GH Transcript Monday 10/20/08

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/20/08


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Tracy: No, that's a -- a tax. It's a tax. It's a penalty charge, just like I paid the other officer.

Federale Mendoza: So you have paid off other officers for bribery, huh? For that, I take you to jail. Vamonos.

Tracy: Don't just sit there and drink!

Luke: Hold on, Officer. I have something to say.

Luke: This woman is a snake in my grass. I'll pay any man to take her off my hands. Drinks for the house.

Jerry: Oh, you're early.

Sam: You knew she was coming here? No, no, no, no. You set me up.

Jerry: If memory serves me right, you invited me to --

Sam: Listen, I -- I can explain --

Alexis: I advise you to say nothing until you speak to an attorney.

Sam: Why do I need an attorney?

Karpov: Mr. Morgan, I don't want trouble with you. I just want to know where we stand. Is Sonny Corinthos under your protection? And more important, are you responsible for his actions against me?

Sonny: If I agree to run your organization, I make the decisions. I don't take orders from you or your people. I will not be second-guessed, no matter what the disagreements. In other words, I'm in charge.

Anthony: Those are generous concessions you're asking for.

Sonny: It's not negotiable. I make all the calls, starting with my first order. Andrei Karpov has to die.

Spinelli: Medical ones, greetings and salutations. There's been a most lamentable mistake. See, the Jackal's not even a patient in this fine institution. This security garment that you've given me is a bit -- well, it's chafing. Even without my beloved spleen, it's a bit binding. Oh, hi.

[Spinelli laughs]

Doctor: How are you, young man?

Spinelli: Thanks to the Goth goddess, Zune, you heard my protestations. And now, the -- the -- the misinformed doctor has realized his error and his here to rectify it, yes?

Doctor: What mistake would that be?

Spinelli: You've netted the wrong butterfly. See, admittedly, the Jackal was roaming the fortress without benefit of hall pass and my -- my musings on the relativity of human perception may have come across -- perhaps I should simplify.

Doctor: Can you?

Spinelli: I was here visiting another patient, Lulu Spencer, who had a severe trauma and ran afoul of the law. And then, when our fair Lulu started seeing people that weren't exactly there, it was time for her to seek help. And evidently, she's been doing quite well under your care until, at least, recently. And --

Doctor: Go on.

Spinelli: Well, Maximista and yours truly came to visit our troubled friend and we were both saddened and disturbed to see the change that had befallen our fair Lulu. And that's why the Jackal pleads with you, that you have to stop with these primitive strategies, these draconian methods that have morphed our once unique and -- and vibrant blonde one into the -- the shell of her former self. It is most dire. Fantastic, yes, great, Lulu is in room 158 and she awaits your assistance. And I would love to get out of this.

Doctor: Tell me about your childhood.

Spinelli: What? Oh, come on!

Maxie: The coast is clear but we need to figure out where they took Spinelli.

Lulu: Why don't you just call Jason and explain to him what's going on, and he'll help?

Maxie: They put Spinelli in a straitjacket. We're not going to call Jason. We have to help Spinelli now.

Lulu: Maxie, I think that you can take care of this.

Maxie: Could you please think about Spinelli for one second? I mean, can you even count the amount of times he's put himself on the line to save your sorry butt or mine?

Lulu: Which is why we need to get somebody that the doctors will actually listen to.

Maxie: Yeah, and while we're waiting for Jason to drop all that illegal mob stuff he's probably doing and drive up here, they'll be drugging Spinelli or giving him shock therapy or God knows what else. It's up to you and me to save him. Get a grip!

Lulu: Do you have anything resembling a plan?

Jerry: This is awkward.

Sam: No, no, no, no, don't touch that. There is a PDA in his jacket, in the top left-hand pocket. He got it from a gangster named Andrei Karpov.

Alexis: Karpov?

Sam: Yes, there's a lot of information on there. Shipping schedules --

Jerry: Yes, it's true. I have a PDA, but I can assure you --

Sam: Oh, my God. This is proof that the two of you are working together, that you've been helping him push drugs throughout Port Charles. That's why I called him here. That's why I made him strip down, so I could get the evidence I needed to bust him.

