GH Transcript Thursday 7/10/08

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/10/08


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Nikolas: We opened this place to help people, to provide free healthcare.

Harper: A dead guy getting dumped in front of the clinic is going to make people skittish.

Nadine: Obviously, we want to help with the investigation in any way possible.

Lucky: I appreciate you coming down here. I think it's important that we go over what you saw last night, because any detail that you might remember might help us track down Logan Hayes' killer.

Matt: What happened?

Harper: Do you work here?

Matt: I do. Dr. Matt Hunter.

Harper: A man was murdered last night, and his body was dumped here.

Lucky: And do you know him?

Matt: I met him once. That's all.

Lucky: And what was your connection with Logan Hayes?

Jason: Okay, keep watching Ian Devlin's bank accounts.

Spinelli: Yes, I remain vigilant, determined to drive through the shadows any who are in league with the depraved doctor. Perhaps while I work, the master might give further instruction in the art of blonde management? Specifically the skills he employs to deal with the Valkyrie or any other member of the tempestuous blonde --

Diane: I have a court date for another client this afternoon, but I wanted to come by and start preparing a defense, just in case, hypothetically speaking, anyone in this room inadvertently knifed and killed Logan Hayes last night.

Spinelli: The unworthy one is dead?

Diane: His body was found dumped in front of Nikolas Cassadine's free clinic.

Spinelli: Okay, okay, Stone Cold is not responsible. I am his alibi.

Diane: And that's what I was afraid of.

Claudia: All right -- I don't want anyone to know about this. No one, okay? Call me and let me know when you've disposed of the old door.

Handy Man: Sure thing, Ms. Zacchara.

Claudia: Well, there's one problem solved. Now all we have to do is get rid of this carpet.

Johnny: It's a bad idea.

Lulu: Great, just what I need, to be more wired.

Maxie: Okay, come on, Lulu. You're going to keep drinking your coffee like you normally do every morning. We're going to do everything exactly the same. You're going to pick fights with me in public. We're going to --

Lulu: No, stop it, stop it. I cannot do this. I -- I need to call the cops and tell them that I killed Logan.

Anna: Okay, here you go, calcium.

Robin: Thank you. Mom, you really didn't have to go to all this trouble.

Anna: Yes. It's important we all have a very good breakfast today.

Robin: We all?

[Knock on door]

Anna: I'll get it. Oh.

Patrick: Hi.

Anna: Yes, glad you could come.

Patrick: I brought this from Davio's.

Robin: [Gasps] Peach trifle. I have been craving that.

Patrick: I know. You said that.

Robin: Thank you. Wait a minute. Why are you being so nice to me? We're about to rip each other apart in court.

Patrick: I can only speak for myself, but I hope there's no ripping of any kind happening. And thank you.

Anna: Oh, yeah, it's just juice and tea, and I'm getting good at all this domestic stuff.

Patrick: Well, thank you for making this as non-adversarial as possible.

[Knock on door]

Anna: Hi.

Noah: Hey, how are you?

Patrick: What the hell is he doing here?

Matt: I was on the Elm Street pier yesterday when this guy came up and asked me how it was working at the clinic.

Harper: Just like that, out of the blue?

Matt: I had never laid eyes on him before.

Lucky: What time was it?

Matt: I had just left here. I was on my way to the hospital, so about one.

Harper: What did he want?

Matt: He never said. Before he had a chance to speak, his girlfriend came up, and they got into it.

Lucky: Is her name Lulu Spencer?

Matt: No, no, it was Maxie. The extent of the conversation, she called him a loser, he called her a slut, and a few other choice words. I told him I didn't appreciate him speaking to a woman like that, and then he took off.

Lucky: So how would you describe Mr. Hayes' emotional state?

Matt: Combative. Basically, it seemed like he was spoiling for a fight.

Diane: You need a better alibi.

Spinelli: But I was -- I was with him. It's the truth.

Diane: You are what is known as, in legal parlance, a biased witness, Mr. Spinelli. So who else can account for your whereabouts last night? And for God's sake, don't say Carly.

