GH Transcript Friday 10/31/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/31/08


Episode #13375
Written by Karen Harris, Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, Elizabeth Korte, and David Goldschmid

Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Nikolas: The pilot said we'll be landing in L.A. soon.

Lucky: Did he mention where we might find Mom and Scott Baldwin?

[Nikolas sighs]

Lucky: Because L.A. is a big city.

Lulu: Grandma thought we could use some help. This is a scrapbook Mom kept during her first year of marriage to Scott. Maybe it will tell us where Scott took her.

Luke: [Dutch accent] Please, we want to check in now.

Clerk: Certainly. How long will you be staying?

Luke: Oh -- that depend upon how long it take, ja?

Tracy: Ja. Ja.

[Phone rings]

Luke: I'm here on the personal request of your governor, case to consultment. Schwarzenegger and von Scheemerman are like this. So, I hope that his office has all the reservations?

Clerk: It's not a problem, Dr. Scheemerman. We can accommodate you.

Luke: [Speaking German] Arnold will be so smitten with you.

Clerk: Excuse me, Dr. Scheemerman.

Luke: [Correcting emphasis] Scheemerman.

Clerk: There seems to be a problem with your credit card.

Luke: Ja?

Clerk: The number has come up as the same account of another guest of the hotel. How's that possible?

Father Coates: The union of husband and wife is intended for the mutual joy of both, and when it is God's will, for the procreation of children.

Robin: Patrick?

Father Coates: And their nurture in the knowledge and love of the Lord.

Robin: I think my water just broke.

Patrick: What? Are you sure?

Robin: I -- well -- I'm pretty sure.

[Robin groans]

Maxie: Just breathe, Robin. It's okay.

[Robin groans]

Kelly: Is this your first contraction?

Father Coates: Everybody stay calm. Is there a doctor in the house?

Kelly: This one's mine. Step back, Father. We have a baby coming.

[Indistinct chatter]

Robin: I am so sorry, everybody.

Anna: No, no, no, no. You just think about yourself and the baby. Don't you worry about anything.

Mac: I called 911.

Patrick: Are you okay?

Robin: We're having a baby.

Patrick: Yeah, we are. I love you.

Robin: I love you so much. Oh.

Kelly: Everybody out. There isn't going to be a wedding today.

Coleman: Yeah, folks. Due to the unexpected arrival of the rugrat, the ceremony is postponed. So it's time to hit the road, please. Thank you. Let's roll on. Let's roll on.

Mac: You, too, Coleman. You, too.

Coleman: No, I got it, Mac. I got it. Good luck, little mama. You too, dude.

Robin: Thank you.

Edward: Monica, don't you think you should help this little girl with her blessed event?

Monica: Well, unless Robin needs open heart surgery, I think Dr. Lee can cover it.

Spinelli: Maximista looks most distressed. Perhaps I should go to her and offer her solace and comfort?

Jason: Just be respectful to Robin.

Robin: Is there enough time to get to the hospital?

Kelly: I don't want to wait for an ambulance.

Patrick: Why? Is everything okay?

Kelly: Everything's fine. It's just to be on the safe side.

Mac: There's a limo outside.

Anna: Oh, perfect. Can I drive? I'll drive it, okay?

Patrick: Okay?

Robin: Oh, okay.

Patrick: Okay, come on.

Anna: Can you get up? There you go.

Claudia: Hey, Daddy. So, you made it through surgery, you old coot. The nurse thinks you're going to be okay. You know what's funny about that? I was really maybe even a little bit glad that you're going to live. It doesn't make any sense, because you've never been anything but hateful to me -- but I don't know. Not that being loved and adored by you is any better. Just ask Johnny. I mean, if anybody has any reason to want to let you die, it's John, but he went right for the phone. He saved your life. He says I would have done the same thing, but what scares me is that I think he might be right. I don't know. Maybe because we're your children, we're just hardwired to love you and to seek your approval in some way. So, maybe you lived because we're supposed to get a second chance, you know? Maybe we could start over, and I don't know, maybe we could be nice to each other -- kind, even.