Jerry: Yes, out of this entire accusation, you're absolutely right about one thing. I have a PDA.

Sam: See? There.

Jerry: Well, you know, I'll give you the password, if you want. But, you know, my advice is to get rid of it. Toss it against the wall or drop it in the water. Get rid of it, because what you'll find in there will undoubtedly break your heart.

Sam: Are you kidding me? Of course he wants you to destroy it. It's evidence against him and Karpov and God knows who else. This is what I've been hoping for from day one, to be able to bust the people that are selling the counterfeit drugs. And you know what? Getting you was an added bonus.

Jerry: All I know is that the contents of this device will bring you nothing but misery. Trust me.

Karpov: Sonny tried to kill me. If you signed off on that act, then we are already at war.

Jason: Karpov, I have -- I have no quarrel with you.

Karpov: You haven't answered my question.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Sonny and I are no longer in business together. But he has new friends, new allies. And if you were smart, you would leave him alone.

Sonny: Everyone reports directly to me, especially, you know, while we're getting used to each other. And I don't need a middle man. Because, you know what? Even if I did, it wouldn't be Trevor. As a matter of fact, he's out.

Anthony: Are you sure?

Sonny: Yes.

Anthony: This is your chance to lord it over that treacherous bastard, the way he used to lord it over you. You could stick the knife in Trevorís ribs and twist it real good.

Sonny: Yeah, it would be nice. But I need loyalty. He don't qualify.

Anthony: That's too bad. It would've been fun to watch. What about your kid brother?

Sonny: What about him?

Anthony: Ric's done some very good work for me lately. And he hates Trevor as much as you do.

Sonny: He can stay on on a limited basis. First order of business, I want all the information you have on Karpov.

Anthony: I seriously doubt we have much more than you already know.

Sonny: I'll take it anyway. I want 24 hour surveillance on him starting now.

Anthony: You mean starting when we agree to terms, if we agree.

Sonny: Okay, if we're going to play games, I don't want to play games here.

Anthony: It's always a game. I'm taking a substantial risk turning over my entire organization to you, especially since your first act as head of the family is going to probably start an all out war with Karpov's associates.

Sonny: You invited me in. These are my terms. Take it or leave it.

Anthony: I'm not in this wheelchair because I fell off a turnip truck. I need some tangible proof of your loyalty.

Maxie: Oh, my God, that's, like, a for real padded cell.

Lulu: It's soundproof so no one can hear you scream. It's where they put patients who need to wear themselves out. Once you've exhausted yourself, you're easier to control.

Maxie: You've been in here?

Lulu: When I first found the black -- when I thought that I found the blackmail note, I flipped out and they put me in there.

Maxie: That's awful. I'm so sorry, Lulu. But now poor Spinelli's in there, so we need to get him out.

Lulu: The rooms are secure.

Maxie: Come on, you're crazy. We'll just use that to distract the doctor.

Lulu: Maxie, I don't -- I don't want to --

Doctor: Miss Spencer, you shouldn't be here.

Lulu: I couldn't find Dr. Winters. I needed somebody to talk to.

Doctor: Well, I'm with a patient at the moment.

Lulu: Well, I -- I was feeling really alone and I was thinking about my childhood and I was wondering if ice fishing could be the reason why I am the way that I am.

Doctor: Ice fishing?

Lulu: I used to go ice fishing when I was little, with my dad, and we would be on the boat for hours. I -- my fingers would be frozen, actually, every finger, except my pinkie. And I would do it because I knew that I just wanted to be alone with him.

Doctor: Well, I think you should go back to your room and write this in your journal.

Lulu: No, no, no, I mean -- I mean, can you admit that -- that this means that's why I'm so freaked out when I -- when I'm left behind. I mean, I'll do anything. I'll freeze my fingers off, but my dad would still leave me again.

Doctor: Well, I'm very proud of you for being brave enough to explore your relationship with your father. And I'll mention this to Lainey Winters so the two of you can pursue this.

Lulu: Okay, you promise? Because I think that this is a breakthrough for me.

Doctor: I promise.

Maxie: Run, Spinelli!

