GH Transcript Monday 10/27/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/27/08


Episode #13371
Written by Michael Conforti, Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, David Goldschmid, Elizabeth Korte

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Proofread By Kathy

Lulu: I'm not crazy. My mom is in trouble. She needs help. Call my brothers, Nikolas and Lucky. Look in her room. She's not there. She woke up. Scott Baldwin took her.

[Lulu grunts]                                                     

Scott: Can I get you anything?

Laura: I'd settle for an explanation. What do you hope to accomplish here?

Scott: Well, I was hoping -- I would get you to fall in love with me again.

Laura: By threatening my daughter?

Man: Esta durando mucho.

Second Man: Quieres que se estrelle el avion?

First Man: Cuando you vuelvo, yo quiero que ese avion este listo para volar.

Second Man: Bueno.

Nikolas: I'm not what you would call a social person, per se. I'm not very good at small talk, never -- never was. You, on the other hand --

Nadine: I have an endless stream, the gift of chatter that keeps on giving.

Nikolas: True, but, see, you don't -- you don't -- you don't censor it. You don't say what's expected or -- or correct. And I -- I find that endearing. I really do.

Nadine: Annoying, I think, is how you described it when I was trying to connect Matt to the counterfeit drug ring.

Nikolas: Look, I wasn't so much annoyed as I was worried. I told you. You're really important to me. Okay? I mean, there's something happening here between us, right? I think you feel that, too.

Nadine: Yeah. You're -- no, I -- I think you're saying what I want to hear and it's -- it's wonderful. It's everything I've been afraid to admit I wanted.

Nikolas: Then what's the problem?

Nadine: That if I let myself, I can get carried away. So I want you to promise me right now that you'll be honest, okay?

Nikolas: Okay.

Nadine: Just tell me the truth, no matter what, between both of us, if one of us starts to get bored or drifts away, that we'll say something.

Nikolas: Okay.

Nadine: Okay.

Dr. Stanley: Ms. Spencer. Ms. Spencer? Lulu? It's Dr. Stanley. Talk to me.

Scott: Is it wrong that I want justice for my son?

Laura: I don't know about wrong, but let's talk about hypocrisy. You know, you're so bent on getting Lulu to pay for the accidental death of your son, but you never paid for the death of Rick Webber. How could you do that, Scotty? How could you leave me with the blame for that? I never would have thought you capable of that.

Scott: Laura, I swear to you, I was trying to save you that night.

Tracy: Luke! Either I am beginning to understand how your pickled brain works or you're becoming more predictable.

Luke: Not now, I'm busy.

Tracy: You ditched me in a Mexican bar after I went to the trouble of blackmailing Daddy.

Luke: Don't argue. Search.

Tracy: For what?

Luke: Keys. Why didn't he put them in his pocket? I was sure this was the pilot.

Tracy: Is this what you're looking for?

Luke: Give it here.

Tracy: Ah -- ah -- ah -- ah -- ah, not until we get a game plan.

Man: Ah, piensas robar mis drogas?

Tracy: What have you got us into?


Man: Estas muerto.

[Tracy screams]

Luke: Go in the plane. On the plane.

Spinelli: Jackal must admit he's confounded by Maximista's purchases.

Maxie: Well, clearly, you've never planned a wedding before. You're worried about Lulu. I'm worried about Lulu, too. But we already eliminated a suspect. We know Trevor Lansing isn't the one who planted those notes in Lulu's Shadybrook room.

Spinelli: Yeah, but that means the pitiless fiend is free to prey upon her guilt over killing the warped one.

Maxie: Lulu thought she was so crazy that she wrote those notes to herself. But she didn't, and we proved that to her. How relieved was she? We did that for her. And now Johnny is taking over. He said he would find out who's leaving Lulu those notes. And if he loves her as much as he supposedly says he does, then I say saving her is now his job.

Spinelli: I hear the wisdom of your words.

