GH Transcript Wednesday 10/29/08

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/29/08


Episode #13373
Written by Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, David Goldschmid, Elizabeth Korte, & Karen Harris

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Proofread By Kathy

Sonny: You have not changed since you were 15 years old. You're up in my face, telling me how I should think, what I should do --

Olivia: You're not that hard to figure out, Sonny. You've already got yourself convinced that you got to marry Claudia Zacchara.

[Sonny sighs]

Claudia: Daddy? Daddy? Is this some kind of a joke? If it is, it's not funny. Daddy, are you really having a seizure?

Elizabeth: When I walked in and saw you standing here, I thought I was dreaming. It wouldn't be the first time.

Jason: You look beautiful.

Mac: Okay, okay, look --

Robin: Wow.

Mac: Robin, you should take it easy now.

Robin: Uncle Mac, I am fine.

Mac: You have a lot to deal with. Weddings can be stressful.

Robin: You know, they can also be very, very stressful for the uncle of the bride. So, maybe you should lie down.

Maxie: No, no, no. There's not time to stop and appreciate the decorations. Although, they are perfect -- if I do say so myself. You really need to be getting ready.

Robin: Maxie, it's really early.

Maxie: Oh, it's early? Yeah, that's easy for you to say. You just have to show up and say your vows. I'm the one who has to plan everything. What are you doing? No one's supposed to be in here just yet.

Mac: Jason shouldn't be here at all.

Robin: Uncle Mac, I want him to be here.

Mac: I'm not kidding. I'll have Jason arrested before I let him come to your wedding.

Epiphany: I hate to be the voice of reason here, but why aren't you at home getting ready for your wedding?

Patrick: I'm a guy. I have plenty of time to get ready.

Epiphany: Why are you tempting fate?

Patrick: Epiphany, don't get all superstitious on me. I've got plenty of time to go take care of my patients, make sure everybody's okay, go home, and get changed and ready for my wedding.

Epiphany: Famous last words.

Sonny: You have no idea what I've been through, what my life has been.

Olivia: I read the papers.

Sonny: That's not me. Police rap sheets, newspaper reports, they don't describe who I am.

Olivia: You look me in the eye, and you tell me you're not still a power junkie.

Sonny: Well, I have my limits. Like I said before, I have no intention of marrying Claudia.

Kate: You see, Olivia? You got all fired up for nothing.

Sonny: He's gone.

Kate: Okay.

Sonny: How're you doing?

Kate: Okay.

Sonny: Come on.

Olivia: Connie, you're kidding yourself. You're doing it all over again, Connie. You're believing his lies, just like you believed him when he told you that he was out of the mob.

Kate: Leave it.

Olivia: I don't care what promises he makes to you. I don't care what words he says. If marrying Claudia is going to get him his power back, honey, that's what he is going to do. And you need to have the decency to tell her the truth and stop stringing her along.

Kate: You know, Olivia, I am starting to think that the reason you're all fired up about this is because you want Sonny, after all.

Claudia: Daddy.

Claudia: Your pulse is all over the place. I used to pray for this when I was a little girl, that something like this would happen to you for all the horrible things you've done. Maybe this is God answering my prayers.

Johnny: What happened?

Claudia: He was yelling at me and then he collapsed. What are you doing?

Johnny: I'm calling for help.

Claudia: No. John, think about it. Think about how much better our lives would be without that old bastard in it.

Johnny: What are you talking about? He's our father. I don't care what he's done.

Claudia: Please, Johnny. Let the old man die.

Robin: Uncle Mac, calm down. Everything's fine.

Mac: Jason still can't stay for the wedding.

Maxie: That's probably something we should have discussed before.

Mac: Look at him. He's not even dressed for a wedding. You know better than to show up here, Jason.

Robin: Okay, can I just have a moment alone with him, please?

Elizabeth: I'm going to get the bride's room ready.

Maxie: Yeah, the bride's in charge on her wedding day. That's tradition, so --

Robin: So, what changed your mind about coming to the wedding?

Jason: Well, Maxie made me think twice about why I should accept your invitation.

Robin: Good. I just have another thing to thank her for.

Jason: So, I am going to leave it up to you.

Robin: Well, if it's up to me, then I want you here.

Patrick: Mr. Costas is running a high fever. I put him on cefazolin, 1 gram, I.V., and piggyback q8.