Jason: That's who I was with last night, Carly, Spinelli, and Robin, for at least 20 minutes.

Diane: Good, good. Excellent. In fact, a pregnant doctor. That will play brilliantly on the witness stand if this thing ever gets to trial.

Jason: Why -- why would this go to trial? I didn't kill Logan Hayes, Diane.

Diane: And as thrilled as I am to hear that, that's irrelevant. You are going to be a prime suspect, because a) Logan Hayes worked for the Zaccharas, b) you have been known to do visible violence to Mr. Hayes, especially since he started beating up Mr. Spinelli, and c) Logan Hayes was briefly employed by Corinthos-Morgan, where he failed miserably as a bodyguard for the Corinthos children.

Spinelli: That was months ago.

Jason: Yeah, and none of it is motive for murder.

Diane: There is a history of violence between you and the deceased, and given that your arrest and conviction will effectively neutralize the Corinthos crime family, the police are going to want to question you, probably even charge you.

Spinelli: Then for Stone Cold's protection, we must ascertain who really did kill Logan Hayes.

Maxie: No, you cannot do that. You cannot call the cops. You can't do that to me, or Johnny, or Claudia, for that matter. We helped you cover this up.

Johnny: Getting the door fixed and keeping it quiet is complicated enough. It's a miracle that none of the neighbors heard Logan busting the door down and they didn't call the cops. I'm just saying that pulling the carpet up and dragging it out of here right now is a little obvious.

Claudia: Yeah, but it's better than having the dead guy's bloodstain under the throw rug.

Lulu: I didn't ask anybody to cover up for me.

Maxie: The time to mention that would have been last night.

Lulu: Yeah, well, I was shocked, okay? Logan smashed through the door with an ax. He completely flipped out. I didn't mean to kill him. I just -- I wanted to hold him off.

Maxie: "I didn't mean to do it" is not the best defense.

Johnny: For all the cops know, Logan could have died in a bar fight. He had a short fuse, and he was very combative, and not just with me.

Claudia: Johnny, you -- you just got into a very public brawl with the guy, given the fact that you have a history and you both dated the same girl. We can pretty much assume the cops are going to make a suspect out of you, so if they get a search warrant and they come in here, it's -- it's better that they find a new carpet than one with evidence that Logan died here.

Maxie: You already put Logan in a coma by cracking his skull with a pipe wrench, and you used the same excuse that you didn't mean to do it.

Lulu: Because I didnít. I cared about Logan, not the way that he wanted, but I would never intentionally hurt him, much less kill him.

Maxie: But you did, and I have no doubt that Johnny and his sister have spent the entire night covering up evidence.

Lulu: I never asked Johnny to. He just told Claudia that he's the one that killed Logan.

Maxie: Lulu, if Johnny wants to cover for you, don't you think we should let him?

Claudia: Johnny, the cops can suspect you all they want. They can't actually arrest you unless they have physical proof. The best thing to do here is just stay cool. Be calm. Do not volunteer any information to anyone.

Johnny: I can handle this.

Claudia: Yeah, I'm not so worried about you as I am about Lulu and Maxie. I don't like having your life in their hands.

Maxie: If we both keep our mouth shut, we can pull this off.

Lulu: Do you even care that Logan's dead? Because I do, and maybe I don't want to pull this off.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Maxie, it's me. We need to talk.

Trevor: All right, Tony, I don't need any help. I've been handling your affairs on my own for more than a decade.

Anthony: Yes, you have. Handling my affairs, handling my whole family, some more than others. I like having another set of eyes and ears around here, and the fact that you don't like it makes me like it even more.

Ric: What's this all about?

Anthony: My form chair pusher.

Ric: Logan?

Trevor: What did he do now?

Anthony: Got himself dead.

Ric: What?

Anthony: Our informant in the police department tells me that someone put a knife in the monkey's gut and then dumped him on a public sidewalk. I didn't give the order.

