GH Transcript Friday 10/24/08

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/24/08


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Woman: Walter, these are -- oh, I'm sorry. I didn't get your names.

Claudia: Claudia Zacchara and Jason Morgan.

Woman: Did you say Zacchara, as in -- Walter, Claudia and Jason would like to get married.

Sonny: Like I said, your mother is not here, but when she comes, I can --

Olivia: No, I'm here, I'm here. I'm right here. I got it. Hey, hey, Dante. No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. [Olivia scoffs] Of course, he's here. He's Connie's fiancé. It -- uh, no. I -- I never told him about you.

Tracy: Not again, husband. Another pot of coffee over here, please. Up off the floor.

Luke: I thought we already left.

Tracy: No, not until you're capable of firing on all cylinders. Or two of them at least.

Luke: Here, give me a hand, Spanky.

Tracy: You know what? I draw the line at scraping you off the bar room floor. You can lie there until you are capable and sober enough to stand on your own. Or crawl.

Scott: You're not sorry that Logan died. You're sorry that your boyfriend Johnny was arrested.

Lulu: No, that is not true.

Scott: Logan -- he just cared about you. He was in love with you. You know, when you clubbed him and when he went into that coma, and when he came out, he made excuses for you. He would have never have hurt you. That night in question, nothing would have happened.

Lulu: No.

Scott: You stabbed him because you meant to stab him.

Lulu: No, no, you are wrong. That was an accident.

Scott: No, it's no accident that my son is dead. It's no accident that I don't get to have him around anymore, Lulu, that I don't get to watch him fall in love with somebody and have a family and have some kids. That's not going to happen because he's in the ground right now. And do you know why he's there? Because you put him there, so you are going to pay for that. There is going to be justice, and you will get a lethal injection. And that's what going to hap --

Laura: Not my daughter, you son of a bitch!

Scott: Laura.

Lulu: Mom. Mom, you're awake.

Lulu: Mom, are you here? The last time that you woke up I thought that I imagined it.

Laura: I'm here.

Scott: Laura, the doctors -- they said there was no hope.

Laura: So you thought you could bully my daughter right in front of me and that I would never even know about it?

Scott: Well, she's not innocent.

Laura: She's my daughter. How could you? How could you threaten my child?

Luke: Okay, let's go. We haven't got time to waste. Let's get moving. Come on, let's --

Tracy: Sit down.

Luke: What's this about? What's that for?

Tracy: I am not going to watch you stagger two steps and keel over again. I want you to sit there, sober up, and think of a strategy.

Luke: I had a strategy. We go, we save Lulu, and we stomp Baldwin like a cockroach.

Tracy: You're not going to be able to do any of that if you get arrested for money laundering. We have to wait for Daddy to call.

Luke: Oh, this is ridiculous. Waiting for you father to call is like waiting for the Easter bunny to come down the Christmas chimney. It's a fantasy.

Tracy: I'll handle Daddy. You handle Lulu.

Nikolas: Sorry to keep you waiting. Alfred said you needed to see me.

Lucky: Yeah, it's Sam. She's been arrested.

Nikolas: Does Alexis know yet?

Lucky: Yeah, Alexis was in the apartment at the time. She won't post bail, and I don't have the money.

Nikolas: No, it's fine. I'll take care of that, just tell me what happened.

Lucky: Sam has seen Karpov with Jerry Jacks. She believes they're working together.

Nikolas: But why did she get arrested?

Lucky: Jerry framed her while she was trying to seduce him.

Olivia: No, I'm in the middle of a crowded hospital, Dante. I'm not in any danger. No, I'm fine. I know. I know. No, no, no, honey. I don't want you coming up here. I told you. I'm fine. I love you, too. Okay. Bye.

Sonny: You have a son?

Olivia: Sweet detective work.

Sonny: Why didn't -- why didn't you tell me?

Olivia: Any particular reason I should have?

Sonny: Um, well, I mean, we talk about a lot of things. You know, the past in Bensonhurst and, you know, our lives today. Children are important. What do you mean, why wouldn't you tell me?