Leyla: Okay, I'll take care of it doctor.

Patrick: Thank you.

Matt: Nurse Mir, did radiology send over any x-rays for the patient in 1023?

Leyla: I'll do that right now.

Matt: Thank you. What?

Patrick: About the wedding --

Matt: Yeah, you don't want me there. I don't want to be there. We finally agree on something.

Patrick: Look, Robin would like you there. So would I.

Matt: This wedding is making you soft, and for your own good, I'm advising you to remain a hard-ass.

Patrick: Before I realized that we were related, I didn't really like you much. I thought you had a bad attitude, and I thought you were arrogant.

Matt: Stop, stop. I'm getting warm and fuzzy.

Patrick: But then I realized where the attitude was coming from. Noah abandoned you. So, I'm cutting you a break.

Matt: Don't make excuses for me.

Patrick: I know it's easier to just hate me, but we're brothers.

Matt: Technicality.

Patrick: It's a reality, and I don't have a lot of family.

Matt: Do you have any idea how uncomfortable I am right now?

Patrick: Look, if you can make it to the wedding, I'd appreciate it. Robin and I would both like to have you there.

Robin: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Maxie: Okay. So, everything is under control.

Robin: I know.

Maxie: No, seriously. All I have to do is wait for the caterers to show up, make sure the cake gets here in one piece, and that the limo doesn't break down.

Elizabeth: But, other than that, everything is under control.

Robin: I trust you completely, Maxie.

Maxie: Of course you do. Oh, damn -- the priest. I didn't mean damn. Not in a church.

Robin: It's okay. It's technically the bride's room. I don't think you're going to hell.

Elizabeth: Okay. So, up or down?

Robin: I don't care, as long as you keep doing this.

Maxie: I know you meant whatever looks best with your dress.

Robin: I really don't care either way.

Maxie: Are you losing it?

Robin: Maxie, come on. Do it with me -- deep breath.

[Both exhale]

Robin: Hey, thank you for talking to Jason. It means a lot to me that he's here.

Maxie: Well, I thought it was kind of selfish of him not to show up on your special day. And don't worry about Patrick.

Robin: Oh, I'm --

Maxie: Spinelli will make sure he gets here in one piece.

Elizabeth: Now you can worry.

Robin: You know, Patrick and I have done enough worrying for two lifetimes, but the second I agreed to marry him, I haven't had a second thought.

Elizabeth: Reverse hormones.

Maxie: Okay, I'm going to go make four quick phone calls, and then I'm going to go home and change, but I'll make it back here in time to do your makeup. Everything will be great. You will see.

Robin: I am sure. Wait -- wait -- hold on -- hold on. I have to tell you something. I love you, very much.

Maxie: Oh, God.


Robin: Bye.

Elizabeth: Okay, now you can relax. All I have to do is your hair, and you can be as worried as you want in front of me.

Robin: You know what? I keep waiting to get nervous, but I'm not. You know, I keep waiting for this wave of panic to hit me, to tell me that I'm doing something wrong, but all I feel is very content and like I can't wait to marry Patrick.

Matt: Look, if you're asking me to your wedding out of some sense of obligation, don't bother. The fact that Noah blew me off my entire life doesn't mean that you owe me squat.

Patrick: Hey, Noah was M.I.A. for most of my childhood, also -- emotionally speaking. So, honestly, I don't know what's worse -- the fact that you didn't know him or that he was there for me but felt like a stranger.

Leyla: Dr. Drake?

Patrick: Yes?

Leyla: Nurse Johnson sent me to tell you that she's gone to get ready for your wedding and so should you.

Patrick: Yes, yes. Tell her I'm right behind her.

Leyla: Okay.

Patrick: Thank you.

Matt: See, this is why weddings are such a bad idea. They bring out the worst in everyone.

Patrick: Okay, Matt, bottom line. We're brothers. Now, we can build on that or not, but I'm making you an offer, and I really hope you accept.

Maxie: This is a disaster. You're not in your tux. I'm not in my dress. We need to get out of here so we can get back here. So that we're not no-shows at Robin's wedding, because I planned it.

Mac: Come here. Come here a second.