Trevor: Look, I got no use for Logan Hayes, but he's going to be more trouble to us now that he is dead. The cops are going to come --

Ric: Why don't you spare the lecture?

Trevor: He works for Anthony. You hired him, Ricky.

Ric: Oh, I had something to do with this?

Trevor: Yeah, and you made him privy to a lot of sensitive information.

Ric: All right, Anthony, forgive me for saying this, but given their previous altercations, I think it's pretty obvious that it's Johnny who did this.

Trevor: No, no, no, no. Johnny's got a temper, but he is not stupid.

Anthony: Fellows, fellows, I think there's a very good chance that Johnny killed Logan. That's why I wanted you both here. Someone will go to prison for this, but it won't be my son.

Claudia: As soon as you can, please, because the old carpet has already been removed. Okay. The bloodstained carpet is being burned as we speak, and the flooring company will have the new carpet in some time late tomorrow afternoon.

Johnny: Just in time for the cops to show up.

Claudia: Johnny, you know, you didn't exactly give me a lot of time to prepare here, and I had to go with a legitimate flooring company, because we need to play this straight, like I was planning to redecorate the place since we moved in, and --

Johnny: You don't think the timing looks a little obvious?

Claudia: I'm trying to clean up your mess here, so if you have a better idea, I'm all ears.

Johnny: I appreciate everything that you're doing, okay? And I understand that you're scared for me, but don't be. Thanks to you, there's nothing that links me to Logan's murder.

Claudia: I'd -- I'd be a lot more confident if it was just you and me, but there's Lulu.

Johnny: Okay, Lulu can handle this just fine.

Claudia: Like she handled Logan, John, the way she was stringing him along?

Johnny: Nothing that happened was because of Lulu.

Claudia: How can you say that, Johnny? You killed Logan because of Lulu. Your life is on the line because of Lulu.

Mac: Well, this is a surprise. I thought you two could barely get along.

Maxie: Well, we had to pull an all-nighter to get some stuff done for the magazine, so we decided to put our personal issues aside and take care of what needs to be done, right, Lulu?

Lulu: Right.

Mac: Well, I -- I have something to tell you, something I think is going to be tough for both of you to hear. Logan Hayes was murdered last night.

Maxie: Oh, my God. That's so horrible.

Mac: Yeah, his body was dumped outside Nikolas' new clinic. One of the nurses found him.

Maxie: Well, I mean, Logan was really messed up and mean to me sometimes, but I can't believe he's dead. I just saw him yesterday.

Mac: What? When?

Maxie: Yeah, at the -- at the Elm Street pier. He had a few choice words for me, and I gave it right back to him, and then he showed up at the "Crimson" offices later all bitter and angry, looking for someone to fight with.

Mac: Then what happened?

Maxie: Come on, Dad. We're about to launch a magazine. I have a million things to deal with. I can't handle Logan and all his problems. I told him to go look for someone else to fight with. I guess he found someone who fought back.

Spinelli: Your firewalls will crumble. Resistance is futile.

Diane: Mr. Grasshopper, if you channel some of this strength and passion into your real life, I can pretty much guarantee that young lady you admire so much -- she'll stand up and take notice.

Spinelli: This was exactly the kind of advice I was seeking from Stone Cold earlier. Perhaps the lady of justice could --

Jason: Spinelli, hey, can you focus, please? We got work to do.

Diane: What exactly is he doing?

Spinelli: Jackaling into various security and monitoring systems around prince Nikolas' charity clinic, which requires the Jackal to neutralize this annoy-bot which stands between him and the information he seeks.

Jason: Basically, he can access security cameras. We're going to check the area around where Logan's body was dumped. We look for suspicious people, vehicles, but you know what? It could -- it could be a long shot.

Spinelli: I respectfully disagree. We have an excellent track record with our previous investigations. You know, with your physical prowess and my cyber dominance, not to mention the skills I hone as a certified private investigator.

Diane: You are a licensed P.I.?

Spinelli: Well versed in the sacred 49 rules.

Jason: He got it on the internet.