Maxie: Besides, it's not like we're slacking in the friend department. I want to help Lulu. I really do. But I promised Robin I would help her with this wedding and I'm her cousin. So I have to get it right. I need you to help me focus.

Spinelli: Okay. I stand ready to assist, but I must admit, when it comes to prenuptial preparations, I am but an empty vessel.

Maxie: You're saying there's actually something I know more about than you do?

Spinelli: There is much inside your brain, fair Maximista, that remains an impenetrable mystery to me.

Maxie: Well, watch and learn.

 [Door opens]

Robin: Hi. Oh, well, I see we're just in time to help.

Patrick: Help what?

Robin: With the birdseed, of course.

Dr. Stanley: Notify the hospital and pull Ms. Spencer's file. We need to double-check all medications she's been given in the last –

[Ignition struggling]

[Engine starts]

[Tires screech]

Laura: Scotty -- I came with you to get you to stop trying to punish my daughter, and that's all.

Scott: Well, I still can't believe that you're even talking. I mean, it just seems like a -- a dream to me. You know how many times I bargained with the devil to get you to come back? And when you finally did, Luke didn't even have the decency to tell me that.

Laura: And you want to make him pay. You know, you spent your entire life trying to make Luke pay, and me, too, apparently.

Scott: No, no, I --

Laura: Yes. Then how do you explain what you've done?

Scott: Laura -- when you were 17 and you were on probation for killing David Hamilton --

Laura: That was an accident.

Scott: I know that was an accident, but there was another accident that happened to you. Rick, your stepfather, was having an affair with a nurse at the hospital. You walked in on him and she was very mad at him, and she was yelling at him and she was hitting him. And you tried to protect Rick and you accidentally killed that woman.

Laura: Wait a minute. I don't know that -- it's all so vague. I --

Scott: Yeah, well, that's because Rick stuck a needle in your arm. He tried to sedate you to help you forget. And then he forced me to take that body, dig a hole, and bury it. And I knew that you being on probation for David Hamilton, if this came out, you would go to prison. Laura, I loved you way too much for that to ever happen.

Laura: Thank you. I really believe that you were trying to protect me when I was 17 years old. I do. But I don't understand why you would let me think that I was the one who killed Rick.

[Luke clears throat]

Luke: Well, we have to get to Lulu.

Tracy: You stole this plane from drug smugglers!

Luke: So I did a public service. Maybe they'll give us a medal.

Tracy: If you had stuck around, you would have heard me say that Daddy got the charges dropped.

Luke: Did the border guards get the memo?

Tracy: This whole stupid thing was unnecessary.

Luke: Listen, this is the quickest, most direct route to Port Charles. And we're, like, 8,000 feet in the air, so it's no time to argue.

Tracy: Okay, well, I'm a -- I'm a little impressed that you know how to fly a plane.

Luke: Well, you know, it's like riding a bicycle, something you never forget.

Maxie: Okay, so you'll take a piece of this netting, and then with this spoon, scoop some birdseed and put it in the center. And then you'll tie the edges with a ribbon together like this.

Robin: Or, to make it easier, you can actually tie the top with a rubber band and then put a ribbon over the top of it.

Maxie: Or, even better, you can attach one of these cute little name cards that say "Patrick and Robin" on them.

Robin: Aw.


Patrick: He looks confused.

Robin: You look confused.

Patrick: Sure you know what you're doing there, buddy?

Spinelli: Uh-huh, just following orders with blind obedience.

Robin: I think this is well within your limits considering that you operate on people's brains every day.

Patrick: Yeah, well, when I'm in surgery, I actually know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

Robin: This is so that people can throw birdseed at us as we're walking out of the church.

Maxie: Rice kills birds.

Robin: Yes, when birds eat rice, it expands in their stomach and it kills them.

Spinelli: You mean happy couples everywhere have been sending our avian friends to their bloated demise?

