GH Transcript Tuesday 11/11/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/11/08


Episode #13382
Written by Susan Wald, Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, Elizabeth Korte, and David Goldschmid

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Olivia: Bet I wasn't the visitor you were expecting. So you finally got justice for Kate.

Jax: Carly.

Carly: What?

Jax: Uh, just wondering if you saw today's paper.

Carly: No, but I'm sure I can guess what's in it.

Jax: I'm sure you can. Andrei Karpov was murdered last night. Sonny is being held as a suspect, which I guess means you were telling the truth when you said that Sonny wasn't at your house for romantic reasons.

Spinelli: Excuse the Jackal while he pauses to regain his equilibrium.

Jason: You okay?

Spinelli: Evidently the master assumes that his apprentice has an iron constitution immune to the entropical effects of wind-tossed waves --

Jason: You told me you never got seasick.

Spinelli: Yeah, well, I've never adventured into waters as wild and tempestuous as these.

Jason: Actually, these conditions are really good.

Spinelli: Well, then just a small respite to calm my queasy stomach and then we shall venture back onto the high seas.

Jason: You know what? Why don't you go back to the penthouse and just let me --

Spinelli: No, no, I will remain by your side. The demented one no doubt holds fair Samantha captive on the freighter "Gibraltar," and we must find that ship before evil runs amok.

Sam: Could you pour me a cup of coffee, please?

Jerry: Well, I could, but you know what? It would annoy me greatly if you tossed scalding coffee in my face.

Sam: Okay, well, what if I promise not to throw it?

[Jerry chuckles]

Jerry: Promise? You? You're every bit as untrustworthy as I am. But you know what? Since you've amused me, we'll settle for a compromise. I will leave the coffee to cool down, and you can drink it when I return, all right, darling?

Sam: Where you going?

Jerry: I'm going to shore to get another shipment of drugs, then it's time for a fake death and a real one. Isn't that fun? 

Laura: It's still beautiful.

Lesley: You're safe. You're safe.

Laura: I'm fine, Mom. I'm fine.

Lesley: We were all really worried.

Laura: Oh, you know Scotty wouldn't hurt me.

Luke: No, that's why he drove you off a cliff.

Lesley: Where is Scotty, anyway?

Lulu: Disappeared.

Nikolas: We don't know. One minute he was standing there in the hotel lobby, and the next minute he was just -- he was gone.

Luke: Could we talk about something else? I'm losing my appetite.

Laura: Why don't we talk about your marriage to Tracy Quartermaine?

Lesley: Oh, you finally know.

Laura: Yes. It was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

Lesley: I'm sorry, baby. I have to tell you that in the beginning, I was absolutely against the choice that Luke made, but then I watched you. And you went through that whole experience of marrying him all over again and you were so happy. I couldn't stay mad.

Laura: I know. But we have a new rule in this family now. No one is going to protect me from the truth. Lucky: We won't, mom.

Laura: Good. Okay, then there's no point in talking about it anymore, no point in looking back for any of us.

Lulu: Pretty roses, Grandma.

Lesley: Yeah, they're for your mom, from Bobbie.

Laura: Oh, that's nice.

Lesley: All your friends have been so out of their minds with joy over your recovery. The phone's been ringing off the hook.

Lucky: And we should celebrate.

Nikolas: Yes, yes, I agree. You know what? I'll call Alfred and we'll have dinner at Wyndemere, just family and friends. What do you say?

Laura: No, honey, too much effort.

Luke: You want to pop over to Kellyís? I can call Barbara.

Lucky: Yeah, and Elizabeth can make your favorite brownies.

Laura: Oh, no, uh, no, I um -- I don't want a big fuss or a big celebration. I am so happy to be home. I just want to relax.

Lesley: Okay, then sit down, relax. Everybody sit down and relax. I am cooking. You want to see good food, you're going to see good food.

[Knock at door]

Nikolas: I'll give you a hand.

Lulu: Oh, I'll get the door.

Man: Is this the home of Laura Spencer?

