

Luke: Yes. But my time with her is over. I'm here with you because this is where I want to be. I hope she finds all the happiness she deserves, but it's not going to be with me.

Tracy: How come I'm not flattered that you're settling for me? I will not accept second best. I'm done. This marriage is over.

Luke: We can work this out.

Tracy: No, not this time. If you had broken my heart, it could have healed. But you stomped on my pride without a second thought. I will never give you an opportunity to do that again.

Luke: Come on, Tracy. I love you.

Tracy: Sure you do. Until Laura blows back into town. I will not be sacrificed on the altar of Laura Spencer. You want to be with her? Go be with her.

Luke: No, I don't buy this. You don't want to lose us any more than I do. I am the best time you ever had.

Tracy: I know. That's what makes this so damn sad.

Luke: I won't give up on you, wife.

Tracy: Will you do me a favor? Don't ever call me that again.

Jason: Okay.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I cannot tell a lie --

Jason: I need a list of possible locations you made for the Russian syndicate. Where is it?

Spinelli: Oh -- um --

Jason: Where is it?

Spinelli: You seem most intense, Stone Cold.

Jason: We hit the Russians' warehouse.

Spinelli: There'll be swift retaliation.

Jason: Right. Elizabeth and the boys are out of town. There is nothing to stop me from running these guys into the ground.

Sam: Can I give you a piece of unasked-for advice, please?

Elizabeth: Why not?

Sam: Okay. Don't, um, blame Jason for taking off like this.

Elizabeth: I don’t.

Sam: Good.

Lucky: Okay, we've got it. All right. We have a lead on the Russians. Mac wants me to head up a team.

Elizabeth: Okay, well, go. We have directions to the cabin. We'll be fine, right?

Sam: Right, yeah.

Lucky: You sure?

Sam: Absolutely.

Lucky: All right. I'm on my way. Okay. So I don't have to tell you two to be careful, right? All right? There's no getting antsy and leaving the cabin. You have to stay put.

Sam: If this is intended for me, don't worry about it. I'm not going anywhere.

Lucky: Okay. Thanks for agreeing to this.

Elizabeth: It's the only choice.

Sam: All right. Let's hit the road.

Elizabeth: All right.

Elizabeth: Hey, boys. You ready to go?

Anthony: Richie, the cards are laying out in our favor. The Russians are tearing up this town. Sonny's guilt, his sense of honor, and his temper will bring him to the only place he can effectively strike back.

Ric: Yeah, well, I don't think Sonny's going to take the deal.

Anthony: Watch and learn, my apprentice. You watch and you learn.

[Knock at door]

Thug: Sonny Corinthos.

Anthony: [Laughs] By all means, ask Mr. Corinthos to join us. Your ears must be burning. Ric and I were just talking about you.

Sonny: Cut the small talk. I'm here for a reason.

Anthony: You're accepting my deal?

Sonny: Yeah. It's in our best interest, at least for now.

Anthony: That disclaimer is precisely the reason I'll need to see that show of good faith we discussed. It's not negotiable.

Sonny: I understand.

Anthony: I'm going to have to insist you say the words.

Sonny: I'll marry Claudia.

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