Robin: This is true. But you and I, we will not have rice at our wedding. We will have birdseed.

Spinelli: We are part of a movement. Ornithoids unite, ah!

[Robin laughs]

Patrick: Okay, well, it looks like you guys have it under control. So I'm just -- I'm going to take off if that's okay.

Robin: Are you okay?

Patrick: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just all thumbs when it comes to this kind of thing. So, I mean, you obviously have a strong male contingent.

Spinelli: Represent.

Robin: Yeah, you look a little pale. Maybe you should go home and just rest.

Patrick: Okay. Carry on, troops.

Maxie: He looked panicked.

[Door closes]

Nadine: Thanks, Leyla. Sorry. My neighbor, Mrs. Hennessy, she's visiting her friend in Charlotte, North Carolina, and so I was taking care of her cat, Randy. Just feeding him while she's gone. And it looks like things might go a little later. Not -- not that I'm making any assumptions, because I'm not. But, you know, I just wanted to be prepared if things do go a little later or not. So I wanted to see if Leyla would go over and feed -- well, Randy might get hungry after a while. And if, you know, Mrs. Hennessy comes back and finds her cat all scrawny and hungry from not eating, then I'll feel responsible for that --

Nikolas: Nadine, if what just happened made you uncomfortable, would you just please tell me right now?

Nadine: Uncomfortable? Why would I be uncomfortable?

Nikolas: Because whenever you're scared or worried or uncomfortable, you ramble, like you just displayed in your diatribe about Randy the cat and Mrs. Hennessy. You see? All the signs are there. And it seems to be because of me.

Nadine: Well, as my Aunt Raylene would say, speak your mind, but ride a fast horse because some people say they want to hear a certain thing, but --

Nikolas: You're doing it again.

Nadine: Okay, cards on the table? You scare me to death.

Lucky: Elizabeth, it's me. I'm -- I'm going up to the mountains for a couple of days. I just wanted to let you know because you might not be able to reach me on my cell. [Footsteps] I thought I made it clear that I didn't want to see you.

Sam: Lucky, I just -- I couldn't keep things the way they were.

Lucky: It's clear to me what we are and what we aren’t.

Sam: I love you.

Lucky: That means different things for us.

Sam: No, it means that you know how to open your heart up to somebody else.

Lucky: And sometimes you get it handed back to you.

Sam: Are you kidding me? I don't like Jerry Jacks. I know what this is about. I don't like him.

Lucky: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Sam: You knew that I was just going to try and bust him. I hated that every step of the way. And I hate that he is out there, free to roam around like he didn't do anything wrong.

Lucky: When I put my faith into somebody, I believe in them and keep believing in them while I'm living a lie.

Lucky: I don't think it's in me to do it again.

Sam: Lucky, I know what I have with you. And I have been honest with you every step of the way. Even if I knew you didn't like it, it was better to fight with you than to lie to you.

Lulu: Lucky, Mom's awake. Scott Baldwin took her.

Scott: Laura, you didn't know this, but Rick, he turned out to be a very, very bad guy. He -- he blackmailed me over the woman's body that we buried. The -- the night before you were going to get married, he called me up and he said, meet him in the attic. He said there was a problem. I got over there and he had a syringe in his hand and he was coming after you. He was trying to sedate you against your will. You were fighting with him, desperately. I just picked up the first thing that I could get my hands on and I hit him. And -- and then I heard Luke coming up the stairs. And I figured it was best to take off. He -- that -- you know, you didn't need to see us at each other's throats there.

Laura: So you ran away?

Scott: No, I had to run away.

Laura: You left me hysterical and -- and I was there with Rick's body.

[Tracy screams]

[Tracy whimpering]

Luke: Hold on, baby. Oh. I wonder what these do.

Tracy: This is the most profoundly unfunny joke you have ever pulled on me.

Luke: Come on. I've got a real handle on the basics here. In fact, I think I have a flair for flying.

