GH Transcript Monday 11/10/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/10/08


Episode #13381
Written by Mary Sue Price, Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, Elizabeth Korte, and David Goldschmid

Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Carly: Last night you said there was a chance we could get back together. What -- what happened?

Jax: You spent the night with Sonny.

[Sonny spits]

Jason: Jerry and Sam have been missing for 24 hours.

Spinelli: Yes, the Jackal will retrace the evildoer's steps prior to the purchase of the plastique.

Jason: We need to figure out where Sam fits into all this.

Jerry: Nice catch, sweet Sam. Wow.

Sam: I get a question. What's your time frame?

Jerry: Oh, when -- when our boat go boom?

Jason: Jerry bought enough plastique to blow up a small building. We need to figure out where he's taking it.

Jerry: Focus on the here and now, sweet Sam. That's all you've got left.

[Sam gasps]

Jerry: Because eventually, when the time is right, that's your answer. By the way, I'll be gone and presumed dead. Our little boat will be in pieces, and so, regrettably, will you.

Laura: Oh, Luke.

Luke: Oh, I've missed you so much.

Lulu: Mom? Mom, can you hear me?

Laura: Lulu? Lulu.

Lulu: Mom.

Laura: Hi.

Nikolas: Mom. Thank God. Are you all right?

Laura: Yes, I'm fine. I'm wonderful, in fact.

Lucky: We got here as soon as we could.

Laura: Oh, honey. I can't believe my whole family's together. It's a miracle.

Laura: Look at you. You are both so handsome.

Nikolas: What do you mean, look at us? I mean, you're awake, flying across country, getting in car crashes, hiding out. I -- I can't even believe that you're really standing here.

Lulu: Well, who told you Mom was awake weeks and weeks ago and everyone thought I was crazy? I'm not complaining. I had you when I needed you the most.

Nikolas: It seems like you've completely recovered.

Laura: Well, 24 hours with Luke will do that for you.

Luke: Back at you, darling.

Laura: But, listen, we all need to agree on something as a family, okay? I promise to tell you if I feel a relapse coming on, but I'd like you all to promise me that you will never again hide the truth from me for my own good.

Carly: I swear to you, nothing happened.

Jax: Whatever goes on between you and Sonny is really not my concern any more.

Carly: Obviously it is, because you're upset.

Jax: When I came over, you said you wanted time alone, and I believed you.

Carly: I can explain everything to you, Jax. I can.

Jax: Yeah, I'm sure you can, but you know what? Sometimes I don't even think that you can tell the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie, especially when Sonny is involved. But you know what? I don't care anymore, because I'm finished, I'm done with this.

Carly: No, no, no. Don't you dare. Don't you throw away everything we have over one big misunderstanding.

Jax: Me? You're the one that's throwing everything away, Carly. I mean, what are you even doing here in the first place? Have you forgotten how dangerous things are right now? Were you that desperate to sleep with him?

Carly: I didn't sleep with Sonny.

Jax: But he was here, wasn't he? When I came over to talk to you, I mean, you practically shoved me out the door. He was probably hiding somewhere, listening to everything I said, right? Right?

Carly: Yes, but I swear to you, it is not what you think, Jax.

Jax: Don't bother. Don't bother explaining, Carly. I mean, the simple fact is that you chose Sonny over me.

Carly: No.

Jax: I'm just leaving you to your choice.

[Sonny groans]

[Phone rings]

Operator: 911 operator. What is the nature of your emergency? You have reached the 911 operator. Please state the nature of your emergency.

Spinelli: The detonator matched that used in the Metro Court lobby explosion. The Jackal traced a large amount of plastic purchased by a Mr. Brosnan, A.K.A. Mr. Craig --

Jason: Okay, I know -- I know who you mean. Why would Sam leave her apartment with Jerry?

Spinelli: And in an amorous manner, if the eye witness account is accurate.

Jason: Okay, I bet -- I bet you Jerry was in the apartment when I went to check in on Sam.

Spinelli: That would explain why she encouraged you to leave in such a strident and vociferous manner.

Jason: Yeah, she did want to get rid of me. That's for sure.

Spinelli: But there's nothing to conclusively decide whether or not she is Jerry's captive or his accomplice.