Maxie: Dad, if this is about Jason --

Mac: Sit down. It's not about Jason, all right. I'm obviously powerless over that insanity. No, I'm just -- I'm just sitting here wondering where the time goes. You know, the first time I saw Robin was at Kelly’s? She was this adorable, in-your-face little girl who absolutely knew her own mind and wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

Maxie: So, she hasn't changed much.

[Both laugh]

Mac: You know, I hate to admit it, but back then I was a bit of a trouble maker. And one day I thought my brother and his wife had been killed, and suddenly I found myself responsible for raising their child. And you weren't far behind. I blinked, married your mom, and got you and Georgie in the bargain. And what a bargain it was.

Maxie: Sometimes it doesn't seem fair. It's almost like you got stuck with us. You know, raising us, putting up with us, and you didn't even ask for it.

Mac: Well, if it ever bothered me, I don't remember -- especially on a day like today. Wow, Robin's getting married. Soon she'll have a baby. It couldn't be more perfect.

Maxie: What do you think you would have done if you hadn't fallen in love with my mom?

Mac: Hmm, hmm. I don't know. Who knows, you know? When you're young, you're all about your career. You define yourself by what you do, and not who you are. In those days, it was all about going off on some adventure to save the world, and then I became police commissioner and it was about busting the bad guys. But the most important -- most important thing I ever did in my whole life was raise you three girls. The rest is gravy.

Maxie: Well, I think you did a really great job with Robin and Georgie.

Mac: I think I did a really great job with you, too. I love you, Maxie. So much. You know, you, Robin, and Georgie are my true success. I miss your sister. I wish she could be here with us.

Maxie: She is, Dad.

Olivia: Connie was completely out of line there.

Sonny: Okay, Olivia, Kate is in no condition to hear any stories about me marrying Claudia. You -- do me a favor -- let it go.

Olivia: She's in condition to make snide comments and get all up in my face with this crap about me being jealous. That -- it's completely no basis in reality, okay? Okay, the smartest day of my life was the day that I dumped you on the corner of 19th and Sullivan and walked out of your life.

Sonny: Well, you didn't really walk out of my life. Did you? Because you just broke into my damn house, and you obviously feel something or else you wouldn't be getting in my face.

Leyla: Patrick.

Patrick: I know, I know. I'm almost done.

Leyla: Okay, you do realize that everybody who is going to your wedding has actually left the hospital.

Patrick: I do, okay. Look -- officially signed out. The next time I sign in, I'm a married man.

Leyla: Good. Oh, Patrick?

Patrick: Yeah?

Leyla: I just want you to know that I wish you and Robin every happiness. I really mean it.

Patrick: I know you do. Thank you for that. Okay? So, that's it.

Leyla: Go. Go, go, go.

Doctor: Patient suffered a grand mal, an aneurysm that's slowly leaking.

Patrick: Well, I'm off duty. I can't --

Leyla: Dr. Drake has a prior engagement.

Johnny: I will pay you anything to save my father.

Olivia: I am completely impervious to you, Sonny. I look at you. I feel exactly nothing.

Sonny: Yeah, really? Then why are you so angry?

Olivia: Because I can't stand what you're doing to my cousin. Okay, I got to stand here like a dummy and watch her swallow your lies whole. It's making me feel sick --

Sonny: I'm not lying.

Olivia: You're lying so good you don't even know you're doing it.

Sonny: Why do you keep saying I'm lying, when I'm not lying?

Olivia: Okay, I -- I give you that. You believe your own lies. You got yourself convinced that you wouldn't touch this Claudia Zacchara with a ten foot pole, which is a very good instinct by the way, but it's a massive case of self-deception.

Sonny: You know what? This is just -- it seems so familiar -- you going off on a rant because you don't want to see me anymore, you don't want me to call. And then if I don't call you or see you, then you get pissed off. Because you were never really good at saying what you really mean.

Olivia: No, you were never really good at hearing what I was saying. Just -- you just do whatever the hell you want. Like the time you cut school to take me to a Yankees game, when you stole the money for the tickets --

Sonny: No, I didn't steal -- hey, I didn't steal the money for -- I didn't steal. Enzo owed me money.

Olivia: Or making a deal with this Zacchara guy that makes you the king of the mob, only you got to marry his crazy daughter first.

Sonny: I'm not about to discuss business with you.

