GH Transcript Tuesday 7/8/08

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/8/08


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Patrick: Patient coming up from E.R., it's a head trauma from a roof fall. I want O.R. 1. I want you both on the team. Book Morucci, please.

Epiphany: Not available, but you can have Halstead.

Patrick: Halstead's a hack. I won't have her.

Epiphany: Well, there's nobody else, so you're going to have to take it.

Noah: Will I do?

Patrick: What are you doing here?

Noah: What kind of greeting is that for your dear old dad?

Robin: Mom?

Anna: Hi, darling.

Robin: I guess this baby is already working miracles. I've seen you more in the last four months -- what are you doing?

Anna: Oh, I'm -- I'm taking measurements for the bulletproof glass. And I'm looking into some really cute Kevlar curtains for the nursery.

Carly: If Sonny told Jax that we had sex, my marriage would be over. Jax would feel so hurt and betrayed, there's no way he would ever forgive me, much less trust me. Why would I want to do that?

Jason: Because I know you. When you're hurt, you lash out.

Carly: I just want Kate to back off from my husband.

Jason: You're -- you're -- you're grieving over Michael, so you want to blow your whole life apart, Carly. And you can't do that if Jax is there to love and support you. But if Sonny tells Jax and Jax is gone -- come on, hurting yourself is not going to make you miss Michael any less.

Sonny: Put your clothes back on. You're not here to sleep with me.

Claudia: You want to bet?

Sonny: You're here because somebody hurt you, called you names, and you want to prove that those names are right or you're here because you want me to treat you even worse. I'm not interested.

Claudia: What, are you trying to be funny, huh? Are you trying to be funny? You don't give a damn if I'm hurt.

Sonny: Take it --

Claudia: You know what I want. You know I'm a slut, don't you? And you like me all the more for it, so here I am telling you, come and get me. What are you waiting for?

Sonny: Don’t.

Logan: You didn't have to hurt me.

Lulu: I'm -- I'm so sorry. I'm -- I'll -- I'll call help. I'll get help.

Logan: You'll never get over me.

Carly: You know what I don't understand?

Jason: What?

Carly: Why you defend that woman.

Jason: What? I could care less about Kate.

Carly: Whatever.

Jason: Whatever? I care about you, okay? I don't want to see you get mad enough or jealous enough to wreck what's left of your life.

Carly: I'm not jealous of Sonny.

Jason: If you say so.

Carly: I'm not. I don't like Kate. And I certainly don't trust her around my husband. And if she goes after Jax, I will come down on her like the wrath of God. I will pick her life apart piece by fancy piece --

Jason: Okay, okay --

Spinelli: Stone Cold must hasten to the Valkyrie’s side. She will be at def-con one when she --

Carly: When she what?

Claudia: What, am I supposed to believe you dug down deep and found some sense of honor and decency?

Sonny: I'm not saying that.

Claudia: Well, what are you saying? You're not attracted to me?

Sonny: Okay, let me say this in a way that makes sense to you.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: I'm in love with someone.

Claudia: Yeah, well, your love for Kate didn't stop you from screwing my brains out last time.

Sonny: It was one bad night. Let it go.

Claudia: Why are you playing hard to get? You are hot for me. I can see it.

Sonny: Okay, okay. This has nothing to do with me. Something flipped you out tonight, hurt you so bad that you're looking for a substitute pain, something that comes easy to you, something you can handle in your sleep. So you want me to disrespect you, use you, kick you out when I'm done. You need to ask yourself why.

Claudia: I already know why. You were right about me. I'm a slut and I have been since the tender age of 16. Just ask my father.

Nurse: So the rumors were true. Welcome back, Dr. Drake.

Noah: Thank you, sweetie.

Patrick: Okay, while you were running around telling the entire staff of your imminent return, did you even bother to call your son?

Noah: You know, I thought about it. But then I thought about the inevitable fight and I wanted to put that off as long as possible.

Patrick: I don't want to fight. I'm actually glad you're here.

Noah: What's the punch line?