Jerry: Focus, sweet Sam. I'm only playing this to keep your mind off your fate. I mean, maybe a well-placed bullet would be more effective. What do you think?

Sam: I'm doing my part. You do yours. I get another question.

Jerry: Ask away.

Sam: Were you serious when you said you wanted to turn your life around, or were you just lying to everyone, including my mother?

Jerry: Well, I did try, I suppose. I mean, my intentions were sincere, within reason. I didn't intend to entirely live within the narrow confines of the law. I wanted mostly to avoid violence. You know what? I soon realized that -- I didn't have the straight and narrow gene, and despite your protestations, neither do you, darling. So, in a way, I'm doing you a favor. I'm -- I'm allowing you to be your true self. I'm completing you. You see, we both are liars by nature. We're survivors. We're predators. We thrive on taking terrifying chances. We do it for the adrenaline. We do it for the rush. We do it for the power.

Sam: I am not like you.

Jerry: Yes, yes. We live in the moment, you see, and when we try to change things, we only end up hurting ourselves and the people that we love. We're a bit like the captive tiger who for no apparent reason rips his keeper to shreds. I mean, he's just a tiger, you know. He's not doing anything wrong. His drive is pure intuition, not love. Like us, he bides his time and waits for the right moment to attack, you see?

Man's voice: Freighter Gibraltar, your distress signal has been received. Cut your motors. We are preparing to board.

[Sam yelps]

Nikolas: Yeah, they're fine. Do you -- do you have the coordinates? Great, thank you. The chopper's on its way.

Lucky: How did you guys find such great shelter?

Luke: Your mother found it.

Laura: Oh, don't give me too much credit. I was angry, and I stomped off into the wilderness. I didn't even really have any idea where I was going.

Lulu: Do we want to know what she was angry about?

Luke: What do you think, Lulu?

Laura: You know, I still can't believe that you kids participated in that charade of a wedding when you knew that your father was married to Tracy Quartermaine.

Luke: Darling, in all fairness, they didn't know. At least, at the time they didn't know. I told everyone that I had been to the Dominican Republic and gotten a divorce from Tracy, so your kids had no idea that the wedding was -- symbolic.

Laura: I think "fake" is the word you were looking for. Look, I know that you did it -- uh -- with my best interest at heart, but listen, I really want to know that that's never ever going to happen again.

Nikolas: Agreed.

Laura: I don't know if my life is going to be about going from a cycle of awareness to oblivion. I don't know if that's going to happen, but if it does, it's so important to me that you tell me the truth -- about my life, and I would like to know the truth about yours.

Lucky: I'm sorry.

Laura: It's all right. Just don't do that again. I want to enjoy every minute that I have with you from now on.

Nikolas: It's just -- Mom, so much has happened since you were -- since you were away.

Laura: You don't have to say "away." You can say "sick, out of it," whatever you want. I'm past needing all the polite euphemisms, you know?

Nikolas: Okay. It's just all that matters right now is that you're back --

Lulu: So, if you're back together with Mom, where does that leave Tracy?

[Helicopter approaching]

Lucky: Let's go.

Tracy: Let me know as soon as you got an eta. Well, Luke and Laura have been found. They're in good shape. Actually, their children found them.

Scott: Oh, good. That's great. Well, you must be a little upset, because you were sort of hoping for a relapse with Laura, right?

Tracy: I don't want anything bad to happen to Laura, if only for her daughter, Lulu. You remember, the innocent girl that you've been tormenting?

Scott: Well, I wasn't going to prosecute her because of Laura. We were having a good time. Things were working, and then Spencer showed up.

Tracy: Just think of it as a temporary interruption.

Scott: Well, if that's the case, good. If not, and they end up together, down the road, maybe you and I might ignite that old flame that we once had for each other.

Tracy: Scott, why are we in L.A.? Oh, that's right, so that you can convince Laura to choose you over Luke.

Scott: Well, I lost. I tried. Spencer won.

Tracy: Uh-uh. You're giving up?

Scott: The milk has gone sour, and I am not the kitty cat that's going to lick that up. Luke and Laura will go off into the sunset. I will go back, and I will arrest people, and you will sit alone, drinking Cuba libres.