Olivia: Well, the important thing was Connie's wedding, which was why I came to town.

Sonny: Why didn't you bring your son to the wedding?

Olivia: He didn't know anybody up here. He would have been bored out of his mind.

Sonny: Well, he's probably worried about you because, you know, after what happened with Kate.

Olivia: Well, luckily, I'm not planning on marrying you anytime soon, so I don't expect anyone to be shooting at me.

Sonny: Why don't you reassure the kid, have him come visit? I'd like to meet him.

Walter: The marriage certificate will be filed at the county courthouse tomorrow, but we'll be happy to furnish you a copy tonight for your records.

Claudia: Fine.

Walter: Unless you'd prefer to have it mailed.

Claudia: We'll take it to go.

Walter: Very well. Before we start the ceremony, I'd like to ask --

Claudia: We don't want a ceremony. We just want it quick and easy, painless as possible.

Walter: Certainly. Dearly beloved, we are --

Claudia: Do you have any money? Thanks. Okay, the faster you go, the bigger the bonus. Okay? Let's move it along.

Walter: My dear young lady, this is not a business transaction. You and this man are pledging your hearts to one another.

Claudia: We don't want anything about love. Just go right to the vows.

Walter: I see.

Claudia: Okay.

Walter: Please join hands. I can't marry two people who refuse to even touch each other.

Claudia: Okay, fine.

[Jason sighs]

Claudia: Move it along.

Walter: Do you, Claudia Antonia, take this man to be your husband, to honor and to --

Woman: Hmm.

Walter: Honor, for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until parted by death?

Laura: You attacked my daughter in court. You -- you forced her to testify. How could you do that?

Scott: No, no, Laura, she wanted to testify.

Laura: I wanted to tell the truth, but you wanted Johnny sentenced to death.

Scott: That's because I thought that he killed my son. Now, I found out that your daughter did.

Laura: She acted in self-defense.

Scott: No, no, that's not true. My -- my son loved her. He would never, ever hurt her.

Laura: Your son was a very disturbed young man who made her life miserable.

Scott: No, that's not true. That's her version. She -- she attacked him twice. First time, she put him in a coma. The second time, she killed him.

Laura: And now you want revenge.

Scott: No, I just don't think that she should be able to just walk out of her, Laura, as free as a bird for killing my son.

Laura: You're so angry. Have you lost all your compassion?

Scott: No, I haven't, but do you think I should just let her go free because she's your daughter?

Nikolas: You're sure that Sam was trying to seduce Jerry?

Lucky: Sam thought she could work Jerry to get information.

Nikolas: Oh, well, you know, I've had my own dealings with Jerry. The guy's a master of manipulation. Sam's playing a dangerous game there.

Lucky: Yeah, and I told her that, but she insisted she could handle Jerry. While they were kissing, Alexis -- she walked in.

Nikolas: Well, you know Alexis -- she's been seeing Jerry, right?

Lucky: Yeah.

Nikolas: Which has been a serious point of contention between us, but she must have been upset about it.

Lucky: Well, Jerry claimed that he was only working Sam to see how far she would go.

Nikolas: Well, don't believe him.

Lucky: Jerry is a psychopath. Sam would have slept with him to get information. I mean, how do I get past that?

Sam: Oh, you've got to be --

Jerry: Sweet Sam. Aw. See, I took the liberty of bringing some chocolates. They're Belgian. Very good.

Sam: I don't want them.

Jerry: Don't worry. They've been inspected by the police, and they're declared safe for consumption.

Sam: Jerry, why are you here?

Jerry: Well, I came here to apologize.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: That's funny. Oh, for framing me. Yeah, I don't think "I'm sorry" even begins to cut it.

Jerry: Well, you know, we do what we can.

Sam: What's your angle?

Jerry: There's no angle. I'm genuinely sorry for turning the tables on you. I really am. I'm actually quite impressed. I mean, your efforts to prove that I was a drug smuggler were very nearly successful.

Sam: Well, if you're so impressed, why don't you turn yourself in?