Anthony: Domenica.

[Anthony chuckles]

Anthony: You came back.

Claudia: It's Claudia, Daddy -- your daughter.

Anthony: Claudia?

Claudia: You're in the hospital, but you're going to be okay.

Anthony: You little bitch. You wanted me to die.

Lucky: Mom doesn't even look old enough to be married.

Nikolas: She wasnít. I think that's part of the problem.

Lulu: "Scott and I decided to get married in the park near the fountain. It's one of our favorite places." Wow. I don't know. Mom looks so pretty, and it's weird. I mean, they look like they're in love.

Lucky: I'm sure Mom didn't know what she was getting into.

Lulu: I don't know. I just keep thinking about what Grandma said, how he was her best friend and her hero, her love.

Lucky: And now he is her kidnapper. So, you know what? Let's skip to the part where they go on their honeymoon, so we can figure out where Scott Baldwin is taking Mom.

Clerk: Dr. Von scheemerman --

Luke: Schee-mer-man.

Clerk: It's right here in our records. You have the exact same credit card number as another guest of the hotel.

Luke: Ja, ja. Well, that would be Scott Baldwin, I think. I'm not surprised that he is in the hotel here. [Indistinct] Baldwin and Scheemerman have in business together, but I sue him for all the stomeickel he is worth, and I kept then the custody of all the cards. Bell him. Tell him come down here now. Von Scheemerman and -- stucky von mein huft will get pay for him.

Clerk: I already called him. Mr. Baldwin isn't in his room, but I'm afraid I can't use this card until the matter has been cleared up.

Luke: Ja, it's okay. I keppen other cards.

Tracy: We'll use mine.

Luke: [Imitates German language]

Tracy: What?

Clerk: This card is issued to a Tracy Quartermaine.

Tracy: I know. Ouch.

Clerk: But you checked in as Frau von scheemerman.

Luke: Good, good. That was good.

Clerk: Perhaps you should explain what's going on here.

Laura: Do you even know where we're going?

Scott: Well, Iíll know when we get there.

Laura: It's kind of amazing how well you can remember all of this.

Scott: It was our honeymoon. It was the best time of my life, until Spencer ran through our marriage like a runaway freight train. You know, I'm glad I didn't see it coming, because for the brief time that we were together, I really believed in love and that you and I, when we were together, we could face any kind of trouble. I want that back again, Laura, and I think we can get it back if you just let yourself go.

Lulu: "Day two. Scott and I spent the whole afternoon on Olivera Street. I've never seen anything like it, the bright colors and the people and the music." Wow, that's really cute. They bought his and hers sombreros.

Lucky: Lulu, the man is a psycho. He -- he threatened you. He kidnapped Mom. Baldwin, I think, is as far from cute as it gets.

Lulu: I -- I know. I know. It's just, you know. They seem kind of romantic. I just don't see how Mom could be this in love with him and then fall madly in love with Dad.

Lucky: I don't know, but she did.

Nikolas: I mean, I kind of get what she's saying. You know, you give your whole heart to someone, and you wonder what's left for anyone else.

Lulu: Do you think that she still has feelings for Scott?

Lucky: I don't know, but I'm sure she doesn't trust him. Sometimes your first love is just not that easy to forget.

Lulu: Look at this. Scott gave her a coin. They found a wishing well. "I wish we could be -- I wish that we could be this happy and this in love forever, but my throw was off, and I missed the wishing well."

[Nikolas laughs]

Nikolas: And the wish didn't come true, and no one lived happily ever after.

Laura: Oh, my gosh.

Scott: What do you remember?

Laura: I remember we spent pretty much the whole afternoon here at Olivera Street. I think that's the first time I ever tasted a margarita.

Scott: No, ixnay, you were underage.

[Laura laughs]

Laura: Oh. I -- I -- this is the wishing well, right? I remember --

Scott: Well, you saw it first, because I was -- I was loaded up with all those souvenirs for our parents back home, and it didn't help matters that I was wearing that silly hat.

