GH Transcript Tuesday 10/14/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/14/08


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Jerry: Well, you know, pictures can be deceiving. It may not be as bad as it looks.

Alexis: It looks like my daughter is in serious trouble.

Jason: Where's Max?

Diane: Maximus felt that his eldest son needed to show more authority, so they are out on a family outing of sorts. I believe his exact words were, "go break some heads."

Karpov: I didnít have your bride shot.

Sonny: Go ahead. Die lying if you want, Karpov. It just proves what I already know. You're a coward!

Lucky: Yeah, we made a mess.

Sam: I know. And guess what? It was worth it.

Lucky: You know, well, you're going to have to help me clean it up.

Sam: Aw, like I'm worried, no. But you know what? Do promise me one thing -- we can only do it on the dining room table, like, once a month, because I donít want to spend all of our time cleaning up, okay?

Lucky: Oh, yeah, because I want to move in. I like the way we are together.

Sam: Ooh, me, too.

Lucky: But you've got to make me one promise. If you start to change your mind or you feel trapped, you have to be honest with me.

Sam: Okay, that's fair enough. But I do have to tell you that I think that one of the things I really do love about us is that we do manage to tell each other the truth. Truth is I canít wait to be out in the open with you.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Uh --

Lucky: Mm.

Sam: Me or you? Who is it?

Lucky: It's me.

Sam: Come on, answer it. Donít answer it.

[Sam giggles]

Lucky: It's work.

Sam: Answer it.

Lucky: Spencer.

Alexis: I've done a fair amount of research on Karpov.

Jerry: Well, I expect no less of you.

Alexis: He's a drug smuggler. And from what I can tell, the two of them in this picture are not having a casual conversation. So what do we have? We have a drug-smuggling mobster and my daughter who made her living piloting ships. You do the math.

Jerry: What if Sam had no idea that Karpov was a criminal? What if it was just a simple conversation about her getting a legitimate job?

Alexis: Why are you suddenly so anxious to excuse my daughter's behavior?

Olivia: You know my reasons for not telling Sonny about Dante.

Kate: No, I know your teenage reasons. It was bad enough that you got pregnant, right? You didnít want to admit that the father of the baby was someone the entire family hated.

Olivia: And nothing's changed. The Falconeri family would lose their collective minds if they knew Sonny was Danteís father.

Kate: Oh, come on, Olivia. You are not afraid of the collective mind of the Falconeris anymore. Dante is a grown man. There is little, if not no danger that he would be tainted by his father's mob association --

Olivia: Stop it.

Kate: Given the --

Olivia: Stop it, Connie! Stop it. This is not up for discussion. Dante has lived his entire life without knowing that Sonny is his father, and he's a million times better off for it.

Kate: But you donít know what I've seen, Olivia. Sonny is a good father.

Olivia: Sonny is a violent, dangerous criminal who gets the people around him shot. You are exhibit "A" on this subject. Now he's gearing up to go after the person who shot you and commit even more violence. Now, I'm very sorry, Connie, if you are worried about him, but you will not use my child to save Sonny from himself.

Jason: If Max and Milo are out with their father, whose heads are they cracking, exactly?

Diane: I'm afraid I wasnít privy to all the details, but my overall impression is that Maximus feels that Max is a little too laid back to be in an effective mob boss, wants him to send a message to his enemies. Since Max is clearly pretending to run Port Charles, he agreed to go and crack some skulls. It's a little old school, donít you think? Then of course there's Milo, who goes along to get along. Who are you calling?

Jason: I'm calling Cody. He'll find the fighting Giambettis, and he'll bring them back here.

Diane: If you do that, Max will be completely humiliated in front of his father.

Jason: Hey, Diane, if I canít go to war for Sonny, I'm sure not going to go to war because Max wants to impress his old man.

Sasha: Here's the door. You can still get out of this alive.

Sonny: I donít care if I walk out of here alive. All I want is Karpov to die for what he did.

Sasha: Your bride's shooting had nothing to do with --

Sonny: He had my wife-to-be shot to send me a message! Payback, because I didnít want to work --

Karpov: It wasnít --

Sonny: Donít talk to me right now. You are new here. You donít know how it works. So you need to play by the rules -- no women, no children. If you've got a problem with me, you come after me.