Tracy: Ha, don't count on it.

Patrick: Hey, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Patrick: I didn't get a page after Robin's test. I'm -- I'm hoping that's good news.

Elizabeth: Well, Epiphany heard you were dozing off in the nursery. She didn't want to wake you.

Patrick: Okay.

Anna: Has there been any change?

Elizabeth: Her vitals are low, but they're steady.

Anna: Okay, thanks. Good.

Elizabeth: We're praying for her, okay?

Patrick: Thanks, Elizabeth.

Anna: Well, that's good. She's holding her own, yeah?

Anna: Don't do the doctor thing. Just tell me.

Patrick: She's got D.I.C., which means her blood won't clot, which means all the damage from the emergency C-section can't heal. She's just going to keep -- keep bleeding.

Anna: Don't the transfusions help?

Patrick: They're keeping her alive, but we can't transfuse indefinitely. So, as a doctor, I know the longer D.I.C. lasts, the more of a chance it becomes fatal.

Anna: Well, don't think like a doctor, then. Think like a father and a husband. Don't you dare give up on my daughter, and don't you go in that room thinking that she's going to leave us, because she's not. And you figure out a way to believe that. Patrick?

Robin: How's our daughter?

Carly: Jax, wait. Don't -- please, understand. Okay, Sonny was here last night when you came by, but nothing happened.

Jax: And you lied to be with him.

Carly: No, no. I lied, because I didn't want to have this fight, because I knew you would be jealous and jump to conclusions.

Jax: Well, there's only one possible conclusion. No matter how much you say you want to be with me, I'm always the one who gets put off and lied to, and then you expect me to take you back.

Carly: I'm not doing any of this to hurt you.

Jax: Carly, you refuse to make the choice between a life with me and a life on whatever level with Sonny, and I refuse to live like that.

Carly: No, no. Look, don't give up. Please, don't give up. Just give me this one night, just this one night.

Jax: No. You're addicted to Sonny. You'll do whatever it takes to be with him. No.

Carly: Nothing happened last night, I swear.

Jax: Just forget about last night. Just sign the papers.

Carly: Jax!

Carly: Jax!

Spinelli: While the Jackal does not relish thinking the worst of fair Samantha, she does have a history of questionable choices when disappointed in love. Darth Lansing comes to mind.

Jason: So you think Sam teamed up with Jerry when things went bad with Lucky?

Spinelli: Given her colorful history and her con-artist past -- I mean, we must question, in the vernacular, who is zooming who. I mean, perhaps when the vanished one -- she was actually trying to live a law-abiding life, but when she found herself in jail, made the impulsive choice to cross over to the dark side and --

Jason: The only problem with this theory is why would she leave this detonator behind? If she's working with Jerry, she would never be that careless.

Spinelli: Well, then, perhaps what appeared to be affection to the nosy neighbor was in fact coercion, and fair Samantha left behind the telltale fragment as a clue and a cry for help.

Jerry: I'm so sorry. I -- I never meant to send the distress call on the radio. So sorry.

Officer: Well, sending out a false SOS is a serious offense.

Jerry: Well, I'll gladly pay the fine. I mean, I -- I apologize for doing such stupid incidents. I'm sorry.

Officer: Well, your radio seems to be in perfect working order. It didn't trigger the beacon on its own.

Jerry: Well -- well, you're putting me in an awkward position. I -- I'll tell you exactly what happened. My girlfriend and I were -- were enjoying ourselves, and we must have accidentally triggered the call for help.

Officer: Well, where is your girlfriend now?

Jerry: Well, she made a mad dash to the shower as soon as she heard the bullhorn. I mean, do you want to speak to her? I mean, she's terribly embarrassed. I'll be glad to call her if you want, I mean

Officer: No, we'll let it go for now, but in the future, be more careful.

Jerry: Oh, we will, absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you so much. Thank you, Officer.

Officer: Thank you for your cooperation.

Jerry: My pleasure, my pleasure. Goodbye.

Mac: What have we got?

Harper: A warehouse security guard called it in. Nobody saw anything. Nobody heard any gunshots.

Mac: No, they never do.

Harper: He's got a wallet and cash on him.

Mac: You know who this is. Looks like Sonny Corinthos finally got his revenge.