Laura: That's right. We had his and hers sombreros.

Scott: Yes. Yes, we did, and they looked ridiculous, but it was your idea. You wanted to, and I would have done anything -- anything -- to make you happy.

Laura: We were coming from that way, though, that time, right?

Scott: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, that's -- and I saw the wishing well first.

Scott: And you went to throw a coin in, and you missed.

Laura: Yeah, well. Never had good aim.

Scott: Why don't you say we try again?

[Laura laughs]


[Robin groans]

Anna: Everybody okay back there?

Robin: Mom -- Mom, you can slow down a little bit.

Anna: No can do. I want my granddaughter born in a hospital, not in the back of a car.

Patrick: We need to get there fast, but we need to get there alive.

Anna: It's okay. I'm a highly trained professional.

[All scream]

Kelly: I need an ultrasound.

Epiphany: Take her to trauma two.

Kelly: Start an IV with -- oh, and get CBC cold count --

Robin: Kelly, get a fetal heart monitor.

Kelly: Okay, Doctor. It's already taken care of.

Patrick: Contractions are two minutes away.

Kelly: Prep her for delivery.

Mac: Hey, what's happening now?

Anna: Well, they're going to make sure the baby's born healthy. Nice work, by the way -- clearing the traffic for us.

Mac: You're not the only one with training.

[Anna laughs]

Mac: Okay, okay. Now I can panic. You know what? I don't think I've ever been this scared in my life.

Anna: It's childbirth, Mac. It's been happening for millions of years.

Mac: Not to Robin.

Maxie: Hi, where's -- where's Robin?

Anna: They took her in there.

Maxie: Oh, can I see her?

Anna: No, no, no, no.

Mac: Maxie, Maxie. There's nothing you can do, okay? The doctors are going to make sure Robin and the baby are okay.

Robin: Oh, here comes another one.

Patrick: Okay, just breathe.

Kelly: You're good, you're good.

[Robin moans]

Elizabeth: Did you see that?

Kelly: Yeah. Where's my ultrasound?

Epiphany: On the way from maternity.

Patrick: Kelly, what's going on?

Kelly: The baby's heart rate dropped during your contraction.

Sam: Nadine.

Nadine: Hey.

Sam: Hey, do you have a minute?

Nadine: I just signed in. I was supposed to be at a wedding right now, but the bride went into labor, so --

Sam: Robin? Is she okay?

Nadine: Yeah, her ob was actually in the church at the time, so all her medical needs are taken care of. What can I help you with?

Sam: Okay, so I was busted on suspicion of smuggling drugs. Apparently there was a bunch of stolen pharmaceuticals in my apartment -- and don't you dare look at me like that, because I didn't do it. I was framed.

Nadine: Okay, that must have been terrifying. Did you convince the police that they weren't yours?

Sam: No, I didnít. I'm out on bail, and now I have to clear my own name. So, I was wondering if, you know, you have any clues -- anything at all that I can go on. Please, tell me you do.

Nadine: Oh, I meant to follow up with Dr. Hunter. I'm pretty sure he saw something.

Sam: Something? Like what?

Nadine: It's all kind of a jumble. It was the same day that I passed out at the clinic. So I don't remember much. You should probably check with him.

Anthony: You're a viper.

Claudia: Calm down. This is how you gave yourself an aneurysm.

Anthony: You could smother me right now.

Claudia: Well, if you think I'm going to risk a murder rap for you, you have another think coming.

Anthony: You stood and watched when I was helpless.

Johnny: How are you feeling?

Anthony: Your sister left me to die.

Johnny: No, Dad, that's wrong. Claudia and I worked together to save you.

Anthony: Don't protect her.

Johnny: I'm not protecting anybody. When I walked in, Claudia was on the floor trying to help you.

Anthony: The pain threw me to the floor. She did nothing.

Johnny: Your memory is a little faulty, which is understandable considering what you've been through.

Anthony: I know what happened. Claudia left me to die.