Sasha: Look, Misha here is a sharpshooter. I can have him blow your brains out before you blink.

Maximus: It appears we have a situation.

Diane: Jason, I realize how unstable the situation is for you right now, and it is probably -- well, there probably is no worse time for Max to be charging around pretending to be a mob boss. Sometimes he's just like a -- just like a big puppy.

Jason: How many of those have you had?

Diane: Just one. But it was a long one. Anyway, look, to give the big lug some credit, Max also understands how delicate the situation is. And no matter how much he wants to perpetuate this charade that he runs Port Charles, he will not jeopardize lives or start a war.

Jason: I'm supposed to take that on faith, right?

Diane: Just -- there is very little on God's green earth that is more complicated than fathers and sons finding their way. It is the stuff of Greek tragedies. Max knows how foolish this charade is, and I promise you he will not risk your reputation or this very tenuous peace that you have in place right now.

Jason: Fine. I'll wait to hear from Max. If there is an incident, it's all over.

Diane: Thank you. That is very, very decent of you. Would you like a sip of your own scotch?

Jason: No.

Diane: Well, I would.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Maxy? Max-Max?

Diane: Oh, can it, Carly. The Giambettis, both junior and senior, happen to be out at the moment, so there is no need to continue this little charade that that you're Max's girlfriend. A ruse which, if I may say so, you took a couple of steps too far.

Carly: I was only playing along to help Max. If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with him. In the meantime, we have a problem with Sonny.

Milo: Sorry, Mr. C.

Maximus: Never say you're sorry, Mario.

Max: Nobody has to die here. Mr. -- Sonny, lower your gun and come with me.

Sonny: What the hell are you doing here, Max?

Maximus: Do what Max tells you.

Sonny: Who are you?

Max: My dad. Come with me, Sonny.

Sonny: Listen, you guys just got to get out of here right now.

Max: If I leave you here, this can only end one way.

Sonny: Go!

Max: Whatever you thought was going to happen has gone wrong. It's time to leave. Come on.

Sonny: I'm gonna kill this -- get!

Max: Let's go.

Sonny: Karpov, watch your back.

[Karpov speaking Russian]

[Karpov yelling in Russian]

Sasha: You have to leave Port Charles, at least until the situation --

[Karpov yelling in Russian]

Karpov: No one is forcing me out!

Lucky: Ms. Zacchara. I need to ask you a few questions.

Claudia: About what, Officer?

Lucky: We had a Coast Guard report of a speed boat dodging through shipping lanes, which nearly crashed into a cargo ship.

Claudia: Those wacky rich boat owners.

Lucky: It happened to be a Zacchara-owned pier. Your brother was arrested last week for plunging a small boat into a freighter.

Claudia: That was last week, Officer.

Lucky: Yeah, any chance he could be taking another joy ride?

Claudia: No, absolutely not.

Lucky: Have you seen your brother this evening?

Claudia: You know, this is awkward. I donít really want to get into where my brother is right now with you --

Lucky: Yeah, why's that?

Claudia: Because it could be bad for him if it got back to the wrong person. But I can assure you that Johnny is not on the water joy riding.

Lucky: Listen, Ms. Zacchara, it would be in your best interest to tell me where your brother is.

Claudia: The last person I should tell is Lulu's brother.

Lucky: What does this have to do with my sister?

Claudia: Oh, God, my brother is going to kill me. Look, John -- Johnny is with a hooker right now. He's with a professional right now, trying to get over the fact that your sister broke his heart.

Olivia: I knew you were there when Sonny's boy, Michael, got shot.

Kate: I was there, Olivia. And it was a terrible -- but that doesnít --

Olivia: What, what? It doesnít matter because it wasnít Sonny's biological child?

Kate: No, Olivia, that wasnít what I was going to say. That is a horrible thing to say.

Olivia: Well, excuse me if I'm not so worried about being polite when my son's life is at stake.

Kate: No, excuse me. It is Sonny's life that is at stake right now. And it could make all the difference if he knew that he had another son out there, another reason to build a legitimate life.