Spinelli: Many higher institutions of learning have online courses now.

Diane: It is indeed a new age. So pray tell, from what prestigious institution did you gain your degree?

Spinelli: [Mumbling]

Diane: I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that.

Spinelli: The Continental College of Criminology.

Diane: Well, it's alliterative.

Spinelli: Many -- many legends of the investigative art are graduates. You know, if Stone Cold should ever consider a career change, we would make an imposing team, Jackal and Stone, P.I.

Diane: I'd hire you.

Jason: Really?

Diane: Unfortunately, everything you are now doing is illegal, and none of the evidence you acquire will ever see the light of day in a courtroom.

Noah: You know, Robin does not need this.

Robin: I appreciate your support, Noah, but it's not --

Noah: Yes, but the stress can't be good for the baby. Why don't you take off, and we'll meet you in court.

Robin: I think you've misunderstood. It's not like I suddenly can't stand the sight of Patrick.

Anna: No, you love him, right?

Robin: Yes.

Anna: And all your misgivings are about the fact that you don't believe he really wants to be a father to your child?

Robin: Correct.

Patrick: That's not exactly true.

Noah: Well, if Patrick's saying he wants to be a father, he's either lying, or he's in denial.

Patrick: Now where's all this insight coming from? Because it sure wasn't around when I was growing up and you crawled into a bottle and disappeared altogether.

Noah: That's exactly my point.

Anna: Yeah, and it's my point, too. Clearly, Patrick has a lot of unresolved issues with you, and I think Robin would feel a lot more comfortable about having Patrick as a father to her child if you guys could work through some of this anger and resentment. Starting now.

Patrick: My issues with my father have nothing to do with our situation.

Anna: Yeah, they do. It's about breaking the cycle and learning from the past.

Patrick: Learning from him? About being a father?

Anna: You know, all children blame their parents for some wrongdoing, whether it's real or imagined.

Patrick: I didn't imagine anything.

Anna: Okay, so your father screwed up. We all screw up.

Patrick: Okay, let me ask you this. How is this whole healing process going to start if he won't even acknowledge what he's done?

Noah: What? I carry that with me every day of my life.

Patrick: You know what? We've reached an equilibrium that's unstable at best, and I can deal with you as a co-worker. I can deal with you taking off to doctors without borders without saying goodbye, but if you start trying to be a father and telling me how much you've suffered over this all of a sudden --

Noah: Oh, you have no idea.

Patrick: You can't rewrite history.

Anna: Can you give him a chance, Patrick?

Patrick: You know, my father was a brilliant surgeon, and everybody knew it, especially his family. Unfortunately, we were only window dressing on your all-important career.

Robin: Okay, maybe this is something that can't be solved in one conversation.

Noah: No, no, no, no, Patrick's right. It was all about my career.

Patrick: That's right.

Noah: And whether you or I like it or not, I am your role model. We are exactly the same, and you'll treat that baby exactly the same as I did.

Patrick: Well, by that logic, I'm destined to become a hack in the O.R. and a hopeless drunk, and I'm telling you right now, that is not going to happen.

Noah: I'm talking about being a bad father. I'm not talking about being a drunk. How long do I have to pay for that?

Patrick: You pay? Are you kidding me? You're talking about you paying?

Noah: Look, I can't change the past.

Robin: Just stop!

Lucky: Well, we ran a trace on a partial license plate that Nadine was able to provide for us.

Nadine: Was it any help at all?

Lucky: Well, that license plate with those same letters happened to be registered to a Malcolm Dodge.

Nikolas: Who's that? Who's Malcolm Dodge?

Lucky: Malcolm Dodge was someone supposedly Jason Morgan killed six months ago.

Nikolas: You think Jason did this?

Lucky: Well, he is on our suspect list, but I believe it's one of the Zaccharas.

Nikolas: Yeah, that makes sense to me. I mean, Lulu told me that Logan worked as some sort of a personal attendant to the Zaccharas. Maybe he -- maybe he heard or saw something he shouldnít.