Olivia: Hey, have you been in my cousin's room tonight?

Elizabeth: Actually, I'm just updating her chart now. She's doing really well.

Olivia: Um, was Sonny in there with her?

Elizabeth: No, I haven't seen him.

Elizabeth: Are you okay?

Olivia: The night my cousin was shot, that quiet guy, that Jason, he -- he dragged you into my cousin's room and used her as exhibit "A" on all the reasons why not to be with a guy in the mob.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry we made a bad night even worse.

Olivia: How can you be with a guy like that? A guy who can take a human life like it was nothing more than changing his socks. Like, just, no remorse, no second thoughts -- just -- just bang, bang, somebody's dead, and it's all in a day's work.

Sonny: I need an alibi.

Carly: You did it, didn't you?

Sonny: Did what?

Carly: You killed Karpov.

Sonny: The cops are going to be looking for me, if they aren't already.

Carly: You destroyed my life tonight. Give me one good reason why I don't call the cops and destroy yours.

Patrick: Emma's doing great, and she's surviving my fathering skills, which are mediocre at best.

Anna: Come on. No, he's doing really well. Very, very good.

Patrick: I'm trying to put behind that whole Lamaze experience.

Robin: Oh, right, when you beheaded the doll in the class.

Patrick: Hey.

Anna: Oh, my goodness. I didn't even know that was possible.

Patrick: You're not supposed to tell people that.

Robin: Well, it doesn't matter, because you're doing well now, and you'll give him all the help that he'll ever need.

Patrick: Do you know it helps to hold the baby like a football?

Robin: Oh, my.

Patrick: Yeah, Matt told me that.

Anna: Go get Emma.

Patrick: Now?

Anna: Mm-hmm, yeah, Mommy needs to see her.

Patrick: Okay. See you.

Robin: It's difficult for him. I wish I could help him.

Anna: Well, don't wish, do it. And stop doling out final instructions. Patrick is too exhausted to pick up on it, but I'm your mother, and I can hear you saying goodbye.

Robin: Mom --

Anna: I don't know what you're thinking. I won't have it, Robin. You have been through too much, and you have beaten the odds too many times to give up now.

Robin: I'm just so tired.

Anna: Then you take my hand. Come on. Take it. Get your strength from me. I won't allow you to quit. You want to be a mother and raise a daughter with Patrick. Well, you can. All you have to do is stick around and enjoy it, and don't do it for me. Don't do it for Patrick. But for that little girl. Emma really needs you. You understand?

Robin: Yeah.

Scott: You look a little nervous.

Tracy: Shut up.

Scott: Maybe they stopped off. They had a big family wedding. How about that?

Tracy: You don't scare me.

Scott: Well, why did Spencer drop you like a bad habit, chase after his love of his life all over Los Angeles? Tell me that.

Tracy: Probably because he doesn't want you to get what you want. And by the way, people change. Luke is not the same man he was. I am the perfect woman for him now.

Scott: Go tell him that.

Tracy: Oh, I'm -- I'm glad you're all safe.

Luke: Yeah, it was quite an adventure.

Lulu: It was amazing. We -- we got lost sometimes and we actually found them where they were stranded.

Nikolas: Yeah, you know, this has -- this has been quite an ordeal for everyone. I'm sure we could all use a nice hot shower and a good night's sleep, so I'd be happy to provide transportation for all of us back to Port Charles.

Laura: Honey, you don't have to handle me with kid gloves. I'm all right.

Luke: Well, I'm sure you could use some rest.

Laura: Hmm, but not before I say hello to your new wife.

Olivia: See, it doesn't matter how nice a guy he is or how handsome he is or how much history you've got with this guy. That doesn't matter. If someone was provoked or if the world is better off without the person he kills, it doesn't matter. See, killing another person should not be left in our hands. It's up to God.

Elizabeth: I agree.

Olivia: So you -- you what? You what? You ignore the way that Jason makes his money? What?

Elizabeth: Actually, it's kind of personal.

Olivia: Right. Right. So you just turn a blind eye, in other words. You just -- you come up with reasons. You make up excuses to allow yourself to be with him. I guess -- I guess I've known women like you, women usually from certain families who marry into certain other families. Some of us are not made that way. Some of us know that murder is murder, and it's wrong.