[Spinelli pants]

Maxie: Oh.

[Spinelli laughs]

Luke: Mas vasos por favor. Amigo, I wouldn't wish my marriage on my worst enemy. I have been lied to, cheated on, robbed and left for dead by this rattlesnake.

Federale Mendoza: Why did you marry her?

Luke: I was tricked. I didn't want to. It's a long story, but, basically -- drink up -- we found ourselves in Las Vegas together. She got me drunk. And when I woke up in the morning, I was horrified to find a ring on my finger.

Tracy: How many more lies do I have to listen to?

Federale Mendoza: Silencio, mujer. You have my attention, amigo.

Luke: Gracias. Well, you know, I have tried to divorce this wily witch time and time again, but she's got her claws dug deep into me. That's why I came here, to escape to your beautiful country. She's -- she's ruined my life. She's taken all my money.

Tracy: All your money? Where was that money when I rescued you from the Markham Islands?

Luke: Now, now, now, popsicle, you're caught red-handed. You have to admit your sins and redeem yourself.

Federale Mendoza: You have my sympathies, amigo.

Luke: No.

Federale Mendoza: It's a tragedy when such a muy macho hombre, such as yourself, is -- is burdened by such a heartless and difficult woman.

Luke: She has her good qualities, a couple.

Federale Mendoza: You have to take in the balance.

Luke: Well, she's hard to resist.

Tracy: I can't wait to hear this one.

Luke: She -- she has captured my heart. Like that old song goes, she's really got a hold on me. And you know, she's -- she's unpredictable. And she's devious. She's clever and she's unsentimental. And, you know, beyond it all, she is the most fun I have ever had. And that is the truth.

Federale Mendoza: Salud.

Ric: Hi.

Claudia: Hi. You have this really bad habit of inviting me to meet you and then showing up late. A lesser woman might not put up with it.

Ric: Well, I told you my -- my meeting would run late. I'm sure you'll find a way to punish me for it.

Claudia: Yeah, maybe I'll walk out. Then you can see what you're missing as I go.

Ric: Uh-huh, or maybe we could stop the witty banter, you can accept my apology, and we can start enjoying each other's company.

Claudia: I thought that's what we were doing.

Ric: You're good at games, aren't you?

Claudia: I am, I'm really good. You should watch and learn something amazing.

Ric: You know what, Claudia? I think it's time we put our cards on the table here.

Claudia: I'm not big on true confessions.

Ric: No, neither am I, but I want to be real clear about what's happening. Your insecurity aside, I don't need you for my own personal gain, okay? I don't need you to further my career.

Claudia: You think I'm insecure.

Ric: Your father -- I earned your father's trust and confidence on my own, okay? I have a position of power in the family. To assume that I am using you for my personal gain diminishes both of us. So quit it, okay?

Claudia: What if I'm the one who's using you?

Ric: You're something. You know, some people would say that you're a liability to me, you know, especially since your father can't figure out, one minute to the next, whether he loves you or hates you. And then, of course, there's your brother who tried to kill me because I tried to touch you.

Claudia: Right, and those are excellent reasons for you to walk out on me. So do I need to ask you why you're still here?

Ric: Did it occur to you that I might like you?

Jerry: Well, if you're not going to destroy it, go ahead. The code is 2xq007.

Sam: Come on, do it. Do it. It should all be there, his shipping numbers, contact information, anything that you need to keep him out of your life for good.

Alexis: It's all restaurant names and music files.

Sam: No -- no, no, no, no, it's got to be encrypted. No, I saw Karpov give it to Jerry myself. No.

Jerry: I'm really sorry, darling. I tried to warn you.

Alexis: If there's nothing on it, why did you want me to destroy it?

Jerry: I wanted to spare you the realization that your daughter's a liar.

Sam: You can't possibly believe him.

Jerry: No, I wanted you to wonder which one of us lied instead of --

Sam: No, Jerry, you are the liar! Jerry and Karpov are in business together.

Jerry: All evidence to the contrary.

Sam: Are you kidding me? I saw you. I saw when you --

Alexis: Hold on. Let's give Jerry a chance to explain.