Johnny: No, Dad. I walked in the room only seconds after you hit the floor. Claudia was trying to help you, and I called 911. Hey, this is a private room. Family only.

Sonny: Looks like you might live, old man.

Claudia: My father is expected to make a full recovery, but he's going to need some peace and quiet in order for that to happen. So, I'm going to do my part. I will marry you, Sonny.

Nikolas: Okay, so we have Grauman's Chinese theatre, the Music Center, Olivera Street -- what else?

Lulu: Put down the Santa Monica pier.

Lucky: Well, except for the pier, everything's pretty Hollywood centered.

Lulu: Well, Baldwin has money. If he's trying to impress Mom, they're going to stay at a nice hotel.

Nikolas: Yeah, well. Then we'll just have to call around. We'll start with the five stars and work our way down.

Lucky: Yeah, well, let's just hope that he registered under his own name.

Nikolas: Well, if Mom went with him willingly, then Scott has no reason to hide, right? Unless, of course, she's relapsed. I mean, come on. He took her out of a place where she was under intense medical supervision. I just hope her condition doesn't deteriorate.

Lulu: I wish we knew where Dad was.

Nikolas: On the road and unreachable, I'm sure.

Lucky: Nikolas, don't start.

Lulu: He's just being honest. Dad's gone a lot.

Nikolas: All -- all I'm saying is that we're on our own with this.

Lulu: This album is the best lead that we have. Obviously, they had a very good honeymoon. She talks here about their apartment. He went to pcu to study law. They didn't have a lot of money, and she wanted to help. So --

[Lulu laughs]

Nikolas: What?

Lulu: "Luke Spencer hired me to work at the Campus Disco."

Nikolas: I'm sure she had no idea that was the beginning of the end, huh?

Tracy: You have my passport, my driver's license, and several credit cards. What more do you need to prove I'm Tracy Quartermaine?

Clerk: We owe it to our guests to maintain security. I'm sorry if that's inconvenient, but you did try to register under a false name.

Luke: There is a perfect rationale for this explanation. [Speaks German] Tell the man.

Tracy: This is Hollywood. I can't believe that I am the first guest to check in under an assumed name.

Clerk: Of course we have celebrity clients.

Luke: Then you understand the frau's need for discretion.

Tracy: My husband is a drunk and a liar and probably a bigamist. I seek consolation wherever I can find it.

Luke: Enter von Scheemerman. I have a fantas-ish understanding of women whose, uh, spouses cheat on them. It is -- [Speaks German] Mein specialty.

Tracy: I'll say. Charge the room. Give me my damn key.

Clerk: Right away, Madame.

Luke: [Normal voice] Well, wife, that was hardly subtle.

Tracy: Well, it worked, didn't it? Which is a lot more than I can say for you.

Luke: My work's just begun. So we know Scott Baldwin is here in the hotel. Now we find out if Laura's with him, and if not, where he took her.

Laura: Don't you want me to make a wish?

Scott: Well, since you've missed again, I'm going to add a wish to it. You see, when we were kids, anytime we did anything together we always accomplished it.


Laura: Now what?

Scott: We wait for our wishes to come true.

Laura: Scotty, it's not going to happen. I'm not going to fall in love with you again. I will always care about you because of what we were to each other, but I can't fall in love with you again, because my heart belongs to Luke.

Scott: Oh, you know what? Don't -- don't say his name and ruin my time right now.

Laura: Well, not saying his name isn't going to change how I feel. I married him. I had his kids. Then I married him again. He's my husband. I'm his wife, and my only wish is for him.

Scott: Listen, I'm going to tell you something, and you're probably not going to believe me, but Luke is married to Tracy Quartermaine now.

Kelly: You can see the pattern. The dips in the baby's heart rate during your contractions indicate the umbilical cord is being compromised.

Patrick: Shouldn't we just go straight for a C-section now?

Kelly: I'm going to try an amnioinfusion first. We're going to try and float the cord into a better position.

Spinelli: Maxie.