Nadine: So what happens now?

Lucky: Well, if you can I.D. the make and model of the car, that can provide us with a little bit more information. We can get a warrant and make a search and see --

Nadine: Okay.

Nikolas: Well, hold on. I -- she's already told you everything that she knows. Can't you just let her go home?

[Knock on door]

Mac: Anthony Zacchara, it's the police.

Ric: Commissioner.

Mac: Looks like I caught you in the middle of a meeting.

Anthony: Yes, you did. I got two lawyers here, because I got a lot to keep track of, Commissioner. I'm busy.

Mac: Hmm. I think you know why I'm here.

Anthony: These guys charge by the hour, and they're not cheap, so I don't have time for guessing games.

Mac: Your attendant, Logan Hayes, was found knifed to death. I need to know where you and your high-priced attorneys were last night, since you're the ones with the most motive to want to kill him.

Johnny: Stop blaming Lulu. None of this is her fault.

Claudia: Lulu is the reason that Logan came after you, because he was still hung up on her, John.

Johnny: He was crazy. His motives don't matter. The guy came after me, and I killed him, end of story.

Claudia: Not if little Lulu goes blabbing to the cops.

Johnny: She's not going to do that to me.

Claudia: You have a real blind spot when it comes to that girl, Johnny, you know that? She is all over the map. She's probably bawling her eyes out right now, spilling her guts to the cops and giving you up in the process.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Hi, got your message.

Johnny: You okay?

Lulu: Yeah.

Claudia: Who really cares if Lulu is okay? She's the reason that your neck is on the line here, Johnny. Does anybody know that you guys came over here?

Lulu and Maxie: No.

Claudia: Good.

Maxie: You guys got rid of your rug. Do you think that was a good idea?

Claudia: We know what we're doing, Maxie, and from now on, you are both going to do exactly what I say.

Spinelli: So if Stone Cold and I unearth evidence that points to Logan's true killer -- well, I should say "when," given our impressive history --

Jason: Can you stop talking please and just get back to work?

Spinelli: Yes, partner. Jackal and Stone P.I. --

Jason: Look, there's no Jackal and Stone anything right now. Just get the footage, okay, and if we find anything that leads to Logan's killer, Diane, we're going to feed it to you, and you're going to figure o a way to make it admissible in court.

[Knock on door]

Harper: PCPD.

Diane: Good afternoon, Detective.

Harper: Ms. Miller, how convenient that you're here when I have questions for Mr. Morgan. Now he can't refuse to answer.

Diane: That all depends on the nature of the question.

Harper: Logan Hayes was murdered last night. His body was dumped on the sidewalk in front of Nikolas Cassadine's free clinic.

Diane: And that concerns my client how?

Harper: When was the last time Mr. Morgan saw or spoke to Mr. Hayes?

Diane: My client declines to answer.

Harper: Well, in that case, I am going to take him down to the station for a formal interrogation.

Spinelli: Gosh, this is so bogus. No, they can't --

Jason: Now -- now just relax. Just relax, relax.

Diane: Mr. Morgan is running a business, and he cannot be expected to drop everything every time the PCPD has a crime they can't solve.

Harper: That was certainly his choice not to say anything.

Spinelli: Well, yeah.

Harper: But I am authorized to arrest him, and in case you've forgotten, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed.

Robin: It breaks my heart to see you going after each other like that, especially when I'm pregnant with your child. And your grandchild.

Noah: Patrick's right. I mean, we have found a place where we can co-exist but he throws something volatile like this into the mix --

Anna: And you will resolve it the same way every father and son does around the world. Patrick, your father hurt you and you have punished him in a thousand different ways. Can we concentrate on what happens now? And pass on some hard earned wisdom to this child.

Patrick: So just move on like nothing happened.

Anna: Yes. Oh, my God, I have made horrible mistakes. And Robin and I, we talk about it.

Robin: Yeah, because we love each other. And so do you. You two love each other. Everyone can see it but you. Maybe because you're so alike. You're both brilliant and gifted men.