Jerry: Oh, then I would have to go to prison and that would be a dreary prospect indeed.

Sam: Oh, yes, so why don't you just what, leave me there instead?

Jerry: I have a better idea. Do you subscribe to the maxim, "If you can't beat them, join them?"

Walter: There appears to be some difficulty.

Claudia: I told you, we don't want the hearts and flowers. Just ask if we want to be married.

Walter: Do you?

Claudia: Ask him first.

Olivia: The Falconeris got no use for you, Sonny. Dante is no exception.

Sonny: He doesn't even know me.

Olivia: What -- we live in Bensonhurst. It's not the other side of Mars. You think we don't read the papers? You think we don't hear the legend about the boy from the neighborhood who turned into a major mobster? We see about the indictments and the trials and horrible tragedies. Plus, you still got some delightful associates keeping your legend alive in the neighborhood. Connie. What are the doctors doing? Giving her an all-day body scan or what?

Sonny: So is your son working or is he in college? What --

Olivia: Can we change the subject?

Sonny: Can I ask you a few questions without you getting all uptight?

Olivia: I don't feel like talking about my kid right now. Is that all right?

Sonny: Wow. Does Kate know about your son?

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah?

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: How come she never said anything to me?

Luke: Why do I have to drink this rotgut and you don't?

Tracy: I'm sober. You're not.

Luke: I hate it when that happens. Ew, ew! Enough. Enough. If I drink any more, I'll be so wired I'll have to grind your teeth.

Tracy: First, you're going to tell me what you plan to do for Lulu.

Luke: I don't rehearse what I what I say to my kids, I just spit out the truth.

Tracy: Luke, you haven't seen Lulu in months. She's very fragile. I don't think it's a good idea to give her a big dose of honesty.

Luke: All right. Well, then, I will remind her that she's a Spencer. And I will tell her that there's no way what happened to Laura will happen to her because she's a survivor.

Tracy: That's what you're going to tell her?

Luke: To the last vowel.

Tracy: A big bottle of tequila over here, please. Immedium –

Bartender: Immediatemente.

Tracy: In media –

Bartender: Im-me-di-a-da --

Tracy: Da –

Bartender: Mente.

Tracy: Mente, thank you.

Luke: Your Spanish is getting good, don't you think?

Tracy: Okay.

Luke: What's this about?

Tracy: Drink up. Because if that little speech is the best you can do, you are more useful to Lulu lying in a stupor on the bar room floor.

Scott: I didn't even know about Logan until he was an adult. I went to Texas. I was very confused. I took up with his mother. After a couple of months, I knew it was a mistake. And I left. She sent me all these letters. I never read them.

Laura: I'm sure you feel very guilty about that now. But you cant make amends for that by punishing my daughter.

Scott: By the time I met Logan, he was already in love with Lulu. I tried to talk him out it. Told him it probably wouldn't end well. And it didn’t. She hooked up with another guy, a criminal. Sound familiar? And then she started playing one against the other.

Lulu: That is not what happened. I never meant to hurt Logan. I swear.

Laura: Shh. It's all right. You were confused. It's all right. Just like I was confused all those years ago. I was so torn between you and Luke. I had really strong feelings for Luke, but that doesn't mean that I stopped caring about you.

Scott: Well, you know, Logan wanted to get a second chance with Lulu. And he kept at it, and I understood what he was going through because I went through the same thing myself with you. The difference is, though, you didn't kill me. She killed my son. She's got to pay.

Laura: Then why shouldn't you pay for killing my stepfather?

Sam: All right. Say I do go along with your plan, who would be joining who?

Jerry: Well, you would be joining me. I don't see any benefit in it being the other way around, since you are sitting in jail under the suspicion of drug trafficking.

Sam: Okay. Well, how do you intend to get me out of here?

Jerry: We'll wait for some of your loyal friends or relatives to post bail for you.

Sam: Well, we can count my mother out of that. And I don't have any friends, so --

Jerry: Well, there's no denying Alexis is understandably impatient about you at the moment, but I have no doubt that Nikolas will probably oblige, nobleman that he is.