Patrick: It would've been good to get a heads-up before you joined Doctors Without Borders instead of disappearing for no reason, but --

Noah: Did you try looking for me?

Patrick: Touché.

Noah: You know, the truth is I was ashamed to show my face. I slipped up.

Patrick: Really? Why, I thought you were doing so well.

Noah: Not to spout addict-speak or anything, but it's one day at a time, you know? I checked myself into rehab. When I got out, I still felt vulnerable. So it scared me. I wanted some distance. Doctors Without Borders gave me that. Plus, it gave me something meaningful to do, you know?

Patrick: That's great. I'm impressed.

Noah: Impressed enough to let me assist? You know, I've done some pretty -- pretty -- pretty tense operations in situations you can't even imagine --

Patrick: Well, I don't have time to argue and you're better than Halstead, so --

Noah: Oh, gee, thanks so much.

Patrick: But remember, operative word, "assist." Don't try telling me what to do in the O.R., clear?

Noah: Yes, Sir.

Patrick: Let's go.

Noah: Sir.

Epiphany: Warms the heart, doesn't it, to see such a loving connection between father and son?

Robin: I appreciate your concern, but bulletproof isn't really necessary because Patrick is the father of my child, not Sonny or Jason.

Anna: Oh, I know that. But it's always been a very strong mob presence here in Port Charles, even when you were a child. And -- and innocent people, they get caught in the crossfire. So I think there's nothing wrong in taking a few precautions. Nothing.

Robin: But, Mom, seriously, Kevlar curtains?

Anna: Yeah, I know. They're making great strides in Kevlar. They're going to be a little stiff, but they're producing very cheerful colors.

Robin: I know why you're doing this.

Anna: What am I doing?

Robin: What are you doing? You're crazily overcompensating because you feel guilty for testifying against me in this ridiculous lawsuit so Patrick can visit his unborn child. But you know what? There's a simpler solution than all this crazy nesting and coddling and that is just tell Patrick, "you know what? I've changed my mind."

Anna: I haven't changed my mind. I really do support Patrick in his bid to be a hands-on parent because I think he's going to be quite good at it. And it's his baby, too.

Robin: It's his baby by accident. I'm the one that wanted this child. Everyone seems to forget that, including him, and they want to push us into this pre-fab, mommy, daddy, baby existence. But Patrick and I broke up over our differences in life goals. Now, I know that sounds very pompous, but that is the truth. If a) Georgie hadn't died, b) I hadn't gone over there because I was so upset, and c) the condom hadn't broke, then I would've gone to a sperm bank.

Anna: But you didn’t. I -- I -- I don't mean to be trite. Life is what happens while you're making other plans. Patrick is this baby's father and he does seem to be sincere in his need to help you parent it. And he should be given that chance. Especially since you seem to be objecting out of sheer stubbornness.

Lulu: Logan. Logan. Logan. Oh, my God.

Johnny: What the hell? Lulu.

Lulu: No, don't, don’t.

Johnny: What the hell happened?

Lulu: I was trying to get away and then he was coming after me and he wouldn't stop. And he was so upset. And I just -- I just wanted to stop him.

Maxie: He's dead.

Johnny: The linen closet down the hall -- get something to cover him up.

Lulu: We shouldn't touch anything.

Johnny: We won’t. Maxie, come on.

Lulu: We need to call the police.

Johnny: There's plenty of time for that. Look, first, you need to tell me exactly what happened.

Lulu: Maxie, oh, my God, are you -- are you okay? Did Logan --

Maxie: Rape me? No, but he would have.

Lulu: I know, I saw --

Lulu: Thank God my dad is not here. He would be so disappointed in me. Spencers are supposed to have a clear head and I couldn't think straight. I was just so panicked and I did everything wrong. And if I had gotten out, Logan wouldn't be dead right now.

Spinelli: Valkyrie number one has obviously misunderstood the Jackal. He was, of course, referring to the other Valkyrie.

Carly: The other Valkyrie?

Spinelli: Yes, Claudia Zacchara, aka Vixenella.