Laura: I'm Laura.

Man: Pleasure to meet you. My name is Dr. Hache. I am on the staff of the Trou d'Intrique.

Lulu: The place that administered the lS-49?

Dr. Hache: We heard you had awakened. I'm sorry to interrupt your family reunion, but we need you to return to France right away for tests and further therapy.

Jason: Anything on the freighter?

Spinelli: Aside from the accidental distress call, there's been no contact between "Gibraltar" and the authorities.

Jason: Where's "Gibraltar" now?

Spinelli: Well, it is not yet past the harbor patrol station en route to the open sea.

Jason: Okay, so Jerry is still somewhere in the harbor. Maybe he's waiting for something.

Spinelli: And keeping fair Samantha as a reluctant captive.

Jason: Okay, I'm going to keep looking.

Spinelli: I shall accompany --

Jason: No, I can handle this, Spinelli.

Spinelli: The rescue situation is most hazardous. Backup is warranted.

Jason: Are you feeling okay?

Spinelli: A tad peculiar.

Jason: Okay, then you need to stay here.

[Cell phone rings]

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey, Jason, it's me. I just want to let you know that Robin has stabilized.

Jason: She's going to be all right?

Elizabeth: Well, her condition is guarded, but we're hopeful.

Jason: Good, good. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Elizabeth: Sure. I'm getting off work soon, and I'm going back to my studio. You want to meet me?

Jason: You know what? I'm sorry, I'm working right now.

Elizabeth: Okay, um, all right then have a good day. Take care.

Jason: You, too.

Spinelli: The maternal one?

Jason: Yeah.

Spinelli: Perhaps when this whole crisis is over, you can reconvene with your lady love?

Jason: Perhaps we don't talk about Elizabeth. I'm going to keep looking.

Spinelli: Uh, proceed with the utmost caution.

Jerry: You know what? I must admit, I'm going to miss you when you're food for the fishes.

Sam: You admit that you're loving this.

Jerry: Well, I do enjoy the expression on your face when I bring up your imminent demise. You know, there's a fascinating mixture of fear and determination, sweet Sam. The moment you're threatened, your mind goes into a spin, you know? Working out all the ways to save yourself. It's pure survivalism. It's a quality I greatly admire.

Sam: Oh, really? I'm really glad you approve.

Jerry: Oh, thank you. Well, case in point -- anyone else would be begging for mercy.

Sam: What is begging you going to do for me? You're not going to save me.

Jerry: I know. You have to die for my plan to work, darling. Sorry.

Sam: That's because your plans have all worked so well in the past. The Metro Court? That was a good plan.

Jerry: Yes, it's true. It's true. There was a room full of hostages and you were the only one with the presence of mind to push the silent alarm. You know what? I have to admit, you were a worthy adversary, darling. You were.

Sam: Wait. My coffee probably cooled. Can I -- please?

Jerry: Why not? Why not?

Jerry: Here you are, darling.

Sam: Thank you.

Jerry: You're not going to throw it at me?

Sam: I promised you I wouldnít.

Jerry: Touchť. You know, I'm really going to miss you, darling. Perhaps if I had pursued you more attentively, we could have been partners and you'd be joining me in my getaway instead of dying to cover my escape. It's too bad. Too bad.

Sonny: Are you here to help me or hurt me?

Olivia: To tell you the truth, Sonny, I'm not sure. Far be it from me to say "I told you so."

Sonny: Then donít.

Olivia: I begged you, Sonny. Connie begged you. You had people lined up down the street begging you to drop the stupid grudge against this Karpov guy, but you just couldn't do it, could you? And now look at you. They got you locked up like some kind of animal in here -- with a bad case of claustrophobia, if memory serves. How do you think that's going to work for you up in Pentonville?

Sonny: You're jumping to conclusions.

Olivia: Oh, come on, Sonny. I was at the pier with Karpov. You show up, you tell me to get lost, and now the guy is killed. What, do you think it takes a rocket scientist?

Sonny: Karpov has a lot of enemies, right? He's in a rough business.