Sam: Okay, all right, fine. Say I do get out on bail, then what?

Jerry: Well, then you and I strike an independent partnership that allows us to cut Andrei Karpov out and walk away with a huge profit.

Sam: Oh, I mean, I could -- that does sound intriguing.

Jerry: Doesn't it?

Sam: What's the catch?

Jerry: You see, that's what I enjoy so much about you. You're skeptical. Always wanting to know what's behind the curtain to see what's really there. We're very much alike in a way.

[Sam laughs]

Jerry: You know, when you're playing me, sometimes I feel as if I'm looking into a mirror.

Sam: Well, that's a frightening thought.

[Jerry laughs]

Jerry: So what do you think of my offer?

Sam: Well, I am always up for a risk. And you are definitely a risk.

Lucky: I came to see if you needed any help, but it looks like you already got it.

Walter: Though it's not my place to judge anyone's --

Claudia: We will.

Walter: I cannot in good conscience wed two people who clearly have no wish to be joined in matrimony or anything else.

Claudia: You're refusing to marry us?

Walter: You're refusing to marry each other. You've done nothing but argue with me, and he hasn't spoken a word since you walked in the door.

Claudia: You wanted to see how far I'd take it? How far I'd go? Now you know.

Jason: I need the marriage certificate.

Walter: That's not signed or stamped. It's not legal.

Jason: Keep the money. Sorry for wasting your time.

Olivia: Why would Connie be talking about my son? From what I gather, she didn't really talk about me all that much.

Sonny: Well, that's not true because every so often we would discuss you. I mean, you know, we'd have a conversation out of the blue. She'd start laughing or --

Olivia: Or crying.

Sonny: Olivia, she missed you. That's why I invited you to the wedding.

Olivia: I missed her, too.

Sonny: So was your son Dante born after Kate left Bensonhurst for good or what?

Olivia: I had Dante when Connie was at Princeton. She didn't break off with the family till, like, four or five years after that.

Sonny: So she knew your son?

Olivia: No, she was off doing her fashion thing. I was all about Dante and family.

Sonny: You said you never got married.

Olivia: Well, contrary to what your grandmother may have told you, Sonny, a family doesn't necessary consist of a mother, a father, and 2.2 children.

Sonny: So who is Dante's father?

Scott: I don't know what anybody told you, Laura, but I was trying to protect --

Lulu: You let my mom slip into a coma because you were too big of a coward to admit --

Laura: Stop it, both of you. Please. I'm sure you had good reasons for what you did. And she does, too.

Scott: You can't compare these situations.

Laura: I am asking you to have compassion for my daughter.

Scott: My son gave his heart to her, and she chewed it up, and she spit it out.

Laura: All right. You tell him what happened with Logan. Tell him everything. And you -- you listen to her. If I meant anything to you at all, I want you to hear what she has to say. Go ahead.

Lulu: Logan attacked Maxie in the "Crimson" office. I saw it from Johnny's apartment. And Logan saw me, so he came over and broke in with a fire axe. I was terrified. I honestly thought he was going to hurt me, so I went and got a knife. And he ran into me. He ran into it and impaled himself. It was self-defense.

Scott: Sounds to me like you just confessed to murder. I'm going to go call the police.

Laura: No! No.

Jerry: My, my, Officer Spencer, you are in an unpleasant mood this evening.

Lucky: Get out.

Jerry: I was just, you know, providing aid and comfort to sweet Sam. Chocolate?

Lucky: She doesn't need your kind of help.

Jerry: Oh, really? Oh, it's true that I stood by when she was being arrested. That was rather unchivalrous. I mean -- but she was smuggling drugs, and she was caught red-handed. I mean, come on, Officer. You've never been tempted by drugs or money?

Lucky: I want you to get out, now.

Jerry: My, my, such anger. Well, you know, enjoy the chocolates. The red ones are really good. Good night, sweet Sam.

Sam: Ugh. Look, Lucky, when they brought me in here, he --

Lucky: What is it with you and Jerry? Why can't you stay away from him?