Jerry: All right, all right. I came here because of you, Alexis. I mean, I saw the surveillance photos between Sam and Karpov, so I tried to put your mind at ease. I tried to find out what Sam's business was with Karpov. And as soon as I mentioned his name, she became very amorous. I got into the hot tub because I wanted see how far she'd go to protect her secret.

Sam: You are a lying pig. You are a pig. You twisted this evidence to make me look guilty.

Jerry: Don't blame me for --

Sam: No, you listen to me. This is nothing like what it was with Ric. I swear to you. All I want to do is prove that he is smuggling drugs. That is it.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Samantha McCall, the PCPD has a warrant to search your residence.

Anthony: Look at me. I'm offering my business to a man who's actually threatened to kill me in the past. No wonder people think I'm nuts.

Sonny: This was your idea.

Anthony: I have reasons. I can secure my organization with you in charge. So I'm able to lay aside our differences for survival's sake. Sonny, look at me. I'm a shadow of myself. I guess some people could end up this way and still have a full, happy life. But for a man like me, I might as well be dead. So I looked at you and I saw someone who could bring back respect to my organization.

Sonny: You have a son.

Anthony: John is young and impulsive. He's not ready.

Sonny: He may be some day.

Anthony: That's what makes life exciting. The way I see it now, if John can learn to work with you, he'll be able to work with anyone. Can you and I say that about each other? I mean, the question is, how do we trust each other enough to make this deal?

Sonny: There you go again, acting like -- like it's my idea.

Anthony: I need assurances. For all I know, you and Morgan could be secretly working together.

Sonny: Well, you know what? If you don't believe me, I'll just leave then.

Anthony: No, I want this deal, Sonny. And you need it. So just for insurance, you'll marry my daughter Claudia.

Robin: I'm not sleeping.

Patrick: You know it freaks me out when you do that.

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: I could smell you, in the best possible way, of course. How did your procedure go?

Patrick: Well, thanks to your consult, it was half as long and twice as effective, which means I have time to take you home and rub those cute little feet of yours.

Robin: You are so going to miss me when I have to take maternity leave, aren't you?

Patrick: Is there a right answer to that question?

Robin: Yes, I can think of several.

Patrick: Okay, well, as a doctor, yes, I am going to miss your consult because I respect you as a doctor. But as a soon-to-be father who thinks that you're working too much --

Robin: I am not working too much.

Patrick: Robin, you have a full caseload, a wedding to plan, and you're having a baby.

Robin: Mm-hmm. Just look at me right now. Do I look stressed out to you?

Patrick: Not in the moment, no.

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: That's because you are stressing enough for the both of us. Really, I mean, my anxiety completely went away the minute I agreed to marry you. It was like the right answer was staring me in the face the whole time. I just couldn't see it. I promise, I feel totally at peace. And I'm just -- I'm excited to finally meet our little girl and bring her home. I'm so blessed. I mean, what is there to stress about?

Claudia: That is some fantasy you have going there, Lansing, the idea that you actually like me because I'm wonderful.

Ric: Why does it have to be a fantasy?

Claudia: I'm a commodity to you, nothing more. That's not insecurity. That's a cold, hard fact. That's a fact I've been living with since -- I don't know, since I was a little girl old enough to blow out the birthday candles on my cake.

Ric: That's a long time to be cynical, Claudia.

Claudia: Well, I'm not saying that you don't like me.

Ric: Oh, good.

Claudia: I like you, too. I'm just saying there's always going to be an ulterior motive whenever we're involved.

Ric: You know, you say it as if we have absolutely no control over our lives, okay?

Claudia: Well --

Ric: Isn't it possible to have some random events change the course of your fate, to present you with something different and real?

Claudia: What's real? What?

Ric: Some people say love is real.

Claudia: Oh, love? With you?

Ric: Nah, hell no. I'm as cynical as you are.

Claudia: Cheers.

Ric: No, I mean -- I don't know, love as a concept. You know, a gift of somebody who understands you and accepts you, somebody you completely trust absolutely.

Claudia: It doesn't exist.

Olivia: My cousin is a lot stronger, but she's not strong enough for any big surprises or emotional upsets.