Carly: Jax dropped these off a while ago. My divorce papers.

Sonny: Hey, look, I'm sorry. I can see you're upset. Okay, can you -- can you do this for me? Can you -- you don't understand what just happened, okay?

Carly: He knows you were here last night.

Sonny: Okay, if -- if I could be coherent when the cops show up, then, you know, just give me a glass of water or something to eat. That way when they show up, they won't be as suspicious if I feel better, you know, when they --

Carly: That's it. I lose the man I love more than anything, and you want me to get you a snack?

Sonny: Look, I -- I don't want to fight you right now. Just do me a favor. If the cops show up, could you please give me an alibi?

Carly: 'Cause I'm your last resort after everything that's happened. It's me.

Sonny: Are you going to help me or not?

Carly: How about not? Maybe you should pay for what you did, Sonny, for the first time in your life, instead of asking everyone to rip their life apart to cover for you.

Carly: I mean, I had -- I had a real chance, my last real chance with Jax, and I wasted it on you. I can't believe that I brought you a gun. I mean, that's how sick my thinking is. Even after everything I had with Michael, even knowing that this man who is so wonderful and who loves me more than anything is going to give me another chance -- then I help you do something terrible. I help you get revenge for a woman who hates me. And I'm not in love with you anymore, and you don't love me. But I can't stop. I just can't stop.

Anna: You listen to your mother. You fight this. You get through it. You be a better mother to Emma than I ever was to you.

Robin: You're a great mother.

Anna: Promise me.

Robin: I promise.

Anna: Oh.

Patrick: We got a little night owl on our hands. She's wide awake.

Anna: She's wide awake. Oh, hi. I'm going to leave you guys, okay? Have a little family time.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: Let me see you pick her up.

Patrick: Now?

Robin: Yeah, now.

Patrick: All right. Come on, kiddo. Make me look good here. Come here.

Robin: Wow. You've gotten really good at that.

Patrick: Yeah?

Robin: Mm-hmm.

[Emma fusses]

Patrick: Oh. There you go. Hey -- you all right?

Robin: My mom, she just has a way of cutting to the chase, but she's -- she's totally right.

Patrick: What'd she say?

Robin: She said that I have to keep fighting. I'm scared. I mean, I know that my blood should be clotting by now. As a doctor, I don't know how I can survive this, but you know what? I don't care. I am going to survive this, and I'm going to be my same stubborn, annoying self, and I'm going to be with you and Emma for a very long time.

Patrick: That's good. We're counting on that.

Patrick: Come here. I want you to carry her.

[Emma giggles]

Robin: She's talking to you.

Patrick: She is.

Robin: Hi. I missed you.

Patrick: You got her?

Robin: Yeah.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: Hi. You know what, little girl? You, me, and your daddy -- we're going to have the best life ever.

Jason: Okay, why does Jerry need Sam as a hostage?

Spinelli: The demented one's reasons are often a mystery. For example --

Jason: I need you to focus -- because Sam only has value as a hostage in Port Charles.

Spinelli: I beg for enlightenment, with focus.

Jason: Which means Jerry needs Sam for something specific and we need to figure out what that is.

Jerry: I apologize for restricting your movements so harshly, but I can't destroy the radio, and I can't risk you sending a distress signal.

Sam: Doesn't matter. What you're planning's never going to work.

Jerry: Oh, really? Just because you can't seduce me, you can't escape, now you're chipping away at my confidence.

Sam: You'll never be able to pull this off.

Jerry: And why not? I took -- I blew up a hotel lobby in front of Port Charles' finest, and I got away with it, so what's so complicated about faking my own death in a simple boat explosion with a casualty in the mix?

Sam: Fine, sure, you can kill me. Wow, you can probably even run away from your enemies, but you know what? I'm not really sure how many times you get to rebuild your face, which is why I don't think you're going to fake your own death. You're going to come up with plan B. You always do.

Jerry: And why is that?

Sam: Jax. Losing you would break his heart.

Jerry: Happened a long time ago, darling.

Sam: Oh, I don't think so. I mean, come on. The only reason why you came back to Port Charles and tried to get on the straight and narrow path is because of him.