Maxie: Spinelli, oh, my God. I'm so glad you're here. Tell me everything's going to be okay.

Spinelli: I'm slightly confused. I mean, while the wedding disruption is slightly disappointing, I mean, impending birth is cause for celebration. Yes?

Maxie: Oh, of course. I know no one's really talking about it, but I'm just worried that Robin's baby might be born with HIV.

Mac: Yeah, no matter how many ways I say it, I can't help thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong. I feel as if I'm living in denial.

Anna: Well, not me. I refuse to dwell on the bad until I absolutely have to.

Mac: I hate to break this to you, but that's the definition of denial.

Anna: Mac, every single staff member here is aware of Robin's HIV status, and they will take every precaution to make sure that there's no blood-on-blood contact with the baby, and she couldn't be in better hands. Just stop it.

Matt: Can someone please tell me where they put Dr. Scorpio?

Leyla: She's in trauma two, but there's no news yet. Aren't you supposed to be upstairs?

Matt: I switched with Santos.

Leyla: So you could be close to your niece when she's born.

Matt: Well, let's just say I'm an interested observer.

Leyla: Okay.

Tracy: Okay, so here we are in the hotel that you believe Scott brought Laura to. Got a plan?

Scott: Going to break into his room.

Tracy: Be my guest.

Scott: Are you bailing on me?

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: If you need a chambermaid or a masseuse or a room service waiter, you're on your own. You want to call that bailing, fine. I call it self-preservation.

Scott: Okay, I'll do it myself. Just ring his room and hang up after the first ring if he comes back into the hotel. Can you do that for me?

Tracy: Yes, I can, but why would I? In fact, I think I should go home to Port Charles and leave you to rescue your damsel in distress all by your lonesome.

Laura: Up until now this has been a very nice little walk down memory lane, so don't ruin it with lies.

Scott: Laura, I'm not lying to you. This is the truth.

Laura: Tracy Quartermaine? Come on. That doesn't even make sense.

Scott: I know. It took everybody by surprise in the town. They've been married for years. One day Tracy and Luke went to Vegas. They got drunk, and they woke up married.

Laura: Drunk?

Scott: Well, it was really about money. He wanted some. She had it.

Scott: So while he was swearing his undying love to you, he was married to Tracy Quartermaine.

Laura: No, he would have told me that.

Scott: He didn't know how long your recovery time was going to be. You know Luke. If he can have his cake and eat it, too.

Laura: But we were married by a minister. There's --

Scott: It was an actor, and he was playing the part of a minister. Laura, listen. Pick up the phone, call anybody in Port Charles, and they will tell you that Tracy is Mrs. Luke Spencer.

Sonny: No way in hell am I going to marry you, Claudia. I mean, it's just not even --

Claudia: Why are you here then?

Sonny: Well, because he's sick, right, your dad? He needs to, you know, have somebody step in and run the family, and I want to do that for him.

Johnny: That's one hell of a sacrifice you're willing to make.

Sonny: As soon as your dad's medical condition leaks out, everybody is going to know that the organization is vulnerable. If I step in, the perception is much better.

Johnny: I can take care of my family just fine.

Sonny: No, you're not ready, Johnny, to run things.

Johnny: This is not the time or the place to have this conversation. And he is in no condition to talk business.

Anthony: I can speak for myself. You want the Zaccharas, you marry Claudia.

Sonny: No deal.

Johnny: Okay, there is no way in hell that I'm going to let her marry that.

Claudia: Okay, don't -- don't argue with Daddy, Johnny. He's not in any condition for this.

Johnny: Oh, you mean to tell me that you would go through with this? Sell yourself to Corinthos?

Claudia: I don't like it, but I understand why it needs to be done.

Anthony: Trust me. This is all for your benefit.

Sonny: Excuse me.

Nadine: How can I help you, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: Just -- I need to ask a question. Is Anthony Zacchara doing as well as he seems to be?

Nadine: He is expected to make a full recovery, but you'd have to talk to his doctor and his family for specifics.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, of course. That's exactly what I'm going to do. Thank you.