Carly: Okay, that doesn't make sense because you don't reuse your nicknames. And why would Jason need to hasten to Claudia’s side and worry about her going def-con one?

Spinelli: Um -- Stone Cold must -- Stone Cold walks a thin line of late. He must be careful not to upset the del -- the delicate political balance between warring mob factions. Now, the Jackal would love to stay and chat, but he must retreat to his regrettably pastel room to recuperate from the ravaging effects of the ague.

Carly: Obviously, you've found something out. You were going to tell Jason and Jason was going to tell me. We can eliminate all those steps and you can tell both of us now.

Carly: Or I could beat it out of you.

Spinelli: Oh! Stone Cold, the grasshopper begs his master to divert Valkyrie Carly's wrath. You know, she is not only intensely focused, but kick-butt strong.

Jason: Just -- just tell her what you know.

Spinelli: I was on the cyber search, as per the Valkyrie’s orders.

Carly: So you found dirt on Kate?

Spinelli: A potentially offending image. I took the liberty of printing it out.

Kate: Sonny's not picking up. Okay, okay, I'm going to call Diane and I'm going to tell her to go over there and explain to Sonny that I'm on my way back with an explanation for everything. Right?

Jax: Okay. Let's hope you calm down before you see him because panic implies guilt, so --

Kate: Jax, flashbulbs went off when I was on my knees in the back of a limo with my head in your lap. You are married to Carly. I'm engaged to Sonny. What exactly doesn't scream guilty?

Jax: Yeah, it doesn't look good, does it?

Kate: No, it doesn't look good.

Jax: Yeah, but you were just looking for your rings, so you have nothing to worry about.

Kate: Yeah, okay.

Jax: Just calm down.

Kate: You and I know that, right? Who else is going to believe that? Sonny's not going to believe it. Look, I would not be so infuriatingly calm, all right? Carly is going to go postal.

Jax: No, she's not. She's going to believe me when I tell her what happened. You know what? If you can't expect the same from Sonny, then -- then maybe you shouldn't be marrying him.

Claudia: You have a daughter, right?

Sonny: Kristina.

Claudia: Yeah, well, whatever you do, don't use her to work out your Madonna/whore complex. Little girls don't understand complexities like that. It makes them think they need to use their sexuality to earn their place in the world.

Sonny: Is that what happened to you?

Claudia: I don't know, I guess. Maybe. You know when Johnny was a little boy that my father tried to kill him, and his mother Maria took the bullet and died. My father was already a borderline lunatic, but that was before the incident. After he shot and killed Maria he -- it sent him right over the edge. He was useless, he was incoherent, so Trevor stepped in and took care of the murder and got my father under control. And then he started taking over a little bit here and a little bit there. My father didn't see it, but I saw it. I never trusted Trevor. I got that from my mother. So -- I decided I had to get rid of him.

Sonny: So you set up Trevor somehow?

Claudia: I had sex with him.

Patrick: This is why I don't do my own satellite installation.

Noah: Lack of mechanical skills have nothing to do with it.

Patrick: I'll have you know I built something all by myself.

Noah: Ooh, you finished a project?

Patrick: Yes, from the ground up.

Noah: I'm impressed. I have been away a long time. So bring me up to speed. How are you and Robin doing? Are you fighting this week or are you living in bliss?

Patrick: A little bit of both. Robin's been a little complicated. How’s Doctors Without Borders?

Noah: Oh, it's amazing.

Patrick: Yeah?

Noah: You should try it some time. I better check for collateral necrosis.

Patrick: The injury's two hours old, no need to.

Noah: So, when Robin assists, do you blow her advice off as easy as you do mine?

Patrick: That's the beauty of pregnancy. She's not on the surgical rotation.

Noah: Robin's pregnant?

Patrick: I guess I didn't tell you that, did I?

Noah: Are you the father?

Patrick: What kind of question is that? Of course I'm the father.

Robin: I'm not keeping Patrick at a distance just to be stubborn or to teach him a lesson or punish him. I'm trying to think like a parent and do what is best for my child.

Anna: So what, that's limiting the baby's access to his own father?