Olivia: Nothing is going to make a difference, Connie. Sonny is who he is. Why do you think I didnít tell him about Dante the minute I laid eyes on him?

Kate: So you -- you thought about telling him.

Olivia: I fantasized about it for about five seconds before I walked into Frankieís. I saw him sitting there at that bar in that gorgeous suit, just reeking of power, all arrogant like he was begging someone to knock him down.

Kate: You saw what you expected, Olivia.

Olivia: I saw the truth, Connie, which is what you could never see. Sonny was a dark, angry child who grew up to be a dark, angry man. He cared about power and money a hell of a lot more than he ever cared about love, okay? And nothing has changed. You did yourself a big, fat favor when you didnít meet him to run away with him that night, because he would have broke your heart and he would have gotten you killed. What he would not have done is gotten out of the mob for you or for Dante or for anyone else.

Kate: He did quit.

Olivia: Oh, Connie, for five minutes while he was doing deals on the side, which got you shot. Now, I'm real sorry, Connie, but you've got to face the fact that this is the man that you love. This is who he is. It's how he breathes. It's what he does. He is a gangster. I know that now, just like I knew it all those years ago when he got me pregnant. And I knew that his life will never touch my sonís.

Alexis: Sam had multiple arrests for drug smuggling, and I had them all pled down to misdemeanors.

Jerry: Well, we know where she got her brains.

Alexis: This isnít a game.

Jerry: I donít see why you have to jump to the worst possible conclusion.

Alexis: See, now, there you go again with the inexplicable faith in my daughter all of the sudden.

Jerry: I donít give a damn about Sam. It's just the notion of you thinking that she's smuggling has your head spinning.

Alexis: Imagine that. I'm worried that maybe she's guilty.

Jerry: You know what? I donít know if Sam is guilty or innocent, but if it makes it easier for you to think, you know, that you can give her the benefit of the doubt, I'm all for that.

Alexis: If this is a scam that she's trying to pull off on Karpov, then she is in way over her head. If it's not a scam, then I can assure you this is the most dangerous game that she's ever played.

Jerry: You're really afraid for her, arenít you?

Alexis: All the times that you said you saw her on the waterfront, was she meeting Karpov?

[Phone rings]

Sam: Hello?

Karpov: It's Karpov. You need to meet me.

Sam: Uh, tonight?

Karpov: I have a job for you. If you donít like it, I'll give it to someone else.

Sam: Okay, where should I meet you?

Karpov: Pier 52 in one hour.

Claudia: You know how much you hate the idea of Johnny with Lulu, right? So, well, I hate it even more.

Lucky: What Johnny does now has nothing to do my sister.

Claudia: Well, I'm just saying that Lulu is way too unstable for John, you know, that she keeps getting him into these really dangerous situations, which are maybe not her fault --

Lucky: Johnny is the reason my sister is crazy.

Claudia: Okay, good, good. So we agree. John and Lulu canít be together. You should at least give Johnny props for not trying to see her.

Lucky: Because Johnny's too busy being with prostitutes in his spare time.

Claudia: You know, look, that's just my brother's way of trying to get over a broken heart. You know how it is. Guys use sex to kill all kinds of pain. It's not -- it's not real. And, you know, if I were you, you might not want to mention it to Lulu, especially if she's doing better. It might flip her out.

Lucky: Listen, I'm going to decide what's best for my sister. You just make sure he stays away from her.

Claudia: You can thank me right after you tell me what the hell you are doing.

Johnny: No. You know he's going to go straight to Lulu and tell her what you just told him. And I swear, Claudia, if your lies make her worse, I will never forgive you.

Diane: Is this so-called crisis of Sonny's something that my legal expertise is needed for?

Carly: No, Jason's the only one that can handle this.

Diane: Well, in that case, I'm going home. I'm going to soak in a nice, hot tub. My derriere is black and blue from being slapped by a Sicilian. You're not the only one who has been making sacrifices so that Max can impress his father.

Jason: I really wish she'd stop drinking.

Carly: Yeah.

Jason: What happened with Sonny?

Carly: Kate asked to see me. She wanted me to talk Sonny out of going after Karpov. It's kind of pathetic, her lying there helpless and stupid.

Jason: Okay, well, did you talk to Sonny?