Olivia: And you aren't?

Sonny: Somebody else killed Karpov. I didn't do it.

Sasha: Sonny Corinthos was arrested for Andreiís murder.

Man's voice: Do they have evidence?

Sasha: I don't know.

Man's voice: We can't get to him if he is in custody.

Sasha: I'll see what I can do.

Carly: This isn't fair.

Jax: What?

Carly: You tell me you miss me and you open the door for us getting back together, and then you show up at my house yesterday and you give me divorce papers and you tell me you want me out of your life. Now you're doing another 180, telling me I may have a reasonable excuse for Sonny being at my house? This isn't a relationship. It's an obstacle course, Jax.

Jax: I could say the same thing. I mean, Sonny was at your house the entire time I was visiting, and you didn't say anything.

Carly: That's because Sonny didn't want anyone to know he was there.

Jax: Well, I'm not just anyone. I'm your husband. Now Karpov's been murdered, Sonny's being held as a suspect, and I'm assuming that you know a great deal about this, but you're choosing to remain quiet about it.

Carly: It's Sonny's business. It's not mine.

Jax: Which means you're protecting him.

Carly: What do you want from me, Jax?

Jax: Honesty. Plain and simple. Do you love me, or are you so wrapped up in Sonny's world that there's no room for me?

Carly: I have told you, Jax, I have never loved anyone the way I love you.

Jax: It's easy to say the words, Carly.

Carly: No, but then let me prove it to you. I will be faithful for the rest of my life.

Jax: I need you to be faithful in your heart. I am not going to share you with anyone.

Carly: Okay, I know, I know I made a horrible mistake when I slept with Sonny. And I know that it was the lie more than the infidelity that pushed you away. And now you're afraid to trust and you need time, and I get that. I'm just asking you to take that leap of faith and you give us that time, please.

Jax: I need you to be honest with me about where we stand.

Carly: No, wait, you first.

Jax: No.

Carly: No. Do you still love me?

Jax: Yes.

Carly: Do you think we have a chance?

Jax: Yes, I do. I miss you all the time.

Carly: I miss you so much.

Jax: I want us to be together, but I will not come second to Sonny.

Carly: You're not. You're not, but he is the father of my children.

Jax: Well, he's a great deal more than that.

Carly: Sonny and I have a history together. We have helped each other get through the hardest times of our lives. That counts for something. I'm not going to lie. I'm trying to be honest.

Jax: Let me put it to you this way -- if you and I stay married, can you put us first?

Carly: I'm committed to you.

Jax: That's not answering the question, Carly. Are you and Sonny done in every possible way?

Carly: If you're asking me that if Sonny's in trouble would I not help him, I can't do that.

Sonny: You tell the cops you saw me and Karpov last night?

Olivia: Oh, please, I said nothing, even when Commissioner Scorpio was giving me the third degree down by the pier.

Sonny: You went back?

Olivia: Yes, I did, and the cops are there. They're examining the body. They're dusting for prints. They're doing the whole nine yards. He asked if I could identify the body, I said, "Yeah, it was Karpov." That's the end of the story.

Sonny: You got to stay out of this. You got to stay out of this completely. Don't even get involved at all.

Olivia: Oh, I have to? Is that an order?

Sonny: I would appreciate it if you didn't volunteer information.

Olivia: Yeah, I bet you would. It's a little hard to explain how you were meeting with Karpov there, and then after you left -- law abiding citizen that you are -- all the sudden, some bad guy came in and shot him.

Sonny: Lower your voice. You don't have to be mad at me.

Olivia: I'm not mad at you, Sonny. This is who you are. It's who you are always going to be. And it's as simple and sad as that.

Diane: What was Kate's cousin doing here?

Sonny: Doesn't matter. How soon can you get me out of here?

Diane: That all depends on one crucial factor -- an alibi. You happen to have one handy?

Sonny: Yeah, I do. Carly.

Diane: Well, isn't that predictable.

Sonny: Trust me, it wasn't anything like that.