Robin: You know, with all due respect, Mom, you don't know Patrick very well. I do. I know him all too well. The man is wonderful, yes, but he has his limitations. All of which he pointed out to me from the very beginning. One of those things, he's not going to make a very good father.

Anna: I don't know how you can say that. I mean, neither of you have kids yet. How do you know that?

Robin: Well, because I'm not like you and Dad, okay? I'm not willing to just roll the dice when it comes to having a kid.

Anna: Wow. So it is about your childhood.

Robin: No, it's not about -- it is, and it's -- and it's not. Okay, but it is like that in the way that well-intentioned people manage to make a mess out of things. Okay, take Patrick, for example. He loves me so much that he's willing to go to war with himself and pretend that he's a family man. But we all know that's not going to work. Patrick is going to figure out that raising a child is very difficult and not very ego boosting. And then he'll get restless, I'll be resentful. Why even go there?

Anna: You're not giving yourself or Patrick enough credit.

Carly: Where'd you find this?

Spinelli: The Jackal designed and installed a search engine to alert him to any mention of Mr. Sir and his immediate family. And the text under that lamentable photo made mention of the fashionista's rumored engagement to Mr. Sir.

Carly: Was Jax mentioned?

Spinelli: There was speculation that his marriage to the Valkyrie might be facing troubled waters.

Carly: Hmm.

Spinelli: I'm so sorry to be the vehicle of such a painful image.

Carly: No, no, no, it's fine. Thanks for your hard work. You know, it's better to find out these things sooner than later. That's for sure.

Spinelli: If I actually may offer a humble opinion? I've had the honor of gleaning wisdom at the white knight's feet on the ways of wooing and winning the female heart. And when he speaks of the rewards of success, he speaks of you. So no matter how damning on the surface, there must be an explanation for the act immortalized in the unfortunate picture.

Jason: Spinelli, that's enough.

Spinelli: The Jackal complies.

Jason: Carly, he's right. This picture isn't what it looks like.

Carly: It's not enough that she's marrying Sonny. She's trying to get my husband in her bed.

Claudia: I was 16 years old. No real sexual experience. I mean, I wasn't a virgin, but I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Trevor -- God, it was like shooting ducks in a barrel with him. He made it that easy, because you know he'd been looking at me kind of creepy since I was a little kid. Always finding reasons to touch me and tell me how pretty I was and how quickly I was growing. So I decided that I'd give him what he wanted. I went after him, and I made sure that my father would have the opportunity to walk in and catch us at just the right time.

Sonny: Did it work?

Claudia: Oh, yeah, hell yeah. You bet your ass it worked. You want to know how dumb and naive I was? I actually truly believed that my father would be outraged at the sight of his attorney banging the hell out of his 16-year-old daughter, underage, you know? But my father was outraged, but not at Trevor. He blamed me. He called me a slut and whore and that's how he's thought of me ever since. Did I ever tell you that you remind me of my father?

Sonny: Well, you know, I'd like to think that I could tell the difference between a messed up 16-year-old and a grown woman to come on to me at a bar. So I would bet that your father didn't send Trevor away.

Claudia: Ha, no. No, he sent me away and Trevor got the keys to the kingdom.

Sonny: Okay, now, you brought up my daughter. I'm going to tell you something right now, and I'm not like your father in any way.

Sonny: No matter what my daughter did, I could never treat her in the horrible way your father treated you.

Claudia: I hope not, because, hey, look at the result. You don't want your daughter to end up like me, now, do you?

Sonny: Well, I might have misjudged you a little bit, but what you just told me explains a lot.

Claudia: I didn't come here to be understood. I came here to get laid, so --

Sonny: No, you came here for me to treat you badly because you want to make your father right. And I can understand that, because, you know, someone you respect and love tells you you're wrong, bad, violent, whatever. You start hearing it enough, you start believing it. You start acting out, right? And then you're into self-fulfilling prophecy. You start to realize that your worst doubts and fears about yourself are confirmed and the person who planted the seed is validated.

Claudia: You sound like you're speaking from experience.