Tracy: Oh, no! We are not flying, Luke. We are hurtling through the air, out of control, in a tin can, waiting for the laws of gravity to take over.

Luke: I did fine on the takeoff, and I'm going to do just fine on the landing because it's exactly the same thing, only in reverse.

Tracy: I knew you were going to be the death of me, but I thought it was going to be from a poisoned martini.

Luke: Oh, that was not my finest moment.

Tracy: I never thought that it would be from a plane stolen from drug smugglers in Mexico.

Luke: Statistics show that flying is far safer than driving.

Tracy: If you know what you're doing.

Luke: You forget the impeccable Spencer instincts, my dear. I've been in far worse situations than this and I came out smelling like a rose, with just a hint of tequila.

Tracy: If I live through this, I'm going to kill you!

[Tracy screams]

Patrick: Can I get a beer, please?

Bartender: You got it.

Patrick: Where's Coleman?

Bartender: Took the night off. He's getting ready for some wedding.

Patrick: Can I get a shot along with that, please?

Olivia: You got an aversion to weddings?

Patrick: It used to be a non-issue. You know, weddings were for other people, guys who were deluded and got themselves trapped into an unnatural state of monogamy by some girl who --

Olivia: Who had their manhood in a jar on the mantle?

Patrick: The more of my friends who took the step, the more it started to scare me. I started wondering why -- what they got out of it. And now I'm the one getting married, and I'm the one that pushed for it. Robin wanted no part of it.

Olivia: At least that's what she made you think.

Patrick: Nah, there's no reverse psychology here. Marriage gives me something my old life couldn’t. I can't wait to be a father. I can't wait to be a husband. At least I think I can't wait.

Olivia: Why don't you let me buy you another shot?

Maxie: Patrick ran out of here like his hair was on fire.

Robin: Spinelli, I know Maxie is probably making you do this, but tell me the truth. Is this horrible?

Maxie: You can't go by Spinelli.

Robin: Why not? He's a guy.

Maxie: Yeah, but he's not a guy's guy. Most guys, they have two channels in their brain, sports and sex, but Spinelli -- he's beyond that. He's interested in everything. He has so much ridiculous knowledge in his brain. How many guys do you know who know everything about Russian composers, Greek tragedies, and the Goth God of Zune or whatever? I mean, when I need to talk about stuff or just vent, Spinelli's always there to listen, like a girl would listen.

Robin: Oh, maybe I'm marrying the wrong guy.

Maxie: Are you having pre-wedding jitters?

Robin: No, I mean, Patrick and I are preparing for the happiest day of our lives. I just want it to be fun. You know, I don't want it to be stressful at all. I want to celebrate who we are and what we mean to each other.

Maxie: Are you having fun?

Robin: Yes, especially since you're doing everything.

Maxie: Well, I'm happy to do everything for you, as long as you don't let Patrick spoil it.

Spinelli: With all due respect, the doctor of love is hanging up his romantic stethoscope, as it were, and though he may be wholeheartedly welcoming this turn his life has taken, and though he clearly loves the fair Robin and the child she's carrying, anyone may be allowed a backwards glance at all he is leaving behind.

Maxie: Which is a nice way of saying Patrick's going to miss being a babe magnet.

Scott: I didn't know that Rick was dead. I couldn't have predicted that. Luke -- he came in, and he found you clutching the candlestick that I'd hit Rick with. He assumed that you had killed him, so he dragged you off, thought he could just rescue you.

Laura: I -- I do remember the fight, and I -- I remember him coming at me with a syringe, and Luke did tell me that I was the one who killed Rick, and I believed him. I always believe him. But -- then the guilt kicked in, and it was like -- it was like falling into a pit.

Scott: I'm -- I'm sorry about that, Laura. I would never have done anything to hurt you. I've loved you my entire life. I -- I just assumed that you would have married Luke the next day, and then when you didn't show up at the church and then Rick's body showed up --

Laura: Why didn't you come forward then?