Diane: Do you hear me asking for details?

Sonny: No.

Diane: No. Okay, as appalled as I might be -- am on Kate's behalf, as your lawyer, I am tickled pink because this could streamline the entire process of getting you released. Assuming, of course, that Carly's story matches yours.

Lucky: Mom, I don't think you should go back to France.

Laura: Honey, the doctors seem pretty insistent that I needed more treatment.

Lulu: I wish the doctor could guarantee the treatments would work.

Nikolas: Mom, it seems to me like that might be your best chance for recovery. That drug lS-49 was developed there, right?

Lucky: Yeah, but now they want Mom to be the guinea pig.

Lulu: Well, I don't want you to leave, but I think Nikolas is right.

Lucky: We can help Mom if she stays here.

Lulu: And she relapsed last time and we couldn't help her.

Laura: Mom?

Lesley: This is your choice. And whatever you decide, I will support you.

Nikolas: We all will.

Laura: I want a little time to think about this.

Lulu: We'll -- we'll just go on the porch.

Lucky: Yeah, I need to check in with the station anyway, okay?

Lesley: And I know from experience that sometimes the very best thing is to leave you and Luke to work things out for yourselves.

Laura: She's right. Don't you want to put your two cents in?

Luke: You're awake, you're healthy, beautiful as ever. I just want you to stay that way.

Laura: What about us, Luke?

Luke: I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that you're here and it feels like you were never gone.

Laura: Yeah, I know how you feel.

Luke: So maybe for us the answer is just to savor the moment and try to take it as it comes.

Diane: Carly, good, we need to talk.

Carly: You're here about Sonny.

Diane: Yes, I am. I've been to see him. He seems none the worse for wear, although, I would like to get him released as soon as possible and he assures me that you are the key to accomplishing that. So was he with you last night? And if so, when, specifically?

Carly: I saw him.

Diane: Uh, excuse me a moment. Ms. Falconeri? Might I have a word with you?

Olivia: About what?

Diane: We crossed paths this morning at the PCPD, and I would just like to know what you were discussing with Sonny. Did you see him last night?

Olivia: You got questions, you ought to ask Sonny.

Diane: Ms. Falconeri, I'm Sonny's attorney. Let's just assume that you wish him well. Let's assume that you would like to see him released. Stonewalling me is going to be counter-productive.

[Cell phone rings]

Diane: Excuse me, ladies. I have to take this.

Carly: You saw Sonny last night.

Olivia: Briefly. How about you?

Carly: Not so briefly.

Olivia: You know where he was headed and what he was going to do.

Sasha: I saw your lawyer leaving the station. I assume she's hard at work trying to get you free.

Sonny: Can I let you in on a little secret? I didn't kill your boss.

Sasha: You know, the police questioned me. I didn't tell them about the unfortunate incident at the warehouse the other night where you tried to kill Andrei and were only stopped by my timely interruption.

Sonny: What's your discretion going to cost me?

Sasha: Not a thing. I've been instructed to help you get released.

Lulu: Johnny! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh, I'm so happy to see you!

Johnny: I've missed you so much.

Lulu: I miss you, too.

Johnny: I'm sorry about everything that happened at Shadybrook. I never should have doubted you, and I never should have let the doctors keep me away.

Lulu: It's okay.

Johnny: No, it's not. Okay, I know Scott Baldwin threatened you, and I know he took your mother.

Lulu: Okay, I have a lot of things that I want to tell you, but first, I want you to come inside and meet my mom.

Johnny: No, I don't want to intrude.

Lulu: It's okay. She wants to meet you, too. Trust me.

Lulu: Mom, it's Johnny.

Laura: Oh, Johnny, hello. I've heard an awful lot about you.

Johnny: I've heard even more about you, Mrs. Spencer.

Laura: Oh, you can call me Laura.

Johnny: You have an amazing daughter.

Laura: I know.

Johnny: I want to apologize for everything that I put Lulu through. I never meant to hurt her.