Anna: And flawed. Don't forget that.

Robin: And flawed. And wonderful and compassionate.

Noah: You're forgetting the big one, though. We're both incredibly selfish. You know, I started a family and married Mattie when my career was much more important to me. I led her to believe that we'd be partners, but she was on her own and she was mother and father because I couldn't be there. I just couldn't commit. I know you say you want to be part of this baby's life but being there day to day, you no more have that in you than I did. Get out before you make the same mistakes and you end up with the same self-loathing that I have.

Nadine: I'm in a position to help the police find out who did this.

Nikolas: You did help. You gave them the partial license plate. That's all you know.

Nadine: Yeah, well, I also got a good look at the car and maybe I can pick out the make and model.

Nikolas: Would you please tell her that she doesn't know what she's getting herself into and tell her to go home?

Nadine: You don't speak for me.

Nikolas: Nadine, if you implicate any one of the Zaccharas in this, they will come find you and shut you up, do you understand?

Lucky: We will not let that happen.

Nikolas: Lucky, you say that, but you know it's not true. They couldn't protect Michael Corinthos, they couldn't protect Emily, come on.

Lucky: Okay, so now the cops are to blame?

Nikolas: No, that's not -- look. It's not about blame, okay? I just don't want to put her life at risk, that's all.

Nadine: But I'm a witness. A man was killed.

Nikolas: Nadine, a man who worked for the mob. A man who chose to --

Nadine: Who got what he deserved?

Nikolas: Well, it's not worth dying for. You're a fool if you get any more involved in this.

Nadine: I would be a coward if I didn't get involved. I mean if I run away scared now, I'll be helping someone get away with murder. And I'm not going to let the Zaccharas or anyone else keep me from doing what I know is right.

Nikolas: Okay.

Anthony: You guys kill me. I can't even get to the bathroom without assistance. And I'm on the top of your suspect list for knifing an able-bodied ex-soldier?

Ric: Yes, and in addition to Mr. Zaccharas' physical restrictions, he had absolutely no motive.

Mac: Well, who knows what Logan Hayes might have heard while working for you?

Anthony: Tell me how you think I did it.

Trevor: Tony --

Anthony: Well, I want to know. What, did you use one of those computer-generated reenactments or did you just hire some actors?

Trevor: Best not to say anything.

Anthony: I hope you got somebody good to play me. Please, not DeNiro. I can't stand the man since he started doing comedies.

Mac: You fired him. And you hired one of your goons to shut him up.

Ric: No, Mr. Hayes was released from employment because he underperformed.

Anthony: Something you guys know a lot about.

Ric: Not to mention the fact that he was volatile and completely unstable. Mac, look. My advice to you, you should canvass the greater Port Charles area of all the pubs and roadhouses. I'm sure you're going to find that Logan Hayes was the victim of a bar fight.

Mac: Thanks. We're working on several theories.

Anthony: Well, we're all going to rest a lot easier knowing that.

Mac: Don't leave town. Let's go.

Anthony: That was way too easy. Which can only mean that they've got a suspect they like more than me.

Maxie: I know how these things work.

Claudia: Yeah, well, we all remember that your daddy's the police commissioner, Maxie. Actually, that might work to our advantage. As long as you don't go spilling your guts and tell him everything.

Maxie: No, I do not want Mac to know I was involved with this. That's why I dragged Lulu to Kellyís so that we can have some huge public argument.

Claudia: You -- you staged a phony argument? How obvious was that?

Lulu: There's nothing phony about it. Everybody knows we can't stand each other.

Claudia: Well, everybody also knows that Logan was still in love with you because you were stringing him along.

Johnny: You need to drop that.

Claudia: No, I don't need to drop that, Johnny, I really donít. Logan and Lulu -- everybody knows that he was in love with her and she was leading him on. I mean, come on.

Lulu: No.

Claudia: It's not that big of a leap to you, the new boyfriend.

Lulu: That is not how it happened.

[Phone rings]

Claudia: Hello? Yes, Daddy, I understand.