Carly: Yeah, I talked to Sonny, tried to talk some sense into him. He's going to do the exact opposite of what I told him to do.

Maximus: This is nice, very nice. How come you donít have a place like this?

Max: Oh, um, I'm rebuilding.

Sonny: Were you following me?

Max: No.

Sonny: Then how did you know I was at the warehouse?

Max: You have my dad to thank for that.

Sonny: Oh -- no disrespect, but I'm not thanking anybody. Karpov is still alive.

Maximus: Yeah, but now he knows not to mess with Max Giambetti.

Max: You shouldnít have gone after him without me.

Maximus: My son would have provided proper backup.

Sonny: Really? He would have?

Max: Well, yeah. That's what you do when you're the boss.

Maximus: My son is right. You go in solo, you're going to get exactly what happened. Are you new in this line of work?

Max: No, no. Sonny's just emotional. This isnít how we do business here. I learned from the best.

Sonny: Yeah, you did learn from the best. Like you said, my argument with Karpov isnít just business. It's very personal.

Carly: He was all keyed up, Jason. You know how he gets. He openly admitted he's going after Karpov. You donít seem surprised by --

Jason: I was hoping he would take some time to cool off, to think about it, maybe realize there's too many unanswered questions about the shooting.

Carly: Okay, he didnít. He's going after Kateís shooter. What are we going to do about it?

Jason: All we have is a shell casing, the fact that Sonny broke a deal with Karpov. If Karpov shot Kate to send a message, why is he going to deny it? Why stick to truce? It doesnít make any sense.

Carly: So you believe Karpov.

Jason: No, I know that if we move against him, I'm putting a lot of people at risk. I need to know for sure that Karpov's guilty. And I thought if anybody could get to Sonny, it -- it could be you.

Carly: That bond Sonny and I had was broken the night Michael was shot. I really thought he had learned from that.

Sonny: Karpov put a hit out on the woman I love.

Maximus: Where?

Sonny: We were getting married. We were just about to say our vows. He shot her right at the altar.

Maximus: In a church?

Sonny: In a church.

[Maximus speaks Italian]

Maximus: Whack him.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no, it's my play.

Maximus: Listen, you need to keep a level head. Men of respect canít think about themselves. They got to think about the whole family. Bad choices lead to bad blood.

Max: Dad, let me handle this.

Maximus: My point exactly. Let Max take care of it. And my condolences for your bride. My third wife -- a victim of the same circumstances because of our profession. And I'm sorry. So let me go. My other son is waiting for me in the car. Come on, Max.

Max: Boss, my dad is going to be gone soon, and then I'll do whatever you need me to do.

Sonny: I donít know what you're trying to do here, Max, but I'm taking care of this.

Kate: Would you even care if Sonny died?

Olivia: Connie --

Kate: What?

Olivia: Come on.

Kate: What, Olivia? I'm being serious. If Sonny were dead, there would be no risk that he or Dante would find out the truth.

Olivia: There's no risk now because me and you are the only two people in the world that know, and I know you're not going to tell.

Kate: I'll never understand you, Olivia, how you could keep Sonny's child from him. Even if you do subscribe to the belief that Sonny is a mobster, now and forever, you know he's a good man. I know you know that because you are the one who told me.

Olivia: Oh, God.

Kate: You knew before me. Do you remember?

Olivia: Did I ever once say that Sonny wasnít dangerous and wild, ever? Even when my crush on Sonny was at its absolute zenith, I always knew that the guy was trouble. That's what I liked about him. You -- you were always trying to change him, which is perfectly acceptable for a teenage girl. It's a big mistake for a grown woman who's got their life and their career on the line.

Kate: Why do you think that I'm not capable of seeing the truth, of making a choice?

Olivia: Connie, I'm telling you what you already know here. You cannot stay with Sonny without putting your life on the line.

Alexis: I just donít want to be blindsided, all right, if my daughter is brought to her knees by the Russian mob. I'm going to have some serious choices to make, and I was hoping that maybe you would be able to help me.

Jerry: Well, I have the information, but it might reflect badly --

Alexis: Jerry, stop it, all right? You either know or you donít.