Laura: Lulu explained everything to me. I know that you took the blame for Loganís death, and you stood trial in her place.

Johnny: Yeah, but the whole mess was my fault to begin with.

Laura: You risked your life and your freedom to protect my daughter. I am very glad that she's fallen in love with such a fine young man.

Johnny: Thank you.

Sam: Damn.

Spinelli: Halt, evil-doer! What have you done with fair Samantha?

Jerry: If you're referring to sweet Sam, she's willingly joined me on a pleasure cruise.

Spinelli: I am not deceived by your lies.

Jerry: Well, that's your prerogative.

Spinelli: If you don't tell me where fair Samantha is located, I will tell Stone Cold on you.

Jerry: You see, there's one small problem with your valiant plan. Jason appears to be nowhere in the vicinity.

Spinelli: Well, he returns anon.

Jerry: In the mean time, how do you intend to stop me? That's what I thought.

Spinelli: Prepare to be vanquished. Kee-yah!

[Spinelli grunts]

[Spinelli screams]

Jerry: Clumsy idiot.

Edward: Well, Luke, come in. Come in.

Alice: Mr. Luke, how wonderful to have you back.

Luke: Thanks, Alice, nice to see you, too.

Alice: How about a drink or some champagne to celebrate your return?

Luke: If you make it bourbon, I'll have a glass.

Edward: Well, Luke, we've heard about your wonderful experiences, that -- that tumble off the cliff. Thank heavens you and Laura walked away unscathed.

Luke: Where is he going with this?

Alice: It isn't pretty, Mr. Luke.

Edward: Well, I just figured that since you brought Laura back to Port Charles, you would come here and pack up all your belongings and clear out of these premises once and for all.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Did you? If it's all the same to you, I'd like a word with my wife.

Edward: Well, be our guest.

Tracy: No, you fool. He means privately. Could you leave us alone for a minute, please?

Edward: Now, you stay strong, my dear, and don't you let this philanderer get the better of you.

Tracy: No listening at the keyhole.

Alice: Don't worry; I got my eyes on him.

Luke: I'm so sorry I put you through this, Tracy.

Tracy: That's the best you can do? The four of you were practically giddy with relief at the precious Laura being found. You were one big happy family.

Luke: I understand that you're upset --

Tracy: What do you -- what do you expect me to do when you're off reuniting with Laura? Sit quietly with my hands folded in my lap and wait for you to choose one of us?

Luke: There is no choice to be made. Laura's going to France. I'm staying here with you.

Tracy: Oh, goody. I get to make a meal out of crumbs.

Luke: You know how I feel about you.

Tracy: What about how I feel, Luke? When do I get to come first?

Nadine: Of course I'm thrilled to meet your mother. Why wouldn't I be after all you've said about her?

Nikolas: Well, then I don't really see what the problem is, then.

Nadine: Well, it's just -- she's been ill and now she's okay and she's back here with all of her family and -- I don't want to come in here with the big "Hi, I'm Nadine, Nikolas' friend," and then everyone stops having fun and telling stories because, you know, they have to be polite to the newcomer.

[Nikolas chuckles]

Laura: We could include you in the stories. You might like them.

Nadine: Sorry, I was rattling on.

Nikolas: Nadine, this is my mother.

Nadine: Pleased to meet you. I've heard amazing things about you.

Laura: Well, I've heard some pretty amazing things about you, too. You've been so supportive of Nikolas after what happened, and I thank you for that.

Nadine: Oh, you don't have to thank me. Mostly I just drove him crazy.

Nikolas: No, no, she hasnít. Nadine has been very instrumental in getting that clinic I told you about up and running. I really couldn't have done it without her.

Nadine: Well, I admire the way your son was able to turn something good out of something so tragic. His fiancť died, and he built this clinic in her name to help the community. It's amazing.

Laura: Nikolas has a very big heart.

Nikolas: Listen, the two of you are supposed to be getting to know each other, not talking about me, so --

Nadine: Well, we like talking about you.

Laura: Oh, a woman after my own heart. You know what? I put a kettle on a little while ago. Would you grab it and some cups for us?