Jason: That's the third time you checked your watch, Diane.

Diane: I'm sorry, I'm representing another client in a custody matter a little later on this afternoon.

Jason: I pay you pretty good.

Diane: Yes, you pay me very well, which is why I raced over to your office the second I heard that Logan Hayes was dead. You say you didn't do it, you've got Mr. Grasshopper working overtime to find out who did do it. But there's nothing I can do to keep the police from holding you for 24 hours. But I managed to stipulate that you get visitation because for some reason you're very popular when you're in custody. So at least this way, you'll have company.

Jason: No, I'd rather have you get me released. Get me released.

Diane: I'm working on it, Jason, believe me. The only shred of evidence the police appear to have are some numbers off of a license plate from a car that is completely unconnected to you. It's meaningless and they know it. The judge who signed off on the warrant knows it. Just let them play out their little charade. You don't need me here. You know the drill. Don't say anything until I get back. And look at it this way. You'll be doing another father a tremendous favor.

Anna: Oh, God. I wanted to help you two move forward. I didn't want to open up old wounds.

Patrick: Yeah, well, my father finds ways to inflict new ones. For him to come in here and tell the mother of my baby that I'm preordained to make the same mistakes, the same failures, the same --

Anna: It was a terrible idea to spring this on the two of you. I'm -- you know, I'm kind of even sorry that I ever got on board with you in taking this whole thing to court.

Patrick: So you're going to take Robin's side now?

Anna: No, I just want to stop you two from doing irreparable damage. I mean, I do believe that you want to be a better father than Noah is. And I think you deserve the chance to try. And I support you in your desire to be part of your child's life. But that is for you and Robin to decide. Not for a judge.

Patrick: We tried.

Anna: Well, then, try harder. Because if you take this into a courtroom, it's just going to blow out of --

Robin: Mom. Mom! Can I talk to Patrick alone, please?

Maxie: Hi, Spinelli. Are you busy?

Spinelli: While the Jackal welcomes Maximista's visit, he is, sadly, otherwise engaged.

Maxie: Go ahead. Just get it out. I'm really mean. That's what you're thinking.

Spinelli: I was thinking I missed the first part of this conversation. To what does Maximista refer?

Maxie: How I went off on Lulu at Kellyís. Look, I tried really hard to just put up with Lulu's snarky comments and stuff but she -- she's trying to sabotage my dream job of working in the fashion industry and she really got on my nerves. I'm sorry I said all those things. Not because they're not true. I just don't want you to think badly of me.

Spinelli: No. I could never think badly of Maximista.

Maxie: Really?

Spinelli: Yes. And I would be happy to discuss this at another time, but I'm sorry, as I said, I'm working on a high priority project. Namely, finding Logan Hayes's killer.

Maxie: You are?

Spinelli: Yes. Stone Vold has been most unfairly labeled as a suspect and dragged in for questioning by the misguided law-abiding ones so I'm jackaling into security footage --

Maxie: Oh -- oh!

Spinelli: [Shudders]

Johnny: Hey, try not to worry. There's no trace of Logan left, no proof that he was even here. Come on. Why are you doing this?

Lulu: Because I'm trying to get my head around how it happened. How I could kill someone.

Johnny: Don't start doing that to yourself.

Lulu: I panicked, I froze.

Johnny: Logan was busting through the door with an axe.

Lulu: Because I trapped myself inside. I didn't call 911. I didn't get out while I had a chance! And because I was so stupid, Logan is dead. And now you're taking the blame, and I don't know if I can live with that.

Trevor: What's going on?

Claudia: Oh, I thought you had been demoted to butler the way you've been hovering around me.

Anthony: Tell her.

Ric: Well, strange thing. Logan Hayes was murder last night.

Claudia: Yeah, so?

Anthony: Does this come as surprise to you?

Claudia: I didn't think about the guy one way or another.

Trevor: Claudia. Did you know that Logan Hayes was stabbed and dumped on the sidewalk? Yes or no?