[Sonny sighs]

Johnny: Okay, you need to tell me everything, starting with when Logan came to Kate's office.

Maxie: Logan showed up and tried making this desperate attempt to get back together with Lulu. He was acting like they had this great love that I had trashed. And at first, I thought it was just typical Logan trying to rewrite history, making himself the victim, but I realized he really believed what he was saying.

Lulu: I handled it all wrong. I told him that I was glad he slept with Maxie because it made me run away and I met you.

Maxie: But only it set Logan off even more. I told him that I would call security, so he split. But he must have waited around until Lulu and Kate left, because he came back for me. At that point, I realized the Logan that I knew was completely gone. His eyes were blank. I kept thinking, maybe that's what he looked like when he was at war. Anyway, I fought back as hard as I could, but he just -- he grabbed me and threw me to the ground.

Lulu: That's what I saw. I came here to find you, and I was waiting and I heard fireworks outside, and so I went outside, and then my eyes went to Kate's window and I saw Maxie get thrown across the desk and Logan was standing over her. I just -- I couldn't even believe it. I couldn't even think. And then he looked up and he saw me. I knew -- I knew that he had. So I ran in here to call 911, and my phone rang in my hands. It was Logan. He said he wanted me to stay here so that he could explain. And I should have run out, I should have left. I know that. I tried, and when I got into the hall, Logan was there. We need to call Mac. We need to deal with this.

Johnny: Okay, we will, but I need to hear everything else. Look, I know that Logan broke through the door. What happened that made you stab him?

Lulu: I -- I had my cell in my hand. I tried to call Kate's office to see if Maxie was okay. God, I'm so stupid.

Johnny: Just tell me what happened next.

Lulu: Logan was knocking on the door. He was saying I needed to let him in, so he could explain, and then he started to hit the door with an ax, so I -- I ran in the kitchen, I got a knife, and then he broke through. I hid. As soon as he cleared the door, I tried to run for it, but he grabbed me and -- and everything is -- it's -- it's a blur.

Johnny: Just try to remember.

Lulu: I don't really want to.

Johnny: We need to know how to protect you.

Lulu: Um -- I tried to talk him down. I -- I even lied, and I said that I missed him, and he kissed me, and he knew that I was lying, so he lost it, and he grabbed me, and I grabbed the knife, or I had the knife. I don't know. It just happened so fast, and then -- and then he collapsed, and this -- the knife was in his stomach, and -- the last thing he ever said to me was that I'll never get over him, like he was cursing me.

Maxie: I'm so sorry, Lulu. I know how terrified you must have been.

Johnny: Do you think Mac will believe her story?

Maxie: Yeah, but Scott Baldwin won’t.

Noah: I am absolutely flabbergasted. You and Robin planned the pregnancy?

Patrick: What difference does it make?

Noah: I take that as a no.

Patrick: Look, not that it's any of your business, but it was an accident, and yes, I've been checked for HIV since. Scalpel?

Noah: Well, I hope Robin has a plan B.

Patrick: Meaning?

Noah: I hope she's planning to raise the baby by herself and not under any illusion that you would be any kind of a father. Suction.

Patrick: You've just proved for the millionth time you know nothing about me. I'm committed to Robin and this child. Clamp the bleeder.

Noah: Well, I hate to be the voice of reason here, but this is a disaster in the making, Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah, at least I'm not an alcoholic.

Noah: Nice low blow.

Patrick: Thanks. Now, let's close this up.

Anna: I mean, it's natural for a mother to want to smooth the way for her child, to anticipate every bump in the road and get it out of the way, but that's an impossible task. And take it from me, it is very ill-advised to consider the father of the baby an obstacle.

Robin: So then what do I do, just stand by and watch my child fall in love with Patrick? Count on him for everything, and then what? He's not there. Then his career takes precedence, or he starts to look at other women, or he just gets bored. How am I supposed to let my child go through that kind of loss?

Anna: You're so willing to assume that he's not going to be a loving or responsible parent. This is all about control, you know.

Robin: How?