Nikolas: Yes, of course. But when I get back, I expect you to be on a different topic.

[Laura chuckles]

Laura: Here, come on, sit down. Be comfortable.

Nadine: You don't have to worry. He's not serious about me.

Laura: Well, I hope you're wrong about that. I mean, as much as he loved Emily, he might have been in a state of grief for a very long time and not able to move forward.

Nadine: Well, um, I guess that almost was the case. He -- he was about to give up.

Laura: Well, I'm glad he didnít. And from what I understand, you were a big part of that.

Nadine: You can't smell the roses if you're stuck in the mud.

Laura: Is that Aunt Rayleen?

Nadine: Ah, I guess he did tell you a lot about me.

Laura: Yes, he did. And now I get to meet you for myself and see that you are quite charming and intelligent and perfect for my son.

Nadine: I get it now.

Laura: What?

Nadine: Where he gets his kindness and patience and sweetness. It's all from you.

Nikolas: Okay.

Laura: Thank you.

Nikolas: Please, tell me you're on a different subject?

Nadine: Not a chance.

Laura: Were your ears burning? It's all good. It's all good.

Jason: Spinelli.

Spinelli: The Jackal's head aches most grievously.

Jason: What happened?

Spinelli: The sinister one was here.

Jason: Jerry was here?

Spinelli: Yeah. I accused him of evil-doing, but he insisted fair Samantha was a willing accomplice.

Jason: Okay, okay, did you see where he was headed?

Spinelli: Alas, I was rendered unconscious before he departed. However --

Jason: What?

Spinelli: I did manage to place a tracking device on his person.

Jason: You put a tracking device on Jerry?

Spinelli: Most assuredly. During our bout of fisticuffs, I did prove somewhat ineffectual at martial arts, but I did manage to maintain proximity long enough to place a device in his pocket.

Jason: You did good. You did good. Come on. Just --

Spinelli: I'm gratified by your praise. And hopefully, the demented one will remain none the wiser.

Jerry: Hello. I trust you weren't too bored in my absence.

Sam: The peace and quiet has been kind of nice.

Jerry: Oh, yes, a last moment of solitude to take stock of your life.

Sam: Take me with you, please.

Jerry: Very tempting, but, you know, self-preservation is a priority. You see, now I am going to start positioning the charges. You can watch me set up the timer. You see, I have to be very precise because once the countdown is initiated, you can't stop it. Any attempt will trigger detonation, in case you are tempted to try.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: Well, maybe I will, because at least I'll be able to take you with me.

Jerry: That's funny. You know, it would have been a terrible waste to have gone through all this trouble and die in my own explosion. It all worked out so beautifully. You know, I even had the foresight to leave several thousand dollars and a large shipment of drugs onboard to make it appear as if we were making our getaway.

Sam: You really think that people are going to believe that you're dead when there's no body?

Jerry: Well, I'm relying on your lovely corpse to be convincing enough. But if you'll excuse me, I have a ship to explode. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Diane: Carly would neither confirm nor deny that you were with her last night when Andrei Karpov was murdered.

Sonny: She's -- she's just being stubborn.

Diane: Well, far it be it from me to even attempt to understand your convoluted, dysfunctional relationship with Carly, but is it possible with everything that's happened with Kate and Jax that Carly's loyalties have undergone a shift?

Sonny: She'll back me up.

Diane: If Carly wouldn't tell me where you were last night -- me, your lawyer -- what kind of a story do you think she's going to tell to the police?

Carly: Hi, I'm Carly Jacks. Commissioner Scorpio said I should come down here and give a statement.

Officer: Okay, well, wait here and I'll let him know.

Carly: Thanks.

[Carly sighs]

Laura: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Laura: Oh, goodness. Look at you. You're just as beautiful as ever. It's good to see you.

Elizabeth: I'm so glad you recovered.

Laura: Thank you. I'm really sorry to hear that you're not together anymore, but I'm glad that you're friends.