Jerry: All right, all right. I wanted to lease a warehouse on the waterfront. I wanted to have an import/export business, but it soon became impossible, not with my background, you know. Former colleagues of questionable character would no doubt want to pull me in. And certain law enforcement officials, such as your lovely self, would keep me under microscope. And the situation was further complicated by the fact that there was a lot new activity on the waterfront.

Alexis: The Russian invasion.

Jerry: Right. So I decided to cut my losses and abandon the project.

Alexis: You still havenít said what this has to do with Sam.

Jerry: Well, you know, while I was doing research on the project, I bumped into Sam a couple of times, once at Alcazar's warehouse and Pier 52. And both times she said she was looking for work as -- piloting ships or something like that.

Alexis: Did she say for who?

Jerry: Well, the second time, I walked in on a meeting that was just breaking up. I couldnít see the man. He was leaving.

Alexis: Was it Karpov?

Jerry: Well, darling, I think we both know the answer to that question.

Sam: Whoa! Oh, I thought you had to work.

Lucky: Yeah, well --

Sam: What are you doing?

[Sam laughs]

Lucky: I just had to see more of you.

Sam: Mm, I like that. Wait a minute, Lucky. Lucky, I canít, actually. I -- oh -- I canít. Really, I canít. Karpov called. You cannot get upset every time this happens.

Lucky: No, I'm not upset.

Sam: Come on, donít lie to me.

Lucky: No, it's just every time Karpov calls, you have to go. I just wonder if you're going to make it back safely.

Sam: Come on, how do you think I feel when you go to work? And you've got a gun and a badge.

Lucky: Listen, why you got to be attracted to such danger junkies?

Sam: I donít know, why? Why? Why are you asking this? Did something happen?

Lucky: No, not directly. I just saw Claudia Zacchara.

Sam: Okay, well, that explains a lot. That canít ever be good.

Lucky: No, I'm just worried about Lulu. All I want is for her to get better.

Sam: Okay, I get it. You're scared that Lulu is going to find her way back to Johnny Zacchara.

Claudia: I had another call from Vaughn. He said you took another ship out.

Johnny: Yeah, except this one was much faster. You want me to show you?

Claudia: No, I'm not -- I'm not interested in watching you or helping you risk your life, Johnny.

Johnny: Lighten up, Claudia. I didnít crash. I came this close, but made it through without a scratch.

Claudia: Which one was it?

Johnny: One of Morganís.

Claudia: Oh, that's -- that's awesome, John. Awesome. Did anybody see you? Why would you mess with one of Jason's ships?

Johnny: It was there.

Claudia: We donít need this, Johnny. What were you thinking?

Johnny: I try not to do that too much, Claudia.

Claudia: You know what this is? It's all about Lulu. The only time you donít obsess on her is when your life is on the line.

Johnny: Well, you're good. That's exactly how I feel.

Claudia: I didnít save your life so that you could try to kill yourself for some stupid girl, John, who's not worth your time. I'll be damned if I'm going to lose you to Lulu Spencer.

Johnny: Not that you asked me, or that you even care, but the last time I saw Lulu was at Shadybrook. She was being dragged away by orderlies against her will. She begs me for help and I just stood there, didnít do a damn thing.

Claudia: Good for you.

Johnny: And now her brother is going to go tell her that I'm consoling myself with hookers.

Claudia: Well, John, if you werenít such a hot head, playing chicken with cargo ships, I wouldnít have to make up lies to keep you out of trouble.

Johnny: Do you realize how much this is going to hurt her?

Claudia: Look, Johnny, I donít -- you know, I know that you donít want to hear this, but hurting your little girlfriend is the best thing that you could do for her.

Johnny: Donít patronize me.

Claudia: John, donít -- listen to me. Okay, look, I really need you to hear me. I know that you are going through hell. It's horrible. You finally find the one thing -- the one thing that you've wanted your entire life that you canít live without, and you realize you canít have it. But you and I, John, we're realists. We look at a situation, it doesnít matter how painful, and we deal with it. You make Lulu sick. You understand? You make her ill. And she makes you weak. That's it, bottom line. You cannot be with her again. You --

Johnny: Okay.