Scott: I didn't know what Luke had planned. I -- I didn't want to make things worse.

Laura: How much worse could it have gotten, Scottie?

Scott: Laura, if I had gone to the authorities, all that stuff would have come out, when you were 17 and the other murder and all of that mess would have happened, and you know -- I just figured that you and Luke had just run off into the sunset, left me holding the bag.

Laura: Do you really think I'd do that to you?

Scott: I think Luke would have, in a second. He has spent his entire life vilifying me, making me out to be the bad guy. He has erased everything in your mind that was ever good about us, Laura. You've forgotten how much we were in love with each other when we were kids, and we didn't have a dime, but we were happy together. I went to the institution to try and talk to you after, you know, you had the breakdown there, but I couldn't get through to you. You were too far gone.

Laura: So you just never said anything?

Scott: I'm not proud about that. It just happened.

Laura: And I suppose now you would like me to forgive you, right? I can do that. And where is your forgiveness for my daughter?

Lucky: How did you get out of Shadybrook?

Lulu: I broke out. I had to, it's Mom. I'm sorry, I obviously interrupted something important, but I just need to talk to my brother.

Sam: That's fine, it's fine.

Lucky: Listen, I need to sort this out with my sister.

Sam: Okay, okay, but this conversation is not over.

Lucky: Now, what was this about Mom?

Lulu: Okay, so Mom really was awake. I did not imagine it. She woke up again today, just a little while ago, and I'm not the only one who saw it this time.

Lucky: Oh, this doctor you said that saw it before.

Lulu: No, Scott Baldwin. I was in Mom's room. He came in. He started threatening me, vowing to see me get the death penalty for killing Logan --

Lucky: You mean Scott Baldwin is trying to blame you for killing --

Lulu: It's true, Lucky. Everything that I said on the witness stand -- it's true. The ax and the knife and everything.

Lucky: Listen, I'm going to call Lainey --

Lulu: No, Lucky, Lucky, I am not the one who needs help. Listen to me. Scott was saying he wanted to see me get the death penalty, he wanted to see me get a lethal injection, and Mom woke up. She grabbed him, and she told him to back the hell off of me.

Lucky: You're sure this is not what you --

Lulu: Stop acting like I'm imagining it. Just look at me, please. I know this is hard to believe. I -- honestly, I thought I was this crazy for a while, but it's a little farfetched. Just believe me. It's true.

Lucky: If Mom woke up, why didn't you tell somebody at the hospital? Why didn't you go get help?

Lulu: Because Scott took her. That's why I had to break out and come here to get your help. Look, if you call Shadybrook, they'll tell you she's gone. Please, Scott Baldwin took her. She's in trouble. She needs our help. You have to believe me.

Nadine: The first night I ever saw you was the night of the black and white ball. I walked into this amazing old place with candles and torches blazing, and there you were in your white coat and tails with Emily by your side. It was like something out of a fairy tale. And the thing I remembered most was the way you looked at her. It was just pure love.

Nikolas: Yeah. You knew what she meant to me. You also realized that I was still able to see her after she was gone and that I was ready to die rather than lose her again, so I could see how getting involved with me could scare you a little, yeah.

Nadine: And I'm not scared of measuring up, because I wouldn't even try.

Nikolas: No --

Nadine: And I don't want to make this more than it is, and I don't expect you to look at me the same way, but --

Nikolas: You don't know what's going to happen, okay? I don't either. But I do know that I never want to hurt you, but if getting involved with me means risking too much of your heart or if you're already afraid that things are going to end badly, then -- then we should probably stop this right now, don't you think?

Nadine: I don't --

Lulu: Scott Baldwin has Mom.