Nikolas: Yes, my brother will be making a withdrawal to bail out Sam McCall. Will you just make sure that that all goes smoothly for me? Thank you. Well, Nadine, what a nice surprise.

Nadine: Yeah. I owe you a huge apology for making assumptions about your feelings for me and for other people who shall remain nameless, but who have a reputation for taking advantage of men and who are currently in the process of divorcing their fourth or fifth husband. Who can really keep track?

Nikolas: Okay. I assume that you're referring to Carly.

[Nadine sighs]

Nikolas: So once again, I'll have you know that my dealings with her are strictly business.

Nadine: Then why was she buttoning your shirt?

Claudia: What would you have done if I had gone through with marrying you?

Jason: Well, you didn't, did you?

Claudia: I should hate you a lot more than I do right now. Not only did you almost leave me standing at the altar -- close enough. This whole miserable situation is your fault. You know that? It is. Because if you had agreed to give Sonny back his organization in the first place, when he asked you to, this wouldn't be happening. My father and Sonny would not have a deal between them, and I wouldn't have to marry him. And you know, there's still a chance for you. There's a chance for you to bring this whole train wreck to a halt here. If you just give in to Sonny. But you won’t.

Jason: No, I can’t. I can't do it. Too many people depend on me.

Claudia: Yeah, it wouldn't be right to give Sonny control of your organization right now because he'd use it to start a war with Karpov. And so to keep the peace, you have to keep the power, and we get stuck with him.

Jason: You can refuse to marry him.

Claudia: I did. Oh, I did. I did that once. I told my father that there was no way in hell that I was going to marry Sonny, but I was lying. And so was Sonny. He's going to marry me, and you know it. That's what this little road trip was about.

Sonny: Was Dante's father around when he was growing up?

Olivia: He wasn't in the picture.

Sonny: So where was he?

Olivia: Beats me. You know, when you and Connie were out mooning all over each other at Coney Island, I was living my life. I was going out with three or four different guys. Some guys from the neighborhood, and then a couple guys I knew from going to clubs in the city. So, I didn't know who got me pregnant, and I didn't care to find out. Why would I want to share my beautiful kid with some guy who didn't want him? And didn't want me?

Sonny: Well, if you had given the guy a chance, maybe he would've --

Olivia: I told you, I didn't know who it was. We didn't have paternity tests back then. I wasn't going to go knocking on doors trying to find him.

Sonny: Well, I'll give you a lot of credit, you know. Raising a son on your own is a big responsibility.

Olivia: Yeah. I wouldn't change a thing. My son is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

Sonny: Is that why you never got married? Because you didn't want some guy to raise a kid that wasn't his?

Olivia: I never got married because I never met someone that I loved enough. I got to get out of here. I got to do some stuff. Could you tell Connie that I'll be here first thing in the morning?

Sonny: Yeah. You know what? I'm glad your son was a blessing, because children -- they're the miracles of our lives.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah, they are.

Claudia: You never really thought I'd marry you, did you? You were just hoping that I'd run away. If I agreed, you'd still pay me off wouldn't you?

Jason: All you got to do is name your price.

Claudia: Running's not an option for me. You know what? To tell the truth, honestly, I wouldn't go even if I could. I'm in a position of power, finally, in this family. And I'm going to use it to my full advantage. Sonny's going to make major concessions to get me to cooperate, and you can be damn sure that I'm going to make sure that he doesn't cut Johnny out.

Jason: If Sonny gives his word, he's going to keep it.

Claudia: What are you, serious? Sonny's just like my father. He's drunk on power. He has a vicious temper, and he'll stop at nothing -- nothing, to get revenge. And I'm not talking about Karpov. I'm talking about you. Look, in Sonny's mind, he raised you up from nothing. He taught you the business, and you committed the two cardinal sins. You started thinking for yourself, and you got better at his job than he was. He's not going to let that stand. He's not. You're a walking, breathing insult to his pride, and no matter what it takes, how much it costs, he's going to try to take you down.

Jason: You know, what if you're wrong?