Jerry: Jax will be sad for a while, but he knows deep in his heart that people like us can never be saved, darling.

Mac: Ms. Falconeri.

Mac: I took your statement when your cousin was shot.

Olivia: Yeah, how can I help you, Commissioner?

Mac: May I ask why you're walking around the waterfront this late at night?

Olivia: Well, I've been spending a lot of time in the hospital, and I'd just like to get a little fresh air.

Mac: It's a dangerous part of town.

Olivia: Apparently so.

Mac: You know who this is, don't you?

Olivia: That's Andrei Karpov. I believe I mentioned him to the D.A.

Mac: Do you have any idea who killed him?

Sonny: Carly, I really do appreciate your help. You know that, don't you?

Carly: Is that supposed to make everything all right?

Carly: I hate this, you know. I really hate every second of it. I hate -- how I always help you, and I hate how it always costs me more than it costs you. I can't believe how I got so caught up in this mess here, and I had so many options out. Jax was here. He was here, and he wanted me to go with him.

Carly: He's gone. He is. He's gone, and you have Kate, and Jax is gone, and man, that is so not fair.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? You're right. I'm going to see if Max can pick me up. I'm going to call.

Carly: It's too late now.

[Knock on door]

Harper: I apologize for the interruption, but I need to ask you some questions.

Carly: About what?

Harper: Andrei Karpov was murdered tonight.

Carly: Why would I know anything about that?

Harper: Well, maybe Mr. Corinthos does.

Lucky: You know what? We need to end this, the sooner the better.

Nikolas: You heard what Mom said. She doesn't want to be treated like an invalid.

Lulu: You know Tracy's not going to give up without a fight.

Luke: Nobody's going to fight.

Lulu: Then why don't you break it up and tell them what you want?

Luke: I've already done that, Lulu. They know what I want.

Laura: I'd like to thank you for your kindness to my daughter, for taking her into your family and making her feel comfortable.

Tracy: I'm happy to do anything I can for Lulu.

Laura: I'd also like to apologize to you for the way you were treated during my last recovery. The wedding and all of that must have been difficult.

Tracy: It was.

Laura: It's awfully generous of you.

Tracy: I don't do generous, and I'm not giving up my husband, but I hear Scott Baldwin is available. Oh, now, where did that reptile slither off to?

Jason: Jerry may not have planned to take Sam hostage. He thought she would die in the explosion. Okay, so he must be hiding out somewhere -- a warehouse, a boat -- what do you think?


Jason: What is that? What's that beep?

Spinelli: Early in his employ, the Jackal created a program to monitor all harbor patrols and to alert Stone Cold when --

Jason: Okay, just get to the point.

Spinelli: The Coast Guard responded to a homing beacon, probably set off by a radio, apparently from a freighter named the Gibraltar.

Jason: Did the Coast Guard board the boat?

Spinelli: Yes, but it was deemed a false alarm.

Jason: Who was on the boat?

Spinelli: A man named James Brosnan.

Jason: Get a location on that freighter now.

Jerry: This is a '91 Duget, extraordinary bottle for a rare occasion, so I think it's time to stop practicing self-denial, all right? Your time on earth is almost over, so let's enjoy our time together, okay?

Sam: I don't plan on getting drunk with a guy who's going to kill me.

Jerry: Oh, right. I understand. You're trying to keep a clear head in case of rescue. Well, you know, it's a bit of a waste of an evening and a waste of an extraordinary bottle. I've cleared our path with the coast guard. You know, there's no one coming to rescue you, so why don't we enjoy this evening together, take some time? Because as long as this boat keeps going, no one will ever find us. Sante.

Harper: I need you to account for your whereabouts this evening, Mr. Corinthos.

Harper: Where have you been for the past hour or so?

Sonny: I'm not saying anything until my attorney's present.

Harper: What about you, Mrs. Jacks? Where were you this evening? Do you know where Mr. Corinthos was?

Carly: I don't have to answer that question.

Harper: Here's my card. Some time you will need to give a statement. Do you have anything to say, Mr. Corinthos? Turn around. Michael Corinthos, Jr., I am placing you under arrest for the murder of Andrei Karpov. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

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