Anna: You can't do anything about the changes that are happening in your body, and you can't control your HIV status. You can take lots of precautions, and you can look after your health, but there's still this unknown territory.

Anna: And the one thing you can control is Patrick’s access to the baby. That way you can be very effectual. But it's not the right instinct, Robin. All you're doing is you're pushing away the man you love, and he loves you right back.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: I need some air. I'll be back.

[Door closes]

Jason: Okay, take a deep breath. Count to 10.

Carly: Is that the magic number? What about a hundred? Or a million? I mean, how much counting is going to make me forget that in the past 24 hours I have found out that Jax and Kate have kissed? And now I'm looking at a picture with her head in his lap.

Jason: You know what? I'm not even friends with Jax, so it feels really weird to even try to defend this guy, but do you think he blatantly disrespects you in this way?

Carly: I don't want to. I'd like to think there's a reasonable explanation behind this or that Jax would have stopped things before Kate could get him started, but you know what? Even if that proves to be true, there's one fact that remains. Kate's after my husband. She wants to get him in bed, because she can't stand my connection to Sonny. I'm shutting her down by all means necessary.

Jason: Carly.

[Door slams]

Sonny: I know what it's like to be young and desperate and make choices that change your life forever. Sometimes those choices backfire, and you end up hating yourself. You can be your own worst enemy and keep doing it, or you can make a different choice and change.

Claudia: Yeah, but that's all very glib and shrinky, but what if you can't change? What if they're right, and that's just who you are?

Sonny: That's a cop-out. You can change. You know, there would have been a time that I would have taken advantage of you tonight, and we would have hated ourselves for it. But my life right now is -- is starting to feel right. I got -- I got too much to lose, and I've been down that road way too many times. I'm not doing it again. Your father's a pig. There's no excuse for the way he treated you and the way he continues to treat you, and you are damaged because of him, but you are not damaged beyond repair.

Sonny: You've grown up a strong woman. Your father doesn't get to define you. You define yourself.

Claudia: Thanks. Well, I will be sure and stop by next time I need some psychotherapy. In the meantime, if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

Jason: Hey, you okay?

Robin: Hey. No, I'm not okay. I am making a mess of this child's life, and it's not even born yet.

Jason: I doubt that's true.

Robin: Remember when we were together, and you would -- you would just be so clear about stuff that I was trying to figure out, not by preaching at me, but by just listening and pointing out flaws in my logic? Is it possible that you could do that now? Because I am so tired of fighting with everyone.

Jason: Yeah, sure. What -- what are you fighting about?

Robin: Okay. I love Patrick, I really do, but he's not cut out to be a father. I have tried to assure him that he can see this child whenever he wants to, even if that isn't that often, because there are no expectations, but then I had this small, correctible, medical complication.

Jason: Was it the baby? The baby okay?

Robin: The baby's fine. But it flipped some switch in Patrick, and now all of a sudden, he's starting to hover, and then he started making plans for us to move in together, which is not what I want at all, and so I overreacted by completely pushing him out of my life, and then he overreacted by suing me for visitation rights with the unborn child.

Jason: Okay, I'm -- I'm not exactly sure what you're saying. I mean, are you saying that you want Patrick out of your baby's life for good?

Kate: It's absurd. What is the point of having a private plane if you have to spend half of the night in a holding pattern?

Jax: The pilot will have us on the ground when it's our turn.

Kate: Go, go in there. Go, go tell him it's an emergency.

Jax: Now, that's not how it works. I don't think air traffic control is going to care about you wanting to minimize, you know, the damage of your love life.

Kate: Yeah.

Jax: That's not how it works, you know. We're in a queue. We land when it's our turn, you know.

Kate: I am just so glad you find this amusing. I don't --

Jax: But that's the way it is.

Kate: I don't, Jax. I love Sonny. I've spent half of my life loving Sonny, and my fairy tale is finally coming true, and now this happens? I'm actually scared that I could lose him over this.

[Door slams]

Sonny: If you're here to pick a fight with me, I'm not interested --

Carly: Do you know where your fiancée is?