Jason: Okay, I just need to talk to her about Sonny. That's all.

Olivia: Okay, before I even consider that, you got to answer me a question. You're the missing piece to this puzzle, the guy that Sonny gave his business to. I heard that, once upon a time, you guys were even best friends.

Jason: Is that a question?

Olivia: Why did you turn on Sonny? Look, I'm not saying I think the mob is some great idea. I -- I sure as hell wouldn't recommend it as a career choice. But, you know, Sonny started when he was a little kid. It's all he's ever known.

Jason: So which part do you need me to explain?

Olivia: Well, if you're this great friend, why don't you give him back what's rightly his?

Jason: I don't even know you. We're not having this conversation.

Olivia: Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, I'm -- I'm not looking to break any stupid mob code here, okay? I just need to get a handle on what my cousin is up against, all right? She's still in love with Sonny. So I need to know what are the chances that you're going to give him his business back?

Sonny: Hell, no, I'm not marrying Claudia.

Anthony: I'm going to try not to be insulted by your reaction. I'm offering you my only daughter's hand in marriage.

Sonny: You hate Claudia, so I can't take that as a compliment.

Anthony: We've had a rough time of it, my little girl and I. She's a strong-willed woman, like her mother. And I'll be the first to warn you, Claudia won't make your life easy. But she is flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood. So when you marry her, you and I will be family. And a man doesn't turn against his family.

Sonny: Have you met my brother Ric?

Anthony: Once you marry Claudia, I'll feel safe putting everything in your hands. Those are my terms, Sonny. All you have to do to get your power back, to have the means to wipe out Andrei Karpov, is to take my daughter's hand in marriage.

Sonny: I already told you, hell, no.

Luke: To the bachelor life.

Federale Mendoza: Salut.

Luke: Salut.

Federale Mendoza: These women, they drive me to an early grave.

Luke: Amen, brother. After all I've done for her, and this is the thanks I get.

Federale Mendoza: You said so yourself; the gringo only married you for your money.

Luke: Well, now, you know, it was the big backs -- bucks flashing there that drew me first through the door -- drew her first through the door, but once we were married and living together as husband and wife, oh, I saw a different side to this woman. My sweet petunia pie is like no other woman in the world. She looks life straight in the eye, and she doesn't back down, and I tell you, if I was ever in trouble, this woman is the person that I would want covering my ass, and that is the greatest compliment I can pay her.

Federale Mendoza: I am convinced, mi amigo. Mamacita, I can see the fire in your eyes. If I touch you, will I be burned?

Tracy: Oh!

Spinelli: Lulu, the Jackal most urgently requests that you release me from my bonds.

Lulu: Hurry.

Maxie: Now Lulu's giving orders?

Spinelli: Eternal gratitude for your quick-thinking acts of derring-do. Never before have two blondes been so deeply appreciated, but if a quick escape -- our escape is supposed to succeed, we have to act quickly.

Maxie: No kidding, or else they're going to commit you for good.

Spinelli: It was in the padded room that it occurred to me that I've never been terribly adept -- thank you -- at behaving normally, as it were.

Maxie: Well, why should you? Whatever "normal" is, you're great the way you are, and so are you.

Spinelli: Oh, tender moment, observed.

Maxie: She's still a self-involved drama queen with daddy issues, but whatever.

Lulu: Okay, does anybody have an exit strategy?

Spinelli: Exit strategy?

Maxie: I figured that we would just make a run for it.

Spinelli: Oh.

Lulu: Not going to happen. We can't just make a run for the main gate and hope we outrun security.

Maxie: That's so like you, Lulu. Always criticizing without offering up a better idea.

Lulu: Are you serious? You guys break in here and convince me of this plan, and you guys don't have an exit strategy?

Mac: Want to tell me why you were here?

Jerry: Well, of course, of course. Sam McCall invited me to soak in her Jacuzzi.

[Sam laughs]

Mac: Is that true?

Sam: No, it's a little bit more complicated than that.

Alexis: It usually is.

Mac: We're going to take Mr. Jacks into custody for questioning and as a material witness. Make sure you check under every carpet and behind every closet wall.