Olivia: You don't have to discuss squat with me, Sonny, because I know what I know -- and I know you. And I know that you'll do anything to get power, even if you got to break your own heart.

Robin: Thank you so much for doing my hair. If Maxie would have done it, I think she would have left me bald or burned my hair or something.


Elizabeth: Well, after everything you've been through, it is my pleasure to add a small contribution to your big day.

Robin: I don't know what I was so afraid of. I mean, everything just feels right.

Elizabeth: You know, with all the disappointments I have had in my life, it's really hard for me not to be cynical, and I want to believe that love is possible. And when I see you like this, I know it is.

Robin: Hey, come here. Sit down for a second. Please? I just want you to know that I'm really glad that we're friends. Your friendship means a lot to me, and you're such a generous person, and, well -- I have a little confession to make.


Robin: I didn't invite Jason to the wedding just for me. I wanted him to be able to look at you through the ceremony and maybe get some ideas.

Elizabeth: I don't really know how to feel about that.

Robin: Well, let me put it this way. You're a good friend. I care about Jason a lot, and it would make me so happy if the two of you were to end up together. So, since today is all about me…

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Robin: You're just going to have to indulge me on this one.

Elizabeth: I'll try.

Claudia: We don't want Patrick Drake to do this surgery. He's too good.

Johnny: You don't want Dad to die.

Claudia: Yeah, I do.

Johnny: Claudia.

Claudia: I do.

Johnny: I know you, and if I hadn't called the ambulance in time, you would have.

Claudia: John, if Daddy dies, this ridiculous plan dies with him, and I won't have to marry a man that I -- that I despise. You will be in control of the business everything will be exactly the way that we need it to be, the way that we want it to be. How's Anthony?

Patrick: I'm sorry.

Claudia: Is he dead?

Patrick: We've confirmed that there's blood leaking into his brain from an aneurysm, and that's what caused the seizure. We don't know when, but when it erupts, he'll die within minutes. He needs immediate surgery.

Johnny: Can you save him?

Robin: Do you think your dad's nervous at all?


Robin: Maybe just a little bit, right? You know this is going to be a huge adjustment for him, so you and I are going to have to be very, very patient.

Robin: Do you know how crazy in love I am with your dad? I mean, it was just silly of me to ever hesitate marrying him because ever since the moment I said "I will" everything has been perfect.


Robin: Well, I'm glad that you agree. I feel so blessed to be having you -- and so grateful. I'm so lucky to have found a man like your dad that loves me the way that he does. But you know, well, your dad was something of a ladies man. So, he may not take to domestic life so easily. But don't you worry. It's going to be an adventure for all of us.

Olivia: You do what you got to do, Sonny. Okay? All I'm asking is that you be honest with my cousin.

Sonny: Well, you're not asking. You hardly ever did. That was one of your problems.

Olivia: That's not an answer.

Sonny: You want an answer?

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: I'll give you an answer. My son was shot. He's in a coma. Kate was shot right in front of me. I will avenge Kate's shooting. And in order for me to do that, I have to get back in the mob. End of conversation.

Olivia: This is so typical. This is so typical you. Yeah, you make up your mind about something, and then you don't care how much it hurts you, or how much pain it causes people around you.

Sonny: You just figured it out. I'm just a heartless bastard, right?

Olivia: Sonny, Sonny. I don't think you're some crazy sociopath who enjoys killing people. Okay? But you accept murder as a necessary evil. Am I wrong? Tell me I'm wrong.

Sonny: The door's right there.

Olivia: Too close to the truth?

Sonny: No, no, not really. You want to know the truth? I kill bad people. Karpov is a bad man. And he will pay for shooting Kate. I need that inside of me.

Olivia: See, this is only half about revenge, Sonny. What you really want is your power back. You want to be back in the mob. You want your mob life back. Don't worry about it. All you got to do is marry Claudia Zacchara to get it.

[Knock on door]

Robin: Come in.

Anna: Hi.

Robin: Hi.

Anna: Do you have time for mom?

Robin: Yes, I'm glad you're here.

Anna: My goodness, your hair. That's gorgeous.

Robin: It's okay?

Anna: Oh, I love it. It's so grown up. It's really cute.

Robin: Thank you.

Anna: Where's the dress?

Robin: Right there. I'm not supposed to put it on, though, yet. Maxie said to wait, so as not to wrinkle it.