Jason: Well, the captain said there was trouble with the speedboat. I want to find out if it was Johnny Zacchara. Just forget it, Bernie. You know what? I'll check it out my --

Maximus: You did good, kid. You did real good. Your old man couldnít have played it any better.

Max: Well, it's not every day that you get save Sonny's life.

Maximus: Well, usually, we'll snuff the guy out. Can you get us a few drinks here? You know, it's not smart to go after an enemy life Karpov alone. But still, this guy pop one of my wives at a wedding? I would've rung his neck. Thank you, kid.

Max: Sonny's been through a lot.

Maximus: It's a business. And a professional knows when to shut down, stay cold. Emotions make us stupid, and stupid makes us dead.

Jason: Sonny okay?

Max: Yeah.

Maximus: Where you going?

Jason: I'm going to take of that job you wanted me to take care of.

Max: Oh, of course, of course, that job. Could you take care of it, and then please report back to me.

Jason: Right away.

Max: Okay, thank you.

Maximus: That goombah is a little too independent for his station in life. You're either going to bump this guy up, or put him in his place. You want me to take care of it?

Kate: Believe me, Olivia, all I've been able to do is lie here in this hospital and think about my future with or without Sonny.

Olivia: So basically, you've been laying there, coming up with excuses and justifications for Sonny's behavior.

Kate: Hey, you know better than anyone that I have never let anyone else, especially a man, determine my future.

Olivia: Okay, I got to admit I -- I did respect the fact that even as a teenager, you knew that you wanted to follow your dreams more than you wanted to be Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. Remember when you told me that night that you were going to run away with him, and you -- you packed an overnight bag and you took one last look at your bedroom and that poster you had of the Manhattan skyline? You knew that that was the life that you wanted. And there was no place in that life for Sonny.

Kate: I thought he didnít. But I did. I got to live my dream and you didnít. You got stuck.

Olivia: I didnít get stuck. I love Dante.

Kate: Oh, Olivia, I donít mean that disrespectfully, but it turned your life upside down.

Olivia: I like upside down. I like unpredictable. You -- you're the one that always wants the I's dotted and the T's crossed. You know, you -- you make a plan and you stick to it.

Kate: That was a long time ago.

Olivia: Yeah, well, people donít change, fundamentally. You couldnít have your cake and eat it, too, back then. And you canít have it now. Only -- only then, you were choosing between Sonny and your career. Honey, this time, you're choosing between Sonny and your life.

Kate: And it would be inconvenient, right, if I were with Sonny?

Olivia: You stay with Sonny, the next time, I'll be visiting your grave.

Kate: I donít know, Olivia. Maybe -- maybe you're just worried. Maybe you're worried that if I'm with Sonny, that I might give in and tell him that you two have a son.

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Hi. Sorry for dragging you down here.

Diane: Oh, not to worry. I was at home nursing a bruised bottom. It's a long story. It's not really worth the -- okay, so what is your crisis du jour?

Alexis: I'm not sure if I need you as a lawyer or as a friend.

Diane: I can do both.

Alexis: All right then first, tell me what I need to do legally, and then tell me what I need to do as a mother.

Diane: You do realize that I do not have a maternal bone in my body.

Alexis: I know that, but I trust you as a friend and I trust your instincts.

Diane: Did Anthony threaten Kristina again? Because I can promise you, I can mount a very compelling defense based on temporary insanity if you decide you want to kill him.

Alexis: Nobody would fall for that a second time. This is about Sam.

Diane: Oh, dear. The last time you brought up Sam's name, she was hitting on your bad boy. Am I to assume that Jerry is now reciprocating?

Alexis: Not that I know of. He's been just peachy and very protective of me.

Diane: That would make me nervous.

Alexis: Not as nervous as this.

Diane: It appears your daughter has dealings with a Russian mobster.

Alexis: And I want to know what the hell I'm supposed to do about it.

Karpov: Here it is, exactly as we discussed. You had better be right about this.

Jerry: It's all coming together beautifully. In a few days, the situation will be contained and you will be able to operate at maximum capacity.

Diane: May I ask why you had Sam followed?

Alexis: I didnít. I had Karpov followed.

Diane: Better start at the beginning.