Claudia: No. What? No. What is the big deal? Why do you need them here to ask me questions about some dead wheelchair pusher?

Anthony: Good point. Better we should talk alone. Besides, you two have work to do in case the cops decide to make an arrest.

Anthony: So, how's your brother this morning?

Claudia: Fine.

Anthony: Did he happen to mention when or where he killed Logan Hayes?

Patrick: I'm sorry. I know how much you hate it when I fight with my dad.

Robin: You know, there's stuff between kids and their parents even if you learn to live with it that never really goes away. But just for the record, I think you're a far better man than Noah gives you credit for.

Patrick: Just not good enough to be the father of my own kid.

Robin: We don't have to decide anything right now.

Patrick: I think we do. I love you. And I love our kid. It's why I have to go through with this.

Nikolas: When you were talking to Logan Hayes, did he happen to mention anything about Jason Morgan or an Anthony Zacchara?

Matt: Like I said, it wasn't much of a conversation. I didn't know the guy from Adam and he came up to me and asked me how I liked working at the clinic. I got maybe two sentences out before Maxie comes up and they got into it. They were at each other's throats.

Nikolas: Mayor.

Mayor Floyd: I heard what happened.

Nikolas: And what, you've come to offer your support?

[Phone rings]

Matt: Excuse me.

Matt: Yeah? Yeah, well, I met with the guy who can arrange the counterfeit drugs. But there's been a glitch. Before I could arrange the buy he turned up dead. Yeah. Yeah, well, we just have to move on to plan B.

Mayor Floyd: So first you give away bad meds. And now a murder victim turns up at your doorstep.

Nikolas: I know. Seems as though someone is deliberately trying to sabotage the clinic, doesn't it?

Maxie: Spinelli, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

Spinelli: No, no, no. While Jackal always appreciates Maximista's kindness, just in the future, could you just please refrain from handling liquids around the Jackal's computer?

Maxie: You're being so nice about this and I'm sure I ruined your computer. You probably lost everything.

Spinelli: Not to worry. The jackal keeps all data backed up in his spare.

Maxie: You do?

Spinelli: Yes, and now I must go and retrieve it and proceed with the investigation.

Maxie: No, you don't have do this.

Spinelli: Stone Cold must be exonerated.

Maxie: I know how these things work. Jason's really not going to be arrested. To bring him in is standard procedure.

Spinelli: I know the police will tirelessly investigate to try to --

Maxie: Jason didn't do it!

Spinelli: How -- how can you be so certain of Stone Cold's innocence?

Lulu: If I had done things differently, Logan --

Johnny: There's no reason that you need to keep blaming yourself.

Lulu: I am the one who killed Logan. Nobody else. I led him on, and then when he finally snapped, I killed him.

Johnny: Logan completely lost control. He could have killed you or raped you or both. You found a way to survive. You protected yourself. You are completely blameless. Okay? The only reason I'm trying to cover this up is because Scott Baldwin, Logan's father, is a special prosecutor. He's going to be out for blood. For revenge. And he's in the perfect position to use his power in order to get it.

Lulu: So I should be able to kill Logan, to end his life, and not have to pay for it?

[Knock on door]

Mac: It's the police. Open up.

Claudia: Nice, Daddy. Accusing your own son of murder, no doubt to hold it over his head?

Anthony: Stonewall the cops all you want, Claudia, but donít try to pull that crap with me. I know damn well it was John. Fighting over that girl Lulu, no doubt. And you're scrambling to cover for him, which would explain why our guys hauled off a smashed door and a bloody carpet from your apartment.

Claudia: What can I say? I locked myself out. It was intense. I cut myself trying to get back in.

Anthony: I'm glad you're motivated to cover for your brother. Just do it in a way that will actually work. I want you to go to the cops and tell them you were an eyewitness to Logan's murder. That the person who killed him is Jason Morgan.

Harper: Number two, take your hat off.

Harper: Okay, now. Take your time. It's important to get it right. The car you saw last night, the one that Logan's body was dumped out of. Were any of these men driving it?

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