Elizabeth: We always will be.

Lucky: Mom, you said you wanted to know the truth about everything. There's something that Elizabeth and I want to tell you.

Laura: Well, please, sit down.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Elizabeth: The baby that I was pregnant with, we named him Jake.

Laura: Oh.

Elizabeth: Jacob Martin Spencer.

Laura: Oh, that's great.

Elizabeth: But Lucky isn't the biological father of Jake. Jason Morgan is.

Laura: Jason?

Elizabeth: I lied to Lucky and I lied to everyone, and it's something that I will always regret.

Lucky: It was a very tough time for Elizabeth and me, but we -- we worked through it.

Elizabeth: Lucky has agreed to keep Jakeís paternity a secret to keep him safe from Jason's enemies.

Laura: Oh, my God. Lucky: Mom, I feel like Jake is my son in every way that matters. I love him and Cameron as if they were my own.

Laura: My gosh.

Elizabeth: I'm really sorry. I am so sorry for lying to you when you have always been so supportive of me.

Laura: Oh, honey, you were trying to protect your child. You know I understand that. And after what happened to me with Nikolas -- you know about that.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Laura: I don't have any right to judge anyone. I love you, sweetie.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Hello. Yeah, one second. Mom?

Laura: Hmm?

Lucky: It's the institute from Paris.

Laura: Oh. I'll be right back.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Laura: Hello? Yes, this is Laura Spencer. Yes, I called you about a doctor who visited me earlier today? Really. Well, I'm not entirely surprised.

[Jason grunts]

Sam: Jason. We got to get out of here. Jerry's rigged the whole place to explode.

Jason: Okay, where is he?

Sam: Probably on the deck somewhere.

Jerry: Or in the cabin. I have to admit, I didn't expect you to go through all this trouble for sweet Sam.

Sam: You're never going to get away --

Jerry: Shut up! Now turn slowly, face me, hands above your head. Now!

[Gun fire]

Carly: What are you doing here?

Jax: Oh, I just came by to see Mac, you know? We go way back. I assume you're here to give a statement.

Carly: Mac called me in.

Jax: Right. Andrei Karpov is dead. Sonny expects you to be his alibi. Am I right? You don't have to do it, you know, Carly. You can choose to walk away.

Carly: It's complicated, Jax.

Jax: If you tell the police that you were with Sonny, it proves that you're committed to him. Or you can refuse to be his alibi and let him deal with his own problems for once. All you have to do is tell the truth, and that would actually prove to me that our marriage comes first.

Mac: We're ready to take your statement.

Diane: My client would like just a few minutes to confer with his ex-wife.

Mac: Why? So they can coordinate their stories?

Diane: It is a very simple request, commissioner. Two or three minutes should be sufficient.

Mac: Fine, but first, I want to know where Sonny was when Karpov was killed. Can you alibi your ex-husband?

Sasha: Well, if all goes well, Sonny could be released as early as this evening.

Man's voice: Good.

Sasha: I assume once he's out on the streets, he'll be eliminated?

Man's voice: Corinthos is only the beginning. Everyone connected to him is going to pay.

Tracy: No, I will not be filing for divorce, and I'm so sorry my father wasted your time.

Laura: Hello, Tracy. Look, I understand that you are married to Luke now and I am trying like hell to accept that, but what you did today crosses the line.

Tracy: What are you talking about?

Laura: You sent a phony doctor over to my house to collect me and send me back to France.

Tracy: You ought to talk to somebody about that paranoia.

Laura: Oh, I suppose you thought it would be easy to fool me. You got the idea from the phony minister that Luke hired to get us married again.

Tracy: Laura, I know this is difficult for you.

Laura: You manipulated me, Luke, my mother, my children. It's unacceptable, Tracy.

Tracy: I've had enough of your self-righteous anger. Clearly, you need to go back to France to talk to the doctors.

[Laura sighs]

Laura: Do you really think you can just get rid of me?

Tracy: Why don't you make a graceful retreat?

[Timer beeping]

Jason: Go!


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