Alexis: I was following up on Kateís shooting, and naturally, Sonny wouldnít give a statement to the police, so I thought I could get him to give me one.

Diane: I know my client. He would never talk about any legal matter with you without me present.

Alexis: He didnít, but Olivia did.

Diane: The cousin from Bensonhurst?

Alexis: Yep.

Diane: She had no business yelling at Kate on her wedding day. Someone should've stopped her. I still have guilt.

Alexis: She redeemed herself by telling me everything that she saw and heard after the shooting. And she told me that Sonny thinks Karpov ordered the shot.

Diane: So naturally, you called Karpov in for questioning.

Alexis: Yeah, and he stonewalled me, of course, so I had him followed. And then I got these back. Then Jerry tells me that he saw Sam on the waterfront a couple of times, and she told him that she was looking for work.

Diane: Okay, give me your worst case scenario.

Alexis: That she's smuggling drugs for Karpov.

Diane: And you think Sam knows what the cargo is?

Alexis: I donít know. I mean, maybe she supposedly came on to Jerry because she was afraid he saw something and was trying to shut him up by seducing him.

Diane: Well, I'm sorry to say, but you have constructed a very logical, a very plausible theory based on all the evidence at hand. All the pieces fit.

Alexis: Diane, she could be working for a man who's not only a drug smuggler, but has no problem having a woman shot on her wedding day just to make a point.

Diane: If Sam werenít your daughter, what would you do?

Alexis: I would go to a judge and I would petition for a warrant. I know -- I know, all right? I know that I shouldnít treat her any differently than I treat anybody else. I know it's an abuse of power.

Diane: Okay, but she is your daughter. And as her mother, you have every right to go to Sam and --

Alexis: I canít.

Diane: And ask her to explain her actions. Okay, fine, all right. I have just given you my legal opinion. Now I'm going to weigh in as your friend. Alexis, go see Sam and see if she says anything that puts your mind at ease. You have got to exhaust all possibilities. Putting your daughter in jail -- arresting your daughter, should be a last resort.

Jerry: I think it's wise to keep a low profile after the big red splash that Sonny's fiancťe made at her wedding.

Karpov: You think I shot her?

Jerry: I think that volatility is very good for business. So, schedule shipments, type of product, personnel, hmm?

Karpov: You now have full responsibility. Any failure will be yours.

Jerry: Keep paying me on time, and we'll have no problem.

Olivia: I am not having this conversation, Connie.

Kate: I -- I donít know if keeping a promise I made to you when we were teenagers is fair to Sonny -- or Dante, for that matter.

Olivia: Do you think it's fair for Dante to all of a sudden find out that his father is one of the biggest gangsters on the eastern seaboard?

Kate: But if Sonny really did quit --

Olivia: Oh, God, you're deluding yourself, Connie. But I'm not even worried about it. And you want to know why?

Kate: Why?

Olivia: Because I know I'm not going to tell. And I donít think you're going to tell, either, because I know that you are in love with Sonny. And even though I'm praying that you will walk away from him, I know that you couldnít stand it for him to hate you. And he would hate you if he knew that the whole time you were rekindling this big love affair, oh, you just forgot to tell him that your cousin Oliviaís boy just -- just happens to be his son.

Kate: Okay, so what are you doing, Olivia? What, are you threatening me? Huh? Are you saying that the only way that I can hold on to Sonny's love is to keep the secret of his son?

Olivia: We both know that father and son are better off if this secret stays hidden.

Carly: I love a family secret.

Milo: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. You canít go in there.

Claudia: Bite me. Hey, you know, I know you had a problem with your shipment --

Maximus: Hey, Max, I donít know how you do it, but I got to hand it to you. You got the best looking broads busting into your office. Who's this? Your ex-girlfriend or your [Speaks Italian] on the side?

Sonny: What do you want?

Jason: Well, you have no guards.

Sonny: Yeah, because Max and Milo are busy.

Jason: Yeah, I know -- I know that. You have a gun?

Sonny: Do I need one?

Jason: Not because of me. Karpov is a whole other story, Sonny.

Sonny: I hope he does come after me.

Jason: You should never have gone after him alone.

Sonny: I didnít have a choice. You wouldnít help me.

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