Jerry: That's very funny. Sam's a suspect. I'm being arrested. I'm not surprised that you abuse the power of your position.

Mac: You know what? Whatever is going on, I'm sure you're in it up to your neck.

Alexis: Mac, Jerry has explained himself to me. There's no reason to believe that he's relevant to this search.

Sam: Do not do this. Jerry started all this. You can't possibly let him go after everything I told you.

Mac: What did she tell you?

Alexis: Sam is not going to say anything without an attorney present. There's no reason to keep Mr. Jacks here. You can let him go.

Olivia: Look, I know that when Sonny's kid got shot, he got out of the business, handed it all over to you. Okay, my cousin filled me in on that.

Jason: That's right, Sonny gave me the business, and he asked me to run it the best way I know how, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Olivia: Okay, so now, you don't want to get involved in Sonny's revenge plot. Sonny's pissed off, right? Right, strong silent type. Look, I can still see what's right in front of my face. Obviously my cousin can't stand you.

Jason: Look, I have no argument with Kate. I hope Sonny and Kate get the life they want.

Olivia: Okay, if that's what you got to say to her, go knock yourself out.

Kate: Jason, what do you need?

Jason: Sonny's about to make a big mistake. I'm just hoping you can talk him out of it.

Anthony: You want to try looking at things from my perspective? You want to use me and my family to kill a man and probably start a war. That comes with a price.

Sonny: I'm interested in business. When you bring up Claudia, you're making it personal.

Anthony: What do you want, a written contract? Written contracts in our line of work do nothing but make our lawyers rich.

Sonny: When I take over, we're both going to prosper. I've got no secret alliance with Jason. I'll go head-to-head with him if I have to. I know his weaknesses, which means once Karpov is out of the way, I will move this organization into a position of greater strength.

Anthony: If you were me --

Sonny: Yes.

Anthony: Would you trade your entire life's work for a few promises?

Sonny: My word should be enough.

Anthony: If you don't want to marry Claudia, we got no deal.

Sonny: Your loss, old man.

Robin: Hey, you've been staring at those same test results for the past five minutes.

Patrick: I know. It just feels like there's something important that I'm missing. I can't --

Robin: Really? Well, let's see. We have you, we have me, and we have the baby. I think we're good. Maxie's taking care of everything else.

Patrick: Wow, hormones are frightening. We're getting married in nine days, and -- and you're making jokes up.

Robin: I know. It's strange, isn't it?

Patrick: Shouldn't you be panicking about a dress or flowers or invitations or something like that?

Robin: Well, I mean, I've already, you know, accepted the fact that I'm going to look like a dump truck walking down the aisle, and I'm fine with it.

Patrick: And you're not upset that I picked Coleman as my best man?

Robin: You know what? It's your best man. It's your pick. Besides, during the wedding pictures, Coleman will take the focus off the fact that you're marrying a beached whale.

Patrick: Okay, and then what about a bachelorette party? You know, it is tradition.

Robin: So is a bachelor party, which you can have. It'd be totally fine with me. I won't make you feel bad about it, and I won't jump out of the cake either. That would just be awkward.

Patrick: That would be, and I have considered it, but you know what? I have got no fear giving up my bachelorhood.

Robin: So we're good.

Patrick: We're good. We're great. It's going to be the best day of our lives. Of course, until our baby's born. Then it'll be second best.

Robin: Yeah.

Jason: Sonny intends to make a dangerous alliance. He feels it's the only way he can get revenge for what happened to you.

Kate: Look, if you're trying to scare me, it's working, okay? So who -- who is Sonny going into business with?

Jason: I can't -- I can't give you those details.

Kate: Of course you can't tell me. You know what I think, Jason? You know what I think? I think that you're here to try to ease your guilty conscience. It's not about me. You don't even like me, but I can be useful to you if I can somehow talk Sonny down, right? Because it would enable you to avoid some sort of public show of aggression with whoever Sonny is making this allegedly dangerous alliance with. Jason, that's very passive-aggressive. So why don't you just listen to me? I don't want Sonny anywhere near the mob, and I do understand what's driving him. It's you, Jason. It is your betrayal. You made your choice, and now you have to live with it. I'm tired.