Laura: So you killed my stepfather, and then you ran out, and you left me, and that trauma caused me to lose my mind and to lose years of my life, years that I should have been raising my children. That's gone now. I can never, ever get that back. And yet, you know, I really can believe that your intentions were good and that somehow you were in a horrible situation and you got confused and you made some bad choices. And you were a grown man. Now, imagine a little girl in the same situation, completely overwhelmed. The Scottie that I knew would have compassion for that girl.

Scott: What about the son that I just found out that I had after all these years? Laura, I -- I lost you to a guy that had no respect for you or what you wanted. Now I'm just supposed to add Logan to the list, and that's it, finished?

Laura: So this is just about us then, isn't it? You are punishing my daughter because you're bitter. You're bitter that I chose Luke over you.

[Tracy pants]

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Oh, come on. Admit it. You're enjoying this.

Tracy: Do I look like I'm having fun?

Luke: You look like you're trying really hard not to admit it.

Tracy: You so overestimate the pleasure -- of your comp -- company.

Luke: Oh, come on. I get your blood moving. I make your life a hell of a lot more interesting. You'd rather be up here hurtling through space in a stolen plane with me, wondering how I'm going to land it than you would be down there, bickering with Edward over cocktails.

Tracy: Luke, my idea of roughing it is hailing a cab in Manhattan. I don't do bugs. I don't do snakes. I don't do mud.

Luke: You do mudpacks.

Tracy: Luke, I don't like your brand of adventure, okay? If I venture outside the lines, it's white-collar crime. My personal favorite is blackmail.

Luke: You can't even admit it now.

Tracy: Admit what?

Luke: That you're loving this. That, you know, you came searching for me, yeah, for Lulu, but also you came because you wanted me.

Tracy: So what?

Luke: At last, you admitted it. Oh.

[Tracy and Luke scream]

Tracy: No, no!

Patrick: Well, don't get me wrong. I want to marry Robin. It was my idea. It's just hard to go from hot shot bachelor surgeon to stuffing birdseed into bundles for decoration.

[Olivia laughs]

Olivia: They roped you into that?

Patrick: Gosh, I had this nightmare of me edging the lawn on a Friday night in plaid shorts.

Olivia: A little beer gut hanging over your waistband? Come on, buddy, it's the American dream.

Patrick: That's my version of hell.

Olivia: You want to breathe into a paper bag or something? You look a little bit pale.

Patrick: Bartender, please.

Olivia: Relax. Marriage does not have to be the end of life as you know it, at least not exactly. You got to stop chasing around after nurses, but you know --

Patrick: I didn't realize you were married.

Olivia: Oh, I'm not.

Patrick: It just sounded like someone with a voice of experience.

Olivia: Yeah, I got experience watching other people go through their trials and tribulations, but marriage for me is not going to happen.

Patrick: Really? Why not?

Olivia: Just never met the right guy, and I think that ship has sailed.

Patrick: Is it because it didn't work out with your kid's father?

Olivia: What do you know about my kid's father?

Patrick: I just -- I've heard you mention your -- your son but never the father, and now that you say you're not married, I just -- I apologize. I -- I didn't mean to cross a line.

Olivia: No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have jumped down your throat like that. I -- I don't actually know who the father is. A lifetime of making excuses to nosy neighbors and my very, very Catholic-Italian family. It's been a sore subject.

Patrick: I don't mean to -- to bug you here, but --

Olivia: What? You're going to ask anyway.

Patrick: Did you ever try and narrow it down? I mean, did you ever think that maybe the father would want to know?

Olivia: Would you?

Patrick: Yeah. It happened to me, not really in the same context, but when Robin got pregnant, she didn't tell me right away. She figured it would be my worst nightmare, and I gave her many reasons to think so. You know, the idea of being a father scared the hell out of me, wasn't part of my plan. But I got to be honest. It's been the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Olivia: Would you be getting married if it wasn't for this baby?

Patrick: I'm getting married because I love Robin, and you know, that's much more important than my panic over stuffing birdseed bundles and the day of the wedding, but, you know, marriage is a lifetime, and I plan on spending the rest of my life with her.