Nadine: Mm-hmm.

Man: Mr. Karpov wants a meeting.

Sam: Hey, Matt, hi. Nadine said I should talk to you about the clinic fire.

Matt: I'm recovering nicely, yes. Thank you for asking.

Sam: Oh, look, I'm sorry. I'm glad that you're doing good. I was just -- is there anything that you remember at all before you passed out? Anything.

Matt: Anything?

Sam: Anything.

Matt: There was someone who was standing by me, a man.

Sam: Any detail please.

Matt: He was wearing a pair of distinctive-looking shoes. Nadine mentioned it was something that Jerry Jax might wear. I don't know. You know Nadine.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Maxie: Elizabeth, how is Robin? What's going on?

Elizabeth: There are some complications.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sam: Hello?

Jerry: Sweet Sam. We should meet up.

Sam: Okay, fine, just tell me where.

Elizabeth: Dr. Lee is concerned with the position of the baby's umbilical cord, so what we do now is try to reposition it.

Maxie: Well, what if you can't? Then what happens?

Anna: Hey, Maxie, shh.

Kelly: By pumping IV fluids into the uterine cavity, we can cushion the cord. That way when the contractions squeeze the cord, it will keep the baby's blood supply steady. What you can do, Patrick, is help Robin change positions frequently so we can float the cord into a better position.

Nikolas: Okay, thank you.

Lucky: Okay, so Scott is registered at the Truman hotel in Hollywood. I have a car waiting to take us there as soon as we land.

Nikolas: Great, so now we just got to figure out how to get her away from him.

Lulu: I have a feeling that Scott will do whatever Mom wants.

Lucky: Are you really buying into what Mom wrote in that memory book?

Lulu: All I'm saying is that Scott was not always a bad guy.

Lucky: You can't ignore what Baldwin has become.

Nikolas: Look, I -- I think she's right. At one point I'm sure they were very happy until Luke blew up their relationship.

Lulu: Look, Lucky, the memory book stops when Mom went to work for dad at the Campus Disco. It doesn't say anything else, but you know that she was attracted to Dad even though she was married to Scott, and things blew up. That's not Scott's fault.

Lucky: Are you really taking his side?

Nikolas: Look, it's --

Lulu: I am just saying not everyone's all good or all bad. It's a little more complicated than that.

Lucky: Whatever it was, it happened years ago.

Nikolas: Maybe so, but it's not over, okay? It's not over by a long shot.

Edward: Yes, dear, I'm sorry, but Luke and Tracy have been married for three years. Is there anything you need, something that I could help you with?

Laura: That's very kind of you, Edward. No, I'm going to be just fine, thank you, and thank you for your honesty. Good night.

Scott: Laura, I'm really, really sorry.

Laura: No, you're not. You're thrilled to death, aren't you? Now you have your proof that Luke isn't worthy of me.

Scott: I don't blame Luke for marrying Tracy. I blame him for letting you make a commitment to him when that wedding and those vows -- they were just a scam.

Laura: I want to go back to the hotel now.

Sam: Jerry?

Sonny: You're making a mistake.

Karpov: The mistake was yours, and you repaid my generosity by trying to shoot me.

Sonny: If you're going to shoot me and kill me, at least admit that you shot Kate. After that, I don't care what you do.

[Robin groans]

Kelly: I want an O.R. prepped and standing by. How long? Okay, notify me as soon as an O.R. comes available. Thanks. They're overbooked upstairs. I'm going to go try and clear a room just in case we need to do C-section. I'll be back, okay?

Robin: Okay. Hey, guess what?

Patrick: What?

Robin: Labor -- it really -- it really hurts.

Patrick: Yeah?

Robin: Yeah, it -- you know, all the things that I thought could go wrong, a compromised umbilical cord wasn't one of them, but I just have to tell myself everything's okay, you're here, our baby's going to be okay.

Patrick: Yeah, we're going to be all right. We love each other, we love this baby, and we believe in our staff, okay?