Anna: Oh, good, because I'd like to help you into it if I could.

Robin: Okay.

Anna: Okay, good. All right, so, I have to read you this personally. All right?

Robin: Okay.

Anna: Let me put my glasses on because I can't see anything.


Anna: Here we go. Now, my darling girl, I am so proud of you and the woman you've become. It's the one thing your mother and I will always agree on -- it's the only thing.

[Robin chuckles]

Anna: It breaks my heart to miss your special day, but I promise I will be there soon to share your joy. Patrick is a lucky man. He better treat you like a queen or he'll have to answer to me. I love you with all my heart, Dad.

Robin: Thanks, Mom.

Anna: You're welcome. I wish he could be here.

Robin: Yeah.

Anna: I'm going to look at your dress.

Robin: You do realize I'm going to look like a float in a Thanksgiving Day parade.

Anna: You're not going to look like a float. Oh, oh -- it's so beautiful. Wow, you're not going to look big. It's going to look fabulous. Everybody's going to think you're beautiful.

Robin: Big and fabulous.


Anna: Big and fabulous. You know what I can't get over is how incredibly calm you've been this whole time.

Robin: Yeah, well, I'm counting my blessings. You know there was a time when I was young and I thought you and dad were gone -- that this day would never be possible. And here you are. We're together. You're helping me get ready on my wedding day.

Anna: I know.

Robin: It's like a dream come true.

Anna: Yeah, it is.

Patrick: Dr. Beeman will be here soon.

Johnny: Is he as good as you?

Claudia: It's -- you know what? John, that's not fair. Dr. Drake just said that he's on his way to get married. He has to go.

Johnny: Not at the expense of our father's life. I'm not going to have some doctor I've never heard of operate on my father.

Matt: Yeah, I can do the surgery. That's fine.

Patrick: Excuse me for a second. I'm not going to let you operate on Anthony Zacchara.

Matt: Aren't you off the clock? Oh, and there is a church full of people who are waiting for you to get married. No, no, you're afraid that people might find out I'm as good with a scalpel as you are.

Patrick: Okay, well, that's just not true. And it's beside the point. Anthony Zacchara is a dangerous mobster. If you screw this up, his family will hold you responsible, and I don't want that on my conscious.

Matt: I'm not going to screw it up. And look, if Zacchara happens to die on the table, the world is a better place. Right? So really, where is the downside?

Patrick: Nurse Mir, what's the E.T.A. on Dr. Beeman?

Leyla: Twenty minutes at least. Traffic.

Patrick: Matt Hunter will assist me in the E.R., and I will operate on your father.

Matt: You're supposed to be getting shackled to Robin right now.

Patrick: I took an oath to save lives. Robin will understand.

Mac: Thank you. Good seeing you.

Bobbie: Congratulations, Mac.

Mac: Oh, Bobbie, it's so great to see you.

Bobbie: Aw, thank you. Well, you know I wouldn't miss this for the world. Just the idea of Robin getting married and having a baby -- this is a real miracle.

Mac: I'm grateful every day.

Coleman: Barbara Jean Spencer, my goodness. You are looking hot.

Bobbie: Mr. Coleman.

Mac: Coleman is Patrick's best man. Go figure.

Bobbie: Oh. Mac, I got a phone call from Lucky, and there's some issue with Laura at Shadybrook. So, he wasn't exactly clear, but I don't think that Lucky or Nikolas are going to make it to the wedding. They both send their love.

Mac: I'll let Robin know.

Bobbie: Okay, I'll see you inside.

Mac: Okay.

Bobbie: Okay.

Coleman: Psst. Save me a dance at the reception, Barbara Jean.


Coleman: Tasty.

Mac: You can go inside, too.

Coleman: Yeah, well, Patrick said I should help you welcome the guests.


Coleman: You know, maybe we can -- maybe we can pretend like you haven't busted me a couple dozen times. I mean, this is God's house and after all, it's all about forgiveness, brother. Huh?

Mac: For Robin's sake I'll try.

Coleman: Very good.

Mac: Where's the groom?

Coleman: Isn't he here?

Monica: Hi, Mac?

Mac: Hi, Monica. Edward, you look good.

Edward: Thank you. I talked to Father Coates. He gave me a dispensation.