Mac: Hey.

Robin and Maxie: Hi.

Mac: What's all this?

Spinelli: Tiny projectiles to pelt the happy newlyweds.

Mac: Right.

Spinelli: Actually, something a little more palatable for our woodland friends. It's an oddly hostile custom to celebrate one's nuptials, come to think of it.

Mac: I think it's a metaphorical heads-up for what married life has in store.

Maxie: Bye.

Mac: Bye.

Maxie: All right, we have to put these in the car, and then we're going to drop them off at the church the morning of the wedding.

Robin: Thank you.

Maxie and Mac: Bye.

Robin: Hi.

Mac: Okay, so, what can I do to help?

Robin: All you have to do is show up and walk me down the aisle.

Mac: I wish it could be your dad.

Robin: You know, I do admit I had a fantasy of walking down the aisle and having you on one side and my dad on the other, but you know, his cancer treatments are going really well, and his health is the most important thing to me. Besides, he'll be with us in spirit.

Mac: Right.

Robin: And I do think that it's kind of fitting that you are going to be the one that walks me down the aisle, considering that you were the one that was with me almost the whole time I was growing up. I'm glad that you're going to be the one that gives me away.

Mac: Well, you know what? I'll be happy to walk you down the aisle and give you my blessing, but I will never give you away.

Robin: Oh.

Nikolas: I'll walk you to the launch.

Nadine: No, I'll be fine. Your family needs you. Bye.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Nadine: Don't apologize. Just let me know if you need help, okay?

Nadine: All right.

Nikolas: Hey, hey.

Nikolas: Hey, come here. I'll call you, okay?

Nadine: Okay.

Nikolas: I'll call, okay. Sorry. What's up?

Lulu: Okay, I'll give you the short version. You just have to go with me on this. Mom really was awake before. It was not in my head, and I went to go see her again today, and Scott Baldwin came in. He was saying the most awful things.

Lucky: Yeah, he threatened to prosecute her for killing Logan.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, Lucky. I found out on my own. I should have told you --

Lucky: No, no, no, it's not important right now.

Lulu: Mom woke up again, okay? And she agreed to go with Scott Baldwin somewhere as long as he wouldn't press charges against me.

Lucky: I checked with Shadybrook. Mom's gone.

Nikolas: Well, where did he take her?

Lulu: I don't know. It took me so long to break out and get to you guys, they could be anywhere by now.

Scott: Yeah, I was angry at you, and I was bitter, but I got past that. I met a girl. I fell in love. I had a kid -- but then she died. After I buried her, I was able to put things in perspective. I saw that you were -- you were young, and you know, you fell for Luke's one-man show and all of his adventures and how much you've had to pay for it and how he's hurt you -- in ways that you don't even know about.

Laura: What is that supposed to mean?

Scott: I don't -- I don't want to talk about Luke right now. You know, I don't want to talk about any of the bad things that he did to you. We're -- we've got to -- move forward here, Laura, and you know, you got to be happy, and less talk about stuff, because you know, for you to move on here, have some fun --

[Laura chuckles]

Scott: It's important.

Laura: Scott, it's -- it's just not going to work.

Scott: Well, how do you know? Besides, you know, you made a deal with me.

Laura: You haven't even told me where you're taking me yet.

Scott: What do you think?

Laura: Oh, my God. Are we over L.A.?

Scott: Perfect spot. It's where we had our honeymoon. Where better to recapture our past?

Luke: We have a slight problem.

Tracy: What was your first clue?

Luke: The plane is full of drugs, but there are no parachutes.

Tracy: Well, you better land it fast, because we're out of gas.

Luke: Oh, yeah, so we are. All right, well, I'm just going to glide it. Take a look out there, and tell me what you see on your side.

Tracy: Nothing.

Luke: Oh, okay, well, let's just hope we're over land and that there's nothing tall in the way, because here we -- here we go.

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