Olivia: Wow, that guy's just like a little burst of sunlight, isn't he?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: He obviously did nothing to improve your mood.

Kate: Yeah, well, that guy is the reason that Sonny is going deeper into the mob.

Lulu: Your plan sucks. We had a fire drill last week. If anything, the alarm brings out more security.

Maxie: You can't even give it a chance, can you? God, Lulu, insanity makes you relentlessly negative.

Lulu: Just because you're my rescuer doesn't mean that you're in charge.

Maxie: Control freak.

Lulu: Really? Because I thought that we were talking about my freedom today.

Spinelli: Okay, if I may intercede, time is of the essence. The -- the physician will only be soundproofed for so long, and when he is free, he will pursue us like veritable bunnies in the glen.

Lulu: It's now or never.

Maxie: I think I just figured out how to get us out of here.

Federale Mendoza: The senora can burn her fire on the dance floor.

Tracy: No, I only dance with the one that brung me.

Federale Mendoza: I insist.

Luke: Hey, whoa, muchacho, this ain't "Dancing with the Federales." My wife only cuts a rug with me.

Federale Mendoza: But you said that you were through with her, that she stole your money.

Luke: Hey, what couple doesn't fight over money?

Federale Mendoza: She needs to be with a man who appreciates her, huh?

[Speaks Spanish]

Luke: Hey, whoa, I'm cutting in. Oh.

Luke: No, hit the drunk guy.

Tracy: Well, quit moving him around.

Tracy: That one was your fault. Duck.

Luke: Spanky. Baby.

Tracy: Oh.

Federale Lopez: Capitan. Senor Spencer, senora Spencer.

Tracy: Hi.

Federale Lopez: So nice to see you again.

Tracy: Nice to see you.

Federale Lopez: You're both under arrest.

Luke: Huh?

Sam: Listen to me. There are dozens of people, maybe even hundreds, that are getting counterfeit drug prescriptions from Karpov that I know Jerry Jacks is helping get in here.

Alexis: If you thought something was going on, you should have gone to the authorities.

Sam: I wanted to, but I was working undercover to give evidence. You have to believe me. This is the only way I would ever go near that man.

Cop: Commissioner, have a look at this.

Alexis: You are not a cop. You have no authority, and you stop talking before you incriminate yourself even more. Do you hear me?

Sam: Are you kidding me? You showed up at my house early for a reason, right? You wanted to warn me or something. I know that you have to believe me in some way. Please, I am begging you. Have that PDA that you took analyzed and checked by your lab people, and guess what? If it comes up empty, I know there's another one laying around that is going to incriminate the two of them.

Mac: We found what appears to be a cache of pharmaceutical drugs.

Sam: What?

Mac: It looked like the pharmaceuticals that were stolen from a local hospital, the ones that were replaced with counterfeit drugs.

Karpov: You're late.

Jerry: Well, if I left too soon, the police would have been suspicious.

Karpov: I don't have the time for riddles.

Jerry: Oh, when I left, the police were searching Sam's apartment.

Karpov: Why didn't you stay to see what they found?

Jerry: No need. You see, right about now, the commissioner is finding enough drugs in sweet Sam's apartment to put her away for 20 years. It's a pity, really. We never consummated, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to stay in the business.

[Sonny sighs]

Claudia: Hey, did you see a red cell phone? I think I left it here.

Sonny: Let me guess. Your father asked you to follow up on me.

Claudia: Follow up on what?

Sonny: Oh, you haven't heard?

Claudia: Uh-uh.

Sonny: He wants you to marry me.

Anthony: Oh, dear. Now I have to fire all my guards and train a whole new group, or maybe I'll just kill this bunch and blame it on you.

Jason: You asked Sonny to join up with you.

Anthony: Good news travels fast.

Jason: This deal will never happen.

Anthony: How I run my business is none of yours.

Jason: Well, consider this your first and final warning. If you bring Sonny into your family business, I'm going to have to take you down.

Ric: That's an empty threat if ever I heard one. There's no way you're going to go against Sonny, Jason. That's a fact.

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