Claudia: Then, Sonny and Kate get married. And they ride off into the sunset, happy. You want to take odds on that one? Because I don’t. Face it, this was our last chance. And neither one of us took it. I'm about to become Mrs. Corinthos. And you're about to be headed for a war with the man you used to call your very best friend.

Nikolas: By the time Carly arrived here, we had already had most of our clothes off, and in your enthusiasm, you tossed my shirt a pretty fair distance. I couldn't find it.

Nadine: I did, didn't I?

Nikolas: Yes, you did. And it took me so long to find it, by the time I did, I was so distracted I buttoned up my shirt wrong, okay?

Nadine: So you let Carly fix it for you? No! Sorry, there I go again acting all paranoid and jealous when I have no right.

Nikolas: I don't mind you asking me what happened --

Nadine: I mind, all right? I've been acting like an idiot, and I owe an apology to you and to myself. Because I am so much better than that.

Nikolas: You're fine. I think you're a terrific person --

Nadine: No, just let me get this out, okay? Because if I don't, I'm going to burst. When you came into the clinic earlier today, I acted like a fool. I was blathering on and on and talking in circles and just acting paranoid and insecure. And even flirting with Patrick, a guy who's about to get married and be a dad -- and in that moment, I just finally realized that I had turned into someone that I didn't even like. Which is ridiculous, because I'm a strong person. I have a great job and friends and family. There's no reason for it. So, I don't know why I was letting myself be dragged around on a choke collar at every little thing you said or did.

Nikolas: Is that really what you were doing?

Nadine: I mean, when I came in here tonight, you had every reason to just run for the hills. I have been acting like an absolute pill. But those days are over, because I am my own woman, and if you don't like it, you can lump it.

Nikolas: Lump it?

Nadine: Yes, and I sometimes use peculiar expressions. But it's part of who I am, and that's not likely to change anytime soon.

Nikolas: But, Nadine, I don't want you to change.

Nadine: Oh. Good. Uh, because you're a good friend. A really good friend. And just because we had one night together doesn't mean that it has to be a big deal.

Nikolas: Okay, as I mentioned before now, several times -- okay? It's a very big deal to me.

Sam: I hate Jerry. You know that.

Lucky: Did you hate Jerry when you were in the hot tub together?

Sam: I was working him for information. I only invited him over so I could steal his PDA.

Lucky: Yeah, well I'm not sure I believe you.

Sam: Are you serious? You have been working with me every step of the way.

Lucky: You insisted you could handle Jerry.

Sam: Well, I thought I could.

Lucky: Did you really?

Sam: Oh, my gosh. You actually think I'm guilty. What do you think I've been working with Jerry this whole time to smuggle drugs?

Lucky: I believe you started with the best intentions. But the more you got involved, the further you wanted to go.

Scott: I have to get justice for my son.

Laura: You want revenge.

Scott: No, I don’t. I won't even prosecute. She can get the best lawyer money can buy, and let the jury decide.

Laura: Don't do this, please. Your son's death was tragic, but don't make it worse by arresting my daughter.

Scott: I'll let her go. On condition.

Laura: What?

Scott: Come with me. No questions asked. Promise me that you won't run away.

Lulu: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no. No, Mom, that is crazy. I -- I will go on trial. I don't care --

Laura: It's all right. If you promise me that you won't prosecute her or tell anyone about it, I'll go.

Lulu: No, Mom. You cannot trust him. Scott is a liar.

Laura: He won't hurt me.

Lulu: You don't know that. You don't know where he's going to take you.

Laura: I'll be all right.

Lulu: No, Mom, no, you --

Scott: Come with me.

Laura: I'm going with him.

Lulu: Stop it. What are you talking about?

Laura: I know what I'm doing.

Lulu: You shouldn't -- you don't know what you're doing! Mom!

Luke: You're a master of psychological torture, Mrs. Spencer. No. I'm going to stay sober until I see my daughter.

Tracy: You can't waltz into Shadybrook with that bootstrap mentality. Lulu is fragile. She feels guilty because she thinks she drove Logan crazy.