Mac: Any particular reason?

Monica: The hat. Doctor's orders he has to keep his head covered at all times.

Edward: So I want to apologize in advance for attending your niece's wedding looking like a street hooligan.

Monica: Oh, you look fine, Edward.

Mac: The hat's a nice touch.

Coleman: You're looking smooth, Mr. Q. Looking smooth.

Monica: We'll find our own seats.

Mac: Okay.

Coleman: Very sexy. You look like a player. You too, Monica. You look beautiful.

Mac: You know what, Coleman, you don't seem to be up on the concept of best man. I mean, your job is to make sure the groom gets here in a timely fashion.

Coleman: Look, Patrick said he'd meet me here. If you're going to get your -- you know, your panties in a in a dither about it, I guess I could give him a call if you'd like.

Mac: He's not -- he's not answering his phone at home, and his cell goes right to voicemail.

Coleman: He ain't going to miss this, Mac. Just chill, brother. Just chill. I'm telling you, it's all good.

Nadine: Hello, Commissioner. Mr. Coleman.

Coleman: How's my favorite country girl?

Nadine: Good.

Coleman: Good? Are you in the mood to party tonight?

Nadine: Uh, it's a wedding.

Coleman: Which leads to a party. So you'd better save me a dance, girl.

Nadine: Okay.


Mac: Glad you could make it, Nadine.

Nadine: Thank you.

Coleman: Maybe we'll do a little two-step.

Nadine: Okay.

Mac: Mike, glad you could make it.

Mike: Congrats, Mac. Let's hope this wedding goes a little better than the last one I went to. Ah, but of course it will. Maybe I'll just go inside.

Mac: You do that. Go on.

Coleman: Like those boots, Michael. Oh, it is the Charlie’s Angels of Port Charles. Hey, get in -- let me get a picture of you girls, come on. Get tight. Not too tight. Boom.


Kelly: How does it look? Oh, my. So where's, uh -- where's the groom?

Epiphany: He was supposed to have left the hospital before I did. I've already been home and changed my clothes. He was supposed to be here already.

Coleman: He's going to be here. Guaran-damn-tee it. Okay?

Lainey: How's Robin?

Mac: Eerily calm.

[Nervous laughter]

Epiphany: Okay, let's --

Kelly: Go inside.

Lainey: See you inside.

Mac: See you inside.

Jax: Sorry I'm late.

Mac: Jax, you're not the one who's late. Thanks for coming. Excuse me. Coleman, step up, will you? Call Patrick. Find out if he's on his way or not.

Patrick: All righty. Okay, everyone, I got my wedding to make it to, so let's make this short and sweet.

Leyla: Yes, doctor.

Patrick: Try and keep up, Dr. Hunter.

Matt: No sweat, bro. I'll just be cleaning up your mistakes.

Maxie: I'm sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic, and I couldn't get my dress to look right --

Anna: Hi.

Maxie: Oh, your makeup is done already.

Anna: Yeah, I thought I'd do a little contribution. Does it look okay?

Maxie: I would have put a little more shimmer on, but that's just me, whatever.

Anna: Okay, here.

Robin: Come here. Listen, you're like a sister to me. And this entire day would not be happening if it wasn't for you.

Maxie: Oh, thank you. Well, we need to take care of your something old, something new tradition.

Anna: Oh, I have something old. I really do. I brought it for you. Okay, so look.

Robin: Oh, it's so pretty.

Anna: Isn't it so beautiful?

Robin: Yes.

Anna: Now, I'll tell you the story about this. This was given to me by Filomena on the day that I married your dad. Yeah, so it really means something special to me because, of course, that day led to you.

Robin: Filomena. I miss her.

Anna: Oh, I know. She loved you like a granddaughter. She did. It looks beautiful.

Maxie: I have something blue for you. Hopefully it doesn't clash.

Anna: Oh, that's so pretty.

Robin: Have I seen that before?

Maxie: Yeah. It was Georgie’s. She would want you to have it.

Robin: Thank you. I miss her almost as much as you do.

Anna: I have something borrowed as well. This is from your dad.


Anna: And it might actually come in handy today. Don't you think so?

Robin: I think it might. Thanks, Mom.

Anna: You're welcome.

Maxie: Okay, I guess we're just missing something new.