Robin: Yeah.

Patrick: It's going to be okay.

Robin: Oh, oh, here comes another one.

Patrick: Okay, just breathe. Try and breathe.

[Robin groans]

Maxie: Robin looked so beautiful, and everything was perfect, just like I promised her it would be. She didn't even get to throw her bouquet.

Spinelli: The Jackal had intended to make a presentation after the wedding, but now seems as good a time as any. Happy Birthday.

Maxie: That's so sweet.

Spinelli: While Patrick and Robin's impending parenthood is cause for celebration, nothing should detract from the anniversary of Maximista's entry into this world.

Maxie: Oh, it's a journal. I'm not really good at writing in these things, but -- Spinelli, did you do all this yourself?

Spinelli: The Jackal was inspired by fair Maximista to trace the echo of beauty throughout the history of art and man.

Maxie: Inspired by me?

Spinelli: It has all my favorite artists -- Caravaggio, Botticelli. Cellini was their equal in the art of sculpture, and knowing that fair Maximista has a love for music, but not knowing whether or not she's experienced the romantic classics of Strauss, Vivaldi, Stravinsky --

Maxie: You really have to be a genius to know about all this stuff.

Spinelli: Well, I don't know about that, but they do say that every genius has a muse, and if so, if what you say is true, then I owe a huge debt to my inspiration. I mean, it was just my great desire to share my knowledge of beauty with she who honors me with her friendship.

Maxie: Thank you so much. You know exactly how to make me feel special.

Elizabeth: Okay, the baby is experiencing a deceleration in her heart rate every time Robin has a contraction.

Anna: Well, what do we do?

Mac: Can she do a C-section?

Elizabeth: There are risks with having a cesarean, and there's a chance the umbilical cord may be wrapped around her neck.

Anna: Oh, God.

Patrick: Okay, okay, okay.

Robin: Oh, oh! Aah!

Anna: Oh, God. I refuse to believe that all that Robin has been through in her life that something could happen to her baby.

Mac: If Robin ever needed our love and courage, now is the time.

Maxie: Sometimes I still feel Georgie. Do you think she can hear us?

Spinelli: The kind and gentle friend has a powerful spirit.

Maxie: I swear, Georgie, if you can hear me, please don't let anything bad happen to Robin and her baby. They need you looking out for them right now.

Robin: About the closet.

Patrick: You mean the nursery.

Robin: I know it's a closet. You know it's a closet. We have to get the kid out of there before she knows it's a closet. You know, once this is done, I think we should rethink our living arrangements.

Patrick: Yeah?

Robin: Yes.

Patrick: Whatever you want.

Robin: Maybe we can get one of those big Victorian houses across from -- here comes another one.

[Robin screams]

Elizabeth: The D cells are prolonged and the variability is minimal.

Kelly: She's in distress.

Sam: I don't know what you think your deal is --

Jason: What are you doing?


Sonny: Just answer me, Karpov. Did you shoot Kate?

Karpov: You are in no position to make demands.

Sonny: You didn't shoot her, did you?

Karpov: What does it matter who shot the woman, hmm? She'll live, and you, you're about to die.

[Karpov grunts]

[Karpov speaking Russian]

 [Alternative rock playing]

Singer: Everything I wanted everything I needed everything I trusted you're everything to me you're everything

Luke: Please, cut your old man some slack. I didn't want this to happen. You think that I expected this to happen?

Tracy: It's always just the luck of the draw with you. I don't blame you, but I also cannot stand by and idly watch my marriage disintegrate. I don't bow out gracefully. I'm not made that way.

Luke: Why bow out at all?

Tracy: You don't get it. This is not going to end well for us.

Scott: Laura, you need to work this out.

Laura: Yeah, I do. But you know, knowing the truth about Luke doesn't change how I feel about you.

Scott: Yeah, well, the proof is that I've always loved you. And all he's done is lie to you.

Singer: You're everything I wanted everything I needed everything I trusted you're everything to me

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