Luke: Well, there's typical Baldwin behavior. You blame everything that you do wrong on somebody else. Scott did the same thing to Laura.

Tracy: Why do you assume that history repeats itself?

Luke: I don't assume anything. You live with the results of the choices you make, and that's what I'll tell Lulu.

Tracy: Well, you're going to have to do better than a little pep talk. Your daughter is in big trouble. Not the least of which is because she's in love with a very toxic and dangerous man.

Luke: My daughter's problem is the demon seed of Baldwin. Now that he's gone, she can recover.

Tracy: Oh, my God, Luke. She needs more than a pat on the shoulder. She needs guidance.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Lulu: Come on, Tracy, pick up the phone.

Doctor: It's after hours. Why are you out of your room? –

Nadine: Where were you?

Nikolas: I just gave instructions to the staff that unless this house is on fire, we're not to be disturbed under any circumstances. I'm turning off my cell phone.

[Cell phone beeps]

Nikolas: Okay? Now I want you to do the same.

Nadine: Uh, we're doing this why?

Nikolas: So we can't be interrupted. Look, I appreciate your apology. But it really wasn't necessary.

Nadine: Well, it was for me.

Nikolas: Oh, okay. I'm glad you were able to express your feelings.

Nadine: Well, that's the understatement of the month.

Nikolas: Now I'd like to express mine, if you don't mind.

Nadine: Yes, please, go right ahead.

Nikolas: Great, okay. Thank you. I want you. Not just because I think you're beautiful, or because I'm attracted to you, but also because I care about you. Six months ago, I never would have believed that I would be even remotely this happy again. But I do now, because I'm with you. And I think that you're really fun. I think -- I think you're interesting. And you do things that I look forward to, and I very much want to continue this. What about you?

Lucky: I posted your bail. Your paperwork is almost done.

Sam: Thank you. Thank -- Lucky, please, please. Look at me, please. Meet me at my house after this, please?

Lucky: No.

Sam: No? If this has anything to do with Jerry, he means nothing to me. Nothing at all.

Lucky: Sam, you want to beat Jerry at his own game? Whatever it takes, even if it means sleeping with him?

Sam: I'm sorry, but it was never going to go that far.

Lucky: Then how far was it going to go? Because if Alexis hadn't walked in when she did, where would it have gone?

Sam: This is almost over, and all I really need is help to get some evidence here, so please --

Lucky: And I'm going out of town. I just -- I can't deal with this mess right now.

Tracy: The least you can do is clean yourself up a little bit.

Luke: I'll try not to be offended.

Tracy: Luke, if you get to the border smelling like you do, they will detain you. Or worse, put you out to pasture.

Luke: You're loving this, aren't you? Dousing me with cold water. Kicking me around like this.

Tracy: Enough! There has not been an enjoyable moment in this entire experience, with the possible exception of the look of agony on your face when I threatened to douse you with water. That was mildly amusing. Oh, my God. You got me so distracted, I missed a call. It's not from Daddy. It's from Shadybrook. I hope Lulu's all right. Luke? Luke? Damn it.

Lulu: My mother, she's been kidnapped.

Doctor: Calm down. I don't want to sedate you.

Lulu: No, I don't need to be sedated. My mom is gone. Scott Baldwin took her.

Doctor: You've been making such good progress.

Lulu: I -- just look in her room. Look in her room. She's not there.

Doctor: Please, be reasonable.

Lulu: No, no! What are you doing? I'm telling you, open your eyes. Look at the room! Call my brothers! Scott Baldwin took her!

Laura: How far do you think you're going to get with a mental patient in a nightie?

Scott: While you're awake, you're talking. So I'm ahead of the game.

Laura: Scotty, I know you haven't thought this all the way through. If you want to take me back, I won't tell anybody.

Scott: No, no, no, no, no. No, you promised me.

Laura: All right. But don't you think Lulu is reporting this to the doctors, even as we speak?

Scott: They're not going to find us. I can be resourceful, you know, when I have to.

Laura: What do you hope to accomplish?

Scott: It's simple, Laura. I want you to try -- make you fall in love with me again.

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