Sonny: Yeah, she's -- flew somewhere with Jax at Manhattan --

Carly: Yeah, she's with Jax. Rein her in.

Maxie: Lulu already put Logan in the hospital once. She cracked his skull with a pipe wrench, remember? Scott Baldwin wanted to charge her for attempted murder then.

Lulu: But Logan woke up, and he explained everything. That's what throws me. How could he be someone who was so sweet and -- and compassionate and then turn into somebody capable of such mindless rage?

Johnny: But Baldwin’s not going to understand that either. I agree with what Maxie's saying. Technically, Logan was unarmed. You have no cuts or bruises. There's no evidence that Logan attacked you.

Lulu: But the door.

Maxie: We can't prove Logan did that. We can't even prove he's the one who attacked me. This whole thing could look like a setup.

Lulu: What are you saying?

Johnny: She's saying that Baldwin could build a case against you for murder.

Patrick: Page me when the patient wakes up.

Anna: Oh, hi.

Patrick: Hi.

Anna: Oh, my God. Hello.

Noah: Hey, I was hoping to run into you.

Anna: Yeah, well, you did. What do you think about the soon-to-be-upon-us blessed event?

Noah: Oh, yeah, grandparents. Yahoo.

Anna: Yeah, it's horrifying. I wanted to talk to you. Robin's pretty nervous about this whole court thing.

Noah: What court thing?

Patrick: I'm suing Robin for visitation of our child.

Noah: Are you serious? You selfish ass.

Patrick: Excuse me?

Noah: You drop the lawsuit immediately, or I'm putting myself on Robin's witness list.

Robin: I don't really want to push Patrick out of the baby's life. I'm just trying to deal with the hand that I was dealt. Some guys aren't cut out to be fathers, and Patrick is one of those people, so instead of letting him make some doomed attempt at fatherhood and it blowing up in our faces, I was just trying to head off a disaster. Or is my mother right, and I'm just trying to control the one thing that I can?

Jason: It's just -- being pregnant changed you, right?

Robin: Absolutely.

Jason: Well -- becoming a father would probably change Patrick, too. I mean, I know there's a bunch of guys out there who have kids who could care less, but from what you've told me and from what I've seen, I don't really think Patrick is like that. I don't think you should take his right away just because you're afraid or just because you can't predict how it's all going to turn out.

Kate: Hi. So you're probably a little surprised to see me so early. My plans got derailed. Jax and I were in the back of a limo, and, well, I lost my ring. My -- my engagement ring, it slipped. Okay, I'm not doing this very well. This is what I'm trying to say. I love you.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Only you. I mean, I'm spending a lot of time with Jax. He's my business partner. We have the magazine to launch. But that's where it ends. There was this little incident tonight, a little awkward --

Sonny: Okay, stop dancing. I know what happened. Somebody took a picture of you doing -- Jax.

Carly: You're home.

Jax: Yeah, Kate and I never actually made it to the benefit.

Carly: Good. We can talk. Well, you can talk, and I'll listen.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: You can start with how Kate's head ended up in your lap, and then you can tell me how she's not hitting on you and how our marriage isn't in trouble.

Lulu: I swear I did not kill Logan on purpose.

Johnny: I know. It's just going to be difficult to prove. That's why we need to find another way to handle this.

Lulu: What other way?

Johnny: No cops. We dump the body, destroy the evidence. Logan had a lot of enemies. No one's going to jump to you.

Lulu: No, no, no, no, we cannot do that.

Maxie: Oh, come on, Lulu. Now is not the time to be all moralistic, okay? Think about it. You're Laura’s daughter with Luke, living proof that Scott lost the woman he loves to the man he hates. Hurting you is like hurting your dad, not to mention Scott’s going to have a really hard time figuring out why you stuck around here when you could have just run away.

Lulu: I panicked, okay?

Johnny: No one's blaming you. Maxie's just being realistic. The best thing to do at this point is cover it up. Will you trust me?

Claudia: Must have been some party.

Claudia: Who died?

Johnny: Logan Hayes. I killed him.

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