Anna: Oh, no we're not. This is the most amazingly new thing you could ever have -- a little girl right in there.


Robin: That's true. The two of you -- thank you for being here. And thank you for giving me a little piece of everybody that I love.

Maxie: So pretty.

[Robin laughs]

Anna: She does. I love her hair.

Coleman: Mr. Corinthos, hey. I didn't realize you were on the guest list.

Sonny: Yeah? I didn't realize you were the welcoming committee.

Coleman: Well, I'm -- I'm Patrick's best man.

Sonny: Yeah, well, times must be lean. Um, hey, you know what? As long as Robin's happy, that's all that matters.

Coleman: Guess so.

Sonny: All right, nice to see you.

Coleman: You take it easy, man.

Jason: Robin asked me to -- you know, to come.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, me too. I probably would've come even if she didn't ask -- for Stone. I've been standing here thinking about the day he died. You know, Robin was so calm. She had an amazing dignity. The only kind that comes from grief. I remember thinking nobody that young should have to lose someone. You know, I did everything I could to try to help her out, but I don't think I did that well, you know? You did. You were different then. You were young, you know? Even younger than Robin because of the accident, and you didn't know anything. That was the beauty of it. You just gave her what she needed. You didn't judge her. You loved her. And you were a good friend to me. I just want to say -- no matter what's gone down between us, I'm just glad that we're here to see Robin on her wedding day.

Lainey: No sign of the groom.

Kelly: Those bachelor genes are hard-wired. If they kicked in, there's no telling how far Patrick's made it into Canada by now.

Epiphany: I should have waited for Drake Junior to leave the hospital.

Elizabeth: If Robin's not worried, neither am I.

Epiphany: Oh, please, that girl doesn't have a sensible bone in her body. Look how long it took her to say yes to him.

Elizabeth: What if he got pulled into a procedure?

Epiphany: Then I guess we're going to find out if Drake Junior is a good doctor or a lousy husband.

Robin: Is it too much?

Anna: No, no, no, no -- no, it's perfect.

Maxie: Your mom's right. You look so beautiful.

Anna: Yeah, you do.

Patrick: How's his pressure?

Anesthesiologist: Holding steady.

Patrick: Is there a reason why you're watching the clock, Dr. Hunter?

Matt: Uh, yeah, there's a ball game on tonight. I hate to miss it.

Patrick: Keep your eye on the patient.

Maxie: Okay, well, I've timed it out to the exact minute, so you're safe to put your dress on and not risk any major wrinkling.

Anna: She is so serious. Wow.

[Knock on door]

Robin: That's why she's in charge. She is organized.

Mac: Are you ready yet, sweetheart?

Maxie: No, Mac, she doesn't need any extra pressure.

Robin: I just have to put my dress on, and then I'm ready. Are we almost set out there?

Mac: Not quite.

Patrick: Dr. Hunter, you might want to pay attention. There's plenty for you to learn here.

Matt: Yeah, I can keep him stable if you, say, need to go make a phone call or something.

Patrick: I'll be where I need to be when I need to be there. It's absolutely fascinating how you're all obsessed with my personal life.

Leyla: Well, it's just that you and Robin took so long to actually agree to marry each other.

Patrick: Yeah, well, let's just all agree to focus on the patient for now.

Mac: Look, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation -- or at least there damn well better --

Spinelli: I, the Jackal, have the most ominous of reports for the bridal one. Despite a thorough search for the gallant groom, he is currently unaccounted for. I kept watch in all sensitive areas, but with no other recourse have to admit that I have failed in my appointed task.

Mac: What the hell is he saying?

Maxie: No, Spinelli, just tell us what happened?

Spinelli: Dr. Drake is missing.

Anna: You're just not looking hard enough.

Spinelli: No, I, I -- the Jackal made a thorough search. He's not answering his cell phone. He's not at home. He's not in the church. As I previously explained, he is most definitely missing.

Patrick: Okay, there it is. It looks like it could have burst any second. Give me some suction so I can see where to place the clip.

Matt: Why don't you let me take it from here?

Patrick: I haven't even gotten to the hard part yet.

Matt: You are not going to make it to the church on time.


Patrick: We've got a bleeder.

Cyndy: His pressure is dropping. He's going to SVT.

Patrick: We need to clamp this or else he's history.

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